Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1927
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CRICAL GoTlm^^itri a. Neiospaper Hoi tp Sell Its Advertisers. VOUUME XXXI. No. 51. The REGISTER'S Cireida- tipn records open to publie inspection at any time. ' Suiv.-ssor to The I -tlii r>nlly Rtftrfster. The tola Paily Ut-cirrl and I'lla tKiUy Index. lOLA, KAN.. THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 22. 1927. The Weekly Regl-iler. Establish»l :1S«T. The lolk Dally Register. jEstabUshed.lSS;. EIGHT PAQES. 4jl Hop^ Given jp for Cirew on Sttl»niariiie Now Admiral Brumby, Is In Charge of Salvage :^ Work; -Announces ' The Newp [ VVOR^ TOncONtlNUE Suspension of .Operiations Is Up to Officials at Washington, • He Says WaKjiiiiKton. Dec. (AV) - WlilU' tli«' ipvy <I»-pnrtnient liaH iici r<»f-elv«'d official word rroin Avar Admiral Bruniiiy that n'p life i 'XisiK on the S-J jDil alfhouBli he has not nfk 'd" U)r inatritfiJonH, high officials salil tcJday that salvagp opera- WHEATACREAGE IN KANSAS HITS NEW HIGH MARK Condition Is R^ted at 75 Per Cent Normal .It ^ December 1 CHRISTMAS ANNOUNCED Two Presentations Are Planned by Groups In Charge * orchestra I to play Choruses Also Are Given Out; Churches to Participate The <'hrl8ijn<u program which Thr liew J. iiil>. amil] tli« siihnnTsibl*- !s lii-r.ii^ttt 10 the mrfjHf. will hif given by the thbira of the Flrxi MethodlKt RplHcopal ; and Toj)i-k:i. Di 'f. 22.. .(APi " '' KaiiKHM wliilcr wlifitl acrc-aK< lijucil at lIMHr .lMio H <n 'M --a ro«,ord—and tlic toudltlon rated at Ta per cent norinul uh of Uci-fin- i bcr 1. fompan-d to 80 pur ft-nt on ,ih»- yaine date luHt year. 1)>' tlio ! .state Hoard of aRrlculture today. I Twici? befijrc; KanKan lia.s had a; : winter wlii'al acreaBi' I 'xccedinK' • in l!i-'l and In "'"'"'I, ^/-^'Pj*""^, and 8er- MajOr Ingratitude Is AtHeightWhen Boy Steals Car Oklahojna City. Okla.. De.-. 22. (API—Polite Officers bc-^ llevf d lo«lay they had, discovered the rerord ca.«<v of filial /liij;ratitud<*. ' i. W. .\laddo.\ of Wlgrins. Colo., who said he had tipent about %m to %'A his )8 year uld ; r-im. Kii-liard, released from a (har(;e of iiirk<>y WMi- liijf. reported tliat h ^ HOn bad • stolen hU motor tiir. .Vlaii^iix toid p.>il>'<; o'flt-eiii he wait reiurnlni? to 'Colorado i:..m I'unttll. OKla.. and that the jlitvV drove the tar away Ir .Jtij a r.liliJtt Mtalion wbea the faih r -topped to inquire th« I royd to Wichita. KanK OF UNDBERGH NEARS SON Plane Hops Off After Noon FromfTampico, Mexico Pre»hyterlan churehcH and thMlt-: rAlfrDEf CC UAC flu symphony orchenra at the! vea -jVvlfVliiiIl'tiJ HUGETAStTO tOMPLETEYET per HerviccH at Qi^lu o'clock Cbrlnt- inaH afternoon, at the Metbpdlflt church and at 7:30 o'clock ;New Vear 'H cveulnK at the Prenbyf^rlan ( ! church, and the personnel o .f the . organiy:atlona were announced .to-! day. ' : I The prograiu followB:. ProceH- r.'.WMJ.OOo acres . BoslS/n. I >ec. 22. (APi—A iiiosi-afte received at the navy yaril "from'Troviuielown. today >tatcdi that air pumped from w^vcked was lilarkt-d- ly ie.sft lou! and that, no -sip- pals ttor resp-ins*' to hamnur taps tif the. divers hail hren heard.. last live yearn previous to-last fall "was ll.lST.i'lH) acres, "with a ten- year avejage <if 11,176.000. The previous,recoril was the estimatec' acreage of 12,-.'S4."12 sown in tin tall ol IHjI. -1 1. i. .• •iiii-i<e'e «'ci ;ed('d by five per cent the acreage of 12.- .. . , . While the largi^si jiercentage in- -Wa.s.s. L/ec,. I creusex in acreage" were reported in I counties in eastern Kansas, increases *ere shown monetie. Dr. H. C Mathix. Uecem ber 25 and Ur. C. I. Coldsmlth,; January 1;.