The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 4, 1958 · Page 23
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 23

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1958
Page 23
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In his report,' Brown said he made an inch-by-inch study of the source of the flames in the U shaped building. Brown gave th'ls account: A smoldering pile of rubbish a the foot of a wooden stairwell gen erated heat which accumulated until it broke a basement window four feet above the rubbish pile The smoldering trash was fanned into flames which quickly shot up the unenclosed stairwell to the second (top) floor. Most of the fa talities occurred there. Papers Stacked Investigators said old examine tions, books and newspapers hac been stacked at the foot of th staircase. A schoolboy sneaking a smok and then tossing away the cigarette was one popular theory. Coroner Walter McCarron announced plans to summon city, county, and state officials, safety engineers, architects and construction experts for an inquest next MARKET Thursday, Dee. 4, 1958 The following prices #er» p«ld »t Vudtin. »na out* No 1 ,.,......17.84.. 1700. 17.65. ,., 17.40.. 17.15. ,...,,,..18.90. ,. 16.85. ........18,45. No. 2 14.35 18.26 10.25 ..17.50.. ..17.25.. ..17,00.. ..16.75.. ..I6.SO,. ..16.25.. ..16.05.. No. 3 ..16.85 ,.17.10 ,.16.90 ,.18.60 ,.16.35 ,.18.10 .15.85 .15.65 16.25... .15,85. ...15.45 16.25. ...15.85. ...15.25 All outchert weiKhing over 300 1M re priced the same us sow* of th* ame wgt PACKING SOWS No I No 2 NO. 3 ..16.15.. ..15.90.. ..15.65.. ..IS.'O.. ..13.15.. ..14.90,. ..14.65.. ..14.15....13.75....13.JS .15.75....18.35 .15.60.... 15.10 .15.25.... 14.85 .15.00....14.60 .14.75.... 14.35 .14/0....14.10 .U.25.... 13.85 STAGS under 400 ll.Oo Stag* 400-600 .., 10.25 Stags over 800 8.25 Underflmshed cull nt filled u«t b« discounted accordingly. All hoga are aubject to government In pectlon. 1918 SPRING I, A MB MA' ET J rlme 20.50 Choice 18.50-19.50 Oood 16.FO-17.50 Medium 15.00-16.00 ommon .,.,, il.OO down All buck lamb* discounted 11 pn lundrcd weight by grade Lamhs over 100 pounda discounted lOe per cwt •)6T pnund. Old crop inmbi at market value. VEAL MARKET veal calves of all weight* and CUM- '8 purchased Choice 180-230 29.50-31.00 Good 180-230 26.50-28.00 Standard 24 50-26.00 Utility 180-230 Ibg 22.00-23.0(1 Choice heavy 2*0-300 IDS. ..27.00-28.00 Good heavy 240-300 Ibs. ..25.00-26.00 Culls all weight '9.M-18.00 All calve* over 300 Ibs. Plane Mishap Could Cause War, Reds Say LONDON (AP)-The Soviet Union claimed today that an accident to a nuclear-weaponcd U.S. plane — such as took place last week at Lake Charles, La.—could one day accidentally touch off World War III. An Air Force B47 medium jet bomber caught fire on the flight line at Chennault Air Force Base Nov. 26 while carrying a nuclear weapon. The fire did not reach the weapon. The U.S. government has said repeatedly there is no possibility of an atomic or hydrogen bomb being exploded acci ; dentally. Pravda, the Soviet Communist party newspaper, said Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev has emphasized that "as a result of such flights millions of people could perish and a war could quite accidentally start." Settle 3 Cases Out of Court Three personal injury damage suits were settled out of court this morning before a CMrtiauauon of trial of the suits got undeft way. Trial of the suits began Monday and had been scheduled to continue '.oday. The suit was 'he result 11 an AfTi-ii 26, 195fl, collision near Lansin: Corn«rf. Clarence Arens, Austin Acres, passenger in a car driven by Lyle H. Turner, 211 Minnesota, received a $6,000 settlement for personal injuries while Turner received $2,000. The settlement for Marshall Swanson was not disclosed. Hugh Plunkett represented Arens, William Baudler, Turner, and Swanson, Robert Leighton. Veal calves will be accepted at Austin unni 9:30 a.m. Friday No market in Saturday CATTLE MAICRET 0. S. Prime steers & year- lint's ; 27 00-28.75 U