The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 11, 1933 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1933
Page 7
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?.;^£ :•••?'!»' xr; 7£ r/ y^jri ,-'^ ; '^ -•*; W'i-'\ : 'r :.•*;"" w^- ' ! \ i, '':•-" ' "1 ' ' , . - - . : - S * : V':.*r>T*" 4 v^-* 1 '! 1 .-- <' '•.'.' *' .'" : ~" J , r'*'*"*;. iv^ -1 - - i A - • • i,\< • .. ^> - • -. •" /- *-*\"\.* • i ^>*'*%-''i*W\?'- : *W - • '•••••, . V iV **r ^/^v*A?ywA > • , ,v; ' •'•- "'<- ' '- . :- v <rv:',". v ^/k • - i ': i i. '--:-:V;.-:--v^^.!;.V': : -^. .11 •->* ' •' '-, '; ,.' •V ^s , : ^ .- • •. 4 < k •L ' - • irvi I. - ' , ' .' • • HIM - * / *- • >.*• Nil END i. -r ' 1 * i. A " • '•'• - A >ati«Atneri Fixes Value of Prdctocts, Taken From v * F . j County Leases • I - (United J»r?M teaic* 'Wire) LOS ANGBJtitoS* Jnti. 11,-r-The Elk Hilts Naval Oil scandal neared a final settlement today wh%ti* the Pan* American Petroleum* Company fixed thi* value .of,,products taken from the leased land at. ,$9,306,680.71. * A fihal aooduntlnff of the petroleum Removed from the naval oil reserves since 1921 cleared the way for a settlement with the government over leases granted by former secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall, to his friend* Edward L. Doheny, represent- tho Pan-American Petroleum. The leases later were declared Illegal, 'and. Fall was sentenced to penitentiary for his part in defrauding the government. . The audit, ordered by Federal "\Villiam: P. Barnes, is the outgrowth of the ffovernriient's suit t'o recover oil rempvea. from the naval oil reserve. Judge James IB expected to-rule within the'.TText few .days on the amount due the government. For eight years the governmtht has sought to recover the reaervea. Atlae Pomerena, former United States Senator from Ohio, auccaas- fully prosecuted the actions through the highest courta, The v United States Supreme Court denied a rehearing of the case lait November. The land- involved comprises 660 acres of valuable oil property In the NaVal -Reserve No. 1 In Kern county, •4. The original action charged that the land was transferred by 'order of President Harding from the jurisdiction of the navy department to the interior department, and that former S v icfetary Fall conspired with Doheny to bring about delivery of the leases for private gain of Fall. The Richfield Oil Company hns acquired* the Pan-American Petroleum Company since the action was instituted. , . Saturated Sand Is • Found in Prospect L Streaks of sand, slightly saturated, have been encountered by the Pacific We*tern Oil Company at its deepening Avenal No. 1 on section 36, 23-17, a project started by Thomas H. Purman, later taken over by Knudaen and Schmidt, nnd now operated under t\\u Pae-Wentern banner. The well hns a depth of 6000 feet. The streaked sand was encountered between 5890 feet and 5045 feet. That showing was the only'one of importance encountered In the 6000 feet of drilling. Doctors Give Creosote For Dangerous Cobghs For many years our best doc tor a have prescribed creosote in some form for oougha, colds and bronchitis, knowing h<w dangerous it is to let them hang on. Creomulsion with creosote and six otner highly important medicinal elements, quickly and effectively stops all coughs and colds that otherwise might lead to., serious trouble. Creomulsion is powerful in the treat' merit of all colds and coughs no matter bow long standing, yet it is absolutely •ftarmless and is pleasant and easy to take* . Your own druggist guarantees Creo- mulsion by refunding your money if you are not relieved .after taking Creomul- sion as directed. 'Beware the cough of •cold that hangs on. 