Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 18, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1933
Page 8
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nearer 1 \ AKM DAILY TRIBUNE TIME*. AME8. IOWA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1933 ui,M AT CROSSING HUMBOLDT, <t'.ft-A Frlflck . H v Atwat er. Minn.. wa$ burn- w beyond recognition Thursday »l»«a hig truck wag gtruck by Rock island train. 3> _ ___ DETROlT—Ray MJnti, 17. walk"<J free after being convicted in •'udge Arthur E. Gordon's court of tneft ot aa orange. The Judge suspended gentence and scored police and the progecutor lor trying the case, it cost the city »50 for the stolen, orange. NEW YORK - Bland Chinese emerged from a conference with police at which they had been forced to end a tong war between •he On Leongs and Hip Slngg by threat of wholesale deportations. we signed in the spirit of the .NRA," they announced. Everybody has days when every waking hour is packed with zest of living. Why not make every day like this? A frequent drawback to fitness is constipation. It may dull your energy, steal your appetite, lower your vitality. Yet it is so easy to overcome. Try eating Kellogg's ALL- BRAN. Sczence shows this delicious cereal supplies "bulk" to exercise the intestines, and vitamin B to promote appetite, and tone the intestinal tract The "bulk" in ALL-BEAN ia much like that of lettuce. How much safer than taking patent medicines—so often harmful. Two tablespoonfuls daily -will correct most types of constipation. If not relieved this way, see your doctor. ALL-BRAN has iron for the blood. At all grocers. In the red-and-green package. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. HELPS KEEP YOU Fil Phone 219 Fre« Delivery 2508 Stop & Shop FOOD MARKET FREE DELIVERY TO ALL FARTS OF AMES Fruits and Vegetables Carrots, home grown, bunch 6c Watermelon, ice cold, Ib Ufa Head Lettuce, large stolid, each .. lOc Cncumbers, long, 2 for 7c Cabbage, home grown, Ib 3y 2 c Beetg, home in-own, bunch 5c PAOEFIT* Celery, new Mich., bunch 5c Tomatoes,- home grown, Ib 4c Green Peppers, home grown, 2 for 5c Grapes, 2 qts 15c Apples, hand picked, 6 Ibs .25c Oranges, laree Sunkist. doz 29c BUTTER Fresh Creamery 2lc VANILLA WAFERS Fresh 8 Doz IXC VANILLA EXTRACT 8-oz bottles Ea JELL POWDER Opal L RAISINS Seedless 2 Lib* 13C CORN STARCH Amaizo 1-Lb FIG BARS, fresh, 2 Ibs 21c NAVY BEANS, Mich., hand pick, 3 Ibs He PORK & BEANS, Van Camps, 4 for .. 23c DRIED PEACHES, fancy, 2 Ibs 21c Chore Boys, each , 9c BISCUIT FLOUR, 1-2-3, large box ... 25c Post Bran, 3 boxes 26c Apricots, No. 21/2, heavy syrup, 2 for.. 35c Salad Dressing, Mrs. Clark's, quart .. J26c Sweet Pickles, whole, 7-oz jar lOc Old Dutch Cleanser, 2 cans 16c Tea, Chase & Sanborn's, Green (Vanilla Pudding free) 19c Pork Roast ..... Pork Steak . , . . . Pork Butts ..... Pork Chops Country {Sausage, j lbs Fresh Corn Beef ... Pork Boil .. .... Sliced Liver SWISS STEAK 15c SIRLOIN STEAK 18c GROUND BEEF, 3 lbs .'