The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 5, 1958 · Page 5
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 5

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1958
Page 5
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r NEWS for WOMEN COMING EVENTS FRIDAY MOSCOW NEIGHBORS Club will meet for 1 a Christmas party in the evening at the Town Hall. LYLE WCTU will hold a 6:30 family cooperative supper at the Martin, Willinger home. SATURDAY , WOMEN OF Moose homemak- tag committee will meet for a 6:30 dinner and Christmas party at the Woodlander. NEWCOMERS CLUB will hold a Christmas party at the Tower in the evening", Koffee Klub Meets for Turkey Dinner The LeRoy Koffee Klub met for a turkey dinner and Christmas party Tuesday at the Municipal Building, LeRoy. Families ol members were guests. The social evening included a gift exchange. Mrs. Gerald Kraetsch will be January hostess. Women of Moose Planning Luncheon Plans for a noon luncheon Dec. n, were discussed when the Women of Moose library committee met Thursday evening. Mrs. Alvin Willert, 2309 Ellis, was hostess and Mrs. Raymond Granle and Mrs. Lewis Bowers were guests. Christmas gifts were exchanged and a gift was presented Mrs. Grale, senior regent. Mrs. Esther Schahn received the door prize. The next meeting will be Jan. 8, at the Moose Home. Club Plans Family Christmas Party The Stich and Chatter Club met at the home of Mrs. Chester Taylor, Austin Rt, 4, Tuesday to discuss plans for the family Christmas party. It will be held Dec. 20, at the Georg$ Miller home. Names were drawn for an exchange of gifts. Mrs. Emil Doggett and Mrs. Raymond Holmquist were appointed to the program committee and Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Arnold Holmquist will be in charge of treats. The January meeting will be with Mrs. Edward Miller. #?• Gin BARGAIN Beta Sigma Phi Chapter Begins Plans for Annual Style Show Plans for the annual spring style show were begun by Zeta Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, Wednesday night at the home of Mrs. Robert Thatcher, 304 N. Millfield. Mrs. William Streifert was co-hostess. The show is scheduled for Feb. 7, at the Terp Ballroom with Mrs. Thomas Prewltt and Mrs. Charles Morem, co-chairmen. Other chairmen include: Mrs. Raymond Bowers, tickets; Mrs. Stanley Engelman, chairs; Mrs. Warren Anderson, music and doll; Mrs. Rudolph Nelson, door prizes and flowers; Mrs. Thatcher, ramp; Mrs. Duane Forland, food; Miss Beverly Larson, favors; Mrs. Worth Stiles, publicity; Mrs. Peter Lorn- men Jr., models. A program on drama was presented by Mrs. Lommen. A Christmas party will be held Dec. 17, at the home of Mrs. Duane A. Rasmussen, 611 S. Kenwood. Mrs. Robert Paton Hostess at Party • Mrs. Robert Paton, 802 Euclid, entertained Bishop Brent Unit, Christ Epsicopal Church, at a Christmas party, Wednesday evening. Games were played and prizes awarded Mrs. Charles Voogd, Mrs. Marjorie Aaby and Mrs. Mabel Blaiskey, who also received the door prize. Mrs. T. J. Williams and Mrs. James Cassidy were guests. Refreshments were served and gifts exchanged. A gift was sent to Bishop Gordon in Alaska. Seek, Find Club Holds Holiday Party The Seek and Find Club held its Christinas party Wednesday at the Dinner Bell. Mrs. Lon Enochson led a Christmas prayer and Mrs. Ernest Anderson presented a paper, "An Old-Fashioned Christmas." After dinner, gifts for children were wrapped and presented to the American Legion. Bingo was i 17 > at Enterprise School when the played and "white elephant" prizes! Excelsior Club, Lyle Center, met Tuesday. The party will include a community dinner and program. Mrs. Geroge Benson was hostess. The afternoon was.spent making aprons and Mrs. Archie Baley was awarded the door prize. Pleasant View Club Honor Mrs. Walter The Pleasant View Birthday Club honored Mrs. Russell Walter at a party Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Frank Haskins, 201 N. Seventh. Bingo was played and prizes FOR MOTHERS-TO-BE—The easy lines of the fashion silhouette this year adapt themselves readily to maternity clothes. This girl has chosen her maternity wardrobe in corduroy since she feels that it's both a beautiful and a practical fabric. She likes a mixture of print and fabrics as well as touches of brilliant color. Floral printed sleeveless top, left is paired with black pinwale skirt