Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1927
Page 5
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& W H E Christmas Dinner Menus • <Bjr Carrie B, Green and Annie .MiiTlott, department ' of home e <;pnomiC8, Kansas State Teacliers College; of PitUburg.) -, • To'.young or old tlie most con- gc^i^I of Cliristmas rites is that wl^foli is celebrated at the table. ^AB this season the; housewife ' is /therefore again confronted with be problem ofi planning the Christ- jmis feast. ^ JTie time honored turkey, used ;Bj ;.,our forefathers', : seems good ; eisongh for the majority of people '; toaay. althongh so largely, used at ^ithS Thanksgiving feaSt: w;hlle in many lands the gooso reigns su- . preme as the Christmas bird.' irhe old-time Chrlstmfe dinnfr, which»j)»'as 'built around' the service of the.boar's head a3 the principal psrt of the feast, and the N^* England custom of serving 'roast siitilclaig pig with tiimming-s. gives on^.courage to il-^part from 'the usuai custom of :-«.'rving fowl and to bnildtiie first of the fol- . lowing m^nus arouuil crown, •'of pork as the ploc*- cie !^of the.}92" Cliri.simas feast. As . history; also tolls us that roast loin of heef was knjshicii liy Charlps li at a CJiristTnas f<'.•l^;t. it oCiupii-s \hr^ p^m"* placo of honnr :n the second menu. ileclpes of the more unusual dishes are given below in order to aid the bomeniaker In the preparation of tire menu should she choose to use it. Recipes for Menu I GLAZED OMO>'S—Cook small white onions until soft, but firm enough to iioldishape. Make syrup of 1 cup' sugar and Vj crip stock and cook to soft ball stage: add onions and continue to cook for [yhree minutes,. I.lft out whein syrup ! begins to discolor, and arrange on I top of roast as a garnish. B.\KED APPLES-SWEET POTATO STUFFING—Fill the cavities of baked apples with mashed sweet potatoes which have been J seasoned with salt, butter and scream. Place a marshmallow on ' top of each apple, return to oven ; until marshmallows are delicately browned and slightly melted. Ar' range on platter around the roast. double In bulk. Shape i^to rolls. WTien light bake iu hot oven. * CIIKIST.HAS SHERBET — I'a.s.H jne can of apricots and one pint }f apple sauce through a isieve. Combine these pulps with 1 cup of cranborr>' juice and the juice of :i oranges and 1 lemon. Add sugar to taste, making it a little sweeter tlian If to be served unfrozen: Freeze to a mushy consistency, then fold In the stiffly whipped whites of eggs and beat up. Hack In ice and' salt for an hour or lojig- er. Serve iji sherbet glasses with a spoonful of whipped cream fiav- oCed with vanilla on top of each service. Garnish with candied cranberries. apfle. Iteplace (ovpr. put pan in oven and !<•» apptes cook, lor I" iniiuites Ifinpfr or until lemler. /The appV.-^ should b.> «ht)l.> and k*'*-;.' pink in color, i Il« niovc ap- plvs froin i)aii. pia< iug m on. a plate. lM:u;» paii ontalnine ap|ile .lirup <n .'';ove :ind let sirup criok slowly uutil 1 lly in fonneiL I'orr hjt j"l!y into cavity of eic* apple. Set- a.side to cool, and chili. M serving t'ine arraiiee apples on u bed oi lett.,(e. Serve the .salair with savory Fren.h dressing. » , j meats and cup ralsin.s iireifgpd : I with _• tablc.s-poo"** nour.7 Sprjukie i over tlii-' two - ijaking- I..Vv.iitr anil I)'at tiioniugiily.'Tiirii into u hiittii- moid. S:eai!i 3j Ixiri-. S 'Tve with Supnri;:' .Samtt;.! -MODEUN ETIQirETTE * By KoUertir Lee POT Five huuiiriil of the world's greatest hair fashion experts assembled to dl.gplay their art 'and , their wares at th- Hiiirdressing , iind I', r'upiery Exhibition held re- icmrly iu Paris. SXOWBALLJ^— Bake in tiny gem pans any good white cake mi.xture. When cakes