Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 19, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, July 19, 1965
Page 6
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The World of Women SIX Short Hemlines, ! Low Waistlines New Combination By JOKIE Ll'KLOFF NEW YORK iAP'— Designer Norman Norell decided that short hemlines and low lmes would be a winning combination. So he put 'he two to- f.ether and presented a fall- winter collection Thursday night that was reminiscent of the l'J'20's. The low. low waistline was every where-in coats and suit jackets widely belted at the hipline: in the broad, horizontal slash of pockets placed low on coats: in narrow leather belts that circled jumpers at low hip level. While a few suit jackets were simply short capes fastened at the throat with two giant buttons, most were long-sleeved, double-breasted affairs with twin rows of huge buttons marching down the front. The long jackets—some almost three-quarter length- topped skirts that barely skimmed the kneecap. Some of the short skirts simply hung straight, while others were an ever-moving flurry of tiny pleats. Suit blouses and tops of two- piece daydresses were narrowly belted in slim strips of black leather or casual ties of matching fabric to emphasize the low, low waist. For more informal sophistica-' tion. Norell created floppy pants —not unlike bell-bottomed trousers topped by double-breasted jackets with full ascots tucked in the V-necklines. Sequins lit the way to evening wear. A simple jumper style.; completely encrusted in black sequins, drew applause. Norell featured solidly se- quinned numbers of every shade. The Mature Parent By MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE His voice rising, the angry young graduate student at one of our big universities cried: "My school is nothing taut an education factory! I haven't got one professor who's human enough to talk to me about my •work! I'm on my own all the time—a de-humanized cog in their damn education machinery and if I don't function, it will be just too bad for me . . ." Listening to him, I thought: •'""Si MONDAY, JULY 19, 1965. 'Gemini IV Look' ! ; Is High Fashion 1 FLORENCE. Italy (AP) •1 Emilio Pucci today launched, 'what he called "The Oemini IV Look" in high fashion The collection, presented as, two clays of fall aivl winter fash-' ion showings endc-d in Florence, was inspired by the walk in space last month by Lt. Col. Edward H. White II. But without the bubble-domed helmet that went with everything, the Pucci clothes could keep both feet on the ground. Tubular ring Collars were about the only snare-suit derived detail on reversible coats and jackets with supple, fluid fit. Clothes were fairly short and some were worn with boots. Reversible jackets went over light wool dresses with waists mostly high. On the final program in Florence's Pitti Palace today. Fabiani also shower, his couture collection. Standouts in it were square - shouldered silhouettes iitted close at the bosom and swinging loose from there. Printed coats swung out on the side or back 8289 10-30 SEWING TIME-SAVER — PUMPS, BAG MATCH—Smart and swingy accents for young summer wardrobes are linen- textured bags and matching pumps. Nylostraw. a new nylon material woven to resemble straw >above i is lightweight, flexible and easily cleaned with a damp sponge. Weekday Lunch Bv CECILY BROWNSTONE empire dresses cut. and often skirts. A from high; bright yoxmg sheath that is Sleeveless simple and charming enough for were smooth had wrapover Polly's Pointers By POLLY CRAMER DEAR POLLY -- Children's skateboards are handy for mothers or fathers to use to sit on and scoot about when planting flower seeds or trimming grass along the wilks. —JEAN. GIRLS — If there is a walk all your party-going hours. No. 8289 with PATT-O-RAMA is in sizes 10. 12. 14, 16. 18. 20. Bust 31 to 40. Size 12. 32 bust, 3 yards of 35-inch. To order, send 50c in coins to: Sue Burnett. Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Don't miss the fall & winter '65 International ! MeetofLWML } At San Diego The Lutheran Women's Missionary League Internatlo n a 1 Convention will be held at San j Diego, Calif., July 21-22. The ! LWML is an auxiliary organi- i zation r,f the Lutheran Church- j Missouri Synod and has 210.700 I members in 5,471 societies.' Mrs August Applekamp. of i Pilican Lake, Wis., will repre-; sent the Superior Zone as a dele- 1 ; gate at the parley. The Gogebic. ! 1 County LWMLs are in the Sup-: I erior ?one | ! How women can most e f i fectlvi^y assist their church's. < missions at home and abroac j is the question of prime con- 5 cern of the 2,500 delegates and j guests who will be attending the; ; convention. 1 Main convention business will; be the selection of new p r o j- i ects totaling more than a quar- j ter of a million dollars for the coming biennium. Current projects are: Parish redevelopment ; program in rural Alabama, $75,'000: construction of an apart• ment building in St. Louis. Mo., for fu'loughing missiona r i e s . $125.000. third unit of Wandoor Hospital in India, $40,000; and the foreign mission chapel fund, $25,000 Speakers at this llth biennial conclave will be Dr. Oliver R. Harms. St. Louis, president of the Lutheran Church —Missouri Synol: Missionary Paul H Strege Hokkiado, Japan, area Ann Landers .Answers Your Problems. Dear Ann Landers: As I type i tize your problem by falling on this letter tears are streaming! the floor and calling for an down my cheeks. No, I have not been jilted. It's worse than that. For the fourth time t o day, the woman whose desk is next to mine has sprayed herself with the world's most sicU- oxygene pump the next time the perfume lady sprays —but I'd like to suggest a more practical and realistic approach. Tell the woman you are allergic to her perfume and if she'd settle enlng perfume. She proudly j for a dab behind her ears a n d boasts that she makes the per- not spray the office you d ap- funic herself by combining three different scents and adding a bit of vanilla extract. I'm not the only one who suffers. The woman who sits on I the other side of me gets nauseated after every sp r a y i n g. i Right now she's green as grass predate it. •d •& it Dear Ann Landers: I am a high school student who will be a senior next fall Please tell me what I can do to make my last year livable. If I don't get SHE'S SHE — Lovely Ursula Andress, often called one of the asked for a date before I gradu The thing"that burns me"up is! ate I'll just die. that the sprayer >vent to the; mi not too tall or too fat or supervisor three months age and; ugly. Kids like me --both girls asked that cigar smoking bc; ant j boys — but my trouble is prohibited because it made nerji-m the pal type, the big sister. sick. < During the lost month of school At this moment I'm sneezing three guys asked me who to take and my head is beginning to. to the junior prom. When the ache. I'm not -\ troublemaker.; fourth one asked I couldn't stand Ann, but I think something, it any longer so I answered in a should be done. \Vhnt do you! a half-joking way, "What's the ' matter with ME?" The f e 11 ow laughed and said, "You've got to be kidding." Maybe I got off to a bad start by playing baseball and football with the guys in the neighbor- Trinity Lutheran. The Parish hood when I was in grade school. I quit last year when my mother said it was d i s graceful. I need your help and I need it now. Please don't suggest' 1 - VIC1TM Dear Vic: You could clrama- Church Events Planning Council will mee'. to night at 7. The chairman and secretary of the congregatlo n , the board of elders and heads resident counselor for synodical wor i d - s most beautiful women, missions in the Far East; Nel-j snows why as she appears at an son Leigh, the actor who — ot all organizations of the con- fail gregation are asked to attend. —PLATONIC : or path along your line of work,, i ssue of Basic Fashion, our com- are These delicious little morsels this would be fine but be care-; p i e te pattern magazine. 