The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 25, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1894
Page 8
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Professional Cards, GEO. W. KORTE, LAWYER, Office on first floor German bank building Will practice In state and federal courts. fee-Special attention given to foreclosures and settlement of estates. QIOBQB W, BOWfcS ATTORNEY AI LAW. otrto*. QRItFITH SPILLING. PARTIES Interested in Grain, Provisions and Stocks WATCH 241 B. C.ICo., Chicago -THE OP CARROLL, IOWA. Capital, $100, I Surplus, $5,OOO.OO. Opened business Feb. 4, 1S88. OFFICERS AMD DIBECTOIts: •C. A. MAST, - President. •H. W. WATTLES. - - Vice President. C. L. WATTJ.ES, - - - Cashier. J. E. 'Griffith, V. Hlnrlchs, N. F. Sturges, Ch83. Waltencbeld, Sumner Wallace, Interest paid on time deposits. Honey to loan -on good security. Drafts for sale on all parts of 'theworld. Steamship tickets to and from all •puts of Europe. Insurance written In the best 'companies. SUPRENOOURT OF IOWA Has'decided that Minchen <feCo.'s is the cheapest place to buy clothing and gents' furnishing goods. LOOK AT OCR OOc. SALE For tlio Next 1O Days. 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Bend us B postal card and get our book ua .jalnu and color-card, free. NATIONAL LEAD CO. 61, Louis Brancli, Clark Aveuue mid TwtU Sued, St. l.ouiu. BOOQB, ^T^^^jIoiulMirti «* tlie • E Chicago Board of Tradol m. f*f\ I . • Of...,.t.t ('i »VUt I 31 sr •ud STOCKS x, «.TJ i BIALTO, IOOHN BKCHANOi BANK TEST VOTE OH TARIFF. Teller's Motion to Table the Bill Voted Down TJNBJftOKEN DEMOCRATIC TRONT, Populists Stand by tlio Bill—Oormnn's Speech Attracted Intense Interest—Allison Made n Itcply to the Mnrylnnder^ Callfornlans Ask Protection For Wool. Taylor's Nomlimtlon Confirmed. WASHINGTON, May 24.—Senator Gorman's speech was the feature of the Wednesday session. He and Brice have been credited by the opposition with tho joint authorship of the compromise amendments, -which consolidated the Democratic side, and Gorman especially has been subjected to much criticism, both in and out of the senate. This speech, replying in a measure to the attacks that had been made upon him, explaining the necessity for the compromise and defining the theory upon which the modified bill, now before the senate, was constructed, attracted intense interest. It was regarded as an exceedingly able exposition of the position of the conservatives. Senator Allison spoke at some length in reply to .Gorman, expressing regret that the Maryland senator had not gone more into detail in his review of the history of the bill. Since May 7 the Republicans had been trying to ascertain the principle underlying the bill and now for the first time learned from Mr. Gorman that a bill was to be made discriminating in favor of American labor and substituting President Cleveland's lettet of acceptance of 1803, as interpreted by Gorman, for the platform of 1803. Gorman's speech furnished texts for the Republicans for the remainder of the day. His statement that a majority of ;he senate would support the bill was rat the test by Teller whose purpose was » "smoke out" any latent opposition on ;he Democratic side. Gorman's statement was justified by ;he vote, however, as the Colorado sena- »r's motion to lay the tariff bill on the able was met by an unbroken Democratic front. Both Senator Hill (N. Y.) and Senator Irby, whose positions have seen the subject of gossip from time to ;ime, voted with their Democratic associates as did the three Populists, includ- ng Peffer. Senator Kyle's Hawaiian Resolution. WASHINGTON, May a4.—Following is a copy of the resolution introduced in the senate by Senator Kyle: "Resolved, that t is the sense of the senate that'the Jnited States government shall not use 'orce for the purpose of restoring to the ihrone the deposed queen of the Sand- j wich Islands, or for the purpose of destroying the existing government, that ;he provisional government having been luly recognized the highest international ntereste require that it shall pursue its own line of policy, that intervention in he political affairs of these islands by other governments will be regarded as an act unfriendly to the government of the United States." Senatorial Bribery Testimony Closed. WASHINGTON, May 24.