Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1927
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:TAT £'i :HItrrCRlC^L SQCIETY. TOPtSKA t.KAMO CTRpULATIONis the only Commodity a Ne^cspaper Has to SM Its Advertisers. The REGISTER'S eiretda^ iiok records open tti jyublUi inspection at uny time. Vq]L.UME XXXI No. 50. Suf<-»-ss..c ui The l<.Ui D K II V Register. The 1.1)11 I hilly UwonI nnil tola Daily Index. IdLA. KAN.. WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECE IIE BER 2i, 1927. The Weekly Register. Established 1867. . The lola Daily Register. Established 1897.' SEX PAGES ; . J Elitdes Pdliee In^I«os Angeles CELEBRATION '27 Blue • Cadillac Coupe Is L<icated Today by Authorities Of City I^OKING I FOR PRINTS Local Girl Is Of Opinion He Did Not Do It Hickman Today Pictured] As Man With Dual ; . Personality by ! . Detectives (riolnres on Tiifee Three) ,I.os Angeles, Dec. 22. i (API — A blue Cadillac' ^ coupe in which William; "He va« one ot the nicest .bo}'« in school, anil I dont think he hiid a Ihinir to do nith that mnrder." Snvh U the opinton of M!s>i Helen .1. Hennes^eV, student lit loin junior eolleue, and .a lor* nipr fhi-siiinte oi \Ulliani Kd- \iard Hieknian ul Central hiKh sciiooi in Kansas City. Hickman Is Mnnted ior the hratal murder of Marian Parker, IS- jear-old I.os Antreles plrl. fol- Jt- fiickma^ is believed to' };:,7„\"^ri'lmr'''"" havcl attempted to flee the! MNS iim'essej-. «ho is the city after he is alleged to' «««"«•'»«''• "na ;Mrs. j. j. have murdei*ed little Mar-, ian Parker, was fotind to-; day,-abandoned, oh West Sixth street. FinEor- iirint Ji-xpiTls weii- litir- ri«l f.o the scrn! in an efion to (l,-l<?i'mine -wlietrier-tlie d/iver was iictiwlly Hickman. The car Is bp- liev.Od the ouo in which !i youth.! iMontiliPd by a fillinK station at-. ti'mlnnt as Hickman, early yester-; dayiffoii fl-oni the .station after r.-iilUiK l<> pay for.fiv^- Knlluns of >;asi)lin<', . ; The,car was-stolen from Edxvard S. Sclieller. ' llast ilinhl. the police li-ariied today, it fiKuretl ' in a in the soutli xidf of I.os An- {••eieti. . ' . ' I.Vhile a < loud of clues and false l.;ads (iiday effectively screened jhe liiflink" plac|e of flicknian, ac-.useil isliiyer of llttip .\Iairan I'arKer. bits evitlenc" Wete beitiK littinl to;i <-lher. by the p.ilice I D •^D IV C Ih- X'Wzr.U- ot his- lia.-t. AFTER lilSTENING TO FUNERAL SERMON GIRL DECIDES NOT TO DIE Lurayv Virginia. Dec. 21. (AP)—Having listened to. a funeral sermon preached over the coffin in which .she spent the night., unable to signal tho.se7 who believed her dead. Miss Fannie Broylcs i.s alive today at' her home near here, i . A brother.'Jame.i Brdylen, whe<i — -stood aboni the raskjet with otiier frotnr a tree limh that fell upon her mournInK relntlvps. noticed a,wan unable to move or speak. twltchJng of hiH 8i»ler'« eyelid, andi Flnn.lly, «he Hsiid. her fear of be-' the funeral HervlceK were . baited ° inK hurleil allve;;lmust have revived and resuscitation elTortH beKun. In her nerves HO thit iine eye lid flut- a Hhorl time the Kirl waj« ahle to lered. talk. She said Khe wan awirre of . I'lider a phv.-iclairH care since all Ihai iKcorred aronnd her a». Saturday, wht'n the supposedly she lay In the casket biit. Htlll dead Klrl came back to life, she is stunned from a I)Iow on llle head i declared to have fully recovered. FLOOD CONTROL MEASURE GIVEN TO HOUSE TODAY Hennessey, TMIS South Cotton- wiicai, declared today that Hirkninn nas one of the most jiopular hoys In CentRil hiiHi She couldn't Imairlne Hickman doinu- a "'thinu like that.~ SEVEN MINERS ARE KILLED IN GAS EXPLOSION Armistice |Day Committee Leaves. Good Balance For Next Year BALANCE OVER $500 Expenditures This Year Total More Than $1,900 Th" Armislice*day cfle'bratlon in 1 lola Noveiriber 11 "was a paying (iropoKitiun aiccordinJET to the annual financial statement completed by the Arniistlcp day celobratlon committee. The report of W. W. Perham, treasurer, shows that the commit-i tee hiis 1493.49 on hand in (' jwith $94 outBtariding In uncollect- . ^ ^ , i Jed pledges, which ire all jsooU, av- „ . .i ' »• LA A J J Wording to the committee, iWith Federal Govcmment to-'r/ignt Oiiicers Awarded I thP .