50c sometimes called corn oy-: ful. Look to see if the skate-; — _ board is making marks that would be hard to remove from the grass or soft . ground. — POLLY DEAR POLLY — Would y 0 U like to know how to make a "one seam" painting or maternity smock in just half a n sters. Fresh com cakes with maple syrup and crisp bacon, fruit cup, beverage. FRESH CORN CAKES 1 large eggs 2 cups firmly packed fresh corn, cut from cobs 2 tablespoons instant flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons sugar 6 tablespoons butter In a medium mixing bowl beat eggs until thick and ivory color. Dump in corn, flour, baking pow- > p ar t. der. salt and sugar. Mix well. CORA with a spoon so that ingredients are evenly distributed. In a large skillet over a little less than moderate heat, melt about I 1 •> tablespoons of the butter for each batch of cakes. Drop generous tablespoons of the mixture 'Approach on 9' Contest Slated trays Pastor Martin in the TV series "This Is the Life," and Dr. William H. Hillmer. St. Louis, chairman of Missou r i Synod Division of Missions, An evangelism crusade w i 1 1 climav the one-day Christian Growth Workshop preceding the convention. The morning p r o gram will include Bible study, the display of new literature and latest movie, "She." Much of the picture was shot on the Negev Desert in Israel. Dear Platonic: I'm glad you Grace Lutheran. The Boy .finally gave up the sand-lot rou- ' ' ' ' wants to get third base- por- i sra eii resort while making her scouts will meet Tuesday night . tine. 'what fellow Personal Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Black and family, Sara Jan, Mildred Ann, Susan, Diane and Donnie, at 7. romantic Immanuel Lutheran, Little man? Girl's Point. The Voters' As- start the new school year by sembly quarterly meeting wi 1 1 inviting, one fellow at a time to your house to study —or just to talk. A platonic friendship i s be held Tuesday night at 7. Salvation Army. The Young People's meeting will be h e 1 d often the best springboard f o r Tuesday at 6 p.m. Beaver Pa., are visiting at the! St. Luke's Lutheran. The An "Approach on 9" conte s t will be played by the Women's Golf League of the Gogebic hour? Make two straight c u t s' Country Club Wednesday and across a discarded dress. First: there will also be team play, cut across the hip line and. Lunch will be served at 12 then cut across it l 1 - inches'noon and "tee off" time will be below the arm holes. Discard; 1 p.m. the center section. Sew the re- home ol Mrs. Black's stepfather j and mother, Mr. and Mrs. i A. Erirkson, 517 Leonard ; Mrs. Black is the former i dred Lahti. St. Mil- niversary visitation callers will meet Tuesday night at 7:30. Club Activities "Young man, I bet your mom-; into the hot butter leaving ample my did a lot of sympathetic hovering over you and the homework you used to bring home from your elementary gra d e teachers and high school." O -6 •& Training in "independ e n t work" is how anthroplogist Margaret Mead has defined the function of children's homework. If you do not require your child to labor independently on his homework, he is bound to leel cheated and abused when he reaches college age—and discovers that his professors, unlike mommy, require Ion e 1 y space between them—in a 10- inch skillet 6 cakes can be fried at one time. Cook until bottoms are browned and top edges are dry: turn carefully and brown other side. Makes about 24. Note: You'll need 4 good-size cobs of corn: cut kernels away, then with dull side of knife, scrape down pulp. skirt section gathered- MJddJefOIl and Maki or pleated to fit, to the y o k e . T . „ , T , , Is all ready to wear. - Nuptials Aie Held J MASS — Miss Fay Middle- DEAR POLLY — Everyone at, ton> daugn ter of Mrs. Evelyn my house seems to disappear!, M iddleton and the late