Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1927
Page 6
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-1 f TffE lOLA f)AiLY REGISTTII. THURSDAY EVENTNG. DECEMBER 22, 1927. E12NEST LYNN, •fl'he Storj Thus'Far. .-. ; AWien JEFP HAIUIISOX. gam-; .. bier-is killed in i iiokcr same in Caldwell. Kus.. his 13-yeai-olUi -son, TONY, ik taken to thc» Bar K; i r xancll ill the Indian territory by ^ JOB jCRiVU;. who appoints him-: ^eir ilje*'l)oy"s jtiiardian. 1 Tliei<e Tonv is wolciinieil by i TITUi$- MOOilK, owner of the; iiar K brand, and hiK lilllo'daugh- . ter. niTA. Auothu- who 'lds bc- frJenqeil Tony' is GORDON W. lAXAJiBf who . lattr becpnieji . kuowhas 1» A\V.\ I :K UII.L Whejj he (caclK 'H school at the ludiah reservation in Pawu<<'. Jq the months ihat follow, rc- jwrts <t>nie to lh<; lUir K of tlie jictivitit<s of lh«' i-o-A- notojionK Hcnion ^KanK. TOM UKNTON 1). - - hiK tlif jnunlcri'T ol' .Icfr H .'irri- KPn. CralR and Tony ilrpyit tor j'awnec to visit I '.-wm"i' Hill. There they loath Hiat jli'- is Koiii« •lo .take 'n '.bnuch of iliili :in >i with him anq Join HUKKAIX) i!JIJ/S Wilrl W^sti Khow. Jlita Sioire and licr jnotlicf i \vs pari foi! VirRiiiia' to Bjicnd; Ihi; summer.:and Tony, iiovv I.'i. Icarjis (or thc "irii ^sL time what it is to Inis's sofiipone. CHAi'TKit XXr Tliat year—ISS:!- wltnc'.>s«il lii' formation of the (.'Iioiokt'e i..iv'.' ^lock AsiioCiation. uiniost thy f! official act-of wlricii was ihv leasing of G.OOd .OOO ai.res of };razing laud in the J =trip Ironi llic C'liero- • kee Nation. F^or tliis the a.'-iuuia- tion paid $loO.OO(i a year, whicli was considerably less t!iai« the taxes wou;<i. have licen had the HK -nibers owned tlie land themselves. , • The as.smkiUon t-anie into bein?; chiefly because liie nood b-'Ibeen i ;Tend"s''in \vashinstonJ recoJKnizeii by tliv lattlonifn <il r forming a nnited ' and oi saniz; d : three Eons, Joseph, Zaek and George li.;. and was" to grow in acreafie lind national prominence. Today It is one of the show places of Olilahoma. On Infrequent occasions Tony Harrison iad_been in the habit'of ridinc over to the 101 ranch and visitins with .loe Miller, wlio was liis own ase, a ;biB. liaw-boliccl j'otith of Ifi. Tlicy had ridden to- Kether through the horse-hlRh blue' stem in the Viilleya. had picked tlie wild snipes from the heavy-hanging vines in the timbered bends, and sliot wild turkeys along the Salt rt)rk. .Many times during that sujnmcr .Ire CralK v.ould iiAuse in whatovei^ lie !iapnencil to bii doing, to gazQ ill |)u/zled'fashion at Tony Harrl-; son. The lijiy now was; in fh<^ habit of railing inti> longj spells olf Hilj-ncc: in many, wa'ys. i'raig del_< idrd. l !e was asain th<- old Tony iliirri.soii, the little fellow' hr hud encolinl^red iiit i a certain tragic' evening in t'ablwell. . "Tony. • CraiK often nrt -ed. "yoii need a little change. Why dont von rnn ovoi m tlie Ifil abd visit I I k-' .Miller boys'.' You're tired of ' j .•i «s<ieiaJin'.; with <dd horses like me and the otlur no -ai -ronnt hands; w'lat yjui need is a little sjiell will< si>ini!one your own agc.^' To lliese sugsestions Tonv rc- jilied with a rhrlig and ''a careless sliake of the liead. and ; Craig,! va?nelv troubled, woiried aliout the i boy. not ;u the least su.«pectlng •.yhat lay on liic mind of his young tjiar^e., r Kita's letters to Titus .Moore revealed.,:! keen intcre.