Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR IdLA DAILY CHAS. F. SCOTrt" Enterefl at the lola Postofilc* as • . Sf-cond Class Matter. .Telephnne ........... 18 (Prfva6> Bninuh. Exchange Connecting • I ; AH Departments). • - •• SUBSCRIPTION RATE* By Ciinrlir In F.ila, G«» City, I^aHArpe - J ; QiiU EassetU . ' ' Ono Wf 'k' ..16 Cents Our Month ; 70 Cents Oi.- V.^ir . .1 17:80 BY MAIL. - Outside Allen County >•.-.•: Vhtr : $5.00 p'^ M^--i .j ..$2.50 i ; Al • : ,......»1.60 ' In A'len County < ° ! 12.00 i*,. : 60c _ rj-it inai EiJltorlal Asioclatlon. ' Prft :.5 Association; r.'-i; Daily'l-eague. • -/ J ri E 'i ;rc-5U of Circulation. Ocniir»« of. tha V^orld. , ;. .jit Dii'y frtti Assoclatloni 1 SEJT* SEALS B14CK. Jennie S. ^wen In Juniction City Union: "This" paragraph ia for women only. And only for wom^n; who returned-ibe dollar's worth of Christmas qpnt them by the tuberculosis I assdclatlon without enclosing a cent. A young Butler county mother became ill with tuberculosis when her biby was four months old. She was compelled to let the <;hlld go to a relative In another state. Meanwhile she regularly attended the clinics madel possible by the sale of 'Christijias j seals, and with fine courage and determinaition to get well* follow-' ed J her physician'k instructions clcsely. Each lime she • went! to' the clinic she went with a prayer j on her lonely mother heart thatj thi |5 time perhaps the doctor would j , kt her have her baby back again. | '.An El Dorado woman who watch-, kwSER ^v;t.O !^tED PRESS. ; "'^ '""^^ j !i. M: • i li.. ^\.>,,fj..i«>»i saw her ono day come out of the' • l • . .. .X. : . •<• :\y • • • lilt. .1 i„ it t.r, : •;. ;• iv r.i;'(i, I lijlby cuuld come home to her! • i{ r'ji Pases- Ciy of lola. C,1 ;..-J..! •^.inti- City cJ Bassett. .J" .f..! P.'p?'' Allen County. clinic by.sior;c -:ii ^yilh After two and a halt happiness. 1 ye.nrs -h.>r! ^^^.agiiiii bectiusc the doctor' hacK pro-. it -'nounccd lier cured. And you moth-' Kort thinks an cx- •! ,1.;: i!''- tii.'ftoni ofjKUpremd . wvarin!-' Ku Klux j; iin s ify.-d \thi<:k. C .j K. Scott . ,iy.- ill' ih .' liiln Hojiistcr: (li („ •• • .M.UIJIC . of Iho wit 'i'l iluiic, \Vlll> 1': '. -i;: • '.! ffi -rsi'il set t!;il . siloiild have bcjcn j.J.Av. -v! I'.v .<;ubsequent i'liii: i.;; uhen ^ho rode his i ;> 11 i. 10 I!i<!. Capitol, hitch' ri j"t i;> a I'jick and wtnt in ami :!i ' .Kiijv of office like any .instil.' •,,( (ho peace, is dis- lii.^i' .to say .outraB<?d, .•incaiis... tlio justices of the '• .:"iilirt i.i.' ( oiiit of Kansas'have -i;-. I U) wear black feowns wiit;ii .t;-.;infr on the bench. The •.i .'-iicsoi the Supremo Court (11 , tiie I'nited States , wear I'.ick robes. Wo woncjer if -.•,!r. -M.irWo thinks they should be unfrockiMl and made to as- .1-1 nil tho 'lieiich in vari-colored "sack suits? LiiiiK. bi 'fore Thomas Jefferson i'<:'il<; up Ui ihcf' hitchrack at this 4uttional capital, and took the oath president like . - — , }''I '^i \vb<)^ have your babies to' iri'lJI .S ! f"'"'dle jand love iand care, for all | ill" the Fort Scott I''"' "'cy were lauglilng; I and cooli.K and learning to- walk land talk, beautiful years' which every true mother heart cherishes most—you sent . back your Christmas fioals. • Wo hope you have a merry Christmas. VVET -AHI6HLV. •-^ TOizEDeiFr- ife OILDEp suippea CASE— CMWIplPEREP WITH • CUSHION .'