. 25c VEAL ROAST 12i/ 2 c VEAL ROUND 20c Pure Lard . Beef Roast . Rolled Rumps Rolled Roast. Rolled Ribs . Choice Steak Beef Boil . . lbs 15C SPRING CHICKENS 20c SLICED BACON ....... 7 17c- BACON SQUARES .,„.....12y 2 c WEINERS .'."........ .I2i/ 2 c CORN BEEF /. ..I2y 2 c CANADIAN BACON 25c PIGS FEETj mogs " : 15 C |AU:BRAM : Louvre authorities indignantly j deny that their Mona Lisa is a j copy. Microscope and X-ray prove I it, they say. But if you can't tell die difference without a microscope and an X-ray, what difference does it make? BANNING *Tj 3SET $1.95 HEAD LETTUCE Large Solid 2 Heads 25c FINEST CREAJYIEEY Table . 19c College 21c ALL FLAVORS Gelatin Dessert, Pkg Sparkle Chocolate Pudding 5c IONA CUT SPARKLE 5c Eaton & Wright CASH GROCERY Friday and Saturday Specials 127 Main St. Free Delivery Phone No. 53 Green Beans 2 ^ 25c No. 2 Cans Per dozen 95c Del Maiz — 2 ^ 23c 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE 6 lbs. $1 VIGO DOG FOOD ............. 3 cans 25c LUX FLAKES, small ............ 2 pkgs 19c LUX FLAKES, large .............. pkg 21c RlNSO, small .................. 2 pkgs 15c RINSO, large .................. .... pkg 19c LIFEBUOY SOAP ........... ... 3 cakes 19c RAJAH SALAD DRESSING ...... i/ 2 pt. 9c RAJAH SALAD DRESSING ........ pt. 15c RAJAH SALAD DRESSING ........ qt. 25c QUAKER MAID BEANS, 16 oz. . . 6 cans 27c QUAKER MAID BEANS, 28 oz. . . 2 for 15c QUAKER MAID BEANS, No. 10 .... can 28c DEL MONTE APRICOTS, No. 2i/ 2 , 2 cans 35c BAK1NG POWDER, .. 25 oz. can 20c gal.cai.85c SULTAv ™ > " SULTANA QUEEN OLIVES DILL PICKLES Quart jar ... ; Or or 23C a ' i5c qt . jar 29c MARSHMALLOWS I HI GRtAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. Mid,II,. VV<.<t,-; M D IV , BUTTER 1 Q*% Table Brand, lb 1 $JC COFFEE 1 Q« good.grade, lb : . . 1 U C PEANUT OO« BUTTER, lb CCC SWT. PICKLES 9*1^ qt. jar CvC DILL PICKLES 4 |" qt. jar 1 wC MUSTARD ft- pt; jar , . " */C MARSH- OC*% MALLOWS, 2 lbs uOC VINEGAR Oftj% cider, gal. . . bUCr NAPTHA SOAP ^O^ white, 10 bars .. bfaC CAMAY SOAP C- bar 9C BREAD, brown f-^ and white, loaf OC RICE FLAKES Q_ Heinz, pkg %7 C PORK & BEANS 4 t\~ 2% size ^ lUC CORN OC*» 4 for... £OC GREEN BEANS O7*» No. 2, 3 for .... C( C LIMA BEANS I* No. 1 can ....... OC PEARS, No. 2y 2 i 7« in syrup, can ... 1 1 C PINEAPPLE 17^ No. 21/2, can .... 1 I C PEACHES OC*» No. 2i/ 2) 2 for .. 30 C PEACHES OC*. box.