Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 29, 1961 · Page 6
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 6

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1961
Page 6
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Postville Herald P0STV1LLK. IOWA PUBLISHED WEEKLY IMfidal N*w»p»per for Allamakee Coanty and Town of PostriUe CMtfard W. DcGarmo and Fred L. Martin Publishers WmU 11 il at the Postoffice, Postville, Iowa as Second Clau Matter. Mr. and Mrs. Burr Cook and Kaye drove to Waterloo Sunday to spend the day with Perry Cook. Mr. and Mrs. Stan Schroeder and family and Mrs. Jessye Schroeder were Sunday guests in the Arnold Baker home in Cresco. The Boy Scov.ts will hold a pancake and sausage supper on Wednesday, April 5. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Hill arrived home Thursday afternoon after spending seven weeks in St. Petersburg, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE ».00 Per Year — $5.60 for 2 Years ia Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette and Winneshiek Counties W .SO Per Year — S6.50 for 2 Years Outside of Four County area. NATION A I EDITORIAL |.AS (p>cgTI (|>N Mr. and Mrs. C. W. DeGarmo and family were Sunday dinner guests in the home of the Rev. J. L. DeGarmo in West Union. Mr. and Mrs. Luver Schultz drove to Waterloo Friday to meet their daughter, Dorothy, who came by plane from Houston, Texas for a ten day Easter vacation. Wednesday, March 29, 1961 Mrs. C. W. Schroeder and girls visited Mrs. C. G. Burling and Jnna at Clarksville Sunday. Arbe Bareis of Ottumwa, a former resident of this community, attended the March session of the Reisch American School of Auc­ tioneering in Mason City and graduated there on March 17. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Meyer were in Cedar Rapids Friday and Saturday on business for Gus' Heating and Plumbing and also called on Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Thoma and Susan and Ileta Christofferson. •Hubert Luhman. Ed Kozelka and "William Kozelka were at Waverly Sunday to attend a cribbage tournament. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Looney, Jr. and .Jamily visited in the home of Mr. <aad Mrs. R. W. Garms in Volga Sunday afternoon. -Mr. and Mrs. William C. Tyler of Alia Vista were Sunday guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry "Tyler and family. J3r. and Mrs. Paul F. Bowlin and Jamily of Minneapolis, Minnesota were guests from Friday until Sun-day in the home of Dr. and Mrs. M. JT. "Kiesau and family. A cooking and baking demon stration will be held at Interstate Power Company office in Postville on Thursday, April 6, from 1:00 to 4:00 p. m. Free barbecued hams will be given away each hour. Vance Stover of Lawson Equipment Company attended a Part's Manager's Training School in Des Moines last Wednesday. David Kiesau, student at Coe college in Cedar Rapids, came last Friday to spend his Easter vacation in the home of his parents, Dr. and Mrs. M. F. Kiesau and family. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kruse of Gary, Indiana are guests in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Russell H. Palmer and Mrs. Orpha Myers. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Graf and Cyn thia Lee of Indianapolis, Indiana will arrive this week to spend the Easter holidays in the Palmer home. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Groff and Pat of Pocahontas were weekend guests in the home of Mr. Groff's brother, Frank C. Groff and family and also visited Mrs. Kathryn C Limbeck at Community Memorial Hospital. Other guests for dinner Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wallmark and Marie Lansing of Ossian. Social Security Annual Report Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schroeder j drove to Minneapolis Sunday to visit their son Charles Schroeder, student at Northwestern Theqlogi- cal Seminary, and to spend the day with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schroeder at St. Louis Park. After spending the winter months .in California in the home of Charles Heins, Clara Hutchins has returned to the home of the Emil Block iamily in Cedar Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Voelz and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fordyce and •family were dinner guests Sunday .jn the home of Mr. and Mrs. Virgel -Heins at Oelwein in honor of their son Dean's confirmation. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd B. Turner at- Jended the sixty-sixth annual contention of the Iowa Independent ^telephone Association on Thursday and Friday in Des Moines. The 748 delegates represented 325 independent telephone companies in 99 Iowa counties. When You Have Dry Cleaning Remember GORDANIER CLEANERS Phone 86 4-3813 Postville, la. Mrs. J. T. Humphrey left Monday for Kingston, Ohio to visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Humphrey and family. She will also visit in Ann Arbor. Michigan in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sawyer and family. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Behnken entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of their daughter, Janet, who was confirmed at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Guests were: Mrs. Rose Fehlhafer of Eyota, Minnesota; Mr. and Mrs. Arno C. Lenth, Mr. and Mrs. Arno Duede and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bischoff, of Garnavillo; Norma Behnken of Oelwein; Donald Kerr and Alan Behnken. Weekend guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gordanier and girls were Mrs. Robert Dalzell and children of Brainard, Minnesota and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eckstein and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Eckstein and family of Waverly. William James of Postville took part in the Palm Sunday concert at State Gymnasium, Ames, as the 200-voice chorus presented Shubert's "Mass in G Major" and Vivaldi's "Gloria." The combined Iowa State University singers presented the concert. Mr. and Mrs. Burnell Anderson entertained the following in honor of Dean's confirmation on Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Don Anderson. Brian and Brent, Luana; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fischer, LaDean and Lee. Guttenberg: Mr. and Mrs. Martin Anderson and Chrystol, Clermont: Don Koenig, Manchester; Judy Anderson. Cedar Falls; and Dennis and David Anderson. At the Elevator Get Your NF -180 SUSPENSION — AT lall Roberts' Son POSTVILLE, IOWA Sunday supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Kugel honoring Robert's confirmation in St. Paul's Lutheran Church were: The Rev. and Mrs. Charles Witt, the Rev. Justin Silvius, Maxine Siverson, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Meyer and family. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Meyer and family Milo Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. William Kugel. Guests Sunday for dinner in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Fichtel in honor of their daughter Peggy, who was confirmed at St. Paul's Lutheran Church that morning, i were: Mrs. Fred Klammer and Norma Klammer and Marlys of | Westgate; Mr. and Mrs. Harry j Fichtel of Alta Vista; Mr. and Mrs. I Thomas Fichtel and family and | Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Groth and ; family of Anoka, Minnesota; and ! Mr. and Mrs. Herb Klammer of iWest Union. j Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Harnack Clifford and Judy entertained at 1 dinner and supper Palm Sunday in ! honor of their son and brother, I Marlin Harnack who was confirmed \ at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Those present were: C. R. Thornton, Louie Harnack and Merlin and Ross Thornton, Postville; Mr and Mrs. Henry Thornton and girls. Waukon; Mr. and Mrs. Milo Harnack, Castalia; Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Livingood, Forest Mills; and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hinman and Jen nifer, Monona. NOTICE! POSTVILLE RETAIL STORES WILL BE CLOSED From 12:00 Noon to 3:00 p. m. | Good Friday. March 31 [ • FOR CHURCH SERVICES RETAIL TRADE COMMITTEE POSTVILLE COMMERCIAL CLUB Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Storla entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of their daughter, Janet, who was confirmed that morning at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Guests were: Emma Paulson, Waterville; Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Gulrud, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Mr. and Mrs. Ove Storla, Carol, Curtis, DuWayne and girl friend, Dubuque; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wendel, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wendel, Ronnie, Susan and Sondra, Mrs. Thora Johnson and Eddie Hogen