Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1927
Page 4
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FACE FOUR IQLA DAIIY REGIS! ientered at the Icria. FostofSM ; s Bcconil Class' Matter. » t$i«*iione 1 i.. If BrpAiA Kxclionge Co&nsctuv inetita). •SUBSCRI^ION RATES Br GBfriar in ^obi. Gnu Ciiyi L*UMP« •V* ' i; and BasmHt. . i Oii0 -^cek 18 Centa 'On* Tear i VM •= :,• BV MAIL. Outsid* Allen County 'One Tear .• $S.OO flK Mwiths 1 Viio TIMB Moirtlia 11 .60 ; In Allen Cpunty Gn« Tear ..v .......i -.V.... 14.00 . Sl« Hbnthii fioo TbteSTkohths..... » »1.M ' ftni*- Month . ."y. •.» ;....60o pMationin^Edlteri^l Asaeclation. I -iKankaa f*res« Aaaoalatlon.- : , rhe-Kantaa Dally l.«*ni«. lAiidtt Bureau of Circulation. . Preis Conareat of the World. Inland Dally PreM Association. Official Paper City of tola. .Offl<iial Paper City of Bastett. Official Paperi MEMBER Tlia'rltcKlxtor AiSOCIATED PRESS. catrlM the Aaitoclated r'rcas report li.' special leased wire. The Associated 'reus in cxcluBlvely en'-'titled to the U! e for republlcntlon of all ncvrii tllKpat ;hen credited to It or titit oi^erwiBo! < rPdUcd In this paper, and Hl40 the Ion 1 newn publlalied herein;' AU -rlRhts or republication \if s|ie- hercln are also re-: ctel dispatches acrvcd.' ViHAt THK Allen County. IN THE DAI'S KEWS. Charles juitltrop . pack, who advocates the preventiod of floods by reforestation, is' president of the A'nterican Tree Association and 911 imppVtant figure in conservation of forests -Work. Few ' |nen of wealth have so- intciiiscntljr followed the theoretical and practical development of for'estr^' and o^]>cr natural resources, and {ills experience alouf these lines eha|)Ios him to' flpeiik as an authority. Kfr. Pack has served as president of 'the Americali; 'forestry Associatidii and' of tljo National CooscrvaUoii CongrcBs) He hits also'lKseu jpricsi- di-'ht of Ihc- 'V\'orid'8 Court L«a|;uc, HucccedlnR. John Hajry Hammond In that pouKinn.' and during thp war he Herved HS head of the Na­ tional'WarCardcu CdminiHsion of the 'IJiiitcd StatcH. He hati played an imimrtant part In educational development and axido from hin public activities he has been prominent In financial plrclcs In Cleveland and .Vew Voi'k. 1 TffE IQLA DAILY REGISTFU. WEDNESPAY EVENING, DECEMBER 21.-1927. ROSES WHERE ONLY CACTUS GREW gEFOR^- HEWS EVENJS •Bible Thought for Today HIta; that iverconieth will I make -R ; j)lllar in the teuiple of { my (i(}d, and lie iihall go no more out.—Hev. :i:12 FITrilK HOLII.S . ; KOK AJK TKAVK 1„ " LuxarioUK airplanes traveliiiK on i schcdi^Ie over jcharted and illumined air routes—"taxi" airplanes awaittiig tlie c^^ll of the busy business man—privjkte pleasure planes of'sucii safe construction that the Tlibi newspaper liaJt been.; waif- InR wlfli a -Kreat deal ^ot patience for editorial i-omiaent on the part of some of its estoenied exchauKos on the decision rendered some weeks ago by Ihe Supreme fouH of Mexico upon^tlv question of the rlRhts of American properly owners in that country, but as yet has waited in vain. The (!overnniPnt kvf^the United States took the llground thut (Certain, sections of the ; latest Mexican cohsUtution and the laws passed to enfofce them were confiscatory and'therefore in violation of international law. Thereupon certain Americans, always ; assuming that in any con- jtrovel'sy with a foreign power danger of accident is no greater . . ; , ,i ^ T ,,, , , ... their own. government is necessar- thdn in an automobile—such is the ,, ''^ ' j , ^ . ; • ' 'ily wrong, entered long and loud • picture envisioned for the near fu- tn1;e} by' Clarence M. Young. Director .oT' Aeronautics. Department of Commerce, in his annual report : just made public. . If,- afi iias bpen ; charged, the