The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 29, 1939 · Page 8
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 8

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1939
Page 8
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EIGH1 THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN. FRIDAY, SEPT. 29, 1939. SAY counts ARE LURE TO OLD, YOUNG And Here's a List of Few Hazards Eliminated by Correct Equipment You can't keep the family and the family's friends out of the kitchen these days, whether it's the gang home from school with Harry and Harriet, or the Saturday evening crowd. And there's no need to^ry, when you can • have a kitchen that's brightened by color! C' f -''~ For color has come into the kitchen to stay! We've had it in curtains, floor coverings, pots and pans, and smaller items, such as drawer knobs. But now you can create an even stronger impression of cheerfulness. Splash of Color As just one example, you'll find five-piece breakfast sets in the stores that add exactly the right touch of -smartness. Your friends will admire them .and you'll love to feast your eyes on the added splash of color. There's no doubt abbfatIt—there's more fun to be ha<M|n a robnv whe,f e a bit of blueiMjed or yellow re-r lieves the TKflSres and grays of the old-fasmoijed kitchen. A variety df ^styles and color patterns are.'jhicmded" in the present array^f breakfast sets. Whether you?''prefer pastels or i the stronger pwmary shades, you can get a set that suits your taste. 1 There are some beauties in chrome and many with handsome cabinet work in maple, oak, and other woods. Wide Choice of Tops Among the table top materials available in these sets and in ordinary kitchen tables, you'll find porcelain enamel, linoleum, bakelite, wood, and others. The bright patterns in porcelain enamel are especially attractive, and this durable material has the Personality—Expressed in Furnishings SHOW NEW DESIGNS IN FURNITURE No Startling Innovations, But Many Refinements Are Reported Here Funiture styles for the fall and early winter, making their Figured carpets and rugs with plain walls and furniture fabrics s a principle honored in its observance. And among today's car>et fabrics the delightful, tone-on-tone, all-over patterns admira- »ly meet a decorative need. Rich and colorful, this example of he mode is a fitting companion for the interesting: furniture rroupihg which illustrates the extent to which varied types of finish may be used successfully to express personal tastes. Stores throughout America are helping the home-maker "individualize" her home by showing her settings like this during National Furniture Week. debut during National Furniture Week, will show no startling innovations, but many developments of trends already on the market. In simple furniture of the more inexpensive sort, Early American continues its ascendancy. In the better class it is ! made of hard maple and birch, I while at the lower prices, it is ] of soft maple, tupelq and gum- i wood. As a style, its' trend is I ,'pwny from the crude "carpen-| ter" types and toward the so- [ phistication of 18th Century | types. In its best forms 'smacks not a little of Queen i Anne and even takes on the I lines, if not the carved Jment, of Chippendale. Finish Is Changing In finish. Early American has been changing rapidly. A season or so ago it was mostly 'Swedish Modern' Americanized A couple of years ago "Swedish Modern" descended upon us with a bang, met with ap'proval and exploded to the far corners of the country. In its development it quickly lost whatever slender claims it may have had [.lust provide adequate comfort- originally to a Swedish pedi- ! able light. They should enhance gree. Today it is "American | the decorative note of the room Modern," but it retains the ori- jtoo. A big massive lamp in a a sofa, bYd~, "tabfe"'or^buffet A ginal curvilinear theme and j:small room of finely proportioned ' three-way floor lamp is a pleas- sim- ! furniture is just a.s comical as a I ant accompaniment to a wing large, stoutish woman with a ' ' ~" ' " .small, thinnish man. Lamps Can Enhance Decorative Effect of Rooms They Illumine Lamps should do more than i the colors of the drapery or up- 1 C \- l^l»rMM j-ii-\ nr-lnmiitt-A n,-\+t.-\ f, •»»»*- 1_ _ 1 ..!_.'.