Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1927
Page 3
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TH^ K)LA DAILY. REGISTEyEDNESDATEVENING, DECEMBER'21. 1927. Mr. aod Mrs. WtlUain Milne and children, of Ponca City, Okla.. will drive to ;Iola Saturday to . spend Cbrlstmas with the former's pHr- epts, Mr. and. Mrs. T.. A. Milne and family, of Wheeler liel^ljts. •—We still have an attractive selection of Greeting Ctirds. Cook's. Miss Helen Logan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Logan,: of 411 ^uth Elm street, -will be here for the Christmas holidays. She teaches in the Junior high school at Wichita. —The lola l|cei Cold Storage & Fuel Company sells coal of best quaHty. Phono 116. Henry Wilson', who has been In o critical conditio^ at St.-Johii's hospital as a result of being shot five times j by "Peg \ Leg" Kelly, near Oarne'tt a week ago • tbday. Is reported as improving. Mr. Wilson's home is In LaHarpc. . I)R. DIXOX Ur^hsed Foot SpedtUist will be at the > Kconomy Shoe Store ^ Friday Afto.riioori • and Friday Of oarli .. week h('r«'aft('r. : -Tre-its all kiiidH of Foot troubii'S Hiawatha World: .Mrs. Gullett. the famous correspondent of the lola Register, sells herbs, gets orders from ail over the U. S. (terns are! read with interest. Her —Doll parrlnges, rockers, lamps, sewing jcabinets.. Smokers make Ideal glft^.. Hcnhinger's. Bearing out what the Register said cdlloriBlly a few days ago about jUJe inclination of the public to buy, substantial and useful things in its Christnias shopping, one lola merchant dealing in a certain high priced lliie of goods Ithat his trade this Christ- been Iwtter than for sev- reports maa, haf^ eral years past. —The all day Monday. lola Laundry will be closed Saturday but open all day Dr. H.irry Sitphvn.-ion will KO U< •'; Sjiturday cvcniiiK to spend .fhrjstmas wiili lii.s ulfi-. -—Oiir iino of ComiiactK i.smost oomptctc, :in idc.-il K'. U for JUT. Pala^ VruK Co. • .Miss IJOUIHO l'onHl(;r. iwiio toachcs at Clffton, Kansas, will be home Friilny pvcnlng to Hpi'nd th<> Christ ma.«; holidays witli h(T motln'r, .Mr.-^ I/. I>. :I'ohsliT. 1102 .Nortli Jcfferiaon avpoue. ^ Mlt Look at the weather ^forecast in today's paper and then hurry up with your Christmas shopping, —Martha Washington. Miss Saylor's. Whitman's and Liggett's Candles in beautiful Christmas boxes. Cook's. Mr. n. C. St:h.nffner. of the College of Kmporia. was a business visitor in Joia over nisht, KoinK on to Hansons this inornitiR. • j —If you want to buy or build, city or suburban property. The lola Building & I^an .Association will make you a loan, low Interest rate no commission. See n. is. Pees Secretary, at old Ueglster building southwest corner of square. Tlil.s is the last full day of autumn. - Winter begins officially tomorrow. Also; tomorrow is the shortest day of the year. .N'otlce the UeRister'H , weather report wlilch shows at what timo tlie sun The 'Dore of IVace. William Allen White: He who rides may read something in the fdilowlng two apparently isolateil facts: First, that the Kansas City Star recently quoted Hon. Charles F.' Scott at' length! on the Kansas road situation, and secondly, that it has l>een some time since Mr. ScAlt's newspaper. The lola Register, last referred to^" The Star anonymously as a "certain Missouri newspaper." The hatchet is buried.—not with pomp and circumstance, but apparently tumbled quietly {into a nameless grave In the political Potter's field.' —Give her an all' enamel gas range, a special at t 'tO. Ilennlng- cr's. West Madison, i Mrs. Irao Krause Is reported critically ill at her home. 12 Xprth Sycamore street She uiiderwent a mastoid operation recently at the Johnson hospital in Chaiiute. 0. L. Cox. M D. Specialist. Eye, Ear, Nose and ThroaL K. P. IJurriij. of Chanute. C. A. Dickinson, of Moran. and J. E' F(Srbe.s.