United; States was laggard in its development of civil aeronautics, " Mr. Young's report ^hows that it is going: jahcad at good speed now. Xast yt-ar airplme^ construction in thia country' vsis valued at more 0 —a 60 per cent in- ihan »30.000,000; crease • over l!fjJ5. - Airplanes of. new d^^sign ari rapidly replacing the Wat surplus types which have Iiecn doing service up to the present. New air routes are l)ClliR cbarted in ull iiarts of tlii; coun- ir>'; cities arc vying with one an iniiiicd Vlial by thousand airports ito«;iis arebcinij: :co;n|),-)iiy alo'hc name:; pij jnoH! filations.- Tho Wiiolc ti I emphasises tb< Ui^glstcr has so protests against "materialistic" and "imperialistic" Adminis- traton at Washington for what they denounced as an unrighteous j attempt to Tiully a weaker power in the interest of American dollars, nut now comefi the Supreme Court of Mexico and declares the Governmeiit of the United States was right. In the light of that decision it would seem as if the least the anti-Adininistrationists, could ido would be to admit that at least in this one case their prejudice tlicir dwn ^ovcpnment; led them astray. • other in the conslruvlion of the _liiiiKl hppruved airports. It i.scsti- the end of 1028 a - Is will be in ppera- ithn. a li^rge percentage ofi them iiniinicliia'l'. .Numerous cIlieH • and airniarkcd. one aving painted city than 1,000 pf its n6r of the • report ^importance the • often 'stressed, of' every town w'hich wishes to stay on the )uap providing an .airport. Above c;very otljer town in 'this ~ section ^ol'k nce^s to establish and «'t|iiip aiid maint tin such a station. It i.snoi'needed right now-. ' But .>vJiO can doubt that in the Very near fut,iire sucl u port will l>e In - dally uss-' if it exists, is well marked and Avell equipped. lola is a( -j^he ihtet.seetion of twoof tfie rieat ]>reKidenl Coolidgc: "It is <iftcn stated that a reductftj}^ of. tariff rates on Industry would benefit agriculture. It would be Interesting to know to what commodities it Is thought this could be applied. Everything the farmer uses in farming is already'on the frcc'iist. Nearly everytliinK he sells is protected. - It would seeiii to be obvious that it is better for tiie country to have the farmer raise food to supply the domestic manufacturer than the: foreign manufacturer. • The lar&est and best and most profitable liiaiket for the farmer in the worid is our own domestic' market. Any great increase in manufactured Imports means Hie closing of our own plants. Nothing could be worse for agrlciiltnre." ! which It Is a strange story comes from Buffalo. .\. V.. that with'in twenty miles of that city of half a million people th^re are country highways. Of course . IQO '„ien. women and children ma- airplafaep do not necessarily follow HUtomoidle* rout«s. and yet they are likely to do io. A pilot flying •from Ft.i Scott t6 Wichita, for example, would ce Atlantic and Pacj rtalnly follow i the fic highway, and a pilot flying frrtm Tulsa to Kansas t'ity would Stai-' Route in tl; l^ooking forwai when !«irplanes w as taxis^ It Is tliat towns situat the flyeis. Lift us day whMi it .comes. iibout the tude was reached follow the Red e- main. il to the time pic- rooned. by tlie snow. sU'fferihg from cold atid hunger. Of course they are all in automobiles and their plight is another witness ' to the reckle.ssness with which our jieo- ple put their trust irt the devil wagons. I<i Should; Bf God m 9x )mm UWtxt Suuda) Cclelinitcx SixHeth . Anniversary' of FoHdiur of the Presbyterian I'hsreh Here— U. E. S. Installs Offcers. (Francis Culver) HUMBOLDT, Dec. 19. — Kansas University students who have returned here for Clirisimas vacation are Marcia Squire,' Clarke Clay. Frederick Amos and Frank