- orchestra; niimbers. "March from Tannhauser,'.' (Wag- nerl ; "In a Perslon Markef," (Ket- telbeyi. and "Victor Herbert 's Favorites," (Herbert!: offertory solo, "I Know That My Redeemer Llv- eih." from The ."aesslah. Miss Clara lirowu: trio. "Harp of Gold," (Gabriel i. iliss Clara Brown, Mrs. A:: It. Knfleld and Miss Julia .McClure; "Shepherds." (Gabriel), a chorus keneralFy quartette, Mrs. E. W. Hag- Legislation Will Be fTaken Up After , Holidays ! LEAVE BROWNSVILLE For First Time Custom Officers Fail to . Do>york i Viilbnenn FI>Inir Fl«>id. Dpt. ii. (APj-Thi- plnnVx carrylnr . nrt. Lln4bpntl> nnd ('0I4 I.fnd. benrh arrlT^d nt Yalbnena riHH af S:I4 ji. m. Valbuena Flying Field; Mex- l<o, Dec. 22. (AP)—Colonel Charle.s .\. Lindbergh arrived, here at 2:.10 p. ra. from the i'yramids, th|Irty miles from Mexico City where he was the . guest of former President Oh- regon this'morning. He made immediate' preparations to go up in the Spirit of St. IJOM'M to greet his mother en'route from Tampico. •' Hear CAPTURED TODAY Washington. Dec. 22. (API—If the seventieth congress is swelled with pride over Its legislaiive ac-• compl^sbinents during the , few days of its existence, it had bettei mill a nuiniu. e-puiof vest. The few bills launchW down thtj .Me .Tlco City, Dec. 22. (.\Pi — .Mrs. Kvangeline I.,. Undbergh hopped off from Tampico on till- last st.'g..- of her Right from Detroit to spend Christmas in .Mexico City with her son at It'T'i p. ra. (central standard tluH') the ;Mexic»n Teegraph coii:pany was notified tod.-.y. Mrs. Lindbergh was expected to arrive af the Valbuena flying lield about 4:00 p. m. o'clock; todaj- that there wa.s no longer hope that life fd on board the submarine. "I have noj the slightest doubt tiiat iliere is no life on the S-l.r /.dmirai Hrumby said. ' Tlie lidln.ral said he was unable ii> auiiouu^'e when rescue i)pera- liijii- would be suspended. • •Thai is. up to the navy fjfpart- iii'iit ii; Washiugtoh." he said. "VVe have hOon keeping: Washington in- fifjiied. and fiction on suspension .1'.' opeKaliou.s- must come irolri Mi"Te."' All fjie officers dlrectfiig salvage \v< rk here agrwd with the admir- .li that! there wa.s no longer room fof hope for- the six men Impris- 1 Mi 'il ih the t<irpedo room" of the siibinacine. Admiral Itronnby'o xlntemeni was tii:ide ll."; hours after the K-4 was ••'.•n to the bottom In ColllKlon wiiii tlie coast ifuard destroyer I'.r.iilding last Saiur(Ja.v. Thirteen Iiours had passed since air lines w( te attached to the llslehing tube >'f S-4 and" air forrcd into tijH torpedo room. -Siii((« re.scue ojr.Tations were re-- ^UIn !•d iyesterday after Inking li'ehl Provincetown. JIa.s.S. Dec. i creases in acreage were reported in -""ss Juiia .wcuiure; ^vays that- Icud to the Presldentij 90 P-.or Admiral F H counties ii. eastern Kansas, in- hliepherds IGabriel) a.chorus „ask. most of them by an indu«iri- 2- (AP). Ke ^r Admnal i-. n;!^.reases *ere shown generally quartette, Mrs. E. W. Hag- ous house and now impounded ir, Brumbv in charge of salvage .throughout iihe state. Although lund,,Miss Lorance, .Miss .McClure; the theatrical senate, are as noth- nriPrat&ins at ihp sunken sub- ""^ ini'"<'a'><"' acreiages in the west- and viola Dalgarno; "Visions ing compared with those reiuaining, operations at tne sunken S""- j,,^. ^.^^^ reported «l<"-y- (Gabriel), duet and cho-a„,| demanding attention. , marine S-4, admitted at 11 m„:,ii l„ per cent, the board de-i^us, .Miss Lorance and .Misa Dal-, wiien its Christmas holldi-ys art dared- tluit in the aggregate they; farno: , "Birthday of a King,": behind it. congress must return t. . mean much more than the eastern (Neidlinger.l: mtx^d quart^itte, j, of fare that includes the newf--;«f''- „vi«„t K^r .sj" i.i.