Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE! SIX FROM LOCAL CAGE SQUAD Junior College Falls in 61-22 Fray There ? Last Night UNIYERSITY IS GOOD lola Squad» However, Is Inl(proved Ov^r Play ' In First Games. superlorlt.v of lola; junior college, 'although defeated i>y the brilliant Ottawa uni- ' verslty basketball taam last night " at jOttawa showed the beat basketball tha't it has played this seasqii. - : Tlie final score was 6i to 22 which distinctly showed the - the four-year school.. The lola team worked together better and smoother than In any .previous game ot the seasonjand often vflent through the Ottawa d»- fehsc. However, the lola men were oft when it came to cohnect- _ Ing witii the inside of the jbasket. The Ottawa team was running very smoothly and doing a good deal of scoring. Tfte^ Ottawa guards, especially I Schucaslor, were going good and , stopping the lola forwards while ' -the lola guards could not stop such forwards as Ottawa has in Alez- aader and Kopner, or a center like C. Blnns, ' • Both teams have improved greatly slntje their last games. According to IGeorge Williams of the Missouri yalley conference, who. refereed the game, Ottawa U. has oni? of the b^l teams that ho has seen In' the' Kansa.s conference. The lola t^m though not coming in for , such isredit has ishown a great im- provenjent. At t^e «'nd of the first half tho • score jitood M to 10 in favor of Ottawa. , In the second half the lola sVorinij lncrea.*e<i with lola mak-r ing 12 ^oi;its while Ottawa dropped; nv»kln(i only 26 points. The *ox score: (By-tho Assoclafed Press) . jXewark, N. J.—^Frankie Genaro, S>w Ywk. won from ^ WlUe I.a- mprte, Newark (10). ilndlanapolis—Jimtpy Hackley. of Jitdlanapolis, knocked out Kranklw Oiiner, Indianapolis (7). JSan Antonio, Tex.—Carlos Garcia, Mexico City, won from AViillle I'mlraza, iHoustun (10». '. Paris, 'France—-tiger Huramery. h''rance. won hy teclinlcal knnckdut over Eugene Criqui, former featherweight champion (6). ^Omahn, N«»b.—Johnny Adams, of Los Ahgeles, won over "Chubby"'; Bruwn.Iiochoster, N. Y., ao ):Tommy Urogan, Omaha, knocked out Hay Schafer. St. Joseph, Mo... (7) Joe Greb. New York, won from! Eddie DeBcau, St. Paul (10). CAPTAn^ IfOTH jtACKLES, OF PENN CAUFOIQ«IA CORK'S TRANSFER BOWLERS IN WIN OVER RECREATION Play Off Is Raquired to Decide Final Game > Of Contest IN BALK LINE Jake; Sphaefer Is J Near Taking Title of Cochran WINS THREE BLOCKS j Only Two Remain With Champion Far Behind rAPTAIXED .iHAKE PennsylTaiita Corr's Transfer defeatetd the Recreation team -in a c:ttse match last night on: the Recreation al- loy.s two games to one, while the Recreations took total pins. It required, a, shoot-off to win the last .game, ; both teams 'scoring 908. Claud Clemens was high man, rolling,a nice score of 153-206-210. 'C^ORR TR.VNSFPR Forrest 151 136? 147 Corr 138 !167 135 Puggau -172 O. Reynolds -J.1S6 G. Ri^ynoliis .139 Hxfndicap Total 861 RKCIIK.VTION Andrrson Clemens . Knocl{.'» .. Seymour . -ICroilicr . IoIii(±il • Burger^ rf (c) ,Si-h!l<-.I?. rr .-. Isaac, If .—K (-mp <,:ir ,Iba,- «• l>e, I- rioplne, rt; . - AVooU-ry, rg . -Hubbard. Ic .: , Tnt'als •Ottnw (< JU Alexander, .rf 7 - Honter, rf - -.'. Ktpner*, If . •\yi !iiams, If C. ninijs. c - - <'omstopk. c - •Schuesfller, ri; •\V. Binn.s, rp Tucker, Ig --Flaherty, ig _ yr. 1 1 0 f) -V . 0 '...lO .:, •« .... 