Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1927
Page 2
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PAGE TWO teE lOLA DAILY REGISTER,THURSDAY EVENING. DECEBIBEft 22,1927.. f • ' " ^ A CHBISTXAS CABiQL. There's a!song in tlie air! There's a star in tlie slty! There 's a motlier 's 'deep prayer i And a bq ^y 's low cry: ;lAnd. the star rains! its fire whllQ the Ibeautiful king. tFor thenianRcr ot BL'thlclicm. cra- ' dlcs' i king. jWp. r"«!Joi(:e 'in thu'liglit. And wcj echo ilie song , /That' comes; down through tlxe ; niglit Frcjni tlie heavenly throng. Ay. ve sblout to the lowly evangel ] they bring, V And ;we greet in his cradle onr .- iSavior, and King. , ; —Josiah Gilbert Holland. ' XiirisliiuiN Party nt Juolor lUnrii •The needy children of the Garfield =and Wasbingtoi) schools were , giVen a ChrijstniaB party yesterday >afderhqin at 3 o'clock at the junior lilgh school, sponsored by Mrs. W. , E.^Rljodes of the Girl Reserves and Mr. iVni. iDrfeher, of the Hi-V, a.s- sistei by: all of the junior' high ' schd&l teaciiers who • helped, trim the big Christmas tree and arrange 'the i^rogram. - Thirty children as gjicsls were made ba^py when Santa Claus . callejl th^ir names for gifts and j treats. Tlhe program consisted of ! Christmas carols: a special song .iby al quartette of girls from the fete* 'cltib of which Miss Clara Brown is a director;-and Christ^ stories and greetings by mera- . bers of the Girl Reserves. , ; Clothing and Itoys donated in rcr sponge tola call froni .Mr.s. Rhodes 'an4 Mr. Vernon Van- damp, were artfully remodeled and i ^4etoratod In the; sewing class atf^fpie ;itian- iial training dcpartnicdt ai^'ll^iven, to the guests along with"" other • gifts.. . j The party has becii.ninder prpp- iiratidn for the last s't^tral weeks. . • •s- fW^'' —The lola I -4 >undry will be closeil all day Saturday «)Ut open all day "Monday.. £nterialu!i Bridge riuHi Mrs. G.. M. Grover, or; S16 East Street; entertained the nicmiycrs of Jier bridge club apd one yesterday afternoon in her home. MRS; I JNDBEBGH'S PATH AND ^RXWi NEWS OFPMBOLDT KotariaaK Give ChriHtnas Vtuij Var U-iitaiy Aniu. I>r. Pain Injured In Xolor far Accident, Improve!!. > I »ec. 21.— Chi- istmas Hotel HU.MBOLDT. Kans., The Rolafians gave a bannnct Monday night at Monroe with th.eir wives as :guests. The banquet was put on by Mrs. HIndman was in the form of .a Christmas feast of good ibiiigs and a jolly evening was spent. A program entertained thie guests.. Amanda Wulf. who is a student in .voice at -K. I'.. I sang a" solo Mr. Uoilis inint, a student at the State Teauliers' college in Unipbria. also saiig. Ruth Na.tdcen Bowlby gave ik reading anil a nialo quartette coiiipos<>d of .Mr. .!. H. Arniel. .Mr. U. A. Armel. Mr. L. C. Cannon and Mr. i Carl IJrako. closed tin- pro- graiij.