Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 27, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING. JAJnJARYJ?,' 1933. lOLA, KANSAg WILD THINGS. Snowflakes are UttJewUd things, Startled, shy. Snatch them, catch them, And they die. Close yoiir hand- Upon the snow, It flees. You cannot see it go. A snowflake Is A.small bird, white, Wylng swiftly Through the night. i • A little bird That flares with rage. It dreads a trln. It dreads a caje.- Ttien leave it free! If I you are wise Youi will snare it only With the eyes. And' after its going • You will find It sinKS in beauty In the mind. • —Mary Carolyn Davles. T1iir4 Division Meets In tbe Church The third divistn?] of the Pr^shv- t^rian working society met yesterday afternoon in the church dining tpom with Mrs. J. F. Dickensheets hostess. |l^rs. c; • II. Klifiumf'nn. chairman, presided over the busine.s.s meeting a!rid Mrs H. A. Brown led the de <fotionals. A comfort was tACked and refreshments were served^to 12 members. <• •:• •> Birthday Dinner for Mn. Kewinan In honor of the hlrthday of Mrs. Dora Newman. LaHarpe. an o>-st«r supper was served last night at the home of Mrs. Delia Maudlin. Mrs Newman's daughter. A^'e>" the supper, the evening was spent socially and playing pinochle. Those present. In addition to the honor guest. W#re Mr. and Mrs. Earl Maudlin. Mr- and Mrs. Walter Maudlin Jr., Mrs. Roy Griffitts, Mr. and Mrs. Charles .Newman and daughter Carol Beth. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maudlin and daughter Lois. • •> <• Birthday Party for Oalen Anderson Mrs. G.' C. Anderson gave a birthday party yesterday afternoon for her son, Galen, who was seven years old. -Games were played and many nloe presents were received. Ref j-eshments consisting of pink and white cake bedecked with seven candles and 'ice cream were served to the following: -Mary Lou Cottrell, Teddy May Rosenberg. Carol Camp- beU, Mildred Virginia Jeffers. Grant Miller, Rldhard Funk, Richard Cook. Barty .Thayer. Billie Bumsides, and Oalen Ahderson. ' ' • • • North. Division Ladies Aid Qolds Te^ The.. North division of the Ladies Aid of the Christian church held a tea yesterday afternoon at the home Ojf Mrs. James Richardson. Tea was served to 25. ladies after a program Vhich included the following numhers: piano solo, an imitation of 'ICJburch in the Wild Wood" then and how, by Mrs. Mai-y Long; origl- i»l reading;by Mrs. George Huggins; piano-reading, by Mrs. Cary Shaffer; reading by Mrs. Del Adams; a Bohemian reading by Mrs. Alfred Atzbach; musical reading, "When You and I Were Young, Maggie." by Iklrs. James Richardson With Mrs.O. L. Relnfeld in costume P, W. Clnb Meets With Mrs. Cottrell The Pleasant Workers club met Thursday in the home of Mrs. Lima Cottrell. The meeting was opened by all singing the club song. Roll call was responded to with '•Children's. Bright Sayings." The secretary's report was read and accepted and the meeting closed by all repeating the Lord's prayer. As there was no work to be done, the afternoon was spent socially. Mrs. Arthur Purcell yfus added to tlie membership of the club. The hostess served rofreshments to the following members who attended: Mesdames Calloway. Baird, Jones, Lytic, Pugh. Ellis. Carrie Ellis, Crumrine, Martin. Ola Calloway, Purcell, Bamhart, Harrington, Sylvia Purcell. Enid Roush. and Miss Nettie Osborne. The children present were: Betty Cniloway. Lola Belle Hinney and Silly Martin.