0 0 FT 0 0 1 1 n II II . (I . II FT 1 u 0 l» 1 0 1 0 It Hanilii-.ip 0 . j Total . HIGH SCHOOL IS OFF TO BATTLE WITH NEdDESHA "ing kept seirot. told police they " saw tile man known as nonald 1 I'Xans. and another man, placing ". packagPH in a <"hryMl <'r coupe about two hours before the Hfr- l«idy of Murlan was tiirowii from the kidnaper's car. Mother Will "Stick by My Boy' Quintet fl^opes for One More Victory For ^Oriight Coach. Floyd Smith took his victorious high school .squad to Neodesha where it plays against 'the S'epdesha high school quintet?tonight. • , Early this afternoon Coach Smith was not certain just how many men would be. ablo to make tho trip so he nanted only eight men lor certain. Tliey will be Donald and Funk, who / .saw service last night, and Trombold for forwards: .VcCuIre for center with IIHJI as a po.sslble reserve center Init pieferably a guard, both having .played last night: and Hubbard. Round, and llreckenridge for guards. Ureckenridge will ha>e his chance to show what he ' can do when ho gm-s up against I high school teams, not getting into j the game lai-t nlgliii : The It-am l.s hoping to adtl an; other dt'cisive \ictory like tho liMans ilia year when they ; met .N'i*odesha. : . Derkelev, Calif., Dec. 22. (AP) —Something unusual has to give when Ed Hake, Pennsyl^ vanla captain, and All-Araeri- can tackle, starts to open a hole in the line.' In the Penu-California game here December 31^ he's ilikely to lind his path 'iHocked- by Captain : Fritz Coltrln. All- American honorable mention and something of a. tackle himself. Cap Hake carries 190 fwunds 23 years and an altitude of six tcct. Cap Coltrln towers six rfeet two, packs 200 pounds and has seen 22 Decembers. .Neither man ever was Injured seriously and both have jbeen regulars for three years. JThls will be their, last college game. INDIANS' NEW CHIEF H K .-inBas €lty. .Mo., Dec. 21. (AP). Faith that her sou is guiltless today> bore up Mrs. Eva Hickman I Bennett J. Doty Back On American *Soil New York. Dec. 21. (AP>—Ben- 0 i ::: :»et J- i^oty. of Bilo .xi. Miss., who ." I unnder the strain of awaiting ex-;,,eserted from France's f Meinn O.E.^/i^_L'^°ri*.,fL°i^''!.^v^'> '^^^^^^^^^ because _of homeslc..ness. Total? . Referee—Geo. 28 AVilllams. j Edward Hickman, who is hunted '~|as the kidnaper and slayer of Mar- ^|ian Parker in Los Angeles. ' I "Whatever happens, I will-stay by my boy. But I know he is not CAPTAIN FRITZ COLTRIN California SPANISH STARS TO SHOW SPORT FANS NEW GAME Jai-Ali Season to Open in : Chicago With Tournament New York, Dec. 21. (AP)^Thc world;ai 18-2 bilHard championship seemed destined today, to pass from •\Velker Cochran to Jake Schaefer, Chicago: challenger. After three blocks of play In | their 1,500 point match, Sehaeferi [ P'***'*" points-to 1.387. Tn February. Hoppe defended his title.against'Tehran in Boston, winning by 1.5<}0 points to 1,315. % Then In March, a tourm^inent for the. world snpremacy. wa^'held in 'Washin^on^ in.wl^lch.Cochran ac- .quired Ws present laureU. Cochran, then accepted a challenge from Hagenlacher and w-on .?)y l.SOO points, to 1.474, iri a matcH at Chlr cago.. • I ; ." • V MILDRED DEFEATS HUMBOLDT SQUAD INSEKAN CKASH Hummers No 'Match for . Squad in 48-2^ Contest {• Mlldr^, Kas., Decv, 20.-i^-Mildred defeated Humboldt in a! loosely game here Saturday night, had established, a commanding lead-j The defense of the Mildred team of more than 300 points over the champion with only, two more blocks remaining. ^Vhenjhe won his third consecutive block last night with an unfinished run- of four, Schaefer had accumulated 900 points to Cochran's 590, an advantage of 310 points, apparently too great for the. title-holder to overcome. But Cochran's followers look for a comeback by the champion In the afternoon and evening blocks today. Although defeated ,by 300 to 174, Cochran on one occasion In tho third block flashed the skill that, won for Ijim the crown. After a bad start he (buckled down to work, lie had a bad leave on his sixth turn at the table but several sensational two and three-cushion shots brought the ivories together nicely and he nursed his string to 99 before missing a difficult chance was great, allowing Hunflfoldt to score onjy by long shots near center of court., BOXERS AR£ ANGRY OVER State Boxing Commission Doesn't Suit AH Managers MANY SUSPENSIONS Managers and Boxers Are Barred From Fights In Illinois Chicago, Dec. 21. (AP)—Public critlci-sm of