S Choice steers St ye&r- lings 25.00-27.25 0 s Unnd ateera & vear- Hngs 23.25-25.75 0 S Standard s'eera & yearlings ( 21.00-23.50 All heifers 50 cents to 75 cents CWT under ateer prices. All steera over 1.050 Iba. and helfera over 950 Ibs. are itscounted according to weight, U. S. Commercial Cowa ..17.00-18.50 U. S. Utility Cows 18.00-17.50 Cutter .15.50-17.25 Canners 14.00-16.00 Pat Bulls 17.50-21.50 Sausage Bulls 18.50-23.50 Lt. Wt. Thin Bulle 14.00-18.00 NATRDRT AUSTIN UKAIN MARKET WA1KUB1, soybeans ; tigBimember of Onts ' Corn Russia, Japan Sign Trade Agreement MOSCOW (AP)—Japan and the Soviet Union today signed an agreement providing for 35 million dollars in trade each way in 1959 —a 25 per cent increase. Under the agreement Japan will buy wheat, crude oil, manganese and chrome ores, coal, precious metals, fertilizers, asbestos, lumber and chemical goods. In exchange, Japan will ship fishing boats, machines, textile and printing equipment, chemical industrial equipment, iron •'and steel products and chemical products. NrAau Mau Successor Organized in Africa Kenya (AP) — A Kenya's Legislative said a new subver- Army Readies to Fire Its 1st Rocket Soon CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) j —Visibly increased activity in the launching area of a modified Jupiter rocket indicated today Jhat the Army was preparing to fire its fir st space probe soon. Workmen could be observed moving about the area, upon which attention has centered Since Tuesday when the Jupiter was allowed to stand free of its service tower for some time. The rollback of the tower was one indication that prelaunch checks of the missile were under way. Official sources here were silent Wednesday before jury. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — (USDA) — Cattle 4,000; calves 2,200; slaughter steers and heifers slow, early sales steady; cows fairly active, bulls steady; bulls unchanged; most good and choice steers under 1150 Ibs 25.50-26.50; shipment high choice and prime 1233 lb weights 27.00; good and choice steers above 1150 Ibs 25.0026.50; good and choice heifers 25.50-26.50; large consignment low to average choice 1025 lb weights Uncle Sam's Payroll for Civilians Soars WASHINGTON (AP) - Civilian government workers were paid just under 1U4 billton dollars In the 1958 fiscal year which ended June 30. Reporting this today, Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D-Va) said this total was 455 million dollars mope than the civilian payroll for the previous 12 months although there were some 46,754 fewer workers in fiscal 1958. Byrd, chairman of the Senate- House Committee on Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures, said the higher total pay for fewer workers resulted from pay Increased voted by Congress early this year. a blue-ribbon' 26 - 25 ; utility cows 17.00-18.50; commercial 18.50-19.50; commercial and good bulls 21.00-23.00; good Security Council's Meeting Postponed WASHINGTON (AP) - A Na- ional Security Council meeting scheduled for today has been postponed until Saturday. In announc- ng the change, the White House said more time is needed to prepare for the session. 1956 PLYMOUTH, « cylinder, 2 door, Plaza. Good condition. Low mileage >000. Herman Schmidt, Dexter. Call 7J112 after 5 p.m. BRAND NEW 1959 Dodge 4 Dr. Coronet Automatic and Power Steering. See it at Cook Motor Co. Drive it — Then price it and get the surprise of your life. COOK MOTOR CO. 104 So. Ma in St. STOCKS NEW YORK (AP) — 1 p.m. locks: Abbbtt L 68'-i Intl Paper 115 Allied Ch 90'4 Jones & L Allied<Strs 53=!i Allis Chal 27'i Amerada, 99'i Am Can SOV* Am Mtrs 35 ig AT&T 200Vit Anac Co 57M- 94% 83 Vi ShopFqr Bargains Everyday Through The Want Ads Armco Stl 62 3 i Armour 22V» Beth Steel 49'4 Boeing Air 49'i Case J I 21 IB Celanese Ches & O CMSPP Chi & NW Chrysler Cities Svc Comw Ed Cons Ed Cont Can Cont Oil Deere Douglas DowChem 72 1 * du Pont 200 EastKod 135 Firestone 123^i Ford Mtr 46',i Gen Elec 69^ Gen Foods Gen Mtrs Goodrich Goodyear Gt Nor Ry Greyhound i Homestk 41 a » 'inland Stl 134 ! IB Mach 431 ilntlHarv 42'i 27V4 66* g 25% SOTi 50'-! 