«e pledseo co:iected. $5iS7 .49 will! Acciimo A«' Pftefs Medflls fnr I ^nP" jbe on hand for next year's commitr ASSUme Al. \.OSlS | . IWfMaiS lOF IMng tee. . I j ' ' In Bill , Journey From the 1926 committee, the.;, ; ' AVashinsloi'.. I>«'t. -'1. (AIM—ThJJ Waslilngton., Dec. 24. lAP)— the army, air and'j66 .7 .0 from "safe oV d"eco"raUng i«" •"*«"'n'^ '^e en.iro cost and re-' rorps headed by Major Herbert ; materials. . Fpon.sibilitv of controring the Mis- A. Dargue a?.si 5nb!ed in Washlng- i Receipts Are *2,420."4. Isissippl river's destructive Hoods In ton today U) ret ;eive distinguished in recognition of PAN-AMERICAN FUERS GIV£N FLYING CROSS RULERS OF CEMETERIES ARECHOSEN Board of Directors Is Selected by the City Commissidn No Sig] s of Life CNnS-4 liy Divers SEVEN ARE NAMED Terms Vary From Three To One Year for Members 1927 celphraflon' group received! Sh'i6l^"^in;r?S *';?in ;S!:>'"-r^: Kovernmen. designated ^ Right officers'of i The t( cash re^-eipts for 1927; a bill ifitrod;ii:!>d today by Chair-• flyinc; crcjsses • were $2,420.74. ' jnian Reid of thr-iloiise fir.iid con- fhrir completion of the 20.0«0 mile l*an-.\merican good will flight which sJarted from Texa--- just a year ago today. ltisbur»ements for this year's,.,, j,,,.,. celebration totaled $1,927.25. Ex- j . . • , , , (Penditures were made <as follows;' '"ai'I""- Vinn for ; parade e.\penses. ?; onter-jfurbins I'le .sLssippi's iniinda- itainnient e.\ |8a4.."i0: dance jtions. the ni-:..<iire directs the feti- 'expenses, $292.S0: advertising, jjovernniciit to inveMisate de- gon- Director.* to assume control of the city cemeteries February 1. were named at yesterday afternoon's meeting of the board of city commissioners. The action followed passage of an ordinance tvo weeks ago creating a cemetery board. Two members were named for three-year terms, two for two-year terms and three for one-year terms. As the term.* expire, directors will be selected to fill their places for three-year terms, in or- j der; that new . directors may tie added to the board each year; MRS; LINDBERGH ISNEARINGHEE SON IN MEXICO _ • . 1 Preparations Are M^de For Entertainment J Of Mother .San j^ntonlo, Dec. 21. (AP) -Mrs. Evangeline Undbergh. fl>-ing from Detroit to Mexico City to spend the holidays with her son. Col. Charles A. Lini- bergh. took off from Kel^y Field for Brownsville, Texsfs. at 2:40 p. m., today, after a brief stop here for luncheon. Diving Operations iAre I^umed ^ortlr After Noon Today TWO DIVERS DOWN Fear Grips Workers They Attemit to Free Trapped Sextet Mexico City, Dec. -20. (Ah— Preparations were under way at Charles F. Scott and Mrs. G. R. i Tampico this morning to receivt | Bowlus were named to serve three- | jirs. Evangeline I^dge Undbafgh i mother of the trans-Atlantic fljer i Provlncetown, .M"a*s^ Dec. 21. - (.\P)—Admiral F. «... Biramby In.charge of salvaire operations on the sunken submarine .S-i, annbanced late today ^lutt. the wreck had been lost, be- canse a line iitt'arlied to it Was torn away In a recent jrale. , Two divers who were lowered today failed to ifind the. vessel lip to 4:I.'i o'elook. ' $1.19.8n: parade prizes. 111.".; •jeral expenses, $111.39. Bodies .4re Bi^ou^ht Surface Today In Illinois to j.stru;-five floods oij ai: other jiav- •H-i.u .1 . i„r. .. r •, igable sfreame of the touitlry and th^";e.:!j; ~ " ^- mitr^e believes next year's committee will have little • finaiicing a bigger ce 19L'S.: it wa.