—C. W. Buttz, who is accused of attempting to bribe senators to vote against the tariff bill, was before the investigating committee Wednesday. Major Butts denied again ;hat be had made a direct proposition to bribe Senator Kyle and stated his only purpose in approaching him was to learn low he would vote. Senator Gray said tie knew of no other witnesses to call in ;his branch of the inquiry and that the report on the alleged effort to bribe Senators Kyle and Hnnton would be prepared as soon as possible and submitted so the senate, Taylor's Nomination Confirmed. WASHINGTON, May 84.—C. H. J. Taylor, the colored Kansas man, over whose confirmation to bo recorder of deeds for ;he District of Columbia there has been »spirited debate in the senate, was confirmed, the vote standing 84 to 15. The senate also confirmed tbe following nominations: Receivers of public moneys- William B. Morrison, Lincoln, Neb.; PatricklGibbons, McCook, Neb. Regis- ten of the land offices; Clark 8. Rowe, Chamberlain-, S. D.; Ambrose S. Campbell, McCook, Neb. Charles P. Dan- combe, postmaster, Fort Dodge, la. Armor. Plate Investigation Begun. WASHINGTON, May 24.—The congressional investigation of alleged armor plate frauds was put under way Wednesday by the house naval committee, [t was decided to appoint a subcommittee of five to take the testimony and perform active work incidental to trips to Homestead and elsewhere, Messrs. Cummings (N. Y.), Talbott (Md,) und Money (Miss.) were designated as the Democratic members, • The Republicans will be Dollivor (la.) and Wadsworth r. Y.) Ask Protection Vat Wool, SAN FBANOISOO, Mny 34,—A meeting of the California Wool Growera and Dealers' association was held in this city. Secretary Moody was instructed to send the following telegram to California's senators in Washington* "Whereas, all other prominent industries are to bo protected, in justice we ask for protection for wool." Wants H Kansas Nan Appointed. WASHINGTON, May 24,—RonrVuouta- tivo Baker (Kun.) bos introduce a resolution to appoint Sydney G, Cook of Hei'lugton, Dickinson county, Kltnsas, a member of tho board of managers of tho national IIOJU.P for dlsubletl volunteer soldiers. Iiiilluu Lands to lio Sold, WASHINGTON, May 24.—The house pawed tho BOH a to bill providing for the tiult) of the remainder of the reservation of thu couftidovatud Otoe' and Missouri ludiuub in tlio Btutes of Nebraska dud Kaunas. FRENCH AFFAIRS MIXED Premier Casimir-Perisr and Cabinet Have Resigned. SOCIALISTS SEOURE A VICTORY, Ministry Opposed to Labor Unions and Find n Majority of the Deputies Believe tolfTerently—Vote Taken oh t,fiw to Allow Railroad Employes to Organizn—Lively Debate Before the Vote Wai Taken, PARIS, May 28.—The government was defeated Tuesday in the- chamber of deputies on the question as to whether the minister of public works had the authority to allow the employes of the state railroads to attend the congress of railroad men. The premier, M.Cnsimir-' Perier, demanded the adoption of the order of the day pure and simple. The premier's motion was rejected by a vote of 375 to 335. M. Castmit'-Perier thereupon left the Palais Bourbon and the ministers subsequently proceeded to the Lysee palace and handed in their resignations to President Cui'not. Previous to the defeat the Royalist deputy, M. Jules Guesde, moved that eight hours be constituted a legal days' work for all working people throughout Prance and demanded urgency for the motion amid loud cheers and encouraging cries from the socialists. President Compelled to Intervene. M. Guesde declared the time was ripe for the reform urgently demanded by the workingmen. These remarks called forth violent interruptions from the members of the center, who abused tho socialist. The latter replied in warm terms, and the disturbance became so great that the president of the chamber was compelled to intervene, and with difficulty succeeded in restoring order. Other speakers supported the motion and others still opposed it, and the minister of public works, M. Jonnart, declared the question was too grave to be dealt ( with offhand, and M. Guesde's motion for urgency was thereupon rejected by a vote of 401 to 94, and the original motion in regard to the establishment of a legal day's work of eight hours was referred to the commission on labor. M. Jaurez, Socialist, asked