The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 12, 1933 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, January 12, 1933
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-«. , 1' v , i- ,ir^v ?:':-- :v-; -vvf ,-;/^-.^ ,':T'- f ^ vUTV^v<: ; v -* '-, ,\ , .*iv r---;. -\ /-, "• ' ; . v 'f 'i, t," * !• • •, _ ^ i rl f >*|v r-' f • • t-- i - -- i • , - I ft: -' - r* i - . ' 'f • I • ' t r T 4 'I "I \ « -^ C 1 - » ' *' VI i: 'V JOAQUIN VALLKY - 1 L ' PULL AND iXOLUIIVe UNlWO FRtM IMPORT BAKERSF ,; 1933 V W^g ** rt • * " £ >^->-l .r , -tV*s W'V^.i l .- *T ^ -J J™ r •• l : .':.Vrtfc*:-£ ** v. -i TWO SECTIONS r" i-'« b-l ' b • * i "J V. f •*.-•• J . j I ',$ •-i f r- b I I h- \ t . i J • f •V « '• t^ --1 J " **;* tf •I ' I •• ' T • t *'. \ \ JT t i r! t ' 41 'I' r -. j-.-rt- • h 4 > ! v; Affl - *; - i i- ' I x r .± i t 1 -•53* U 1 • \; J .- P L \ '- \ (tj V •. »' - i 1 j V iV-V * < .. -* •. * -\ - I I ' v. • 1 i i • •L', -" Sen. Couzens Interested > Law to Punish , Peculators WITNESS REVEALS JNTRIGUE SECRETS COMMENT BY WILL ROGERS North Carolina Member of Committee Thinks 4 M Match King Alive By LYLE C. WILSON (United Press Leased )Vire) ASHINGTON, Jan. 12.—Assets of the crumbling Ivar Kreuger enterprises were depleted today before, the Senate stock market Investigating committee as having been "progreBslvely Bypttonefl" into Sweden "while liabilities were dump* ed into America." These intimations .came as the committee turned abruptly toward the question of jailing ' bankers and accountant? who permit,tho public, which lost millions betting on Kreugcr, to riflk their savings on foreign bonds which turn out to have uncertain value. V Ur0*» BrltUh Statute Dr. Max Wlnkler, New York eco'n- omlst, told John Marrlnan, committee investigator, that If the United States had*a regulatory law comparable to the British Companies act, those responsible for circulating certain Kreuger & Toll Investment Information thVough Lee Hlgglnson .& Company "could be punished." Senator Couzens charged that one of the circulars put Into the record today was "shrewdly and dishonestly drawn*" x . Marrlnan s asked If the rumored "progressive, syphoning" had taken place and Wlnkler said: "The Kreuger & Toll securities, or 'insecurities,' were sold on the American market, whereas collateral to be pledged for those securities was deposited In Sweden. That Is, we hold the note and the concrete assets are In Sweden." *'That answers my question," Marrl- nan said. - * Substitution Clause Wlnkler, who Is a member of the Stock' Exchange firm of Bernard, Wlnkler & Co.. and president of the Joint Protective Committee of Kreuger &.Toll debenture holders, said Kreuger & Tqll put up generally sound bonds valued at $60,000,000 as collateral for the $50,000,000 debenture fesue, of which half was disposed In this country. He nald, as Issued, he would give the Kreuger & Toll issue a comparatively high rating. 3ut Wlnkler •aid tne substitution clause was so drawn as to permit substitution of bonds Issued by even a Chinese city or province, provided only that the population .was not less than 350,000. "Would It* have been possible, to substitute' securities of no Intrinsic value?" John Marrlnan, committee Investigator, asked, v s Wlnkler replied, "not entirely," explaining that the dividend rate of the collateral would have to be maintained. Wlnkler said the substituted collateral was comparable to some Inferior collateral already posted, explaining that early In 1930 French BKVKRLY HILL8 t Jan. 12. (To th« Editor of Th» •«k«r«fl«ld Gait, fornlani) 'Wall, lat'a ate what w« can raad In our dally papar and than aflltata folka* with. "D*mo- eratt In claih In Sahata; Cart or Qlaaa and Huay Long fight over bankt." Qat your Senata gallary