Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1927
Page 3
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Thi MisEouri Pacific has a large force at| work'ballastiBK and raising tlin track between Kentucky street and Rock creek^ The iim- Ijrovcment will probably inake the tr^ck secure against future floods. ^S-vlM) Reward! -Kor arrest and conviction- of :iiiynne caught slcaHng- from any ^ tufiiiher of Xo. 214, A. T. A., Car. ly.v, Jvuris. - i . —I'or his Cliristnias why not get Dad «np of our KlngBbury Hals? The Hub. Thi; reprt 'scnlativc of some out of toivn .priiitinK* shop WHS in Iqla ycHtor ^My makliiK a "special bar- Kaili" offer.,on k-tter heads and on- vfltipfK. iljcing abli! to quote the low (iricu: on >y because of the suv- iiiK that would be made in icase .sixteen orders should be obtained lioni -^lola. The Register would be ;.-lad to duplicate the "harfealn" with !balf of sixteen orders. -Milk and whipping cream de- •liv.cTCd any hour, lola Dairy. J'houe 2S1. -Mildred Curtis, il. D. General Aledieiue. Office over Cook's Drug i^tore. Phonb 554 day or nlgbf. ^ .Mr. ajid -M-^. A. Douglas Gordan Jaiid chlj(^ren left this mqrning in * 4heir ;car fo)- St Louis,- Moi, to spend Christmas and the holidays, in the family of Mrs. Gordon's sis-' ler. Mrs, liucy Simpson Janiie• son and grai^'lflaughter. Miss Viola Wait©. • of dhanute. accompanied th'in to s|>ebd ChrUtnias invthe • heme , of Mrs. .lamteson's brother ;ii il.. lilniily; I They all wiU retU|rn - iKiue -Xew Year's .da.v. : DJK. IHXO.V , ; J.icensfd Ftiot SpefiulM wTil b^ at the ; licoiiohiy Shoe Store friday Afternoon and Friday of each weelc hereafter. Tii-ats all kind.s of Kool troiibli'.s .Mr. an.l Slitf. Cio. ..V. Stille. of K;iiisa .>i City. IMo.. arc s|)onding the •• Christmas'holidavK wilh their Mon : iioil wife. .Mr. and .Mrs. (i. N. Stille. jr.. of lOlS .\orlh Sycamore street. —Dr. Montgonjery, Chiropractor, "lola Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. .• —"Van's Bread." good as ever. •\V. C. finfiflVl. manager of the and Yatc* Ccntor Bell Telephone of- loia ycsicrdny on Chaiiule. lolal _ Somhwp.'itern •rices, was in ^ business. biO'l-KJv TO aiNTUACyOKS. -C.rading and ,Gravclliiig N'orth Oak Street. lola. Kansas.' Sealejl ProposalsWill lie received l(y thcj^pty (j'lork of the City of l<>la. Kansas, until Noon 12 o'clock i Jantiary lijas, for grading and Furfacini; with, that portion j«ir Xortii Oak Istrect lying between il.incolii' and Carpenter Streets in i.tlie Cilx of lola, Kansas. ; tjuantitjcs are as follows: Kartii*^Excavation. 2S3 Cubic Yds. • Craves. !'.<> Cubic Yiards. I The total length ofthe improye- jiient i.s:62" feet. Depth of gravel, it Inched. ' All bids must be accompanied •«ith 5 iierceui of the total bid in liioiioy. Or a i certified check on some responsible-bank. I'lans and specifications may he •»i<i 'u at ihe office of the City Engineer, lola, Kansas^ B. L. McXIEL. i ISealJ • City Clerk. Last Minute Gift Suggestions Bibles Tr>^liinieMN New Fiction J'lipuiur rM|i.vrlKli(> i;irN and l*i»y <i BiM>k« VallAnd Children's Books l.inpn BooJiN < llicttanuries Lock lllarles I'eioiilieIN Notes (S. S. Les. sons) ;(<'apies rhri !>.tma<i Cards Kill Folds ;igarrtlp Cases Key I'sisps J'ursps i.Stntipnery ^lanh-ure Sel> , Shariii? .Ulrrors Perinmes Yanlfy Cases CooiiiiiPts I'erfifiue Atomizers Fo'nnitain ^ens fiol^JPens, and Pencils- Candjes . ' ' . C»tn(^e Holders riotii, and Hair BrDsheti MIHtarj- Brashes. . Jifc, itc. Etc. I. J'KH'EB TO SELL ; TlielfJvans Store Unless unusually bad- weathelr prevents, the crossover section; off the Arkansas CUy-Wliffield hign- way will be opened to traffic late this week or next week. No definite, date has -been set. however, for the removing of the barriers oa both ends of Ihesection. The worli of filliug the expansion Jolntb U underway now. but due to the fact that the Joints in the cross-ovff section are wider than in the other two sections, morej time will be required. i .Nea.rty all the gradliig work on the shoulders has bo<jn finJBbed, and the road will soon l^e turned over to the;county for traffic