-of lola, Jiavc returned home from a two weeks business trip to Amarilld, Texas., —Dr.,Lucy E. Poison, Chiropractor. Northrup Bldg. Phone 326. Mr., and .Mrs. Jesse Van Nice, of Humboldt, were, business visitors in lola Ihjs morning. —Dr. At B. Twadell. Osteopath. .New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Miss Dollin Mills'went to Humboldt today to spend a few days with friends. ^For Real Estate I^oans see the Security nide. Sr Loan Assnclntlou, lola, Ks. Office in First Natl. Unnk. —"Van's iJread." good as ever; The members of the Lallarpr ronimunliy Club. Including Fern rises and sets <.'.iili day and yoii j Clarke. Ruth Crowell. Gladys can si-e when the days lii-pln IoJc:hase, Olive, Day. Glen Day. Edna Spradley,- Dale Garvey, lengthen—which according to the old saw is .'"when the cold beKins to slrengtlien." Tnrd of ThnnkK.. -.-We wLsh to thank our nelgh- bo),s and friends for their kindness ! (luring the Hickncs.s and. ileath of buj" wife, mother and daughter: al.s .i fOB the beautiful flowers.—Jess Vlucent. and son. Ilobert Vincent, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Dennett and da igliter. Mrs. Ethel Fronk. lolfi radio fan.s. Who wen- tuned in, on KVOO, Tulsa, last night heard* a line program jjiven by (he Tulsa Gl«-einen. an nrganization of thirty male voices, of whicTi Elniei .1. Lawyer ahd J, H. Gowans. fqr- .mer lolans.'are iiicnjber.s. The <-lub is «lirected b.v'Mr. Evsbs. a voice teacher at Tulsa. .Mr. flowans was formerly principal of the lola High Dell)i-r1 .lolinson. Rex Johnson, Dwiglit Livingston, William lylvingston 1 Everett .Meek. Frederick .Mitchell . .jjuck Mitchell. .Varjorle Peck. Flor' • : ence Roe. Thelnia Peck, Kli-iin h. I.. B. LF.AXr.U., 31. I». «,J{feve.s. .Marie .McGinni.s. .Mildred • Tredway, .Marceilla Wooil, and Ilieii • I leaders, .Miss Josephine Weilli and • .Mrs. Henderson .Mitchell, will be Special attention given Diseases of Colon and Rectum! Electro-Physiotherapy Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—117 and 705 'Isuests Saturday afternoon of' K "\nn llyniUR and Oo. L. Wllllanis at the ni.ltinee aft the K.-lley Then trp and a trip throtiRli the Register newspaper plant.' ' • ' • '] —Dr. .L T. Rcld. Mr. (.arland (.reen ,^xpects to, ^.^^y p^^^g 3-7 Surgery and GIRL SLAIN BY KIDNAPERS LAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS School Children Ghe Opereltia Fridiij- .Vfierunon — Offlriiil ; iiiiard .Heetlntr at the | .«i K. i;hurch. This is .M.irion Parker, little l^s Angeles dered it few days after she hail been kidnbped. Discovery of Ui-r hinly was iiiade by her latlier, wli.o had ju •her ijafe release. The critiie has stirred I.dis .VnKeles las li;:s no murder in many years. I Th<- above picture w: ihe/glrl was kidnaped. THE LETTER FROM girl wlio was found niur- t paid r;ii!^s<im iiioiiey fiir U laki-ii a few days Iieinre MARIAN .(.Mrs. Opal .Mitchell) . \ LAIIARPE. !)«*. 21.—Miss Tei-- very busy these days drill­ ing-tlie grade school pupils ip their operetta, "The Playroom at Night," which will be given for the parents and frienc^s of the. school Friday afternoon at 2:45 in the j auditorium. A large attendance of the patrons Is hoped for as this will be a very Interesting program with .its pretty costumes, songp and drills. Few people realize the work necessary on the part of pupils and teachers in the training and costuming. Come, .-ind see thp toys come to life and it will help yqu appreciate the work that^is being done in music. .Mrs. OcorKo Malcom is not well at any time and is now beiuK very much handicapped by the loss of her Kiasses which were in a liand bag with two small purses with money and other articles which were lost in; lola' last week and it will be doing her a world of kinilj- nes.H for the finder to return Iheiii to her; : --T -FOR .SALE: Four-year-old |.Jursey with ilieifer calf ;by sidtj. <"all or see J, Bauer: J'hone COU. ' l.allarpe. Tin? folIoVinK Kue.