Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1927
Page 2
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:^PAGE TWO . -flJ ^EENEeT LYNN Tin- SJoryl Thus Far ^ When .IKFF HAimiiJON. s;in" Ijli-.r. fs liilind ill ia pokor caiiio ii ^ Caiani'Il. Ka.-:.. his ;i:{-jear-o i! son. TOXY." is taken t<i tlio Rar ilv - ipunli -iil the Indian Ji-riitdry by ' .iOK CUAK;, who apppints him- sclt ihf lioy's ;;uanliaii. Yhcjc Tony is wclconicil by . TITUS' MOOIJK owner of the " Bar K braiiil. and his IIU/c rda'.i};lijer, UiTA> Anotlior who has :- heiriciJdiMl Tony is GORDON W. LILLlfK, who lalcr becomes knawi) as HAWNEE BILL when lie te4(lie!^ si -hool al the Indian resirvvuioii in Pawnee. III l;lii>. qionth.s that follow, re- L y ports Tronic to the Rar K of the ;u-Iiviries:;ol" the now notoriou.s Hentoii guiiB. TOM RENTOK' be- iiip the iiinrderer of Jeff ll'arri- wiii. J^'rais ami Tony depart for J'awiiee to visit Pawnee IBill. Tlicielthov learn that he isi going ttV; take a bunch of Indians with Him and join BUFFALO _ BILLS A\Jd West Showi ';#»,*• CIIAPTKR XX.- it wuik rather: hinely at tli raiuli. • ritiis Moore and iiis wile '••Will her mollier lot her?" .Moore laughed. "When Bita iii- .sists. you've jni-t got lo l^t her liave her !way. 1 guess you know that." Tony Kdnned. "That right . . . I ril be siving Joe Cratg and the- Imys a hand." ^ "Walt a nihlulc," the colonel detained hlin. "ijow would you like to go to school, Tony?" "Who—mcT'i The boy stared un- coinprehcndingly. then shook his head. "Pvo got a livliig to hiake, Colonel." ; • , "There's plenty of time to think jibiiut that Inter. I thought mayhu if you'd like to ;to away to school some pli^ce it tnlghc be arranged. I'd be glad to pay all the.blllR." He spoke awkwardly, rdaliietng he was making a bad, Job oit iiutting his thoughts into jivord.s.! ' , * The boy looked i\vay before an- .twering. ••I'm' real c?bHged to you for the offer, but right now 1 can't THE lOLA DAILY BEGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING; PE€JB] nients her father had given her on Kcc.that way. I've got some tnojiey her fifteenth blrthdav. myself, as far as that's to"cenipd; ; ^iverywliere he went now) as he and wou)dn'U.ave had that if It' .j,,,^. „ ,„ ^ompanV with hadn't been for .vou.' • r.rM^^^r for.owcd thi trails he He pressed TJtus. Moore'.s hand and Rita had ridden over in days eariustl.v. "I juht want to .«tay on . pa„t-himself often reluctantly and the Bar K a while, Colonel." H« I pr „te8tlngly --he thought of her swung aronncl abruptly and left..and got constant reminders of her and whistled the air of a cowboy former laughing presence. Here song he had,learned from Craig, -n ^-a^ tl,at shl- had sumraoneU him He was not anxious lor the col- «» peremptorilj''for their first ride onel to know the true state of Jiis , io(*elhc'r and Joe Craig had been feelings. "I 'll sure hate to leave.afraid to corned to hi? rescue; hero hini," h? soliloquized, and turned' It was that Outlaw had dragged his a iiioincnt later to took back. j unconscious form .the time she had Titus Aloore appeared to be en- taunted him Into ridhig the vicious gaged in earnent conversation with horse: here where they ,had sat his lieloved Fancy. He Was shak- i together, his Jeg in splltat^ and he ing his hea <r. a gesture that Tony' had told her'aboiit himself and interpreted as an e -vprcKsibn of his Jeff Harrison, his father, disappointment that his offer: had! Along the hanks of Cottonwood gone unaccepted. With^ another. | Creek' he rode past hundreds of Titus Moore might have argued tlin ! redbud trees in flaming purple matter to the point of insistence,' bloom and sought the fpot where but he understood, better than any. j he had killed the huge blacksnake the sensitiveness of the boy's na-!that had wrapped Itself around the luw and hte own delicacy prevent-.leg of her horse and frightened her lie iiioked led hini from pursuing further what I into momentary hysteria. He had structure. 