the Illinois boxing commission which verged on slander has brought indefinite sn ipen- sion to three managers who proclaimed their disapproval of the commission and its officials in loud and offending tones. Duice Barry, manager of Ro^aux i Saguero, Cuban light he^ayywelght. Button, the lengthy center. "^-^^1 protef^tei too vigorously, the fine in rare form and plied up 13 field j ^jj^ suspension slappid on his box- Chicago. Dec. 21; (AP)—The Jal- Alal season opens in Chicago tonight; introducing to the corn belt with the balls spreacf. th^ popular indoor: sport of Spain That was practically his last op- anil Cuba. A troupe of 35 Span- 1 P*"^'""''y evening to fards was imported to,present the'**"*" «chaefers lead, for the rut the Chi- .onnnnn » . cagoBu 's sevcnth tum netted him game, and a $300,000 fronton or j a cluster of 137, within four of the court, erected with a seatiiig ca-i requisite 300. Schaefer 's grand av- pacity of about 2,500. I fl*?^./'"! first 900 points was The game is a Spanish version of handball, except that tho players wore a long scoop shaped cesta or wicker basket on their right hand and caM th^ir play "III-Ll," In its native atmosphere Jai-AIal is han- died as a bettlngpropositlori, much | I In the manner of American horse jnry races. . • Six games are on tonight's program, and similar tournaments will be conducted each night, the I feature event bringing together : eight player.s in a round robin filiminat'on singles, continued until one player collects six points in the UHu .-U handball manner.. All th^ Spanish players would be considered youngsters a.s American athletes, ranging friini 17 to 22 vears of age. Tr^cjet. the star of the trouj>e and of ; the • Jal-Alal world as well, is only 22 years old. 39 3-23, Cochran's 26 18-22.' The present struggle for the 18.2 crowil represents the fifth compe- tit'on for the famous title this year. Erie Hagenlacher. the German cue wizard, was holder of the championship at the opening of the vear hut ^yielded to Wllle Hoppe .Tniju- goals and one free thro\v-for as many points as the entlr<v Humboldt team made. In the preli .Tiinary game yie Moran girl? canie from beliiad and woii a hard fough't 'game frt)m the Humboldt girls. Every moment was exciting in the girls' iga/pe. •". Mildred's next game will be "with Fort Scott at .Mildred Deceiftbet 31. The hoK score: '• .Mildred Caldwell „. Dixon F. .Mann -_. II. Mann Hutton Tkylor Npvitt Broughton . Norton FG FT -i F TP - 0 0 — 1 0 i:{ 1 . ..c. 0 • Totals .22 • iliuuboldt FG Rljodes ^. .'. Kelly J •) Woods I) Sage .. _ . I Bridges . 1 Updike .... I) Junkcn _ - . .L— 4 II , 1- 0 0 ; 1 0 w ' V 4 0 0 0 1 1) ' " 0 ,1 0 1 "1 11 •> ,4; 4 4S FT F TP I) ;i) 10 0 '2 i> • 1. .1 ^1 •0 4 n 1 0 0 cr for a poor showing against I Chuck Burns, of San Antonio two weeks ago. Joe Glasher, manager of Eddie Shea, broadcast some unccmpll- mt ntary remarks at the oifl Iclals^ who gave a decision to Babe Ruth over his lightweight boxer laef I week. ' i ^ Dick Curley, manager of CVIl|(f Dundee, declared he would lefusl* to hf^ governed by the officii Is In Dundee's match with Ray Miller at the coliseum Monday nightL To meet his dbjection. judges were changed but he delayed the fight, until' the new judge was seated.: The manager's licenses of all . three were revoked, putting them nut of business in this state while this condition cohtinuesi. Ray Miller, who was defeated by Dnndee. offered to contribute 530tf from his purse toward the Christmas fund for which Monday's, box- ^ ing program was held and • his threatened suspension for stalling 4 ! was cancelled, .foey Sangor added to the suspended list 5 In a match here by L.'JOii' Totals ..11 '5- •i i failinff to go through with oijle of Opthc Christmas fund matches, fean- gor said an injury to his teetn in had revived an old iijfec- — I training 27|tion. was for with his I guilty," Mrs. Hickman said. Pri-i eight