^ts were pre.**- ent^al a birthday |»arty'at the homi> of .Mr.: and!; Mrs. Gcors< liaiiL'h, Tue.siiJay. Dectniber. fi, in honor of , ijioir daughter • Ada'^i l)irthd!iy: Mildred liobinson. Gran- j divai Stephens. Donald Felkins. Ada -Meek, Aubrey Lathrom. Clar; ence Rem.sberK. Nellie ShauRhnes- [."y. Robert Campbell. Opal Lilteer, I Warren Sellinan. Lawrence Means, Clen and Burl fjoodsell of Moran! Ruby. Ina and Ada Alunjliaiigh. : .Mr.«. GeorKe Malcom .accompanied .Mrs. John I 'UKf and -Miss Per-: lliu Fitzpatrick to lol.i on business yi'Stenlay. 3 Piece Li^ng Room Siiitei .00 Suites consislinfe' of fi|}l IcnRlh dapenport, one wing chair and one dub chair. spriiiK con.struclion of jfuaranteed quality, covered with choice! (|ualify Baker velour, locse .spring'^ cu.shioris.covered with t4pe.stry. «)Utsido b.-iok.s covered with Alum-1 plain veloiir. I ' • ' . i. '". ' ,SKK THI.S UL(; I.IK <».\ DISPLAY IX 1)1 K \VASIIIS<;T^)> WKMK WIM»^)W start this t-vcning to Miami. Fia.. •where he 'is KoiuK to Ret warm. "And if it' isn't warm there." said -Mr. Green. "I shall keep on going .south- until it does get warm." He will-'be back with the wild geese In the spring. His brother. Robert Green, is also starting this evening to Florida, but he i.s golqg round by way of Boston to spend School! Sir. Lawyer is the son of!Christmas witli his mother. - He Mp. anji Mrs. Frank I.»iwyer, of 414 ^Nbrfh jBuckej'e street. —We still have .an attractive selection- of Greeting Cards. Cook's. _aebrge Talberl of the .M. and .M Groceity. accompanied Dr. and Mrs G. S. Lambeth and daughter Marybelle on their motor trip to Kentucky.' He. will • visit relatives in Lexington, Ky. They will be gone a weelfc Wfe know Bakery Producta are good, •But , : Have " , You i . • Tried ) 'ours? ' . : VAN HOOZER'S. • MlBft Jessie .May Dalgarno,' who .was. ihjurefl when she fell on /he stairs* in dne of the Imildiiigs at K. U. about,-a week apn. is reported as . Improving steadily although Htlli donflned to her bed. . •—^GiSod Coal.makes -warm friends. The Ipla Ice. Cold Storage & F^lel Co. Call 116 for prices. • Mls4 Vivian Kemp will arrive home.'on the early train Chrlslpias pjorntng to visit her parents, .Mr and Mrs. J. B. Kemp and family, of filB S^ijth Sycamore street. She is • In thf fur d<'partnient at the Pe<-k Dry Goods Co.! at rity. —Martha Washineto". Miss Savior 's, IWhIlman 's amr I .iKKetfs Can•dies !n beautifiil rhristmas boxes. Cook 's. also will return when gets back in Uie trees. the preen For Superior'Ice Cream Molds, phone 274. SIfers Confectionery. Congress adjourns January 4. today imtil Antiouncements have been received in Tola of the arrival Monday, pecember 19. of an 8 Vi-pound daughter. Mary May, to Mr. and Mrs. [Arthur Clary, of UiFontaine Kansas. ' Mr. and Mrs. t'lary formerly lived in ilola. •< • ' Mis-s .Neva tliiis left Saturday, night; for Adrian, .Mo., to visit hen sister. ,Mrs. R. I.. Dye and family over the holiilays. >'OTF(li TO ( OVTHVCTtlK-^. —Grading and Gravelling North: Oak Street. lola. Kansas. - ; Sealed Proposals will be received by tite City Clerk of the City of iola.'kansas, until Noon 12 o'clock January 3. 192S. for grading aiid surfacin.g with gravel, that portiPn of Nqrtli Oak, Street lying between Lincoln and Cprpente^iStreets in the City of lola, Kansas. ; busintitie^ are as.follows: Earth Excavation. 