59% 52 58'i 58's 58 47 ;l i 567/s Ken'cott Lor'lrd Lukens Stl 69V« Minn MM 104Vi Minn P&L 327* Mon Chm Mon Dk U Mon Wrd Nat Dy Pr No Am Av Nor Pac Nor St Pw Norw Airl Penney Phil Pet Pure Oil Radio Crp Rep Steel Rey Tob B Rich Oil Sears Roe Shell Oil Sine Oil Soc Mob St Brands 30% 39% 49V1 21% 26% 45',4 40% 45 7 /i 69 86V4 107 36'-l 80 62= sive successor to the terrorist Mau Mau has'been formed to operate against Europeans and Africans loyal to them. Group Capt. L. R. Briggs told a political meeting that information in his and the governments possession showed the situation is serious. grade vealers and above mostly 1.00 lower; vealers grading below good and slaughter calves changed; good and choice vealers 26.09-30.00; odd head high choice and prime up to 34.00; good and choice slaughter calves 23.00-27.00; tocker and feeder classes active and steady on steers and heifers above 600 Ibs; stock calves slow and weak; shipment choice 630 lb stock steers 31.00; good and choice ,001 lb fleshy feeder steers 26.00; oad good and choice 425 lb stock steer calves 32.25; stock cows icarce; medium and good offerings 17.00-18.50. Hogs 15,000, barrows and gilts 25 lower; sows uneven, largely 50 off; 1, 2 and 3 190-240 lb barrows and gilts 16.75-17.50; 1 and 2 hogs 17.75-18.25; 2 and 3 240-300 lb butchers 16.00-17.00; 1, 2 and 3 160-190 Ibs 16.75-17.50; 1, 2 and 3 sows 270-400 Ibs 14.75-15.50; few 1 and 2 sows 15.75; 2 and 3 400-600 .b sows 13.50-15.00; feeder pigs weak; good and choice 16.50-17,00. Sheep 3,500; outlet narrow; slaughter lambs 50 lower; slaugh- ;er ewes unchanged; feeder lambs about steady; good and choice wooled slaughter lambs 19.50-20.50 scattering mostly choice 21.00; shipment good and choice 115 lb wooled slaughter lambs 18.00;' 123 lb averages 17.50; package good and choice 106 lb fall shorn slaughter lambs 19.75; slaughter lambs weighing over 100 Ibs discounted for weight; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.00-8.00; good and,choice feeder lambs 20.00-21.00; medium and good feeders 18,00-20.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — Butcher hogs steady to 25 cents lower today. Sows weak to 25 lower. Slaughter steer prices steady. Vea}er prices also steady. Sheep market slow, good and choice wooled lambs weak at $19.50-21.50 and shorn offerings unsold. Ewes brought $6-8. CHICAGO (AP)-(USDA)-Hogs 11,000; steady to 25 lower most butchers; 2-3 mixed grade 200-22; lb butchers 18.00-18.65; a few lots mostly 1-Z these weights 18.75 19.25; a few lots mostly Is 19.25 19.35, eighty head at 19.35; a few lots 3s around 200-225 Ibs as low as 17.75; 2-3 230-250 Ibs 17.50 18.00; a few lots 3s 240-250 lb down to 17.35; most 2-3 250-280 Only 70 but Leaves 102 Descendants WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) Mrs. Lottie M. Carruthers, 70, died Wednesday, leaving 102 de- cendants—6 sons,, 5 daughters, 40 grandchildren and 51 great-grandchildren. She was a native of Calais, Maine. Must Prepare for Limited War; Dulles SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-Secretary of State John Poster Dulles said today the United States and its allies must maintain forces capable of fighting limited war. This nation's vast retaliatory power will never be lightly used, he said. "There must be an ability to oppose what may be limited prob- ings in ways less drastic than general nuclear war," Du'les said in a speech prepared for the California State Chamber of Commerce. He cited the presence of U.S. forces in West Berlin and in West Germany as an essential • measure for this country's peace and security. He said most of the lim ited war forces are provided by allied countries which contribute 80 per cent of the ground troops Dulles spoke only briefly of the latest Berlin crisis triggered by iSoviety Premier Khrushchev's ef forts to oust the Western Powers from West Berlin. The Soviets an threatening this Western democratic island inside East Germany, Dulles said, because "they have