The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 25, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1894
Page 6
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--- ; -7".'-:^ 1 -' - is '•••" <-- : ' ••••••'-.•' ''''''- irtoll jtatiuL DAILY AND WEEKLY. By POWERS A COLCLO. •Inglecouj, an» address, per T«*r $»0j U paid in HrtYsnce. 1 80 <• Ttt BftMTirai. Is a straight-out Democratic ewtpaper working for tbe advancement of tbe terest* of tbe catse In Northwestern (owk ADVERTISING, TheelrculatlonofTHS BBirnnBL exceeds thai ot an> paper on the C. 4N.W. Ballwar west of •tanhalltown. Our lists are open to any advertiser. We have good lists In everr town on all branch roads, lists reaching tbe best farmers and business men In everr community. Rates on all classes ot advertising reasonable, aohf"- 1 - ot rates furnished on application to tbe office. Correspondence desired on all topics of general interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly and have your letter reach us early as Wedne* «»y evening. Address, THE SENTINEL, Carroll. Iowa Kntere at tbe Carroll, Iowa, postofflce, as se end class matter. Published weekly. FBIDAT, MAT 25, 1894. [See preceding page for late telegraphic news.] Tbe coal strike ie still on and an adjustment of difficulties is not in sight. Ooxey is serving out a twenty days' sentence in jail at Washington for having got on the grass. A good way to secure attendance at the sessions of the house would be for tbe railroads to annual congressional passes. Tbe call for the meeting of the Democratic state central committee DBS been issued for Tuesday, May 26. The meeting will be held at Dee Moines. While Coxey is in jail bis hosts from •11 over the country are. making elow progress toward Washington; but they •re on the way and will evidently get The OatholioB at Obippewa FallB.Wis., have passed resolutions not to take part in the exercises on Decoration day for they declare that tbe leading members of the ;&-A. B. belong to the A. P. A. Major Bnttz is rather a peculiar man but theBepublioan parly never standa on questions of etiquette of tbia kind when it has a dirty piece of work to do, .and Buttz eppeara to be tbe right man. A bill has been introduced in congress by Representative Tucker, of Virginia, providing for the ejection of United States senators by a direct vote. We hope that it will become a law tor legislatures are too cheap altogether tbaae daye.' Joe Bays that should Heiree attempt to become a candidate for the third term that be would find that tbe third term rule would prove a mountain. We are willing to agree with him, for tbe people have decided to intone tbe rule in its "entirety.''^ When the test vote was called tor on the tariff bill Hill and Irby both stood fast by, tbe Democratic banner and their column presented an nnbrokei. front. Bo it will when tbe final vote is reached. There are no longer remaining any doubts aa to tba final paesage of the bill. Senator Oonasn made a sensational apaeoh in the aeuate Wednesday on tue tariff bill wbiob wan listened to with great intereet. He declared that tbe compromise bill was a good one and followed ont the Democratic policy of tariff reform and waa anre to become a law. Major Bnttz, of Dakota, ia now being beard, before a committee appointed from ibeaanste to investigate tba charges ot attempted bribery wbiob have bean made againithim. It ia charged that he at- tampted to bribe aanatorato vote against tbe tariff bill. Senator Gray baa charge of the committee and it looka vary much aa if the i have decided not t<? dMorato the grawa of tb« oon- ladarato aoldian on their Decoration day, May the 86th, njilww ttw order upels Oolonal Braok«nridg« and tba officers wy UMJT oajgnot-oovpjy with th* ladl**' r»- qiMt. Bo;it>kroold.appawaB if tto gravea of Bnokattri4f •'• : OMnradan would not b»d*ok«l by »»«Un4ipf tb. <»i*. All owing to Uw Oolowl's wfjak»M tor the v> ito lonfl M of aoflwlog • A priwMr atfving alU* aah i>Di4*r ot a ouc» aoma ' DM man <»• WM guilty of aunMrbg aliva and wall a*4 b»* jut! found oat »nnud«ft4.'' Jadg.s, oawfoj ii dttlif «i»unjM»otial Mtd law aafff |Q flff ooifUMJ nuirdw- an tb« tKoefroftogaltaocntoaUU*.. »* Barrlaon adnaai»Uftik>P diMipatod MM iarplui (• •brnra in lhj» govarnMAl oftto*. WbanPwWlo i'riatw be wJbM m* w»l*to*> •» tb« « 0 |k m}air«d. Mr. to offiM thatibar* KM now 8,600 wan to do the work he had done with 2,200. The late Republican