^MHAT NNW» HOME WIT«! OOTONB^ rf ISMTTHEVAUJE, \A/f\\CA IT IS 6NEM-- Sif ll> AOMT tMAAY, TO I^K&TH&SE -VWVSVCOWXM-rtOlDER- FROfA AUNT LUC/, WHO AL>MOf<i WA&«ANDyAT U5lN6 OPStR^> • TATMEI&PWOE-IHfc QUACT-ilZE M005lACHECU?,WrtlCH MOTHEBw ..i' I hi- of lice of president like ^lable men in the business. L juhlK'f. ofihe peace, -was it a pa­ pain iniTctice to assume artificial .d;,;;iiitv: iiy wearing siKJh robes. If ; ntiiiuity' in to hir dcppised why larry, down into our IX THK DAY'S NEW.S. Tho election of Andrew J. Maloney to the presidency of the Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Company addi^ another to the long list of. romances of American industry. Twefltj--five years ago .Mr. Maloney was a breaker boy. Today he. is the head of one of the largest coal producing companies m America. Born in 18S4, he started out at the age of 16 to make his way in the world. After try- 1 lola, December 20. 1927. Ing several lines of employment | Dear! Santa Clans: he finally obtained a position v.-ith ' ' ""'^ "Id. I try,to be .•^ . frooij so iilf'?_se briiii in'o a doll a coal company. M.s advancement. f ,„p„j. was rapid an<i .soon he came to be duiii' and u pair of slovo.«.' Pout rocognized as oiie of the most cap- forget the other little children. Onv of'^"" brills: nie ronie <aiidy and nuts. too. LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS Mr. Maloney's ta.>sks in his new .iw- 1 .I'.iuline Plemnia Hale, sition will be to seek hitherto un- mi Xort'li street, tcuched markets, a program fort — civilization which it is Itelieved the fact that lliimboldl. Dec. ly, 1027. 'Uu: Of Witches to create „„t,,,, production for the cur-. "'',^\'..'^'"V;',,^'j'"*'"i. . •in iirtificiiil atmosphere around' I . I '^^'-'^e hring me . Vniin r(W i''*'"?^ .'•"""'"'^ ""»^ bee V ,eo (;uu, a ball We oUs.rvo that the recent adop-"J>of 1''2'; is responsible Km of the wUch r,.«bes by ' the; Kiiii^us supreme court is about to ii . oyeii by the district judges in j "i \S -.,i.<l(iti- county, where,- to '"' andv a top. to mV house I Col. I..inr ]ber ;;li. has f<uind jjajKion. to say that ho is personally When you come ! Cbristnias ove J t. lUTRSHEU C.^UEY. occa- it^''l 11 jiuige. on.' must usually payini; ail the expense of -• ii:!i:i;irce concessions of Justice I flight to .Mexico, which he ailils MiC. iaw .tlu.l miiiit. to hiny the very!,,., „ot b>;en great. It Is charac- j , • oUvn.sive to any man of. ,. , ^. ^ , , ^ . ^,, , . ,,.,1,., ^ jtenstic of the Colonel to do this. L'l v.,;iiii:i; of bl.ick iiurplices Hut iivhy should he? He Is a re; |.-:.!nt JiKlt-'eti is a custom serve'offlcer of the Unilted States l.iii^'i.v .•.n>v!i ii-om the dark ages, i j,r„,v, liable to bo called into ac- i .: !i'.. • k'ry. of modernism' " . . Iltimholdl. Dec. 16. Ift27. his I'ear Santa Claus: I'lcaso bring me a bee bee siui and a ah tl and a checker board and a wagon. And I would like,a knife. Your friend, CLARES LATHR&.M. Age n. five service at any timej 'His err .'.'.iti (.ii'riMe to democracy. Ti.ii.; <,:io way to .look at it. I rand to Mexico la far mprq a Na!, w.iy is to retTard thejtlbnul than a personal one. Why : riii;; ill- robes by judges whoi shoiild not tho Natlqn pay his ox- lola, Kas., Dec. 15, 1927. Dear Santa Claus: Please Santa bring me a doll that laughs and cries nnd says mama, and ti doll buggy, a suitcase and Home doll clothes, also some candy ' ?- i'' ...111 of last resort, nbt penses? Anyway Mr. .Mellon may, and oranges and nuts. ttuii on the part of draw on us for one 120,000,000th ; v.iio niiike up tho'purt of it any day! We] are wiIl-,-')Be ^ a uibiite of respect j iug to pay our share. •• :;'il (or th Your friend. MAXI.VE BAIJI. sovereign in Ihu court., in tills free ; i .if the king,': . t.'u. a*! • > :i' .i!i(I int'-Tr ' • riitt'!!'