1 Tony.' in his independent wa.v. {lieen proud that day of his niarks- '-"and daii^Jlter had gone to Virginia Jor a vtslt. Willi tliV; likelihood tliat Bita iinil'licr niothi-r would remain arid till! j;irl lie placcil in ;i Hiiish- iiip school in Ilichmond. Mrs. = Moort- luul d'-iiilcd llial lUta hadjliad enough of the school. - in Kan'sa.s City., and the coloiiel did not Island in h<u- way. lie had VesiKiicii liimsclf i-j s"elnB less of his wife, and. daughter until things liafi sh ^fie .l 'ilH 'mselws nmre ilef- inil""ly iji ilin Indian t<-iritory. ' He fkplaincd llie situation to Tony. I Jarri.'^oii :vhcii; he returhed. : ••Kifa 'K_ mother never did like it out Uert_ anyway, and liow fliat Rita's ^owin:; up slio figures it's no placji to rear her as a young -lady—a.<t she puts it--and sive her some of»the oducatioiial advantages that young: girls ought to lu '.ve. "I rcttoii 1 can see her way of Teasf)niiig all risht." «irer rofrard the riidc liair slijick anil lialf dugiiuf. that i might! have coustrucd as an offer jmanship and his coolness, and riot lie h:id flisiiified with tlic name of too charitable to permit of accept-'a little oontemputous of her panic. W ^l THE TPIE DRAWS NEAR, The. time draws near, the birth ijif Chrlel: ' r- . Tli« moon is hid; the uIgUt still; The Christmas bells from hill fo hill Answer each other in the mist. Four voices of four hamlets round. From far dud nciii, on mead aiid mSbr. 'ijwell out and falL as if a door Were shut between me and tlio sound: Each voice four changes on the wind, 1 That now dilate, and now de' creafj. ; Peace and goodwill, goodwill and peace. Peace and goodwill, to all mankind. , —Tciin.vsoii. Junior..Cnrrent Events ClBb Holds ibrlstnias Party .Miss Bvalyn Breckenridge was house hpsless at the Junior Current Events club Christinas party last night in her, home at :>()2 N'orth Walnut street, with .Mis« Beatrice Mt.Murray, .Miss (Jarnct Case, .Miss Ina I^eavell and .Miss Catherine Cannon as a<^isting hostesses. " A Christmas tree decorskied the tlor Parsonage." was enacted by- Mrs. Charles Funk, Mrs. C. E. Kletznian, .Mrs. H. Ridg«way, Mrs. t). L. Culllson aud.Mrt. Floyd Elliott. , Mrs. F: H. Ch!ld» gave a report pf the annual conference con\'en- tionjield at Kansas City. Kansas, which she: attended as a delegate from the local society, and "Silent ,.\lghl.': sung by .Mrs. r J. C:>'d- smith with Mrs. John Braz?c at the piano, closed the program. : '.Mrs. J. A. Hand'cy appointed birthday secretary. Mi«s ..Mabel Taylor afld .Mrs. Ever.^lt Reade were gueiUa. ,Thc ho.-jtpsses,. Mrs. Chas. Funk. .Mrt. Caude R.irker, Mrs. R. B. Warner. .Mrs. J: V.". Reynolds and Mrs4 C. 01 ' BolMuger, served refreshments. -> • •;• ChMrrh Ser» Iw Lr:i;nie .Mrof i St. Tlniothy'e Epiciopal Church Service League met last uigUt in the home of .Mrs. R. L. Thonusjh, jr., .S .T 2 .North street. The meeting was presided, over liy the president, .Mi.s. A. .\.lS '.hen. Mrs. J. .M. Lamer, treasurer, gave a report for the year and D.