Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 27, 1955 · Page 1
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Thursday, October 27, 1955
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. fair, low 35-40., fair, warmer ..tomorrow. . ' ' j. . '.. 'tfigli,' 69; ''low, 36; '.noon, '84.' -•• River—2.94' feet: -Relative ' nuhiidity—39 per cent. VOL. LXXXVL—NO. 296 CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1955 ' (»it»««o«/ N«. s.n-fc. 6.CENTS ens UN Assembly Deadlocks Over Council Seat •••'•.•'••• . ' -,- ' • • • J . •"••'.-•.• •• •.'•••• ''<'.-''..• Philippines, Yugoslavian Bids Beaten Seal Formerly Held By Eastern Europe;" Tabled For 10 Days By MAX HARRELSON UNITED NATIONS, N.}'. HV The U.N. Assembly failed to break its deadlock over a hotly contest- id Security Council seat today as it •resumed voting after a week's re- iess. •' ' - ... . .'..-•'..' Today's. initial, ballot : was. the 10th since, the Assembly .first tangled .two weeks ago. over- the seat which formerly had been held by eastern-; European • countries. The -candidates' for., the seat are the . Philippines, 1 backed by ' the United States, and Yugoslavia, 'supported by Russia arid the British Commonwealth countries. 30-24 After 10 Ballots The vote on the. 10th ballot was 30 for the Philippines and'24 for Yugoslavia. Three delegates were absent and three abstained. To be elected a candidate must received two-thirds of all the votes cast. The llth ballot was unrestricted, that is not limited to the Philippines and Yugoslavia. It failed, however, to produce any significant change. The vote was: Philip- pines.30, Yugoslavia 25. India 1. :Phlllppincs Gains Two , On the 12th ballot, also unrestricted, the Philippines received 32 votes, Yugoslavia 24 and India 2. " • Britain's Sir Picrson Dixon then . proposed. that the Assembly., postpone further voting for 10 days. U.S.Dclcgntc Henry Cabot Lodge j Jr. opposed this and .suggested that *ai toast iwo, more ballots be-taken today. '•': Tha Assembly voted 2MB: In favor of Dixon's proposal and the meeting - was adjourned. Fifteen countries abstained. The Soviel bloc voted with the British and other Yugoslav supporters in favor of the postponement. Two Americans Freed By Reds; Expected Friday HONG KONG (INS)—The U. S. Consulate in Hong Kong announced today that Communist China was releasing two more American civilians. Jesuit Father Armand Proulx of Lowell, Mass., and former Ful bright scholar Harriet Mills of New York were, said to be due in the British crown colony- on Friday. Both the Roman Catholic missionary and Miss Mills were accused by the Reds of having spied for the U. S. against the Communist government. Marilyn, Joe Divorce Final NEW YORK W—Marilyn Mon roe's divorce from Joe DiMaggio became final today. There was no sign of reconciiia lion,' though the actress and the former baseball player had seen one another at various times since she obtained the California decree • Columnist Earl Wilson, in th( Mew York Post, quoted the blonde ' star as saying "marrying again is the farthest thing from my mind.' He said -he asked her whether she had seen DiMaggio since he gave a party for her on her 2911 airthday June 1. "No, at least I haven't made any appointments to see. him,! Wilson quoted her as saying. • "You mean you've run into him accidentally?" "I'd rather say 'No comment.'' "What about your, frequent state ments that you want marriage am a lot of.children?" "I do, but it's not as simple a that and I don't see any tim for that now." „ "Do you have anybody you're 9 serious about now." ' "j\jo — nobody.' 1 , Strike Breaking Denied By President Of Pilots CHICAGO «1 — Clarence L Sayen, president of the AFL Ai Line Pilots Assn., today .'said h plans io appear before the AFL Executive C o u n c II to answe charges that the pilots union i In "collusion" with. United-'Ai Lines to. break a strike. •: George; Mcany, AFL. president made the collusion charge In New York Tuesday 1(1,-reference to th pilots' actions during a strike o 1 the AFl-i Flight Engineers Inter national Assn, Sayen replied tha , the charge was "ridiculous, hal cocked * ' Attends State Fete Princess Margaret, whose romance with Pcfer Townsend has Britain and the world guessing, is shown, above, on her way to_ a state dinner last night in. London honoring Gen. Craveiro Lopes, president of Portugal, who is on a three-day visit. The Princess paid a dramatic visit this morning to the Archbishop of Canterbury, foe of her marriage to Townsend...