and Selma, all of Waterville; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snitker, Arlyn, Stephen, Barbara, Delora and Nancy, Rossville; Mrs. Stella Storla and Philip, Glenwood; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ball and Mary, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Spinner, Pamela and Lynn and Mrs. Jack Whitehead, all of Postville. Tune Tractor To Cut Fuel Costs Income to the two trust funds out of which social security benefits are paid exceeded outgo by $648 million during the year ending December 31, 1960, according to Albert J. D'Amour, district manager of the Winona social security office. "The 21st annual report of the trustees bf the two funds also gives fiscal and calendar year estimates for the following five years, 15 years, and for the long-range future up until the year 2025," D'Amour said. These figures, based on provisions of the present social security law, show trjat income to the two funds during the 1960's and on into the long range future will be sufficient to cover all outlays for benefits. Income to the old-age and survivors insurance trust fund during calendar year 1960 exceeded outgo by $184 million. Total disbursements for the year amounted to just under $11.2 billion. Total income for the year was close to $11.4 billion. At the end of the year, the fund stood at $20,324,000.000. Total income to the disability insurance trust fund during 1960 exceeded outgo by $464 million. Disbursements totaled $604 million, and income totaled $1,068 million. At the end of the year, assets of this fund totaled $2,289,000,000. "The estimates for the five years following 1960," D'Amour said, "show that under present law, total income to the old-age and survivors insurance trust fund over the five-year period will amount to $70.8 billion." Total outgo during that period will come to $67.0 billion with a total excess of income over outgo amounting to $3.8 billion. At the end of December 1965, the assets of the old-age and survivors insurance trust fund are expected to amount to $24.2 billion. During these same. five years, the assets of the disability insurance trust fund are expected to grow from the present $2.3 billion to $2.7 billion. Total income over the five years is estimated at $5.9 billion and total disbursements at $5.5 billion. "By the end of December 1970," D'Amour said, "the trustees estimates are that the old-age and survivors insurance trust fund will have grown to S46.6 billion. On the same date, disability insurance trust fund assets are "estimated at $4.1 billion." Booklet No. 36, "Facts About the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund" is available free at the Social Security Office, 356 East Sarnia, Winona, Minnesota. NEW E BONDS GROW IN VALUE FASTER AND MATURE SOONER Here is the NEW table of cash values for E Bonds '""^H" J»"° 1959 and aftert Save And You Will Have Petroleum fuels, such as gasoline and L. P. Gas, are the biggest items in Allamakee county farmers' tractor costs, says County Extension Director Fred C. O'Riley. He reports that Agricultural Engineer Dale Hull of Iowa State University says much of your gasoline and L. P. gas is never converted into power because tractor engines are not tuned up to burn the fuel efficiently. Hull says farmers can save fuel by making a few simple adjustments before heavy spring work. These include installing new spark plugs and ignition points. He also suggests, checking the air cleaner. There should be no obstructions in the pre-cleaner air-intake pipes, or air cleaner screen itself. Hull also says yovi should be sure the thermostat is operating at 180 degrees, regardless of the type of fuel burned. It will keep your fuel economy high — and trouble down. Each Week In 3 Year* In 5 Yean In 7 Yeara- 9 Months $ 2.50 . . • $ 405 $ 703 $1,150 3.75 . . . 607 1,055 1,728 5.00 . . • 810 1,408 2,304 6.25 . . . 1,013 1,759 2,882 7.50 . . . 1,215 2,112 3,458 12.50 . . . 