-. O. L. Cox reported, the year's finances for the church! Officers for the new year were elected' as follows: .Mrs. (;. F. Reynolds, president; .Mrs. A. D, flbrdon. vice-president; .Mrs. A. E: Barker, secretary: and .Mrs. R. L. Thompson. Jr.. treasurer. Dr. O. E. Pend;iivls was elected a trustee of the church. Eleven aaSB 21.1927. The angel, appeared to the shepherds »nd brought tne glad tid-, Ings. llie three wise men brouglil Ai.^>_ im^^ -..A' «tJ_' ELM CREEK j IJcc. 14;—Report of Hm Credt. schbol trtr the month ending No- thelr gifts aitd left them at t^eU^ber 25: Number enrolled, boys manger, singing as they came. An-: ^,^,3,5: ^.^^ ^^^^^^ iiMtnuneiltal ;quartette opened the pageant and at th« close the Girl " Otae ct«&. sriiig "Joy to the World and sang ai>pTo|»r1ato netcctioii Ififoughout the presentation «f tlie pagciiit. i Th*. organizations responsible absent nor tardy: Margaret Gray -4 son, Ra.v Cramer. George' Crainer, Helen GraTOcr and Laura Grajuon. Percent of attendance. plus. Those recciyiug the required" nvm- her of poiiits for the honor ''ron' , , were the following: Helen Craiier. for the Cllrlstm»s program were ; jj.,rgar€t Grayson. Winifred BAlla, the; collet Y. W..C A. and V M.|j .,,,,.3 orayson. Mary Jane Frle<l- C. A. and th< high school t/irl Re- |,„„^ anj Kay Cramer. The-Thaaks- scrw «nd Hl-Y^ ^ . giving project on the sand table ... ^-i . J''. ! displayed a wonderful Icssoir. in Ihrl^Otts lllmter Pailr 1 history .showing customs of :pil- 'grlms and liow they dbtained :,lhc " [turkey for the Thanksgiving feiast: for Snndar .Scbuo' Class MISB Viola Lawman wa» dirinGr hostess last night in h«m- in n^rrtThnr 1 % n 'the Mayflower lay at anchor and home to the mcitibers of her Sun-;^^^„ , ^^^^^^ „f stockade day school class/ of iho Baptist church. The decorations included a , , . , Christmas Irer from wJtich there | ^as gifts. Games Painful. (ould be seen. John Cramer fell on the ice last wa.- ah exchange of I and music were the di.versioii.s of the evening. Tier clfkSs guests-were: Harold Andei-sotu Prank Ben-^on. Fremont Cllnkenbeard. Harold .Alenzie. Harry Thompsoh. Franklin Todd. J. B. Rice and Ralph'White. ance. • lancli Iiijiiifo. "I giicss it i.s sort -if nn<-(iiiir<)r'labIo Xvivv liir a woman : who's liiicu accuslonuMi to luxuries juost: i >J", Iior life. In Kansas it - •wasn't "so bad; I hail liousc i<» liyo in anil wasni .-m cyosnrc Hoi.-. M.-iIfVof i jMopIe t wi,:c his age. He had thoiagain as it had known her in the the HiiiiR that I call a iniiich house ! advantage of; an intelligent fatherjpast, .She might return at the It was the same everywhere he 'I guess i was a fool. Fancy .''.he ' rode: hardly *i spot but conjured .said to the ni.-iri'. "The boy's got! forth sonre . poignanr mcrtiory. and more ciiucation right now than he felt as one who has suffered a ail a decent I most higli school gradualesjp and great loss. ,'She was gone now, and a banl tlial nutre downright sense than most the ranch would not • know her is <|u^ in; tlio Kidc "f ;i! hil^. and the - -which is What yen li)ive. Fancy.' suiniuei's end but she would not oxciisi^ tor a iharii is j'lM a few j suess liiiniaii iM-ing.s^ and horses;lie the same Rita again, and ahc roiipii limbers thrown tos '-ihiM- for,are pretty much alike, after alK" 'would go back after a brief \islt, the ixpvfss purpose of kc .'pius ih''i Tony Harrison was thinking, as'back to the east and the gently winter Winds ami snows nil .that j ho fell to work, tliat the suminer i reared Virginians, her mother and Kentucky th *nouglibrcd of iiiiiic." 'ahead of him would be something * father hail moved among. ; But, lis- added, it couldui lie to Ix- endured r"}llher tlian cnjii .ved.