- (A.P Pdolofail 'Meg '-Pays Dramatic Visit To Archbishop lots Of Earth In Single Acre ith P CHICAGO UNSI-Thc new Rand McNally Cosmopolitan World Atlas contains this choice bit of information—if you own an acre of land you also own 52,363,000,000 tons of earth. The Atlas assumes that the owner of an acre also owns that acre all the way down to the core of globe. Court Backs Labor's Use Of Pressure WASHINGTON W — The U. S. Court of Appeals ruled today that labor union may use "harassing actics" during negotiations wil in employer — including work ilowdowns — without being guilt> if failure to bargain in good faith. The court's 2-1 decision struck down a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board that the CIO Textile Workers Union failec o bargain in good faith with the Personal Products Co. Judge Henry W. Edgerton speaking for himself and Judge )avid L. Bazelon, said labor law does, not forbid use of economic pressure in support of lawful demands. The NLRB said the union en- jaged in slowdowns and unauthor- zed extensions of rest periods valkouls or partial strikes ant similar tactics. The concern is / Jersey corporation and has one of its plants in Chicago. Its iroducts include surgical dress ngs. Judge John A. Danaher, who dissented, said the union did nol challenge the board's finding thai It engaged in "harassing tactics. 1 8100,000 Jewel Theft JAMESTOWN, Ind. — (INS) Maurice R. Stamper, president o Julius Drayfus, Inc., in New York City, reported to Indiana Stat Police today that he was robbed of $100,000 in unmounted diamonds LONDON (INS) — The Princess ilargarel-Peter Townsend romance ook a dramatic turn today when he princess called on the Arch- tishop of Canterbury — strong foe of their marriage. Under.a.tight news blackout Dr. Jeoffreyi. Fisher,'primate' of the Church of England, received the irincess at his 'official Lambeth 3 alace residence shortly after •'• p.. m. (11 a. m. EDT.l. Margaret left Lambeth Palace at 3:55 p. m. after talking approxi mately 45 minutes with the Arch bishop. sage in person. She was driven swiftly back Inti he protection of Clarence Housi 'ive minutes later. Disappoints Crowd She entered through the real gateway, disappointing a crowd o 500 persons which had swollen from too when news spread quick that she had seen the Arch bishop. The little 25-year-old princes: made what may be a fateful jour ncy. She drove down Whitehall pas 'arliament at Westminister, where House of Commons members im patiently are awaiting her deci sion, and across the Thames Rive: 10 the Palace. Two Questions The questions tormenting Mar garct were in effect: Shall' I risk creating divisiv church and state problems bj mi marrying the man I love? Shall I risk some sort of socia ostracism and also be forced t (Continued on Page 2, Col 2) Lonardi Outlines 'Work, Sacrifice 1 Economic Policy BUENOS AIRE tfl-A polics; o "austerity, work and sacrifice with no promise of "pie in tli sky" was before the Argcntim people today as the new govern ment called for a stringent pro gram of economic rebuilding. Provisional President Eduard Lcnardi said last night Argentin is confronted with the "most dis astrous situation in our economi history." He put the blame square ly on ousted President. Juan D Pcron, saying the "irresponsibl and corrupt" 10-year rule of th fallen dictator had left .economi chaos. Ike Tackles Speech Due [n January President In Jovial Mood; State Of Union Message Gets Airing DENVER — UNS) - President Eisenhower, in a "jovial mood," tackled his biggest job since: his cart attack today. The convalescing chief executive resided over a hospital-room con- erence on his annual state of the union message, which must go to ongress .in January.. The morning bulletin from Fitz- iimons Army Hospital reported hat Mr. Eisenhower awoke re- reshed and in a jovial mood after good night's sleep. alls Tico Aides To Aid With Message DENVER (#—President Eisenhower called two aides to his hospital room today for a start on the January State of the Union mes- age outlining his legislative pro;ram to Congress. -The recuperating President quite ikely won't be back at his White iouse desk on a real working basis until about the time the annual message goes to the lawmakers. But associates say he is eage. o get the ball rolling on a preliminary draft. For his first conference looking oward that draft, he called in retired Maj. Gen. Wilton B. Persons, who is in charge of White louse liaison with • members o Congress, and Kevin McKann his chief-speech writer. ..They will get his -Jdeas on. the egislalive program • at a brie' meeting, then'return to Washing ton .to begin actual writing-of the message. Aides said it still is loo earlj to tell whether Eisenhower will be able to deliver the lengthy mes East Is East And West Is West Smog Causes Traffic Tieup; Fatal To Two NEW ORLEANS WV- Drippy