283 Cubic Yds. JGravel, 45S Cubic Yards, The total length of tljie improvement is (27 feet. Depth bf gravel. »9 iocjies. • ) : All bids must be accompanied With 5 percent of the total bid In ' money, or a certified check on eorae-responsible bank. Plans and, specifications may be . seen at the office of the City Engineer, Tola, Kansas. B. L. McNIEL, [Seal] City Clerk. —Cigars, all popular brands. In Christmas boxes, at the I'alace Drug Co. Garnelt has voted a bond issue of'130.000 t<i be Used in extending and iniprmiiif;-the city's water plant.' Tl ;i' wo U :s n>ade, neces- '^^ary by tli- tact that the water lower whi<-li supplies the only rjoiirce of unusiiai pressure in time Of fire -collapsed and fell to tht? uroufd. and by the further fact that tiie Slate Board of Health con- dijnined the water supply as menacing to the health of the coiiimunlty. ^Siiper B Power 4.') volti dry cell B Batteries, «2.75. S, Malcom, 219 South street. j Uoth the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs will hold their annual Christmas party tomorrow evening. These Iiartlcs aTfi given for the benefit o' tlie "kids" and are always the scene of much merry making In which it Is pretty hard to tell which hii's tlie most fun, the mi -n or the boys. - Cigars, Tobaccos, rUarefles, Pipes, in holiday boxes. Cooks. Mr. .Miki' Concannnn.^ Deputy State Fish and Game Warden. w:is a visitor in lola today on official biyilness. — looking after the enforcement of the laws governing hunting, trapping and the like. Mr. COncannon is very much interested in the bill that will be introduced in Congress this year to iiave the Government buyand take pj over as a game preserve, the great tlake which,the heavy rains of the past season created -in the Cheyenne Bottoms, near Great Bend. Right now the lake is about 9 miles long, with a width in some ! places of 7 miles, covering about 22.000 acres of land. It certainly would be a fine ithing if it could be .left there, so'that ducks on their way across Kansas icould have a place where they could'-get their j feet wet without danger of being) shot at. - ' Mrs. C. K. ; HehiV. Miss I-ora Smith and .Miss Eleanor Steele arc assisting this week in the toy department of the Ramsay Brother." store. J Boudoir. Table. Urldmr Floor I and NoveUy Lainps: 'w-lre frames. | also. K. C. Elec. and Plumb. Co.! . i . ' -^We pay 6*^ on Full Paid and Installment Stock. The best investment, the bekt method to save. Hemrlty Bldg. Sc Loan Association, | lola, Kansaii. Mr. Chas. Black. Washburn. -Mo. and Mr. F. O. Marquardt. .Nevada. Mo., have purchased Saunter 'inn 201 South Washington, and ! arc taking charge of this popular cafe today. Both Mr. Black and j .Mr^ Marquardt are experienced restau- ranteurs and promise to. give! the liublic the best of service and an excellent cuisine. -^ClBars. Tobaccos. Cicaretfes. Pipes, in holiday boxes. Cook's. Miss Francelia St,T.atton will arrive tonight to spetid the holidays with her parents. Mr. and Mrs George S. Stratton. of 523 South street. She is a" student in the Kansas SJate Agricultural College at Manhattan. —A wonderful display of Eaton. Crane & Pike Stailoncry. at Palace Drug Co. Ed Ijuie is reiiorted critically ill at his home 323 .North State street —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor, lola LAimdry Bldg, Phone 138, Mr. and Mrs, Clem Shields, who I were called to Chllllcothe, .Mo., liy the death of .Mrs. Shieldss mother .Mrs. .M. E. Blackburn, returned home last night. • This is a photographic reproduction of th reccjivcd from his daughter. Marian, while kidnapers, who demanded $1,500 ransom fbr her safe return and then after it was paid give the lather the LKITFIIS TO Santa Glaus Magazine Baskcti Foldin j .Alorau, Kans. . l)e:ir .S;tnt;i ClailH: I a c:ir a!iil train and a tri- .cvi ie. < .'iiidy. nuts .-ind liriiij; lister ii ilciil and buKKV. that's i'll. . .MII.TO.V R.\WI.I.Vf:S. HiimhoMf. Kas., De--. !.'». .'•ear Santa f.'laus: I aur' a lifde 7 vear.s old.; Wlwii you <-<ime Christni:is Eve' r -.vidi't you • please brins me a bis <|oll.;i s.'t of di.slies liiid a lead pencil. Witli love. K.XTIIARINK RONSICK. I j A.s .shown in brown ritii- j hogany finish— ^ \'ery ' sub.stantiai , co|i- .st ruction, brown 95c $1.65 A. R. SLEEPER FURNirURE CO. ; letter Perry M. Parker she was^ in the liands of body of the girl. Fred Kettle will leave Tuesday of next week for Los Angeles, Calif., for a six monthS; stay with his daughter, Mrs. Florence Butcher. t ^Ir. and Mrs, Roy U, Fry. Mr. and Mr.