administration looked upon publid offlaeas a private snap and worked it for all there was in it. It will take some time vet to get all these barnacles cleaned off the ship ot state, bdt it will be done. Charles F, Dnuoombe has been confirmed by tbe senate as postmaster at Fort Dodge and eo the long drawn ont contest between tbe Buncombe abd aoti- Duuoombe factions has been settled,aa tar as thepoatoffloe fight is concerned at least. The coal strike ia still on nud coal grows scarcer every day. Iu Pennsylvania and Illinois in many places the strike is assuming a serious aspect and several lives have been taken. Yesterday at Fayette Oity, Ps., an encounter ensued between tbe strikers and the deputies under tbe eheriff and eight strikers were killed and a large number wounded. The first case that has been recorded to test the validity ot the millet law was filed yesterday at Des Moines. This ia to be B test'oase and will be prosecuted by the prohibitionists. Thia case will be heard Tuesday morning before Judge Jpnrrier. Tbe result of this ease will be watched with unusual interest for it will determine the fate of tbe mnlot law. Senator Teller, ot Colorado, threw a bomb into the senate Wednesday when ie unexpectedly to ell moved to lay the ariff bill on the table. Thin was a surprise to all for he,did it without even consulting the members of bis own party. The vote waa a test as to how tbe Demo- orate will stand on.the final passage of he bill. Every Democratic member and Allen, Kyle and Puffer, all three lopuliste, voted with the Democrats, and he motion to table the bill waa lost by 38t ° 28i ' .• '. ' ' ' TheDenieon Beview takes a rather lespondent view of the . future unices silver in introduced as a measure of value. t says: "The records show that there s but one sure road to fortune and that s to speculate on a constantly declining market: Neither good nor bad crops effect he situation to any extent. It lathe iver rifling value of gold by which all ither things are measured, which brings about this shrinkage. We are just at he beginning of the decline wbiob -will continue until silver is rs-introdnoed as a - measure of money." .This is Mr. feyer'e opinion and still be is a Bepnb- iaan in the fullest sense of all that word implies. ••• < • Tariff Legislation. The senate is still at work on tbe tar- ff bill and is making fair progress, the past'week i has been devoted to the consideration of tbe amendments, all ot which are being passed without any difficulty. The sensation of the week occurred Wednesday when Senator Oor. man made bis speech declaring that' tbe rill,would be passed and would become a law. Ha mid that it had a majority in the senate and when the time arrived for tba final vote tbe truthfulness of Us statement would be demonstrated. Senator Teller followed him and to put' tbe question to a teat .and to demonstrate tbe fact, he moved to lay the bill on tbe tie, tbufi disposing of tbe whole question,'and killing the bill.. The Demo- orate however stood firm and every-one of them recorded bis vote against tbe motion. Tbia pleased tbe Democratic aide of tbe chamber for tbey for the first time during tbe debate faad demonstrated that the, Democratic senators were united. ' ..•••. > - •.•-.;( Yesterday Senator Allen, ot Nebraska, scored a point by offering an amendment to tba bill placing fence wire on tba tree list,.wbicb was adopted. It be. gins to look DOW as if the work on the bill is nearing a olosa and it ia only a abort tiina until it will become a law. ' : Mock Civil Mcryl«e. Tuesday the house committee defeated the measure asking for an appropriation tor tbe civil service commission. This commission baa never baan a aatiafaotorv investment for the government. Tbe Cbioago Times baa the following to aay wbioh appears to us to ba about tba. right thing: "In refusing to provide for tbaeivil aarvioa oommisaion coag IMS baa ttxuoka deathblow to civil service re form as it ia now oondnotad. It baa i|ad a flhatw anfl prsfcenes> wfefab* baa bean adisgraos to tba fomnmaa| (or many yaaw, From its grave may vis» a system of appoutmanta wbiob stall bt free from injuatioa and nntravmalsd by parWaanaalp. Th» orifinalon of • the civil •srviaarafonnmovaMaot watt doubt las* hojMWIi* Uwir eooviotioM and pur poaas, yst tbsy onnld uot bava davtaeV a plan wbiob oonld bava baw mad to bat- r advantage in tba wlfiab, inlMial ot political Mbewes Rai ite inception tba civil awvioe