-....:. - 9DC ' ' '• FLOUR 5 lbs COOKIES POWD. SUGAR 3 lbs ... CHEESE Long Horn, lb MACARONI bulk, 2 lbs . SALMON red, ib KARO SYRUP It or dk, 10 lb pail HONEY cake APPLES,, for cooking, 8 lbs'.,. « BANANAS lbs .,. ORANGES 2 doz .. PEARS per doz PEACHES per doz CELERY bunch . . LETTUCE head CABBAGE lb POTATOES No. 1, pk. i CANTALOUPES ' 6 for ( WATERMELON t each 1 TOMATOES fresh ^ Ihc 20( 10( 20( 14r 1*11 17r in 17 1 ill 45c ilf IIC 25c IQr 1 wV 27c 25c hWW 15r 1 WV 5r WW 9c 3c 39c S5c 20c 9c %PW The Meat Shop Phone 53 H. C. Hostetter, Prop. Phone 53 BACON Swift's Premium' sliced SMOKED HAMS, Morrel's Pride, half or whole, lb 19c SMOKED HAMS, 8-10 lb pieces lb 15c ROLLED RIB, fancy ' }b 18c CHOICE BEEF ROAST '' lb 14c PORK LOIN ROAST . , i b i 2 Y,/ c . 15c SPRING FRIES jf/y^. Jb 20c VEAL ROAST ...... ..................... lb 12y LEG-0-LAMB ............. lb 21c CHUNK BACON ............. '.' ' lb I3 c l squa re s lie or^T?^^ 8 "^ cured > lb 15c-~sliced 19c SLICED BACON ENDS .............. 3 lbs 25c LARD, country style or pkg ............ 3 i bs 25c p, York - Okl K»8hloned Rrick. Rorden Relish, American Brick and Pimento Loaf Mooro'8 CoUaRo Chceso ~ O'Noil'a Milk and Cream «nrt Sweet. Sliced Picklos -FREE DELIVERY Ho '" 7 - nnl ' No. 1 325 Main Phones 6061 SUGAR 10 lbs ---- 5Jc 100 lbs . . $5.19 No. 2 200 Main Phone 23882389 100 lbs Cane BY THE RED ARROW STORES FLOUR Gold Crown lbs THE T*WITH THIS BUCr F© Certo Fruit Pectin JAR CAPS Boyd Mason, doz. i'D TAKE IT FOR . BOG- vANYD* THAT'S WHAOVTHE O7H£R POOR. JAR RINGS 5 doz lOc BLUEING Pint bottle IOC AMMONIA Pint bottle IOC PAROWAX VINEGAR Pure Cidar 40 grain, gal. 21C PIGKLES Sweet Qt. jar BREAD Mothers 5c Don t faU for the "bait" of sensational "bargains" in foods Deal at the RED ARROW STORES—where a strictly cash system means UNIFORMLY LOWER PRICES. Home owned stores spending the profits in Ames. Specials for Saturday BUTTER Boone Dairy per Ib aoc COFFEE Maxwell House per Ib Z7c TEA Salada, Green or Black 29C CRACKERS Tasty Flake / f-KAS, new pack 3 for . BEANS, green cut No. 2 can, 3 for , . PORK & BEANS Van Camp, No. 2% CHEESE, Iowa State, Ib 29C 29C lOc 15C POW1 2 Ibs 3. SUGAR Ijc BROWN SUGAR ^2 Ibs llC FLY each SOAP, 3 bars SWATTERS " — i Camay, HW. ^^^ *F 5c I4c Fruits • Vegetables PEACHES per bu. $1.99 BANANAS, fancy-ripe CANTALOUPES . . '. . . ' 7 for LEMONS, Sunkist doz 25C SWEET POTATOES 25C HEAD LETTUCE; large solid TOMATOES ...... 3 lbs 1Q C CELERY, large white WATERMELONS . . 15C 20C, 25C ORANGES, large size 2 doz 390 GRAHAM CRACKERS Toy House lbs PEACHES in syrup / No. 2y 2 can & I8c PINEAPPLE Whole slice, fancy No. 21/2 can ; I8c P. & G. SOAP 10 bars 250 TOILET PAPER 1000 sheets rolls SURPRISE * DEAL #i on the following Post Toasties, 3 for 29c Post Bran, 3 for 25c Grapenut Flakes, 3 for25c I rrape Nuts, 3 for 51c PORK ROAST qc PORK STEAK PORK BinTS Country 3 Lbs 2$c SPARE 8c PORK BOIL 5c SLICED LIVER PURE LARD i 150 BEEF ROAST I7c ROLLED ROAST l$c a u I6c CHOICE STEAK BEEF BOIL 5c 15c SIRLOIN STEAK l8c VEAL ROAST 20c SPRING l\\\\ 20c 17c 12Y2C 12 1 /2C 25C PIGS FEET * I5c

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