„Kes ' tMisses Urown and -McClure and morsels it has found in the Smith hoi'P<^<« "ere at 8:30 o clock thli? The December estiiuated .ondi-Me-ssrs. Glass and | Land, with solo Vure election ease, the Mexican; n'"rni.ig for continuation -of h?i tion Of per cent normal com- Mr- Umd; "Sl^g. O Heavens." .si„.h-fund iUQUiix the Beck con- »"«•" ""o:.^ D.nro .t to Mexico.C .ty pared with a live vear average „f (Toursi. solo. .Missi Clara Brown;) test in the hoiise and Hood control ' The next scheduled stop was i7'i4 per cent and :i ten vcar ave- 'Uesscd .\ight," (Gabriel), male and .such old, time favorites a:Tampico. Mexico. 255 miles from ' • • i„w- quartette, Messri*. Kerr, Leavltt,! Boulder Canyon<dam, farm relief, Brownsville on an air line. Heavy Garrison and Anderson: "Itark! ; and muscle shoals. i clouds along the Gulf of lUown.sville. Tex., Dec. 22. (AP) Evangeline L. Lindbergh , rage of 7!Vr6 ^er cent, was tht e'si since 1922. when the rating was , . _ Mexico 7! ner cent. The lowest December i Hark! .My Soul." | (Shelley), with 1 The .opening days after the new'probably will necessitate very low rating in the past ten years was eo^olo" '>y Mrs. Dcnc) Billl)e and Mrs. year promise to be busy ones, w^ith flying. If similar conditions pre- per cent ill 1921. E. 'W. Haglund: duet. "Guiding! committees of both branches going vftll between Tampico and .Mexicr Widely varying jirospects for tht Star." (Bragiient,! M ss Dalgarn'o at lop speed. Here are some of thf City, the last leg of the flight to tht 1928 crop were forecast, with Jtlie -''•r. Kerr; "llallelujah." "from subjects, who's doing what about Mexican capital may not be at- poorest reported in western Kan» Tlie '.MessLih (Hatidelr: and ben- them and when: teuipted until tomorrow, Harry sis." I ,edictlqn by Uie paiftar. ' Kunn Relief Hou .te Agrliiiltur.i' Hi-ooks. p'iot of the big tri-motored If a line is drawn from Phil-[ .Hij^tlioiIIxti CItulr. .coniiiiltteu liearing.s January 16. The personnel of the Methodist', Episcopai choir will be Mrs. C. I. Coldsmltii, Mrs. John Brazee, Mrs. L. Smltli. Miss Brown, Kflsii jklar- Two' of Numbered Bilb Are Passed Around Seattle, Wash., By Youth SEARCH "Is WARM lipsburg to Kussell and thence southwest to Hugoton," the board reporietl. /'.Most of the wheat west of such a line shows very I ^w prospects, ranging on the avcrdi?e about 0 poiulM lUidor Use state av«- nige. Kiisi of. such an imaginary lihe conditions arc generally from !« ontinoed on Va^f 4, .Vo, 5.) up for twti^days by cillator Vif the mint on. fljigihip .of the hai- stnt s'gnals at gales." the os- swecper Fal- K -iIvage fleet, l .'i minute in Previous rciiortcd Cash ('as"li , -. ;Rev. and Mrs. .Mathis Cash f.Mrs. J. G. Coffieltl -.— uU-meial plane s :iil. Mexico City Flood ("ontroi 1 uldic l;i >arins.' is about :' ihi ini cs from Tainidco. to be contiiiuetl cfter rec-ss li\ tin " Tlie plane.- which landed here bouse cotniniUce. about live o'clock yesterday, after- .Mu*c(e Shoals—Ilotwe MiUlar) ._^o<nj. ituiile a iierfetl r«il(,o-Afr today guerile Huff MiMiDarlene f«^,ti ''"nimlttee hearings «o:in afmr Jaii-'.'iiinM cheers of several huntlriici scy. Miss lidrralno Green' 'Jtlak ^ * " • perstms who bid braved a cold Cleone Reade, Mrs Floxd 'ElUotr'' ''anyn Dam House Ir-tvave to «ee the mother of Colonel •nnrdnnM- \ri.!