bw basn aoad maraly w » hitoui oi|d9iia|ion. It baa carried whaa It bw bara tor that todpaoiit bw ignored il whM UMft poUoyi Mam* besl. Civil •put wrvioa ftform bw biw to Ibs Bepubli- vhitt tbt intaf'dtotf ftfumtfo CHOKER. One of the recent sensations in politics -was the retirement of Richard Croker, the leader of New York's well known Democratic organization. Tammany Hall. Mr. Croker succeeded John Kelly as leader of Tammany and has been a worker in the oream/ation 30 yeara. He is wealthy and ha» a fine racing stable. law ia to the railroads—B convenient ex- ouee. It baa never kept B Democrat in ufBoe nor a Republican ont, though it IBB maintained a boet of tbe latter with- oat ezbnw at the public eipenee. The civil iaervioe oommiBBion has only itselt to blame for baing deprived of its means of subaietenoe. : It has been 'guilty of abuse of'power ao long ' that it is not strange that the annouuoement of the vote against its oontinn&noe wae grcettd with applause, . ., • "However, the action of congress is by DO means the end of civil service reform. [tie : rather;the begiuu ; t)g for a true reform. Under a better ejeiem appoiut- menta may,be made for merit and for merit alone and officials removed for oauaa and canae only; 'That is 'theonly system that is not ridiculous. That is the system which the organizers of tbe movement intended:to have 'carried oat and ia just the reverse of tbe one which has been in force for the last ten years." • How to Issue Licenses. How to issue licensee in compliance to tbe mnlot law after the petition of 'ooDseht ia filed, is a question upon wbidh there appeara to be a wide diversity of opinion. Some claim that it is the duty of tbe county auditor toexamine tbeliit and it found correct to so certify, while others think' that tbia duty devolve* upon the board of Buperviaon. This qaeeiibn oame up at Daa Moioea and the mayor of that city called upon the city solicitor given bia opinion aa follows: •'In responaa to your rcqneat to me to giva jron-my opinion aa to whether or not yon should await any official notice of the filing of tbe ooneent of tbe votajra of thia oily -with tbe auditor of the county, oonaenting to tba aala ot intoxicating liquora in thia oity, before taking action upon the ordinance raoently paaaed by tbe oity council, I bava tbia to aay: In my opinion, after a careful atndy of the law, tbe aotion of tba oity council of the oity of Dee Moines wit b respect to giving consent to tbe sale ot intoxicating liqaoraia entirely independent of th« petition wbiob 1 the law requires shall be t)led with the county auditor giving' t^a ooueant of tba voter* to (ba operation tot tbe bar with raapeot to too penalitiea tor 4baaale of iotoiipitiag liquora. Wbatbar or not a proper petition be filed in com- plianqe with tba law with the oonbty auditor ia for tba partiaa to consider who expect toaell liqnor under tbe mnlot law. Unlaaa all tba provitiooa of tbe molat law areoompliad with, botb with reepeot to iba paiaage of tba ordlnanoa and eJao the filing of the patitioD with tbe aoditor, thereto no bar'. :> "All partiaa Mlliog liquor are guilty under Mia prohibitory law. If no Ma- olatlon ia paaatd by tbe ooanoil and filed by tbe peraon paying the »M thera ie no bar. It a petition ba filed in tall oompllanoe witb tba law with tba auditor taei* to no bar unlaat ba alao filed the raaolotionot tbe otty oounoil and in my opinion DO ooaperaon, oBlaaif itba « pwp- aroourt when a oaaa ia preMnted, ha* tba right tpaa/wbathar or not the petition filed witb tbe oooaty awUtor comply with tharoquirawanta of wilbraipaaltotbanpnbivol volenb or otbarwiaa, tbaa any paraoee who under tak*tod«»l<n hjitoiioalinf liquoni are liable to ba prowooted by iodietuMt Md pnniabad ID tbeaaoa manner aa balora Iba malot law wu paiaed, and tba only real tot M |o whether or not it hu ba*o fully oompUad with mtut ba made when •OOM parly appeari in court iu retpooee to an iodiolmant and atlempl* to plead Hta law at a bar bafura • oonrt and jury." Auditor Brandt aaourad an optnioo Iron County Attorney DavU, in whlflb thatefBokl aayi: we aay it{ae*ma tone your duty itaiupiy lofile tba document ia your ofBoe and to ktapil mbjaot to publio to- speotioii and as part ot the records thereof. I am nnable to aee that it is any part ot your official duly or authority to decide whether or not section 1 17 of said not or auy part thereof has been complied with.!"'; -• : ''' '- : •'•''••' - ''' ..:-..