-- one b. vy of pretty girls In Mexico iMC -rnted to Coj. I.indb-'rgh • •'!.;'r la--' a largo lovitig cup ; u- 111 • brim with champagne. Thanks very liiuch for the :cup; ii.l -l:all-l do with the cham- iiiir Humboldt, Dec. 16. 1927. IlienrjSrinfa Claus: Please bring me a sled, a pencil !• a pur ol 'ligil top boots, a i-i: ep 'ined coat, and a pair of <'y.,:n^K. Your little friend. A^e s WAT,TKR KALM. lola. Kiis.. Dec. 1.^.. 1S27. Dear Santa C:aiis: Please bring nie a doll .that laughs and cries and sa.ys ninnima, and a doll buggy, a little suitcase for my doll and a doll bed a^d pillow.s, and some candy and nuts, and some oranges. Your friend. Age S PAUM.VE. BAII{. Humboldt. Dec. l .i. 1927. Dear Santa Claus: Please send me ;t bee bee pun: .ind a little wason. a scooter ;ind also a climbing monkey. Your friend. Age 6 .NOItl.K J.ATI1K().M' llumbo'ilt, Dec. 1.-,. Tin;:. Dear Santa Clans: Please hring me a te;i kettle, .a •wash tuli, a wash boanl. a .play telephone and a riii:;. aiiil also a set of (li«hes and :i peniil box. AVJll .von ple.n 'se briiiK nie these thing-i rui CIiristni .Ts Ere"' Your friend. Age 0 .\ADi:.V.\ WKK.STr.KU. ITninholdl. Dec. 1.".. 1927. Dear Santa <*Iaiis: Please brins mo a 'na^'on and a Irain, and a story ^book. Yoitr friend. Age 6 HAROLD RIIARP.^ Humboldt. Dec. IT,, 192 Pear Santa Clans: DAYS TlLi.^ [iijlie call to amis has tome ugain, . As hoppers wildUy roam. |The anns we're aDing on now Must cany presents home. L and some candy and nuts and oranges. And my little brother Ivan wants a car, 'ball and some candy, nuts and oranges. \ Please remember eyerybodyi' Your friend, R. R. 2 LESTER NORMAN. Humboldt, Dec. 15. 1927. Dear Santa Claus: Ple,^se bring me an airplane, also a ball and a train and gun. , , , Your friend. Pleas., bring me a sled, and .i g EARL y ^ee Uee jiiin, ! iiTn 7 years oUl. . " , HOWARD CATION'. 1 Humboldt, Dec: Dear Santa Claus: Will roil please send EYERS. 15, 1927. me a box Lallarpe. Dec. 21,1927. "T^m ^^Mn. to tell you what 1 ^t^'t'onery anda little doll that vv .Tiit for Christmas. T want a i\c-x ,. ('r ;"5': n r-i'f of st 'ickinrrs, and a I... .lie: eil the Colonei? ,. i; v .p r!-r<-e brfnu me a few ?o !I and doll biigg>'., And some v^.iri.ij.n ti.c- cup passed presents when j-ou come Christmas i .idy nn 's and oranges. ..Iind my around among "those present" and • ' 'in • girl 9 years old. I 'l'tMo dsfr Parlepc wants a baby >rn to Chrrry Hro'e -ichno!. ,1- Hiimboidt. Dec. l."), 1927. v:,;i r:-r>-c Iirfnu me a few ^ a new Ag(? 9 dress. Your friend.' FIt^\CES MEYERIS. i;'iiilly came back empty. There ' am do'1 -mO. ball and n new dress. in the 'th grade. We want you Your friend. .Thou .loin in .: ;ll;- •.\';it ;u liiiy • Ij i. ;:i^.!> . 1 i" !iU7 .v.vvi ncar- a doli.iis greater than •. oir.'Hjiomlin jiands of baseball wishing success 1 his new ppsitloi as base- ch at Boston college. Duffy nnjor league slugger. nagc|: and scout, succeeds Jack who has resign ;d his job olleg.-> to bccom? manager suit and a new cap and a football j of the Boston Braves. TaikiiiK about th.e -story, prfntcd period l.Ioarst papers to the effect ;.;.i:t7.u;i* as against f™*" Senators had ' been paid huge sums of money to it was wheat flour "="ry on ^Mexican propaganda in 'u --.;i, uniad... up the bulk of this eic-'^''^ ;country, Senator Norris. one „c,,, r .elrlv two millioni dollars ^^e four named, asked Mr. .vonlistnt' from the St .ite to for-! ^^"y 1'" "idn't print along ein, ir..i.'k.ts. during the three'""h the story a statement that months iuriod. Exports of lard '« evidence that the Sen- w ,,va .;i.,seSecond.closetoamn- ««'=<^'^-^'<« 'he money.. The lio,: and a Half, followed in order =>"'*^^'^'- ^V°<"d «eem patent enough: ^bv hamls and shouiaers, $595,584: f "» statement had been print- biuon. .?;;.