Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 26, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1955
Page 8
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EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Mi), WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1955 Maryland U. Homecoming a;.: O Set Saturday ' PARK, Md. W - Strtetits, alumni, parents, faculty anklrionds will descend on tlic University of Maryland Campus Saturday to celebrate homecoming and -watch their lop-ranked foot. bdttjtoam play South Carolina. tfhe daylong program will in clijSe dedication of the new SCSI),' 009. student union building, a chap eQjervice, alumni luncheon, pa- radii and football game and the traditional homecoming dance. Sizes will he awarded for the best decorated dormitory building arid'' the best decorated fralernil> arid -sorority houses, as well as the best float in the pro-game parade .The theme for the house decur aliens and floats is "Traditionally yours, the Terps." Tarmers in the United Slates use more than 60 per cent of the world's tractors. V Ormond - Spotlite ! ' Special! ~ Miracle Fir Dress Sheer STRETCH j NYLONS - - $1.19 nn A I Value OOC Pr . \ \jrmond, "~ 105 Baltimore Si. Assignment: .America Music Lovers Usually Beautiful, New York League Head Declares (Rtfl, U.' S. Fat. Oft.) :ly PHYLLIS lAITELlE , .:KW YORK—'INS)—The latest opinion being breezed about New York is that it lakes music—not only nature or cosmetics—to make a woman beautiful. Undoubtedly this' will cause deal of controversy among the powers (including John Roberts) that be. It was first brought up by a man named Arthur Cremin. who seems to have an axe to grind as the president of the New York Schools of .Music and director of the Music i.overs League, which is dedicatee to soothing savage breasts on th first Wednesday of each month Me voiced the opinion last week that if you look around you, yoi will observe that the-girls who ap predate music are a good dea prettier, and a sight fresher, than Ihe girls who don't. And as for the dolls who actuallj sing or play on instrument—mai oh man! Cremin cites as examples ladie 5 ROOM BUNGALOW $4750.00 U MEADOW VIEW DRIVE CRESAPTOWN, MD. Bath, Hot Air Heat, Full Basement, Garage — Yard, On Hard Surface Road, Close to Main Highway, Near Sthool and Shopping Center, A Very Good Buyl Irving Millenson REAL ESTATE IM S. Liberty St. PA 4-5590 For Your COMPLETE Beauty Service •£ ' At Lower Than Budget Prices >" Visit Our Modern Beauty Clinic ,i 10:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. for appointment phone PA 4-2180 TRI-STATE BEAUTY ACADEMY 114 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Md. ike Dinah Shore ("serene of ace"), Helen Traubcl ("what aj shining, handsome vislage"), Judy Garland ("what beautiful eyes") ind Lena Home ("perfection of countenance and grace"); anil it hat is not enough proof, he says, consider the women you know. : Is not your flautist friend more feminine than your local librarian? Before the Gabor girls can rise to protest, Cremin adds this other note: 'Some ladies .may appear to be beautiful, under the cosmetic camouflage, but the true loveliness comes out of their eyes and the delicacy with which they move. "Music is the only medium that j can fill the eyes with 'alternate peace and excitement. . . c^an leach the body grace." Well, since talking to Cremin, I have discussed this with a few discerning males. Some agreed readily, pointing out thai since Marilyn .Monroe sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" she seems to be looking belter than ever. Also that lady. musicians tend to gel cuter all the lime except when playing .woodwind instruments which sometimes causes lip distortion. One male, however, dissented .violently. "Speaking for the rest of my sex," lie exposlulaled, "I say this pholosophy is. absurd. My wife has been forcing me to go to concerts for three years now. and every time she .talks me into .it-she ;ets uglier." Cremlin disqualifies opinions of his kind as irrelevanl and irreverent, and