whether the minister of public works had "the authority to allow the employes of the state railroads to attend tbe congress of railroad men. M. Jonnart replied he could not interfere with the decisions of the directors of the railroads. Personally he thought that permission might be granted upon the condition the service was not impaired by such attendance. Referring to the state railroads of 1885, respecting trades unions, M. Jonnart said it could not be applied to state em- ployes, adding: "If we permitted them :o form unions We should authorize them o revolt against the authorities." Called Forth Violent Protests. The last remark of the minister of pubic works called forth violent protests !rom the members of the left and loud cheers from the center party. M. Jouret then declared the government's refusal to allow the employes of state' railways to take part in the congress was a singular example to private companies. M. Millerand, socialist, said the railway companies always refused to permit their workmen to attend such congresses and the government directly encouraged them by the attitude which it had assumed. Millerand moved as the order of the day the order which was accepted by the government in 1893 and at that time adopted, and which concluded with the declaration tbe chamber invites the government to compel the Kg companies, especially the state companies, to respect tbe law of 1885. M. Deramet, Rightist, then moved that tbe chamber invite the government not to make any difference between state and private employes. Tbe president thereupon said: "Two motions have been submitted. Which shall be put first to a vote?" Tbe question was followed by the outcries: "Both motions are tbe same." Premier's Motion Rejected. At this stage Premier Casimir-Perier interposed, exclaiming: "The government rejects both motions and asks tbe chamber to adopt the order of, tbe day, pure and simple." (Sensation in tbe chamber and much whispering among the members, for all saw that a crisis had arrived). Tbe premier's motion was rejected by a vote of 275 to a35 and M. Cusiinit'-Perior immediately left the chamber, followed by tbe ministers, amid uproarious cheers of the left and tbe consternation of the center party. Will Vote Against llosoberjr. DUBLIN, May 2H.—A convention of the Parnellite party WOB held bore under the presidency of John B. Clancoy, During tbe course of tbe opening address Mr, Clancey said the Parnellitoa would continue to vote against the government for the rest of the session. Timothy Hut rington said the Irish had nothing to hope from the continued existence of the government. They must bring about a dissolution. _______ Auierluau Kugiues Ulvun Preference* VANOOUVEU, B. O., .May !«.—Tho gtouiner Empress of India arrived from tho Orient. Tests wure recently mttdo in Japan of hauling powers of American and English locomotives. Tbe result was in favor of American engines and they will be given tho prolunwee In the future. __ Urycu Will Buuooed MuiulollS). LONDON, May via.—Thu Times James Bryco will succeed Mr, Mundella us president of tbe board of tradu und Huron TwooduioulU will buccuod Mr. Bryceas ohaucuUor of thu Duchy of Lancaster. -.:..""" _•_ wvvnn IPHVH"™™* cnn» , , OHIOAOO.I Market knltur free. U ludursu (huvvlunU uui.l Vrv* Silver. MONTOOMisitY, May 84.— r JUu« Demo- iTutic Bluto platform' iuiloroes tho administration of Protfidout Olovofcmd out) coinage of silver, phlldrtnOryfor Prvililout I'uUutu Niut liio lilt JANUIKO, May aa.— Tho chum ben of deputies liuu approved tlio altitud of Prutfidout Poisuto in rujjurd to Portu gal. ____ Outun Nmiiliiutuil l''ui lii MoNTUouuitY, Alu., May «».— Tin Doiuoi-nilio uouveutiou nominated Col. \V. U, Outu* lor governor. BLOODY RIOT AT FORREST CITY. tletfeotlfre Webber Instantly Kitted Mid Deputy Sheriff Smith Wounded. LITTLR ROCK, May 28.—News reached here of * bloody riot at Forrest City. The trouble was brought about ever the arrest of certain prominent citizens of St. Francis county, charged with white- cnpiam. A detective by the name of Webber, from Memphis, was engaged to run the whitecaps clown. He went to Work on the case and, as a consequence, some 80 or 40 arrests followed. Tuesday Webber was attacked in Forrest City by friends of the parties he had arrested. Shooting followed and Webber was instantly killed and Deputy Sheriff Smith was seriously wounded. Frank Gorman, a merchant of Palestine, is charged with doing th« shooting and has been placed under arrest. The town is in a state of great excitement, and more trouble may follow. Switchmen Must Insure. EVAN-SVILLE, Ind., May 23.