by the American Construction company. —WTiat gift could i»rlng moifo real tnstini; satisfaction than Stylplu? Suit? The Hub. .Mifis Darline Cota. daughter' of Mrs. Anna Cota. ZOo West Campbell street.' is receiving the congratulations of her friends upoji her receiving the award to tlie I Watkihs Hall Scholarship for Uie I second semester of the year 1987- j 2S at the University of Kansas. •Miss Cota received the scholarship through the splendid grades she made while a student at the'lola junior college. ,We know Bakery Products are good. But Hare You Tried Ours? VAN HOOZER'S. Mrs. Herschel Feehack is spending a few days at tlie parental J. E. 1 Clark home In the country. 1 J..W.; PARKER —Painter ami Decorator. Color schemes and estimates freely given. THE lOLA DAILY REGI^TER.;te;B8DAy EyEmHQ, DECEMBER g2.1927. Mr.-!! 6. JS. PenttaWlB went to Chauute yesterday to remain over Christmas with her mother and sister. Dr. Pendarvls and son. Gordon, will Join them In Cbtnute Saturday. —Send her a box of Johnston 's Cboco ^tes Christinas mornlnK. We deliver. Palace Drug Co. Martin Laude Mlli arrive home tonight from New Mexico to spend the holidays with bis family. —For a warm Christmas buy him a suit ot DuDfpld Underwear. The Hub. ' Mrs. A. E. Oarrlsoo, physical traiulng and expression teacher at the lola high school. Is ill at her home, "09 Bast 'Madison avenue. —Christmas Tree Lighting Outfits and extra bulbs. K. C. EUcctric and PlumWng Co. Miss Ruby Pennington, a student at the University of Kansas, Is spending the holidays with her parents', .Mr. and .Mrs. C. E. Pennington, of 701 ^st street. She went to Kansas City Friday where slic met her parents, who had been there all week v.ith their daughter, .Miss Gertrude Pennington, who played at the Orpbeum theatre l,ast week, returning home'I'ast uight. —.\ shipment of new Spring Hats Just arrived. See them at the City E.vchange in the building formerly occupied by Otten's Bakery. ! i •^liss Fannie Luwton. of Fredon- i<i. will come tomorrow to spend Chri.'tmas with her sister. Airs. O. \V. Holmes and Mr. Holmes. ; r — Ele<tric Heating Pads, guar- anle.'d for oue year, 5:1.49. Palace Drug Co. Death •! Frank ElUotl. jFrank Elliott, passed away this morning at 2 «'elock at the county farm, six miles north of lola. He has been Jit the llirm for - about four or five yMrs. Burial was laado this afteiTwon. • !—O. L.,Cox. M. :D. Specialist. Eye, Ear, Kote and 'ThroaL : Lee Hobart, saie^an for the Hamilton Brown shoes, of St, Louis, is eiqwcted b«re to spend Christmas with bis parenu, Mr. and .Mrs. Harmon Hobart. of. 3X< South Washington avenue. —For Real Estate Loans see the Scrnrlty SU«. t Loan .As&ocbUon, l«la. Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank. Mr*. Homer LaPorge, of Em- poiia, will arrive Saturday noon for a Christmas Tisit with her >par- enU. Mr. a^d Airs. Jas. N. Goss and family, of 604 South Sycamore street. —If you want to buy or biUld, city or suburban propert.v. The tola BoJlding & Loan Association will make you ^ loan, low interest rate, no coaunlssioo. ' See G. K Pees Secretary, at old: Register building southwest corner of square. Miss X'aaaandra RItter, of Lawrence, and Miss Neva RItUr, of Kantas City, .will come toinotrow to spead the holidays with their par- cnU, Mr. -and Mrs. C. S. RItter, of 031- East Broadway. -^We pay G% on Full Paid and InsUllment Stock. The best tnvest- ment, the beat method tp save. Secorlty RUc./A :Lofln Assoektlon, lola, K|Hifffls - Mrs. Oarson Glore and daughter, .Mary Isabel Glore. will go to Chanute -tpmorrow to spend a" few days, the guests 'of .Mrs. Harley Rakestraw. (LMtlMied ^>ii Page One) tinuaiiee of operations, whether there is still life aboard the boat or ^ot. In accordance with views eK- pressed oy Admiral Hvghes, com- mandcr-in-cbief of the United States fleet on Sunday, Admhral Andrews hotlfied Rear Admiral Prank fi. Brumby, In command of the salvage fleet at Provint^towh, that ti>e work was '[to he expedited.',' • Thejie instructions are still In | and the district commander believes will be adhered to unless extremely unfavorable weather conditions lead to a decision ou the part of the navy department that the work should be ' discour tinned. ' effect Sr4 Disaster Termed Criminal fflM) VALLEY (C.