Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 20, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring • Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at DEWENTER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER. I f\M GOING Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save A my measure. When I get a GOODS TAILOR I g stick to him. You Suit me to a T. E, PLURIBUS UNUMI TUCKER&YOUNG, TttE, PEflRL STREET TfllLORS. DAILY jJuRNAL WEDNESDAY MOKJNING, 20. LEGISLATIVE NOTES. Additional Local on Fourth Patje. Drink McLinn'j, Kolatona. Alon'/o Williams li again at his old position with tho clothier, Jordan Hocht. The Poor-loss Skating Club closes Its season on the evening of tbo 26th with a banquet, The very latest in a cooking device. tho Majestic steel range nt Flanegln & Crlsmond's. Mrs. Elmer Dempaoy wau 22 years old Saturday and her frlonds gavo her a pleasant surprise at her home No. 322 Linden avonuo. The employee of tho Tan Handle ihops will give a dance tomorrow evening In the ol>3 band hall over Johnston's hardware store. A Christian church social will bo held at tho residence of Rev. X. S Freeman on Friday evening-. There is nothing that gives tho ontiro satisfaction that n Majestic range will as n cooking apparatus— Flanegln & Crlsmond. Richard Johnson was burled jester day. Tho funeral was held at the A M. E. church at 2 p.m. Tho Rev (cDaclels officiated and many friends (•ere in attendance. No lady can 'afford to miss seeing tho elegant line of silks, novelties and plain wool dross goods before making purchases. See our fine line of table linens at tho Trade Palace. Wila Berry recplvod a telegram yesterday announcing tho death of 'hli slater, Mlss^Ellza Berry, at Argos. Marshal county. Miss Berry was an estimabl lemdy and was well known In , tais city. The Journal is indebted to Howard Stltt, formerly of.this city, for a copy of the New Orleans Times-Democrat containing a graphic account of the heavy snow storm that visited that city Thursday.and Friday. William Henry VVhaley, a young man of Arg&s, Marshall county, who was placed la Jill on a charge; of drunkenness, was yesterday allowed to go. John DDO and Richard Roe were both up again, and were allowed to depart. Awarded Hifhest Honors—World *s Fair. • MOST PERFECT MADE. ' A pure Grape Cream c ' Tartar Powder. Frw fam Ammonia, Alum o. *ny other adulterant ;I i. '"•'-: '40, YEARS THE STANDARD. The Wlnliurrt Lfc!nlallTe Apportionment Bill !'«»**« Hio Jlouimi— Xloliolnoai Hill I>l8cn»ncil. Indianapolis, Fob. 19, The Republican caucus Monday night refused to reconsider tbo action placing co.ntrol of tbo State Institutions with the State officers by a vote of 44 to 18. It was decided to give the mayors tho appointing of the metropolitan police board and the house salary bill was indorsed as a party measure. # * The Senatfo spent most of the day In discussing Senator Newby's bill con- coining building and loan associations In his speech Senator Newby called tho business of some associations a "three-card.monto game," and "a hocus-pocus juggling of figures." "The building anJ loan business Is a good thing for the poor man," ho said, "but the poor mai Is paying too dearly for it." * * * Tho House passed the bill to abolish tho State Soldiers' and Sailors', Monument commls:ion and to appoint a board of regents. The bill wus ap» proved by tbo Republican caucus Monday night. It abolishes the board of monument commissioners .and authorizes tho Governor, Secretary of Slate, Auditor of State and Treasurer of State to appoint a board of regents, composed of three persons, who shall servo for four years, or until the monument is completed. The vote on the bill was yeas, "G; nays, 11. The Democrats voted against the bill. + * * The VTisbard legislative apportion ment bill passed the Houee today by a roto Of 71 to IS. Five Republican* voted with the Democrats against the bill. The bill has previously been given in the Journal. It makes Cass and Pulaski counties a senatorial dls» trict, allows Cass county a representa live and makes this county with Miami and Wabash counties, a joint representative district. The five Republicans who voted against the bill were Representatives Coates, Garriott. Gibson, Melendy and Howe. The latter explained his vote. Ha said ho voted "no" on constitutional grounds. * f * There was a larger number of vis, Itors in tho House today than on any previous day of the session. Tne