Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 12
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 12

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Page 12
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la .FACE TWEi; L 1 HOOSSOFDAYID • - • i :p MIRACLE TODAY Barialto Be Wednesday R^gardles^ of His ; Resurrection - Baiiton Harbor. Mich.. Dec. 20. (AP>—Disciples or Beiijamin Pjir- ,|iell : today awaited the perform' anceior » miracle with a faithful Wrdprthat to all outward appear- 1 'ranees,: had not been dampened by I ~ posfin>Illty of disilluBlonment. ' ;To^ay was the last day of a i pftriQl set for the resmrtctioa of the dead leader of the Rouse of > liavld cnlt. and out of respect for the beliefs of his little band, health offlcjals acceded to their requeste ibr.postponement of burial until tomorrow. Piirnell died Friday and after his demise cult members faithfully awaited his-resurrection on the 4hlr4 day. When the third day paJBsed yesterday without any sign of returnUiKr life, the colonlsU be- seedjed officials to hold up interment in; the belief that he would arise ott the fourth day. -After sundown today,, official's hare' notified m^mb^rs, they will proceed with embplmlns the body for burial tomorrow in accordance -with,the state law. " Papell's body. : cloaked in a whltb silken, shroud and' covered with a wbite^silk spread lays on a bier, surrounded by' followers who. have kept ui^ceasing vigil sincis his c^eath.' The vajtchers faavei demonstrateif ho grief but In-i Btea4' a ,firm.belief 1 that the dead mail will fuIfUl hia prophecies. According to PunieU'a teachings he will ^ arise not later than today and lead hi» Hock ito everlasUng happiness. - j About 600 mcmhera of the cult remain. iThey were \ recruited by Purttell 'and his , Consort, Mary Stollard, since establishment , of the colony' more ttian' 80 years ago. Many of them pame from the Australian bush couiitry. Others from; the Kentucky | liills and remote sections of I'Tcnnessee and West Virginia. The colonisis, j some of whom vrerri wealthy land -owners, turiied over all. of. their possessions to Purnell. _ '*The plight of these recruits, wbojare sincere in their belief, is pitiable," declared j Judge -Zjouis . Fead.'who recently handed down a decision dissolving 1 the colony. _ "Their whole world has been knocked out from i under tiu - •^•fe«Jt.":i ' ^• imw SBiPFOR AN OLD SALT in Sweden the Christmas' tree is kept some weeks, usually until January 13. when the neighbors' children are invited; in to "plunder" it. It; Is a: matter of great pride to the average Swedish youngster to h»To •^fended a large number of such I'pluhderings." i ; . To Captain B. iL. iTrant. veteran skjpper of the White Star Line, has fallen' the coveted cpmmand of the iiew. X.aurentic. the newest in trans- Atlantic liiierS. Ht^ and she are photoed here upon the completion of the Laurentic's maiden voyage at New York. LETTERS TO Santa Claud Tola;. Kansas. 