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Mllburn et ux to John .W. Galbreath et ux—Assignment of two- thirds interest In lease by B. C. Smith et ux, insofar as It affects south half of section 17, all of section 10, nqrth half of section 21, east half of section 31, southwest quarter of section 31, all United States government or high land on section 28, being southwest quarter ot Maid land lying southwest of 'the meander or segregation line dividing the swamp and overflowed land from the United -States government or high land,, oil and gas lease by A. D. and U J, Wyeeur arid Eld C. Smith f covering northwest quarter of secttoh 32, B5-21; le^se by D. R. Evinger and fid d«-Smith, covering the east half of northwest quarter of northwest quarter, ttnd north 6 acres ot southwest quarter of northwest quarter of section 30, 26-21; lease by F. H. Sniith et ux and Ed C. Smith, covering west half of southeast quarter of southwest quarter and south 25 acres ot northwest quarter of southwest quarter section 30, 25-21; lease by P. L. Swenson to Smith covering east half of section 30, 25-21, excepting- 'west half of southwest quarter of southeast quarter of said section. Elsie W. Boles to J. W, Qalbreath— Assigns 'her Interest in government permit covering lot 1, section 20; lots 1 to 8, section 21, lot 8, section 22, 25-18. Thomas H. T. Purman to Morlce DeLong, for SSOOO-rAsslgnment of half interest in drilling contract between first party nnd Shell Oil Company, Insofar as it affects southeast quarter of southeast quarter of section 22, 29-21. Chanslor-Canfleld Midway OH Company to Agnes A. Vlllard — Cancela- tlon of lease covering north half of northwest -quarter of section 17, 26-58i Sidney H. Oreeley to W. D. Stanfield—Portion of south half of n6rth- west quarter of section 23, 29-27, beginning at a point on south boundary line of said northwest quarter a distance of 3147.23 feet east from southwest corner thereof; subject to right of way. W. D, SUinfleld to Nellie B. Stanfield, his wife—Portion of sduth half of northwest quarter of section 23, 20-27. beginning at a point on south boundary line of said northwest quarter, a distance of 1147.23 feet east from southwest corner thereof; subject to right of way. BAntE KINGS OIL COMPANY (AstorAatcd Press Leased Wire) FRESNO, Jan. 11.—Another battle over proceeds from the valuable Huffman quarter section of land In 'tho Kettleman Hills oil field waq begun here today when five men filed suit against the Superior Oil Company and others asking: for the accounting of a $1,500,000 fund. The plaintiffs, F. .n. Kellogg, a. J. Symington,- W< -A. Shearer, J. Foster Keli and Elmer "\Veagley, brought the suit as trustees of the now defunct British-California Oil Company. The suit alleged the Superior Company had taken $12,000,000 in oil from the property and had paid the $1,500,000' to the other defendants, M. D. and Laura E. Huffman and Idyll Hnrdle, and an accounting of the $1,500,000 and Its payment to the plaintiffs was demanded. N VALLEY LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11.—Producing wells In California during the month of November totaled 891G, a decline of 101 from the previous month, oil field data compiled by the office of Oil Umpire J. R. Pemberton and released yesterday shows. Idle wells increased by a similar amount while the number of oil leases went up to 2616. a gain of 11 over October, There waa no change in the ooaatal area with ita 890 producers while San Joaquln valley loat 50 producers and fell to 4067. Mid- way-Marlcopa accounted for a drop of 60 and fell to 1794 producers. The Los Angeles basin producers declined by 61 t6 S9G8 for November, "\Vhittier losing 4 to reach 166, Tor- ranee added 6 to rise to 390, Santa Fe Springs lost 22 and fell to 619, Richfield added 8 und went to 194, Del Rey fell to 186 losing 11, Montebello lost IS and fell to 161, Los Angeles lost 7 and fell to 236, Long Beach added 4 and rose to 942 while Domlnguez added 7 and went to 22 ¥ PARKELP will relieve Rheumatism, Arthritis, Constipation, Goiter, Asthma, Eczema, Low Vitality, Stomach Tjroubles and all othciv Deficiency Ailments by removing the cause, MINERAL DEFICIENCY. PARKELP supplies in pure concentrated form the necessary Organic Food Minerals, also Vitamins A, B, D and E. Contains no drugs or chemicals. A three weeks' supply will convince you. We Are Parketp Distributer* for Bakerafield Come In for Literature and Free Samples Listen to Parkelp Broadcasts KNX very Monday, These ^ ^— — — — ' ^f^ ™ ^H^WW Wednesday, Friday ucatl rea ^^^^— —^^^^ ^^^^— ^^^ Tht Particular Dru^iits ont 53 Phon PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Baktnficld, C.lif. MM MJ50 L f California Retains Lead as 4 I Foremost Producer of n Golden Treasure . (United Press Leased SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11.