been put on the defensive by the inspiring demonstration there of what free men can do." Most of the address, oriented i to a West Coast audience, dealt! with policy toward Communist China and the Far East. Dulles rejected totally all arguments for U.S. recognition of Red China. He said such action would endanger political, economic and security interests of the United tales and convert the Pacific Ocean from a friendly body of 19 in Lot Angeles Is 80*Year Record LOS ANGELES (AP)-The tem- >erature reached 89 degrees here Vednesday, making it the hottest )ec. 8 in 80 years. Nearby San Gabriel, with a high of 96, was he warmest spot in the nation. Long Beach had 95. The previous «cord for Dec. 3 in Los Angeles was 88 in 1878. Time Bomb Failure Saves Many Lives LOS ANGELES (AP)-A time bomb found under a cheerleader's stand in Memorial Coliseum could have killed or maimed many people, say the police. The device, in a cigar box with a clock attached, was found Wednesday. Police say they do not know why the bomb didn't explode. Conservation Asks Boost of 17 Per Cent ST. PAUL (AP) - Mounting costs of equipment and supplies, expansion of some programs and salary adjustments will require a 17 per cent increase in the Conservation Department budget the next/two years, George Selke, conservation commissioner, said to- AUSTIN (Minn.) HERAID Thursday, D*e, 4, 1958 forestry division. The proponed ! expenditure is 17,098,080 compared with »5,082,osa allotted it two years ago. day. He told Gov. Freeman at a Baby zebras have brown stripes, which turn black as the zebra ages. budget hearing that the department's five divisions will need a total of $20,472,286 to carry on their operations during the next two years. This is $3,464,220 more than was appropriated for the current two-year period. Game and fish license fees plus federal aid finance about 40 per cent of the budget, including the entire cost of the game and fish division. Largest increase, $2,016,053, or J39.6 per cent, was asked for the Police Official Gtts Deer; Thief Take* It l>ATER3o|rf N. J, (APMtotiee Commissioner Louis Acquino shot a buck in New York state and hung it in a friend's back yard t6 cure. While Acqufoo was irt Pent* sylvania hunting more game', somebody stole the buck from the* friend's back yard. Walt Whitman issued his "Leaves of Grass" in 1855, th« same year ! Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote ' "The Song of Hiawatha." ZRUCKY Refrigeration Service HE 3-3607 AIR-CONDITIONING as to launch plans. In Washington 10 clays ago, however, The Associated Press reported-that the. Army planned to try a Juno II space launch — a Jupiter intermediate range ballistic missile 'topped by 15 ^mailer rockets clustered in three stages— during a week's period starting Dec. 6. Army and Defense Department officials have announced that in its forthcoming attempt the Army will aim for the moon in the almost certain knowledge that it will miss that small target. The hope is to send a small instrumented probe out past the moon into an orbit around the sun. water into one largely dominated >y hostile forces. Unconscious for 5 Years; Victim Dies SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP)It was five years ago last June that Arden A. Winn was taken unconscious from the scene of an auto accident. He died Wednesday, at the age of 32. Doctors said he .ad been unconscious the entire ime. BEER BREWING COURSE DAVIS, Calif. (AP) — The Uni- ersity of California's agricultural college will launch a program n beer brewing technology Monday when it starts up a miniature, experimental brewery. choice slaughter ewes 6.00-8.00. CHICAGO (AP)-Chicago Mer cantile Exchange—butter steady to firm; receipts 430,000; whole sale buying prices % higher; 93 score A A 58 li; 92 A 58 Vi; 90 B 57'i; 89 C 57; cars 90 B 58; 8 East and West Don't Agree on Mobilization GENEVA (AP)—East and West differed today on whether a na ion preparing to launch a surprise attack with nuclear missiles would first mobilize its convex ;ional armed forces. The