-j. R. A Fry and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fry of Ada. Okla., will arrive Friday to speiid Christmas with heme foliks. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reed, of 217 South Oak street, will drive to Tulsa. Okla.. Saturd.nv to spend Chrlslfnas with .Mrs. Reed's mother, Mrs. Porter and family. Irene IbiKan. clauyhfcr of Mr. and .Mrs. George Dugan. of 004 North Sycamore street Is seriously ill of hroncblal pneumonia. ^Irs. Maro Brownfleld. who has. ;been ill of throat trouble, was ab;« to be. up toda.v. By US!.of the X-ray the polico of Sprir gfield, CMo., succeeded in locating a ?dOO diamond ill the stomach of a woman who was -accused of the thc-"ft of the stone-. The X-ray was decideii upon after a thorough sear<;h of tlii; woman by police matrons had failed of results. M.&M. MARKET Pork Saus;ige. lb. 1.5c Pork Chops or Loin Roast«, lb. 20c Pork Shoulder, Roasts , or Steaks, lb. 16c BEEF Wi- have Very choice beef lor those %vho desire the jliic-iest. sweetest steaks and roasts for Christinas. POULTRY Ordc-r your hens, springs ducks, geese and caiioiis now lor best selection. FRESH OYSTERS f I.arge and Small Meat That You Can Eat Comparuj ,^ORy COODSfWO^ilEN'S WEAR^MIILINER*' ^ • ! IOLA.- -KANSAS ! . . ioi;A '5ft'OPlTLAR STORE is • VISIT THE PKACOCK" GIFT SHOP ON THE BALCONY AT: SENEKER'S—MANY PRACTICAL AND NWELTi' GIFT ITEALS ARE TO BE K? FOU-ND THERE. ^ Gtork*! "^^^ NORWAY Liabon, Sp*in,!Tan|fier, Algiers I Riviera, Sweden, Norway, Trouschs, Berlin (Paris, ^ndon). r .iC CtABK, TtaMS BMg., N. T. E"L I f THE BIGGEST AND BEST ALWAYS .Matinee and Night 10c and 20c TONIGHT ONLY BUFFALO BILL, JR. —in— *«AD MAN'S BLUFF" Bullet Proof, Fear Proof. Horse Proof and Punch Pr.oof—but not* Love Proof. A cowboy matching hi.'; wit.s'a clever plot to steal a giH's fortune. ' .Aesop's Fables and Topics of Ihe Day • TIURSIJAY .\M) FRIIJAT Matinee lOc-SOc; .Nfeht lOc-iV WITH BUFFALO BILL "ON THE P. P. TRAIL" .With Roy Stewart and Cullen Landis A robiance woven around the life of William Cody (Buffalo Bill) at the building of the town of "Rome" and the building of the I'nlon Paclflce railroad across the great western frontier. Comedf—"Assistant Wives" MATI\KE 10c and KELLEY TODAY AND THURSDAY MGUT 10( and 30c The] .'--priKliUiest commedieniie on the scre<-n today—Bebe (Daniels; with the girl who coiupiered the EUBlish Channel—"Trudy" Ijlderlcj and Jinimie Hall, fiebe's hero in both "Senorita" and "Thc< (.^aiiipus Flirt!" What a coinbin.Ttion! Comic campus caper.^ pile's tbe most exi itiiiR swiinniinK race i -ver steii! EXTRA ADDED 4th of "The Collegians" entitled "Fighting to Winr' ^ CoJIeire liiel \U .iujs—ils wee-*! Its hitrH >ipee«l sports and pleasures.' Hie nthletir contests lit v\sx\\\ stsiilliims janimed with wlld-eheerlnir <>tudi>nts. Fr:itemitle«il )IoonUi;ht anfo-rides • ALSO >"«VF.LTY REEI- FRIDAY—REGINALD DENNY in j "OUT ALL NIGHT' i<atun|ay—On the iwen— (iary Cooper 1* "the Last Outlaw.? Oil the Stas:e--Teaslier's Indoor Clrcns, .Vond^r arid Tnesdar— " tiara Bow In "Hiila'-Comlnir, "Bean Geste- S9 Bp C9 EEI| S9 CH Hi B H Hi fli I lES, PLAQUES $125 $3.50 ^ER\hNG TRAYS $1.25 MIRRORS J125 BRASS BO#LS AND STANDS \ |2.48 COLONIAL IADY POWDER JARS •11-00 IS DIARIES, MEIIORANDUM BOOKS •g and AD:^3RESS BOOKS 1 1S(I^^$3J8 i Pi.O%ER VASES Bp4™$L98 BRlbbmCCESSORIES 159(1™ $1.25 HAND; TO(|LED BILL FOLDS j .$2.98 : ASHTRAYS ^c™$1.50 KITCHEN NOVELTIES 59c™ $1.48 SHADE PtJLLS 98c" ^$1.25 GUEST ROOM DOOR KNOCKERS : $1.98 SENEKER'Sl

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