-j said today! rUis <!vii3enie,j UK iircsenled l)y' youthful "Dr. I .loJui.sfon fity. Ills.. Dec. 21. -Thi- Iiodii's of .veven nliners. kille<i last iiiKhi In an explosion of gas ill !he .siirltz cfliii mine near here, were brought to t!nv ;<arface today after all iiiglii work liy »,«;NAmed tlie -Flood Coetro" Acf.if .CMnn " U92 .S." the bill bv dMC. tiUR the KOV- .jeoraiion in I ernmeiit to s} ouliitr the eiitire ex- j pense runs '|<'ounter to the plan de' signed hy ^Vlajoif' General Jadwin, {chief of army engineers, and rec- The fliers also have bei u awarded the .Mackay trophy for disiih- ' gul'hed aviation achievement ' which likewise awaited them at a lupcheon in their honor • at the Pan-.\merican l.'nion building with . diplomatk- iVepresentatives of all • th^. countries whose territory they rrossr.d present in addition ni'-mbers of President Coolldge's cabinet. Assistant Secretary;, Davison of the war departtnent. was the host Two Bankers Held in Mound Valley CIOsinir ;«>'n™ended to congress by Fresl, dent Cooltdg.>. The Jadwin plan propofed that the government should » on per cent of the c'o«'«n'n''««''8i of L'ruguay, ami the vallry «tafes the remain- Panama. Costa Klca, lag 'io per cent. f'aistiii.^. Kan.. Dec. 21. (AP) — Artlitir .laiiii'son, cashier, and K. D. Payne, assistant cashier, of the eoples .State Hank of .Mound Val- year terms. Colonel Lanyon and Mrs. L. Xorthrtip were named! ^ - ., for two-year terms, with C.ny Pees, i dispatches said. .Mr.* W. O. Lenhan and Mrs. John : Mrs. Lindbergh, who is en ;routP • P. Foust selected for one-year i to Mexico City by plane, is eip'ect-1 terms. . , , . i i ed to land at Tampico about )wc; Members of the I>oard were ap- ) . ^. ... _^ „.iir,„ j pointed bv Mavor Harmon Hobart. j ° t'^'" a^'^'-non. She will-re- Board Meets January l .V imain there over night a^ gui^st off The board of directors will meet I the city. ' J ! January 15. at which time a presi-. Troops were ordered out to' keer i ed for a twofyear term. I city council, a .representative- or ; I'nder tlte'ordinance the board; | the govt^or of the. state of ;Tam- will appoint a secretary at a salt'• aulipas aiid the United State* cou- ary of not to exceed |l"n a year totsui will greet Mrs. Lindbergh.? A handle all routine matters. The j festival in her honor will be hTeld ; .setiretary probably will be appoint- at the Colonia club. • ed at the meeting. I Mrs. Lindbergh will The I>oard. will have complete j for .Mexico City at S ii control of Highland aiiil lola cemeteries, but will receive no compensation for 'their Directors ma.r be rcmov leave lien ip. tonior- I row. Ivenv^jwi Lindbergh while the amhkssadors ,of Great SS 'FYS"1nd^''S;i .?'l;;^'™"^"Vr ^ Mexico f^jy^^jjj commission, for misconduct or Honduras-.; neglect of duty. Veii.zueia, .N'Icnragua and Salvador 'Operation of th.- cemeteries by a {Charles A. Lindbergh, who Has - -. V . • • board of directors — ..... i Mexico City, Dec. 21. ^Vlii- ' CI " " " tnust be tried I Keen much of the beauty of .Mexico . IJtomlnlcan lUpubllc, the .N'ether- Jliiirder hlni kid- WilliiuitKoln cotuuy... »vipliiyn five hundred tneii (ni the day uhlft. Only 2 .(1 tlien >-ere eiiilangcred by the hirisi.: The remaining thirteen made their escape hy elevator. ; \eirge *ita '.ted lloldterles. The latter picture showed Afor threo week.s preceding Hit ....... '^iiapini;, staging a series, ot drug . . - . w» ij. i i-iuro ro<bberie.s to obtain a f tock of! Amencan^ Lcgion Holds ; anaesthetics .-nd .•leuping potions. Meeting Hcrc Monday j In one of these robberies ho is de-1 j • : : 1 elared to havt' placeil a pistol ; in ' till.' druggist's iribs and forced iho; Tr.lghteued man to give minute iiiT.|'*?f, Htructions as to the ute ot anaesthetics. Druggistd ii: the three hofdups yesterda.v • ' positively idpiitifled Hickman as the robber, • .-Another part of the same picture was a coo! and daring youth, appearance court here tMair. J^iduiii re4-otpjnen.led cxpendi- •n<i d'prrmTtic repre.