sums up by saying hat no matter what kind of music j woman enjoys or lakes part in— :ven if it's hillbilly—she is better j[f, face and figure-wise. It relaxes ier if tense,revives her if bored strengthens her if weak, and hum les her if cocky. "Don't you agree?" asked he. I recalled that in my college days I sang with a dance band ilayed the piano in church, and strummed a ukelele at parties. Cremin said there, you see! Scrutinized me carefully; and smiled. - . "I can't urge you strongly !nouEh,".he said, "to take it uj igain." DUI PA-2-4600 for « WANT AD Taker,-, Jury Scans Disputed Tract Look in the section in which your] birthday comes and lind what your oui- ook is," according lo the stars. Guarante aclivitics and tasks Fossil Find BENSON. Ariz.—«1—Fossils be icvcd (o be nearly three.million years old have been discovered "rear here. Dr. John Lance, a pa! ccntologist from Hie University o Arizona, said Ihe remains include the hoof of a pro-historic three .oed, hones of a mastodon and pieces believed to be from the shell of a glyplotherium, a seven r oot 'long mammal. _^ UNIFORM MAKES DIFFERENCE — Doris Fanning, a .policewoman at 22, made a pretty convincing girl about town in the sweater and slacks she wore to get a line on Philadelphia narcotics users and sellers during a city-wide series of dope raids. Back at her desk in trim uniform, Officer Fanning admitted she' was "plenty scared" and shocked at the youth of men and wdmen using narcotics. More than 100 suspecls were rounded up. (AP.Photofox) 1 our Horoscope 193,1 For Thur.tUy, Oct. 2 MARCH 2L to APRIL 20 (Ariw)-Sev- eiel planets, well aspceted now, benelicial and productive day if maged fimart- tly. Plan for (Taurus) a rlers y, Intcllitdenily il.irp advancement. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 tiiimlating day. Personal affairs, heart nteresls, home and family matters hon- red. Look forward; heed good advice. MAY 21 to JUNE 21 iGemlnU—Not a i-hnlly stimulating period for mental asks, study and research, but it is iromising period for YOUR work and an- DECEMBER 23 to JANUAHV 21 (Cap icon.)--Your Saiurn and oiUer planets n auspicious pusitions now, iliould provi timulatinK. Turn your very best eftor o whatever your demands, duties. Don't >e timid; graciously go forward tg at- JANUARY 22' to FEBRUARY 20 [Aquarius)—De brief in .statements but lot rudely so. It is important now to cui icedlcss red tape and get down lo es .entials quickly—but not nervously. Sys em. consistency and affability nerdctl. FEBRUARV 21 to MAKCH 20 tivities. Calmness, patici iu:iior arc essential. JUNE 22 t. Influences from and good JULY 23 (Cancer)—Strong nr Aloon, Venus and :ouraging for artistic md home Interests, handling foods, farm supplies, mechanical and industn "lULY 24 lo AUGUST 23 (Leo)—Yi :an make headway now in your special iurupation and in mailers allied ti Labor, trades, activities requiring Irish kill, electronics, aeronautics, mechanic- il activities senerally advance. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 fVir- go>-Personal matters, trades, industry most'brandies of government, state and federal, military affairs under benefic isi>pcts. Don't worry, keep going ahead. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Lib •a)-You may find studying, writlnc and )ther mental ,work not a* easy s~ - lomc days, but sound, practical anr useliil activities are supported. You ran cain. advance In YOUR interest* now. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio)—Don't permit conlenlion to inter- i-Ith your ambition nnd arhievemcnt, This is a period tnv gtcnter ttoing. Ret(in? ahead in work, conferences, plan' nin(f (J management. Don't ovcido, how- ^NOVEMBER 23 lo DECEMBER ™ -Don't strive after the unicasunable now t do put in your claim for work "well done." YOU BORN" TODAY attract opportunitv id frie r o in expressing opinions or a too knowing attitude. Scorpio natives an imong the brightest and most capable :olks but often show superior attribute* n an unattractive wny. Be humble, a: Lhe- truly great usually