—' combined value of gold, silver, copper and lead produced In California in 1932 was estimated today at $11.018,760, a decrease of $469,000 from 1981 t .by the U. S. Bureau of Mines. Gold represented 98 per cent of the total value and Was the only metal to show nn Increase, the report .said. Silver nnd lend decreased 40 per cent and copper about 90 per cent In output, QB compared to 1931. - Recovering, 663,000 fine ounces, worth $11,648,680, the state maintained Its lend as a gold producing state. The 1932 production, stimulated by activities of unemployed persons, exceeded that of tho previous year by 40,366 ounces, worth $834,418, or about 8 per cent. Indicative of the meager success achieved by the army of Individual gold seekers, the report disclosed that 22 established rnlnea produced 80 per cent of the gold recovered during the year. The gold recovered by an estimated 8000 from placer mining waa reported as $460,000—approximately $56 for each operator. Silver production decreased from 867,818 ounces In 1931 to 600,000 ounces In 1932, the smallest yearly output since 1896, the report said. The stiver production was valued at $141,000 as compared to $251,667 in 1031. Likewise, copper production decreased to the 1896 level. The 1932 output of 1,105,000 pounds was valued at $67,400, na compared with 12,931,996 pounds In 1931, worth $1,176,812. All copper companies. In California have ceased operations, it was, reported. Most of the year's output of lead was found In Inyo county. Production slumped from 3,767,266 pounds in 1931 to 2,206,000 pbunds last year. The value fell from $139,018 to $61,770. NAL OIL FLOW (Associated Press Leased IHro.) TULSA, Oklft., Jan. 11.—Crude oil production showed n total Increase of 326,602 barrels daily throughout the nation last week, the Oil and Gas Journal reports. A sharp increase In Texas was due to the fact, the East Texas field resumed operations. Total East Texas production for the week was 299,872 barrels, while the total Texas production "was 803,891 barrels as compared with 618,602 for the .preceding week. Oklahoma produced 309,540 barrels dally last week as compared with 356,895 for the week ending December 31, an Increase of 42,645 barrels. Kansas' daily production dropped 905 barrels to a total of 88,935 while the Rocky Mountain area showed nn increase of 1163, to n total of 66,311 barrels. Eastern fields held steady at 116,000 -barrels. The nation's total daily average'rose from 1,712,765 to 2,039,367 barrels. PLANS TEST OF WEST WELL Test showing^'from 4850 to bottom anticipated at the Thomas H. Pur- mnn No. 1 well, on section 22 t 29-21, at MoKIttrlck. Purman drilled the well to 5835 feet. Casing, it is expected, win be set at 4826 feet. The well Is situated about three miles from Mo- Klttrlck production and In the Cymric aren. The* hole showed a few showings at the present depth. Purman, when he started the job, announced he was prepared to go' 7500 feet if necessary. Meanwhile, on section 27, 29-21. Purman's No. 3, on the Cymric lease, technically spudded several da^s ago, hns been drilled more than 100 feet. Welport Oil Company, <5n section 19, 29-21, Is still obBtaclcd by bad weather results on roads, and hns not resumed work at Its deepened 820-foot No. 2 well. i ^ I - ,Ti WILL SELL TREASU (United Press Leased Wire) Jan. 11,—Jewelefl leta that once adorned the festive board of the late Czar Nicholas of Russia are among the $350,000, worth of art treasures that will eo on tho auction block next Monday /it tho home of Mrs. SuHane