•'•• From tb.e above opinions which appear to be good law, all the oity council has to do is to go abeadpaee its ordinance and issue licenses to all who are willing to pay for them, i It is no qneal ion for th a city to consider whether the petition is legal or not, 'whether tbe applicant complies with ite provisions, so long aa he payo hia license to the oity. No is it any question for the county auditor or the board of Bupervisors to consider. It IB all left in tbe bands of the applicant so long as DO action is brought in court to determine whether the petition IB legal or not or whether be is filling the 'requirements of the law. Local Politics. Local politics is beginning to warm up and several candidates are being talked ot who will be likely to allow their names to go before the Democratic county convention. F.or auditor the present efficient official,W. P. HombBob f ie the only candidate. As he baa had but one term be will undoubtedly have the 'field all to himself, an he deserves. For clerk, J. W. Kennebeok is talking of making the race for nomination, and we have also beard the name of H. E. Beach mentioned in connection with tbia office. The office ot recorder ie the one which will draw the largest field of entries. Already we hear the names of M. J. Heirea, Obaa. Baok- nem, Joe. Eempker, Peter Stephany and OoaHoob mentioned ae strong candidates who will be before the convention All ot tbeae are good material from wbiob to select a candidate. Qeo. W. Korte will not have any opposition forrenomination aa be baa made a good official and will beyond a doubt be renomlnated' for a sponiid term. '' Tbe offloe of supervisor baa not y«t attracted any eepeoial attention, HO there' i* but one to' be' elected tbie fall. The only name we fauve beard connected with the office, who it likely to become a oandidala, is that of 0. H.Flenker, of Weebiogton townibip. Tbe politioil pot ii just beginning to eimmer hot by the tima the dug atar holds •way-the whole political ontlook will bava undergone a material obanga. ' II tft MONK Covered. It ia rather enuing tohearoertaio pa- para rowtiog "fake doctors" aa they call them and ewearing vanganoa on then and tboaawbo advertlee for them; while at tba' eama time their oolomna ara filled with other advertisement* equally ob- jeotiooable it not much more than an ••ad" for a doctor. For our pert we run THE UKOTiinui for "bnoiuew" and thote who imve ibe price cub'advert!* eo long' M their goodi or profoeiion tneete 'tb* requiremwta of tba law. It tbaae '"ft^e doctor*' 1 impose upon the peopia tbara iaautalv aomethiag wrong witb tbe iri- foraement ot our law, for'it U very tiit'ti regarding wboaballpraoMoa tbair onrM upon Iba people, it may bt • little "praviona'Vin ua, but wa aaa MO aanaa to tbe argnoanl Ibat a doctor .bould not udvartiae. Why abould tbey b* aiolud- ed? If tbey bare prpfeielonal ability art •kill why ia it not Ibtpertef wietlom to M those who might ba in need ot •nob amice know of their ability to aaooaufully treat tba dia»«ae, Tba idea that a doctor fcoova everytbiug b tba flild at medicine and, aorgery bw bean exploded long ago for too many failure*- are ot daily ooourreooe to warrant auy praaumption ot tba biod. Medloal ioienoa like every other aoiaoo* i* fajl drifUug toward tbe apeoiaUit and Iba man *bo b«i a speoial (raining and ia paouliarly prepared to Ireat oarttia abould take tbe MMM prill* iu Child™ pry for ranking that f«0t known to the pobllo ati any oth'T professional would, It there ie any reason Why a dootor'e skill should only find expression through I be flick room we have never discovered it, T 1 " undertaker who takes charge ot » h<t (jt> number ot the patients after tbe pl,v- ijiiiii ie tlirotiffb experimenting upon tht ui, hdvbitises bis blioineBB to tbe public, There ia no question in the tnitiJ of Huy t>ne as to hia ability to eno- OBEBlnllv lulu 1 c burgs of the pntielit after it ie intrusted fr> his dare; torbia patients all require ttm anme Irctitment. Bat with the (ihyaioian thin ie fur different tor it ie an eatablfobmJ fact tout »iuaa can treat certain, oases more smw than others, or even better I ban tbey themselves can treat certain other oases. It tbe physician ia actuated by tbe same spirit as other professional men and Advertises this special feature to tbe public what injustice won Id be imposed upon it? It is one ot the old fogy ideas, moss covered, worn eaten, and should