Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 26, 1955 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1955
Page 16
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.; • SIXTEEN- V v -,, • .•/• i. pB&O Stoppage jPbstponed By : JedeM Move •*-"*A federal mediator has entered tffic dispute between'the BiO Rail•road and Brotherhood of. Railroad "Trainmen, postponing - indefinitely • a'strike the BRT had called for 6 ;<U m. Friday. • ,' ' .- .-': ' " » iSV Tho union already, had mailed Ijjlrike notices to about- 8,500 mem- ' on the railroad's 13-state' sys- between New York and St. »L«uis; The union includes conduc- Itors. brakcriien.'yard foremen, and • yard helpers. . -.:".' ', A railroad-spokesman :in-Haiti- 'more said the dispute involves ! minor grievances, some of them >'going back eight or ten. years. He cited as a theoretical example,a EVENING , TIMES, .CUMBERLAND, MP.. , ^EDNEJSDAY, .OCTOBER ,26, 1955 Dial Early Slart Nets Contract By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service In today's hand West opens a trump because he thinks that South hopes to ruff diamonds in the'dum- my. Dummy had bid clubs and raised spades, so it is-reasonable .0 assume that dummy will come down with shortness in at least one of the red suits. • • As it- happens, South wants to ruff a heart rather than a diamond :n the dummy.: The heart shortness in the North hand is not very impressive, but it eventually develops "$23 difference over whether a man a trick for declarer. 1 on particular .assignment should be ' paid as a trainman or' a' switch! Hian. '.' "We have hundreds like them," • he said. * --Fia'nk Goebcl, the railroad's vice- president for personnel,- arrived in I Chicago yesterday to confer on the • grievances with representatives o ' the union and the. federal medi - - ator. ., Even, before the conference, the railroad had said it did not antici '""pate a work stoppage.because i - is routine to submit such gnvances ."to a mediator and this automatical ly postpones a strike. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH, a pleasant alkaline (non-acid) powder, holds false teetb more Ormly. To eat end talk in mow comfort. Just sprinkle it little FAS- TEETH on your plates. No gummy, •pooey, pasty, taste oc feeling. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath).-Get , FASTEETH at any drug counter. ' ' AdveiUicmen : Fri. Nite, Oct. 28—11:30 Jacoby On Bridge Keegan Airs WEST A 10 9 WAK95 • Q93.2 + 942 ' NORTH it 4K74 VQ6 « 1085 + AQ763 EAST . *J53 - V J1072 + KJ108 SOUTH (D) If 843 « A K J 4 : . North-South vul.- Sooth Wetl North Eut 1 4 Pass 2 * Pass 2» Pass 2 * P»ss 3 4 Past 4 * Pitt Pass ' Pass ' .. Opening lead—* 10 Soutli wins the first .trick in his hand with the ace of 'spades in order to lead the first heart towards dummy's queen. This doesn'l mean much in the actual hand, bul it may conceal the nature, of the hand from the defenders, and it costs nothing; . : West steps up with the king of hearts and leads his other trump. This .trick ^musl .be won in the dummy with the.king of,spades, since dummy's eventual ruffing trick - must take place with a low trump rather than with the king. (It the king of. trumps is used for ROUTE 51 OtDTOWN ROAD — NOW SHOWING — HMMMMEY _ JUM AUY90N ON THE SCREENI 2 CHIUERSI BORIS KARLOFF "FRANKENSTEIN" BELA LUGOSI "BROOKLYN GORILLA" MONSTERS! GHOSTS! GOBLINS! WITCHES! ON STAGE—IN THE AISIES All OVER THE HOUSEI ^TICKETS ON SALE NOW! J, ONLY CAPACITY SOLD! •"* A £c*Wfhr&JA4 t •. Cumberland. Maryland • JOAN Ct^AWFOftD JOHNNY GWTAfc NEXT SUNDAY-MONDAY HORRIFIC HALLOWEEN — SHOW — 3 SPOOKY FEATURES "BODY SNATCHERS" "GHOST CHASERS" WITH BOWERY BOYS plus "ISLE OF THE DEAD" — FREE — DOUGHNtlT AND GLASS OF CIDER TO EACH PATROM ufflng, East's jack .will .eventually evelop into 'a trump trick for the efenders.) . . . ' • Declarer now Icads'the qu'ccn of earts from'the dummy, hoping iat the defender'who-has Hie ace t hearts will not he able to lead third' trump. This is the case. st-takes the ace of .hearts and as to switch to a low club.