-<ent8tivcH or , . . , -, » - — i,, Paraguay. Iioi'fvlr.. i;u?fem:.Ia the '"f two years^hefore any action to,from the air, today had the oppor -ithe .SIX men , I do away with the lK>ard — i . . taken. After that time a . .u i.v. . — -L .ft.wuHu. V .marine S-4. ofah <t4iaallfled voteC» mav he nrtt- General Obregon invited hint U I lunch in an underground cave ifear Boston. I>ec. -^I. (.lP )-^.yo sfcsns of life were found In tile tori>edo room of the submarine S.1 by James Inirrani. the first i diver in eo down today,^ Bear : Admiral Frank H. Bniml^ re- :. ported In a radio message to I Hear .VdmlraL.Phlllp Andrews, . commandant, of the ilrst naval district. / - Iloston. Dec. 21. (.VF'i -Hear .Admiral Frank II. Brumby, in charge of rescne operations at Provincclowii., reported to the Boston navy. y,nid this after- • _ noon that before the com- preVseU air apparatus, at the scene of the disaster could be . >ef tfp. all hope of rescuing pos.sible survivors of the S-4 wotild have vanished. He pointed out that favorable weather was pioiui ^ied for the next 24 hours. ' Provincetown, -Mas.s.. Dec.: 21. (AP)— -bivinj? operationR. were re.sume<l at 12:30 o'clock today in an attempt to rescue impri.soned in d can .be' lunity. of seeing some of the won- Uug wreck of thp <«uhlo»n ftith- ' lan.N and K. uador were atiioug the i '^,rh"„ '^'T V"*' ''^""'"I ^'""^^ 'hat He under^"® wrecK 01 tlie SUnJCen Mb- , Invited gueKU. j «Mth the signatures ,of 2:. percent ground. - i ^u. . OKLAHOMA COURT RULES SESSION CANNOT BE HELD O'cisiort to send Jim . Buchanan. . cofnmander. and i^rank Ar- ,'^ginold. post! adjutant, fo the department meejting of the American Legion nekt month, was reached at .Monday nifehfs meetinj? of Leslie J. Campbfll post. Harry Cook., past commander., and Arnold re...... » uuu ..a..„H ,uuui., ^'^'^^•l <^'M"'°n'' f^om th^ national who on .Mondav morning, with thou- I depart merit for growth of the local sands of 'officers <onibing I.os lAng- \ f"^^ during rook>- reign as cora- - «:les and;th" Vicinity for the child's "wnder la 192ti. i-.Iayer. ootd.v drove MI automobile _» . ~ TTT ]r— over cwlnt> roads with no fffort. SanityilHeanhg for i session. ff conjct'iilmenl. i i . — ' .\t thai time he was seen, driving | A si'.ia'll car throi;gli Culver Cilv, | I: suburli. He hailed a nio...rcy. ie •"'^'''RT ;;„""wiir ".'nt*'; "2«n\Z (that they canno,t continue with im:,sent to whom he wa>. l <i.oun :.T , I <'^^"rge R.Jnius will, get a .sanity j ,,„,„„. '„„w,„„„ o»o.„.. nn., - .liy to bay a machine. He failed-'-"eders of the Probate, • further investigation of f.. ke.:p that a, ..ointment. ^°"r^^r°"i'"'''^^^"^I K offi^^^^ investigation i Can't Find Hickman. .'^^"K'' ^hen mus-t! SJ^'^ injunc ion was -. .Although :.he .ve.,0 police who remain in jan accords w^h ,^^1 ^S'o'v™^ H S S Joh^ lad been set on tj.c trail «-re u,,- trial ortheslavne of hi;! ^'-^n his attorney. Warren K ,;>.le to run t . <arth the luan whom ^.^L ^""l Hol^a fn.inH <W ' Snyder, wlio tiled the suit as Gov- they accused of-beins - fhe fox"-in ' • Imogene. He was fotlnd "not ^ . t^,„ respectively . IV... atrficious murder vase, they t'>e soleground of ^n-.^'^^^^^'^l^^l^^^ll^^^^^^^^ .l.-finitcly located his lair whi<h he j di.strict judges who sat on the in- liM.f rccnpied diii'i;.: tli.- duvs 'bat" A r»o ' Junction hearing, told counsel for little-Marian \va.s kidn:.p«d and tin- »yil(AlllJC <lV ailU liUAI /diuovernor Johnston that he was til Suiuiav mpn.iiif;. several hours jil't^T the, ohild's i!>eivd tiody had N-eii exchanged lor her father s ^Vhlle*the maze of lalse rejjorts that llirkmaii ha.l been seen her-' and there in various pans of.the nieiropdlJtan area foned them to I jWork-on the assumption that li<! iJtill was V^lthin the great guarded zone, :the 'last definlt"? clue as to liis whereabouts disappeared, yesterday. l.)>: a garage employe who said a . man answering Hickman's ilescrip- tur<. of $77">"iMt,i"'0 •villi.- the aimv engineer pro'.sran" fixed the flood control ce-t :i( .