Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 29, 1961 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1961
Page 7
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CIETY 3DEN CLUB LENTHS Garden Club met at Mrs. Lorraine Lcnth p. m. luncheon. The was "My Buddy". |re was rend by Mrs. tinder. Roll call was "Good Times at "heart fund collection Mrs. GJen Bente. STUDY CLUB HAS RECIPE EXCHANGE The Bob's Creek Neighbors Club met March 21 at the home of Mrs. Lawrence Block. Twelve members answered roll call by bringing a recipe to exchange. The meeting was opened by singing "My Task". The Scripture and the thought for the day was given by the hostess. Mrs. James Jarmes and Mrs. Alvin Lenth were welcomed to the club as new members. The meeting was closed by singing "Love's Old Sweet Song" and the recitation of "The Lord's Prayer." A lunch was served by the hostess. The next meeting will be April 18 at the home of Mrs. Lloyd Block mrance was the cios , an(J wjU be a p]ant exchange [the business meeting A Thicle, Mrs. Elmer fund Mrs. Lloyd Bigler fcers make spring hats frdiobes. Guests at the fe Mrs. Evelyn Thiele, hsion Home Economist, id Mrs. Lenth of Mo- frs. Hay Suckow. .neeting will be at the §. Ole Loftsgard. THE HOUR of the Hour has a neeting date for the ( ft. The meeting will day, April 3, with Miss th as hostess. MONDAY CLUB MEETS WITH MRS. ROBERTS SUNNY SUES HAVE MARCH MEETING The Sunny Sues 4-H Club held their regular meeting on March 15 with Linda Leas as hostess. Roll call was "Simple Centerpiece for Breakfast Table." A demonstration was given by Susan Schultz on "How to Make Muffins"; and "How to Cook Eggs" was shown by Linda Heins. Linda Leas gave a talk on "Why We Need Fruit for Breakfast"; and Verla Baade talked on "Courtesy Pays". Linda Starkey, reporter. BLUE BIRD GROUP MAKES HOBO STOVES IG INVITATIONS — Iprinting, raised letter graved. Prices start as for 50 invitations or hts. Postville Herald. The Postville Monday Club met at the home of Mrs. Harvey Roberts on March 27 with 18 members and one guest present. The program theme was "The Home". Mrs. Leeone Deering c o n duct e d a "Homemaker's" quiz. All former Monday Club members are invited to attend the County Federation convention to be held on April 12 at the Community Presbyterian Church. Registration will be held at 11:15 a. m.; luncheon at 12:00 noon. Reservations are to be made with either Mrs. M. F. Kicsau or Mrs. Willard Schutte not later than April 8. Some people get there by pull, others by push. The Thoughtful Blue Birds held their regular meeting March 20 with ail members present, Jane Deering was hostess. The meeting was opened oy lighting the candle and repeating the Blue Bird Wish. Each member made a hobo stove and plans for a mother's tea were discussed. A game was played and the meeting closed by singing a Blue Bird song and blowing out the meeting candle. Lynn Stumme, reporter. Those present were: Mrs. Lloyd Bigler, Mrs. Robert Wayne Wettle- son, Mrs. Mary Ann Anderson, Mrs. Robert Wettleson, Sr., Mrs. Ray Schnuelle, Mrs. Francis Meisner and Beverly, Postville; Mrs. Clarence Schave and Linda, JoAnn