ijray palls of smoke and fog huni the eastern outskirts here fo the second straight day today, ma rooning hundreds of motorists am a reported 16 million dollars in several armored cars. Yesterday's choking smog causei widespread asthma attacks which caused two deaths and sent 350 other persons to hospitals for treat ment. Charity Hospital which treatei lost of yesterday's asthma vie tims,. said those seeking relie dropped off io a handful today Thick patches of the dark mis clouded the stretch from the Lak Pontchartrain bridge to the June tion of Highways 11 and 90. Coughing police patrols on too guided motorists away, from th fringe of the smog or stoppe them before they entered the mos blighted sections.' One truck driver was ordere arrested when he ignored polic orders, to stop and roared past patrol car. He was picked u after officers radioed ahead t other units. Police said several armore trucks carrying federal reserv funds were stranded in the smog One report said there were si of the rolling vaults, carrying total of 16 million dollars. . Slocks Narrowly tylixed NEW YORK Wl — The stock mar ket presented a narrowly mixe price front today in early 'dealings Some Cabinet Members Tried To *Fire 9 Farm Chief Benson PHILADELPHIA HI members of President Eisenhower's Cabinet tried to oust Sccrer tary of Agriculture Benson after the President was stricken with a heart attack, Farm Journal said today. • . The monthly .farm magazine, .In Its' November.Issue, reported that Ally, Gen. Browncll, Postmastor General Summerficld 'and Harold E. Stasscn, the President's special assistant on disarmament, Cabinet rank, were behind alleged ouster move. The magazine said the three wanted to abandon the Benson farm jxiHdcs and out- promise tho. Democrats. Treasury Secretary Humphrey! Some Defense Secretary. Wilson, .Secre-' .ary of State, Dulles and the .rest of the.Cabinct backed Benson, the magazine added. The article said Vice President Nixon stayed.on the fence. The article also reported that since the meeting — the date was nol disclosed — "The tide, among 30P leaders In. Washington has icgun Io flow Benson's way again. Wxon Is now having Benson It. for vear ' chummy. luncheons. And Milton with full Elsenhower, the President's most picli the trusted adviser on the farm front, has come out again for Benson. The 'tnngajlrio also said that Benson has had some offers of "very solid financial backing' 1 If he wants to "make a bid for the 1956 nom- nation as president or vice prcs dent." .-. . Benson Under Fire WASHINGTON Ifl-Secrctary Agriculture Benson'came undc fresh fire today as he abandone plans for. a European tour in o ler-td work on farm program rei ommcndatlons to Congress ncx ,Sen;' Olln' D., Johnston (D-SC urlng Benson as -unpopula with farmers throughout the cou try, said he thinks the Elscnhowi administration will dismiss Bcnso as agriculture secretary next yea In nn effort "to save face" wl the farmers. ...•.,. Big Three teamwork was a little off at Geneva this morning. ,-,U .S. Secretary of State John' Foster Dulles and British Foreign Secretary Harold MacMillen look off into space as their host, French Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay, points in the opposite direction from the balcony of a French villa. The trio of statesmen plans a united front in the conference -with Russia. . (AP Photofax) ?aure Faces Hiiro 1 Crisis in Test Vote Risky Confidence Test Might Oust Cabinet At Start Of Big 4- Talks PARIS, ifl — Premier Edgar "aure, recent victor in two, crucial ests in the : "National 'Assembly, to- ay demanded a third and even iskier vote of confidence. The result could throw him anc 'oreign Minister Anloine Pina> ut of office at .the very start of Big Four foreign ministers meeting in Geneva,.'. Backed into a corner by defeat n two procedural questions, Faure hut off further debate until tomor- ow by demanding a vote of con idence. Until the vote tomorrow le Premier, a master of polilica laneuvering, had an opportunitj o cast about for additional sup jort. Had a decisive vole been taker tiis morning, he probably would lave, been beaten. The point that the -Big Four oreigii ministers tieir meeting in 1 Geneva today Bank Has Dog As 'Depositor' CHICAGO (INS)—A Dalmatian watchdog, accompanied by his 11-year-old master, Jon Evertsen, has opened - a - savings account with a deposit of $50. The dog, named Dorn, filled out a signature card yesterday with a firm paw print. This canine won't waste hjs money. dog food-or'h'igh'-living: because. ;'when ,the/'--'accpunt.: reaches §150. it will be used to buy him a mate. ; .' . Egypt, Syria-; Enter Israel Neutral Zone JERUSALEM Ifi — Israeli mil! tary spokesmen claimed todaj that Egyptian and Syrian military units had penetrated Israeli ter ritory in two different demiiitar ized zones and said one Syrian soldier was believed killed. The Egyptians were reported to have crossed into the El Auja Petty Officer Held In U.S. Data'Leaks' West Virginia Man, Chinese Grilled .On'' Warship Movements , JYOKOSUKA, .Japan Iffl—A. U.S Navy chief petty officer .