—The grand lodge of the Switchmen's Mutual Aid association spent Tuesday in passing upon claims for liability amounting to 175,000. The constitution, as revised, was finally adopted,Imaking it obligatory on members to take out insurance in one of the two classes, the first class being for $1,000 and the second class for $500. The grand master was empowered to appoint lour district organizers. Terrible Itiot at a Circus. HUNTINGTON, W. Va., May 23.—A terrible riot occurred at Wayne Courthouse Tuesday, 20 miles south of this city, where several thousand people had gathered to witness Robinson's circus. Just as the show was under good headway, J. W. Wells and D. Damron, who were enemies, began to fight, and in an instant 20 men were taking part. The riot lasted half an hour and three men were seriously shot. Will Sue the Taylor Estate. MILAN, Mo., May 23.—Prosecuting Attorney B. F. Price, whom the county court appointed guardian for Nelly Meeks the survivor of the brutal murder, will bring suit against the Taylor estate Cor $50,000 damages for bodily injury sustained and for killing her father and mother and thereby depriving her of hei only earthly support. Hotelmeu's Mutual' Insurance. SPRINGFIELD, Ills.,. May S8i-J-The secretary of state licensed the incorporation of the Hotelmen's Mutual. Benefit association of the United States- and' Canada. The association is incorporated to do a beneficial insurance business under the assessment plan, either life or accident. Ural Hrlth Will Meet at Toledo. EVANSVILLE, Ind., May 23.—The convention of the Independent Order of Brai Brith has concluded ..its labors. Sixty thousand dollars was paid out last year to widows and orphans. The next convention will be held in Toledb>in 1805. Portngnoxp Consul Beaton. TANGIER, May 23..—It is peported that the Portuguese vice- consul at Rabat, a town of Morroooo, ! as been insulted and beaten by a number: of Brazilians who reside in that town. For the Eleventh T'ir.t. CINCINNATI, May 23.— For the llth time Theodore Thomas directed the opening concert of the Cincinnati May festival. "Elijah" was render, with a chorus of &QQ voices.. Judge Simpson Of the superior court writes: From mental exhaustion, ray nervous system became shattered, and I was utterly unable to sleep nigbts. Sulphur Bitters cured me, and my sleep la now spund, sweet, and refreshing. 8 The whale fishing industry of thu United States was at its height in 1854, when 608 vessels were engaged in it. The Heotlo Flush. "When bis thin oheek assumed a deadly bue, And til the row to one small apot withdrew; They eall'd U hectic; 'twas a flery flash More died and deeper than tbe maiden flash." That terrible »lgu of consumption cornea like a warning sign. Let no one dlBreajaid It. If they do, then day by day consumption will tain alrmer bold, until Its victim ll«s numbered with tbe dead. Kor all diseases and- weaknesses of tbe lungs, bronchitis, aethma, uougbH and kindred aliments Dr. Piorce's tiolden Medloal Discovery Is a sovereign remedy. The supreme council, Commercial i'il- grims of America, closed its third annual session at Council Blub*, la., with a ban- qu,et. Rupture, Breach, or Hernia, permanently cured or no pay. Tbe worst oases vnuranteed. Pamphlet and references 10 cents in stamps. World's Dispensary Medical Association, (B8 Main St., Buffalo, N. ¥, Deloa Matthews ami Mrs. Funny Dennison of New York were arrested for bigamy at Anderson, Ind., on complaint of Mrs. Matthews. P)le»l Piles I Itching Symptoms moisture; Intense Itulilng and sting (UK, most at night; worse bf suralchTiiK. If ui lowed to cqutlnut) tumor* form, whtou often bleed and uluerato, becoming very sore. Bway- ue'» ointment stops tbe lUiulng and bleeding, heals ulueratlon and In most vases removes the t union. At druggists, or by mall, for M) cents Ur. Bwayue & Boo. Philadelphia. 