> iF ,<nV». n'a^o M ,o' I •''S"*'"" ''""""""" r>' SCO- ' Charlos l.lnilbergh. .Xiiierlca's air te Irrigation . I oininiiiee Jaiiui!r> , hero. beg:n wha? may be the last 7. • It g of lier long Journey to spend Itailroad Consoltdatinn -IIousi the Chrisiin^s' liolMa}s with her IThomafl and G Vf Penfmore 1 hearings continue whi.-nison In the .Mexican capital.' ,ors: Messrs! Burchard. B. D.'Land!'•'^ff'.^"'!''- Customs bmclals on both sides and Ora Duncan, basses; Mrs. director. choir Boprdnos; .Miss .Eunice Reade, Mrs !Den« Billbo, .Mrs.j Or< Duncan. i.Mrs Trowbriiige and Ml«« Margar- BIG. BROTHERS FUND et Hanson, altos; MesBrs. C. C. -rvals' to the .^-4. There has been ! Cash • JM. G. Robinson • ' Hershbcrger ..»is.-..oo 2 .50 : 2.00 iW. Haglund. ! 2.00! The Presbyterian 2 .00'nel will be 1 .00 i Mrs. 4 A. K. ! 2.00 [AVarner. soji 1 .00 iClure, .Miss Joy (Cash no '•oupd fnun the sunken ship. ! Eiks . _ . While refusing to speak official-j" I V. several officers of the salrage ; "potal f.-it spid'th"! «!i'en v^as finally | I Coming right 1.00 1.00 Mrs. F. C. person-I J. C. Glass, A. C. Scott, N. C, Kerr.! „ng .either during or after rrc.s: . 25.00! Leavltt. J. E. Cornish and Murphy. I geek E'ection Contest -lloiusc ; tenors: Messrs.. Frank Anderson.!elections coininittee Januarv fi. —•224.50 John Lyman Sleeper. .F. CI Green ! . land George Marsh, basses; Mr. A. along! Within I E. Garrison, director. existed on „.„.„ would he ahou"tTi25 of The niinimum. So if. The orchestra personnel is as viiu want to get fi; on this basket, follows: Violins. AV. .M. Shieids. J. business vou must step-right up. i^^- Jones, Ruth Green. Frederick heavy i.s a" chance that comes- but;C^een. Lester Kessinger. Harvey once a vear. a chance to make Herr. Manetta Peterson, Marie Da- nearlv three hundred people happy.:vis; clarinets. T. O. Canauey, Har- tl -'ierhiinetl tliai no IKe I''," S-4 palvai"? werk ati :indonfd for the time. -Tile wind \;ei -'ed to th»* vfsi . today threatening weather, and it was heliev'''d <on- rvt'oTi-:- wniilil be uiisiiitabl < .-..-.c^ w-rk f.-r -oTu. lini .. You 'WTe^ heinf tiiat it is ni^r'e old Mc:feely: 'cellos. Mrs. WalteriT f mmnnd- r iJ'-be-=. v ho , ,,,^3^^^ ,0 „^^.^ jo receive, and , Wise. Grace Stratton: s 'r 'ec >e v t- .1.,.. Milima- „,ay „„, beUeve It. But the'Harry Getrost: flute, Judson Rum Mi -.'-S-nl TV^v't^ h' hit '-''nrge ,of .f„-i,„ their eonirihu -'sey; piano. .Mrs. Ralph Stover: 25.000.000 N'a-' I f)f the .borders had received orderF from their respective RovernmentF to permit the plane and party t( croHB iinraolested. and the shir heatted directly into the heart of Mexico after :circling once over Brownsville.'' As the plane pa.ssed over, the crowd at the lield .Mrs Lindbeigh was seen to wave her handkerchief in farewell to her homeland. The jilane was the first ever tc Public Utilities Inquiry—Senate i have taken off from a Brownsville < .\dmIni8tration % \. vaj Construction Program—No date seti by house naval commtitee. _ tti... ir-_i. i" Smith-Vare Contests—S p e c I a ' Vnfi-J x«''^,''*''m;«"nate campaign committee n?nIlMt «"''i t° ""e up Smith case January 7 ranos: Misa Julia .Mc- v„ ^^4^ set for Vare case -riJ DaJK^no. and Mexican Kund-Specia' .reen. altos: Messrs. | ge„ate committee to continue sit- Ilere K Kilnnrd Hickman, Kansas 4'tty hoy, tvhom I.os Angeles • pullre claim to hare identified a.s the niaif nho kidnapped and niiir- dered .Hurliin Parker of Los Anceles In a crime that lus shocked - tlie whole runnfrj"; lllckman has lend police a merry chase and Is reported to have passed part of the runsojn liioney In Seattle, AVusb'„ | late yesterday. Ills arrest I.