announcement that the Nicholson bill would come up aa a special ( order attracted men and women from all part* Of the Slate. The religious and tern- peraaoe societies which have beep fighting for the passage of vhe Nicholson bill sent delegations, and these filled every available seat fa the galleries snd outside the railings on the fljor of the House. The number oJ women present was noticeable. Representatlve Nicholson spoke In vor of the bill of which he Is the author. Representative Wilson spoke •gainst the bill. He said he did not believe the people .of Indiana were for this bill became every Democratic politician and every ward bummer In the State WM for it. Representative HoUoway proposed to make the following amendment!: To define wine rooms; to extend the hour of closing from 11 to 12 o'clock; to strike out Section 4 which makes the comlnjr or grolng of the saloonkeeper from his place of business dur. log prohibited hoiire prim* -facie evidence of gulll; to strike out the provision that all saloons shall be on the ground or basement floor; to provide that on the deatk or assignment of a saloon keeper the license held by him may be transferred; to strike out Section 9, the local option section; to strike out Section 10, relating to the forfeit of license. Representative Leedy proposed to amend by striking out the provision that imprisonment shall be made a part of the punishment; to Insert a provision that automatic music may be allowed; to reduce the amount of the fine to be assessed for a violation of the law. The amendments were discussed at length. * w * Attorney General Ketcham appeared before the House committee on fees and salaries and laid before them the facia whicb he has collected in relation to the change made ID the fee and salary aci of 1891, after It had passed b'oth Houses. He recommended that the House undertake an investigation, and if H could be proved that tbo act wan changed, that there be passed a law legalizing the act of 1891. His recommendations were indorsed by the committee, and in the HOUBO today, Representative Van Arsdel, chairman of the House com-, mitteo on fees and salaries, introduced a resolution providing'for the appointment of a committee of five to invest!, pate the matter. The resolution was unanimously passed and the speaker appointed Messrs. Barber, 'Moore, Stakebake, Merrltt and Remington. * 4< * The prize fight bill was passed by iho House without opposition. It de- fioea a prize fight and provides a pun- ishmont of from onu to two years in prison for cot only the principals Hut also those who had anything to do with tho fight. TAKEN TO ORPHiKAGE. The Children of All*" Moore. Who Was Accused of Cruelly. Will lie Cared For. The children of Allen Moore of Washington township have been, with the exception of a new born baby, taken off the hands of the father and placed in the Orphanage, where the Infant will also be placed later if It'is thought advisable. The mother of the children died a short time ago. Moore will not. be allowed to cs.ro for his children until ho demonstrates that be can do so properly. In tho case against him for cruelty 10 his children, . which was tried in 'Squire Lalcg's court, It was stated that ho had earned only $10 since last fall. . Truatte Nicodemus testified that ho hiid he!ped the family. Mrs, Baughaoan, a neighbor, who has the care o! the three w'Seks old infant, told a story terrible in its shocking details, of the way Mrs. Allen Moore died, and the condition the interior of the leg shanty WF.S in when tho neighbors visited the place. Dr. Barnfleld stated in open court that it was his opinion that Mrs. Moore's life couM have been saved had she been given the proper care. THE POOL CHAMPIONSHIP. A Conleslla Progr ss fora Gold Medal •ad Pool Clmiiiplou»h:j> of the City. The first night's play for the pool championship of the city and a gold medal, between Raino Kuhn and Fred Kuhn, resulted last night in the fol. losing score: Fred Kuhn 208, Raino Kuhn, 183. The game is for 600 points, and there will be two more nights of play. The contest is coming off at Robert Ray's Third street saloon, and is attracting considerable attention. Death of .111** Kat« Campbell. Miss JKate Campbell, daughter of M. C. Campbell, died at her home No. 515 Eleventh street, last night at 10:30 o'clock. Tbe cause of death was consumption from which she had been ailing lor the past.year. Miss Campbell was 29 years of oga The