-.and a Ch nese laundryman we're-held- toda n an.investigation of the leakag if confidentiarwarship movements most critical theater in-the cold were starting Nizana zone near the Sinai border eemed to have caused no hesitan y among deputies who want to hrow the government out. It was the same way last week when the Premier asked for a vote f confidence ' on Algerian policy. le won that one easily 308-254 fter the deputies had" ,a weekend or reflection, though on a prelimi and entrenched themselves. This position, the Israeli spokesman said, is in addition to the one near the El Sabha checkpost held jy the Egyptians for some time t is about a. half mile inside Israeli territory, south of Beer otayim. Another spokesman earlier said a Syrian military unit entered the nary.procedural question they had demilitarized zone near Dan in defeated him 305-274. Faure asked for a vote of con- idcnce this time after the depu- ies voted 289-286 to' take up a northeastern. Galilee and clashec with an Israeli police patrol, then withdrew. He said tie Syrian took the body of one man bad Socialist resolution refusing their With them across the border. confidence. Stage, Movie Star Stricken The Egyptian intrusion near E Sabha, according to the Israelis, i at a point 200 yards inside Israel territory in the southeastern cor ner of the El Auga-Nizana zon which was held by the Egyptian even before yesterday's clash a jie nearby Beerotayim • checkpos in which Israel reported one of it policemen killed. Winchell's Daughter Drops Divorce Plans LOS ANGELES Wl — A secom honeymoon in Mexico: City was o the itinerary today, for Walte WinchelPs daughter Walda am hotelman Hyatt Von Dehn. The couple dropped divorce plan and headed South of the horde yesterday. .eys. leich Unity, Peace Effort Top Agenda Conference Opens On Not Too Hopeful Note At Geneva Site By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER GENEVA Wi — Russia and the Western powers opened another istoric, and not too 'hopeful, con- erence here today to see whether ley can agree upon a formula for nifying Germany and securing ermanent peace in Europe. Foreign ministers of the Big Four ettled down to work in the council oora of the Palace of Nations at :15 p.m. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, Foreign Secretary Harold Jacmillan "of Britain and French foreign Minister Antoine Pinay lad agreed beforehand to press Russia's V..M. Molotov to accept • German unity on Western terms. Two-Part Program They were prepared to confront he Soviet diplomatic chief with .a wo-part program, offering to guarantee Russia against German ag-' future., if Russia wilt agree to merge East and West Germany through nationwide free elections. The .Western ministers are convinced a free German vote would be overwhelmingly anti- Communist. Barring a reversal of established Soviet policy, Molotov was expected .'to insist that before Germany can be unified new conditions must >e created in. Europe by abolish- ng the North Atlantic Alliance- and building iip'a new Eruopean wide security system. But looming before the foreign ministers— although 'not taken into account in preconference planning —was the fear that Middle East tensions. would flare into full-scale shooting war. Clashes Heighten Fears ' 'New frontier clashes between Israel and Egypt have heightened these fears, as did recent shipments of Communist arms to Czechoslovakia. n Washington today described the Middle East as the Egypt from Officials :o an enterprising laundry. Several other Navy men were under investigation but are not leld, the Navy said.. .. Charles W. Barlow, Navy chief quartermaster from Charleston, W.VA., "is being held'lor investigation by Navy authorities for al! eged violation of security regulations," the Navy announced. "The investigation has to do will) suspicion of passing classified in- 'ormafion concerning ship arrivals o two Chinese laundrymen, who ised the information to gain an advantage over, their competitors n the ship-to-shore laundry busi ness," it added. Japanese authorities in Yoko- iama indicted laundryman Ku t'uan-pin on charges of spying at :he huge U.S. Navy base .here. The other laundryman was not dentified. Police Examine T-Shirt, Sock As Clue In Slayings CHICAGO (INS)-A partially- burned .T-shirt and a red-white- and-blue .argyle patterned sock were being examined today as possible clues in the murders of three Chicago schoolboys. The i two Hems, found separately and about a mile apart on Chi cago's northwestern outskirts, were turned, over to the police crim< laboratory. Malcolm Peterson, father of one of. the.slain boys, said the socl was similar to some his son owned However, Peterson was not sur thai his boy, Robert, 14, was wear ing the diamond-patterned sock Oct. 16 when he and Ihe othe two victims, Joseph and Anto Schuessler, 13 arid 11 respectively disappeared. .' .Grain Advances Small CHICAGO m — Grains mostly opened with small advances on th Board of Trade today. Icelandic Novelist Wins Nobel Prise STOCKHOLM tfl— The 1955. Nobel ip'rize for literature was won today day life of. Ihe 150,000 persons i (AP Photpfn) by an Icelandic novelist, Haldor his home .island in', the Nort DETROIT lift- Veronica Lake, Kiljan Laxness. ' Atlantic, stage and screen actress, col- A leftist, he is active in the apscd in the lobby of a Detroit Communist-sponsored international French Recognize New hotel today and^was rushed to a peace movement, which.previously _', vi|1| Naln -| _,J- P awarded him a literary prize. He So"" 1 Viet Wain Leader tests. At first it was: feared she had has called the. North Atlantic suffered a heart attack, but a Treaty Organization "a society of cardiogram taken at • Receiving war lunatics." .'•.• Hospital did not confirm the orlg- Laxness, 53, has. been a .candi- ^£ nos r t ^ lblc ^ : Norman;. Golds.oi, described AcadcmyJhiryear overcame.the spect i toenagemen s ^France her condition ns "good" several dislike of his political leanings hours after her collapse, and the 35-year-old actress was taken to that at least some of its members 3,1-vear-oifl actress wua utivi.ii m HUU i^in »«• "... in.\..m T w«.'-» *•? -:— •- - - / . .Henry Ford Hospital for additional the presentation ot Nobel awards ital Diem since his election vie i".. non.. in. •- •• torv over ex-Emperor Bao D» - 10. .liaxness writes about the every SAIGON, South Viet Nam 'UK— Trance recognized Premier Ng t chief of slat today but note . The'United States, Britain, Aus ,., ..,„. „ - Tall". New-Zealand, Japan, Ta had felt. He will receive $36,720 at land and Italy have also rccog 'ar. State Department spokesmen aid they had new information lat Soviet bloc sources have made everal approaches to Israel about upplying arms to Israeli forces. Secretary of Stale Dulles, Brit- ih Foreign Secretary Harold Mac- lillan and French Foreign Minis- cr Antoine Pinay were expected protest to Soviet Foreign Minter V. M. Molotov about the rms being sent to Egypt since ley deem the Russian goyern- ,ent responsible. _ ' To Make Own Protest Israeli Premier Moshe Sharelt eaded here from Paris to make is own protest to Molotov and to re'ss for Western arms and pro- ection for Israel. lie conferred in 'aris yesterday with Dulles and lacmillan. These Iwo and Pinay were re- orted to have decided against ushing arms to Israel or formally uaranleeing its security at this ime. They evidently hoped to re- !ress the situation by other ;ieans. The Western ministers have ar- anged to confer regularlyamong riemselves in order to maintain ie'solid front they consider their •eatest single source of strength n dealing with the Russians. . Red Prisoner Talks Reopen GENEVA HI — Ambassadors of he United States and Communist Hhina resumed their 12-week-old secret talks in the Palace of Na- .ions today, - a floor below the Big Four foreign ministers' con- rence. U. S. Ambassador U. Alexis Johnson and Wang Ping-nan of Red China, each accompanied by an interpreter and two advisers, :alked for two hours and 45 minutes. Today's meeting, Ihe 23rd, was the longest of the series. : The talks are believed to have made no . progress since Wang tVahg-agreed on Sept. to that all American civilians detained -in China would be released "cxpedi- liously." But 19 still are held. Wang, apparently using these 19 as hostages to squeeze concessions from Ihe Uniled States, has tried to engage Johnson in negotiations on political issues, Johnson, it is understood, is still refusing to begin substantive discussion of such matters while the 19 Americans remain in jai. Establish Relations SEOUL (INS)—Acting Foreign Minister Cho Chung Wan announced today that the Republic of Korea and Free Vietnam have, agreed to establish diplomatic relations, .'',' Probe Tax Free Lilt ' ". WASHINGTON m- The- internal Revenue Service Is examining "at least the more controversial" caics among more than 32,000 organizations It lists as lax-free.

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