* expected at any time. } Chief of Detectives Cline Certain That "The Fox'^ Will Be Captured by Police in Short . Time—Change Search Plans. committee interstate commerce January 16. Committee of both houses expected to consider ways means of . promoting a private, Bad Weather are ant!! landing field and crossed the border with the consent of both gov- ernment.s. s'li'.aeinsr thi't v.'l two V'^nrs • se -woff Fl-.i-k i'lT) pMTint 'd '^-.Itions to the Big Brothers Fund! horn. J. L. .Maffitt: trumpets. J. V.. American merchant marine, but ncji^^^ w . Tur ^AU— time-for Initiating the movement LindyS Mother has been set i ' —. ~-, , ; Mexico City. Dec' 22. (AP)— oboe, - Tnla T>nirv Mavm f a ' Colonel Lindbergh's mother, who is Rum- ^^^P ifir X- ' «P««dine, by air to Mexico City to Its JNeW Location; spend the Christmastide with hei- to- r in the t • ::i ("ll m»V'' r personal „• il'P S -4. r don't helieve it merely.,they K.XOW j Merchant, it: They come with their dollar. • trombone. I son. is likely to encounter unpleas- Gordon ^endarvls; , The lola Dairy started moving i ant weather part of the way from Walter Hamilton. Jr.: tntiay from the old location. 5 South-Tampico. ' Mrs.; Lindbergh is e.x- '"«P'''"-ior their two dolIar -H or five dollars, ha .sses, Edwin McClure. Chester;Kentucky, to its new hullding at I pected to reach the capital this ; and there is a glad look in their faces, Thomas: drums and tympani. M. r,-t,m,a,.dpr K" I, r-r said ''I '^i which makes it entirely clear 10, Jinor: ini:' ;t>e,: the ; forw 'B'd j'-irine. ThN bnt diver" had reached grivone Avho sees it tliat they are = (Mrs- J. E. Cornish and Miss En-jMrs. •kmr • fr-ni the Paulding thinking qf the money they are lol[i Green will the accompanists.' char -^""''- irivinir awav!' tliev aie thinking of iiiit tbnt d-fk of M,e .sun- away:^ they ai la hilled several "•"•;•"•!,'^^7 I'^'-old men and women and little chil- r^'" bottom of the ,,^p„ those who are sick 1 -MldiiiRs hull cut •• hole ,„ the p„„r and;whose ever.vdav far.^ ""v /"^'"u ''"r * Is very mc-igre indeed. And so >o ;nt jusf aft of the forwaril " a iwinf'b'ack of the con Rumsey: J. V. Roberts, director. the corner of State and Lincoln, j aftei-noon. Since 'he death of her husband,; The "worst" weathtr thecity has the ji>y the money will carry toplire Damage $25!ati Sputh Chestnut Home , il/Mk charge of the hi Dairy sells mill^ and manufactun and "400,'; j'Wer . The commander ' ff"" they fict more blessing'out of the;'*'-' South Chest '"'"K little money they gtive away than 1 C. R. Fields. A large new t stalled to fumii Damage In a fire at a Ijouse at,ilizing the mi:k 02 South Chestnut street, rented lisiness. The Iola;came prevailed" early this morning, whipping cream j The skies were heavily overcast: it was cold and raw. with:a low banging mist and fog, limiting tI; sion in the streets to objects a quarter of at mile distant. cream bottles. _ ^ „ , was estimated at j iplo.ved to take ! tliev could possiblv get out of niaiiv *2.T by. Luther Crea.son. fire chief, (and three trucks are used. T^e said that the. 1, [„,•,.