five Western Powers in the conference on prevention of sur prise attacks said it would no necessarily. Delay in 2 Killed as Plane Hits Icy Potomac WASHINGTON (AP)— A Navy -raining plane crashed into the Potomac River today, watched by scores of motorists crossing the 14th St. Bridge between Washington and Virginia. The bodies of the two men aboard—both Navy captains—were recovered. The scene, about 1,000 feet southeast of the twin-span bridge, is some four miles upstream from the point where a big Navy heli copter crashed into the fog • shrouded river Wednesday night, silling one man. Nine others, all injured, were rescued after four hours of misery clinging to the wreckage in the icy water. HISTORIC AREA CHARLOTTETOWN, Canada tfl —The Prince Edward Island Historical Society wants to turn Fort Amherst, overlooking the harbor here, into a national historic park. The old fort was settled by the French early in the 19th Century. the easily detected mobilization of manpower might make it easier for the aggressor to achieve total surprise. Soviet bloc delegates denied such surprise was probable. They maintained there would be no point in a country launching a nuclear attack unless it was ready to follow up the blow with a conventional occupation of the stricken nation. 57',-2. Eggs unsettled; receipts 10,900; wholesale buying prices unchanged to Hi lower; 70 per cent or better grade A whites 34^4; mixed 34; mediums 30; standards 32%; dirties 31; checks 30; current receipts unquoted. CHICAGO (AP) (USDA) Live poultry no tone; Wednesday's receipts were 136,000 Ibs; no prices reported due to insufficient information. CHICAGO POTATOES CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Potatoes arrivals 47; on track 147; total U.S. shipments 465; supply Frankfurt's Baboon Quits Steeple Perch FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) —The baboon that spent a cold 20 hours atop a church steeple to escape the veterinarian's needle, is back in the Frankfurt Zoo. And she's had the needle. The 2%-year-old baboon escaped to the top of St. Nicolai's steeple Tuesday night when the veterinarian tried to give her an ap fi *uber- culosis injection. She stayed on her lofty perch through subfreezing weather while men from the izoo shivered and waited below. light; demand slow; market fo r | s he finally came down Wednes- russets dull; round reds firm; car-| day mgnt> lot track sales: Idaho bakers 4.05;! —j-^^^^^ booklet-prospectus... describes Aviation ] Shores of GROUP SECURITIES, INC. A mutual fund *, founded in 1933, <j,.'; which offers an / investment in the growth possibilities of % selected common stocks of the aviation industry. C»T_ WRIGHT WELLS & CO. lit Not'l. Bonk Bid?. Bridge St. Entrance Austin HE 3-3090 Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley pontiacs 2.60-2.65. NEW YORK LIVESTOCK NEW YORK (AP) — (USDA) Butter offerings light; demand fair; receipts 564,000. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons (fresh). Creamery, 93 score (AA) GO'.i- 60Vi cents; 92 score (A) 59%-60; 90 score (B) 59Vi-59%. 'Cheese steady; receipts 169,000; prices unchanged. Wholesale egg offerings heavy; Ibs'17.00 • 17.50; a small volume' demand spotty today; receipts 15.- mostly 3s 290-310 Ibs 16.75-17.00; j 800. 77 7 » 47'is 73V 2 St Oil Ind St Oil NJ Stud Pack Sunray Swift & Co 33% 58'i 14T's 49?i 18 Texas Co Truax Tra Un Oil Cal Un Pac U S Rub U S Steel West Un Westg El Wlworth Yng S & T George A. Uormel * Co. Common Stork (Wright Wells & Co.) 34^4 mixed grade 330-400 lb 400-550 Ibs 14.00-15.25. 1525 Cattle 1,000; calves 200; steers!sales.) (Wholesale selling prices based on exchange and other volume and heifers steady; a few lots good and choice 1,050-1,250 lb steers 26.00-28.00; good and choice heifers 25.50-27.50; 2 loads 900 lb New York spot quotations follow: includes mid western: mixed colors: extras (48-50 Ibs) 36-37; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 34-36; ex- good and choice 27.50; utility and'tras medium 32-32',-i; smalls 30- commercial cows 17.50-20.00; can-j 31; standards large 35-36',!!; checks ners and cutters 15.00-18.00; Hoi-! 