Mr. when it it time to wash t h e : M j d d j e torii Milwaukee, was dishes. I take advantage of this )united in marriage to Dennis privacy by doing exercises as I do the dishes. While standing at the sink I move one 1 e g slowly as far as I 1 dical evangelism director, the Rev. Theodore Raeiieke, • St. Louis, an evangelism e x • pert. In the afternoon, 500 leaguers will visit San Diego homes', T ,; to encourage the unchurched to LOma Larson become active Christians and ;to invite them to attend t h e ir j neighborhood Lutheran Church. "The Lord Is My Light" has been chosen as theme for the ! Convention. Business Sessions was Mliueu ill IJUULUIKI: iu "-•"-, 71,*, Woofnac-r-Jr-n/ Tori Mathew Obideen. Frankfort. Ger-! Meet On Wednesday rived many, son of Mrs. Gather i n e j The Top Notch 4-H Club will :O/ ' wl truly meaningful relationship. ' Remember that love is friend- an-; S hip that catches fire. it ft 6 Dear Ann Landers: My cousin herself a nonconformist. I've always thought she was plenty far out and just plain brassy. The Indianhead Chapter. Sweet Recently she did somfthing that Adelines, Inc.. will meet Tues-• nas the family divided into day night at 7:30 at the parish two camps, buildino of Immaculate Conccp- Marv mot her real name* is MARFNISCO — Miss L o r n a tion Catholic Church, Wakefield.. graduating from nursing school also planning to Larson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Larson. Stamba u g h. Notch Club to i M a k i, son of Mr. and Mrs. i Chester Maki, in a ceremony at ; the rectory of St. Leo's Cath! olic Church, Milwaukee, Satur; clay morning, July 3, at 11. The , Rev. Fr. Winkler officiated. I Attendants were Miss Jan Tut; tie. Milwaukee, and Pat rick ! Marshall, Madison. will be held in the city's new; S21.5 million Community Con-' course. Convention headquarters will be located at the El Cortez Hotel. Ewen Personals soon. She is marry in a few months My invitation to ger graduation a r in the mail vesterday. Att a c h e d was a note say i n ? "Stuck for a gift idea? Here's Go to and unsupported effort fro m him. It is now the fashion for students of our big universities to attack them as impersonal, "dehumanizing" education factories. Well, nobody ever said they were nursery schools. They are staffed by adults who've had to agonize through to their own Ph-D.'s in lonely research and so are entitled to expect other adults who want them to do exactly the same thing. As to this "de-humanizing" nonsense, young people, I re- Enjoy 3 Day Camping Trip A three-day camping trip was enjoyed recently by the children of the Day Center at the Gogebic County Extension Camp | putting the dishes away I stand at Little- Girl's Point. This was l on tiptoe and stretch to help my ; Insurance Co., Milwaukee. can and then I move the other.' I also move my waist as I take j the dishes from the dish pan to! the rinse water. This is good; for the side of the leg. When Monica Vadnais, Baraga, who visited her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Miesbauer, for several days, has recently returned home. Mr. and Mrs. David Wolfe, Racine Wis avp vuihnn- -f 1 Mrs. Obideen will remain The bride wore a street length' £* cloe ' ™' H anso n home anr ' her parents at Stamtaaugh until white suit with an orchid cor- ; g Oscar Wolfe homf-Srs Or-' she can join her husband in Ger- SS Sier the wedding a reception' jj»« S°M\.