aaata now for tha ntxt four yaara, for there fa going to be fun and amuttment for- ovary body. ''Bring tha klddlaa." Arguing ovorbanka, I didn't know thara wat any left. "Debt laaua flares up again In Paris." It flarad v but It didn't "flare up" enough to do ui any financial good.. Evan at a French atataaman'a salary, it will cost France more than $20,000,000 a yaar Just to argue ovar It. "Japan takaa another hunk of China." -That'e a dally headline we don't pay any attention to any more. Japan'a alibi* are the moat Interesting and unique thing about that'war. You re, WILL ROGERS. NEEDS 80 PCT. MORE COfTON ' . V* - - - : :,V -' - ••••• ..."', - : • i Li [•-I* Will Enact^ Drastic Law , ; ,; * V* . . - • i t r • . . -- • . Liberalizing Statute on Bankruptcy • * r r i I ^^^^^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^^^^^^_ ^ SPEAKER GARNER'S FULL AID PLEDGED WASMINOTON; Jan, 12.—John .Barton Payna, ohalrmaK of the American National Red Cross, told a. Sanatf committee today that cotton ^voted by Conoraaa laet sea- elon to provide clothing for the neady, Is meeting only about 80 par cant,of the demand. ' • Teetlfylng at hearings on tha La Follette Costlgan §600,000,000 relief bill, Payna aald tha requeete for olothtng are continuing *nd that more -cotton la needed. He did .not commit hlmaelf on tha La fTollatta-Coattgan'Dill, r Freeldent William Green' en tha - ' • * ^^ » _ * * ' _ Rolph, Vandegrift Tw ice Rebu ked by t V, . i .. < fn Sta te aw makers PIHENS NEAR 1 . / •< - : * • r Helpmate Declares »» * Mate I Arperloan , Federation Labor urged Immediate enactment ef meaeure, eaylngt ' /. ''Half our population U living below the levtl needed to main* tain health and efficiency."- • \ t < I ' OF $90,000 OBJECT, CLAIMED . , • j- • f ' t * « CHAS. w: MO Sensational Financier ^ , .1 Had Millions; Once Was Federal Prisoner i V BATH, Mnl Prtst Jiin. nate, whoso sensational career ^ ^ * ^ _ pneumonia, but-was believed -on the wuy to recovery. • * Two of his three sons, Benjamin W. Murse of* New York City, and Harry • j Both Parties United * - * Support of Measure * * ^ t by La Guardia By WILLIAM F. KERBY (United Press Leaned Wire) WfApHINGTON, Jan.!"12.—Imme- V dlate congressional action; on drastic proposals - to liberalize -thf -. .bankruptcy laws and lighten " Once I naUbn#:buiMi%; of ised today by Spea Garner. The self to tt the La Guardia-Mckeo bring it before the House next week. The 'exact date of consideration will depend upon t^me consumed , by the Judiciary committee In approv- • aw ' ing a fJnai draft. ' v : , Garner, by his, action, aligned hlm- '• | self with other Influential .political and 1*1 ./legislation with unusual nonpartlsan wlthl accord. ,".-•-,> . > —* r f * Husband Sought Underworld Slayer's Aid Wire) Y OS ANGELES, Jan. 12.—Police •y HOMER L. ROBERTS " (United Press Leased Wire) CACRAMENTO, Jan. 12.—The state M* Senate today heard two rebukes administered to Governor Rolph and hififinance director, Holland A.. Vande- rtlft, for their criticism of the Legislature's failure to act on Important problems before It. Senator J. M. Inman of Sacramento, chairman of the Senate Investigation committee, voiced the first attack, aimed particularly at Vandegrlft's assertion that the probe was "a lot of hot air." "It will be the policy of this committee and Its chairman to Ignore any personal attacks upon its .members," Jriman said. /'The committee has a definite program,which It proposes to follow to completion. Tt floes not propose to Indulge In personalities nor to embarrass Individuals with personal gossip or Innuendoes. "Nor does the committee propose to permit Its work to interfere In any degree with work of the Senate. A •*-* charges that he hired a pseudo* I complete understanding had been bad gunman in "a plot to kill hia wife | with the Senate upon that matter." Breed Alto Report* .Senator, Arthur H. Breed" of Oak- State Assembly Votes 54-21 for Dry-Act Repeal (Associated Prim Lcated Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 12.