-tJ ArtioJa) I Deo. 21.—Sunday Scfiool at Salem, Diicemher 25, at 10 a. m..fol­ lowed with a treat to the scholars. At the evening'hour a Christmas program will be given. iBy reason of this entertainment, Re!v. X. U .Vpzie wlli .preaeh at-l^lberty in' the forenoon, so he can he at Salem in the evening. Prayei^ 'meeting Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. "Brown came in off the farm near Moran .on Friday of last week and visited Mrs. Brown's parents; Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Drake. Union school and the community are giving a program and having) a Christmas tree Friday evening. December 23. at the school house. Program begins at 8 p. m. Everybody Is invited and anyone who baa no place else to spend the evening is welcome to coinc.: Bring your children to see. our beautiful Christmas tree and Old Santa.— Ruby Schuster. Mrs. Schuster's announcement, though brief and somewhat reserved In expression. [ as everybody knows who is familiar with her efforts along this line, means that the public will be highly enter- taihiid. In this program some of the very best neighborhood talent will be enlisted, so no one can Little Gerald <i 'ordon. sou of Mr.', and -Mrs. Clyde (k)rdon." of 1202! Xorth Buckeye slreef. is reported'! 111. . ! —Christmas Can's. Seals. Stick- j crs. Tissue and Christmas Wrapping Paper. Palace Dhig Co. .toffeyvlllo Journal: Mr. and .Mrs.^ J. T.Hrothens and children; won't to Humboldt thiyi morning to , spend Christinas with .Mrs. Broth-| er.s's parents. .Mr. and Mrs. .1. S. ] Br.Jlhfrs. .Mr. Hrothers is a telegraph operator for . the .Missouri Pacific here. ' .Mr. and .Mrs. H;^ry Slfers and children, will come Saturday night, and Mr. and Mrs. Karl SIfers and famil .i-, of Kansas City will arrive Sunday night to spend a few days in the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.-M. Sifers, of 16 ."^orth Buckeye street. (Seorge P. Holllngbery. Of Chicago, will Join his wife here Saturday evenin? for a visit In the Sifers |ner Springs home. I ' — ... — ! The Big Sisters who are looking To yo:i who have helped in our!a"er the patking of the ChrUt- —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath. New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Marjorle .Moore, who has been visiting In the home: of her unclJ and aunt.'Mr. and Mrs. M. Moore, of 621 South Third street, returned this afternoon to her home in Bon- F. L. B. LKAVKLL, M. D. Special attention glvien Diseases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Physiotherapy Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 705 C. A. A«dcrsnn Is reported qililo ill at his home, 1425 Xprth Cottonwood street. ; i—.Ml popular briinds of Cigars ill Christmas wrappers. Palace Drug Co. :Mr. and'Mrs. James Elam and son. Sam Crocker., have gone to Wichita to spend the holidays with relatiyes. —Too'husy to write ads. See us for Christmas Bargains. City Exchange, in building formerly occupied by Otten's Bakery. business surcess in the pest five years: To you dear friends and customers who have given us that priceless thing, your support and GOOD WILL. To }-ou we say. ".May vour Christmas time he may we express a wislj tinuatlon of these pleasant rela tlons. and that each coming season will link IIS closer togethef In hon- ovt indeavor for the good of mankind, and make us belter able to .«ervc fvcu. is the wlxh of Daisy EdVarUs of Edwards Milllncr.v. .Mis.s Pauline Settles, a student at junior high, went' to 'Amlot. Kans.. today to spend the Christmas holi- da.vs with home folks, j, —Super B Power 45 yJdt dry coll B Batteries. y2.75. 