-^t in her new MARIAN, HER ]M[OTHER AND TWIN SISTER once more to starn at bis reDec- tion la the creek, "you'll forget all e .bout it in.t little while. Jo^'Craig would laiigh • at yon and t-all it puppy love. And that's all it is. f g.iess. Daddy Avas right." But »t JVas one thing to revile hira^e>f-amMprophesy a change of heart, and quite another when he tried to - extract some comfort out of it. It might lie that he wai< too .voung to know when he really was in love: if might be that this feeling : toward- Rita was a childish thing und to be easily forgotten; still.: it all'felt very real to him. Hik memory carried him back to the time that he had been helpless' for weeks with a broken leg and Rita, ber cn.slomary arrogance banished by. touching ( f>nt: !lene .;s, jtad pat beside him and sung songs to j him the whiV Rhe had "truin'med on her guitar. It had lieen then, he now told himself, that l?c had overcome'that dislike for her that he iastinctively hud felt at first right of her and which jiad been fed by her imperio'usness and her occasional i -ru«'ltles. fie remembered. toi>. how he had lied to .save li"r from cenMure wlien her fatlier had asked a!)<>nt bis accident, and he wondered if she remembered. For hours, hi- lay .nn the bank b "side Cotfonwo<id Creek, 'the ;vic- fim of torturiii;; thoughts. AVhen j j he aro ^e to go tlie sun was low in ithe west and he tried to think of an explanation- tliat would satisfy Joe Craiu. (TO BK (m'TINUEUl In the next chapter Tannee Rill writes of hfs adfpnliires Milh Buffalo nni. Sjiiw Until SpA^^ In a iNJOir 11^ NOW / Yoii tarl exchang-e^your old fashioned stove heat for a Modern Circulator' jrivinjf comfort and convenience, and as winter is halftone, pay half thi-s winter and hatf n^xt winter—at no e^ctra co^t. This propo.sition hqld.s -Kood for iit^aler.s now in .stock arid we have every thmjr fi-oni a ?65.00 Circulator up to a Genuine Heatrola jEt $150.00. -PAINTS When Tclcphflnrs ncie l^rsl Inslaled in lolji Our .SnmbcriVas "it Slill Is. I .Mrs. Perry;.M. Parker of lx)s .VngelCs is shown with ber daughter Marian (left), who was kidnapcdj and .Mirroumlinss. There was so much.l handits, and Marian's twin sister (right! .Marjoric. Marian ivas abducted liy a young man wlio said •o do: she had met so many inter- 1 , . v , , , „ , , , , , ''."tin:; people: she null her mother, i'"^ came to take her to Iier supposedly injured father. Her body was returned to -Mr. Parker after he had had spent .several weeks with i Pa'<l $1,500 raiusom for her return. Golf club champions from ail over the United States will tiieiit during the first week of January at tlie St. Augustine (Fla.) Country Club links, where the iiational championship of club titleliolders will be held. "I am not .'•.ure." she wrote,' . • , \'bet her II! visit the ranch this .''^ he .'-aid tonelessly. | "ae lonb! see his refloilion in .lie every day b( t ween Isiniself and the ; front ,to tlieir enoMiies. Tliey hail,'j -„;,iiii( r I ;''in "anvioiis to .sec von ""^ ' pbotopraoh tollittl • stream, and ibis tic stuiliid in '^ter (if Titus .Moore of those ranches. Ii(> misb' d-j .»:o and fear only the wratli <if tlie on.- offended, for he woubl nut be d'-- Slu' enclosed a i)hotogra|)h of lu-rsalf on a. iiorse It had been and'sprang .sdvjigely to its back with a ciirf command. THe horsa broke, into a canter, but he inipa jii-f a nobody, and lUta amounts something. Her !)eople count 'iometbini: baik in Virginia: e got money, position, - very- ven now. be kvas thinking. Itita, be mingling with the .ki'id of! that this hopelessness that had de- families she would inevitably mar-' scended upon liini voi:Id meaii imt ry into. There would bd a few one thiog: he was in love with years at the fashioiiable school. ranches, .'the t'lieroktic son unA invited their criticism. Stocii A.ssodatioii sought to pre-j f -'-'lK "•bool; bis head dubioii.^Iy. I'll don't seem liiiliiral. Colonel. . veijt tl>.»