__ r_1 • . .1 it X . _. holstery fabrics and the food finishes in the furniture. A lamp is a logical partner for suggests"" not a little a plified version of Heppelwhite and Sheraton. All this applies to upper strata modern. Modern, of the so-called Swedish type, was first intro- chair; a Chinese porcelain lijfnp on a Chippendale table beside a Jaded room, or a flat note in what i.s otherwise an exquisite room. A lamp can be a tonic for a chair of the 18th Century design H "' 1 """ ~ *•'-' -~ t - ; '--- adds distinction to a room. Torchieres with indirect light- duced in blonde mahoganv. but j Well chosen lamps will bring out'ing can be placed effectively /*lll»vanf rl£Hral/-n-\»-»-»r»,-. t- 1^ ~ ~ 1,~~,, "S3 r vt v-*»*. v, ui v *..* j current development as" been in the intermediate toiies of mahogany, the best description of " i either at opposite corners of a dining room or at each side of the buffet. ,, . t A night table is always suitable for a lamp of correct height to make reading in bed a pleasure. Lamps for a vanity table should be tall enough to provide light at face height and the shades should have soft neutral colors. Production of gas masks is now an important part of the rubber industry in the United Kittgdom. A Scottish rubber firm has recently acquired a factory for an output of 140.000 masks per week. which are honey or " amber tones. Prima * vora follows mahogany in this style in popularity. followed by solid maple and veneered walnut. Boxy or commercial modern aupoars in n melange of woods, "native an exotic, with walnut and Oriental-wood predominating. 18th Century Ranks High Keeping pace with Early American and modern as a whole, and far out-distancing both in furniture in the medium and higher price brackets, is traditional furniture. This is principally 18th Contury. of English and American inspiration. Included in this group (of styles are the American and English versions of French Empire. The American version of this style is known as Federal American (best exemplified by Duncan Phyfet while the English variant is called Eng"mercurochrome" or Dale red Ilish Regency. ink manle. These shades var- iied with each manufacturer and all were equally unattractive. Today's finishes are difficult to describe, but very pleasing to the eye. They might be called variations of By types, in addition to those just mentioned, we find Early Georgian. Chippendale, a little Adam and much o:' Heppel- white and Sheraton. There i.s apparent, a slight shift in emphasis from Early Geon added advantage of being stainless, fadeless, and acid-resisting. Rest assured, then, that when you adopt an over-all plan for modernizing your kitchen, youll ufacturprs be making it brighter and cheer- Uld *- turers ier as well as reducing your work amazingly. Whether you accomplish improvements all at one time or step by step, each, of them will give you lasting satisfaction. How often have you searched frantically through a collection of utensils in one of your deep drawers, trying to find the egg beater or a certain paring knife j Ji just at the time when you were attempting to get everything for dinner on schedule? Another thing—how many times have you burned a hand "or an arm trying to get at the chops broiling in your old-fashioned oven? There ara a good many "mental hazards" lurking in the average kitchen. So it's good news that the planning experts are giving them careful consideration in planning new layouts for the modern kitchen. Here Are Common Hazards In fact, an entire meeting at a recent session on kitchen planning was devoted to this subject. Here are-some of the conditions considered by these authorities as not only annoying and nerve- wracking, .but likely to lead to minor accidents and injuries as well: Swinging doors leading to the dining room or the rear porch, especially when located near a refrigerator, range, or sink. Drawers and cabinet doors that stick. Old-style range ovens in which it's almost impossible to turn a steak without suffering a painful burn. Refrigerators with unlighted interiors. - ; Kitchen cabinet shelves that are out of reach. Slippery or uneven floor coverings; Theye are remedies for every one of these mental hazards'in the new kitchen plans and in the equipment now on the market. For instance, the drawers in many cabinet units are mounted on ball-bearing slides. They pull put easily and are so well made that trouble from warping and sticking is reduced to the minimum. Racks Easy to Reach ji ranges available today lave -sliding- shelves and racks ;hat are-easy to reach, as well as "" 'a dozen other useful f ea and Rugs Wear Better When Cleaned Frequently Like most treasured belongings, carpets and rugs respond pile floor coverings. Daily cleaning of surfaces most heavily used, such, for instance, as" those near en-j have together "largely replaced trances, is advised. Once a ;the unstyled gingerbread' fur- week a thorough vacuuming to remove dirt and grit from the depth of the pile will -- - i . . . u . . . *.