Uooper. Students from the State Teachers College at Emporia are Jeannette Webb. Mollis Flint '• and Joseph iWilliaros. -.Mr. B. E. Wise is home for p two weeks vacation from his work as salesman for an Indianapolis t'aint Co. . (Mrs.i A. R. Clianiliers. was hostess at a bridge party Saturday evening in honor of Misy .Mary Ixm Amos. wh (i is to be married neceni-; her 27. Five tables were filled'the early part of the evening at bridge.; The latter part of the evening was spent in a musical way 'singing songs appropriate to the Christmas j season with Mrs. .1. H. Parkhurst. at the piano. The home was. dec- | orated in Christniasi greens, poinr | seltias. etc., typifying the Christ- 1 mas spirit. At the small outside 'entrance tw ;i gaily lighted C/hrlsi- mus tij'es with fes(i.ioning between made 4 beautiful sight. Tlie color, scheme, green and red. was carried out also in the refr.-shnicnts served later. At the I'resliytorian Cluirch on Sunday was a day'of celebrating, j The -choir pave its Christmas pro-; graiii al the cliiircli hour, under! The installation of .rfficers Using rats to deterndne th^ diet best suitable tor middlej iiaMM runuera-^that'i whatl-Ray Conger, outstanding uriddle distance rnh- • aer at Iowa State Cogege. Is doing th ^.se days. He has sereral r«t« using different diets find Is studying their speed In purelyjsctentMe fashion to learn whlc^ diet will do him the most good la ^a4itIoa- •ng himself for the coming Olympic gamea^ ; .\n olfering was jakenanil (iiiite a I ."uin wa.s 'realized froiis the (<nvi'l- opes sent- out the preiMuii.-: week, toward pliying the la|t indelued-. n.-ss. - ,r- .MOIIERN' ETIQUETTE By Koberta Lee NEWS NOTES FROHCOlONY Calvert Faiiiilr Trades! Propertj- Here for Arkansits Vlij Pnip- erlj-. .Vward to Bavketbiill Winners Thnrtidiir. (.Mrs. W. E. Payton) COLONY. Kans.. Dec. 120.— Clyde Hamilton, who works fcir K. T. Barber at Catariua, Tex., is liomo for a ten days stay. .Mr. and -Mrs. Ncal Hollis haVe moved to rooms at the .Mrs. Hester' residence. Mrs. Bryan K. Lackey^ whtt -bail been here for several Mceks assisting In tlie care of her fatlicr, P. C, Holzapfel. who i^ very ill. left the last of tlie week for her home at Paducah. Ky. - .Mr. and .M>s. l-'red Roilio were over from Blue Mound .Sunil.iy ami on .Moiiila>;, U'ln. Tlirelkeld tnukiil their restaurant e<|uipiiient to Rlue Mound where they will be open for business In A few daysr* H. AV. Bell, who works in To- poka, spent Sunday hcr(! with Ills: wife and daughters. Maxnard .Moon «rftui^iicd ^ List week from western Kansas wlierc he liad been working tliik suii^incr. I.Mr. -Kcunard Stanford, son of Mr. ami 'Mrs-*. W. J. Stanford, and Miss Fern Van Camp of loin, were married Saturday, 'the cere- mon.v being performed • by Rev. Merle. WHiltlow at his liimio at Riclunond. Tliey will make their home at Colony-where lii(> grooin is in charge of the Standard Oil station. ' Mr. Calvert, who bought tlie Olin Owens re.Sidence iii tlie -west irart of town several months ago. has traded the property for land in .Ar^ kansas and is moving with lii.s family to occupy the; place. ;The last round of the inter-dass basketball tournament was held Krida.v cfvening and was eiijii.ved liy a most enthusiastic t rowd of (atn-. The teams both boys anil girls were the junior and ."Ophomore classes, who liad won their way •quite easily to tlie finals and thr games resulted in dividing the honors between tin- two cla.<si 'S. The sopliomore girls won with; a score of twelve to .