The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 4, 1958 · Page 21
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 21

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1958
Page 21
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ANNII ABNEft /ip* f WASN'T I MILLIONS TO ME, > I'O BEAT NOUR. ' I STUBBORN WAINS I OUT, QOOCH /'* :> r OF GIRLS AMY MAN COULD AUSTIN (Minn.) HfBAlD Thursday, Dee. 4, 19-5H CANYON MTMUVfiftS UCfiNCB HAS MEN RSVWCSft, AfOMY CAR. HA* WENKMSS6SS6P •VTH6'flNANCE COM I PONT fiVEN THE PRICE OF A BUS TKKCTTO UNTIL 100 TO THE »A*6... TAKE ITANO •6 birr OF MPOtt D.D06! DECIDED SHE'LL MAKE PRETTY PAIR COMPANY THE REST OF TH6TIME WE'RE MERE! MARY WORTH BUDDY-I'VE NEVER SOUNDED OFF ABOUT YOUR ll$TEN,YpU CONTEMPTIBLt- MtVlWHAT* THI5 RUMBLE ALL ABOUT f__ PtlSCHLA'S FOf-By Al Vtrme«r •• — - - - * . BUT, HOLLYMOCK I AM A CAREER WOMAN DO YOU WISH YOU WERE A CAREER WOMAN? TENDfN« A HUSBAND AND TWO CHILDREN. KBEPINa A HOME] I THINK THAT'S 6UITB £ CARE6R1 JOUR BOARDING HOUSi-With Major Hoopla "" '/////s////Mi^JW//''//s/#:4\ \\£r. -rut COY SHE'LL Be LUCKY ._ HI5 \r06ETBUS GIRAFFE,} FARE/THAT —- J VASE-WAS A SIFT OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams WILL. X UK* TO KEEP \ YOU'RE MAKIKI' MB UP ON AU.THE LATEST \ /MELAWCHOLV, •COK»ASTHeVCOMB | OOCPIE--1 CAMT C5UT--IVE P6VELOPEP J LIVE UP TO THB THE HABIT Of DO- /SOOP HABIT OP W<3 'A LOT OP rr-^REAPlW A LOT, 'CAUSE RBAPIMfi, YOU If I CAN'T BREAK TH 1 BAD KNOW/ _*/A. HABIT OF MOT KBADIN ATALU WHERE'5|rH& VAMOOSED WITH . TUB if THAT VA5& UNDER MAJORfRHlSWINia MBS ottN ira &w/v\tTHiNC3 AocJui HTe-•-!-••.: ^K!A!Mf,5^«?^AS&VTMa , AMD TH& MOST HE EVER > ATA CANNIBALS' COOKOUT/ RATES HIS PICTURE PASTED UP IN THE NICKEL USED QDO\\ CARNIVAUBy Dick Turner T.M. to, v.«. t* Ml « 1»ll b, HI* ttnfet, ta, TIZZY-By Kaf* Otann "Okay, f o Junior made hit letter at college! How much does THAT cost me?" THESf WOMEN-By d'Aleiilo 'Freddy VanPelt is trying to say it with flowers, and you know HIM — how he hems and haws!" ANYTTAAERe- POKTIN*, * HAVE MDU R6ALLV SOTA DATE WITH T6X LIN&LE UfcPAV NI&HT^xjs SIS 2 THI TOODUI WHYSHOULPHTSHC MUST BE OPr* yOUR ROCKER TO PATE A &UV HIS VOURAPVICE lt ASK IT. ANP THAT eoes FOR VOUR STOOL-PlSCON 6IRU-FRI6NQ TOO// " ARCHIE OININQ ROOM? I'M .HMNTING THE KITCMKN.' CAN we HELP you RMNT THE DINING-ROOM WALLS? LET'S ASK POP IF WB CAN HBUP PAINT/ GET TMI3 ONE/ HEY, LET'S HAvfeSOME FUN ON THEM FIRST.., LIKE WE DID AT MY HOUSE WE FAINTED/ POPS GOING TO REPAINT THE WALLS t PONT K SO UPSET, POCTOR. MEN ARE ONLY ON A ROUTINE VISIT. THEY WON'T Bfe IN THftWAY AT ALL. rrs JUST Of IT, POCTOR WWfiHT. JUDD SAXON-By Ktn Bald and Jtrry Brondfield LOOK... IT'S BEEN SIX/MONTHS NOW. AM/Sf WE KEEPJT, ON A POCTOR LUCAS-POCTOR WRISHT, BASIS? ( THAT WASNT WHAT ?5 I MEANT, BUT-OH, NEVERMIND. PLEASE CHECK THAT REPORT ON THE NO.3 MIX. VERY WELL , Mt9S LUCAS WHISHT, IF YOU PREFER... I'P CHECK IT AFTER THAT ERROR YOU MADE YESTERDAY...' MORTY MEEKLE HELLO. I TRY HOW CAN YOU MAKE NEW FRIENDS IF YOU KEEP RUNNING INTO UNFRIENDLY PEOPLE? MY /MOTHER TOLD ME I'D MEET MEN LIKE YOU GEE, rns GETTINO LATE.AND I HAVEN'T TO MAKE A NEW FRIEND EVERY DAY, AND It? LIKE TO.., UMi&,m i ib' ^ n«vtit i _ , MADE MV NEW FRIEND , :=\. fORTODAYytrr .'