^ H had ''.ven lnevitab:c, of roursc. Jiflpeil, Tliere certainly was little •|'iien-tofore siimuicr had always TI,JX i-oiintry <iut here was certaln- >visdijm in crec -liriS expensive t )uil<l- nieaiil the prcsincj of' Rita Moore • jv i,o •jilace for a. woman—not yet .'.ngs i >ii .-( ranch tliat was his only who. if she was iirjvokiiig and iin- ai least. Mrs. |Moorc had made !by siiirc;-j!iu<- of the t'hcrokee In- perious. was more to him than he nian.v sacrifices, hnt denying her f,Uans. 1 *lic iiufc biiildiugs were a had begun in realize until a fpw danglitcr the-advantages that thelv constai:t :rom.n.!or of tlie nn.ei- ,h,.rt weeks before. He closed his rommanded, and letting her ta-nty /.f Ins status; there was 1.0 eyes, and Rita stood before him aa!rpn,ain in a wild, uncertain country .Will,:: «:hen tlie government might , he had last seen her. the day «hO 1 where the peculiar conditions of decide loiriin hiiii. and others liko hint, out iof the territory. "If .mis- T iiad lifh- to it. .Tony. different. But I 4iame down hefe .ln-caiise I was selfifiji <?noii.^li l<j pral) at a e1iant-e to riiii it ranch "witli no ove,rhcad to it. . , - I .... peciiliar conditiouf ... hadlrft foi Virginia. Her l^air aiijcBttlc ranchiiig were ?o dirblous as, airburn, cm ly mass;-her eyes gray; i„ forbid evon the erection of a and demur., behind lashes of star-; ^ulgaTji,. home, were not Included tling lengti an.l blackness; her |aniong. them. Mrs, Moore was ccr- fat J . , . it of whidi there trailed a ace with itk square little iniin and 1 ,ai,,jv „„t to be blamed ts itr .pudeirt little nose, across tin; 1 -a-i,..! (.,.,,io,i i.i.,, What iiuzzled him was the thing V, : ••-••->•—- - - I ......vny-'.-' •'• """" ^'""y" •; Colonel iMoorc had sold to him .JJemK to lay any plans handful of 1 jiy freckltfs. wreathed p„i„g ,„ s,.j,„oi. Wa.s It pos- lookinK ah..-.d to a permanent Hta>, in a .shy smn - siiil.. that Titus Moore, sensing n i« the prip I pay for 11. ' Tliat s.nile. he-refleetcd. had beeii ^ ,^ , , , j^^j^^.j He cast, a specnlhtlve eye toward , he revelation of a new Rita. It ^ rraig and, his men. a few lods ills-; lingered with iiim. to puzzle him . ,' ,cho«ts of haniiv -nemor- tant.. The spring roundup was on. iluri-ig the.duvHght hours and set.f/':' had the coloiud Li.i «^ iiJtd ('r.iifc'; was busy supervising the him to thinking far into the night. I ^."^''^ ''7' V, i.wi" ^ ^iranding of new calves "1 pness.-^ He had never seen her smile llk^."""" <'"'^ " Titus Mooh- continued with a smile, that liefor:-, and Iheie had been' : f'"'' satl.sfactory ex- •'•Rltas liiother -«•.•>,« inettv Rood to something Infinitely saddening in ' l>l''"u''"li.- f-tick It ojit down here as long as it. as it it had upellod the end of i Of <•"<' thing he WHS certain: he Rho^ did. .She's forgotten what aMhoir cari-lesH c<imradeship^ and'"""''' i"'t remain at the Bar Jv jielgJil .or }o<d»s like." , summoned him' to a renllf.atfon that: *''0' I""lt<''-- Uurlng idle In• Tony acreed with him "I think jihildhood for her .had ended. jtervals he took to reviewing the it was nifglity fine of her. consid- j Rita was 15. and how like a oyonts of fhe three years that li^d living room. There were guests for Mcven tables of progressive | ,,;"cmber-r were at" th uiectlng. games in which Miss Leona Cray; phe lauuary meeting will be won the fir.n prize and .Mifs Dar- held In the home of Dr. and Mrs. lene Canatsey the consolation, Q. .L.C OV . -124 South Walnut street. "Silent Night' was sung and there -.j . <^ was radio music. Christmas pack-: Kidells (inild Holds .Ifeettair agesjwera drawn from a grab bag. . reeular meetlne of th- Fi- Mr., Kenneth D. Haameri of EHs- S "^X^'' VcsbJ ^erlan worth, Kansas, wa.s- a guest. ; ^.