and Beverly Perkins and Mrs. Merrill Baade, Luana; Mrs. Clarence Larson, Mrs. Curtis Henkes, Monona; Mrs. Bernard Hanson, Margaret and Raudine, Elgin; Mrs. Phelmon Peterson and Phyllis, Debbie and Kevin, St. Olaf; Mrs. Virgil Clefisch, Guttenberg; Mary Walter and Mary Ann Easton, Cedar Rapids. Those sending gifts, but unable to attend were 'Judy Barr and Annabelle Decker, Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Henry Bigler, Postville; and Mrs. William Schave, Castalia. Erickson Holsteins On Official Test SHOWER HONORS CAROL SCHAVE Mrs. Glen Pixler and Kathleen were hostesses at a miscellaneous bridal shower honoring Carol Schave, on Saturday evening, March 25. in the Luana bank basement. Following the entertainment the bride-to-be opened her gifts and a lunch was served. AN EASTER TRADITION HORMEL — WHOLE or SHANK HALF lOUR'S — SMOKED NNED HAMS ^ $ 3. 39 - $ 4." 1 TABLERITE Wc Will Have TABLERITE 1 Family Size FRYER CHICKENS 1 T-U-R-K-E-Y-S and a Limited Amount of i 39c lb. D-U-C-K-S jXTRA WHIPPED lad Dressing LL-O le Pineapple 32 02. Jar 39c 25c 4 Cans Pkgs. For SPRAY — iberry Sauce OR — No. 3 Can »t Potatoes r— 46 oz. dapple Juice % Gallon .ream . . . Frozen — 10 oz. jwberries 2/39c . 25c . 33c . 69c 2/49c . 39c . 33c 2/49c IONS bunch 5c ARAGUS . . lb. 29c * 86 4-3621 GREEN GIANT — 303 Can Peas 2 for 39c 2 POUNDS — Fig Bars .... KAISER'S — Aluminum foil BROWN AND SERVE IGA Rolls . . . PLAIN OR STUFFED — Olives . No. 12 Jar 39c No. 1 - 3 lbs. smn pomois. 29c We Are Expecting — DAFFODILS for EASTER iTHARKET The 25-c.ow registered Holstein herd of Ben Erickson & Son of Postville, has !been enrolled in dairy herd improvement registry testing. The program is the newest of three official production testing plans conducted by The Holstein Friesian Association of America in cooperation with the state agricul tural colleges. Known as DHIR, it was launched in 1956 as a means of incorporating the DHIA records of registered Hoi stein cows into the official breed improvement work of the national Holstein organization. Under the plan, the 305-day and complete lactation records of every registered Holstein cow in participating herds are forwarded to the association by the DHIA central processing laboratory. Resulting data is published as ready reference in breed improvement and used in Silver Medal Production Sire, Gold Medal Dam and Progressive Breeders Registry recognitions. BIG-FOUR BOWLING ASSOCIATION Monday Night Ladies League • * e * • Won Lost Tindell's 69 35 Hoth-T-Birds 65 39 Tuck's 61 43 Groff Drug 49 55 Luana Savings Bank 48% 55V4 Heidelberg Gardens 45% 58% Home Oil Company 42 62 Darling's 36 68 High individual game—Mrs. Clarence Tindell, 190; Mrs. Ronnie Harris, 189; Karen Mueller, 188. High three games — Mrs. Leslie Poesch, 501; Mrs. Clarence Tindell, 500; Mrs. Keith Brainard, 499. Tindell's, 4—Hoth-T-Birds, 0 Tuck's, 4—Groff Drug, 0 Darling's, 3—Heidelberg, 1 Luana Bank, 3—Home Oil Co., 1. —Mrs. Carl Schmidt, secretary Wednesday, March 29, 1961 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD 7 American League 29 2S) 38 47 51 55 55 58 59 Friday Night Ladies League