Eniery-Holmea- Delltch, the "silver queen." Art connoisseurs also will have a chance to bid on the luxurious bedroom suite of Amelia, favorite wife of Drlgham Young, Mormon lender, a silver tea and coffee set once belonging to Admiral Dewey and a triple- framed Ikon, once the possession of the Grand Duke Boris of Russia. In addition to the art treasures, $160,000 worth of other household articles will be sold. Mrs. Delltch recently was divorced from her third husband, Doctor Radovan Delltch, Paris physician, who died on Christmas day aboard a, steamer en route to the United States. IMPORTANT! u 000 personally pay for Insur- mor« t not jn your local real opportun add SUPERVISOR, Suite 1217 Western Pacific Building Loo Angelea Kern Receives Two of Three New Drilling Jobs ih State R EIW county waa credited with two of the three new drilling jobs begun in California for the week which ended January 7, according to State Oil and Qas Supervisor R, t>. Bush, Milham Exploration Company ,began its Southern Pacific Comptmy No. 14-31, on section 31, 2^-23, during that period, And' the well is drilling ahead now-near 1000 feet. Federal Oilfields, Incorporated, It was reported, started work at Mts Cymric No. 3 on section 27, 29-21, at McKittrtok. The third atatft Job was started by Tej; Oil Corporation, and will be known As the "Wallace-Pock No. 1 on section* 20, 3-14, at LaWndale. During the week Kern failed to score a water shutoff, according to the report, which was made ; out too late to credit- PrultVale Oil''Company with a successful one at its Lane No. 1, on section 1C, 29-27, at Frultvule, v There was one deepening Job for Kern, however, when the Belrldge Oil Company began that type of activity at its No. 40-3G well, on section 86, 27-20. at Belrldge field, in far western Kern. The well had n depth of 5595 feot, The 6%-lhch casing iras recovered to 4941 feet and Washing over at G033 preceded tho new Work. Kern escaped being Included in the abandonment cdlumn. A. P. STATE ACTIVlYlE* StOW DURING WEEK SACRAMENTO, Jan. 12.—Oil field operations reported to State Oil and Gas Supervisor'!*. D. Bush during the week ending January 7, show three notices to drill new wells filed, na compared With one during the previous week. Of the three notices to drill filed this week one was for a well In tho Lnwndalo field, and two In the fields ot Kern county. New wells at the samo date last year, totaled three. Tests of water shut-off thin wook numbered ono as compared with seven during -the previous week. Total to same date last year was five. Deepening or retlrllllng jobs this week numbered 16, no compared with seven during the previous week. Total to same date last year, 12. Abandonments this week numbered three, as compared with seven during the previous week. Total to same date lost year wns two. FLOW IS DECREASING LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11.—Crude oil production In California for the week ended January 7 averaged 480,600 barrels daily, American Petroleum Institute estimates revealed yesterday. This Is a decline of 3000 barrels from tho dally average of 472,600 barrels recorded during the preceding week. The now daily average compares with a dally average of BOB,600 barrels for the corresponding week In ; 1032 and with a dally average of 688,600 barrels for the like week In 3031. Dally average output for the Individual flush fields, as tabulated by the American Petroleum institute, follows: Long Bench 69,400 Santa Fo..... ,.» 54,800 Hunttngton ...» 22,700 Domlnguez , 18,700 Inglewood 12,400 Ventura »«.* 87,200 Heal Beach 11,000 Midway 47,700 Klwood 18,800 Kottloman K9»300 Del Hoy 13,100 All others 110,000 Gold and Silver 1932 Production Figured by Mint 1,800 • I « * 2,000 •200 300 800 ROD •100 aoo •300 •100 •900 Totals [•)* Increase, 400,600 3,000 (United Prc«« Lorwcd WASHINGTON, Jan. 11.