2,026 3,520 5,766 18.75 . . • 3,040 5,282 8,651 it 8 ement years and 9 months and may be held an additional 10 yeara J at liberal interest. RAILROADS IS CUB SCOUT THEME Cub Den III met on March 21 with all scouts present. The Flag Ceremony was led by Tommy Plaht. After roll call and dues were collected the meeting time was spent practicing the skit for the March pack meeting. The theme for March is Railroaders. A treat was served and the meeting closed with the Living Circle and the Cub Scout Promise. Den III met March 27 at the home of Mrs. Eugene Suddendorf with Mrs. Lyle Groth and Dale Ellis as­ sisting. Roll call was taken and dues were collected, followed, by the Flag Ceremony, led by Dale Ellis. The entire meeting time was spent working on the Webelos re quirements, including the tying of knots. The meeting closed with the Living Circle and Cub Scout Promise. The next meeting will be held on April 4. CHECK SAFETV EQUIPMENT IN CABJ Approximately hall fl.1 ing driven today in \Z\ have developed soim safety equipment ftn tribute to a traffic ai The estimate was by William Burnett, education director, Iowa communities to i unlary car safely ^ grams during May an) Burnett said figures) stntes conducting safety, grams consistently shut 50 per cent of the cm, need immediate reft piece of safety equip "What this means ii accident involvenu sure," Burnett said, % adequate reporting andl ty of finding the pari after a car has heen "But I'm convinced fc ted safety equipment-^, lights and so on-lcad cidents than we tarn If halt the cars i one or more items ot <n ment, he commented, check program is one i direct contributions community can make. The state satety depsri is trying to interest & Iowa towns in operatic safety check programs' and June. Packaging and stoijjej have marked effects an mlnation, says Botanist!* of Iowa State Univers During braising of loin chops, losses from evaporation decrease and dripping losses increase With increasing finish, says Food Special ist Frances Carlin of Iowa State University. WASHERS- DSI SALES and SB Kittleson TEST HULLED SEED BEFORE PLANTING Card of Thanks THANK YOU —We wish to express our sincere thanks to our relatives and friends for their kind words of condolence, cards, flowers, food and memorial gifts during the hospitalization and death of our mother and grandmother. A special thanks also to Rev. Witt and Rev. Silvius for their kind kelp and prayers. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lar.dt and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Landt and family. 22p. Allamakee county farmers who intend to plant hulled forage or grain-crop seed this year can eliminate risk by having their seed tested for "condition", says County Extension Director Fred C. O'Riley. O'Riley says that, according to Leroy Everson, head of seed testing at Iowa State University, seed hulled by combining or other operations often suffers damage that reduces its ability to produce a crop in the field. Some seed damages easier than others, Everson points out. Oat seed usually survives hulling in good shape. Timothy, on the other hand, injures easily. Iowa State studies show that hulled seeds lose their viability (germination capacity) sooner than unhulled seed. So, Everson warns, it's doubly important to have your seed tested if it has been stored for a long time. A laboratory germination test will give some indication of the degree of damage. If your germination report reads "high", you can plant your seed without further worry. Everson adds that Iowa State's seed laboratory can now test all seed samples sent in without delay. INJURED Fred J. Grof of Elk Horn was partially disabled recently when he fell and sprained his arm and tore ligaments. Last year Mr. Grof broke bones in his foot in a similar accident. IRIS THEATRE POSTVILLE, IOWA THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY MARCH 30, 31 and APRIL 1 MY DOG, BUDDY I PM mm i "rm umrnr ww- Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday APRIL 2, 3, 4 and 5 Based on the facts of the BEST-SELLER! TONY CURTIS.. iw GREAT IMPOSTOR Cartoon Carnival Every Sunday MATINEE ONLY SUNDAY MATINEE AT 2:30 Setooeden* NARKEf BOY ORDER YOURS NOW ! LONG STEM JONQUILS 25c dozen EAT-WELL SWEET POTATOES 18 oz. Can 29c FOR YOUR EASTER TABLE — A WONDERFUL DUBUQUE SMOKED BONELESS tt Absolutely Tops in Sweetness, Tenderness. icnic DUBUQUE — Canned Pi DUBUQUE — Canned Ham HORMEL'S — Rindless Slab Bacon . 3 £ $ 1 ^ Can ^J, • • Per Lb. HILLS BROS. Coffee 1 lb. Can 5; CAMPFIRE — MINIATURE Marshmallows 2"«} FROZEN — CALIFORNIA Strawberries 2 *3 DUNCAN HINES _ DUTCH TOPPING Cake Mix • Apple N' Spice • Butterscotch Crunch • v Cinnamon Raisin Per Box Garden Fresh — ASPARAGUS Neslle's — SPICE CHIPS Lge. Bunch 29c pkg. 23c Fresh — GREEN ONIONS No. 1 — Idaho RUSSETS . 10 lb. bag

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