(,,,he „nme amount which 1 The fire was reiwrted at HO o'clock jTiuilding is of co icrete and the in- mud jfhpre the .S-4 Ii<s was ?no s„n,pone =niight give uj them. !night. The fire jslarted in ajterlor is finishel in black and " J. W. Pirker is doing the 's cottage cheese a i:hbcoIate drink. oiler has been in- h steam for ster- ans and milk and Five men are em- tare of the work *Mrs. Murpjiy cjcpects to have an opening after January 1. Visitors are w^clcome to go " morn seriouR Ifaadicap than he had ' The basket committee, will meet| hed. which was Imdli' damaged, white, t -ncojintered in many other i=alvag-!;,g.,(„ tomorrow nisht at the Port-sMr. j>nd Mrs. Fields Have been In!work, ing oporationf with which he has , |a„,| i|„tel at S I 'dtH-k to make the I Pittsburg for two months, and the been connected. . final check. The tejichers and the j house has not been occupieil. Til" Falcon is ikeepine about 10 ,.oihmiteee memhers from the var-' Chl'f Crcason declared the fire (KMinds of -presijurt* through thelj„„„ churches should attend this was reported over the telephone at ithrongh the plant at any time, .air line leading jto the torpedo meeting without further 'notice. I l>ollce headquarters. If there had i-iiom of the S-4^ The plan is to jvi ^o anyone who thinks he knows not been policeman at headquar- blow air down to the submarine |of jj fami^- to whiclv a ba.sket ters. he pointed out. the alarm .for half an hour and then allow'«hould be sent shoiild be there or.might not have been received until i! to vent for h^lf an hour. 'send the name and address of tht> after the house was destroyed. The ^ir lines are attached to the I family together with the number* in Persons should call the fire de- Christmas Programs Are Given in Schools Yesterday.-before the close of the public schools in lola- for j the Christmas hijlldays,' Christmas 1 programs were presented at virtually all schools. Pnpllsr in the variouf grades participated in the programs which were unusually good. S-C tube.-" or' Jistening device, jt" whJch serves tlitl pnrpa'se of ears • for an iinderseaj lK >at. The- tube] is a T projecting of brass pipe with rubber fixtures ai; either siiie, of which performs 1 he service of sound magnifiers. Tliese rubber piece.s were removed hv the: divers and the air lines •wt >re attached fo the brass tube. 1 - partment to report fires. a^'?ro*m"thrSrantS' Ofily Oti^ More Legal Obstacle to ExecutionofMrs. Snyder andGray Albanv. N. Y.. Dec. 22. (API- - j The .state commissioner of cor- Ruth Sn.vder and Judd Gray, dc- roction. Dr. Ra>-mond F. C^K^eb. , , ... . . v 1 „>'i^ecently refused to allow a (HiicAgo clared sane-.hy a stale bo^rd f p^yehiatrist to make an examlha- alienisis. stood hut one leghl st^jtion of Mrs. Snyder, as xequested ifrom execution todav. AVitliAoIding < by her counsel. The commissioner, ; of executive, clem ?ncy frofii the held that the state board of all^iir ostbn. Dec. 22. (AP)—Re^r Ad-. two fqhvictetl of kbe slajing ofjlsts was making an entirely ade- Andrews Orders \ * W^ork to Be Continued miral Philip .\ndrews. commandant' Mrs. Siiyder's ^usband won;i<l senti | quate examination of Mrs. Snyder, of the first naval, district.) de-jthem fo the electric chair^ '• 'rii«» nii<.ni«t imo.-.t o =^a,^Ai„« work marlr The alienist board, .a standlni; claretj tkiday that in his opinion the j Thealienists were unanimous in | organization, is composed of three of raising thie sunken sub- telltng (j^overnoiJ Smith that they i members chosen from the staffs; of e S--I should "go right ahead' fotind no'evidence of an unbalanced . either go loig as conditions permit a con- mental condition | in (C^tn^nned on Page |3, >o. 4.) i ,1 Snyder or Grajf. i state insane institutions. Thiejr Mrs. I fixed dutyr is to examine all per- isons condemned to deatb. LAYS AND WOUNDS Maine Insane ,Cripple.Is Wounded After His Wild Night Brunswick, Maine, Dec. 22. (AP) Raymond Petit, 23<'.vear-oId insane cripple, who shot and wounded bis father and mother bere last nigbt, "was captured today, but not until after he bad killed Mrs. M. £. White, 78. in hen home at Top-, shain, and had beeji