OLD CHURCHES ARE FIRE HAZARDS Sate Fire Marshal Ed. J. Herron warned today that many of Iowa's older church buildings may be threatened by fire hazards the congregations don't know exist. He said there have been 187 Iowa church fires and a $2% million church fire loss in the state during the past 10 year period. One of the problems, Herron said, is that congregations seldom think of the church as a place where fire may strike. "As a result," he said, "there is not too much effort to find and correct fire hazards." He pointed out that church fire insurance on older buildings seldom will buy as much space as might be lost in a fire. "And one thing no amount of money can replace is the sense of tradition and history that is lost when an older church burns," Herron said. He urged church groups to appoint a fire hazard committee to inspect the ohurch in co-operation with a qualified fire inspector and the custodian. A list of hazards discovered should be presented to the church Board of Trustees for correction, he said. Herron also suggested that church congregations plan evacuation pro cedures to assure safety in case of fire. Funk's Construction 74% 41% McGregor Electronics 73 43 Meadow Gold 69 47 Hi-Way Lanes 66 50 Strikettes 62 50 Cook's Rollettes 59% 56% Ossian 57 59 Watkin's Pinettes 53 59 Albright Oil Company 51 65 Sal's Gals 49 67 Baade's Grocery 42 74 Hygrade 36 80 Hi-Way Lanes, 4—Ossian, 1 Electronics, 4—Baade's, 0 Albright Oil, 4—Hygrade, 0 Funk's, 3—Rollettes, 1 Meadow Gold, 2—Sal's Gals, 2 Strikettes and Watkins Pinettes, did not bowl. High individual lines—Mrs. Bill Possehl, 214; Mrs. Clarence Tindell, 199; Mrs. Leslie Poesch, 195. High individual series — Mrs Clarence Tindell, 569; Mrs. Leslie Poesch, 523; Mrs. Leroy Thompson 512. High team games—Sal's Gals, 825; Hi-Way Lanes, 807; Funk's Construction, 806. High team series — Sal's Gals, 2354; Meadow Gold, 2296; Funk's Construction, 2289. —Mrs. Eugene Doerring, secretary Meadow Gold 87 Drahn's Implement 87 Anderson's Clothing 78 Hi-Way Lanes 69 Groth Packing Company .65 Olson's Diamonds 61 Hall Roberts' Son 61 Ky's Clothing 58 Marianna Propane 57 Citizens State Bank 52% 62% Walnut Grove 50 66 Willman Real Estate 49 67 Frankville 41% 74 1 ,4 R. E. A 41' 75 Hygrade Products 37 79 Postville Faculty 34 82 Hi-Way Lanes, 4—Walnut G., 0 Groth Packing Co., 4—Hygrade, 0 Hall Roberts', 4—Frankville, 0 Drahn Imp., 3—Anderson's, 1 Meadow Gold, 3—Marianna, 1 R. E. A., 3—Olson's, 1 Faculty, 3—Willman's, 1 Citizens Bank, 2—Ky's, 2 . High series—Harley Radloff, Jr., 682; Gary Ellis, 660; LaVern John-| son, 639;Allen Wahls, 638; Gene Doerring. 637; Wes Halvorson, 602. High line—Allen Wahls, 252; Harley Radloff, Jr., 248 and 221; Gary Ellis, 248; LaVern Johnson, 242; Wilbur Cahoon, 234; Jack Hager, 224; Oscar Erickson, 223; Gene Doerring, 222; Wes Halvorson, 221. —Leonard Thoma, secretary High Series—Orville Mueller, 639; Donald Rose, 594; Curtis Zieman, 580. High line—Orville Mueller, 222; John Pains, 221; Curtis Zieman, 221; Keith Radloff, 215. —Leonard Thoma, secretary National League * • • * * 24 44 S3 62 66 70 71 74 Hy-Line 92 Don's Jewelry 