—Th« Assembly «ngig«d In IU moat spirited debate of the pr««tnt session today before approving by a vote of 54 to 21 a resolution Oiemprlnltilng Congress to repeal the Eighteenth amendment. The debate, growing heated at times, branched out into euoh subject* ae states rights, th« Republican platform plank on liquor control and InUratate control of liquor traffic. JAPANESE BUYING -T • ~ J Streets Guarded by 52 Deputies; Residents Heavily Armed . * —•*—™**^»*^^ • ' b L I FRUIT WORKERS IN MOOD FOR STRIFE Discontented Men May Go Into Court, Rescue Their Comrades an- 12; P.)—Th« ,Hou§« •• tonight . approved thf.V Dtrrtpcratlc emergency farm relief bill, embody* Ing the domeptlc allotment plan, and sent It to: the Senate. vigorously denied today - by Gerald (Jerry) Craig, 39, former " I H f 4 * P^^ ' T f s * " • ^^^L i j j " 1"' *~^~ — ^ ^ ^ T ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ™— T "^ ^ "^ ~^^ ^ ™— ^"^ ^ —""" "^" ^^ "^^ ~^ F ^™ • ™™ *^ "^"^ ^^^ ^^^*b fOQtball/fllar and World War heros I land declared the Senate "Is progresa- "" •" jrft«d the fprmer Uniyer-1 ing v an faat aa we can," sdtifliem^;cf iron captain atle"r a resenting himself as a down-at-the hee) gungtftitr, .• reputedly arranged conduct tl)e assassination for $300. i< , ' Republicans today were virtually a unit' In support of the measure, spurred • on by a- special congressional message from President l Hoover urg- ZJ^^xJsrte^K?** 'nrsy ;£^zttspys*z been at their father's,bedside, but re* turned to, their homes last night In the belief he had passed the crisis. . r WJf« B»M«VM Charge Craig was confronted by hl8'40-year- "T&e* yery./naturte of a bifurcated .„ „ . r» -^ >iir«it* which r have always opposed, I r ranee Being Paid Millions to slow up work of the session. • do not have the governor's budget us yet, which means that all appropriation bills must bo held up." by Nippon; Other Also Benefiting "I. do not think that criticism of old .tfcliqiy prominent wife, Ethel. He l the Soimte ' from aource8 nl * h ftnd Iow - i and A. •««-« * . A v. : ¥ or » of a daughtr, Mrs. Anna Gelger, wife of pr. John .inking at a rapid rate, the fixed bur- •urd«n Unchanged Th« economic picture which ha«. _ . _. . . , forced such nonpartlsan action centers | Oeneral • MacArthUr Declares around the acknowledged fact 'that while prices and earnings have been embraced her warmly. : "Do; you beH^Ve all thla stuff about me?".he aqked. • "Yes, I do," she replied. She choked .witfe sobs and retfred, leavln'g her hUH: band- to face questioners. He was attempted murder, plan- char»ed, In nn attempt to gain coritrol of a joint estate, valued at f90,000. V u - " Affection* Straylnf, Claim* Stunhe^ by details bf the reputed has been justified." Despite appeals from the , Sacramento church federation and the local women's council, the Upper Houso refused to reconsider tholr voto abolishing the Senate public morals committee. The vote, to table a recon- Stockton, 22 to 18. Mor« Tim* Souflht Seeking more time to study the pro- Oelger . of San Francisco, also aur- vTVe. Indlcttd, Acquitted . Morse last appeared in the public eye seven , years ago when he, his three sons and eight others were in- ourre d durln J^ I rt +A*l *^«^*« nf+ •«••%! **n nmr 4 **. VI A«?