- : This is the relief that South has ecn hoping for. He goes up with ic ace of clubs, gets to his hand the ace of diamonds, ruffs is last heart 'in dummy, returns _ His hand with a club'ruff, and raws the last trump with the ueen of spades. With the main "work of the hand cconiplishcd, South can _ ccomplished, South cari cash, the :ing of'diamonds and give up a iamoiid trick.'His last, trump and he jack, of diamonds guarantee his ontract. : '. • - Q—The bidding has been: ' Nprth Eut. South West 1 Diamond Pass 1 Spade Pass 2 Clubs - -Pass t You. South, hold: 4KI09S5 V843 »A41 #7« What-doyou do? A—Bid two diinkmdi. This bid shows no additional- itrenith. You are merely showlni t preference for your partner's . first suit. ' TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered. You, South, hold: - . ' 4K10985 *H3 *A,Qt +Q6 What do you do? ; Answer Tomorrow Blame Hunters [n Two Blazes An investigation'of two fires last Saturday in county woods has re- de's'iresTo'^ravef Greene Street Traffic Plan Operation Of Lights To Be Installed On Greene Explained ' Explanation'of : the signal lights which' will control traffic in the section affected by the opening o the new Blue Bridge betwcei Cumberland and Ridgcley has beei made by-Police and Fire Commis sioner William V. Keegan. The signal lights, according li Keegan, will be located near thi West Side Pharmacy, at the Ma sonic Temple on Greene Street and at the bridge.. ' Motorists moving, along Greene Street • toward the Dingle .will us the right lane and will not be al feet by the signal'lights- although they will be expected, to trave with caution. : This also will hold true for mo torists -. coming .into- Cumberlam along' Greene Street who want ,tc go to Ridgeley. They will use thi right lane on'Greene Street in thi vicinity of the West Side Pharmacy and will not be halted by'the lights Traffic coming into Cumberlan from Ridgclejv Keegan added, wil govern the lights as trippers alon the approach to the bridge on th Maryland .side' will change th lights, allowing' the motorists -t enter ..Cumberland or turn- ou Greened Street in the direction the Dingle.' Use Right Lane "A motorist coming into Cumber land from Ridgeley and desiring t travel toward the • business 'sectio will-use'the'right lane'along th approach.'.'.! , The tripper will change the cei terMane light at the pharmacy, a lowing him to continue on int Cumberland. 'When a motorist en. tering Cumberland from the bridg 600-acre tract owned by.the Pitts'- __ . . burgh Plate Glass Company after wcr( . promised a connecting road a,'hearing at the site.: , .'..- • • •----•>—--• "•-'' »- •<•» Purpose of the hearing was to emovc any doubt as to suited Mn hunters being blamed, iccording to District Forester Wiliam li. Johnson. • •' • " • e^ hunters apparently set fire o den trees- in order to smoke out game.. One on Town Hill burned about'one-tenth acre before it was extinguished by Ralph Witt, super- mendent of the Green Ridge Forest. The other, on Dan's Mountain, vas put out by Oliver Campbell, orest warden, before it could spread-beyond the single tree in vhich it started. Wins Celanese Fellowship HALEIGH, N. C. — Roger 'Lee .'ruitt, of Raleigh, is winner of .he $1,800 Celanese Corp. of Amerca fellowship in the School of Textiles at North Carolina State College, here. . • Pruitt has worked during. the )ast year as a research assistant n the Department of Chemistry and Dyeing in the School'of Tex- iles. ward-the'Dingle, the tripper in th left : Iane 'will change the lights a lowing him to continue toward th traffic- island, around it and u Greene Street. The. lights in the vicinity of Ih Masonic Temple and the pharmac will control traffic in the cente lane. .... Officer On Duly Meanwhile a police officer wi be on duty at the intersection a shift changes to keep traffic mov ing. Across the intersection, cros. valks for pedestrians have bee painted, and Commissioner Wi liam Buchholtz said the Street Di parlmcnt has made an additiona concrete walkway at. the traffi island for pedestrians to step ou of the way of traffic before pn ceeding across the walkway o Greene Street. No particular pedestrian problem is expected at the site, official said. On tiie Hidgeley approach, th contractor must complete curbin Before the four-inch blacktop wear ing course can be laid. As the bridge opened yesterday Bridge Street became a dead enc The contractor will- linish a com bination curb and gutter at Ih street intersection. Nuziim said that when the wear ing course is being laid, traffic wi probably be one-way on the Ridge ley side. Misnamed Kio de Janeiro, Brazil, wa named for a river that does no exist. Spanish discoverers, in 1502 mistook the wide bay for th mouth of a river, which they calle River of January, because the came upon it on January first. TEENAGE VIOLENCE! WHAT MADE HIM TICK . . . LIKE A BOMB? LADIES' DRESS SHOES High, Low, Cubon Heeli KINNEY'S YOUR BLOOD Is Needed! Give to the Red Cross Blood Bank Cumb. Nov. 7 — Lonaconing, Nov. 8 . The overnight sensation of 'fast of Eden For Appointment Phone PA 2-1760 M«r.<ir' J <ir HAVING A PARTY? I Private Rooms ^ J for any list ^ j PARTY S - : •'••• { Banquet! of any Wedding Reception!, Cocktail Partiet, etc. .« WARNERCOLOR Feature 1-2:00 • 2:00 6:00-8:00 ! Anton's! I Ft. Cujnbtrknd Hotel J ! Dining Reom-CoHM Shop | Tomorrow! Closed W^ ,the 'Alicgahy .County .Board;of area and the other > into North tomriilssioners voted yesterday af- Branch. ".