Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 26, 1955 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1955
Page 17
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pA-2-4600 for t WANT 'AD.T»ker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD, ' WEDNESDAY,. OCTOBER, ,26, ,1955 SEVENTEEN ' : OUT OUR WAY Iv R: J. WillhiM OUR WARDING HOUSI with MAJOR HOOPtl you KNOW A HO*» WAMT» A DWMK APTER-EATIW'.'' wK«r wot useo THIS DEALIM' AW DECK ?—, I'M JIST A LITTLE:... _....... ,i W-t 6ETTHB i r- U p. n a- IT 'CAUSE ITS geeiS • PACKS of THESE ' v ' H5 LL ^ LUCKV PER M6/.^. CARDS AR6 ALLUS <W MARKED AS WAS KlHDA ) mi PLAIN AS A SOFT /d R MAILORDER WAT, ft—M CATALOS/ TOO LAW TO MAKE SACK.' THIS HO5i PIPPED THIS'N FULL HE'S COMIN TH'LA TIME NOW/ THe SCALPING 1 Ousted Conductor Sees television Highlights Then Itltvltton UsUngi u* torapUefl nem p«irnfti (umltbed by Uw tUUoai ITi» TUnei U not rflponalbta for lit* chans«i. . ; By JACK O'BRIAN NEW YORK _ (INS) - Musical conductor Jerry Bresler, one of three-.Talent .Scouts "friends" dismissed by • Arthur Godfrey, pre- dicled"today more Gpdfrcj'ites would get the ax.._ .'• • .. ;" Bresler'said: •.,'.'' • ''.'••'' . •"Believe inc, this won't be the fcndidf the firings.,If the rest of lhe:group-are smart,-they'll realize there's not much security in being ; one of! the 'Little-Godfreys'." ••( At Harrisburg, Pa.-,'.where, Godfrey!'is i, performing, iir'the Penn- "syty'ania'l National Horse Show, he !. was-'asked ^.hiSi reasons for drop' .-ping'.-.Brester, 1 co-producer Larry '. Puck-.-.and announcer George Bryan. •"'•'.. '.."'•.' . ; - £ The •red-haired -entertainer re' torted:.•', -,''.. ,.-''Op. ;I haye ; (o give reasons? • -.I'm;running this'job. and if I can't fire and hire people -to suit' my- teif; I'm going io quit. ,""It's my show, a'hd"wheh"l see it is time to make changes, '1 make them." . Godfrey was asked whether he made the shakeups in an effort to . check his jailing rating andXrc- gain one • bt, Uie 10 lop spots in television. .-'• . v • He said:---' '•• "The top 10' interesl me less than anything I know of. I'm not interested-tn, being in the top'10, because;when you .get there you onlyWve one jilnce to go and thai is. dowm";{ -.;•-. ; Godfrey.Was asked who would replace Puck and replied, "I.don't . need two producers. I produce the A ihow myself." Although Godfrey wouldn't ex. plain the firings, a.memberol his staff said the three were lef go because they couldn't get along with their boss. .' "It was just,a case.of lenipcra- .•iKMtj-ncraiTiciramija'aAte^..-.' „ SYLVANIA ti Factory Authorized | : Strui'ce j ENTERPRISE !4 170 N.'.Onlo SI. fhon. PA 2-OOJO Almost Everybody* Listens To WKYR 5000 WATTS 1270 On Your Dial ment with a capital' T!" Ssid the staff member,: \y!io asked that his name be••.withheld .because "my head may be next." . There were' other, explanations for the head-rolling. Puck was believed to .have been working on borrowed time since his May 6 marriage to Marior Marlowe, the singer who was firec three weeks earlier by Godfrey. .Bresler said he was convinced he got the ax because he was doing, arrangements and orchestrations for Marion: . The Bryan dismissal' was the real shocker to the Godfreyites. Bresler said: .. ' . "It left us . all flabbergasted. Don't ask me to explain that one. I doubt if even George himsel! knows why." George said he didn't' In the .reshuffle