—Club Reporter. •:• •:• •:• R. N. A. Holds Installation of Officers The Royal Neighbor lodge held its installation of officers Tuesday ni?ht in the M. W. A. hall, followed by a .social hour. The officers installed are: Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, Oracle; Miss Lelus Brunell, vice oracle; Mrs. Pearl Tompkins, recorder; Mrs. Rose Lamoreau, receiver; Mrs. Lutie Warren, marshal; Mrs. Rose Hadley. assistant marshal; Mrs. Mamie Ketterman. inner sentinel; Mrs. Lena Taylor, outer sentinel; Mrs. Lulu Conover, chancellor; Mrs. Viola Young, faith; Mrs. Martha Bumside, modesty; Mrs. Ber3'l Lamoreau. endurance; Mrs. Laura Hough, selfishness; Mrs. Mary Taggart, courage; Mrs. Harriett Waener, flag bearer; Mrs. Mary K. Morrison, musician; Mrs. Marion Biggs, captain. <• • • yirs. Enfield Entertains Bridge ClHb Mrs. A. R. Enfield entertained the members of her bridge club and two guests. Miss Elizabeth Apt, and Mrs. W .i R. McKim. Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Victor L. Kirk was given the club high score favor and Mrs. W.i R. McKim the guest high score favor. Refreshments, were served. Members attending were: l^psdames Lloyd Brown, L. O. Northrup, Horace. Miller. L. O. Kessinger, Victor L. Kirk and Sam I. Sifers. ' •:• • •:• Alpha Guild Meets at Church Tlie Alpha Guild of the Presbyterian chiu-ch met Wednesday evening at the church for their regular meeting. Hazel Troutwine and May Fredcrickson were the hostesses. After a picnic supper the meeting was presided over by Catherine Kerr, president. Gladys Cortner led the dt'volipnals. Those present were Ml .s .se .s MayrlU Warner, Catherine K(.'rr, Gladys Cortner, Marjorie Qiick. Marianna Ralston, Harriett Htilbert. Mrs. William Krause, Mrs. T(^d Mealoy. the patronesses. Mrs. Milton .Worthlngton and MLss Georgia Gritton and one guest. Ozetta Bra.'^field. • •> •> Golden Anniversary Party for Mr. and Mrs. Martin A group of friends and relatives surprised Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Martin with a party last evening in honor ' of their fifteenth wedding anniversary which occurr«J Wednesday. The evening was spent informally and refreslimonts .were served. The -mests were: Misses Thelma Alter•nan and Opal Haney, Mesdames C. WJ Barber. Louise Deeter. Minnie "eeback. Jane Crips. W. A. Alter-i man', Messrs. and Mesdames George Haney. Charles Mohrhoff. F. H. Martin and their son Junior, and Wi A. Davis. (Answers will be found on Pa^e 3) Georgia Capital •T HOBIZOXTAL. 1 Onager. 4 Matter-of-fact. 11 Feminine pronoun, 14 To decay. 15 To Instruct. 16 Marble used as a shooter. 17To .low' as a COW 18 Payments back. ISNlglit before. 20 Oovernment tax seal. 22 Small candle. 24 Eye tumors. 28 Last word of a prayer. 31 Pertaining to sound. 82 Fluid rock. ,36 Flesh of oni- maU used :is food. 3" To rub out. 3S Dry. ' 38 Species of pier. 40 Allotted. 41 To require. 42NeBative.- Ahswer to Previous Puz/le 4i Street. •15 Any siroups of eight. 50 I'urt of the sliafl ot a toUimn. :,j Any tribunal. SC) Monkey. 5" To perish. 5f? One in cards. .59 Wrath. 60 Kindled.. 61 Froxcn w ,Tter. ('.2 2000 iinnnds. (',3 Coif, device. fi.l To Htrew. (l.T VERTICAL 1 V. S. has been trying to secure linii. t.-ition? 2 By-prfiduct of Ktnokel ;! I'ortir^. •I Secretion of pliitit louse. Fish. 6 nticket. 7 Without a kcei. S Ko(iont. !) Devoured. 10 For fear tli.'it. 11 Pace. 12 To possess. 13 Pitcher. 21 State in U.' S. : producing : much copper. 23 Capital of Georgia, U.S.A. 24 Stalk. 25 Lacerated. 26 To relieve, 27 Coaster. 2S Wine vessel. 29 Males. 30 To dine. 33 Form of to bo 34 To emulate. 35 To total. 43 EggshnpcJ fi.i;ure.ST 44 To guide. 45 l3eath notice. 46 Anxiety. 47 Oak; 4S I'oeni. 49 Caterpillar hnlr. no To redact. 51 Faslldlo'us. 52 To surfeit. 53 I'ortraU stalup. .