-»<.*. i i t l VJ ^ l_«i i, I 1.1 1 1 li?ht brown, often with a gray- and Chippendale to the less nr- ish cast. They are not unlike jnate forms of Heppehvhite- the color of old maple pieces Sheraton inspiration from the attic and will do a lot to continue the vogue Early American. Early American Your Choice of Many New Fall Shades We maintain a fully equipped garment repair department, for ladies' and gents' garments. Have them repaired, cleaned and relined for winter. NOW! Hv our new and modern methods DRAPES. CURTAINS Thoroughly Cleaned Cleaners SrOTTVILLE— HIGEI/S . . whole-heartedly to kind treat- Housekeepers will ap- most satisfactory service. Authorities strongly advise use niture. known as "Commercial," that once dominated the low priced furniture field. first laid down. v*-M A »! n * n 4.T~ f ..1- i • ( -ilUbllWA 1U1CO Obll/ligiY CVUVISC UOC illdL lam UUW11. tS^^SEg^SLSS?? & a vacuum cleaner from the j is improved, not wool pile covering is thorough cleaning. about care of - time wool The surface injured, by i •V.W.VUV.W.V, "A-m'.VmVm'm'm'm m » o a fJ'm'.'mV.'m'mVm'.VmVm'm'V* Don't Let Your Natural Impulse TO OWN A HOME BE NIPPED IN THE BUDGET! Salary September 30th Through October 7th. , B ,, r v makei yqur roasting, bak- and br$nhg easier. Ifchen " 'cabinets nowadays tually do your planning for I, so far as efficient storage of yc .working equipment goes. Brything has its place and that $e has oeen selected by care, .study of your needs. It's no necessary to trudge back rth across the room for the you require. They're right and If you follow the I provided by your they'll always be lejnostf •convenient spot, my useful, attractive sink cabinet combinations are d in every detail to fulfill lUlremenis of the sink The sinks in such units "10 in creams, tans, ., and blues as well as a, gjeamlng white. Linoleum n be smoother _.jor, When it is untfwWoQrs, loose squid be nailed joints planed over concrete, and Yet the Abrahamson-Nerheim Go's Plan Enables Him To Own His Oivn Home! The time when home-ownership was a luxury far out of reach of the average wage earner is long dead. Anyone earning more than $28 per week can buy or build a fine modern home by using the easy-pay, long-term Abrahamson- Nerheim plan of home-ownership. Under this plan Abrahamson- Nerheim finances, plans, and guilds your home with only a •1#% down payment as the sole requirement. Repayment of the balance may be extended over a term of 5 to 20 years, as you prefer. Installments may be paid monthly, like rent! Regardless of which plan you choose, you will find that home- ownership the Abrahamson-Nerheim way costs you less than the rent you would pay. An average monthly installment on a medium size home, for instance, runs from only $25 to $30. Why not phone 130 for plete information today? com- The Extended Payment Plan Applies to Remodeling, Too! Abrahamson- Nerheim PHONE 130. WttW+J'Sffj'J'JV'SJVrt'+JVU'JVfJVVfSSfJVJ'JU These New Living Room Suites Have Big Deep Channeled Arms and Smart Styling! Tivo Fall Size Pieces Truly gorgeous suites for your living room and truly standouts in d» quality and low prices! Luxurious davenports and chairs to match! A Deep restful, spring filled, reversible cushions! You may select from a range of fine long wearing covers and styles! 491to $ 110 This Is The Season For New FLOOR COVERINGS of all types. RUGS for the Living 3loom—LINOLEUM: for the Kitchen, Bath or Hall. FELT BASE RUGS for Any Room. We Will Gladly Give You Estimates on the Cost for Covering Your Floors. WE WELCOME YOU, NOT ONLY DURING NATIONAL FURNITURE WEEK — BUT EVERY WEEK IN THE YEAR. Palm Furniture Co. PHONE 5 ^j^^^jl^^^^^^

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