—The director of the mint today estimated 1932 United State* gold production at 5,507,587 ounces valued at |51,83tt,400. Stiver pro. duotlon was placed at 24,524,089 ounces worth $6,8*7,675. *>H(MWH«V^H^^«^^^MMBBlltfVWWM^^WMttWMawM*«V4v^HVMMaH«VBvMWH • ' i f Replugging: Needed for Standard Well Replugging of the Standard Oil Com- puny No, 67-19J well, on section 19, 21-17, at the nortn dome of Kettleman Hills, was tinder way today. The well WIIB drilled to n depth of 8848 feet. The 6-inch oil string wns run to bottom and perforated at Intervale from 8043 foot to 8637 feet. The perforations were washed and a production lost WAS made, but the well showed water, anil when plugged from 8624 foot to 8210 foot, the well again showed water, and the replugging Job has begun. No. 67-10J la located on the north plunge of the field. NATIONAL 1 FLOW Prcw Leased Wire) NEW YOTIK, Jan. 11—Dally average gross crude oil production In the United States Increased 79,300 barrels in tho week ended December 7, total- Ing 1,777,450 barrels, the American Petroleum Institute's weekly trumnmry Indicates Dally average production cast of California increased 82,300 barrels to 1,307,860 barrels. Imports of crude arid refined olla at principal United States ports totaled 552,000 barrels aoalnet 1,337,000 barrels. r Refineries representing 91.6 per cent of estimated total capacity* operated at 54.7 pur cent of their capacity, reported dally average runs of crude oil to Htills IXH 1,933,000 barrels. Daily average tho previous week for refineries representing 91.6 per cent of total, operated at 58.0 per cent of capaotly, was 2,011,000 barrels. Dally average crnckod gasoline by refineries representing 95.4 per cent of total charging capacity was 389,000 barrels. Daily average the previous week by refineries representing 95.4 per cent of total was 389,000 barrels. - 1 1 189 Cubic Centimeters natural stabilized anti-knock fractions per gallon added to make 76 greatest gasoline value ever offered. mill "III! Wtittd k#*t €*utit fit* kt$ PO IF£Jt HIGHT-Hut it t*f*«tf*t9 >«*//4»**A r*f/*f •f7 »r* ttitnt ttmtuifo*. Ytu'tl F ROM ALL OVER THE WEST are pouring in enthusiastic endorsements of the Union Oil Company's announcement of an even higher anti-knock NON-PREMIUM gasoline. The natural stabilized anti-knock frac- UHI raw MS UIIM C&tti thvtt etmptriti* */ riling 9/W9tttT* g*Mli*it J****ry 193 J gas been increased 189 cubic centimeters per gallon more than the best previous non-premium motor fuel-retaining definitely the leader* L ship of 76 as the finest anti-knock octane non-premium gasoline ever offered. 4 Ways You Gait* The new improvements of Union 76 not only STOP KNOCKS and'smooth out "motor operation, but increase POWER through decreased engine temperatures and the harnessing of more waste heat. You can tell the difference, particularly on hills. The new improvements also make 76 the most ECONOMICAL gasoline you can buy. You save eventually on repair bills because 76 stops the knocks (audible and Inaudible) that damage wrist pins, valves, connecting rod bearings, and other engine parts. And added MILEAGE is secured in direct ratio to the waste heat turned into power, Change TODAY! Selling for NO EXTRA COST, 76 is today's greatest gasoline value. H J Why not try a tankful, NO W. Be sure to test it oh a hill. Then see for yourself why hundreds of thousands of motorists are CHANGING TO 76. Listen In! THE 76 MERRYMAKERS BEN BARD,M*j/«r«/C*rmuiHMin<i STERLING HOLLOWAY COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM >*•</«/ NitHt, 9 /• 10>.M. f*<ifHC*nt Tint HERN, Btkflnfteld; KMJ. Freino; KHJ, Los An«lt»; KOIN, Port Und; K*BK, Sicnmt nio; KGB, San Di««o; KFRC, Sin FnnciKo; KDB, Santa Barbara; KOL, Seattle; KFPY, Spokane; KWG, Stockton; KVf.Tacoma; ami KOY, Phoenix ... (10 !• 11}, m.} OUR GUARANTEE ' thttitandt of Indtptndtnt Dtthn and at alt Unhn Strike Stations, Inc. After you you New Union r •ot recognice an provement over any premium fuel Watch for the 76 Banner UNION OIL COM FA NY have uae< and we will refund purchai •end ua your receipt amount of jour caah. ' r , L- ni 1 ' \^ - -" AH. _ "•• L ,' ','•*'' » • ..t, .

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