^.f Mrf WoHe" was held at the new apartment returned nome wlth tnem of the couple with the immedi- Mrs _ Geralc , HeR drickson and ObidJiir. June 28 at Wate r s - i meet Wednesday night at 7 at meet. The Rev. Samuel Bottom , tne home of the club leader. Mrs. officiated. . Toivo Kivi. Members are asked Attending the couple were Miss to bring samplesjjMheir^r a i r, ^j™ ^ nas lhe R ,, t a , , ready. It is a set of monogrammed towels. The price is $7.98. Thank you in advance " What is your opinion of this?ON THE SPOT i RoseAnn Larson, sister of the 1 bride, and Nick Biondich, brother in law of the bridegr o o m . exhibits for a demonstration. At the July 14 meeting a discussion was held on the float to. Members of the immediate faml-j be entPred i n the 4-H Clubs' pa- lies were present. The couple spent a short time '. here with Mrs. Obidecn and fam- i ily, after which A-3c Obid'eenj left for his base in Germany. with arcle to be held at the Gogebic County Fair. - ., , . _ . , , i>i*o. %^< i_ i. ti in A4.t- family and close friends at- daughter, Doris ' --- Obideen will be stationed a short distance from his brother i" l« w ' n ncl sister. First Sgt. and The apartment is at 2602 N. 36th St., Milwaukee. The bride, a graduate of Wash- School, Milwaukee, at the All State a<-e visitine . _ . P ; the first outing of its kind for the children. They particip a t e d in games- and various entertainment Jules Pann. biologist, representing the Michigan Conservation Department, gave a brief history on wild life and displayed waistline. I think it is i e a 1 1 y remarkable how much one can learn by reading 'Dear Polly.": —FLO ' FLO ---I, too. have certainly learned a lot from all y o u clever girls. —POLLY bridegroom a graduate of the Mass High School, served i n the U.S. Air Force four years. friends and relatives in Detroit i Berlin. and Ohio. : Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mies-' bauer and daughter Debb i e, spent a weekend vinting rela- The tives in Hibtaing. Minn. Dr. Ray Kooker. Lns Angeles, and Lawrence Kooker a n cl daughter, Barabara, Cleveland, Kavanaugh, who are in I Dear On: To use your words I would describe it as "plenty far out and just plain brassy." Ignore the instructions and send whatever you wish. 0*0 Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this _, „ ... , . newspaper enclosing a stamped, at 5:30 and dinner will be served , se ]f- a ddressed envelope. Hurley 1945 Class Reunion on July 24 The .1. E. Murphy High School class ot 1945 will have its 45th anniversary reunion Satur day, July 24, at Club 51, near Mercer. The social hour will begin 7. 9. j Copyright. field Enterprises, In« For Travel...for Anytime receiving his discharge in April, : o.. were called home clue to the : and is now employed at W i 1- i illness of their mother M r s liams Petroleum Co., B u 11 e r, D. A. Kooker. wno is a patient DEAR POLLY - Mine is a furs of different animals"common : helpful reminder to knitters who, here recently. in the Upper Peninsula. A man-: give away their handiwork. On, — ber of furs were recognized bv : the back of the label ar ° und tne : Finnish Movie to e children, which made the P™ there are printed washing o* „„ T *£j n instruction. Include one of these, D6 O/lOWil 1 UeSQCfy labels in the package with your .. Littl . pet .. a Finnish ie gilt, it will be greatly appre-; with Engllsh sub-titles, will be may .savo many a rn'pqpntprt at thp Wnkpfipirt TI-IP- ruined garment and result i n g| S| r ^X^K!l aKt neanacne. — ut.j, g pm This fl , m _ sponsoi . ed hy the subject interesting. Miss Edit Jacobson. advisor, was assisteel bv vouth mind you that nobody can pos-, cu^riseli'rirs Miss'ciiaricate Ho^clge ; cialerl sibly de-humanize us but our- 1 - - --• - selves. •ft -d fs Instead of raging personal professors, at your im- i of Lennon. Mich., and Edwin ' Martinson of Ironwood Township. Also assisting were Mrs. Clyde Holmberg, Mrs. Henry Fosmoe, wls - , at the Northwoods Hospital \ Mr. and Mrs. Maki visited Pehlps. Wis. They were guests of thir brother and sister ini law, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kooker. Mr. and Mrs. J rimes Wolfe' and their son and daughter in law. Mr. and Mrs. George Wolfe and sons left recently to visit relatives in John Day, Ore., for three weeks. Frank Hasenberg and hephew. C»N*T»NTIWt »?£!£ S^r^Ali^p =--=- S?™. "- Ken ista . is a warm, humorous j-iW-iiJiu^jj-,, i»*i.j. Ai\_ j j i > *. VOiilU*- > ' »... J — .