^^ .Mrs. J. -H. Henderson read the twent.v-third Psalm for <Tih^^. And it will be nice for Rita'young ladv she had looked as she Lclaps*"'' since his father's death, - . -- - an.l her'parents b:(d boarded tl *;»"!' at limes he regi-ette<l bitterly train at CaldwcU! Her haii^, which ^''at J"c Craig had brought himto lie had been accustomed to' seeing it'»" 'a"'^''' took to speculating in a disordered mass of curls'o" ^liat might have happened If Aa go to sfhool in the east." _ Tlie colonel darted a iiuizzical 3bok at tjio boy. "rn sure'miss _ Iter, though.; V.'on't yhu?" : i , Tony Hafii.^oii reddeni-d and fehified uuc-qmfortaJjIy. '•Why. yes ^surc." jie' answered liesitantly. "It -ivon't jfreni natiiial afounrl here he had been left to shift for himself. , He worked like a Trojan and sought Craig'<> convpaniouship that he might not be left alone with his aboiit her shoulders, had been gatiiered up behind with • a few ringlets left to stray down below her ears. A tiny^hat of the prevail- wilhout Ijier. She- she's all the iin,? mode had been pinned on top. lime into. .-v.-jy!hi!ig. kind-of" j well toward the front, and he had 1 "'""Khts. He dared not admit to -••She iiisistcd that she'd be out beheld her for the first.time iii a i hiraself the truUi; he was too Tion- the summer." the col- fiijl-length skiift. Her ears had shamed: people, if they knew. . tmel supplemenlcd. •Before she b^on pierced to accommodate the I ^^'ouW laugh at him. staii.i to ccho<a.- ' i small ?iHt beautiful pearl orna-j (TO BE CONTINUED) \ K UNIQUE XMAS GIFT [ An a phower {present for a bride, Chrlstnias g^ft for wime bow Jtecpiog &init] br as an aiMltloD to 7our owi; Waring egnlpment, the UtJ^ben fttt ntiwtratwl here i <i«D0 of tbo happti<«!t InispiratloiM yen eathA. ImTe. N'>^ing <|iMild be more cimple, :iu!eful or JnexrjeiudTp to make.. Thi; JMt copKiL<^ of fix f oll -aiae dish tow- «tn, a U KC diister, a broom cover ttod a set^of hand; pot; doth*. Tbe iroet of ail tbd materfaUi^ lachoiling «nibroidery designfl irhicfa ean be mscd man.y times, will be betweeu jfifty and Berenty-ftve cents. : Four empty floor \»a ^faich your n^cr will sell t^ you'for a few oeiita iapiece atb all j tbe materiala yon ifiecd. exceed aoiae small bits of goods {Which you are stoe to bare on balid. >Tfae inidiE?: & remored b; covering ijt .with Iqid or kenieene ovoni^t imd tben :.:wfBaluitg the ^lag la I I O K- warm wa^. The town^aiae made hi cQttine ialmlf threa of Oe aack^ IM tbit elKfa towel alxat Xlx38 In ^MH. Tbe mda are henmed ted a tAnpto and aifttiwlDg daalga woited In Mmple ontUneiatltich oe one fmA, aa auown fa tbe iljoBtrattai.; Tbe Twnahriitg floor bag (a cot mate a oorfr. to^ ytfji^ a draw -«trlng at tbe ta|>, a good- siJEed doater whkdi may be eltiier hemmed JOB tbe nrarttnr or faqttoa- boled in eolorad aereeiiaBd, thrad. and a aet of-three or foor pot dotta. Tban stay be. ropad or agnafe #9d sbookllMiTea geaeraoalaTero(fliua- netor batting Inside. -Hw edgcisafa booad with bfaa tape or brtfiaiholwl. ^rfaUe tbe oealen dfippratad wttfa' gajr gjagham apqiIqoe£refi,1iita of gooda wbkb'the acnw Jtiag da I M made to fkAA. Viit6k brloopaabbold he added :for liaaglng tben xqx I>teh towelB iiad doatan iaadfe tilia way are eapeeiaIXy aatlafaetbcr aa tbey do not ^TC tbe atttar < JKT material and aza therefore eaafwta 'ItteaklB.