in sepqrates that are ideal for dinner or a party. And the skirt can be worn with a white shirt in the daytime. Widewale corduroy is used for a suit of elegance, center, in a pale beige. Her hat is a fluffy red vox wig. For .an evening at home, tapered pants and a mosaic print pinwale shirt offer both fashion and comfort. And both can mix and match. Corduroy in Maternity Fashion By GAILE DUGAS NEW YORK - (NBA) - Many a gal shopping for a maternity wardrobe has found the right answer in corduroy. Because it offers a "fifth season" in fashion and because it is lightweight, inexpensive and available in beautiful colors, It has a high rating. This year, the relaxed lines of the new silhouettes have been easily translated into maternity clothes so that they offer lots of fashion news. The flattery of the blouson, the Chanel jacket and the flared top have all been translated into separates for maternity wear. Most of these are mix-and- match and thus are done in both solid dark colors and lively prints for maximum effectiveness. • There are two schools of thought about maternity clothes. One is that the best idea is to buy the best you can afford. (This Is generally a good plan to follow in buying all clothes.) Of course, this may mean that you have fewer clothes and thus Excelsior Club Makes Party Plans Plans were made for the Christmas party and gift exchange Dec. awarded the winners. Assorted LAMPS from $195 UP MARY ANN KELLER Mary Ann Keller, Richard D. Kellogg COME IN ... TODAY! Your Gift Dollars Buy More At AUSTIN FREIGHT SALES 315 t. Woter St. HI 7-4844 Across from Union Hall HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Act Now . To Get Your Attractive Hockett Portrait in Time for Christmas Giving. [awarded Mrs. Fred Olson, Mrs. i Earl Padelford, Mrs. Edward Kehret, Mrs. Walter, Miss Marian Hillier, Mrs. Fred Lickteig, Mrs. Ro- : \t/.,i * A , > — , , * bert Gerlach, Mrs. Peter MertenJ Will Wed ret). 14 I Mrs. Floyd Olson, Mrs. Maurice jEblen. Mrs. Robert Gerlach received the door prize and Christmas gifts were exchanged. Reapportionment Topic of Mrs Stanley Kane at LWV Open Meeting tire of them more quickly. The other idea is to buy inexpensive clothes and as many of them as you possibly can. (They may not give good service.) Corduroy seems to offer a happy medium. It is relatively inex pensive," enough so to permit an adequate wardrobe, and so sturdy that it will take lots of hard wear Life Is a Series of Choices By ANN LANDKRS Dear Ann Landers': Why do you always assume the female is the wide-eyed, innocent flower led astray by the predatory lecherous male? I'd like to relate a recent ixperience and if you have any :omments, let's have them. My buddy and I (we are both old enough to vote) were in a high- class cocktail, ounge the other evening. We were not looking for company. Two 'lashy but attractive girls came in and sat at the/ next table. They smiled and nodded. Before you could say rum' and Coca • Cola Ann Landers they were sitting at our table. After a half hour of flea-brain :onversation they asked if we had a car as it was smokey and warm n the bistro and "some fresh air would be nice." We wound up at the apartment of one of the girls. There was so much junk around we had trouble finding a place to sit. When the music went on and the lights got dim I gave my buddy the "Let's get out of here" look. I don't need to draw any diagrams. We could have stayed till dawn if we'd wanted,to. In fact the girls seemed very disappointed when we left. This goes on all the time. So why not present the male side occasionally? Many high-type fel lows with good taste are victim' ized this way. Of course you'll nev> er print this letter because you are too militant a feminist. — PHIL Dear Phil: High-type fellows of discriminating taste pass up the hamhocks if it's guinea hen they 're interested in. Granted, these girls picked you up but they didn't slip a sack over vour heads and drag you »way. You went willingly. Life is a series of choices. The choices we make determine the direction in which we travel. A ;ew bum choices like this could land a decent (but stupid) guy in plenty of trouble. Who picked up whom is simply a technicality once you get together, Buster, so stay away from dogs if you don't want fleas. —o— Dear Ann:This is an open letter to "Smith "SO." I've never written to an advice column before