The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 11, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, January 11, 1933
Page 6
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- h G THE BAKERSFlELtJ CALIfORNtAN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11,1933 • ~ T .V , H TY TECHNOCRACY IS TOPIC ROTARYi New Year Babies Keep Dr. Stork usy at Delano Visalian Addresses (iroup nil Ujicmploymenl and Machine Ago DELANO. Jan. 11.—"Technocracy" wns the subject of n very interesting address Riven on Tuesday before tho Delano Rotary Club, by A. A. Clark, Vlsalla Insurance broker. The meeting WHS held at the Delano Woman's Clubhouse around tho luncheon tables, Mr. Clnrk pointed out thnt if nil the ?nechanlcnl horsepower were to be i-omhlned and made to work for human welfare, everyone would be nble to got along with 6GO hours of work per year, and enjoy a standard of living comparable with what, $20,000 per year income would buy in 1H2H. He pointed out that If the present system continues the problems of the unemployed will become Increasingly more difficult. There Is more unemployment, he stated, In the United States than in all Kurope, and we have more machined limn any other country. He stated that during 1032 there were more men employed In tlin 1,'nlted States than (here were during the peak of our boom times in '192D. Another significant statement was that the machines nre working for tin* few and not th* ninny, and thai the government must distribute Iho profits made possible by the introduction of machines. According to Mr. Clark, the only official article on technocracy Is the one published In the January issue of Harper's magazine. Out-of-town g-uests were Howard Dlckson and M. A. Lindsay, both of BskersfieJd, Greater Freedom DELANO, Jan. 11.—New babies arriving late In 1932 and early In 1EI33 to swell the population of Oolano Include: A 5-pound daughter born to Fred and Laura Davidson at their country home northeast of town, December 30. The child has been named Fannie Mosteelja Davidson. ( Born on December 31, to Frank and Mickey Caraveo, a son, named Alfred Caraveo. This Is their fifth child. January 1, 1933, to Mr. and R, Jfmlrtex, a son' who has named Daniel* On January 7, at 'the Davits ranch east of town, to Doyle and Edna Fowler, a son who has been named Doyle Henry Fowler. On Mrs. been ANNOUNCE BY PBLflf JUSTICE .Inn. 11.—A wedding of local interest, which has just been announced here I? that of Peter Valente and Mrs. Croclfissu Vetese of ISarll- niarl. The ceremony wns solemnized on January 4 at Pixlcy, by Judge J. >3. Swanson of that city. Only a few witnesses were present for the ceremony. Mrs. Valenfe is owner of the Earli- rnart Peed Store which she has operated for the past several years, following the death of her husband. Mr. Valente is remodeling a home in Cecil Addition for his bride. At present they are «t home to their friends in Mr*. Valente'fl home In Enrllmart. Shaf ter Students to Organize Band SHAFTER. Jan, II.—Plans are being made for a community bnncl to be organized by the high and grammar .schools. The band will play at basketball R-nmes and other school events. Robert Gates, of the high school faculty and Mrs. A. B. McKlnley of the Richlnnd Grammar School are to he In charge. It IN planned that thin group will first, play for tho coming Wasco- Shafter game. TEHACHAPI STUDENTS TO PRESENT BY VISITS OF LIONS IN HOMES TKHACHAPI, Jan. 11.—"Oh, Pro- fon$or," a hilarious comedy In three nets, will be given Thursday evening, January 12, tn the high school auditorium, by the student*. The rast Includes: Jake, school Janitor, TSunevIo Acedo; Miss Fredorlca, assistant to the dean, Kuth Frascr; Doctor Arln- totle, the dean, Lylc Jacobs; Mfcheal Femberton, from Paris, George Bron- *6n; Patricia Patterson, also returned from Pn f is, Mary Meyers; Professor Perclval Courtwright, (In need of fun), Francis Wilson; Jimmy Anderson, needing a friend, Lee Aurlnger; Mile. Plfi, of Paris, Consuelo Cortez; Fluff, Jean, Belle, students, Louise Roderi- ffuoK; Dorothy Griffin, Dora Olive. Thn high school orchestra under tho direction of O. H. Offerman will piny between the acts, offering "Eatudlnn- Inta," "Blue and Orny," by Dalbey, "Blue Danube," by Strauss, nnd ( 'New Colonial," by Hall. The orchestra is oompoHed of David Williamson, Marion Bird well, pianos; Lylo Jacobs, saxaphone; Eusevlo Avedo, piccolo; Jenny Ann Cowan, flute; Fay Adams, olarinette; Francis Wilson, first cornet; Lewis Dye, second cornet; Pat Cowan and Billy Dco,n, drums. (Special to K ERNVILLE, Jan. 11.