years in a penal fortress. (foqtlnned from Page One) the'kidnapirtg and the climax . Ihe '^cas^, Hickman occupied njjartm^nt uhder the name of Donald Evaas. l^ed by an .identification mark found hn a towel left with the liody off the islain child, a hundred Lliolice officei-s descended upon the . apartment House Sunday, the day . after th? bo(iy of the little girl was • -dutnpedrfroin the mysterious automobile. : ;| . Xn Bonding Sunday. Accoi^Ung: to tlie landlady. Mrs. Ethle Efroderlck, Hickman strolled by her in a hallway after tho police had searched his room, drop- .ped a casual: remark and left the . -building. He did Jiot return. But tho -officers, having identified Hickman as the hunted "Fox" re- turntd 50 the' apartment yesterday. this second, ^^ore minute search, the officers found stains was back in America parents today, j Ameiricaii intei'vention after his desertion sived him first from execution and then from ser>ing - — a vlously she had said she would dis-| Doty, w-ho enlisted in the legib'n own him if he were proved guilty, i as Gilbert Clare, fought against "If he did this thing he was i the druses in the Syrian desert !insanei but there was no insanity! and was twice, cited for bravery of; in the family on his father's side 1 before he deserted, arrived on the an; Of on my side. "1 am waiting for news. I will hear from Edward if he can posf sibly get word to me, I feel. Majestic. In that time ded he ever ask me to go I out—not even to a motion pic- Reports that Hickman hVd been ''^^^^^ . . , "1 vas gomg' to school seen on the streets here yesterday j by a girl who knew him at CSenttal high school, were called absurd by the mother. tinje. I have about six mon know why at the Inot seen Eddie ; for. hs and I ,did not he terminated our Hickman's Voice Recognized I Los Angeles, Dec. 21. (API—The voice 6f the man, who made arrangements over the telephone last Saturday for the ransom of Marian a 'arker by her father. Perry M. Parker, was declared today by him to hayo been the voice of William i friendship. W^ 'never had a quar- 1 reli He Just jdropped out. of my ilifd as suddenly as he had entered It. ; . • I . "He used to sit and talk over thr 'scandal' of thje school—what we knew about this girl and what w< knew about thtit one. He never mentioned the {Parker girl'to me although I knew he had gotten Into some trouble at the bank where he was working." Edward Hickman, jaccused slayer which they ordered anal >Ted to dc-jof the child, and a discharged em- tcrmino' w'^etbcr they might Itave I ploye of the bank [Of which Par- been caused by the slaylng'of llt-jkur Is an official.. .. tlo Marian In that apartment. They also ffcundl a shirt tearing the Initials.; H. G. the name H. B. Parker reached this decision In recalling Incldenta of tlie employment land discharge of: Hickman. Crerber had: been: found inked «n Identif »"d by fiuKcr prints as Mar. thp-,ne(>kbattd of a piw'c of. a shirt j ian's-slayer. \ln reviewing these used to tie the bundle that was a j incidents, Parker strengthened; the part of the ilaln school girl's body. ; police theory that revenge was! the Artic^Jes fbund In tho apartment iock ot the flendlsli |Plot and !that had. come from Kansas'City, the [tlie child's slayer wJs striking at fornier home of Hickman. .V cnidf-1 Parker through his small daugh- ly •made pa^r of mittens was dip-jler. i " roverecj. They were made of black < I - , oil cloth- and the thread -n-lth which'. Vouth HPIH they had been stitched was said hy I ^ "'?«'»1„*»«=«"» . officers, to be the same as that with -which little Marian's «'y«'iids bwn pierced. The mittens, ac- cordlnE to the officers, might have And The^i Released Los Angeles. Dec. 21. .