are cool, cover with white frosting- and roll in fresh- f\- grated cocoanut. (HRIST.HAS S.iLAD—Arrange a.slice of tomato jelly u inch thick on kaves of lettuce. .Meanwhile hijve pre)>ared a • green pepper stuff'^d with cottage chee .ie. .Cut in slii»s about '<i inch tlilck and placij on top of tomato. In the center place a .star-shaped - piece o:' pimento. Serve with mayon- naiso dressiiiir. ME.VU II Pineapple Cone Roast Loin of Beef • Browned Potatoes Cravy ,' Buttered Carrots and Peas Hosy Apple Salad .Mayonnaisx Celery Cranberry Jelly Potato Rolls . Dickens's Christmas I 'uddiSig Supreme Saut c Parisian Swec -ts Ciiffee |VT« ROLLS— Put one quaiit of mllfv. 1 cup .sugar. 1 teaiipoott salt. Ijcup mashed jvotatoos. and ;1 rup of batter in a pan wnd bring t*> boiling point. Let cool and arid - cakes Flel.schniann's yea .st. 1! teaspoons baking powder and enough flniir to make a stiff b :it- ter. Let rise l.=i minutes, add flour to makr- a sHri.dough, knead and put in Ice bo.^ for 21 hoiir.s be /ore Using. !«•*> bo.x ibugn cnn be kept four weeks. Take from ice box, mold into rolls, let r-c l hour, or I'.-j hoprs. if wanted especially light. Bake in a hot oven 15-2')! minutes. Cinnamon rolls, parkec house, or clover leaf rolls inay be madu from this dough. ! Stanlf-y rtaldwin. the British pre- I niier. \V:is nearly fifty. years old f before he ohtaine<l his fiijst pollticai offic;'. ^ , •;. __ .s, Q. When, during a nipal. may a person leave the table? .A. \Vhetj summoned by urgent bu.':iness. » Q. What is :•. sub.srription dance? A. A ."erai-public dance to which each subscriber may invite a certain number of friends. Q. When a married woman and an unmarried girl are walking together, who takes the-outside of the walk? . • A. The married woman. -1 Mnvr I .Crown Roast of Pork Glazed Onions^ Oravy Apples with Sweet Potato Siiiflin;: Buttered Striiii; Heaus, Tomato. Jelly ..Saiad - ' -Celery Curls Whole/Wheat Rolls Plum Jelly Christmas Sherln-; Cotbaiilit Snowhails Mints Coffw WHOLE WHEAT ROLL.^-To one cup of scalii-'d mijk add cuir of mashed 1)aked potatoes and one tablrspcrfin of sug-ar. When lukewarm iiil'l 1 cake of Flei .i :hmann's ye^st. .«tir until dissolved and add ciunigli white flour to make a sponge. When sponge is liglii ad<l •< ti-as|M!on of salt. (4 cnp .sugar, cup butter and one egp. -all 1 r-'amed together. Add 1 cup of whole 'wheat flour and enough wh:ie flour -to make a dough. Kiiead lighfl-y. I^#t .rise ' until ; MPREME SAITE—Boil 1 cup .:*r,car with cup water until syrup ssdns a thread. .-Vdd S> TUB gradually whi'ie hot. to two beatcil jegK -yoIks. and boat unti; rresmvi ! Flavor'with 1 teaspoon vanilla. Ju.-t b-.fore fi'-rving, folil in 1 cuji- • j ful wliipyed cream. PARISTAX SWEETS—Put 1 lb. intcs, 1 lb. figs, 1 lb. nut' meats Recipes for Menu II PI.NEAPPLE CONE — Pat one. . , . „ Flicii Of pineapple on each plate, 'f""'"'^''* f ''°'"-'^*'Pr^'"- ^^"' Fill cavitv Willi a mixture of chop- • -^'i'l ^ tablespoon of orange juice ped fruit.'* topped witii ro*d and ""'1 H'cup honey. Chill in^mold green cherries cut in halves. "i"'"'' w^''Bht. Cut in fancy shapes.^ green ROSY APPLE SALAU-Wash. pare and core six apples. I'ut 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup bolllas water, 2 tablespoons cinnamon «-andics. teaspoon salt in a pan and heat the mixture until it I>oiI.s: add the whole apples; cover pan and place in oven. After api/Ies liavo cooked 10 niinute.s. remove pan from oven, uncover apples and turn'over each lUCKEXS'S (HRIST.HAS PIO. IH.VG-^hop ^ cup suet and work with the hand uritil .<-reaniy. then .idd '-r lb. figs finely ihopped, sonk 2'a fups stale bread crumbs in % cup of milk. Add four egss well ] heatoii. 