**A •• J P •> W +1 I ' + ' -• * . - . ***. *m__.i ~- ——™ .boom times. In dieted for conspiracy to defraud the* O p|nion of many congressional leaders, United States and the Emergency | u !s an impossible situation. Some have advocated "inflation" to bring prices up. Others Jiave cham- den of'debt has-remained stationary. Individuals and corporations, with earning power curtained as much as 50 per cent, have been forced to pay debts and interest on obligations In-1 Douglas MacArthur, chief of staff. • m A K * A • _. - K I _ _ ' . . , f tirw^..iK -wr' i "•'•" death plot, Mrs. CraJg said she had Poaai. the Upper House continued un- \VOCIUIiy >WeaR m |no Ihtlmatldri-or anything so serious. I til later this afternoon final consld- Land Strength. no intimation.of anything so serious. She said she suspected her Husband's affections were straying' several weeks ago when she believed he was "Interested In another woman." The Incident passed off and she thought no more of It, she said. -Mrs. Craig th«[ran|cs the Unltted" States seventeenth I at police headquarters, being advised (Associated Press Leased Wire) WAPHINQTON, J(in. Fleet Corporation. pplnff combine similar to those which won him fame and fortune 26 years, before. The case dragged through the courts for many months, finally ending In the acquittal of Morse and his associates. The shipping board cose was Morse's second entanglement with the law. Following a aeries pf financial disasters in, 1907 which cost him his (Continued on Page Seventeen) P a »» "** th ' 9 In military 'strength of land forces among- th« nations *pf the .wprld. . . Warning a.;' House appropriations subcommittee that "we are living; In i. . . ••* til later this afternoon final consideration of the urgency bill to authorize payment of $102,639 as Indemnity to southern California stockmen for nnimnlK duutroyed during a minor epl- ciemlii of th« foot and mouth disease. Repeal of the state contractors' license act was asked In a bill Intro- of the charges, when her husband was duced by Senator K. R. Ingels, Potter taken Into custdQy. Sought Profeailonal Kllltr Detective. Lieutenant Tom, Bryan debts and Interest payments downward. The debt relief may tend to Check the Inflation movement although some Inflationists contend. both are needed. . . ' Ngnpartlaan'Support "With unusual . unanimity and nonpartisan accord, leaders of all cre«<Jn and schools of thought rallied , bf hind the L.a Guardla-McKeown bill. This legislation would enable indi- to ' bring troubleaome timed," -the army leader engineered: the trap after police .re- sald "practically all other nations are Increasing their strengths." while.the United State* has reduced Its forces. ' Conditions Unsettled "World conditions are unsettled and provocative," Mac Arthur Hald : In testifying before the committee which drafted the war department supply bill for the next fiscal year. "Many nations are passing through economic crisis. The tense situation In the far vlduals and corporation* -to obtain a east which for some weeks^ during the ' i - ' _> m. " !*.'_- __ _ _ ^— ATTORNEY IN PLEA TO JURORS postponement .and, in some cases, a scaling down pf debts. \ , Technically, tho meajsure is a liberalization of the federal .bankruptcy procedure. Revolutionary . Actually, it contemplates revolution- past winter flamed Into open hostilities, emphasized again the untruat- worthiness of treaties as complete safeguards to International- peace. . "The Geneva conference for nearly I eastern section of the ancient Chinese a year has been studying formulae for province of Jehol today to forestall effecting universal reduction* In land I what was described as "anticipated (Continued on Page Four) JAPANESE mm IN JEHOI PROVINCE (Aftftocinttd 7»re*« Lea ted Wire) 9 CpINCHOW, Manchuria, Jan. 12.-* Japanese. military forces of unstated size ' commenced -movements in tho ary revision to bring relief from top- armaments. The results .to date have Chinese Irregulars' forays." >_ ._ _. !