«D6 4<M'rtrt«t. Th" Jtidwln pnn recomniem.ed also that the tomniissi.jn he made an advisory bodv. to the army engineers, deprlvlfi; it of its present complete control of the project. gues fe<'cretary KeJIopg i.mi other i<tate riei/ariinent officials as welt a» the' a'r s.iTeiarles of the navy and coniTOerce (iepartments. fhe ihlef of ctgff of Jhe army. .Major ';. u'-ra! Patri. k. former, army air chief, and the present air chief, Ma'or^ General Fechet. were included in the guert list and to .Secretary Davis of the war dep~art- .\lthough drafted alone toy Rep- i nient, fell the right to presjent both resentatlte Reid, who is from; the crosses and the trophy. Permanent Injunction Is Issued by Dwtrict Court Today Oklahoma City, Dec. 21, (API— Members of the Oklahoma legislature %^re permanently enjoined today by the Oklahoma county district court from holding a special Remus December 28 ' "^^e court mled the self-convened i.sesslon of the legislature is illegal Cincinnati; Ohio. Dec. 21. (AP)-!'""^ '''' "'embers cannot meet and u.iriuii ..nil George R«nius will, get a .sanity , , in lienevt hearing' Wedne.sdav.^Dec. 2S, Judge P^^'^^ment proceediiigs against any Ul uie next „.,;„_.„ ., , ., 1 7* I state officer. The Injunction also Fouthwestem Illinois where floods are a frequent menace.' the bin is said to embody many of the views of the opponents in (OUKtess of the Jadwin idan. Two other minor differences with the Jadwin plan were Included, in the bill. The commission would he increa.eet: from seven to thirteen members with a larger representation of civilians over army engineers. Instead of Ita present reporting to the chief of army engineers. It would submit Us findings direct to congress. Charles Osger Dies ' The seven officers who are sur- vfvor.s of the flight in addition to .Major Dargue are Captains Arthur B. McDaiiiel and Ira C. Baker, and Lieutenants Ennls C. Whitehead. Newton. Kan.-ias: rharles Mck. Robinson. ^Iu:r S. Fairch'ild, Ber- n-'rt .'J. Thomp.son. and i^vmard D. Waddington. The widows of the two .comrades if the fliers^ who perished in the crash at Buenos Aires, Captain Woolsey and Lieutenant Benton, will receive the crosses con- i ferred on-those officers posthumously. .M »nted, asking.. an efectiop away with the ordinance. At His Home Tuesday; ^heyenne^Bottoms Bill ' To Be Introduced Soon High blood pressure yesterday proved fatal to Charles Osger, 65 years old, lola merchant and father-in-law of Ira A. Anderson, chief of pollcM Mr. Osger, who operated a general Mike Conrannon, depfuty state game warden, was In Allen county today looking over hunting conditions herp. He dropped Into the merchwidise I Register office to ask a little pub- store at 104 South Kentucky street.! Hcity. on fhe Cheyenne liottpms in ."getting awfully tired of issuing FOB KAXSASs Fair In north; j injunctions the legislators somewhat unsettled In south iMir-,ainl then falling tii have the court's tlon tonight and Thnrsday;po(i«I.i orders enforced." = He complained biy snow in extreme sontlieast that plaintiffs In the actions had portion J slightly warmer tonight In extrente sontheast portion. failed tu prosecute violations of Uie' court's temporary injunction and For loin;and Tlclnlty: l-nsettled a.sserted that, unless the plaintiffs ..^....fl.l— tAt- . ......... . . weather, {losxibly with snow to night and Thnrsday: slightly wanner tonight. Temperature-Highest yesterday This cVuc wa.s tdcktHl. up .1(1 at 2 p. jn.; lowest last night 12 at C a. tn. deficiency llvr)ii hail drove away from the place since Janqtiry 1. 227 degrees; this normal for today .13;; yesterday /9; excess' a. Pi.; sets .'