•jITii dilivcr. . • 14 1 •• • • 1 V to 52 53 54- 56 6a &<9 27 Fourth Division Meets With Mrs. Klein The fourth division of the Working society of the, Presbyterian church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Paul Klein with Mrs. W. J. Evans assisting and with Mrs. George Trombold leading the devotionals. It was a birthday party and handkerchief shower for Mrs. W. H. Porter, who is leaving lola soon. A birthday cake decorated with candles was a part of the refreshments that were served to the 33 members present. • • • First Division Meets \yitli Mrs. Larson The first division of the Presbyterian working society met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. D. Larson with Mrs. D. A. Hendrichs assisting. Mrs. Prank Forrest chairman, presided and Mrs. W. C. Foust led the devotionals. After the business session a pleasant social time was enjoyfed and refreshments were served. • • <• Second Division Meets With Mrs. Trootwine The second division of the working society of the Presbyterian church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Chris Troutwine. Mrs. Dan Braum led the devotionals, reading from the twenty-third psalm, and the chairman, Mrs. Fred Dunlap, lead in prayer in memory of Mrs. Fred- Green, . who was a member of the division. After the business meeting the afternoon was spent doing Red Cross work. Two guests were present. Mrs. M. Wor­ thlngton and Mrs. F. W. Sherwood. Mrs. Troutwine was assisted, by her daughter Hazel in serving refreshments; WHAT JAP SHELLS DID TO CHINA'S I WAJ.L Chiiia's Great Wall for centuries kept out invaders, bu. it crumbled before Japanese attack and occupation at Shanhaikwan. Herp. in one of the first p: Japa: tTon of the-wall after Japanese high explosive shells had bombarded it. hipd?rn cturi Sunday School ...Lesson... JESUS AND THE SABBATH CRESCENT VALLEY Jan. 24.^PIne Weather and farmers are all busy in this locality. i Mr. and Mrs. Will Kelley visitfjd Sunday with Mrs. Kelley's mother, Mrs. David Cation. i Miss Fern'siarkey stayed Saturday night. and Sunday with Miss Eleanor iHarwood. ' | Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Swearingen, A. P. Giles, Mrs. Clark Works and children and Mrs. R. B. Wilson called at the A. C. Geffert home Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Robert Hamm was hostess to the Gleaners Sunday school class at her home-Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Crook were Sunday evening visitors at the Paul Nigh home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bair and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Perkins were Sunday visitors at the J. M. Cooper home in Star Va!'f»v. Mr. and Mrs. WIU Ronslck, Miss Fern Tomlinson and Millard Cress were Simday visitors at the J. P. Wtllhite home. Someone entered Harry Brown's barn sometime during the night Sunday and stole a good set of work harness. « Mr. and Mrs. Ted Perkins called on Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moore, Humboldt, Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Palmer and •Tackle visited at the M. W. Cuppett home in Savonburg Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Meyers called at the Robert Hamm home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bair called at the Harrison Searcy home in Gas City Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ronslck. Mrs. J. W. Endicdtt and Mrs. V. L. Palmer called at the J. P. Wlllhlte home Monday afternoon. The International Uniform Sunday School Lesson for January 29. Text: IWark 2:23, 3:5. BY WIVL E. GILROY, D. D. Editor ot The Congregationalist. Recently a very interesting question was presented me; not that I should decide it with arbitrary power or dogmatic judgment, but because my correspondent sought my opinion. A church which had at its disposal a vacant lot, and wlilch was, like most churches, confronted wiih the need of hiaking the most of its resources, was offered the proposition