- About forty-eight were in attendance. The many friends of (). C. I 'Dyiie. wiio w;is injiirc^l in a motor accident when his <'ar ,>ikid<h<il in going round a et )rnor • ^il)nllHy night, will be glad to learn lie j resting easier now and sjuio ini- provemeiil in his condition is n<j- tic ed. H6 ^ is at his Kinergcncy Witd Harry BrooktT, veteran Ford flyer as her pilot, Mrs. Evangeline Lodge Lindbergh is oh her way to Mexico City to spend Christmas with her son. The path Mrs. Lindbergh took from Detroit Is showa-above, wi,ih an Inset, of Brooks. hospital. -NtwYork I ilnd Bridge streets. M^B: Payne and Edwin arrived tonig it and will be at home tii&K'br.;'Fayne Improves and for tbe'iiollday). Mlsft I^ktliUien Hamm arrived,^ tonight from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Georgia Hamm from Manhattan. iKaoni!, to be with their parents^ Mr. md Mrs. J. W. Hamm, during the holidays. M}L E. }L VUzbach ana Miss Gertrude 5ama yesterday frpm ]<ansas City, wjiere they, spent a. few days of Gertrude's .annual Va-. catioii froni thi South, where she has been atjtendaag school at Ward Belmont, Nashv^He, Tenm A scries iif i»rtles asc being given, honoring! Miss Mary Louise Ainos wlio will be married December 27' to Mr. Rjiy Shook of Peoria, III. Tuesday, ijiglit Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Drak9 cnfertaiued at bridge. Today. Wejdnesday, .Miss Alida Braucher id! giving bridge party and tomorrow Nirs. H. Lcilzbach and Miss (icrtrndc cutL .Miu at a bridga tea. j! : ' j , . Mrs. A. (Sorgur ;ini! ..vilrons. lohn and Richard, camr fro: iMcf- ferson ;Cit.vl' Mo., this ninrnin? to spcjid ihe iioll<!ay.s with relatives anil friends. Mrs. •Gp'-gur wlil be u guest at Ihr homo oi h-^i- .ji'tcri .Mrs.-Tonny Garvic and Mr. Gar- vib while in Hutnboldt. Thi^« is tiie shortest day of the year, astronomically. ITS Plume Oliee Ctosea feic U*u& 0» ChrbtmaH Ba;—Mn, Oren Johnson's Motker Passes Away. LAH^RPE, DEC. 23.—The plione oJBce will be cl9scd from 10:30 a m. Until 2 p. ml Christihis day sc the »nployes may enjoy Christmas dinjjjeV wtt^.theit families. ! Mr«. Oren Jpbnsoo baa received a message froinl Princeton, Mo. telling of ttve de^th of her mother Mrs. n. T. %rrioU of that place Mrs. Merriott is the grandmother of Mi-s. Lester Knepp. Si W. Spangler, of Ottawa, drove down last Sunday evening and had tiupiter with his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sjumgler. Mr. Justice and' sons who have l>ecn busI^iDj{ cori^i in Iowa arrived loine last night. Ml^ Ehnily .Wilson of Stevens >oint, Wisconsin, is here to spend with her father Mr. C. H ' Vilsoii and other relatives and riends. Charles Mitchell says he sent :• 1 Btter tp JSaAta Claus and It was etura^. As Mr. ^ud Mrs. Lloyd Heathman iind family were, returping from Tola Tuesday fevcnlblt ff-fprdlro^cr- ster ran Into the' Heatbma^ «ai near the old smelters east of tcmn ni^rly . taring It ova^' and ^diro-; afin|; It"'quite badly. Fortunately igipn^ olj ibfi faxnily was Injured. ^. ' Mrs.. Fred Sellman returned b<|me Monday fronrythe S. ^i-A,i hosi^tal where she went for treatment! ' Jack Spease arrived here feom Kansas City to spend the wit^i with his mother, Mrs. linger. ^ Cloyde Williams, of Lawreac^ if suf!iering with very spverel^ infected', arm. Mr. Williams is" veEll known here. On this date l.