following the heave-hos, Godfrey will produce the 'Talent Scouts show himself, Bert Farber will replace. Bresler and Tony Marvin will take announcer. Both Farber and Marvin are on the "Arthur-Godfrey t His Friends" show Wednesday nights. The.latest firings brought lo IE the number of persons dismissed from Godfrey shows. Artists All Wet But Happy Guys MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., (INS) — Two Southern California artisls are one up on the guy who lakes his fountain pen in the bath' (ub wilh him to see if it can write underwater. , John Lcwcnbcrgcr and Don Manzcr, both of .Manhattan Beach, Calif.* are artists and skin diving enthusiasts who hove found a way lo combine both activities. Occasionally when they descenc inlo the briny depths they hau along their artists' paraphernalia and try to capture the aquatic scenery on canvas. But this is not as simple as i! sounds since underwater painlin; presents problems not cncounterec by the painter who keeps his feel dry and water out of his cars. For one thing Lewcnberger anc Manzcr had to develop paints anc canvases, that can withstand the excessive dampness of the ocean bottom. • . After months of experiments the pair finally developed the neces sary equipment and decided to try it out at a local aquarium. . They descended into the tank set up their, easels which had to be held down with lead weights and applied brush to canvas as they say in the art schools. Besides those who watched their endeavors through glass windows set in the sides of the aquarium were .several .fish who assumed a critical 'stance behind the artists shoulders. ; Neither the spectators outside nor ihside Ihe'tank cared to com meiit on the quality of their worl but all .agreed that here' were a couple of artists .who were all wet TELE-TOONS' PARAMOUNT [WWOUKl 9AM(<vlOPM. ^ SERVICE STATION KDKA .- itubarfh, Chuntl 1) TODAY . 5:00 News Reporter 5:05 Euii And Bill 5:30 Ncwi '5:45 Political Tilk !:55 Sports Editor 5:00 Superman 6:30 Time Out 6:45 Ranch Gall 7:00 S«r«i\ Plftyhouie 7:30 Doug]is FiirbanJfl 8:00 Runyon Theatre 8:30 Groucho Mane 9:00 Steel Hour 0:00 World Tonight 10:15 Feature Theatre 1:30 Sports Final 1:35 Swing Shift Theatre TOMORROW 6:00 Today Garroway 8:00 Wayne Griffin Show 9:00 Garry Moore Show 9.-30 Woman's Angle . 9:45 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Strike It Rich 1:00 New*. 1:15 Cartoon* 1:30 Search (or Tomorrow 1:45 Guiding Light 2:00 Let's Vhit 12:15 Kay's Kitchen 1:04 All 'About Baby 1:,5 1 Ya!lant Lady 1:30 Meet Your Neighbor 2:00 House Party • 2:30 Playhouse 330 3:00 Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Video Adventurei 4:30 JKoy Roger* TOMORROW 5:47 Today. On Farm 6:00 Today Garroway 8:00 Little Rascals 8:30 Romper Room 8:00 Ding Dong School 9:30 Search For Beauty 10:00 Home 11:00 Tennessee Ernie 11:30 Feather Your Nest 12:00 Playhouse 1:00 Afternoon 2:00 Ted Mack 2:30 Pays To Be Married 3:00 .pate With Life 3:15Tlrst Love ..-. . 3:30 World of Sweeney 3:45 Modem Romance . 