6. Malcoiii, 219 South street. ^Irs. .Madge Lo*'oca and daughter. Phyllis, of. Kansas Citv will arrive Saturday evening; to spend Christmas wltlv their parents and grandparents, Mr. and iMrs. T. A. Joyce, of 210 South Oak Street. mas baskets for the Big Brothers, report that the Slfer .S' Candy company has volunteered to supply all the candy needed without charge, lind that the .Newton .Milling Co.. Boston. Dec. 22.' (AP)—The S-4 disaster was termed "criminal" in a statement by Prof. Reginald A Fessl'nden, published today. .The professor, invented, the oscillator with wbicl^' communication between the S-8 and the sunken S-4 have any fear of a dull time, but has been col-rled on. . rather are sure of a brilliant dis- 'It was more than avoidable, it; play. ; j was criminal," he dH'lared in ref- j Christine Elder who has been, erence to the S-4 sinking. absent from jBchool for three weeks He said that his oscillator had j is again in regular attendance. I)een u.scd for the prevention ofj Scholars and teacher sincerely similar accidents during the world'thank Mr. Trowbridge for liis lib- war and cited reports of the navy'eral contribution ot flowers at th^ to show that on two occasions de-irecent pie supper aiid entertain- stroyers running at 17 and 3C ment. knots had heard the submarine ris- j Mr. J. C. Brewer of Colorado iiig signals la time to avert a came in a day or two ago to spend crash. ' i a while with his brother, W. W. Had the Poulding been equipped Brewei-. % inile south of the river wUh an oscillator it probably woiild bridge! , j 'nave been able to avoid the crash j Mr. and Mrs; Poster and Mr. and ; pven If no one was |operating the Mrs. W, Holly of Butler. .Mo., are i microphone, he said' Xo special at present at the home of 'Mrs. operator would have been neces- Foster's parents, Mr. and Mrs. \V. saiy in his opinion, since five inilee G. Hillbrant.. The first mentioned is ti conservative distance for hear- couple will remain over C.hrlst- ing loud signals throughout the'mas. but Mr. and .Mrs. Holly will Ship without the of the micro- go to Oklahoma to spend Christ- no hope oL- recovery. ShtJ went to the doctor's office less tKan two weeks ago aad he at once Q>ought her condition grave, with Bright's disease. , Mr.'and Mrs. ,W. G. i Hillbrant were at the home of their s^n; Mr. Lloyd I Hillbrant, In Humbojit last Monday, and .on 'Tuesday tl^y and their ^lissouri visitors wereiat the home of Mr. and Mrs. iw. T. Wilson In Liberty neighborhood^ MQNTEVALE • (XoiPn«? I8aac.> Frank Isaac and j sons. Gerald and Elw4n, visited at the parental Isaac home Sunday. ' {i Dorothy Stinnett and several other neighbor girls visited Paulins Dozief Sunday afternoon. B..T. Wilson and Charley Isaac helped -Mr. Dean's butcher a large hog Thursday. i ' Mrs. Flora Templemau and children visited her mother. .Mrs- John Rogers, Wednesday. Mrs. Iskiac called in the afternoon. .Mr.E. T. Wilson and C. li. Isaac went to lola on businec:i.4 Tuesday: Dennis Isaac called a' Cb^f'fo IF lac's Monday. He and his father were In Moran trading in lue afternoon. , . Mrs. Stijinett and Dorothy called at Charlie Isaac's Wednesday .evening. Harley Dean, who had the misfortune to hurt hisi foot, lis getting so he can -Walk with a Cane, i Mr. Wilson,visited Cbarleji^ Isaac Wednesday afternoon as it wa^ a bad day to work in the'field, j -Mr. ah* Mrs. Rogers were shopping in lola Friday. ' 1^ —Dr. J. T. Reld, Surgery i .<-ray. Phone 357. -Dr. Lucy.E. Poison, Chiropractor.- Northrop Bldg. Phone 32tJ . phone. O^en Criticism Given by Congressman Cotuit. Mass!, Dec. 22. (API Open criticism of the "inactivity of the navy" at the si-ene of the S-4 disaster, and refusal of officials ii) charge ot rescue and aal- va?p attempts to give "the truth mas. I On Friday of last Veek. .Mrs. R. V. Bale wa.s called to Heston, Kas..' '• by the illness of her sister. .Airs.! jMary, (Purdom) Nebergail. Latest! jword from Heston is that Mrs. Nebergail is growing rwoaker with CANDIES f WIUTMAX'S I •XAKTIIA WASH1.\GT<^ 7Uc the pound f all slsse boxes ; . l-TGEtTS • 2»i Ihs. Asorted «8c 1 I Ih. Choeolate foTeredi CherrieM 4Bc r .