(AP)—A youth jHho gave his name as Sid- l>een used to prevent thp small yic- ; ney F^rkas. who was arrested to- tim from making any resistance, jday.and held on. the possibility <^arrlPd Bundles Away. 1 ; that k^ might be William Edward t|hey i Hickman, accnsed slayer of little Marian! Parker, was released later when iiis finger prints failed to tally with those of the, man wanted. Roger Peckiupaagh New York. Dec. 21. (.^P»— The American league avoided a shutout in the game of getting new manag-rs when Roger Peckinpaugh, former star Washington shortstop, was named to pilot the Cleveland Indians in the coming campaign. That made the score 3 to 1 In favor of the National as in that league Bill McKechnie has been named to take charge of the Cardinals; Jack Slat- tt,ry to guide the Bra .ve8 and Burr Shotton to take over the Phillies. A place that .disappeared from history and hasjnow only Just come to light Is Bethel In Palestine. For centuries the site of this Old Testament town haslbetn unknown, 'but has now been' illscoverj>d by archaeologists, j Frank McCarthy Drives New Ford to lola Today Frank McCarthy, a happy note in his voice, this afternoon notified the Register over long distance telephone that he was in Ottawa driving a new Ford tudor sedan back to lola. He will arrive about 4 o'clock this iftefnoon. T]he car Is in the new dawn gray. It will be on display this week in the sales rooms of the McCarthy Motor Co. Next week It will be demonst|rated. The car, Mr. Mc- parthy emphasizes, belongs to the McCarthy Motor Co. 'and Is the first one to be allotted a dealer in this section of Kansas. (Contlnned from Fage One) said the rescuers would attempt to tap a hole in the hiill oC the submarine at tho torpedo room and attach an air line. —Extra large bundles ot cler.n newspapers, Mc, at Register office. Although the police said tihey had found no absolute evidence that tho cJiild'ever was taken to ' ' tho apartment, two witnesses had been discovered who Identified Hickman-' from photographs as a i man .se«n carr.ving bundles and a . 'suitcas** ffpm tho building to an automobile. , "The .revamped police theory Is- that ifithe apartment was the s^ene^oi the captivity and fiendish sta>ing of little Marian, the kidnaper Brphably iitillEed the stolen anaesthetics to keep her from be­ ting heard! Such a theory does nbt,agrrger with the letters written by 'Marian, and forwarded by the kldnapei-, to her father. For In them slje spoke ol "crying all iilght" and obviously had been under an ianaestheHc ^hlle penning • the not4!S. ' Furth^ substantiation of oarly : i>bHce' theory that Edward Hickman wa.s aided in carrying out, the crime, was obtained today, couple living at the Bellevue Aripi .apartmentR, whose names are be-^ Eddie Was ^ Always Gentleman - Los kiigeles, Dec. 21, API—"Eddie was a qiieer sort of boy but he was always the gentleman." This was said today of William Edward Hickman, who is being sought for the kidnaping and mur der of Marian Parker, by his one -time, sweetheart. Miss Marie Mc- EWan, 17. She told .of her meeting and; friendship with the youtli for whoni now the greatest of man hunts U under way. . "I met Eddie through several of my boy friends." «he said "He apparently took.a I'king 4o me.and 1 liked him. 1 don't know bow he could have committed such a deed , "Eddie is; nbt like other boys of my acquaintance. I knew him for more than fire months. Never once Local Squad Comes from Behind in the Final Half !to Win B^ a score ot IS to 13 lola high school won its first interscholastlc basketball game of. the sea^n when it met : the Garnett iilgh schoiol team there! last night The Gariiett team led at the half but the ilola team {came back In the secoiidi half with a fight that netted l4 polnus and put the gameor^ ice. • , The Garnett basketball and men played real >roved to much for lola during tbej first half scoring nine points to tola's four. Onle McGuire "got ' hot" and made five field goals for a total of ten points, for lola. In the first half "Doc" Funk had made one fieldjgoal and; Round made goodj rwo bhanees for charity tosses giving