4:00 Pinky Lee Shnw 4:30 Howdy Doody STATION WITA Harrtienkirf. Cki&nrl I) TODAY 5:00 Weitern Traili 1:00 Documentary Theater 6:15 New*, Sport* fi;25 Markets* Weaiher 6:30 Film .PUybmitc 7:00 Godfrey, Friendi 11:00 Climax 9:00 Boilnn 9:45 The Playhouse 0:45 Ncwi, Weaiher TOMOEROW ' 0:45 Film Theatre 1:15 Love ot Life 1;30 Search For Tomorrow IMS Guldinx Light 2:00 Film Plaj-houie 2:30 Welcome Trsrcleri 1:00 Movie MaUne* 2:00 Playhouse 3 3:00 Brichter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account «i«> Pinfcy Let Show 4:30 Howdy Doody BT1TIOS WTTO (Cumberlaai Cabla 5) TODAT 1:00 LamB Sefilon t:00 Hoppity Shippity 6:15 John Daly. News «:30 Hoppily Sklpplty 6:45 Looaey.Tunes "7:00 News, Weather 7:15 Let's Go Flshinf 7:30 Royal Thcalrc : 8:00 HHUIon Dollar Mo\-l« 9:30 The Story Teller 10:00 Mark Saber 10:30 The Hunter Jl:00 Matthew Warren 11:10 Feafurama TO.MOEKOW 9:05 Moratax H>-mn f:10 Serial Theater 9:30 Looncy TUDCI 10:00 Academy Theater 11:45 Era Wcitmore 12:00 Two In a How 1:00. Adventure 2:00 Ladles Be Seated 3:30 lla Time To Eat 3:40 Serial Thcatto 4:00 Gene Autry STATION W10 iblnrton, Chinnel i) TODAT 3:00 FoolUsht Theatre 5:4S Weaiher, Ne«« !:55 Scoria 6:00 Little Raicali 6:30 Eddie FUher 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Screen Plajhouse 7:30 Father Knawt Belt 8:00 TV Theatre 9:00 Thl> U Your U!e 9:30 Midwest Harri-ls 0:00 News 0:15 Weather, Sporti 0:25 Lei Paul, Mary Ford 0:30 Tonight STATION-WJAO '(Johnstown, CbinacI f> TODAT 5:WJ Sport* Paj:c 5:15 World Ncwi 5;3D Onle and Harriet 6:00 National Theatre' 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 New* Caravan 7:00 Screen Playhouie 7:30 Playbouie of Stan 8:00 TV Theatre 9:00 This la Your Life 9:30 Midwest Hayrid* 10:00 Sporti Time '•. ' 10:15 Pitt .Theatre TOMORROW 8iOO Today Garroway 8:30 Garry Moore Show S;00 Dine Dons School 9:30 Search For Beauty 10:00 BriRhter Day 10:30 Strike It Rich U:00 Tcnnrssr* Ernie ' 11:30 Feather Your Kent »;00 Search Tomorrow 12:15 Love ot Life 32:30 Welcome Traveler! 1:00 Lucky Calendar J:15 Fun To Reduce 1:30 House Party 1:45 Movie Quick Quiz 2:W) Ted Mack 2i30 Bob Crosby / 3:00 Date With Life ' 3:15 Matinee Mcfodics 3:30 Sweeney's World . 3:45 Modern Romances 4:00 Wild Bill Hlckok 4:30 Howdy Doody Let's Eat ACROSS 1 Green vtfeUblei 8 Potato S Watch ornament 12 Singing vole* 13 French river H Chemical suffix . IS Ltgf «rrU 17 Soft flax ZlSourot venison 23 Small (Scot.) DOWN 1 Bygone 1 Girl's name 3 Upon 4 Planted 5 Great Lakes' ctnal (var.) 6 Cheap, ckatel (slang) . 7 Employs 8 Writing .tables 25 Russian citj 43 Run »way 9 Structure 26 Baseball 45 Retinue •10 Bread spread markers 46 Hireling 28 Ancient shield 47 Negative ,vot« 30 Heraldic band 48.Alwfljj 31 Encounter SO German king 33 Lateral parts 51 Observed 35 More 52 Essential profound being 40 Evaluate 55 Decay 27 Refrain from eating 29 Kind of bomb 32 Wlpa out 34 View favorably 38 Wish 37 Repair thoei 38 Winter, vehicle 1 3D Often used in stuffings 41 Seine 42 Civil Ww general 44 Irish elm 46 Isolates ' 49 Eaten iw»y 5S Malt child 54 Values too • highly MBorn 57 Mexican S A L i S ' • S E- R V I _C ">_!-£* I ' ^ F * C . T ' ° N 101 VIRGINIA'S* CUMBERLAND M T !» Followers S».W6nn MFarmtrlr «1 Not one f ^•A^ PONT .TWINK 5O, is.,.sur He'ssat UMCON5CIOU5. THE IT'S THE FIRST _ 1VE SEEM'Hltt WITHOUT H6 SU4S65.: IT CHM3E5 ».•» x-^y^v\H DOM: waLusri GET HW SACK. OTK . &o i cwo-eer. ttY FIRST WD Kir TM'LIBRARV O'CONGRESS EV'RVTIMEVO' AXES ME A FOOLISM QOESTION, AH CONJUM6 UPA VUMN O' TH'ANCWU IN SOME SILLV 5OOK.THAR.'