.:06 lUind rondltloMs. Topeka. Salinn, .Manhattan. Dodge out to be a youthful City; clear, roads .uood: Coffevville. » detention home in i Wichita. Hutchinson, doiidv. "roads without jLiylng for gasoline he hail date last Kear-highest low- bought.' • est ."in. ' * ' What was thought to be a hot- Siin rise lead in the search tor tlie kidnap- p. -m. rf-ki'ler suspect and resulted in i i ' posse beinf* orcanized in Rcdiands. > Cif., turned escape froin a, uvn.:»iwu« a^Murr liiimcniia. Muicninson. cioudv. roads San Bernardino, near there. ;good: AVkansas Citv. Empori.n. Jfeleased. i Pittsburg, partly cloudy, roads gpod. _ .Vnothor angle, of the police case' • collapsed last night when MiJton Jakowskj-. 25 years old, a friend of Hickman, was released from cits-j tOiJy after having -been held in jail j as a suspected accomplice, 1 Jakowsky, said, to be a native of Ijiaiisas, was arrested when a neighbor of Perp' Parker, father o'f tlie plain girl, informed the ^jolice that Jakowsky-j had" spent much tiine • daily slncie the kidnaping watchliig "the Parker- home. Yesterday he showed good faith" he would dis miss the suit. The hoiise investigating committee probably will ask the senate court of Imiieachinent to issue a Wirt of'icertlbrari to the district court, rjemanding that the records of the iiijunction case b<> brought lo the senate court for review,'it was saiil today by H. Tom Kight, investigating coihmltteei chairman when he was Ihformedi of the decision. .Mr. Kight said, however, that he could'make no definite announcement of future plans until after he had ("onferred with other , house leaders. cotnplained of feeling dizzy yesterday morning. He remained in bed. but refused [ to have a doctor until late In the day. Mr. Osger had a slight touch of flu with his other ailment. Me was a .33rd degree Mason. The body will be taken lo Dorchester, Xeb., Friday morning for burial. -Mr. Osger lived at 811 East Jackson avenue. western Kansas. Accortting to Mr. Concannon. a .blM will be intrb- duced into congress this session asking that fhe government purchase the Bottoms and make a game preserve. .One.Jijke in the Cheyenne Bottoms covers . 22,000 acres. Mr. Concannon said. He urges sportsmen to writej their con- l^essraea askliig support of the bill. HIGHWAYN0.73 NAMED AS ONE' TOBEflNISHED Commissioners Appear Before Highway Commission San Juan Teotihu^caa after vtcw- Mng one of the greatest arcbeottig- ; leal monuments In Mexico—the an- Iclent Aztec ^Pyramids of the Sun i and .Mooii. \ t Later with his mother.who is expected here tomorrow, he will visit other beauty spots of the Mexican countryside. v BIG BROTHERS FUND POULTRY SW)W IN iOLA Approximately $250 $350 Needed Has Been Collected of Mother Seeks GovernmentlAid in Ajttempted to break jail by attack-^hg an attepdnt.; The police finally concluded that his interest in the Parker home was only the rbsult ;of morbid curiosity and let him go: _Uy finger print and ]:diotograi}h identification the^ police have de^ terniined that hetween the time of (Cohflnned on Page 6, Xo. 1> Saving Soti From Mexican Bandits I.,os Angeles. Dec. 21, {.\P)^ Hope of-obtaining thej Velease of her son, Lyman Fay Barber. Los .•ingeles mining . engineer, from bandits in.Mexico who are reported to be holding him for $5,000 ransom, was pinned today by Mrs. Mamie A. Barber upon aa appeal for aid to. two United Sta,tes senators and Ambassador Morrow In Mexico City. i , The: appeal was made'by an attorney for the Barber . family to Senators Hiram Johnson and Sam­ uel Shortridge. of California, upon the receipt by Mrs. Barber ot news of the kidnaping of her son. llie word was received in telegrame yesterday from Barber's wife of e year. Mrs. Esther-Shepherd Barber now in .