=;o years ago f^as born Alexander I., the Czar t of Rttssia who was a prominent &c- to^- in the overflpw oC Nqpolloii Bonaparte. . ^ V 'With ani overflowing hag Santa ClaVs wjltgo through, -Jjyall Street todur ,di$twuting mi^.oots ot dol- lafBMn'Vhrlstilnas itiohd^es to, the emi^Ipyes of the big ttnaiScl honsM.^! . -'Beautiful Gomb, Brush and Mirror SetSr—GreeA. Blue, ]^«^, Maizf, Etc: $4.95 to $23.75 COOICS Plenty of Gifts 50c and sou, .Mrs. J. M. Ketterman. Mrs. R<i| K. Robertson, • Mrs. £. A. Boyer, .Mrs. A. D. Young, Jlrs. .Frank Maj-ks. Mrs. A. L. Stonaker, Mrs. .M. Kidney. .Mrs! R«|Be Lainoreau. .Mrs. ilo -sC: fladley and .Mrs. Frank Smith. i norcai> ('ht<«<> Jluutiilf .Veetiug ; The monthly meeting of the Dor„^ - . ^ , ca.s class of the First Baptist • The high score fa%w was Riven , ^.^^^^.^ ^.^^ j,^,^ Wednesday after- to Mrs. Charles Roehl. Mrs. It. L.;„oj,„ j,,e church parlors, which Kofnig was a guesL , ^.e,.p decorated in holiday colors 'The members attending were: „„j „ Christmas tree., ilr^. A. v. Brigham. Mr.. C. J. Carl- ^^^^ ^^^^^ McKinney. class prel ident, presided over u short bus ness meeting. Therq were several 'readings, and piano numbers weie givn by Florence Lewman, a g^est. The hostesses, • Mrs. AiJderson and Mrs.. Alfred Fawki son. Mrs. W. S. Fees. .Mrs. G. ('. Hujber: Mrs. M. L, Laiido. .Mrs. F. lenskl and Mrs. .Charles Itoehl. • • •;• •:• .IV IV. .1. Holds Chrlstums Party At the close of prayer meeting .^'ednesday night at Trlnitw Mctli-' «?"«''son ana xiirs, . liaist Episcopal church Wmeni-i^??"^^!! hiers oit the X- W. A. held a Christ- Tho .se attending were: Mrs. mas party and prepared a Christ- X -.^Cooto, Mrs. E. Davis. ^Irs. Ma^- aiaa box for a needy family. They ney. Mrs. Dan Fry, airs. E. Wi 41so gave Mrs. J; C. Wilson, wife ^.ewman, Mrp. Ralph McKinney, of the pastor, a handkerchief M>s. .l..iW. Funkliouser, Mrs. Joel shower. Eight members attended. .Griffin. Mrs. A, Moffitt,. Mr^. the party. i! u , jP'^rce. Mrsj^ W". O. Torfd, Wrsi TOIUY'S KVKXTS of af- Coiisideriug the . nearness Christmas, the ^ame sU)tc of fairs may apply financially. king Winter mouiitii his throne totlay for a reign tliat will con- tiiiiie until.March 20i ngxt year. Opie Read, one of the most y^xo- lifiC of American :npvelists, celebrates his 75th birthday anniversary today. ~\ : The American v-Museum of Natural History In Jjiew York City today reaches the fiftieth anniversary of its opening. Ten years ago today the Canadian Government prohibited the importation of intoxicating liquor, as ja w^ measnre. ; ' id'lirfathMw, Prpgr^ii.. . A Christmas prolgi at the cbapier hojdr yesterday the junior higij scjliool';' 1 Tlie program; co^feistcd of three Bhort Christmai si etches given jby iaembers of Miss Mullen's ^ ideal Wass and'.Miss; Clata Brown and her Girls' Gle^ club sang Chrlst- jnas carols in jthe! balcony of the iiiu4ltorium. ' + i'lirhtmas Treat fqr Choirs .i As an act of courtesy lo the :^emberH, of the choirs of the Presbyterian and Methodist churches $rho will giro a vesper service program Christmas and New Year's, Bt the last two rehearsals the Si(omeBiOt the two churches served «L lunch at .