•__ * • * * mam+m**-. I ^ m Press Leased Wire) MADERA, Jan. 12.*« A Jbltter arraignment of the manneir in which county officials brought about the investigation which led, to the arrest .of Mrs; Margaret 'Browning, on charges of performing an Illegal -operation was made by W. M. Conl«y, defense heavy' burdens of debts which were contracted when.prices were high and rislltus cheap, and which many cannot pay now that dollars are dear. It was hailed In congressional circles as, a (Continued on Page Two) been, practically negligible." Mac Arthur said tho United States "has accomplished a degree of reduction in ItB land'-forces that stands a unique'example among world power*," niul added: ' "These reductions leave the United Japanese l movements in the state which their leaders predict will ho ultimately apnexd t to.Manchukuo, were reported In the region of Kollu, In the north, and headed In the direction of Tungllao. Information reaching Japanese army bonds were withdrawn and Jugoslav | attorney, here today in his argument to the jury In the ChowchtUn club woman's trial. "Stool pigeons," the attorney snapped In referring to certain prosecution witnesses. He hlnttd ."stool pigeons" had been employed "to en- bonds substituted. "At that time." he said, "French bonds were considered to be secure and Jugoslav bonds • distinctly Inferior;" Would Jail Peculators States ,npw ,the seventeenth ranking headquarters here said.'several thou- natlon In military strength in the world. Aa practically all other nations ar* increasing their strengths, .It Is sand loosely organized Chinese "volunteers" were recently concentrating In the Kftilu district In Jehol, prepar- OF TWO L A. J "Wouldn't It be a good thing to put [trap Innocent people Into the commission of a crime." Into jail International bankers nnd accountants who permit these.things to go on nnd mislead the public?" Sen- fContinued on Page Two) Conley asserted- the testimony of Miss Emily Caton, complaining wlt- (Vn+tfd Press Leased Wire) 3ACRAMENTO, Jan. 12.—Impeachment of two municipal judges of Long Beach was requested In a.petition to quite possible tho,t In the.near future | [ng to raid and destroy the TungHao- the,United States will drop even fur*- ther in the relative Hat." Hu»*Ia, France Strongest Questioned, by .Representative . Collins of Mississippi, chairman of the subcommittee, the general ranked Russia at' the top of the list In organ- Heishan, Tungllan-tiinoyuan »nd oyuan-Taonan railways and overwhelm, If possible, small Japanese gnrrlsons already at Tungllao and Taonan. It was reported the Chinese nppar- entjy hoped to take advantage of, Jap- Valley. Other bills Included the following: Increasing fees provided under t'he produce dealers act to eliminate necessity of asking the Legislature for appropriations, Senator Frank W. Mlxter, £?xeter. Stopping public water districts from sotting- up parallel to private water districts and providing a 30-day arbitration period, Senator A. L. Plero- vlch, Jackson. . Opan Utility Rat* Flpht The state Assembly today opened the flg-ht -to Increase taxes paid by public utilities. : A bill Introduced by seven assemblymen provides for equalization of | celvers of war materials. Skoda Alto Benefits The Nationalist newspaper Petit Bleau said that Skoda shipped 1700 By WALLACE CARROLL (United Press Lequed Wire) PARJS, Jan. 12.