but I couldn't contain myself when I read her letter. "Smith "50" apparently cannot resist the urge to help her friends improve themselves by rudely Interrupting their conversation with high-handed grammatical corrections. If I may be so bold, I'd like to make a suggestion for her self-improvement. It. appears to me that this woman has missed out on a very important lesson not taught in college (even Smith!) —the value of tolerating shortcomings in others. If this woman has any friends left perhaps she will come to realize that consideration for the feelings of other people Is far more important than perfect grammar. -BARNARD '55 child with affection and Ignofi (to other one. What can t do? f fe«f they both will suffer from this. — C, M. M. Put the *mph»s!i on «chlete< ment, good behavior and go fcwtty on the rewards when the older one does eomethlrfg wen. Build up her ego. And for heaven's lake have a frank talk with the relatives! Explain the damage they do by showing favoritism. Alt for their cooperatidn. When outrider! make a fuss over the beauty, give them the eye and cut them tharf. They'll understand. To learn the difference between a marriage that "fettle* down" and one that "gets dull," lend for Ann Landers' booklet, "What To Expect From Marriage," enclot- ing with your request 20 centa In coin and a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. 8end them to her in care of THE HERALD and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) Dear Ann: I'm the mother of two little girls. The older one is 4. She's nice looking but by nc means beautiful. Her sister who is almost three is gorgeous. Everyone makes such a fuss over the younger child that it's causing a real problem. I find myself taking them out separately because when I have them together, the younger one gets all the compliments and the older one hides behind my skirt or says something uncalled for to get attention. The relatives are the worst offenders. They shower the pretty Party teasers: shrimp, water chestnuts, nut-stuffed pitted soak* ed prunes and oysters may all be wrapped round . with bacon, secured with picks and broiled until the bacon is crisp. AUSTIN (Minn.) HERAID Friday, Dec. 5, 1958 CHRISTMAS 5 3,000 Of Them Jutt .Hie tree y»» went — Pick 'em out new while selection It at its peak. FREE COFPEI • Fireplace Weed To Minit-Car-Wash Sterling Shopping Center ^V A L LAC E ' S Phone HE Immediately an4 Arrange for a Sitting HQCKETT STUBI05 BRIDGE AT GREENWICH -COLOR- HAND OI1.5 Mrs. Clarence Keller, inounces the engagen daughter, Mary Ann, to Richard D. Kellogg. He is the son of Mr. The wedding will take place at at the First Bap- The January meeting will be with Mrs. Gerlach, Austin Rt. 3. 'MOUNTAIN MAID' DIES WAYNESVILLE, N. C. (AP)-j.. . _, . Maj. Daisy Cecil Brown, calledj tlst tnurcn the Salvation Army's "Maid of the|/-i i r i Mountains," died Thursday.. She| V - IUD ^enCS was 51. For her work, the Salvation Army awarded her its highest award, the Order of the Founder. Mrs. Kenneth K. Kellogg, 204 Mrs. Stanley Kane, Minneapolis, T< spoke on state reapportionment at!A an open meeting of the League of!V Women Voters Wednesday at the '«£ First Congregational Church. * Mrs. Kane is co-chairman of the:? governor's committee on reappor-}^ tionment, composed of nine sena-'^ tors, nine representatives and nine'^ citizens. Introduced by Mrs. K. K. ' : V McMillan, Mrs. Kane pointed out $ that the league was instrumental ^' in creating interest in reapportion- $ ment. She spoke of other interest- ;'£ ed groups and the next legislative $ session. j,.; Mrs. R. W. Robinson was in * charge of the meeting and tea $ was served by Unit Four, Mrs. '' Jerry Lund, chairman. Mrs. L. F. $ iTwiggs and Mrs. Ray Wescott x ! were tea chairmen and Mrs. Dean '$ " faj ^ e *\ White and Mrs. Lester Hill poured. $ Members of the LWV board had ;*' with Mrs. Kane at the Fox !'** preceding the meeting. i$ SILHOUETTE by Samsonite State Gifts for the state school at Faribault were contributed by mem-! y ° n , -' cm ™ ted Recipes for jams and jellies us-'bers met with Mrs. Marvin Skus- .. ing commercial pectin usually di- tad. The party included a gift ex-^ g - toplc ' The Bndse Maranatha Club !$ Meets at LeRoy r The LeRoy Baptist Church Mar- $ anatha Club met Monday even-j^ :ing at the home of Mr. and :v . Mrs. Samuel Mills. j$ Scripture reading and prayer 1 ,!