-.l,7;U oUo oil,- $331.392;V'"'' ^^""1'' l^'l" ga'.ilints •$in <>,179: sausage -cas- running the stotr- ' . ')u-^i;..*lJ9 .S06: ineiiiblo animal oils j ! ~ • ami cr .iuses 5Mn .S36: and canned • Some K. t. Altimnl who deman.^- •ri - t- jl«l iSS resignation of "Phog" Al' v.H'UM„nicr: eggs. corn, l*^" ""'^"y own Svli'.it; "aninni corn, textiles, field iiaisl.n sicds. soap, structural iron aujl stL< 1 .-iiul machinery, ve-^ lit!.:^ .aid parts of vehicles, were;*" football,' ought to l}e placated iaih.l.a aiiionp. the commodities 1"l^hog-s" Iw.sket. ball team because his Interest In his game made it imposs^ljle'for ,hlm as athletic director toido Justice i ',\i )Mi -!f,J Ininrthe .state during the liiice inimllis. A t'o(«] dial of an empire, Kan^^as if. 1 .V C '-rin.iii. chemist has invented :i Uiiid of ice whi^oli will stand a teiiiiicraiure of 2fi8 degrees before UKiti;]!;.'- enough^ to figure out where that man expects to go wi!-;n liii .dies. ' Vt'iuh Tuiir • po.ssible presidential cai:iriii.,tvs in Ohio and two prob- .able o:ieis in llUtiois what a lively got an awful drubbing In its big game with the Aggies the other evening. tiinef ,tl:o.<e two States would _ be havini: a !io ;i' row if this were IK...... This seeitis to be a hard winter for the Reds all puqd the world, in Poland 123 Communists . have been sento'nced to an aggregate of 1,000 years Im'prlsontjicnt, and in. Canton men and wpmcn suspected of being under the influence of the soviet have ' been shot down. Tie world revolution seems to be rev|)lvlng backward. Dr. Ro lert Laws, Livingstone's successor in tho Africaii mission rield. has returned to England aft- '•7 ."2 v"^' 1" ! r • • ' • ' • itoiiSENm£ Celery and appto salad with jmayonnaise dressing isi good at t]il» time of the year.j Sprinkle the apples with lemon Jiifce after paring, slicing or dicing them. The Jiiice will keep them from turning dark and adds to the flavor, bice the celery, mix with the apples and arrange on lettuce. A few chopped nut meats may 'be added. WESLEY iGHAPEL IE. A. Young.1 Dec. 1?.—Mr. ami .Mrs; Sam Piles called . on Mrs. ; Youiig and family one evening last week. Their Tittle daughter is getting along nicely. * Walter Young and fanrilj went visited the parental Y'oung.hM Sunday, Wo were .sorry to bear of |the death of Mr. Busley of LaHarpe.' N.dnc of us know who will be [the ne.xt. We extend our sympathy to the relatives and friends. Ruth Myers, and Luna Mad to LaHarpe Saturday to * spend ; ley visited at Harry Y'oung'a.,Fri- Christmas with Mrs. Yonn ^S parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. W. Baker. There was a big crowd ji> • loia Saturday.. • , 5 .Mr. and 'Mrs. ^om Kiihs^y had relatives .visiting t].iem Sutiday. • Mr. and Mrs. .Merlyn Yoflng of Moran.and Mr. and Mr.s. ;;Harry Y'onng arid Jesse,Y'oung of Mildred were Mrs. day night. Mr. and MrsV Arlo Hopkins lola visitors'; also Mr. and Charley Russell. Saturday. Ruth Brown spent Saturday night with Viola" Curley. Cur- The inutmeg is the seed of 4 tree of the laurel family. An jDsect pest often found In articles ^stored in the attic, such as books, magazines, and even clothing. Is the "sUvertish." These Insects are attracted 'by starch in the bindings and garments. Bait the silrerflsb with a paste made of aboat a teaspoon of powdered white arsenic to a half a cup of flour find some boiling water. Spread the paste on small pieces of cardboard and place it where the Insects have been found. Make sure the baits are placed where children will not touch