^the close. of 'he rc- Jiearsal. <!• •> •> Jinterlain 8D|ipf«r ^ut^ls i.The Jlev. and Mrs. K. .V. .Mont-; jfiomery ontertalneU nt suppor, yenr lerday-evening.'the Rev. Mr.' ancl jtlrs. Lbnghecker. of Kansas City. Mr, Longneckcr went on to Buf- Jafo t«t visit his grandmother and j^irs. ijkjngnecker. who before her itarria^e was Miss Hope Ford of tits city, remained licre to pass a few da^ij among her friends. jnii^r lljpli Mrs. K.-Moyer,' Mis. C H. Davife, ;raih ^ ijivei^ !Mlis;-»a}e Dodd and Mrs. R. 1. Mii- r yesterday at f .... ' Sowerby, ' aiS. L. RfhSnpsoi K.; Moyer,' Mis. ther j ^ >> •:• • Bfrth Annonnoement SULfH^R CLEARS ROUGH; RED SKIN pFl^ Neclyand Arms-tasily. ^ - Made SnKJotlC Saya Sp^c^list . - Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sherrill. d£ . «»y 74^1 North CheBtmit street, an- T'".^- eczoma. quirkl nount ihe birth 6f an S% poubti ! «LP^:»i5 * ^^^^^ pound son today; whom they have named Robert Eugene. , \ "Mrs. Sherrill before her mai- riage was Miss Bertha Conoven ;•>•>• Annouuceniejit of Marriage . The marriage of Mis.s .lessic Mt- Lflnnd and Mi-. Rox Young ' loo c place recently at Grandfield. OkU- hoiu^. The bride IK a graduate of tha lolal high sc lool with the class c f 1919- and hajs lived in Oklahom i Hinci! that time, but recently' at Graijidfleld. whore Mr., Yotyif U in^u^er of an oil relinery, an I whcpe they will'contlnii» to resi^i. '-'Estiti yiarge bundles of clean nowspapprs, 10c; at Register office. Any br«akiog out ut the skin, rvin y eotluK Sulphur, drcla 'rps a niitcd skin special. ist- Because of its L'crin" destroying properties, this sdlptiur preparation Begins at once to soglhe irritated sljin and h«al cruptiuns such ' aa rash, pimplcH au4 riii;; worm. ft Bvldoni fiiiU to remove the torment: and disliguremcnt, and you do not l^uve to wait for relief from wn- barrasKRicnt. Improvcmcnl quickly khowH. SufTcreri from skin iroublo should obtain a small jar of Rowica Mentbo-Sulpbuj^ from any. good dru^- : Two Mmn Days of 0iir Big CHRISTMAS SMM Your Christmas Store welccmes you Friday an4 .Saturday. New things coming in on every train. Here you will find a comirfetc assortment for your Christmas selection, i 10 dozen New Silk Bloomers, special New Sport Hose, p^ir — Silk Quilted Rojbes, choice .... 86.00 Bath Kobes for ....:; $0 .00 Bath Robes (pr .... E3i ;tra Special Prices on al| B^ANKET^. $1.25 Suede Gloves, pair.., 50 tinder-Arm Baj^s, choice.. 1. .$1.69 200 Men's Wool Scarfs. $1.48 $a .Q0 Silk Allen A Hosi? .... $1.69 $1.25 12m. Vm&^, yd. 59c 1 $1.00 59c $9.75 $4.98 $3.69 .$L00 OTHKK (iO(H» YAM KS $|j>^ .Silk and >Voul Hose toc pair. fUW WhiK-. Wool Inder. hose S9P pailr. !fl.2."» I'nionNuIN Site earli. ^1.0i> Children's I'nlonitult!* f S.'»c each. i «.><• Children's Black f>a- i lecn Bluoniers t>f<r pair. Stocking leaps :t»c and fiOc 10. Per Cent IMscount on all Sweaters. •-»0c X;omiiort ChuHIes, 10c. 2«c KusI Color Percale J6c ,'l.-.c_Fast Prints 23c jnrd. in Per Crnl IiiscounI on all Silks. . 