^Iexico City. Biirber's wife, who is the daughter of a AVhlttler. Gal., family, related the narrow esca^ie of herself and infant daughter from capture and a trip over the mountains to the Mexican capital from the Montr Carlo m^ne near Cacaultao. Approximately $250 of the $350 necessary' to finance the first annual Southeast Kansas Corn and Poulto' show has been raised by Roy Gwin, county agent. Sylvan. Miller of Humboldt, president of the .Allen Couiity Poultry association, and E. Van Hynlng and Lew Horvllle. representatives of the tola Chamber of Commerce, In a drive started yesterday. The com and poultry show will open January 18 and will continue through January 2l, it was an- nonnced. It is bein^ sponsored by the Allen County Farm Bureau the Allen County Poultry. association and the lola Chamber of Commerce and Is to'^e held'in lola.i During .the four days experts ffom K. -S. A. C.i at Manhattan, ae well as other-fti^orities on both com and Poultry, ;Will be on hand to Judge entries and make awards .There! wUll>e no admission charged and the visitors will not, be called upon lln any manner and the exhibition Is open to all ,who may be Interested^; Gwin and Miller are btisy completing the program and expect to be able to announce the details shortly. During the show, two prizes oi $100 each, olfereii by the lola Chamber of Commerce for best five acres of bottom i and upland corn wlU be awarded. Forty-five entries hare been received. Other awards will be made on prizes given by the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce on pigs, as well as official recognition and prizes from other sources. Presldenl^ Miller' Is receiring a large number 6f ;Inquiries from poultry owners and this part of the show promises to be considerably almre the'average both as to num- fiier of fowls sbowa and quality. Topeka, Dec. 21 (AP)—Commissioners of various counties ajj- peared .before the Stale higli^way comniisslou today to discuss their plans for road construction in 1928 but no definite decision had been announced by the highway commission as to the distribution by routes, projects and counties of the $3,600,000 available, sute and federal; aid funds.' That there was still a chance that the commission would be able to divide the funds so as to pro-; vide the completion of U. S. No. 40; east and west cross-state highway.; and U. S. Xos. 73 aiid 81, north and south cross-state routes, was stated by John W. Gardner, state highway director. Director Gardner said the commission probably would allot sufficient money tO: complete remaining gaps In the! three routes, but that on some of the projects the contractors proliably would not be able to complete the work n 1928. Commissioners of the. following counties were to appear before the; commission ; today: Cloud, Crawford,. Kin'gnian, Brown. Franklin, Johnson, Douglas, Lyon, Ottawa and Nemaha. i Ab Lanferman Fined For Theft of Coat Prcvfousiy reported —$157.00 Cash J.OO :Mr. and Mrs. Ira D. Snell — }.00 i Friend— — ^0 1'Wheeler & .Motter employes. 10.00 Mrs. Elli Grover 3.00 Cash J.OO M. & M. Groc. and Markets. $.00 American Legion 5.00 Total . ^^-$185.00 There!. That is something iSte! Specially the contribution; from the Wheeler '& Motter emptbyes and from the, American Legion. There are still two days before Christinas and if the record of the past twenty-four hours is duplicated;'on each of these two days the Big Brothers will not have to make up Bo very much out of their - •j'wn pockets. For be it understood—the baskets are goln^ to be sent! There.will be' no- qtiestion about that. only question Is whether all jthe folks who would really like to have The firflt man to go down wa» James Ingram, who was the to be low- ere^ wffen the S-51 -vyas siinlt off Block Island two years ago. The sea was so calm the diver was lowered directly over the side;, of the mine sweeper Falcon, the flagship of the salvage fleet. The diving platform had been rigged but was not found necessary.; Commander Edward EUaberg, ' who had charge of S-51 salvage work, was at the telephone on the deck, maintaining conimunicatlons' with the diver. Wilson.Second .Han Down. R. C. (Tug) Wil.son, who was the second div*r to go down to the S-51. was In his diving suit ready to make the descent as Soon as Ingram came up. Because of the time consumed in lowering j and raising the diver, made necesskry by the.changing pressure at var- . ious levels, no report on Ingram's findings was available at 2 o'clock. Fear grips the rescue fleet today,: that Fix ^members of the crew, . known to have fceien alive in a torpedo apartment, survived three days only to join their .I* shlp- i mates In death. • Since early Friday tossing seas defeated .carefully planned ' a hand la this heautiful bene^ac- tlon have sedt in their contribution "^^^ . , ^. or have neglected or overloojted l^ampaigns of divers and no man '.