33*4-35. stein cutter and utility cows mixed' Whites: extras (48-50 Ibs) 36',2- 51 "-a 18.75-19.00; utility and commercial !bulls 22.00-24.50; heavy fat bulls i20.50-22.00; good vealers 29.00 • 39'.*; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 34H- 36H; extras medium 32-33. Browns: extras (48-50 Ibs) 37 1 -- Bid 53% 32.00; utility a«d standard 20.00 29.00; culls down to 15.00. j NEW YORK POULTRY Sheep 2,000; slow, slaughter NEW YORK (AP) — (USDA) — ewes steady; good and choice 91- Dressed poultry: there were too 1107 lb wooled lambs 19.50-21.50; few wholesale sales to report pnt- Asked,most decks choice at 21.00; cull es for turkeys; squabs aud ducks 55H I to low food 15.50-19.00; cull to steady, prices YULETIDE SPECIALS at your "Rent 'N Save" Rent-All Ufse Grills o: $2.00 Tom & Jerry Sets Bowl A 9 Cups CO AA Per Day y£iVV Get Your Reservations in Early for Tables & Chairs lOc RENT THEM and SAVE A > Folding Chairs Rollaway Beds Baby Cribs AlU w Card Tables P . r Doy Punch Bowls Pe> Doy A, Each .... $1.00 & 51.00 pDoy 7Bc fei Day $1iOU Assorted Dinnerware, Glassware & Flatware Also many other items to make your Christina* entertaining more enjoyable, such at Floor Polishers, Rug Shampoo Machines ond • full line of Polishes, Waxes and Cleaners. "RENT 'N SAVE" RENT-ALL 1000 I. Water Austin, Minn. HE 3-9172 "The Big Red House en East Water St." AUCTION! AUCTION! AUCTION! Hull's Auction Mart 2 miles south of Austin on River Road, 105, to Auction sign then Vi mile west. Two Large Sales of Christmas Toys, Tools, Furniture FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5 at 7 P. N. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6 at 1 P. M. Large heated building. Lunch served. Plenty parking space. You can do a lot 6f your Christmas shopping at auction. NEW MERCHANDISE New beautiful davenport and chairs; Dinette set; Chest of drawers; Bedroom suites; Electric drills, Drill bits; Blankets; Fryers; Coffee maker*; and many other new items. Christmas toys. Latest models of complete Lionel train sets. Something Dad has always wanted — for his son. CONSIGNED MERCHANDISE Furniture and household goods of all kinds; both Friday and Saturday. ON SATURDAY SALE Very good bedroom suite, walnut. Bed, 6 drawer chest, dressing chest and mirror, stool and Simmons box spring and mattress; 9x18 Anglo Persian rug; 33 piece Royal Staffordshire china set, made in England; 51 piece Benhoffselt china set, imported from Germany; Silver coffee server; 6 fruit knives; Chippendale cup and saucers; Antique cream and sugar, Prussian; Fruit bowl, La Belle China; Hurricane lamps In rose shade; Bronze candle holder; Bisq. boy, & swan, baby, dog and boat with clown BUY AT AUCTION AND SAVE LARGEST AUCTION MART IN COUNTRY V COLS. HULL and THOMSEN, Auctioneers LOCALLY OWNID FREE CINDEREUS AND SANTA CLAUS BOOK A CtirMtM* Mrivfcr with m <iM«rtiMitt •* t life*! «"d pmUi. BE SURE TO VISIT OUR TOYLAND •tm«*i, W.!,h, swres TVtvMxift Indies. SmeH enevfh to dip f«H rkh tone. SALE! $29.95 VALUE! COMPLETE 53 PIECE SERVICE FOR 8 MNNERWARE palltrni «r» • I • I n 11 <h«cklftf •» cruiitf. Cf\»tt wiN _H»v»r with, fad* *t WMf »H. On* plotter. I d*ti»rt«, dinner and wlod plaits • «upi and tauctrt. • MMp b«wl«, tvgai towl and tr*am*r. lick T«U«w» rad brownt I m i»|t autuma <»lort. r.d with ceie <ie«.V* *•£ l «jy rat* TABLE AMD CHAIR SET COASTER WAGON M.ff ELECTRIC BLANKET *4xtSVu4 wlM*b, marii tirM. Copp*rtan« .finUh. Old W»«t Wa*** C»w $4JO VahM $).»» Pill IW* )TMr |V«MM»* control. kr«U. Completely vmrw •bit. I«H w M«« W. ftp wirk dtp hKk !••.. »V> ln<b«i high. M4 « whit* •nam«( I Tib* TABLE RADIO llffl VflM It* •everfe) Irlnae cabinet. f«#a|. wrt*>*o fw fkeny H Pitce lorr.rx Operared FREIGHT TRAIN Includes 2 11 r a i g h t and 4 curved tracks. Engine, coal car, tank and caboose. Bright colored box with cut-out tunnel. Sturdy metal with detachable cars. COAST TO COAST STORES

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