1 cu|» brown sugar, 1 ,te;ii sp.ion salt. ?i teaspoon cinnamon, j '-J teaspoon grated nutmeg. Com- I bine inixture.s, add cup ; nut. GRCiCEllY M ^ M MARKET CHRISTMAS Is Almost Herp I^t Us Help Plan Your Christmas Dinner Heinz Fig and Plum Pudding 38c SUGAR—ir> pounds for $1.00 Pumpkin tlarge cans) 2 for. .25c Min(}e Meat, Pickwick, jar .25c Date.i 2 lbs. for , ;.25c Figs,/ pound ^Oc Fresh Gocoanuts, each : 10c Cra(jker.s, 2 lb. box .... : ...28c Buckwheat Flour. O-HL .'?ack 35c Crisco, 6-lb. can $1.25 Raii ins, 3 Ib.s. for ; ..........25c Christmas.Trees, each 25c Pilcnty of nice Orange .«j. Nuts, Candy, Ap-- pk'.i F'resh Fruits ancj Vegetables. duY Babv Beef is alwavs the best. ; F^resh Oysters, Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Turkeys. YOUR SATISFACTION .MEANS OUR SUCCESS. CASH 120 EAST MADISON CASH AS USUAL WE WILL HAVE - A most attractive Christmas display of Chickens^ Fowls, Ducks, Geese, choice cuts pf Steaks, Chops, Roasts and all the other good things to go with a Christmas dinnbr, includiiig Candy, Nuts, Raisihs, Dates, F|gs, Cranberries, Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Grape Friiit, Celery and many other choice things. RT Chrishnas Candy Chrf!itinn «i .Mixed, ron^istin^ of Cncoannt Fridge. I|eannt Fudge, Frosfed- JelHes, Spire Drupt, I'eaiitt Biitterettes t ^Tim Drop*, Creams and Hard Boiled Candles, ' 106 per lb. Hsird Rolled Candles consNtlni cf I 'rCen TMTJ . R!'.il>on, Cut Rock. Crimp and Monogriim '">r-' ' per lb. FANCY CIJOCOLATES Five. Pout'.ds in f.nncy gift'l^px 1 Sl.4.3 Three I'ouiici.s in fancy ^rift'box 99c One Pound box fancy Chocplates i 6.5c 'One-half Pcund box fancy Chocolates 45c ,Satin Finish Soft Centers, lb. 2.ic, 2 Ib.s |___.:iijc Christmas Nuts , ..Xixiu Mi'.S—Tills Is out No. 1 int.xtnrp made up of >'o. 1 fallf«irni4 M'a'niiN. \», 1 Washed Brazils, >>o. I KHI»<>rts. >o, I AImon<is.|an(l I tVi-ans. \<i I'eaniits, iter ll>.' Willi roanuJs, iVr \h. iU: SAL^KH i'KAMTSSj:anMi.Sailed. JUT 111. . I.'.r •. Our stock of nut.s is all fre>ih. thi.s year'.-- frnp. You want tin- nuts for the holiday table to he the best.' You are sure of pet- ling the'best quality KOlug' if you buy them of u.s. _ ! Christmas Oranges and Apples . Ncv.- Oranges : Fin-' '/"avrr. .hiicy and Sweet. Per I")cz»'n- -lOci ' 40c, 50c .i Wk* and T.'u-: Fancy Apples . Jonathans, lb. ! ,-lOc Jona.than.s, 3 Ib.s. ___-25c Grime Gulden, lb 10c Delicious^ lb 12r2C Hollyi 2 lbs. .25c Money Savers for Thrifty Housewives Sr«AB—Sii;<iAR SPKMAl., ,IC ponnd- for , I'OTATOK.S—roiatnes SjievL-il Hair COFFEE—Jl. & M. I'rnVrt Blead. Wu . f OFFEE—M. 4 M. QiiaJHj («ii. lli. COtTJvE—M. & M. Sperlal I'oaherrj, Ih. . rK.M'KER.S-i-lh. box Nalloiial I'romloni-. BAJ8X.S—3 HIS .. Thompson Seedle*-. SOAP—10 Bars P. A (i. or iKIaLe Wliltp • PISEAPI'LE-2 lance can I'ELEBT—Exlra F.-»ncj RHI Ilred , . lairire We •»« T«nhiht; Friday and .Saturday Sljrhls.' bu« CISTO.MEHS MIST BE S.ITISFIED. $ J» -.».-.r 3 .-.P I.V -lie MARKET PRIME BABY BEEF THAT IS BABY BEEF Boils, as good as the ordinary roasts 15c Roasts, tender, properly fatted,.lb. 20c Steaks, fit for a king 25c, 30c, 35c Pork, small loin, tender cuts, shoulder, roasts or steaks, lb t .16c Ham, roasts or steaks, lb 20c Neck Bones, 4 lbs. for .25c Chops *or Loin Roasts, lb. 20c Fresh Side, lb. ll^Ac Spare Ribs^ lb. 17V2C PURE PORK SAUSAGE Real Country Style, Very SpeciaUy Priced poiund 15c Whole Hams or Shoulders, trimmed 15c Half or whoIe:hogs, all weights, .I2V2C Lamb, Genuine Spring, Shoulder Roasts or Steaks, lb. .25c Leg o' Lamb, lb. 40c Chops, lb. - ..20c POULTRY Geese, young, tendor, dressed, lb. . .25c j j ^Ducks, young and fat, dressed lb. .25c Hens and Springs, dressed cleanly heads and feet off, lb. i... 30c Cheese, 