that the lot sho'dld be used for a gasoline service station, the churcii to receive for the use of the lot a percentage of the profits. The friend wlio wTdle nie was disposed to question the propriety of the church permitting such use of its lot, on the ground that much business would lie done on Sunday. It is an interesting question lor all to consider in relation to tlie teaching and practice of Jesus concerning the Saljbatii. Evei-y one who considers the question honestly will realize that it probably touclies his own life and pra!;tir.i\ particularly If ho drives ;iii aiilo- mobile. SISTER weapons in the recent es to reach America, is a sec- A\ARY'S KITCHEN GOLDEN VALLEY Jan. 25.-JMr. and Mrs. W. W. Allen visited Monday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawkins. Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Manbeck and smaller children called Tuesday evening at the Hawkins home. The W- M. 8. enjoyed a delightful day with Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Funk at their home in Independence neiehborhood. \ The time was spent quilting' for Mrs. Funk. • A lovely dinner at noon was followed by the lesson study given by Mrs. Charles Kohler. Those present were: Rev. and Mrs. Pauli of Humboldt, Mr. and Ikfrs. Fred Muer and baby son. Gary, lola. The members attending were: Mesdames Charles Kohler, E. J. Baker, A. Parker. Ira Morrison and Joyce Ann, Russell Morrison, I. O. Morrison, P. Relstroffer, Harvey Smoot, Perl Baker, H. V. Adams, Mrs. Leroy Ayers attended in the afternoon and Mr. and Mrs. Funk. Mr. and Mrs. John Stuteville: Mr. and Mrs. John Manbeck are heloing Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Isaac with their winter butchering. Mrs. E. J; Minbeck entertained the S. C. club at her home Friday afternoon. Nearly all membters were present. An unusually good time was etijoyed by all. Mrs. Manbeck was assisted in serving by her daughter. Miss Velma Manbeck and niece. Miss Vesta Isaac. The district superintendent will preach at Golden Valley Sunday evening, January 29. E\'eryone is hivited. Mrs. Harry Smpot and Eva Jean visited Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. G. M. Johnson and helped her quilt. Mr. and^ Mrs. H. Smoot, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rpush and baby spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Poe. Dr. and Mrs. .J. L. Parkhurst and sons of lola, visited Friday evening with Mr. apd Mrs. Cliaries Kohler. He may say at once that a church should not participate in any such matter; but manifestly the question of using gasoline on Sunday, or buying it on Sunday, is involved as much as tlie que.stion of selling it, and one is very easily led into consideration of thei extent to which the who|e situation^ has changed in a complex society.; For instance.! if food were not sold on Sunday in a large city today, many people would inevitably go hungry, and the law and custom of our modem cities has recognized this. It ought. I think, to be fairly manifest that we are face to face I with problems in our modem world for which there is no simple or m3- chanical solution, and that we liavc to fal^l back on spiritual principles 1 ' arid common sense. It was precisely these factors that Jesus brought to bear upon the Sabbath question of his time. > The strictest prevailing religion had ma<le of the Sabbath a sort of fetish. Mechanical observance was much more than mercy, and the .nincis and souls of men had become "'^ corrupted by their show of strictness and zeal that they even questioned Whether it was not a sin to heal one's fellow men and to bring to them blessing upon the Sabbath day. If we would follow the spirit of Jesus, we must beware of harsh and mcclianical attitudes iov\'ard the Sabbath as well as toward any other day. BY SISTER MARY Xl';.