—Japan has placed a new $8,000,000. contract with a French firm for arms and .munitions, the Agence .Econopitque et Financier reported 'today, ' whlltf other'sources reported that the secret shipment of war materials 'from Europe to the far east, had reached quantities sufficient for war on a large scale | It Is no secret here that the United States government has been.trying to track down the sources of. arms shipments and to determine the anpunt of war supplies sent to tho far east. Shipments also have been made to South Africa. M.000,000 Contract Agence Economlque et Financier said the $8.000,000 Japanese contract wan secured by the Hotchklss Armament Works. The lowest report of tho company to stockholders, the agency said, revealed Important war orders for , delivery early last year and predicted new orders, especially for heavy artllloryi In the near future. Paul Faure, member qf the Chamber of Deputies, showed the Chamber photostatlo copies of orders for arms and munitions which Included "1000 kilograms of powder for Mauser rifle cartridges, destination Mauser factory, Lelpslg. Order Japan No. 6307." Fa lire hinted that the Skoda Armament Works In Czechoslovakia nerved as the Intermediary, between the French Schneider Company and re- By KENNETH KNIGHT (Ctvyrliht, 1933. by United Frui) V ACAVILLB, Calif., Jan. 12. Bloodshed seemed dangerously near to residents of this usually placid farm community today. Ragged appearing but organized with 1 •.'military precision, "columns" of the- Radical International Agriculture Workers Union filtered into town and .joined the mounting ranks of the discontented men crowded within an abandoned garage renamed Spanish hall. Fifty-two deputy sheriffs patrolled the tree-bordered streets of Vncavllle, Anxious residents kept nhrttguns within handy reach. ' James, Albert and Robert Melgar and A. Esplnosa were on trial in Municipal Court today on charges of disturbing the peace. < > es paid by utilities and common property IIH recommended by the state tax research committee. The result of the equalization, it Is said, will re- canes of munitions from Hamburg _ ' 'I- .-„, ' '- I ' 7 ' THE WEATHER .San Francisco bay region: Fair tonight and Friday; local frosts In morning; -moderate temperature; gentle northerly winds. v Northern California: Fair tonight and Friday; moderate. temperature; local fogs and frosts Friday mornjng; gentle north and northeast wmds offshore. Sierra Nevada: Fair tonight and Friday; no change In temperature; moderate northeast winds. Sacramento, Santa Clara and San joaquln val eys: Fair tonight and Friday; local fogs and frostH Friday morning; no change In temperature; llgnt variable winds. ness, "corroborated" that .given by the state Assembly today. Mrs. Browning, who denied she had Previously impeachment of Judge performed an Illegal operation -but I Wither F. Downs'had'been asked by snfd.fihe had treated the girl for an I Fred D. Hawley, Long Beach. In .H affliction. new petltlpn Hawley naked also that ' Arguing for the prosecution, H. F. Jndge Charles* B. Wallace, Long Briggs of Fresno, special assistant^ to | Beach, be impeached by .the Assembly, the district' attorney, stressed the testimony of Dr. R. R, Dearborn, who I Downs refused to grant him a Jury had treated Miss Caton in a hospital trial and that Downs held a contrac- subsequent to the performing of an as- tor and a subcontractor to be licensed sertedly illegal operation upon her. by Ifee state when in fact they were Briggs asserted doctors, called by th» no t licensed^ ise hud strengthened the case of proaeoutlon. Conley in. hfs argument contended the Biote had employed Brlgys ' cause the state haq a weak case." ( lied, active and tralneu rcHervoB, with S" ei ? ^ b ? orptlon , ln t! ? c """atlon at a. total of 18,878.000. -France WIIH HOC- I ShanhalkVan and southeastern Jehol, 9,876,000; Italy, G.408,000; ond with (1,976,000; Italy, Spain, 2,824,000; Japan, 2,177,000, while which today was apparently quiet. The Japanese, an usual, assert that the BrltiBh empire wan ranked, eleventh Mftrit , nal Chan* HsIijp.Uanjr. the com- Southern Ca and Friday; 1 Ifornla: Fair tonight LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 12. (A. P.) Joseph- Synxms,. 