critically wounded by- officers. Petlts career ended at noon when a posse of deputy sheriffs and volunUers fired shot after shot tbroagb the doiors of an np- pelr room in the residence of Albion Tedford in Topsham. across thf Androscoggin river from his home, where he had taken refuge. He fell' with threeibullet wounds in I the, abdomen. Before Petit was overctJine. he' killed Mrs. White. Tedford's sister and housekeeper, as she stood in the kitchen preparing dinner. Her skbll was cashed by the blaze of shists from bis gun. She was alone at the time, A company of the national guard had been called out to assist in the search for Petit who fled to the woods after shooting his parents. Los Angeles. Dec. 22. (AP)—Southern California officers who have been following what now appears to have been "cold trails" in the hunt fbr William Edward Hickman, accused "Fox" in the kidnaping and slaying of little Marian Parker, settled back for a brief rest today while Seattle police took up the battle of wits with the wily youth who has eluded one of the greatest man hunting machines ever set in mofion on the Pacific coast. Chief of Detectives Herman ClineO' declares he was confident that the man who had paid a Seattle clothier with one. of the seventy-five $20- gold certificates given the school girl's slayer for her dismembered body was none other than the "Fox" himself. -Search Is .\*ar Ei^" "The search is near the end." declared the -man who directed, thousands of police officers in the Southern Cailifornia huut while the former Sunday school boy mocked tfie best efforts of the city's traiifed detectors of'criminals. Although the hunted man apparently bad! made a clean exit -/rom I.,08 Angeles, he left plenty of loose ends in the strange.: case for the detective force to follow. Science last jilght gave two Important bits of evidence to the facts which have been made known. Police Chemi.«t Rex Wiilsh re- Youth In Green Hudson Is Reported Near Portland, Oregon Pendleton, Ore., Dec. 22. (AP). Williani E. Hickman. Los Angeles fugitive, was ari-ested this afternoon east of Echo, Ore., by state officer Buck Lieualleti and Tom Guardane, chief of police of Pendleton. M oney. found on his person corresponded to that recbiX'- ed by Hickman, at Los Angeles. ' Pendleton,.Oi-e., Dec. 22. j(AP)—William Edwai^ Hickman, sought as kid- nai^er and slayer of Marian Parker, 12-year-old Los Angeles girl, was cap- I tured at Echo, Ore., to(iay after a spectacular automobile race along the Columbia river. In a confession to the police, Hickman stated the girl was killed Friday and that the deed was the work of a fiend whom his confession I did not identify. I He stated tha,t no an-, aesthetic Wjas used during^ the dissection of her body. She was stjrangled by \ a wire in the iiands of the murderer. He ^declared that the murder wak not committed in the Belevue apartment in Los Angeles. Hickman declared that he wanted the money to go to college and thought the kidnaping was an easy way out. A large crowd was milling around the police station where Hickman was held. have threatened to trip up the cunning murderer. . It was Saturday night, too. that Hickman and another man were seen leaving the apartment carrying a number of bundles, according to two.'.witnesse's discoveretl yester-; day by. the police., A third man waitet^ In a car at the entrance to: the apartment house. The next day the missing parts of the body of; the fiend's victim were found scat-: tered along a road "where apparently they, had been, cast from an automobile}. Another chemist-rCountv Chem-' m 'tbir"!