lola its four points; Ul the second half McGulre scored one free throw I In addition to his 10 points jfrom field goals, thene- by assurlnig hliiself of |hlgh Bearer's position. ^Captain Donaldson made the ^threej remaining ^Ints on a free toss ^nd a field goal. Garnett scored <?n all-except thrke trials; at free throws while missed ten. Garnett made three field goals and three free throws for its nine points lit the first half In the second half one goal was made from the field and two from the free throw line. The Garnett team showed a fairly good defense in the first half but in the second half lola penetrated it a good many tlpies. , The lola team played together better than it has at any other tim^ this season.' Compressed Air Will Quiet Waters? Boston, Dec. 21. (A:|»)—The Bos- tori navy yard today announced thiat the destroyer Sturtevant, now under way for the scene of the sinking of the submarine S -4, carried apparatus with which an attempt might be madC: to calm the troiibled seas with coijipressed air. Use ot compressed air was. suggested' by Philip Brashear, of the Princeton university, who recently set I forth the Idea that ships an-' chored in mid-ocean might afford landing places for . trans-Atlantic planes by calming the water about j them In a similar way. i "Ijhe announcement from the na -I vy yard said that Mr. Brashear • biniself was aboard the Sturtevant. and! that his scheme for calming' the ^ troubled waters off; Province-; towp would be attempted If It appeared at all feasible. I Sister of Jones in Kansas 4 Council Grove, Ks., Dec. 21. (AP) Lltiiit. Commander Roy Jones, who wa!s' In commind of trio Ill-fated Unlied States submarin'e S-4. has a sister living In Delavan.'.Morris county, Mrs] Ed. Kurtonhach. Lletit. Coinmander Jonas .1:^ the son of John Jones, Hennessey. Ok., merchant, whom Mrs. Kurtenbach Is >isiting at pre.sent. Death Itenjioves One Democrat Senator Io3i (IS) FG. FT. P.- Donaldson, f. (C)... E. Funk.jf. - ...i ...1 1 0 0 1- Malone, f. • ...0 0 McGulre, c. ....^ 1 2 Hubbard, g. _ ...0 0 2 AVagner, g. ...0 : 0 0 Round,, .g. ...0 ' 1 Hall.jg. ..... -.-'» ! n 0 . 'Total -.J7 4 . 6 Garnett (13) FG. FT. P. Robertson, f. 9 2 3 Ayres. (C), f. .... "lo 0 4 Sfaeremore, f. ...0 0 0 Moore, f. —0 ' 0 0 Shade, c. (C) ...1 3 0 McNutt, g. ...1 0 0 Fisher, g. '.. ...o - 0 3 Total . I— 4 5 10 Washington, Dec. 21. (API- Death has removed from the seA-; ate |one of Its outstanding Demo- crats-f-Senator Andrieus A. Jones of New Mexico. Victim of frequent attacks glnai pectoris, the senator died at his residence here last night In his sixty-fifth yead If you make your Christmas Gift a subscription to the loja Daily Register. . Anyone who has ever been .away from home for a considerable time and has had the "Old Home Paper" come to him ev- eiy day^ will testify that the happiest part of his day was the hour he spent in reading- the paper. It ^as like a letter except that it had more news in )vhi(jh he was interested than any letter ever did. I . ^ Doubtless many of the hoMereaders tof the Register have' relatives or friends who formerly lived l^re but are now away. Why not send these If riends or relatives a copy of the Register for three rhonths or six months or a year as a Christmas Gi!ft? Could you send any other gift that would beienjoyed for a solid hour every day, as the Register will be? • : jfl^l^Slj*^ For that matter, what would make'a .better gift for those whp live in Allen county? • For any who wish jto act upon this suggestion the; Register has a nicely printed card to be sent to th^ recipient of the gift which reads as follows: ' • THIS CERTIFIES, that a subscription ito the lOEA DAILY REGISTER has been paid for in tb.^ name of j i ' ' ' V. • for the period of L . -... /months bjr who joins in wishing-you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. • --v'

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