•••'•• "•!.•••••••-. , • enioon to close five roads on, a Spokesmen. for, the group told ',emmert that as "early as'1938 they. orhpany's 'title ' 'o Scyerol months ago the land, the 'county ommissioncrs formally opened the oads as the first step in a plan to lose: them' permanently. . . Some 25 to 30 persons living in lie North Branch-Mexico Farms area came to the-hearing, apparently to protest the.move. How.- ver, once they were told about thei oads in question they had no ob- ection, according to William H. emmc'rt, board president. Residents of the area were, more concerned with, attempting to get he commissioners to extend two presently dead-end county roads so hat they would be linked together, ioth run off Oidtowh Road, une extending to the Mexico Farms Seiv-Thrifty Lcmmert .cautioned that the big difficulty appears to be that the connecting strip would .have to cross the C&O Canal properly, which is owned by the Federal government. • •••''.. Commissioner ' Orr moved 'or closing the roads' after''no one raised an objection 16'Closing any of the' five roads shown on the plat within the bounds of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass ' Company' property. Lemmcrt secbried the-motipn. Commissioner C. N:. Wilkinson''was away on vacation. ' . '. • '.. ,. 'A.riiimrjer. or.persons spoke at :he-.tearing., Among them were Gorman E.- Getty,.attorney :tb-the county commissioners;,William C. Walsh,'attorney for the glass .company; Albert H..Hargre'aves,.direc- .or of the Industrial Promotion Department .of the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce; James Crifes, Mrs. Alan Fresh, VMrs. Julia Pollock and 0. S. Holliday, all of whom the area. As .spokesman for the glass company, Walsh said none of the roads in question .ever was va public thoroughfare. Several of them were used to carry: people to .the old Valentine farm but 'Others had large trees growing in the middle of them. Judge Walsh was accom- panied'by his son'. William-Walsh, ivho also is an; Philip Hartig of Frostburg, the surveyor who drew the plat, explained the position of the roads to the residents attending the hearing. James G. Stevenson, clerk to the ommissioriers. and J. Walker h'apman, county -roads super isor/alio attended'the hearing.- HI Hoys Plait Parly The Ailegany County 4-H Boys •odcratloh will have an ice crean iarly November 1! 'Jerry ^ancaste'r of La Vale as toastmast r. A movie of a recent University f Maryland football game will b hown. REDUCING ISEASV! .'.•.. *nm ft* HK timirit Plu to -MAIL ORDEIS SENT C.O.P. - RAND S CUT RATE •alllmor* at Ctntr* Cumberland Two meetings,,6nc tbd«y'it.7:j p in. and the othcr'WlO:3<> v i';: tomorrow, will • be held by 1874, Textile Workers Unio America-<CIO), accoidhijf to M«l; vin Harris,- president.'y ; . "*..-;: -;,"< • The membership•-will discusi possible revision- of th? .seniority ratings (s-4) provision 'of the pre : sent contract. '...,'. '•'.'• . : .,. : '" 'The meetings have.^been,called after difficulty in gaining seniority, rating was encountered by< hew SPECIAL LONG PLAY 98 SYCKES MUSIC STOW f 22 N.C«itr.Sf.r; CRYSTAL DRIVE INrV~* SUSPENSE! Be smart, be thrifty — sew this stunning new skirt in a jiffy! ONE YARD 54-inch fabric is all you need — in ANY size given! Wonderful in wool or corduroy — with panel front, tabs for clever accent. Slim, classic lines — so flattering i every figure! Pattern 4562: Misses'- Waist Sizes 24, 25, 26, 28, 30 inches. All iizes given: 1 yard 54-inch. This pattern easy to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Ha :omplete illustrated instructions. Send Thirty-live cents in coins for this pattern—add 5 cents for ach pattern for ,lst-class mailing. Send to ANNE ADAMS, care of The Evening Times 42 Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, AD DRESS with ZONE, SIZE STYLE NUMBER. DOROTHY McGUI STEPHEN HcNUllY Bmnettes | Cm - Style Cooking as you like it! HOME MADE PIES BROOK'S CA I E 77 N. Centre St. Enrol! Your Child in an APPROVED DANCE STUDIO! Dixon Dance Studio Approved by Md. State Board of Education Also a N.A.D:D.A. approved teacher For Information Call PArkview 4-2939 E3£ WARNER BROS 32 Strangelady " ' - KTAitmNa ^ • GREER CARSON, DANAANDRBVSl K?MERVYN UROY CO-HIT (RIME WAVE ,-•.'• if a riing CINE NELSON STERLING HAYDEN EMBASSY •i ••/.*-•' • •*-•.• • ••-." i STARTING" TODAY!; "A Gaucho ntvtr turrenAirt what ithti!"/ The rowdy, rousing, rollicking story of Luk? Frr-i?. ^nd his three v:sn;* tops hl«"Shfuie-.and"B«ttU Crjr* triumph* In the very """TpH itoiy of a T«y oDDioal gny. ~^'

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