71. and Miss Caroline House, 71, neither previously mar f A A »- * *_ ^^ _ _. • • .1. _ ' . • ^ ' trnpefichinent of Judgo Wallace, 'Hawley charged that Jurist with authorising the Golden State Bonds and Mortgage Company to execute a Judgment' against Hawley. He alleged he and Mrs. . Hawley were evicted from their home • at a time when Mrs,; Hawley was eerlouely ill. Although the Judgment has been reverse<J by Appellate Cfourt. he asserted ^b _ ^K \ ' ^ ^b ^ * M ^ ~, ' ttle change In tern- I ried and both residents of • the La- he has Irjeen unable to'obtain perature; local frosts in Interior; gentle northeast nnd east winds offshore. > - Honda home, county Institution slon of m> property. Hawley charged for the aged; applied today fpr a'mAr- that Judge Wallace at the Umefof rlage license. "It sight;" «U<1 Symona, ., ^^ love at firat I his action wa« a Htockhoiaer In bond company, \ ;' -!/ *, , -,;,, ,.,:-. with 1,103,000, or bejow Poland, China, Rumania, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. ; . • . • , MacArthur salt} the United States had 132,060 men In the active service and 307,126 reserves, a total of 439,109, or below Switzerland, Sweden,' Turkey, Belgium and Greece. rnander In north China, ordered, the raids, which the former were confident would^ be easily repulsed. Jury Ponders Case of Texas Oil Man Cottonseed Crushed 2,585, fl 9 (Antedated Prttt Looted Wire) WASWNQTON, Jan. 18;-*?ottbn need* crushed in the 6-month, period, Press Leased Wire) SAN FfcANCISCO, Jan. 12.—The grand theft case against KldrUlpe S, price, Dallas, Texas, oil promoter, was given to a Superior Court;Jury today, • Price, on trial since Decembetr 5, was accused of swindling San Fran- haye totaled 2,685,763 tpht>, compared 1th 2,958,000 tons In the correspond August December 31 last was re- oltco, Los Angeles and Contra Costa ported today by'thfc census bureal*to county investors out of abproxlmntely • * < • • ^ ^ ^ mf ^ ^^t* 1 '" * I _ ^^^^^ ' ' • ' ^ 60,000. . The .prosecution brought six wlt- In^'peHod of the provloya year, and I nesnes here from Lps Angeles and the ^oltonnitfld on hand at mills December I dffense,brought four from Beevllle, 81 totaled 1,828,607 ,tohs, compared f Texas, site of tho alleged oil lands wlttt l;4p«,epl'tpns a year ago, 1 promoted''by Price. suit in additional taxen eatlmated at $6,500,000 to be paid by publlo utilities as a group. A Htmllar measure has been Introduced In the Senate by Senator J. M. Inman, Sacramento. The reBearch committed reported public utilities to be taxed $1.54 on $100 while common property was taxed $1.85 per $100. The bill would remedy this difference. Probe Failures, if Received R. F % g. Aid (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.—Hepre- sentatlve Fish, Republican, New York, today Introduced In the House a bill empowering the attorney general to Investigate the failure of cor* poratlons which have received Reconstruction Finance Corporation Loans of $50,000 nr more. , Fish said his bill was designed to bring about Investigations of the Union Indemnity Company, the Illinois Life Insurance Company, and the St. Loulfi Sun Francisco Rail*. road. Roosevelt, Me Adoo Meet on Saturday (Continued on Page Two) THREATEN TO BLOCK Press Leased Wire) NKW YOUK, Jan. 12.—PrcBident* elect Roosevelt and William Q. McAdoo, Senutor-eleot from California, gpt their signals mixed on a proposed visit here today of the latter, After some telephoning back and forth between New York and Washington the time for the meeting with Mr. Jloosevalt was fixed with McAdoo for Saturday at Hyde Park. Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jim. 12.