^L''i^b of the $20 bills Included tophied some of the pet theories of .;in thc I 'ansom moncy had the slaying on which the "Wcer .'-jUpp-, _p „p :„pj fUp-p . hat! been working, Aljernathy sald--"^^'' J^^^^.J. ° \[ thdre was fao evidence that lht| child had been given an anaesthet­ ic prior to /death. Seattle, Wash., Dec. 22; (AP) New impetus to the quest here for William Edward Hickman, sought as' the slayer of Marian Parker of Los Angeles, was given today by the report from the Valley Garage at Kent, Iq miles south of here, that anoth- Garaee employes said the bill Jhad b-'en presented by a motorist between 1I:.'?0 p. ra. and midnight riast night. Sheriff Clande G. Bannick dispatched a posse of deputies to the scene at 11 a. m. today. The autopsy surgeon reported ported that his investigation l>ad ,hat the girl was not choked tci shown stains in the apartment oc- 1,, ^.afh. If these hypotheses arc ^ cupled by Hickman during the days-i tryp pogsible that the littit?-V**"*^* tittendants said the motor-, of the kidnaping aiid murder wcrr 'wa.s dissected alive who presented the certificate blood. The spots were fresh, the' . |v.a.s driving a green Hudson sedan chemist said.: after a microstopit (p|,™_ • "^bearing California license So. 1- examlnation. i S^SO-.-JOl. This was the license nnm- Carrte(l Bnndle >i Saturday. |CaIl RcachCS AfautZ . I ^^er of the car reported stolen by It was last Saturday night that , the torso of that smiill boil.t wasj Kansas Cit.v, Dec. 22. (.\P» plicknian in Los Angeles last Sun.\ Jday nfght. | bartered to the father for $1;3< m >- my.=!fcrioiiR telephone call threaten--^ Tht- garage attendant said^ he those seventy-five $20 gold t-ertifi- lug children of Dr. Herbert L. jhad taken down the number of the cates whose .'-erlal numbers . now (Continued on Page S, \o. 2..* ?car night without realizing its • ' '. ^ ^ ^importance. When he saw news4 ——~- — r- jpapers this morning announcmg Medical Student Plans to Marry Widow of Former Maine Governor the i^an ''anrfmmd ^it''wa^"KSiS^ y • ' \ —^ [ Believe He Has Escaped. Boston.' . Dec. 22. (API—Mrs., estate and fortune of his family in f Belief that Hickman has eluded f 'the hastily .drawn police net set ;for bim here and had headed for 'Canada was admitted by officers here today after a nigh.t of search L ^or the youthful fugitive who has "outwitted peace officers of nearly lithe entire Pacific Coast. | Twelve hours gfter Hickirian :«uddenly appeared in a Seattle? Dorothy Woodman Parkhurst.' t''*" Smyrna disaster of 1922 ' j His father wa^ Cyrus Comninos, r brain specialist and archaeologist. Parkhurst, was goveror of Maine, xhe family traced its line ?back to is to marry Cyrus Dimitri Com- the Byzantinelemperors of the Hth ninos. 30-year-old medical istudent and loth centuries and for 400 and reputed descendant of Byzan-'vears numbered on the thrones of tine Emperors, who is working as ] Constantinople and Trebizond no a head waiter In a back bay cafe.; fewer than 18 emperors and ?19 . _ Their I romance w^s disclosed with' kings, genealogists have asserted, oiaberdashery and passed one of &e a marriage; Mrs. who maintains their application . for license. . , (jomninos came to this country is 35 years oltK She married Park- penniless from Aiden. Greek Asia'hurst in ISll^and was his second Minor, after the destrucUon of the'wife. >. ^20 bills which the abductor cpl- a home on fashionable Beacon Hill, |ected from Perry M. Parker. fa:h- c .... %r of the girt, combined pol forces of a dozen cities had bejeii (Continued on Page 8, Xo. L)

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