20c Yard-wide Outing IJk iiril. —-U- istmas FOOT I^ALI^ ICE SKATES, ROLLER SKATfcS, GUNS, ApiOR)f BALLS, SCOUT lAviVES, SCOOT AXES, BALL QLO^S, BOWS AND ARROWS, BALL BATS, f ISHJNG TAC|CLE 10" Offi on Handk'chiefs 10% IHscount on all Towei Sets. • • I $1.50 Silk Sfarlt?, choke $1.00. RICHARbSOlTS es In Street|and Evening SHOE - Styles for the l^few /gear 's Ball and Holiday : ' ' Parties. ' . i . » • • : jIn Stolm Patent and . pull Kid Strap Punips -1 - and Ties. *^zes 3 to 8 AAAA to C 1^ Prices $4.95 ™ $10 1- ». r.. 0^ Cluli thrlstmas Party ; The * members of the H. K. O. club W ^re entertained yesterday sit a tihristnias party in the home lif Mrs. Clarence Smith. 416 South 'O'alnut street. The JChristtoas decorations initluded: a tree, liifts were drawn £rom a grab iio.\ un,d refresh men ts fiere !Jerved. • • ^ The •iiiember -s pre.sent were: .Mrs. ^V. A .:\Voodruff. .Mrs. J. A. .Morri- ^Ketr lioeaUoB; £. BladlMii. ~rin| Done E&st of ^TO'a Bxug Storeu • Fboae..! l 'J ..i .l.>-. I. la .^Te Minutes T HE first (pnonful bringa rblicf. Bmk* up Cheat CoUU. relieves HoatMneo. Uackice and Stfre'Thiosti. Cre9 -Lyptus FalaUble combination of Creosote and EueaJyptru. teromendcd for-cKildren snd adults by physdan* eveiywhepc. I SdARBORQUGH PROS. COMPACTS \cw and ItifTrreilt \t .VII Prices Tlu*c Flower Si««rle «i4H» Inwe FIOHei" Double Tkree Flower Small IHJii . siKarcss Stasis $I.W :kare «ii> DvaUe ILV) "•' iiouhiininii. r$ejio , ; CotyV Single 11*0. Coty'N Double Diet- KlsN SiBide ttJM DJer KbN DotiUe tSJAi nfii many otherx. COOK'S Wear a New Hat Christinas New Silk Hats in bright colors. Both large and sn^all head sizes. $3.95™ $12.50 Extra Special .for Friday and Saturday Any winter Hat in velvet or velvet cprabina- lion in stock— $1.95 MIlUMERY -LApiCS O .rWNISHINeS 0 v 1 .—— -. . . .) . : 27 YEAI^S QF SUCCgSSFUI. MEIieHANpiS- ING IN lOLA Two More Days of Christmas Shopiping OPEN TONIGHT UNTit pp. M. To Be in Toyland Friday Evening fr^m 7 T^ntil 9 —and as^n ad4«d mducement to shop after supper we offer for 3 hours only 25 pet cent discount o^ Toys. ' SHOP AFTER SUPPER TONICHHT IN Om BJBAPV TO WEAR. CQATS—For 2 hours <)njaa]e at Ojnie-Hal^ W 25 Per Cent Discount on All Fur Coat< ^1-3 P^ Cen< Disepuiit on all Dresses— Sift Qr Wool (Afternoon or Evening Dressed not includ^) , 20 Per Cent Discount on Luggage Tonight TV PHONE 4t7 «SH GROCERY U;Wc Deliver $3.00 Orderd WE HOPE Oligm CLADS WILL iWT PAlt IWGLE HEARTH- IN-THIS TOWN and that h| wiU b&!sure to leave with oiir.friends anu patrons a generous |«)rtion of the things that add to -j comfort, .peace and hiippiness. ' Mixed Cfl^dy,2|lbs. .25c Crimpj Cut Rocjg an^ Broken Talffy 2 pounds fors............. -.25c I Chocoiate Prop4 2 fts* for - - 35c Oranges, per do|en . .3j^, 45c, 50c and 60c Head Letluce, s^Tid heads, each ; 10c) Mfj^ Bufc, 2 lbs. •. •. .35c Saked Pe^uts, per lb. 15ci Chocolate Covered Cherries, 1-H). bo3^ 4^ PMre Buckwheall Flour, 5-lb. sack .. .40c crackers, 3-lb. bdxes Ciirrants, Bulk, per lb. .25c'f White Rai8Bi8,p|r lb. ..2«e Seedless RafsiiiSiIlS lbs, Sugar, sack . JeSe •^..iAi ... - - ..." 1 f

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