uvc, and nevm let flattery or smooth-talking Individual sway your sood judgment. You cai achieve distinction and monetary Eaii In whatever Held you labor, as Inns (Sagittarius)—Money i little difficult but keep laliers results itrklhg • see, ilow in and don't permit obstacles to dc[cat sood aims. A good day on the _w_hnlc. Anniversary Sayings To show our appreciation for your patronage, FOOTERS bfferi you these, low, low prices tor a NO PEEL No Blister HOUSE PAINT Amazmg...but TRUE! v Let us tell you the v complete story. SWEENE MINU SIIPPIY 301 Baltimore Avenue - facing Decatur Phone PA 2-5575 • We Deliver limited time only. PAHTS SKIRTS «SWEATERS - Cleaned and Smartly Finished 34 Harry FOOTER & Co -CLEANERS- | The.. Special Pricei .tfecliy. at all our itorei in Cumberland, ' LoVale, Froilburg, Keyier nnd'P!«dmont. Fait, dry cleaning lervice cm rsqueit . .....No'txlm Chorgel Dresi ShirM Laundered 18c Hand Fioillnd and lndivitliK.llY Cellophane Wrapped. Try ui ... . you-will b« a. pleated a. your neighbor! are. per er traits evelt, ^ rule 1 . U. S. CopyriRlil. 1935, Klnn Features Syndicate. Inc. Vermont State Employes Prove They Arc Healthy J10NTPELIEB, 'Vt. —to- Ver- slate employes are so healthy they're messing up the. state re- a t the University of Slarylnnrt. Bridge Class Sel Tonight The second class in bridge playing will be held today at 8 p. m, at Central YMCA .by the Cumberland. Recreation Department. Instructors for the class tonighl will be Mrs. F;'.A. Puderhaugh, Mrs. Russell Borlz.'C. C. DeHaven and Thomas .Mannon, all members if the Western Maryland Bridgi Association. Registered for the instruction classes are 49 beginners and intermediates. The Gorcn system will be taught and (he course will be conducted for 12 weeks.. All interested persons who wisli to join the classes may contaci the City Recreation Department, phone PA 2-73M. jAvialion Workshop lay Be Conducted Ralph B. Webster, superinten dent of Allegany County schools has received a letter from Dr James E. Spitznas, director of in struction for the State Depart ment of Education, outlining plans for an aviation education workshop which will be held next summer BALTlMOnii iff!-—,A U.S. Uis- .rid.Court jury was due back in .he courtroom here today after a iaunt to Frederick County where ilj inspected properly involved in a Jispulc between Maryland and the federal government. The dispute concerns a stretch of Maryland 73, an extension of Scv- " Slrcet in the' city of Frcder- .... which runs through the Army's super-secret Camp Delrick installation.' The Slate contends the Government is unwilling to pay enough for properly il is taking to close the road to prolect the secrecy of the project. U. S. Ally! Waller E. Black Jr. told Ihe jury yesterday aboul 1,000 uon-military vehicles use the road daily. Black said Ihe government is willing to build a substitute road skirling Delrick, of the same surface and 20-foot width as Ihe condemned road, to hook up with Fotirlh Street extension near the city. . • . - . But Earl I. Rosenthal, representing the Stale as 1 assistant attorney general, contended the government should widen Ihe new road all (he way into the city to prevent a traffic bottle neck, lie-said one stretch of the Fourth Street Extension is only 18 feet wide, and with aii additional traffic burden tin's would loo narrow. Alum-Power Service, ;,, J,AS CHUCKS, N. M. Ml - POP"' • iirllv of a Cruccs service sta- ion'grew spcclacularly when it jlfered free service with proper •nuipmcnl to check samples of.n uanium, and started posling am lullelin board full of information'* n the uranium search. . '"! —_—————— - f "i. Dandelion (jrccns often are fed'fi. j silkworms when mulberry ! cuvcs are scarce. a Qutstonding .Opportunity H«r«'l your chance to own your own profitoblt bulinell ol a WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE DEALER! Vou'H retail nationally accepted, popular linei of auto .up- pliel, home appliance!, bicycl«>, radial, TV, .polling good., tool., .It. M«rchandii« dolivertd by our own company opirotad delivery mvice from our newly located, Butler, Pennsylvania, Whole.ale Hou.e. No retail experience nece>- iary ... we train you Minimum ca.h capital of *8,500 needed. See, write, or phone: D. W. BROWN WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA pHONf:7J75l Or Don Ciolli 470 W. BOWERY ST. AKRON, OHIO /• YOUR GOOD HEALTH IS OUR CONCERN! OUR MODERN PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY IS READY TO SERVE YOU IN TIME OF NEED _ FREE DELIVERY — Automatic Telephone Antwering Service 10:30 p. m. 