30 varieties—Pickles, Sweet Sour and DilL Oysters, small ones for soups and dressings, pint .. f. ... .45c Large Oysters for scalloping and frying, pint 55c We will have extra help to take care of your needs this week end. You may rest assured that your wants will be well and quickly' taken care of at this store. Yours .for quality meats. MEAT THAT YOU CAN EAT I - SELF SERVICE —fs a paltry, sum .compared in value to the worth of true friends, j At the close of the Old Year we wish,to most heartily thank a deser^in? public for their loyalty and courtesy which has made our success possible and dealings pteasant. We also express our appreciation to a m.qst extraordinary store force for their efforts and respect. The Self Ser>ice>rsishes for everyone Success and Happiness FXPA.\SF(l>^ ; '4s.|Ii. Iia^ — PEKin.ESS- lKi :r ^2 $1 ,20 95 .$1.65 ...50c . .2.5c ..25c ..39c SUGAR—25-lb. bag Pure Cane ....... EfEANS—7 lbs. new crop Idahos RAISINS—.3 lbs. new crop^dless MACARONI or SPAGHElff 4 pkgs. .. CRACKERS-3 lb. box Loose-Wiles .... CAKE EATER BAR FREE Potato Market Advancing No. 1 Ohios or Cobblers, Saturday, peck 30c 2 bu, bag Red River ... .$2.15 CANDY—NUTS—CHRISTMAS TREES CANDLES 2 lbs. AirSugai- Candy .25c A better grade, 25c value, i2 lbs. a5c; 10 lbs. $1.50 Mixed Nuts. lb. 28c; 2 lbs. for 4.5c Oranges, dozen ........ 1 .3Sc, 50c and 60c Pulk Dates, per pound .1.5c . Corn, good grade . 10c Pea^, good grade, 2 cans .25c Pineapple, 2 No. 2V^I cans ; 4.5c Peaches, Rosedale, No. 21/2, good syrup, 2 for 4.5c Pumpkin, 2 No. 2i/> .size Van Camp 2.5c Meal, 5 lbs. 18c; lO'lbs. for. 35c Coffee, 3 lbs. Self Service Peaberry...... .$1.00 Everything in Dried Fruits, Qandied Fruits, Citron, Orange Peel, Leriion Peel, Pineapple and Cherries. Everj'thing in Fresh Fi-uits and Vegetables. SEE US FOR FANCY BOX CANDY: We are going into the New Year ^vith the same motto: YOUR™LLARIS WORTH OR YOUR DOLLAR BAdJK. ON. THE SQUARE AT THE EAST SIDE | Plenty of Fresh Country Eggs v-,>^, .--i^- fcr^ti With the-Quality, Groceries, Meats, I § Fruits| Vegetables and Poultry ^ J Coming From AJ W AndersdM : : • . • se :' " : • . iJ^ Your Christmjfs Dinner Will Stand Out as a Success;'' ;Phone 292 or 291 : And We Wifi Deliver Your Order to Your Door A. W: Anderson Corner 2nd and Lincoln—Park \[our Car Here and Sh<^j;jl SEYENTH ANNUAL CUSIPMER'S CAKE Each year on the day before Christma.s we invite our customer.s to eat icake with u.«. The cake—^whicli is large enough to .^erve all who come— will be cut at 1 o'clock Saturday afteraoon.^ December 24th. Come?and! get your portion Jtny. time after 1 o'clock. t. ' JFRUITtlAKE We sugge.'rt that those who wish one-of our Delicious Fruit Cakes for Christmas, or New Year's dinner place their order as early as po^jsible." . PERiECT BAKERY 120 East Jackson^ Phone 313 i 11- In Self Service We have made special.arrangements with Mr. ][aR3rH'> Greathouse for Extra Fancy Beef , for Christma L you would .want an^e.vtra tender choice Roast or Heak^ we can .supply you it- EJrtra Fancv Babv IJqef Roast 2acjh Choice Baby Beef Steak . .30c and 35c] r Oiir Regular Baby jBeef Roast 20<e^i Baby Beef. Steak, l|nder _ -^SOc] •The above mentioned items are extra good qirafity.;i; Bfeef Roast, lb. . —-i ifest Rouiid Steakv lb. .4 L _4 2"' Chops, small, lb. L.^ ... .^i Pure Pork Sau.«age \Sc, 2 lbs. for —.3 Pure Meat Hamburger. 18c, 2 lbs. for IS, fPdrk Slioulders, half or whole ___ —l?^. Hain. whole or.half; 14;-, Hpif or whole l^orkfr —^ .-lAZVM Pdrk steak 18c, 2 ffir . ^__4^3p| Home Made Lard, I&. __ Pure Leaf Lard, 18c,^2 fo r_.-___ —— ^3|-^ Tnrkeys. Ducks, Geese, Hens and Fries., - ]^ Ws Meat tYou Will Enjoy to Eat. .-h

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