- I The riierokee l.lve Sl<jck Asso- cbition is' formed and a powerful lobbj* set nn in 1\'a.shlngton to rombat the «|M >nlng of Oklabona. Rend the next, chapter. i \ The Itevelers in Clunute. The Revelers, famous for their records and radio appearances, will give their only Kansas concert In Chanute. January .11. The advance ticket 'sale, by mall, opens January 2. The Revelers aire', the .second i nnmber on the Chanute Artist's Course. Season ticket. holders should mail their tickets at once, with return stamped envelopes, to .Mrs. George Barcus. Those desiring single admissions should also order now. Demajid-for tickets for the 'Revelers will he heavy as they arc appearing in Kansas exclusively In Chanute. Their only other date In this sect ioii is In Kan.<<as City. Fob-j riiar.v C and the house is sold out. This is the first lour of America iby the Revelers. Two years ago they visited Enrrvpe, taking Tondpn and Paris 'by storm. They have broadcast more times than any II**-. ing organization. . Single ad^iisKlims ^re $3.20. ll.CS and ?l.lfi; students, 8 .'i cents and $1.10; Hliidrnts matinee at 2:.'lO. np- pjL'r balcon.v. 25c; remainder of the hnuse, ."ilk". The members ; present were: , „ j Miss Pearl Johnson. .Mrs. Bernice I""', bickcrson. .Miss J.,ucille Card. .Miss Rachel Purcell. 'Miss. Catherine Gard .Mi^ Uarleiic Canatsey. Miss Bernice McNiel. .Miss Pearl .McKar- nin. Miss Clara Brown. Miss .Margaret Roberts. .Miss Irene Dority. Mlss.,I}lfinche Marinont, Miss Dorothy Cpmmings. .Miss Haizei Suf- fron.cMiss Gladys Marmont, Miss Le^ina (Jiay. .Mi.--.-* .Marvclle Clark. Miss Jessie Hackett and Miss I>orolhy Gibson, and the spoiisors, Mr.s. J. G. Trombolit ami .Mrs. A. G. Speeglc. <• •:• •:• rkristniaK Party for Needy Chlldrpn Thirly-elghl children were cii- tertaincil and given gin.s and treats yesteriiay afternoon at a eiirislmas party sponsnred by the members (if the (iirl Reserve and thd Hl-Y orguuizations of Uic high sc -lKiol. A large Christinas tree was placed^ In the gymnasium aiid Kania Clau.s distributed the gifls. (James Were played .ami .Miss K.stlicT Anderson t <ild a Cliristinaji biory. .Mlss-Corinne Ecord ami Mildred -McKinney sponsored the parly. •> •:• •:• I'KU, (hapler Hensluglun i'tui)' Tile members of Chapter L. PEO sisterhood held a Kensington yesterday afternoon in the home of Mrs. H. A. Blown. :!21' South Washington avenue. The dining tablo was centered with a miniature Christmas tree and lighted with candles. ^ The guests dr6w gifts which wern attached to riblibns and placed.under !the tree. A picnic luncheon was .scrveiT The meml)ers jiresent were: .MrS. F. J. Horton. .Mrs. Paul Klein, i .Mr.s. P. S. Mitchell. .Mrs. D. P. .N'orth- rup. Mrs. J. T. Rcid. Mrs. J. G. Stadler. .Mrs. Charle-. F. Scott. Mrs. G. B. Stodghill. Mrs. T. E. Nordgreo, Mrs. )V. R. Heylniijn. Mia». R. W. 'Harrj-. .Miss Htizel Bowlus and .Miss Jessie Fr.v. , <• <• • Wonmn's Home Missionary JHeeting' The Woman's Home Missionary society of the First Methodist Episcopal church met yesterday afternoon In, the choir room and gave a Christmas program. Mrs. O. W..Holmes was in charge of the devotional period. "Joy to the World" wa» sung and Matt.. 28:16-20 was read. The lesson was conducted by Mrs. W. B. Kester iwho gave "Enlarging Horizon" from the text book "Adventure of the Church.". Miss .Marguerite jHuff sang "Tlte Infant King," by Neidlinger with ^Mlsa Hazel Close as accompanist. ;. A .plM'let. "Christmas in a Fron- thc devotional lesson and Miss Joy Hershl>erger was in charge of the lesson jstudy on "Literature and Art in !a noh-Christlan Country." * * * Christnlus Pageant