715 Sodth Walnut;. DEAR SANTA CLAUS: ^ Please bring me a B-B gun. a sled, a J {football, an electric train, and anything else you can. Your Little Friend, MERLB MOORE, pood Olid Sanu. Dli'A? SANTA <3l4AUS: I-ain a little boy 7 yeara old and I want a duck and pow. and e sheep and a Jack-inra-4>ox. That is all for me. My brother, Llo>)rd. wants a. pair of shoes and a cap and a sand dump'er and all. MARVIN. tiliOYD LOONEY. DEAR SANTA CLAUS: I am a little boy four years old. Please hriug. me some little boots. I want a tractor, some blocks and that is all. I am a good boy I help mama /and- papa. I bring in wood. Good-bye Santo. JAMES MfLTON IRWI.V. Moran. Kansas. ' * lola. Kansas. DEAR feANTA CLAUS: I have a brother three years old and he wants a hox of blocks, a little rubber ball, and some little play to>-s. My little sister Mildred, five years old, wants a gray doll buggy, a table and three chairs, a telephone, and a 4oil crib. My sister, Dorothy, 7 years old. wants a gray doll huggy. a doll crib, a dolt dresser, a cupboard, and an emhroidery set. I amt nine years old,. I want a bicycle .j a drum, a bweluiir anlt. a (tiuitl-wUl really. tt^t\\kad pi sweet :«ttle,4w>: bring 'na all braskes. bad; - iFrom yol RICVARD JO^i DEAR SANTA I jhave beeta trj loog as t can. I 1 want for Cbi cap with fur eai shoes, and a pal trtth fur lining.' slelgb. ,K -watcb ,) end a.clari- don't forget my btother Please ine.icasdy. itnts, and^-apples.' rYriend, ' lEPH KETTER. US: Ing to 'be good as rill tell Vou what ia§/ I want a flaps, a pair of ot warm gloved A sand dumper and'a'biicket of saod with it. That is ill. lUm a toy jBteven years, old. Good-bye. : ' I will be good a9-rong as I can. LLOTD SH0C3CEY. Defcemhep 20, 1927. jJEJAR SANTA CLAUS: I am seveit years old and inthe third grade. I would Ilxe a pair of rubber tired roller skates, a little watch, some .candy and nuts and I guess thait will he all... Wishing yoij a; Merry Christmas. " From your little friend. ; BUSSEaJj FLACK. .STONE THAT WILL LAST We make monuments, memorials and markers of stone, that will endure through the centuries. Our lettering is. done with the end in view that it will be Ueci- pberable down through the ages. Consult us regarding your burial plot requirements and we will guarantee you entire sat- .isfaclion In. respect to durability, construction and prices; We can point out lots of our work. S> MOMUMEZMX <ii »HSOyTH THE SWEETEST GIFT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Pafk&Tiiford THE GIFT CANDY OF AMERICA In Many Difi^erent Kinds and Packages Mrs. Stover's Bungalow Candies Always 80c Per Pound Buy it by the pound, the foot or the yard. In additi6n;to these we have a large stock c>f bulk candies, candy bars; mints, etc. Scarborough Bro$. Drug Store V i'' LITE THE BIGGEST AND BEST ALWAYS Admission I Oc aiid 30c / ' La^ Times For Norma Shearer in "THEIDE^I-BRIDE" . She got her inan and then found out that she was a demi-bride. A thousand laughs in a love-cocktail you'll go crazy about. Comedy, "Call a Calj"—Aesop's Fables and Topics of I the Day Wlil>XESDAY 0>LY Admission IM^tinee and Night 10c-20c BUFFALO BILL, JR., LN '^D MAN'S; BLUFF" She'swore she would never niarry the man her father .selected for her. What American'girl would?. Then on the day she was, • to be married she met the: man she "could love. Then— what happened? * THlKi<D.\Y A'>D FRIDAY, r T ! With Biiffiilw Bill on the P. Tniir An eijic of frontier days. estioiis For HANDKERCHIEFS All tyles. Qualities and Colors ! 