—An open threat to block all Senate business fn order to force currency Inflation was made In tjie Senate today by Senator Wheeler, Montana Democrat, while a drastic cloture resolution wan being prepared to break the filibuster against the Glass bank bill. Senators Long, Democrat, LouiBlana, and Thomas, Democrat. Oklahoma, echoed Wheeler's hentimentH, Meanwhile, Senator Fletcher of Florida, ranking Democrat on the banking committee, was preparing a cloture resolution to break Long's filibuster against the bank revision bill sponsored by Senator Glass, Democrat, Virginia. Wheeler interrupted Long's filibuster to say that unless legislation to Inflate* the currency la enacted he would be "perfectly willing to stop nil legislation until Congress wukes up to the necessity of doing something." He said If cloture was proposed on the bank 'bill U would have to be invoked on every other piece of legislation brought In. "This congres«.has not done a single thing to aid the country," Wheeler said, "unless something of thlH kind Is done the country will face a very critical time. "Why In some parts of the country where the courts don't dare to servo processes, nothing but anarchy pro- vaiU." ADVERTISED INDEX ALTA VISTA MARKET 8 A. 4 P. MARKET 6 •AKKR8FIEID GROCERY I • AKER8FICLD MARKET. INC I • ROOK, MALCOLM. COMPANY 3 RROCK. MALCOLM. COMPANY 13 CHAPMAN It LE BARGE a FAMILY SERVICE LAUNDRY 12 FIKE8 GROCERY 8 FOX CALIFORNIA 10 FOX THEATER (0 QALLAHER'S MARKET 9 qOODNIQHT. DR 7 GRANADA THEATER .....10 HOTEL EL TCJON 10 I. 0. A. STORES 7 KENTUCKY DRIVE-IN MARKET. 8 KIMiALL & STONE ..U MONTGOMERY WARD fc COMPANY 7 NATIONAL MARKET 8 NILE m HEATER ...10 PALMr MARKET 9 PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY 10 PRIOHARD AUTO SHOP J READER'S JEWELRY '2 HEUInlUK 9 t**tif****tt**«*»«««<it*t*t4||Q RCX THEATER |0 RIALTO THEATER 10 8. 4 S. MARKET 9 o^ w i> w AT wiufti»9»»4**i4*«»t i*4*< itt* t , SECURITY MARKET.. SMITH. RAPH L.. GROCERY B 8PRINQDALC MARKET I STINVyt) 8 MARK C T»*..,*« -••••«**««*4« I UNITED IRON WORKS..; r , S VAN METER. DR (0 VIRGINIA THEATER 10 WASHINGTON MARKET ,. 9 WtklLL* A*i lpJO*i«<A*i*»«t**tt*ii**i*t* 0 WITHAM 4 ^OOTH 7 , I t '. • •> • '•' i m ,•> '" '- : J . '"I/.' ' *- t I H I f.'J '•.? ./- -' * ' Ing fruit tree primers, nonunion workers who replaced them, and officers clashed In the public square here. Feeling Intensified As a climax to high feeling at that tlm«, six prisoners were taken from jail by an . angry group, reportedly beaten, their heads'shaved, and, red paint poured over them. Police Chief O. B. Alley, said today that trouble was avoided' last night only when the "union" abandoned Its announced plan of holding a maau meeting In defiance of town council orders. i b Today the "union" planned U walk Into court and demand that the M«l0ar» and Eiplnota b« r«- l«a«ed. Trouble to far avoided may pome then, Alley said. • The United Press representative lait night attended a secret meeting of the "union" in Spanish, hall. He was the only nonmember present. Outside were guards from the sheriff's office. Fire engines were rolled up, ready to throw streams of water on the discontented should they attempt a march on th* town. W«ll Organized The meeting revealed that the "union" was well organized. "Column Three" wns present—a detachment from Eureka, Calif., 2BO miles from here. ."Column Fi,ve" was In attendance. It In composed of members from the San Franolsco bay district. More than half the crowd were strangers to Vacavllle. They were drawn here by the sama marching orders that sent battalions of "hunger marchers" to every west-.' 4 (Continued on Page Two) I I .*' *-•*' •C" v 1 V Ji ^ -' - I. r . , '• f • . 1 t «i - L ' -H 1 * - r.t 1 J -l H J f '- fi; ' r is.*--IS

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