- loniing. of tliatday or. <il ieasi. til defer it to the iliiii and (liKtaiit fuitiii-. CKiisi -Miicni'v It <et nt) a po-.'.-t i.fiil ii,lii;y' in Wa.-ib- ingion, snbsldized at Si.'i.cinn a year. v.:hii-|i fought bittetiy every liil! in- irodiiceil in ciiii'.'res.s. or likvly lo be'inlr.'ifiuced, wlii<-Ii'advocated tii'; <)penin .2 -o£ the Indjaii laiid.s to the wjiitf home si .-ckcrs ^ Anion:; the most active of llie or- ganizeiV; were Tjtus .Moore and. George' W;!sliint;ii.n Miller, liis closest' ucishiwir. Aliiler bad'i »i -en ;-;!ic loo!;s llt:e slie's leady to (ail off. .Mv golly: Site's beon-ut-cd to ridin" astride/ever since sh'ti could shinny up on a pony. She'.s' sure iirctty. tlioiigli. In tlum clothes. She'll be a young lady before you Itnci'v it." He passed the picture on to Tony. ; "Hack tliere," the colonel informed Crai:;. "it would be nn- lieard of • to se" :•. woman sit; a \\\h- a man." He shook his Iicail r:'ther mournfully and voiced a little of bis rebellion. "Daiun it a'pinneer in the Strip, ^lail in fact built the first bit of lence in all j all, I' don'} want them to go too ifiat i coni'itrv. In parti-ersliip with i far in this! so called civ'lizin' pro. another, be iia'i owned the I-K j i -ess. Idrin'l want them to make Vrand.-lint tlie iiarlnersbip bail .('he girl over so I can't recognize dismotintod and • threw' himself j Savagely, bitterly. lie cursed his prone upon the grass. A dry "spell" i reflection, then tmrniitted Iiini>elf to linger -ilelicioii'sly over the tIioii?hl: but in the .-nd be vroanel and lolled over oi; bis bark aii.-l was upon the country, tliere'had' been no rain for week.s, and the cattle were listless jmd hugged the ^ , banks of the river and « reik. The I lay with his face, upturned to th"! water In Cottonwood Creek had I burning vkv the while he teflected| Wllen several feet, but from wiierejon the hopele.« of bis position Tony lay on the ovcrhangln.g bank and tb.e gi:If that was widening 1 StoD your suffering -use r^i"" OuarantMd lanntMd to rara Itchior* Bl«edliiff. lad or Pnitniiins Pilo or mtutr ra- k M. 'Get llM IniKljr tabo with irfl* W. TSe: or the tin box, AM tor 'AZO OIMTMEMT COOK'S aivT mm' ITK.MS Klephiints *!. tflJA). ^-1. pi Incense Burners 'Mv in ifii.Vi Fancy I'owder I'uflfs i.'ie-T.'u Lingerie Cliisjis ;.>«)c I'liper Weights Me jo ifUTM FraniPil .Mottoes ."die to W..":!! Fancy i'liijiiig Curds 7'n- , to ilM Brhlge Curd .Sets 1» »i (dge Tally Sets '>«c to «l .\<li Tiiiys, all , Varieties .V)e to )».dt> Cigarette Humidors . iUM to •tajui Knnsoii Lighters iiM) CuiinlnglDini LlKhlers 12 .00 Tome In uuii visit our store Yon arc welcome here. COOK'S KANSAS qiTY, MISSOURI "HomeJiitc—ye; with a rr.ctroprilitan air"—so Bay our quests. Yon, too, \„ wil: Ilk; Thu Ataddin. Nothixif!: is l;ft—no expense is spared In'.; mskipisvoar stay comfortablelr Conveniently located—in the heart of the shopplns and theaire oistricts-feideallr apiwinted. 256 rooms—2S6 batbs. WYANDOTT^ South of TWELFTH '"• 'l:eeii dissolved, tiie .brand aliiim with it. and the year liefore. the foriiiation (tf tliel.ive 'Slock Asso- .cijitl 'in liad seen the birth of Miller's new linuid. tlie 101.. brr." H i- intinjated tliat tliat was e.xa'tl.v. what he feared might come to piu^s. ' "Vou necfdn't worry about Ihat," Craic; informed liim positively. .This rancli. one of the largest in "ilitas—well, she's Rita.. Wliat all tlvo territory, was to be' preserved, even after the openinpf of the Indian lands, by .Miller and'his about it. Tony." The lioy looked up from his sl- ieiit study of the picture. 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