\ Service Writer W OMEN who live near the sea ,eo .Tst and are ver.«ed in the ways of varying iish dishes make delicious and nourishing soups from fish. Many of these concoctions are little known inland, for with the exception of oyster stew, fish is seldom used as a basis for soups and broths. Olani broth i.s ea.sily digested and often appears on the invalid tray. It also makes an excellent first for the mid-season dinner. There are many e\eelleii( lirand .s of canned dam 'broth on tlio market atid the hu .sy home- liiaker will find them a valuable lime savor. Clam chowder i.s another nour- isliin.!; dish Hint can hp prepared in the home kitchen or purchased in cans. Fish chowders are almost u meal in tUeniselvos, and compare iavoralily with a meat slew in nouri.'^limcnt. ^ Heal lop 15r<jlli Ojie pint sc-;illops, 2 ,(:iiiis mil!:, 2 talile: poims bnu .r. teaspoon salt, loa ;-j)()<;n j)e),j)er, 1 tea- spiinn li'mon juice. 1 cup water. .\Va;h S'.-allops and cut in small pieces. Sprinkle with lonioii iw'w and let sta :id 15 minutes. Add water and hrini? to (lie Iioilini; poirit. 1 ,'eat milk and add to scallop mixture. Add Inittcr! salt and pe riper ;!n(! siiin .ier jnsthelow the iioiiiiiR point for i.') minutes. .Stiain and :;ervc. Cream of .Sc:>liop .Souii One r!;;art scallops, :-; cups milk, i' l ;ii ,ies;:<'onji Hour, ;! tablespoons liUtter, 1 tf-.'.spor.r. Miif, te:i- ^i,&oii pvpiicr, _' tL .:-;-poons lemon jiiice. },cc.-?rve i-j cup v,-ho !e|sennops. Ciif"' ;e -'.."'"'vu'- T '-Tilrj'p.s and. sprinkle witJi lemon juice as in precediiig recipe. Simmer 30 minutes in milk. Rub butter and flour together to make a smooth pa^te. \ Strain scallop mixture. Thicken with butter and flour and add whole scallops which have been parboiled. Season with salt an<l pepper and make very hot. Serve with crisp crackers. 6hrinip Stew , One and one-half cups canned or fresh cooked shrimp, 3 tabler spoons butter, 3 tablespoons flour, Tomorrow's Menu HREAKFAST: Halves of grapefruit, cereal, cream, country sausage, pancakes, milk, coffee. LUN-CIIEON:. .Shrimp .stew, appIe-eeJery-raisin salad, Boston brown bread, yrape juice. UIN.NEU:; Braised shank of veaf Willi veKOtablcs, slui 'led sweet potatoes, liroi 'coU with easy Holla ndaise sauce, canned asparagus snlad, diocolate piiddinj;, milk, coffee. j; I j cups milk, 1 small'Onion, 'i cup celery leaves, 1 teaspoon salt, ^,,.| teaspoon pepper, V-- teaspoon !)i;opared niustard, 2 tablespoons iivinced jiarslt^y. I Molt butter and add poelci! diiion.'minced celery leaves, mu.~- tard, salt and pepper. Simmer .nycr .ai low fire until onion is teu- jder. -Sitt over flour, stirring coals: anlly. Add milk and bring to the boiling point. Strain. Ilelu.-n t;i with shrimps and parsley and I'.eat thorouphly. Serve witii .-, sprinkle ot paprika over the top. OWT, CREEK Bennett (Miss Blanche Ellis. Jan. 23.—Miss Julia spent Monday morning, with Mrs. Ben Ellis. Blanch and Bertha. Mrs. James Brownrigg. lo Monday afternoon at the Harry Hay home. ' Mrs. Rob-;rt Bennett and children snent Frldnv afternoon with Mrs. Bennett and Julia. Betty and Elaine Starks. Ernest and Mildred Orth spent Sunday afternoon with the Hay young folks. Ml', and Mrs. Ben Brown spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Long in Piqua. ' Joetta Adams spent Friday night with Mildred Orth. Bobby Adams spent Saturday afternoon with Virgil Orthl The play. "All a Mistake" will be given by the young people of District No. 5. at the Owl Creek school house on Friday evening, February 3, 1933^ Admission 5 cents'to all. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Middleton and Benny, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Willoughtiy and Raymond, of lola, spent Smiday afternoon at the Ben Ellis home. Christian Ctuirch. Regular services' Sunday. Sermons by the pastor, morning and .evening, i Bible school at ^:45 a. m. C. E. meetings 6:30 p. m. Evening worship 7:30 p. m. A welcome to all. . First MethQdist Episcopal Church. ' The regular Sunday' program will- be followed at the First Methodist church. The Sunday school opens at 9:45 a. m. The pastor will preach the sermons for the day. Morning' worship at 11 o'clock and the evening church service 7:30 o'clock. The intermediate and senior Epworti| Leagues meet at;6:30 p. m. The mid-winter Epworth League institute will be' held at Eureka-, Kas.. Friday and Saturday, Februr I ary 3rd and 4th. The election of a delegate and alternate to the Kansas annual conference will be held the first Sunday morning in February. On the other hand, when on". turns to the world today and sees how almost completely the idea oi a day of rest has broken down both in the mThds of men and in custom and practice, one. must turn to the! deeper tCUching of Jesus and lay stress upon the way in which he emphasized the holiness of evfry day and the holiness of all true life and conduct. The great thlng.s that he camo to bring men were the things that a trUei :conbeption of the Sabbath emphasized—rest, devotion, and wor^liip, and right relationships with one's fellow men through woi^hlp and the institutions of religion, Tlic way. out of our difficulties today is not through return to a narrow pnd mechanical Sabbatarian­ ism, which, would necessitate a return to a very much simpler form of ci'dlization. but by bringing into all of our complex life the beauty, the 1 ^0 wer. and the richness of what Jesus tauglit and lived. ' LIQUID—T.\BLETS—SALVE Checks Cqlds first day. Headaches or Neuralgia in 30 miontes. Malaria in 3 day;. 666 SALVE for Head Colds Most Speedy Remedies Known Cut Traetov Costs With LESH Water White DISTILLATE Distillate is a premiurn fuel, water white, testing from 38 to 40 gravity, ij; does not cause an excessive carbon deposit in your motor. Best of All it is Cheafi^nly 5.8 Per Gallon in 50 Gajlon tots. Phone 489 For Deliver^ LESH INGUBATOR KEROSENE A clean, .sootles.s incubator fuel which burns steadily and evenly insuring a constant temperature. It's better but it "costs no more than ordin- . arv kerosene.- [ LESH 0IL CO. J. L. STRAWDERMAN, Mgr. Opposite Ice Plant , Phone 489 The Baptist Temple. ."Religion For Good People" will be the theme of Dr. Sowerby's sermon on Sunday nioraing. We will have a new departure in our work this year by celebrating Kansas Day, which occurs on Suiv day. It is very fitting- that we should commemorate this day PS r religious exercise. A special musical program is being arranged far .Sunday evening, and Mr. J. H. Andrews, a Kansas pioneer will spea'i. He will recall events of the ear-y days arid will t>e thoroughly enjoyed. The Sunday school will meet at 9:45 a. m. and the B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Presbyterian Church. 10 a. [ m.—Sunday school, wjth a place for everyone; -; , 11 a. m. Morning worship. Troop A. K. N. G. will attend the ^arvice in a body. Mr. Snuffer will speak. His subject, "Beyond Intention." 5 p. m. Meeting of the grade ^chool and junior high Endeavors. • 6:30 p. m. Meeting of the,' high school and junior college Endfiavors. 7:30 p. m. Evening service. Mr. Snuffer will preach. Wednesday, 6:30 p. m. Thi' ofour February meetings. A cwered dl.^h lunclieon followed by tl)E first chapter of a review of LV MtjAfec's "Chrl.stlan Conviction." This ;chap- tef Is entitled "The Chrlstlati'Con­ viction and.Its Historical oVlgin." The meeting will dismiss promptly nt 8 o'clock. • Thursday, 7:30 p. m. Regular meeting of the combined boajdspf the church. '.. Friday. 