••ixteen and tlie Junior boy.s with a score ot twelve War in Kentucky The war in'keiituclty over bonif racm'(< IS not over Attorney Oen- erai Frank EX Daugberty'iaboV6l has filed suit to dissolve the K^- tucky Joqkey Club and forfait Ul charter The club, capitalized at $4.ut)U.uU0. a powerful inlluence la state politics, is violating state and national laws through operation ;the pari-tautuel netting aysteisk at us cracks at Louisville, Lexington, LAtonia and Chicago, 111. The suit Is an echo of the recent electtoa when Judge Fleqi D. SampsoQ. friend ol racing, was elected goyernor. to thirty-four. Judges had been appointed to pick all school teams and a mounted silver basketball will be awarded as a trophy to the l^d!lV e^ning. • ! ^"^^ installati^ be made at t Thursday. MQRANNEWS or TP PAY t:u«(rrn star HuWsi H^UUc Iu!*tal- 1 laUpii Mi miiket UnW^ Tnesf. dur ptnm. Cfiurflies plan (lirjstnuiii ^tit^ra^t>^«9<. ' (.Mrs. G. H. Ford.) ilO|lAN, Kans.. Dec. 19.—.Moran friends learned with regret of the death 6f .Mr. X. Q. Brown at his Ivom^ iu loia Thursda>; nigUl. Mr. Bruwu vfd» a pioneer resident here having moved here Ju IsTSi and many years liclore the buildlug of .Morau hud bccu thought of. Until 19U7 tho family home was ou a farm east of town, but at that time ihejr capip to .Morau and made the liome there tiutil about eight years ago when they moved to lola and have lived at 4UC South Coiboni hiuce that time. Mr. Brown was a Koidltr of the Civil War, ,-having the rank of second lieutenant whpu- discharged! Besides his wife ho leaves one daughter. TiUs. Charles Hilj, of Superior. Wy6.; two sons, John Brown, of De8,^Moiue8, Iowa, and Fred Brown, vi-l^o has made his home with his parents' the last two years. Funeral services, were held ar the A^ams aud Hcsser chapel Sunday afternoon at two o'clock and interment made in the .Morau cemetery,- 'Moran friends' ;extend sincere sympathy to tlic liereaved relatives. ' Dumbnt Sickly attended the funeral services ot his brother- in-law, E. J. Bondy,'held iu Kansas City Saturday. .Mrs. Boniiy, who is remembered as <Miss Bertha Sickl.v. has the sympathy ot many did friends here in her great be-' reavement. The EasterU Star will hold a ofj its newly ng. This award will ,{^{;a^u^r^u^ay ey^n^l he chapel period next Preceding thi.s service a baskft CaUes m.'ide of liohey. mils and poppy seeds ate always a feature of the Christmas supper in Hun- gaiy. The very first evi liavin;; heen held birth of.Chrii-t was the yinij JOO. dinner will be served |iu the dining room of the .Masonic hail and the .Masonic families are to be gnesi.s. A plea.saut .social time is anticipated.! .Mrs. \V. lA. Perkins returned lured in the Government report.. ill be as common i ijerfectly obvious' "d as lola Is will ; be a frequent stbpping place for be ready for the limit of ingrati- •by Walter Mccracken; who accepted a "lift" from CaUfornia, to Kansas • City by a ; ni^n who; was coming: east In an ' automobile. WJthiu a few miles of Kansas City McCracken hit his benefactor over the head with a _ hamnier.j knocking him unconscious, rpllcd liiat out of the i car, and droyc on into Kansas City. Fortunately the owner of the car waa not :6adly Iiurt. soon recovered and i gave aj description of tlie car and;the thug-lhiof which rc- BuUcd in his; quick arrest. "He pleaded guilty to assault and theft .^ad was: sentenced to a 10 to 21 soar tcrtn. in the penitentiary. 'Once iu )a while justice is not bllo4, XM AWFIL GLAD X WASMV BORKI THEM Mer A^40 WAVJE. ^ TO VNEAR^ SuCU'-tfeRfWBiL LWOU ETTA?, It) \ K/A^TMIKJ! VOU oyerHTcM SEE: rfiME. 