be exploded, that it is unprofessional for medical men to advertise. Profit Sharing Propaganda. There i* an Association For the Promotion of Profit Sharing. Its-president is Hon. Carroll D. Wright of Washington. Its secretary is Mr. N. P. Oilman, 25 Beacon street, Boston. Professor Francis A. Walker of Boston is one of its vice presidents, and Mr. N. O. Nelson of St. Louis is another. Mr. Nelson is a gentleman who has practiced sharing the profits of • his extensive 'business with his employees for many years and finds it thoroughly satisfactory. Some of those connected with the profit sharing propaganda are gentlemen of more ideas than either money or business. On the other hand, however,several are men who have amassed fortunes by their own good hard sense, and hustling. Such a man is Alfred Dolge of Dolgeville, the great felt manufacturer. Alfred Dolge is one of the directors of the association. A circular has been issued by the society setting forth its aims. Its members believe employers who make fortunes should share some of the profits bf their business with the men who under their guiding brain build the fortunes. For some.years the advocates of the scheme worked among employers, endeavoring to persuade them that both equity and interest would be promoted by profit sharing. Now, however, employees themselves are appealed to particularly in the present circular. It sets forth that this is the time to forward the profit sharing movement, when mills and factories are beginning to start up again. It calls attention to tbe fact that the system has been tried in this country and in Europe with success to both employers and their workmen; In bad years of course there will be little or no profit to divide, and workmen must early understand this. The added care and energy which they bring to their task when they feel that the more and better work they turn out the more' it will pay them, as well as their employer, are a steady incentive to each man to do bis best. The profit sharing establishment of Alfred Dolge of Dolgeville has long been noted for its success. Two banking firms, in New York city—Vermilye & Co. and Spencer Trask & Co.—have the system in successful operation among their dorks. This sounds'well. But while they are about it the association should provide some way of distinguishing between the careless, shirking workman and the one who is interested in' his labor. ' ' The antiforeign agitation that has existed in China for some years is spreading to; Japan. The Christian missionaries there are not allowed to own land andean only reside in settlements or colonies specially set off for them in four or five localities. They may not travel' from one place to another without a passport. Some of them, however, get around the stipulations by establishing schools and buying houses and lands in the name of Japanese citizens, whose employees they profess to be. There are; more ways than one of arriving at an aim. *The < antiforeign impulse hat •' in, many iusUiacee extended to theJapunese in-whose names such bnsinew transaction* ore carried on. These have »ud- denly turned and demanded that the schools, property, etc., abali be turned over to them literally. If thin should fae done, the mlMionariei would lose ill their savings, The bitterest drop in thii cup U that in the' midst of theantifor- 1 eigu wave iwmy Japs who were belieyed to be jouudty converted have lapaed jjgnjn into ' Huddhiam. and heathe.i]iam. and we now among the londeatiutboir denunciations of the laiiMionariea.'' «• " Irrigation on an extensive aeaje UBj » been baguniu the utate of TtmmaHnan. Mexico^ Wfttorit to be carried frow the beadwatomof tueBan Juan rivei'.lu'ihe mountluii; through a c«n«l 09 niilto lout to 100,000 nona of dry land new CtHnw- go, Tb* soil there ia'found to poB«ei»M> traordluary fertility! and it U similar to (hat of the Nile delta. §ut, like every Other enterprise for developing Jlexioq, thin project i» in the luwdvof foielgnern. Your native Mexic«u gentleman on.)