funeral arrangements will be en. nounced later. FLASHED OVER THE Received the Following Telegram Yesterday. OTTO KRAUS, Logansport, Ind. We have about 8000 pair of sample shoes which we will close 85o on the dollar. Can you use them. Ans. JOHN N, THOMAS, M'f e- Co. Wired Answer —We will take them all—Our Mr. Swigart left on the'first train to close the deal. We have also made an offer upon 500 pairs of the celebrated Peerless Gaiters worth $5 which will sell, if offer is accepted, at $i. 25 All Suits will be removed to the second floor; Overcoats to the third floor, Our entire first floor will be devoted to this Mammoth Sale of Drummers or Agents Sample Shoes the combined line of forty drummers, some are slightly soiled from handling. These shoes will arrive in a few days upon receipt we will give- a full discription—there will be some remarkable values. To our out- of-town and country customers we will say—stop when in town and! get the benefit as this great sale will be in full blast before the next issue of this paper. Remember that during the sale we will show Big Bargains in Clothing. OTTO KRf\US. Grand Oping The 3odern Inrilld Has tastes medicinally, in keeping with other luxuries. A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome ia composition, truly beneficial In effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill he consults a physician; If constipated he. uses the gentle amily laxative Syrup of Figs. . . • Wm, Bopp entered a plea of guilty to the charge Of violating the screen ordinance and was yesterday fined |ll and costs.. ..,.."•• •; ".•'.. -s .'/•. ;. ' Commencing Tuesday, Feb 19 and continuing for one week at the store of Flanegln &; Crismond. There will be a grand display of Majestic Steel Ranges A sweeping invitation is extended to all to call and examine this wonderful steel range Majestic. In order to p r act iica 1i y_d e m o n st rate _t h e wonderful working of the Majestic range, one of these ranges will be kept in constant [operation baking biscuits, etc,, whichxtogether with* delicious drip,\cpffet and cream will be served free- to all. The Majestic M'f'g Co. witt. be represented by their salesmen who will be pleased to meet all who call at the store of - Flanegln & Crismond, Sole Agents for Logansport. |R'SBS'S«»^'»a^gZ3Sr£i >—-afr— *asf&''. A False Bl»(fnosii, La grippe is confounded by many persons with a severe attack of catarrh, which In some respects resembles the former. These individuals tuffer severely with pain about the forehead,. eyes and ears, with soreness in throat acd stoppage of the nasal passages, and in fact, are incapacitated 'or work of any kind for days at & time. These are catarrhal sufferers. Eij's Cream B.ilm has been used with the best results In such .cases The remdey will give Instant relief. Dance. The Peerless Siting Uub gave a dance at the rink last evening;. Forty couples were In attendance and they danced to the mmic of S'.tiohsrt'a orchestra. . L S". Crawford, celebrated his 52d btrthiij Sunday.;. Death of » Veteran. Aaron Biirio, formerly of LoganB- port, died Saturday at Frankfort. He was a veteran of Co. A 82d led. Inf. P«itJt Stiu Michael Pfcttit has not been heard from since Monday Lightof last week, whoa he disappeared on the night of his intended wedding. Released From Jos. McCabe, sent, up from Cass county May 16th, 1893 for alleged felony, was released from pri=on yes- Verday morning, his term having expired. Cirens C(.mloc. CoL He»ib, the advance man. for Barnum & Bailey's circus, was in the city Monday sasuriogadTertlsingspaca for his attraction, which will show here In August. A Gennii.e BarcaLn. Being compelled to movo tcmpor*- riiy from ray present location, on'Ote Is*, of Marcb, I will sell all goods un then for cash, regardless of cost. $2 shoes will go for $>.50: *3 for$2.25-,-;$3.50 shoes f or * 2 50, $5 shoes for |5.50. This is a 3de bargain sale that will p->y -yon-i investigate. ELIAS WUJTESS, 506 Broadway. aa£. Will r«e Ilie CJty'n Among those who are preparing 1 te use the city's electric lights are Fraafc Pottmeyer. the West Side e»loODl*t and John Leonard, the. grocer. Th« West S'de engine house is being wlrei. The new cffi :ft fixings, conslsticjf •£ an enclosure and desk similar to tb«£ in thecity treasurers office, were belts' put in at the office of the city cleefc yesterday.';' . . ''. ' •;'•"•... ;' ;.--. : ..'.:'

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