'till 9:00 a. m. Call and Leave Your Order C MURRAY ALLEN, R. r. B. s. REGISTERED PHARMACIST 111 VIRGINIA AVE. P«°NE TA 3-3444 Formerly Th« Tru'.H Drug Company jrement system. George R. Buck, New York actuarial expert, hired by Vermont ' check on retirement program didn't exactly criticize slnle en ployes for bringing on a situatio which may eventually require whole new set of rates a ;raphs. But he did say: "The actual number of dcatl and the actual salaries cancele }y death were less than expeclci This condition is not favorable t the retirement' system from a fii ancial viewpoint and tends to of set favorable withdrawal cxper Rhode Island has ]S1 miles railroad. • AUTO • INSURANCE 165. Liberty St. 1st Floor "•• DIAL PA 4-0880 • IT'S BACK TO Jceep ffiem m f ouch with local happenings with the TIMES-NEWS Within rarftui of 600 milBi fr*m Cumberland j 'f"~t Ntw. or lime, $1.35 pit month by m«il , '_-V.| Sunday Tim«> $ .50 per month by moil » i'.£' *«"< h<yond 600 mil«> — Phone Circulation Depl. ^L ( .l • - • "*' Enclosed'you will find check for J i i ! please send the to j irUME i •STREET •CITY Cumberland News - Evening Times - Sunday Times For Further Information, Phont Circulation Department, PA-2-4600 The workshop, primarily (or trachprs, will concern itself with a study of aviation as a part of the general education program in its effect upon social institutions and international relationships, in an exploration of occupational opportunities in .aviation, n areo- nmiteal geography and other -con- liderntions. i: FOR LOAN IN 1 TRIP i LIFE INSURANCE-NO EXTRA) COST ON LO ANSS300 or LESS »• Phone for loan in one vijit. Loan [^ custom-tailotod to nee'dj and incom«. ! ^ /.i/e insurance, no ei/rji rosf on loam *. $300 or less. Phone, wiite, or come in. J- loom up to $1000 oenefidajL FINANCE CO. /flNtNCE CD) ENTRANCE SO, CENTRE ST, (Tik« iltvilor lo 2nd Fl.) CUMBERLAND; 2nd Fl., Rooms 202-204 . LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLDG. Phone: PA 2-0721 • Ask for thrYES MANagcr OPEN EVENINGS »r APPOINIMtNT —PHONE FOS EVENING HOURS Ltont Kindt II fttidinlt *f •!( t«if»uni]inq liuRr Does money really grow on trees? Certainly not for most folks—1>ut for a couple of million people it peems lo.. They are people who get their electricity from power plants owned by the federal government. They pay less for electric service than other people do, simply because yon nnd everybody else pay parl of their electric bills. Here's how that happens. First, part of your Inxes goes lo pay for the government power plants that serve these people with electricity. Second, lire electric bills these ' people' pay do not include many hf the taxes yon pay in your electric bills. So your share of taxes has to 'be increased in order to pay their share. . For example, the federal government's TVA pays 5"a of.power revenue from customers, excluding sales to agencies of tho VJnital States. This is in'place oi taxes to the states and counties in which il oper- atea.* Yotir local electric company pays 23.7%—about ft™ linira as much. Not exactly fair, is it? Yet some pcoplu arc trying to. push the federal government into building and running more unnecessary power plants and power dams — to extend this "special privilege" still (artlier. This kind of favoritism' ig unfair to everybody—especially to you who have to pay for it. That's why we're bringing you lhe«e little known fads. •Seaio, 13, TfA M THE POTOMAC EDISON CO. "TO* AM WBT-Cti MnM»n •*"•« «*"»'• «*«* ••"••«

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