^ jwere given by Elton Knight. Gor-j$ S SO NEW.. THE CHRISTMAS, GIFT YOU COULD NEVER GIVE rect that the mixture be brought to " a full rolling boil;" that means change. Too Short." Mrs. Wilbur Volkart was In [ , During the business session, it — — . a boil that can't be stirred down.< wa s voted to contribute $10 toi char S e of games during the rec- $ ,. . . JCARE and $5 to the Little Redj reation hour - Gifts were exchang-!> v Never put green-tipped bananasj stoeking Fund . Plans were macle <ed and refreshments were served.,?' in the refrigerator; they need to| for a coffee t following class-i Mr. and Mrs. Volkart will be A ripen at room temperature. After | M at the school Dec 9 * honor .ihosts at the next meeting. i* the bananas are fully ripe, how-- facult niemberg and their l ;., ever, they may be refrigerated! wjves for a day or two. Mrs. Eugene Holland read the Ceci beans (garbanzos) may be j Christmas story and Mrs. Leo Mill- bought canned; drain them, sea-j er read several Christmas selec- son them with olive oil, vinegar, i tions - Mrs ' Merle Jacobson told of minced onion, salt and pepper and • the Ori 8' n of Christmas carols and chill. Serve as a first course along played recordings with other interesting tidbits. Thinly sliced radishes and gherkins, or shrimp cut in flat lengthwise halves make attractive gar- The hostess was assisted serving refreshments by Mrs. Robert Goodsell and Mrs. Holland. Some cooks like to add a dash nishes for open cheese sandwich-i°f ground coriander to applesauce I* Miss Darlene Bakke Honored at Shower A bridal shower complimenting Miss Darlene Bakke was held Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Roy Nelson, 130J Locust. Miss Denise Simon son was hostess, assisted by Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Lionel Simonson. The bride-to-be was presented >*' with gifts and games were play- 'A uioijca ii/i <J(Jeu vllccac SculUWlCIl- i w * e* ""*•*•* *-ui jauuvi iu a^j^Jicaaucc °—~ —•«- 0 «...». ^ n *. * *, JJIHJT- JM es; add one or two tiny sprigs that is to be served with pork| ed - Mrs - Merlyu Blom received^'' of parsley to each garnish. chops. FOR THOSE BEAUTIFUL FRESH - SEE ART BALL Wilson A Browmdal* - North End East Side Lake BALSAM SPRUCE SCOTCH WHITE NORWAY (Wide Range of Prices) CUSTOM FLOCKED TREES TO MATCH YOUR DECOR VISIT OUR CHRISTMAS ROOM . , . and register for the beautiful FOIL TREE to be given away FREE Dec. 21st. - ON SALE MOBILE IMPORTS WALL DECORATIONS CORSAGES CENTER PIECES WREATHS (No Obligation!) the door prize. Miss Bakke's marriage to Ray-1* mond Kyllo- will take place Dec. !$ 13, at St. Olaf Lutheran Church. \ V Pythian Sisters Elect New Officers The Pythian Sisters of L y 1 e '. elected new officers Monday at $ the KP Hall. Hostesses were Mrs. ,., Case Koopal, Mrs. John Madson f& and Mrs. Wayne Helgeson. A Officers are: Mrs. Loren Den- * nison, most excellent chief; Mrs. $ Roy Farrell, excellant senior; Mrs. '*"' Rufus Rawn, excellant junior; ^ Mrs. Walter Hall, manager; Mrs. : " Melvin Rohne, secretary; Mrs. S Arden Busse, treasurer; Mrs. Ot-1,\ to Nelsou, protector; Mrs. Dale $ Rugg, guard; Mrs. Arthur Rohne, !* press correspondent. Mrs. Alton, Wilder will be installing officer $ iji January and Mrs. Donald Wese- ' man, pianist. Grand representativ- $ es are Mrs. Alfred Larson and ,! s Mrs. Laveni Austinson and Mrs. 5? Arthur Roluie is degree captain. A A Christmas party was planned * lor Saturday. Silhouette is the newest, luggage gift you can give. Slim, ttnooth modern lines give it true distinction. Locki are hidden away in a tilvery track. Silhouette hat a textured, icuff-resislant vinyl finish . .. roomy, luxuriously lined interiors. And it's to light...with the lightness and strength of magnesium, the jet-plane metal. Comes in Dover White, Biscayne Blue, Cu ford Grey. Desert Ton, Platinum Grey. L Latin' bouty tost NlmonCflM . . Hen's Exic. 0 Mil* . MOT'S ThrM-Saiter. Oil pMCtl, p(lM < I. Mta'i T«e Vtltii . . {42.SO i Men's Companion Con. $25.00 C Loditt 1 Wardrobe . . $40.00 ». La4Wf'O'Miti Cow . . S2S.OO $2)00 $40.00 $30.00 $45.00 "You 11-Like the Friendly Service at Wallaces" liraiul^ • Lou Cunianlunt Credit FREE GIFT WRAPPING Open Tonight 'til 9 -at- -at- -at- -ae- -a* -ae- .»&. -a* -a* -a* -a* -a* -as- -as- a* •:•-• <» m -m £• -w- •'*'• *

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