them, and destroy after using. , Tuesday may bo better than' Monday for a wash-day. Thus there \» time on Monday to pick up the Snntiay newspapers, put the books away and.otherwise clear up the house as well as mend necessary rlpis and ^tears, remove unusual stains, and put to soak any clothes that may need It. A good start ai washing can bo made Tilesday without tho added strain of haste. A good uncooked pepper pickle may be made from the foUpwiiig. ingred4ents: 1 cup minced green pepper, 1 cup minced red pepper, 2-4 tablespoons sugar. to' 1-3 teaspoons salt, 1 tsmall onion, chopped, 1 cup vinpgarJ Dissolve the salt and sugar in the hot vinej- gar and pour over the vegetables. Let stand two or three hours before serving, in a stone jar and away from the light.' When through using an electric washing machine, always discon- neci; the electric cord .from »the source of power, wipe out the interior of the machine thoroughly, and allow it to air. fans will to Hugh r (Continued from Page One) . 70 per cent up to as high as 95 per cent of what is considered normal in prospect. As a rule, the farther east in the state the hglher the rat- ink becomes." Heavy abandonment in many western counties with likelihood of "'very poor prospect in ' the spring on such acreage as pulls through the winter In that section." Is predicted by the board. No unusual abandonment was predicted in other sections of the state and the board said "the rating at the beginning of winter jus-' tlfles a hope that Kansas will have at least average acreage forJ harvest next summer." Ford county was credited with the largest aqreage—392,000 acres, and a condition of 80 per cent; Reno second-with 380,000 acres and a condition of 91 per cent. Sumner county was third, with an acreage of 344,000 and' a condition of 87 per cent. Other counties in the list of ten with the largest acreage, and the j reported condition of the qrop in each, were: ' i Barton, 338.000 acres; 86 per! cent; Pawnee, 299,000 acres; 69 per cent; Rush, 276,000 acres; 71 per cent; Stafford, 275,000 acres; ; 185 per cent; Sedg;wlck, 274,000 acres; 87 per cent; Ness, 273,000 acres; 50 per cent;; Harper, 272,000 acres; 93 per cent. Acreage and,reported conditions In, some of the other counties were re ^rted as follow^: Allen county. 11,000 acres; 87 per cent Bourbon county 8,000 acres: 95 per cent; ' NeoBiho county, 34,000 acres; 95 per cent ' Nuts ^fiml Candy Is Brazil BSIxedtHuts Chocolates Soft Shclird Frwh Slock 1 Fancy B-Lb >A»«'td Box : 19c $1.19 I Pop Kindergarten Hard Mixed Dromrdary Oranje or Lemon •s Lb. Pkg. Snow Ball Brand Hottday Foods 8 o'CIocIt" Blend Mince Meat None Suck Bulk 4» 2 Cans Marvin Triangle Seeded ot Seediest Dates RaisiiM^ '. Dates iisistuifed V "-Z9c ] ILaipdl % -sue WE utaa pVe T'ay HicliosI (ash Prices for Eggs. at ESTABUSHED 1BS» »KJ= Being unable to lease our store building any lon.t^erlwe are forced to sell our entire stock quickly. i 1 EVERYTHING MUST GO—YOU QAIN WE LOSE Everything marked to sell quickly. This sale.Is fpr cash so take advantage of this opporttinity to save. SALMON—Extra Fancy Pink Talis, 2ifor ...... ^ PEACHES—In Heavy Syrup 30c value: J.. i :'. GALUMET—Large Galumet Baking Fbwder SOAP CHIPS—The Best, Per Box . ^ ij. TOBACCO—Torch Light, Fine Scrap pij George Washington Rough Cut, 3 Packages for ... SPICES—AH lOe Spices, Your Choice ...35c . i .29c .. :28c ...21c .22c ..8c EVERYTHING MARKED ACClORDINGLY. We also have some fixtures for sale. Ice Im.ves, moat fi.^lures, show cases, etc.. very cheap. 701 South Washington Phone 497

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