7 o'clock, choir practice at the church. ' X Gas City Methodist Church. Morning worship at 10 o'clock. Theme "Fulfill Ye My Joy!" Sunday school at 11 with. Mrs. Bessie Cundy superintendent. Senior Epworth League at 6:30. ; The quilt show will be held next Tuesday afternoon and evening "at Mrs. Flora Ricketts' home. ; Sunday school board meeting and election of officers Thursday evening at church. W. E. Van Patten, Pastor. First Church of Christ, Scientist Sunday Services 11:00 a. m. • I Wednesday evening meeting 8:00 p. m. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. The reading room at comer :of East and Ss'camore streets is own daily from 2 to 5 p. m., excepting Sundays and legal holidays. ; "Love" will be the subject of tli# Lcs-son Sermon in all ciiurchcs :of Christ. Scientist, Sunday, Jan. 29.- Golden Text: I John 4:7. Beloved, lot us love one another: for love'is of God; aiid every one that loveth Is born of God, and knowetli God; The public is cordially invited to attend the chlirch services and to enjoy tlie privileges and to make use of the reading room. Chm-ch of God in Christ. (North Buckeye.) • Service conducted by Elder J. Bradley. \' Sunday school 10 a. m. Prea'ching 11 a. m. and 9 p. m. Y. P. W. .W. at 6:30 p. m. ; ' Tonight will be debate. "Which has the most influence, Christ or the Devil." [ Still expecting Elder Mattihews and his trombone band Bijnday night. You are welcome. Bring your Bible. \ 1 M. G. RUSSAW, Pastor. Mary Howard, Scribe. Trinity Methodist Church, Sunday school at 9:45. ; Theme for 11 o'clock worship service. "Fulfill Ye My Joy!" Epworth Leagues at 6:30 ^with Delia McCord as leader of the senior group: - ;. At 7:30 service the sermon theme will be "Beacon Lights of Prophesy." There will be a box supper" and special program at church tohlght at 7:30. Come and have a good t^ie with us. . ; Penny super by Circle No.^?next Wednesday evening. Joint quilt show at Mrs. Flora Ricketts' next Tifesday afternoon and evening. * : Bring old gold next Sunday to complete our melting pot sei'vice. W. E. Van Patten, Pastor. Have you a house for ren^? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? Use l.hc Cln.'wified columns I ; First United Brethren Church. A. V. HOWLAND, Pastor. EARL KNOCK. S. S. Supt. 9:45 a. m. Worship program., 10:05 a. m. Sermon. 10:30 a. m. Siinday scliool classes 11:15 a. m. Dismissal. 10:05 a. m. Junior churcii., 6:30 p. m. Intermediate and senior Endeavors. 7:30 p. m. Evening church service. Rev. Mervin McGill ; will preach the,sermon. Wednesday evening at 7:00 o'clock will be the regular mid-week s'^r- vice with choir practice following-, Antiseptic Costs Are Cut in Half by VickChemids To all Users of a mouth-wwh or gargle—for halitasis (impure bpeath) oral hygiene, and other antiseptic uses—the makers of Vicks VapoRub now bring real economy. .'Vicks Chemists have introduced 'Vicks Voratone Antiseptic at actually^ less than half the price of other qiiality antiseptics. . • Born- in a depression year, .Vicks Antiseptic is priced accor4in 'gly. The regular size is a large 10-punce bottle— a usual 75c value—fori only 35c. This ne^/ Vicks product (Jin be tested, however, at even smaller cost, lola druggists have a limited supply of a special trial si2e—a 25c value—priced at only 10c, while the supply lasts. -: ' • • • AFpTER • • • INYENTQRY SAIM T and Qresses] \ 1/ PRICE \\ /2 and LESS I CORRECTION The wrong price was given on one item in our ^' advertisement yesterday.- It .should have read: , ' ^Ai^Smk.: ZV^. V9m APEWiSY STORE

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