1 UD 6 V< Hl^ \A/EbO»M' SQOHOOT. HESJ-THAMK' Gf?AC\OOS« VAJE'RE bVilMtJ IN Aki' AGE VMrtEKl PEOPLE bPE€& SEMSXQLV, WONAJ; -lAi -^E. •XYWS OMEOF AUMT e ^L <^ie MEL-, TEM BELOVNI IF VCXJ DROVE OVER , BetTER THROW A BLANKET OVER ^ WouR, HORSE KIDS WJOAIF VOURE GOIKI* DRESSED ^Sv ^THTRo THAT IS wsimcH TiCKlLS MEj l-rS TH: vvAw rfH' pla -; ning the u.sual programs in • observance of the Christmas time I and the children are anticipating u happy time. Delhert Lace.v's .Morau friends ai'e most enthusiastic over tiie various honors' he has received from time to time during his college career at .Manhattan, where he Is -One lesson of the Marian Parker ~ kidpaping and murder case is that children Should be instructed from the -time they are; old enough, to obey ^y: Injunction never uadcr .; any circumstances ,to go anywhere ' :with any stranger. Rspecially iBhauld such inRtructions be given -lo children In the cities. . , La.,y^t^ir^ ^m^^ >^A0 A aoKE BOOK. ' cr-Rv^i.lliis.^. j now in his senior' year and Just I recently won a decided honor, that I of the rank of captain in bis military training, having, received this promotion last week. High standing in regular scholarship is one of the chief essentials In this promotion and this fact is the soui-ce of much pride to his friends. Mr. Lacey will be at liomo in a few da>s to spend the holiday season with his pareuts. Mr. ond .Mrs. Q. E. Lacey and other relatives. Mr- Clair Lacey and wife iirho are teachers in -flio Anthony city schools are expected home for the holidays also. Sulli'van brothers and their aged i sister of the Golden Valley neigh- bprhood. greatly appreciate the kindness of their 'neighpors and friends at the time of tho doatii of tbelr sister, Mrs. Ellis, which occurred recently. ;• " Moran friends are giiid to kiwyr that Mrs. C. L. Gumming who has been at St. John> liospital the past week is improvihg'and is expected to come home in a few days. . Electrically-heated was worn by a British air pilot in' a recent attempt to beat the altitui^e record for' aeroplanes. ^ll«w LoeiUoB, Itip B. XailfOB. tIrS „_. Uwr EMt 9f Dwii*i.I)rmr Stow. Pheie t% Borowsici,' bach as tn.stalling'officer.': XENIA NE |SVS (Olen V. Delav^n.) Mr. and '>lrs. Ray kbbey aud .Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Roib were iu • Fort Scott Tues<iay. ; i The Pleasant Hour ^ club met with .Mr.<. Carrie Smith |\Vednesday i afieruoon'. ;the ilii^tiou of'Mr;: ""^Jwig: Th^ 1 1-ld tonight a._M^ Hall program follows: 11'**- ^-- '^'"^ •"'^' ^' •^' ' Prelude. ".Adoration." Mrs. .McClelland. Doxology. Invocation. (Jloria. Scripture'Lesson. Isaiah !i:I-l:J., Pastoral Prayer. ! Quartette. "Silent .N'iglil." (Hay-f den I; .Messrs. .McClelland, Culver. .Mc.Xight. Barfoot. • Duet, "There Was Joy in Heav- ep," (Sniarti, .Mrs. .McClelland. .Mrs. Hartwig. Anthem. "There Were Shepherds." Choir. .. Violin Solo, Selected. ;B. T. Barfoot. : ' Solo. ''It ("ame Upon the .Midnight Clear," (Speaksl .Mrs. Parkhurst. «l|f Brief AddresitoChristmas Echoes. Dr. Hevin. Trio, "In Bethlehem." (Balfe) Misses Dorothy Reynolds, Joette Lantz, Hazel Horn, f ' Anthem. "Christians Awake," (Jones); the Choir, j . ^ Accompanists — Organ, Mrs,. H. a. McClelland; piano, Mrs. Frank Culver. In the evening a jubilee was held to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the foitnding of the old Presbyterian church, the tenth anniversary of the present edifice and the burning of the last note ou Ihe mortgage. Mr. Wm. H. Davii(, under whose pastorate the church was'-built, came from Cherryv^ie to give the address, and.was welcomed gladly by his many friends in the cliurch. .Mr. W. B. Glover gave a brief history of ttie church.. Mr. Cannon represented tlie elders was ; Q. Whenever possible. |wher;e for should the woman sit in aui ante) Rails- , :'iol:ilc. <ir ..ixicali? A. Ou tlie .i^'it side of U.a q »3i| IJ. Willi wliai is lettuce 'cu when eating'/ Q. Does the •^llance" I I'iiasciilijie I aud ll'eminiiiei ilil'fer'. ! A. The fork. pronunciatlpa of 'flanCee' AVhile returning from schpQl Ji»-year-old boy living near- I^ounlt Lee Delavau and s'ou'iGlen were Vernon. Ill,, was attacked itliy; iu Moran: .Monday afteri^oon, going • large eagle, but finally sncceid^ over to see the new ra>rd at the tin beating the bird off. if • Cliue garage at that place. j Fred Stewart was iu :Fort Scott , Wednesday. . s j Sam Irwin sawed ^wood for Jake i Fundeberger Wednesday.' j Glen and D'''«> Delavan were inj i lola Wedhesiday afternoon. .Mr. and '.Mrs. Clarenci' Brought^n of the South Bronson vicinity j sivent Sunday visiting W'ith Jlrs. Ijro(ighton*s parents, Jlrj and Mrs. riH Andfersom Mr. and iMrs. Clifford ^bbcy. Del orris atid Bob Stewart were in F'pr.t Scott Thursday. Harvey Dsborne saweit wood for j li AndcrBon Wednesday after- j upon. . 5 • .Mrs. .Minnie Delavan land sou ' |en were in Fort Scott; I'riday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Charlie; itohb of ni^ar Bayard spent Suuilay visiting at the liome of th« former's; parents, .Air. and .Mr4-Lonnte ! Robb. .1 Lutlii-r Carmcan and ^ou. Klmo, were in Mound City Saturday aft- crncon. : «.. —Ill , • : - li •'^''•-•i. Alice Canuean a§d daugh- 11 telling of the business, transac-liter. Daisy spent Sunday iiftcnioou tions and burning the mortgage, pwith Mrs. Minnie Delavaa. for COMS, IBm Loof ssrioos illalMS sad coBpHntiou oftM follow Colds. Grip andlnnumou Giurd ^your health acauut this iaaf^i The box bears this signstor* ^Prooen Merit since VoLn A Journal of Tel^horie Information Published by the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company I KANSAS OiS219000Ml£S OFiKEvMIOe) Is Growing? TelepI|one Figures Say So The nttmber of telephone* in a community is a ^pod index of its ^p-to-dat^'ness^ of its. prosperity. An increase Un the number' of telephones %fouid seem to indicate a corresponding growth in p&pulatioii and'in social and indtutrial ; activities. ; . ; During 1927, more than 4,600 telepKbnes were added to tiie Bell System in Kansas. 'Along with this increase in the number of telephones, went an increase;in tbc,numbe|: of telephone calls. The average number of local and toll calls is^now more than 1,375,000 To handle thisj business it has been neceltary to add new facilities, more scctioas ojf switciibpard* inore central ptfice equipment. Daring the yew more tlian 19,000 tnilcs of wire fnd oyer 4,Q00 new pales were placed throughout the State. ' j i This telephone growth is ^n indJcatio<i clf healthy cociiil'and busi* ness c^mditioas, aiid is evidetice that the teliphone business u keeping pace with grow^^ Kansas. Call By Numti^ Your- long dittaf y service will generally f>e faster if yoa alw^s give the operator _ . nuni^>er of the dist^t • tdephone. It is a gqod hatMt to beep bandy a list of | eut-of-tewa numbers which you itb^fiuv^y .«ilt> Records show that in'tli9t».pl«cti wheriE the majority of lo^fg ^m ^ce calls are placed by vu^hcf. tlw average speed :of service is V^ffa* Due partially to the faict tha^ 9iare people are giving the nuashw oftiif called telephone, the average ioter* val between the tim^ of placing * call and getting the conn<ctioa haji been r«Aiced from 5 qinptes .in . 1926 to less than 4 mjtnutes in 1927. Bate Reduction ElTective Dec^ber 1st, long dis< tanc« rates to ppints 390 or more -tailes away are Ireduced. The re- duc ^OB is on. sliding ^cale, the gX^^ tbe di^i^n^ of the call thp grea^ the redi^^ion. This ne«r schedule of chay^ makes possibl* ^dcS^^^Hf. commnniration between the qmt widely sepanucd points in the ^aiied States for tet^deUm ot l^w* * ' ' TIH ? tpw^ long distance rates, ;of cow^ ' «re on statioiib-to-statiiqo icalJIs jfiter S:30 p. Ok " As^ eaaunple of ^^Ignew rates, the cliff of a day suition-to-statioa C «U ^om, Topeka to ]niila«(elphia, has isecn rcdtKcd from ^93 to H254 LONG DISTANCE CALLS «BY NUMBER" ARE FASTER t

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