at • High School 'Assembly The four.roligiou.s organizations of'the ijuhior, college and high school staged a:Christmas pageant this morning at a joint assembly. The stage rcpretjentod a stable with a manger in-one corner from which a light thown over .Mary and Joseph. Prophicie* cohcem- iiig Christ's coming._and the story of the birth of Christ Were read. STOCKINGS ARE ALWAYS A WELCOME GIFT And our Special' Quality at $1.00 A PAIR —i.s no exception to the rule. All, the new shades and some come in individual boxes. A PAIR ECONOMY SHOE STO&E ,^hort Tnlks by Tbonghtful I Mothers. —:'A Pennsylvania Mother j says: "I know: the worth of Foley's Honey and Tai* Compound. We used it for years, and it has never failed us. For croup.y children, feverish colds, disturbing night cpughf. it gives us a feeling of sisr curity to have Foley's Hone^' and Tar Compound carries a 8tix>ii^ appeal to thoughful •mothers' everywhere. .Ask- for it.—Brown's Drug Store." Potted cPoinsettia —reflect the spirit of Christmas in their flam- ins blossoms. erg CycJtomeh Plants —are appropriate aiid attractive gifts. Prices for all. j. •Flowers are ahvays appropriate for every occasion ichen selected from our fresh - and brilliant collection. "When You Say It With Flowefs Say it With Ours.' ODOR GREENHOUSES East Street Road Phone 1066 —Telephone yotir Classified Ada to 18. -Mr. Si|ipi was scriousl.v injured ji few weeks ago by a barn door blowing Against him and khocking .liim down. He is .hardly atole to be around the house and 'does 5 not •how much iuii'iroTcmpnt. , i .Mrs. Elmer t'or:-<-;: '.-••c-.:vill tjiis wee!:. -Mrs. who left here ali^iut H»o months ago for a much ne(»l<>il rest, went to^ (^rfeyville ai|<l fn^ni there to C&luonia and ndw'' is expected Home at any time her coa- dltioh being much improved. George Cramer has been oiit of ^ school tHis-wcek on account ot iH-M^ nesa. V Mr. aiid .Mrs. Walter .Maudlin of iola [ ere Sunday evening tallera in the John Cramer home. . The Christmas program will l>e next Wcdne.sddy night, Doccmber 21. at the -school house. | The school board <l a different plano' for ^Ihc Mchool. which is much apprecialcd- Six Turley children were adUril to the schoo: this month, naking an enrolhneiit of fourteen. It surely -will be nice if titcy hiivt cojnc to slay. . • Gold Letterfn;. • —The Register does all kinds «'f gold lettering at nuMlerate price-.. In hu.Ving leather goods for Christ- maF gift.i. keep us in miniL P NEUMONIA Call a physician. Thea begin • "emergency" Ueatme6t .with VICKS 27 Ymrs of Sm:cessful Merch^ndismg m Iola lingPaysTillChristnias p m For th'e accommodation of list minut? shoppers, this store will be open until 9 . Thursday, Friday Saturday eve ning.s. SHOP AT Thursday evening as an extra inducement to after supper ' shoppers we offer most extraordinary bargains in our Ready- to-Weah Thursday Evening from 7 to 9 p. iji. 50 of Our Newest Winter Coats —will be piaced on sale at- 1 Thi.s includes (iftjliof our newest models (Fur' Coats not included).!' Beautiful cloth coats; with luxurious fur collars; and cuffs. Coats that arc .stljinff from .S24;50 tot; $85.00. Just one-half price; From 7 until 9 p. n?. Thursday-tveninj? aftfer supper we offer our entire Stock of i at the RcgularPrice Thursday evening afller supper for t^vo Jiiours only our entire stock of (Afternoon and Evening Dresses and Ndliel>on Dresses not included) at— Thursday evening jentirie stock of— in the "Main store for^itwo hours only, our -goes on sale at— -. .1-

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