72 Kneeskern's Mink Farm ....63 Ossian 54 Castalia 50 Lange's Sports 46 Heidelberg 45 Postville Lumber 42 Hy-Line, 4—Lanjie's Sports, 0 Ossian, 3—Postville Lumber, 1 Castalia, 3—Kneeskern's, 1 Heidelberg, 3—Don's Jewelry, 1. High series — LaVern Johnson, 644; Melvin Radloff, 609; Harley Radloff, Jr., 608; Donald Heins, 596: Gene Doerring, 591; William Szabo, 591; Wes Halvorson, 591. High line—Melvin Radloff, 230; Harley Radloff, Jr., 225; LaVern Johnson, 220 and 219; Richard Schlee, 219; Wes Halvorson, 219; Wayne Sender, 218. —Leonard Thoma, secretary Town and Country League * # • • • Gunder D.-X 77 39 Trojan's Hy-Bred 74% 41% Schave Garage 67% 48% Halvorson's Insurance 65% 50% Ossian 61% 54% G & M Transfer 61% 54% Wirkler Bros .60% 55% Luana Coop 60 56 Hi-Way Lanes 56 60 New York Life 56 60 Riverside Garage .55 61 Postville State Bank 52% 62% Frank's Recreation 51% 64% Farm Bureau Insurance ....43% 72% Taylor's Sinclair 42 74 Schroeder's Clothing 40% 75% D.-X., 4—Frank's Recreation, 0 Trojan's. 4—New York Life, 0 Schroeder's, 4—Hy-Way Lanes, 0 Farm Bureau, 3-^Schave's, 1 Luana Coop., 3—Ossian, 1 Riverside, 3—Wirkler Bros., 1 Halvorson's. 3—State Bank, 1 Taylor's, 2—G & M Transfer, 2. Church League Monona E. U. B 79 37 Monona Lutheran 72 44 Church Bowlers 70 46 Postville Lutheran A 65% 50% Farmersburg Lutheran 64 52 Luana Lutheran B 57% 58% Castalia Lutheran 56 60 Luana Lutheran A 54 62 Farmersburg Bowlers 51 65 Gunder Lutheran 48 68 Clermont Lutheran 40 76 Postville Lutheran B 39 77 Castalia Luth., 4—Clermont L„ 0 Postville L. A., 3—Gunder L., 1 E. U. B., 3—Luana L. B., 1 Bowlers, 3—Postville L. B., 1 Farmersburg B., 2—Luana L. A., 2 Farmersburg B., 2—Monona L., 2. High series—Gordon Kregel, 610; G. Burrack, 591; Lynn Hangartner, 579; Robert Saacke, 571. High line—Gordon Kregel, 255; Rev. C. E. Witt, 237; Leo Friederich, 230; Robert Saacke, 223; Orville Zit- tergruen, 220; G. Burrack, 220. —Leonard Thoma, secretary If you want it to be a short winter, just sign a 90-day note. { • SNOW CROP — FROZEN mini! 2 Pkgs. Difference between a poor man and a rich man is that one worries about his next meal while the other worries about his last one. Postville, Iowa Ask To See Our Complete WEDDING INVITATION LINE RAISED LETTERING or REGULAR PRINT with a choice of over 50 styles. Priced From *8 00 per 50 *12°°perl00 Also .... RECEPTION CARDS DINNER CARDS NAPKINS and THANK YOU NOTES Prompt Delivery. Guaranteed Accuracy. -ik- Postville Herald Printers — Publishers Postville, Iowa REAL GOLD — Orange Base ^ • • 2 For 33c DEL MONTE — CRUSHED • Pineapple — 8 oz. tins • • • 2 For 29c DESSERT TOPPING — Regular Size Dream Whip 2 For 39c Cello Radishes . pkg. 5c Cello Carrots . pkg. 10c NABISCO — White CRACKERS 1 Lb. . . 27c NESTLE'S — Giant 12 oz. Pkg. Chocolate Chips . 39c HILLS BROS.— Coffee • • 1 Lb. Tin 63c C & H — Powdered or Brown 2 - Mb. Pkgs. •••• Sugar • • 27c BETTY CROCKER— Pkg. Angel Food . . 49c Reg., Lemon-Custard, Fudge Swirl, or Orange-Pineapple RATH — "PICNIC" — Fri. f Sat. — 6 to 8 Lb. Ave. HAMS.... STUMME'S PHONE 86 4-7721 POSTVILLE, IOWA

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