•» m.^-^^^ „„i,. ^'^^a has been able rn ilnucund !nf/» th It. There .are only two days more Five dollars and costs were asr sessed by<!. 1* wnutaker. justice of the peace, again.<tt Ab I.,anferman yesterday afternoon for theft of an overcoat. Xell Derby, first arrested for theft of the coat, was re-: leased. I.,anferman is alleged to have traded the stolen c6at to Derby. \ has been descend into the lor, feet of. water, surging over the wreck. Tappings from Inside the. su'jmarine. telling of life' aboard. have 'been heard, but none since 6 o'clock last night. Navy submarine men, after care- . ful. .abulationK, determined the six . men c/juld hot live, more than a few hours into this day witffout oxygen. Last .SonndH Yesterdayi- No pounds from the torpedo ri«m. of th" S -4 in !Which six men are "V V-'" ''X7,1^'J' ! impri.'ioned. had heen heard since thecotinty treasurers office was • busy all day V^-^f''a/-. ^ large ^.„re detected by the.oa- number of tax '^l''^''' 'l*^;^*^^ ! cillator of the submarine S -8. a mailed m; and .for that J-^^" i .si„,er «hip of th..- S -4, Although there IS as, >Tt "^f'^'f^f,^^ the S-S .signalled at hourly ilnteV on what portion *f the assessea, .^,;,..„u . ..u. _L and the books may be closed befpr<? you get iii If yon don't watch oiit! j Tax Penalty Goes Into Effect in County Todiay Today taxpayers, who have failed to pay" their taxes' for the first six months, will start paying a penalty. Five o'clock last night was the'final time at which faxes ( could be paid without penalty and taxe.s have been paid. Leaderless House df David Group • Starts Reorganization of Affairs Benton Harbor. Mich., Dec. 2lj'and rapidly arose (o a place of im(.AP)—Their bc'iiel that "King"' portance second only to the rikler Benjamin Purnell, who died at his .himself. ^ i colony here last Friday morning.' "VVhether the colony council voted would arise from the dead reduced additioijal; powers to Dewhirstv is to a mere hope,, the -leaderless j not known. f I House of D.avid colonists today set Dewhirst was one of the most abont reorganizing their affairs. !: devout believers in immortality, and Frank Wyland, Benjamin's per-j ft was be who insisted that Punijell sonal bodyguard, declared the temj would erterge from death on the poral affairs of the-House of-David fourth day. Thc^ fourth day came will be aided by .^ttorney H. TL and weiit yesterdsjy and Benjamin's DeWhIrst, who -deserted a legal .bodv remained inert. "This moratitg practice In CaHforala a few year^ 'It rested on.a slab'in the nndertak- ago to join Benjainin's following I ing rooms of Fred H. Martlnie.' I vals throughout the nii;ht no swer came bark from below. Just before 10 o'clock morning the S -8 pulled up anchor land went away from the spot where i she^ had .*een endeavoring tolcom- jmuhicate with the S -4. The P;alcoa • came and took anchorage ai^ the' 3-8 wigwagged for permi.'jslpn^to charge her batteries. This waa. given from the Falcon. The S-8 had been under orders, to remain in position as long. a8\. there was ajiy hope, of commtui- caiing with her sister'ship. Her action in moving away was interpreted as meaning that ther^ vas no longer possibility that life remained on hoard the S -t. and that no more signals might be looked for. • • ^ j : Eadie, who Was the first diver ' to go down to the S-4 last Sunday. (Continaed on Page 5o. S)

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