« \, «^,r. T , ^ n «. *\ .'J-*-.3Ll»('i. 1O « \> Cll iil, I1LI JiJ suggest Mrs Andrew Kangas . Mrs . Sulo j Pan .ot ^ shoes I -;c, ove the^ole; f u j t , 5 recently • • Kangas. Mrs. and Mr?. Carl Kaartunen. that you recover your memories ol your mommy's too-person a 1 interest in your grade and high .school homework. We are a 1 1 n n ,-, n/r T •* i / -on our own" when we work. Martha M. Laitala s That is the meaning of work. If EnQaqement Is Told Wis. are visiting hi.? brother and sister in lav/ Mr. and Mrs K^rsrJSr S,?SF^" =«; «s SSI*. H, S ™ CTS w .,™ „«,, does a wonderful job of cover-1 ing little spatters and gives the job a more professional look.—, A CONSTANT READ ER, i made available for showing in America through the efforts of Professor Robert E. Card of the | Wisconsin Idea Theater of the your childhood experience of homework failed to make this ONTONAGON Mr. MRS. C. V. a n d ' GIRLS —I University of Wisconsin. use liquid shoej Good Manners Make Friends Washes and Drip Dries in a Wink! Rarely Needs ironing! Richly Colored Pattern on Arnel Jersey truth clear to you you'd better Krs ' Sul ° "' Laitala ,i m ' e an ! : poTishlor this 'job. 'so"take your " "™ ' nounced look at the probability that mommy interfered with its function and taught you to imagi n e that work is social and emotional intercourse with solicitous p e o pie. If, as children, we learn that homework is something we do alone, we do not go into shock when our university professors refuse to lean over our shoulders Denied their sympathetic support, we may feel a little dashed for a minute but soon rally to think to ourselves: "So I'm back on my own again with this thesis. However, as on my own is where I've always been With school work. I'd better get down to it and stop stalling." tin- engagement o f their daughter, Martha Marie, to Pvt. Harold Saaranen, son oi Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Saar- aren. Mass, who is present 1 y choice. —POLLY DEAR POLLY — When washing shades (they must be sewn and not glued together), I al- Gov. Romney Becomes I Committee Member LANSING (AP)—Gov. George Romney became a member and ways pick a windy day and'honorary chairman Friday of .serving with the U.S. Army hang the clean shades outside in j the Oakland County youth pro-' and is stationed at Fort Knox, the shade so they dry quickly.- rection committee. The commit-' MRS. D. S. Ky. Miss Laitala is a practical nurse student of the G o g e bic Unit, Northern Michigan Uni- \ersity, Marquette, and is train-; ing at Ironwood. No definite ciate has been set for the wedding. Spain's income from tourism has risen to nearly a billion dollars a year. Share your favnntc* homemaking ideas . . .send them to Polly in care of Ironwood Daily Globe. You'll receive a dollar if Polly uses your idea in Polly's Pointers. A dealer in foreign mon e y s is called a cambist. tee was established to work for a program to prevent juvenile delinquency and child neglect. Its members voluntarily work with Probate Court. to enjoy horn* or USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS 'NEA'&V Zest for day-today activities keeps a DP r" 0 A stunning costume for you throughout the year ... at away. Our jacketed costume of richly printed Arnel triacetate jersey is trimmed with braid and beautifully detailed. The dress is short-sleeved . . . the skirt is gored for added flattery. Who'd dream such loveliness rarely needs ironing; washes and drips dry in a wink! Shades of Regal Blue, Holiday Green or Grey. Fabric by Joyce. NEWSPAPERS Bill HIST! Announcement! T. R. LEPORE, O.D. WISHES TO ANNOUNCE NEW OFFICES Located at 319 Silver St., Hurley (N«xl to ihe Post Office) PHONES: 561-4777 and 932-1319 ROBERT L. ZIELINSKI WE ENDEAVOR To convey religiou* beauty to all parting moments. CHAPPELL-ZIELINSKI Funeral Service Courteous Competent Funeral Service Our Only Concern 631 East Ayer Si. Dial 932-4410 Ironwood 18.98 Size* 12tt to26Vi 12 to 20

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