6-1-lti TOURIST EXCURSION TICKETS At reduced rates to tlio principal summer rcBortsof tlio United Stutuu are now on sale via Tlio North-Western Ivine. Kor purtUulura apply to nguiUs Ohlouxo & Norlli- IKuuturn It'y. German BaptUt Annual Meeting Tlio Annual Afeutlng of (lie Gorman baptist Jlrutiircn will be held at Meyers- Uaio, 1'a., on tliu 1'ltlBburn Division of the Jiullimore & Olilu Jdtllruud, oomiueuolni( May Will, 1H04, For tlilBuouttBlon the J). & U, U. U. Co., will bell oxourUou ticket* to jUuyursdalu mid ruturu fromall Buttons on Us system of II DUB at raleof QUO lirst claim fare for tlio round trip, Prow uolnu oast of ami In- uludliiifrltUburgiuid IFIiMJlingtlietloke will bo sold rruiu Way iiftl 4o 28th lu uluslvo, unil will bo valid for return |>»B- nntfo wltlilu thirty days from date of Halo. From point* wost of IMUabarK and Whrd- lii« tliu tickets will be sold from May 1st t(i20tli hioluslve, and will bo valid for return unHbugu wlllila thirty iluyn from (Into ofsufu. fur tliuuof traliiH.etc., address nearest Atiunt of the |i. & O. U. U. Co. U. I'. McCarty, Oou'l I'IUB. A««ut. U. & 0. H. IK, Q K'y, »t. Louis, Mo., lv JS. Alltm, Atw't (U-ii'l i'anu, A«uut II. & 0. U. It. , Uhlcauo, ||ls, • K. 1), Bmltli Dlv. l'tt»». Auvut, if. & O. It. It., 1'ltU- buru, I'u., an U. K. Honil.Ulv. 1'anu. Agent U.&O. it. K., Uultliuorii, Md.; 0|m«. O Boull, Qeu'i I'tiBB, A«i<iU, 11. 4 0. H. It. M4, !Ut What is CASTOR i A Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infant* and Children; It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil. It Is Pleasant. Its guarantee la thirty years' use bjr Millions of Mothers. Oastorla destroys Worms and allays feverlshness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd, cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething troubles, cures • constipation and flatulency* Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the ncomach and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas* ftorla Is the Children's Panacea—the Mother's Friend. Castoria. " Casforia Is tat excellent medicine for children. Mother* have repeatedly told me of Its good affect upon their children." • DR. O. O. OSOOOD,. Lowell, Haas, " Cattorla to the bent remedy for children of which I am acquainted. I hope the day is not far distant whenmothert will consider the real Interest of their children, and use Castoria in- •teadoftheTarloutquacknostrumBwhlchare destroying Ihejr lOTed ones, by forelug opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful agent* do 1 urn their throats, thereby sending them to premature graves." Da. J. F. KncoHBLOB, Oonway, Ark. Castoria. " Castoria Is so well adapted tochDdren I recommend It assuperlortoany prescription known to me." _ H. A. Anornn, M. D., Kl So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. T. " Our physicians to tie children's, depart. ment have spoken highly of their expectance in their outside practice with Oastorla, and although we only have among our medical supplies what is known as regular products, yet we are free to confess that thej merits of Castor!* has won us to look with favor upon it." I;XITBD HOSPITAL HID DISPIHSABT, Boston,! ALLBK O. Sunn, Prei., The Centaor Compsmr, 17 Murray Street, New York Oitjr< "A HAND SAW IS A GOOD THING. BUT NOT TO SHAVE WITH." N«r SAPOLIO IS THE PROPER THING FOR HOUSE-CLEANING. AR ROLL DRY GOODS COMPANY Dry fads, Notions, Millinery and Cloaks BUTTEIUCK: We are showing an exceptionally nice line of Ladies Spring:) Capes. Also, a large-assortment of ' Ladies Skirt Waists. A1 Big Stock of Fine Laces and Embriodery. *ES-|P»- An Eamllent Stock of Dress Trimming% In the Latest Styles. Extraordinary Preparations Have been made to meet thej requirements of the' Spring Trade in Millinery. We have what will suit you, and judging by the amount or work we are- turning out,, the prices are also suitable. WE WANT YOUR TRADE. You make no mistake iu making your purchases hem. Everything is sold with the complete understanding that per feet satisfaction, is guaranteed. We are the Low Price Makers on ourjline of goods. 'cSO Yours truly, CARROLL D?Y GOODS COMPANY. We Come to the Conclusion That some people will buy any kind of clothing just so it's cheap—but the sharp ones —the economical people,buy Straus, Glaser & Co.'s "K AST IRON" because they wear | longest and are not high priced. We have them. t(gheta $ and from all p<trt$ of the world at lowest rates, i.JB.

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