\RTSTYLE . ? . $1.00 lb. and $L£> li>. I SAILOR'S : *l.3t> per iMtund ^ BI'NTrs H.VRB CAXBlis COOK'S ! Otil) BWHEf and ; When your back is sore and lame . or lumbago, sciatica or rheumaiisni has you stiSeRe<^ ixp^ don't suffer! Get a 35 cent bottle; of oU, ' honat S t, Jacobs Oil at any drug store, pour a little in j-onr hand and rub it right oni your achtn; back,! and .the soreness and lameness is gone. • la use; for 65 years, this^ soothing, penetrating oil takes the pain right out, and ends the misery. It is absolutely harmless aad decM't bum the haODV and ' «'"' furnish a five i/ound sack of! to the newspaper men" Jvvas found: for a con 'flour foj- one-haif the ba.skets tojin Provincetown "on every hand" sant rela-1 be .-ent out. and will furnish the j l»y Congreswunn Charles L. Glfford flour for the rest of the baskets at half price. Any other donations which may hs .suggested by these will be gladly received. I>. B. D. Smellzer who has had a scverel Illness for the last twelve weeks or more, a month of which was spent In St. John's hospital. Is on the stroet» again and paid a call at'the Register office today. "Tell your people If they want me to stay here! to Just, give me some more of this fine weather and 1 will not go hack to California for a while." His friends are glad to see him so greatly improved in health. iHe states that his daughter., Mrs.,Lucy Nigh of Chicago, has been quite 111 for several weeks, but is convalescing. Mrs. .Vlgh brdugltt father here when be was stricken ill in Kansas City. ' of Cotuit. .Mr. Gifford said today. "Why doii't they do something?" is thf (TV ^hoard everywhere in Piovincetown. .Mr. Gifford a.ald. "1 weiit to Proviucetown because of the terrific criticism that camb to me.; I knew the people there would tell mo Just how they felt. White l dislike to say too much,, I tound their criticism obviously Jus- j titled. Road Conditions. , Salina. Dodge City. Pittsburg, clear, roads good: Wichita. Manhattan, partly cloudy, roads good; Topeka, Aikansas Cit>^, Emporia, Cofrey\-iHe, Hutchinson, cloudy, roads good. —Telephone yonr laMBlfied Adi to IS. Corrukutu CHwsTMAs ORYCOOOS-WOfilEN'S WEAR-MIILINER'^ OPEN . EVENINGS UNTIL . lOLA- « » -KaUSAS OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS lOLA'S POPULAR STORE GIFTS That Delight Smokers If he .smokes yoii are safe in choo.sing hhs Christma.s Gift at Scarborough's. PIPES —a large .selection lo f^t every,taste and eVery pursel Tobacco Pouches Cigars Ash Trays Christmas Humidors of his favorite tobacco. Ask us—-we know a . blend he will like. Bros. Phone 181 • We Deliver X|a^ (Dinute Siopper GIFt SALE GIFT SALE Several table.s are arranged with these gift' items. diHplayed so that youf- choosing will be easy. j SEE THESE TABLES FOR EXCEPTIONAL VALUES IN GIFTS. JUST A FEW OF THE MANY ITEMS TO BE FOUND ON THESE GIFT TABLES Candle Holders Perfume Vases • Stationery Corsages Vanities Book Ends Tapestries ; Powder Jars \ Towels Compacts Hose Wool Gloves Boudoir Caps Bandeaux Handkerchiefs Serving Trays Ash Trays Perfume Bottles Mfen's Ties Baby Caps Baby Mittens Bootees Fancy Aprons Silk Vests Jewel Boxes Fancy Baskets Mirrors Quill Pens i Pie Crimpers ON ENTIRE STOCK OF TOYS SENEKER'S SENEKER'S I where Bavinis are griate»i** ,^OUTH SIDE SQUARE . J lOLA, KANSAS In These Hahdsome F^r^nTiiniined Coat8--rAnd Economies IWortl^^ Prices ^Friendly JSQK Three jgreat saving price*—anel & to Your Budget '^^^ oficoats representing the aoa^ jon *,8 be4t —that's-why -womfcn for many m|les around are hunying to see tbe84 coats and to avail th^n- selves of inimense aaVmgsl ^ * Thlte Saviogs Are the Bfggest of the Year If you havfc waited to buy your winter coat- come in |now — Iast-tnin> ute styles are- priced .so advantageously that everyone can afford a new coat. Timely Seilmg of CoAUi^ Wear Bight Now You will find tl'.« very .same coats that are 1>etng worn the country jver-r- and sty 'iC5 »o up-to-the- niinute that they will be smart for next season! Buy Here tile Coat That ^ You Will Be f roud to Own Materials of quality, workmanship that is excellent, fin^ furs—all contribute to your'satisfaction in each of these coats. You will be delighted-with the savings and entirely pleased with the coat from ev^ry respect. We suggest that . you come in without delay. . Womeh-l-Muset—Juniors—^And Slen<|erizing Sizes to 52

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