. •HEAD-f' AX ME -*S : NOTHING ANVTHIN'? ) IN THE DON'T KTfcW NOTHINf.? CS-OOKST WBRE THEy,REAUVl o HiwiunM/ I \«3N'T SHUT UP/..I AIN'T GONNA TAKE A RAP JUST tAUSE WANTS US TO 60 TO THE THEWE &ar NCTHINS; v YOU WROTE A PHONY NOTE.. OFFICE ABOUT THOSE CTOdffi MkSHT A5 WB.L COFE5A) NO/ 1^ L$ IrJSPBCTDR. ) ..W86S THE BOTUB. RAWSey- XX) 7RIEP TO - . ICILLM3USI56LF 6EO*U5e\ IT.'i'LL, vou WLLEP I'M MJOCENT; TAKE A' SBATV/CAU Tl* AMBULANCE/ MAW IN M3UR ATTEA\PT ON MUNZO Bf<Vf> r. M. fetal, mo. ,0.26 Copt. IKS bf MEA 5.^ic». kic- THESE A»£ THB Mlut BUILDINGS UPSTB64M — 8YSSTTINSAJO9 THE MYATA MILL, WE C»N KEEP Oje IDENTITY AS IYO*y PATROLMIN SECRET—' JUST WHAT HAS GOUS WBCNS AT THE MILU— I IMP fO MKRYivV.JCKH S«BX I »»NT THE wu susaes IF ITS u\\ vxxu> TO to*wi /ON THE ONLY w*r i c*tn ITONISHTS SHOT/ teu ICES' AW BBtrrHSe CUTy/NNOMCE A BIS HSBDIN6 OF JAIL. BUT CANT A FOR NEXT WEEK KK5HT IT 88 DONE OJICW.V I ><S. ON THg - /W (?JIETtY?-. ; /osmAppep SKmee ex>/e in A ante swe SISSIES mess, nuifo TB.PJKIOH CQtffDIM: KTcZMNeP TO tMWf..,. WITTY JOSH TlKNBf, OAfKc* OH U/S SU&V... HEY'lTHOU6HrtOO WERE BAZOO BOT75, THAT JIVE HW WHOS BEEN CumN<5 TIME' . \WlTH-frir COOKIE/ JUST A MWUTE, LITTLE BLISTER / i GOTTA BONE TO FKK WITH "OU / USTALITTlElJilW-.' ASD I'MTELLIN' \OU PICIJT WOW— I'M (JtJT WEABIMS A WJFFLEI? AND I'M MOT coins TO pifroMffl HTilEe.' TrtAT5 A COMMON BUT. THERE'S snufoop;.i KNOWHE'S RETlREPiBUT 'HE MIGHT BE PERSUADED TO'-MAKEONE OOP? WHO'S; rrs. HE? / BETJER THAT T' SHCWOUi . WATCH/ MR.LOSSAL BACK IN TIME ALL BV'HIM-! SELF/ ANKLE//THBDUfiH' WALKING fOR I MIOlON A1ES.OLSON I* 03MIN4 OUT NOW.:, IN CASE AHYOJt HECE WI4HSS TO LEAVE . W« PIPNT tNCW 5DMMCE AND LEYIOfJ OLSON WE'RE UCKW MABBIEP TO BEINS AtOHE; T04ETHE« —'4TARTINS Kl'4HT KOlV.'.... WE WCCCCA|.LEC',-I:MAO I STATION WMAL (Wathlngton*. Cbannel (Cumberland. Cabl* I) . TbnAT 3:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:30 Newa. .Weather 6:15 Jim Gibbons Show ' 6:30 Disneyland 7:30 MGM-Parade 8:00 Masquerade Party . .8:30 Break the Bank 9:00 Flshts 10:00 News, Weather 10:15 Sports 10:25 Star Theatra 11:00 Heart ol City TOMQRROW 32:30 Cartoon Concert 1:00 Ladies Home Theatre 2:30 Quiz Club 3:00 Studio 7 3:30 Clown Comer • 4:30 Town'and Country STATKM! WTOr (Waiolactea, Ckama*! ' . (CvMBCrllBd Cfttltt TODAT . . .5:OOTlanEe Rider 5:30 Spotlight , • ' 5:45 Edwards News ' 6:00 Rsmar Of Jungle . 6:30 Brave Ea«le' • 7:00 Arthur. Godfrey. «:00 Sec It Now . 9:00 Steel Hour 10:00 Mr. and Airs. North 10:30 Stories Of Century 11:00 The 11 Report -. 11:15 PatU Paje 11:30 The Late Show , TOMORROW i -. 6:55 Morning Meditations 7:00 BUiy Johnson Show 8:00 Dinna Invitation 8:30 Mark Evans 9:00 Garry Moprr Show 9:30. Arthur'Godfrey 10:30 Strike H Rich 11:00 Valiant Lady 11:15 Love Of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorro 11:45 Guiding IJjhl 12:00 Jack Paar Show .12:30 Welcome Traveler! 1:00 Robert .Q. Lewis 1:30 House Party 1:00 Bin Payoff 2:30 Bob Crosby • 3:00 Brishter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Pick Temple Ranch ITAT10N (AllooBa.. C»i»Ml II) S:DO News 5:15 Eddie Fisher 3:30 Western Marshal 6:00 SpurU News 6:13 John Daly News 6:30 Disneyland- 7:30 MGM Parade 8:30 Break the Bank S:00 Flshts 10:00 News, Weaiher 10:20 The I-ate Show TOMORROW 11:00 Western Theatre S:w'llarmony Time , 9:15 Serial Theatr* 10:00 Flynn's Inn 11:00 Tennessee Emit 11:30 News 11:43 Farm Program 12:00 Jack Paar Show. 12:30 Movie Matinee 2:00 Ted Mack Show . 2:30 Pays To Be Married 3:00 How They Learn 3:15 Your Own Home 3:30 Serial Theatre 4:00 Mickey Mou» Dub An«w«r to Pr*viou» Puxzl*

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