.-*' fi \HI t, NfA bnlM. tot. T.M. ««|, WJ. '". OI1 j^_/ I TOLD \OU THAT/ WELUuu. x VOU'RE AWFULLY/ WHAT YOU PRACTICAL, OOI? RISHT «T TH 1 / ABOUT ALL , TO UMPA!/ ...THAT 6HE'P \ THATS WHAT J NUTHIN \ START.. NOW I WE CAM DO ... FIND-.WHAT TH 1 1 A FINE THINO I BETTER START \WAS...r THINK SUZ PISAPPEAREP. NO I IS WHAT MOVE IS KEEP ... HECK is ON ,XTHAT WAS.. 1 LOOKIN' FOR A ) WE'VE SEEN TH' -- -« !«• h «C» •"*•• M. IM. •« U*. f* M. WASH TUBES OHi *i>*>'. °i KcM 'iw J PIP FINP MOTHER! THBV CAKT NOW! VOUft FOLKS RBALLV KWOW HBR, ftHE'D FltJO A WAV TO KEEP VOU CALLEO JU5T IK) TIMS'. UKICLB WILL PUT MB ON THB . N5D'& IN JAIL, AND THEY'D HAVE PUT TR&M LIKB WH HAD PLANMeK ILL MEBf ME W THE COUVITV HO»A» PO THAT; KILEN- BUGS BUNNY I HAVEN'T S SEEN TH 1 SUMS LEAVE YET; J WONDER ) WHAT'S 1. FRECKIES A 965-mile 32-inch oil pipeline j Ralph Bellamy attended class- it now being built from Iran'eg with paraplegics to play his through Turkey to the Mediter-lrole of Franklin D. Roosevelt in IT PAYS TO READ TH8 CLASSIFIED ADS3K tSUT ^ "* * m 'S SSSLf **'' "it't About as devastating a» you can get, »lr, for $1.95!" 'OLJR. "Ar4P <iALOSHeS/ SHORT RIBS ANVOH6 TAKE A SUNDAY WAlK? JACOBYS BRIDGE NORTH WEST VQ7 * J 8 3 49632 EAST <D) ¥J83 V10854J • 10972 »AKQ *1085 +QJ74 SOUTH A K 10 8 7 4 VAK6 • 654 + AK East and West vulnerable East South West North Pass 1 4 Pass 2 A Pass 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— • 10 By OSWALD JACOBY Written lor NEA Service The Frofeuor'f jump to four apadei waa a illgbt overbid but the Profea- •or Ilkea to overbid * little. East lost no time taking his thre« high diamonds and continued with the queen of clubs. The Professor won the trick, played the king and another •pade and finessed dummy's jack without a moment's hesitation. When East showed out the Professor had the rest of tha tricks and his game. "Why did you take that trump finesse?" asked the student. "Isn't the play for the drop a better percentage?" "The play for the drop Is certainly superior if you have no other information," replied the Professor. "But this time the finesse was almost a sure thing. "East had dealt and passed. He is a good point count bidder and promptly showed up with nine points in diamonds. His lead of tha queen of clubs surely indicated the Jack also so that brought him tp 12 points. Add the queen of spades and he would hold 14. "If East had actually passed 14 high eard points I was perfectly willing to pay off to him but I sure would have been surprised." A-B-C Easy to Sew PRINTED PATTERN By ANNB 4PAM8 Little girls love the merry vklrl o| fashion'§ new Trap«g« lln« «« thfy turn. cUnc*. akipi choose •cbool-(M- Ing cotton or party-pretty velv«t«ep. Tomorrow'! pcitteru: Wom«u'« drew. Printed Pattern 4882: Cbtldwa 5 * 61it* 2. 4. 6. 6. 10. SIM • UkM 1», yareU 35-luth fabric; ',* ywd coutr»»i. Priuttd dlrecilam oa each pftttcw part. Easier, accurate. Send F1FTX CENTS la coin* for this p»itero — add 10 cents (or e»«ti pattern Jor 1st . cl»u «*Wa«. Swd to Anne Adam», care ol tlw Auatto '

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