? A tleoiaion of the court of olulum iu the Well and L» Abrt* uiiulug ciutm at Washington uflirnw tltat the president uiuy uigu u bill after the adjournment of cougnw, provided it be doue within the ooniitUuiiuiml limit of 10 duy». Pltohtr'.iOMtorla, TELEGRAPH NEWS BOILED DOWN. Henry Watterson is to deliver the foarih of July oration at Okaloosa, Ia. Two deputy sheriffs wounded in a fight with the Dalton gang at Yukon, O. f,, have since died. Frank E. Gaven was elected grand toaster of the grand lodge of Indiana Mason* at Indianapolis. i. Herman Sieger, aged 28, a farmer of Waverly, Ia., was cleaning a Well when its caved £» killing him. . • Karl's (Clover Root tbe great blood purifier- glTPF rreshnees and cleiitness to tbe complexion «utt>! c'uistlpatlon, 25c.,60a., $1.00. Sold by 0^ H. Wcttbrook. _ i '* j ; Dny, 10 years old, was tnrownv fw , ais horse nnd entiuigletl In the reins,, ...i.. i.'v;:;.eged a mile at Huron, S. D. He wn.i i.i'jiil when picked up. Shtloh's Cure IS sold on a guarantee. It cures Incipient Consumption . It Is tbe best OoUgh cure. Only one cent a dose, U6cts, BOota., and|l Bold by C. B. Westbrook. i Kdwartf If. Jones of CJermorit county, Ohio, three times sentenced to death for the murder of his son, wns given 'a fourth trjajjjy the state..supreme court. Buoklen's Arnica Salve Tbe best salve In tbe world for cult), Bruises, barns, Ulcers, HaitRheam, Fever 8or«t, Tetter, Ob»pp«d Hands, Chilblains, Corns md allgkta Kraptlons, and positively cores Piles or «x» pay repaired. It Is gnaranted to give perfect •attsf action or money refunded. Prlct H cmta per box: for sale b J. W.Hatton. ••• "Weafher Observer 'Emery has been transferred from Duhuque, Ia., to 'Milwaukee, Wis. Dr. T. W. Ruete will serve at Dubuque. ; : . : . "Orange Bloveom." tbe common-sense Female Uemedy, Is sold and recommended by J. W. Hatton. ' • _ John ^chindler of San '.u'raneisco, supposed to be dead 35 years, returned to St. Joseph, Mo., 'and- claimed a fortune left Mrs. T, S. Unnklns, Cbnttanooga, T no., gayi. Sbllob's Vltallzer 'saved my life.' I eonstderlt tbe best remedy for a debilitated system I ever Used." For dyspepsia, liver or kidney trouble 75ota. Sold by C. .H. Westbrook, •••••< Hon. J. B. ThomaH of Albany, Mo., naa- resigned us one of the managers- of asylum No. 2 us n result of difflerunces 'with. Governor Stone. " ••'•» Quai'auteed (Jure. Wt su I Uurizo our advertised drugtltt to seil Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds, upon this condition. If you are ailllcted with a cough, uold or nby lung throat or chest tronlile imJ will use IbU icme- dy is dliected glvlug U a tali trial, mid ex- peileuoo no beneOt, yon may return the. bottle •nd bave you'r money refunded. Wo ooaJ J Mol make this offer did we not Irnow Mia 1 Ur, Klug • Mew Discovery could tio lellaa on. • It never disappoints. Trial bottlis f reo at, J. W. Hatton's drag store. Lnrgcslie 60c. and 11.00. 2 » - .- '•; The'se"miannual mefbing ot the eastern conference • of the Lutheran synods Of Iowa will be held In Burlington May 94, Specimen Oases. S. H. (Jltfford.New Oassel, Wls., was troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism, bis stomach was disordered, bis liver was effected to an alarming degree, appetite fell away, and he was terribly reduced in flesh and strength. Throe bottles ol .Wlectrlc Bitters oared him. . •' . Kdw«rd Shepsrd, HarrUbnrg, III,, bad a running sore on his leg of elgbtyears' standing. Used three bottles of ElectrloBltters and seven Doxei of Bneklen'i arnica salve, and b)» ieff is sound and well. John Sneaker, Oatawba. P.» bad five large fever sores on his leg, doctor* •aid bo was Incurable. One bottle Electric Bit ten and one box Buoklen's arnica naive cured him entirely. Sola at J. W. Uatton's drug •tore, -8 ^ ^~ . ^ J TBe per capita dueS of grand lodge, Knights of Honor, mom bora to the supreme lodge has been raised from 80 to 40 ten tij per annum. : Vhua Baby *u nick, we gave bar pMtorla. When the wu • Obtlrt, ibe cried for Outorl*. When ibe became Ulu, iba olunj to Ckitoria. Whtd ibe bad Chlldrto, tbe g»v» tbein CMtorik MtM Alible'ttannotc or Aiuiueaixxin w«* awarded a verdict ugaiust the "Soo" railroad for $7,500 (lainageB for iujuriea received In Jumping from a burning sleep• ' ' • All RMJIL Down •I'll ,!» •irwjjj^p r , f _ jlMi!l^^ For a«i>up7«'ot y«Ms^i ww «ubjeot to Met* -jt sflflnuif tut i«o4. I elwe>- •"» •*- 2 "- eouU act *|NP at nlgbt utd lit*! - o, i,"«r»Q4'4 * ' I oiri Not Hav* Any Amwtton to «9 aroutd or wpril and la U«» w«* iwt'gMa te 4a a tooAtoft work. I aaprenea to vUk'ifa ylrtuler airtiradoc > adnrttaNwitti MiF |«te> i ittv* t«u«n nve botuei (tot I h*v«4«riv«4 wottacriuii,u«fltfrQwi» Ukt • N«w Man, I would rMouuiMiul it to all f uftoreri ao4 wouU tltm not to b««)tate '*} FUla uo prompt and L

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