10c to $L25 each All JBo -KCtl Handkerchiefs 25 Per Cent Discount. nbsE Service Weight or Chiflfon, all Shades and Sizes. $1.001» $1.95 LINGERIE Good Quality Raran, Bloomers, Stepins, Teddies, Vests I $1.00 other Qualities in Raj'on' and Crepe de Chine $1.50 to $5.75 SCARFS Georgette, Crepe and Pussy Willows $1.00 to $4.50 EXTRA SPECIAL! Hand Embroidered, Pure Linen Towels and Unbleached CardlTabfe Covers, $1.00 values— ' 89c each All finished embroidery pieces, luncheon sets, scarfs, centers. I . ^ Are Cherished for Life! No matter how costly, no other gift can compare with a iBook as a Christmas remembrance. , A' good Book will give more genuine: pleasure and last longer tfa^ any other article.Fiction, 'the yery newest and best novels, and books on historical events, scientific studies ^d the arts are awaiting y^ur selection. • THE EVANS STORE 1 MARTHA WASHINGTON CANDIJES One-half to 5 lbs. „ All Fresh Whipped.for Mailing PERFUME SETS . ^ Houbigjmts $7.50 to ^ $1.5.00; Three Flowers $2.50 to $7.50; Cara Nome $5.00 to $21.00;; Shari $7.50 to S15.00. Mons, Dyer Kiss, ; Dnbarry, Etc. LEATHER GOODS l..adies' Hand Tooled Purses, Men's Bill Folds, Cigarette Case, Cigar Case, Travel Kits, Key Cases FOUNTAIN PENS Sheaffer Fountain Pens and Desk Sets $2.50 to $8.75 Ingersol Pens $1 to $2 : STATIONERY Fancy Box Stationery and Correspondence Cards appropriately ; boxed. ' ELECTRICAL GOODS . 2-Cup Percdlator §2.98 Heatipg Pad^ $6.75 2-Cup Percolatbr $3.50 6-lb. Iron «2.98 * Traxel Iron |$3JO / WHITMAN'S CANDIES All Our Whitpan's Candies are Christmas Wrapped—All Size Boxes—We Deliver CIGAR LIGHTERS Automatic Cigar Lighters $2 ,to $5 DunhiU Pipes $10.00 > CIGARS - AH Leading Brands in all size boxes, 5s to 100s!. also Cigarettes 50c ITEMS Dinner BeUs,. Powder j Paffs, Lingerie Clasps, Compacts,; Stationery, Antomaiic Pencils, Perfume, Bridge Pads, Etc. $1.00 ITEMS . Bridge Pads, Play Cards, INnner Calen* dar^ Fountain Pens, Pencils, Cigars, Codies and many others. CANDLES ' And Candlesticks Fancy Candle Sets $1.25; $1.50, $2, ^2.25 Also Candles in Pairs 50c up. 1 j PIENTY OF f^^C^J^^ic^ * "^^^ BEFORE [POSTAGE STAMPS YOU BUY i We have received another shipment of jVan- !ity Cedar Chests and have a few left at--$6.50 Bridge Cedar Chests -___$6.50 3-lb. Box Chocolates $1.25.and :____-__-S1.50 A large assortment bf i>ox chocolates at pricleis ranging from 25c to __ ^__-$5.00 Mint Pktties, Christmas colors, lb. __; il60c We WiU Have Candy Can^s This JVeek. SIFERS' CONFECTIONERY 1 116 E. Madison \[- ' Phone 274 H. C. Bishop^ Mgr. MATCVEE 10c and 20c NIGHT 10c- and 30c T0DAY4-LAST TI.MES . \j • • Ifs a Blaze of Merriment Fanned by the Screen's Breeziest Comedy Team! Two of the screen's greatest comedians in oiie smashing laugh hit. You can't Jmagine anything funnier than George Sidney as polite Chief bf Main street and Charlie Murray as the Fire Department of the same town. Put them both, together 4hd you have a riot—but it's a riot of laughs, yells and ^Teams! i ADDED—COS^EDY AND NEWS WEIINESDIV AXn TUntSDAY j I3EBE The Bprightliest icommedlennfe on the screen toilay—Bebe Daniels; witi the girl who conquejred the English Channel—^"Trndy" Ederle and Jimmie Hall, Behe'f? hero in both "Senorita" and "The Campus Flirt!" WTlat a combination! Comic campns'capers plus the most e-xciting swimming r^e ever seen! EXTR4 ADDED 4th of *^he Collegians" eniitled **Figrhti4r to Win" i Another of those 'true*' cnllefle stDrtes, this time footlwll— Also >orelt7 BeeLi , - ^ - ' . ' -

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