—The presence of a California mountain lion, ranging In the mountains and lowlands adjacent to Kernville, is looked upon by a few intrepid souls as nn opportunity for some cnsy money, and to others the nearness of the marauder Is the cause of some anxiety. John Noyor, local bee culturlst, report* having seen the lion's tracks within a scant half-mile ,of town, while Bob Long states the large number of deer usually seen on his ranch property, a mile north of Kernville, have disappeared, In all likelihood frightened nway by the tawny killer. That these benata do at times have a hankering to rub elbows with civilization was conclusively proven not BO very long ago in nn incident tha^t involved John L. Hooper, now proprietor of the Hobo Hoi Springs resort on the Kern river, at his Weldon ranch home In the South Fork. Upon arising on« morning he observed through a second-story wln- o California*) dow of the house, a mountain lion in tho yard directly below hta outlook, Procuring a single barrel shotgun, he dispatched the nnimal from the window at short range. While others were in the yard examining the kll), Mrs. Hooper, who had remained on the porch of the house, inadventontly dropped a table fork which passed through a crack In the floor. Stepping from the porch to retrieve the fallen utensil she dis- rovercd another lion beneath the structure, which, also, expired via the shotgun route. A cop, the property of Jack Hooper, which lie had placed on a chair near his bed on retiring, was found in the yard badly mutilated. Ample evldcncn that one or both lions had been In the house, J. C. Howe nnd Frank .ROMS, local professional lion hunters, were advised of the menace and they and hounds are en u hunt for th? wary beast. ! DELANO'S MITES TO.CK DELANO as her Sun- Mrs. Georgo WASCO <*> Put your family on Vicks Plan for better Control~of-Colda. In extensive clinical tests, this unique Plan has reduced the number, duration, and costs of colds by half! CUTS YOUR "COLDS-TAX" A CLEAR COMPLEXION Ruddy cheeks—sparkling eyes most women can have. Dr. F. Edwards for 20 years treated scores of women for liver and bowel ailments. During these years be gave his patients a substitute for calomel made of a few well- known vegetable Ingredients, naming them Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets. Know them by their olive color. These tablets are wonder-workers on the liver and bowels, causing a normal action, carrying off the waste and poisonous matter In one's system. If you have a pale face, sallow look, dull eyes, pimples, coated tongue, headaches, a listless, no- good feeling, nil out of sorts, inactive bowels, take one of Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets nightly for a time and note the pleasing- results. Thousands of women take Dr. Edwards Olive now and then to keep fit and 60n.—Adv. WASCO, Jnn. 11.—Mrs. Edith Colver Bell wns summoned to Hakers- fleld on Jury duty today. MiBB Gladys GUI of Bnkersfield was the week-end guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred GUI. Mrs. C, 15. Sebnstliin of Glendulo will spend the next few -weeks aa puest of her sister, Mrs. .r. L. Sebastian, Air. nnd Mrs. L. Grant recently entertained .at'dinner Mr. nnd Mrs. Rd- wln Bootli and HOIIH Albert, Wilbur and Donald nnd Mrs. Grant's brother, Air. Ellison, of Mnrro. J. Huffhfl, of tinntu Monlen, IN vislt- with his sister Mrs, Mark Frnner, Miss Helen Underbill, sister of Mrs. William Klasnen, atopped over for a few dnyH en route from her home in Kullerton to Snn Francisco where she will resume her studies in u medical school. Mr. and Mm. S. Bnrtel had as their dinner ' RueHts last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Nickel and daughter Irelene of Slut f ter, and MlRBes Alvlna and Frances ponner of Waaco. Mr. nnd MrH. Harvey Bartel, who have been employed by the Standard Oil Company nl Bishop, are being transferred to T..OH AnjrelOB. Mr. and Mrs. Will Gerrann of Sarn- toRa, who have boon house quests of Mr. nnd Mrs. T3arl Ellenwood, departed for their homo Sunday, after spending a week visiting with friends here nnd in Shnfter. Mr. nnd Mrn. Glen Simpson have I had .Mr. RlmpKon'H brother and wife, Air. nnd Mrs. Klnior Simpwon of Campbell, with them for a week's vlnit. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. C. TTess entertained Sunday at their home for Mr. urn! Mrs. C. TT. Rutler and Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Diamond of Fellows and Mr. nnd Mrs. J, F. Barnes of Taft. Mr. and Mrs. Downs MoCloHky of j Tlakersfleld, and Mr. mother, Mrs. MrClonky DELANO, Jan. 11. — Mrs. George Hess Is on duty at Delano Hospital during n rush when several patients nro iiicedlnff special nursing. Mrs. Ruth Frank of the hospital staff la special, while Mrs. Hess is on regular duty. Miss Klma Sloper was a passenger for Berkeley on Sunday afternoon after a 10-day visit here with her sister, Mrs. Philip Mnerzke and family, during the illness of Mrs. Macrzke. Mr. and Mrs. .Floyd Smith of Bak- orsfleld spent Sunday here visiting Mr. Smith's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. M. Smith, at their Lexington street home. Mrs. Alice Moss and her son Waldron were Sunday dinner guests of their daughter and sister, Mrs. James Kyle of Wasco. Mrs. Jimnita Miller had day guests hpi* daughter, Marak, Mr. Marak and their infant son Charles of Bnkersfleld. Miss Mary Bower enjoyed Sunday nt Portervllle visiting with friends. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hubcrfelde aro home from a recent trip to San Frnndsco, where they visited Mr. Hnb- erfelde's aged father, J. H. Haberfelde, and Mrs. Hiiberfelde's brother, H. E. Knoles and wife. Frank Daybell and Ralph Cotton of Portervllle were recent business visitors at the home of Mr. and Mr.s. Frank J. Codttington. Ml«B Lois Kirk hn« returned from ji holiday visit with relatives In I.OH AngeloH and Olendalo. Her sister, Mrs. John Thomas of I,OH Angeles, returned with her for a visit. O. Valente nnd family of Detroit, Mich i, are expected to arrive here nny day and will make their homo here. Mr. Vnlentc plans to opon an Italian rent urn nt here, serving Italian dishes exclusively. Leonard Fayle was a Tuesday afternoon business visitor in Bakersfleld. By J. A. Me L OS ANGELES, Jan. 11.—Livestock markets at the start of the new year were generally at the lowest price levels known at tho start of any previous year In the past fifty ..years and wholesale meat costs generally In the cities are about the lowest ever known in America. There waft some strength In the marketing during tho opening week's trading, especially on fat lambs and hogs. It Is difficult to expect any great improvement in the markets unless there is some radical Improvement in business conditlonH and greatly increased employment. Bargains in meat do not mean much to people who have no money with which to buy. The latest federal crop report Indicates nn increase of four per cent In the 1932 fall pip crop and these hops may be expected on the market during the next BO days. Whether or not the government report of Increased pork RunpHea Is accurate is open to question, but packers have no Kreat desire to accumulate stocks with the result that pork will be passed along into immediate consumption at whatever prices can be obtained. W« are In the midst of what IK in normal years termed the "packing" season. NAUQHTON In other words, a period when packers accumulate stocks of provisions with the hope of some profit on higher markets after the biff January to March run Is out of the way. But a government report Indicating Increased pork supplies will not en- cournge hope of better prices. Western supplies,of fed lambs nre dropping off and Pacific const morkets apparently will be forced to compete to n greater degree than usual with Missouri river markets. This may be helpful to fat lamb values until the California spring lamb crop starts moving in fair volume about the middte of Marcn. Cattle markets are admittedly bearish. The trade continues to seek light cattle—the smaller the weight, the better the price providing the-flnimnls carry Rood covering. Heavy steers are difficult to move in the stoo»kyards and heavy beef Is even more difficult to sell In the packers' coolers. Choice fed steers weighing 650 to 750 pounds are still quotable at $5.00 to $6.00, but the heavy steers of equally high finish and quality nre slow to aell at $4.25 to $4.66. Indications are that on the Pacific coast, as well as at other consuming centers, the preference for light b«ef carcasses will continue. * 3LANO, Jan. 11.—Leonard 'Fayle, president-of the Delano Chamber of Commerce, announces the appointment of committees for the enroling year, upon which the organization recently embarked.» The executive committee Includes Mr. Fayle, Leslie A<Jams, William Htillock and O. A. Clasen. Agricultural committee: Frank A. Sinks. • Membership; Harry R. de'Venne'y, Frank Panero, and.David L. Shlfflet. Fairs and exhibits; ..Emll Smith. Charity a.nd welfare; Waiter S. Allen. Parks, roads and streets; W. fc; Woollomes. Legislative-; Oran W. Pnlmei* , Transportation and telephones; William Taylor. . Publicity; Mesdnmes H. S. McClees, H. W. Mellen and George W. McClln- tick. P. T. A. AT NOTES FROM McFARLAND John Carlson 111 at Local Hospital \ Jan. 11.—John F. Carlson, father of Mrs. Ellen Hay Ward, is seriously ill at a. Bakersfleld hospital. Mr. Carlson was stricken with influenza which developed into pneumonia and on account of his advanced ago his condition is a matter of grave concern to his relatives and Fruitvale friends. He recently celebrated his eighty-third birthday at the home of his daughter. « •» FARM CENTER MEETS PALM, Jan. 11.—The Rosertale Farm Center officers held a business meeting at Ernest Roberts' home Nit Norrlfl on Monday evening. The next meeting of the center will be next Tuesday evening at the Norris schoolhouse. Mrs. Bert McClukan Is In charge of the program. Those attending the meeting were Miss Pauline TTlemforth, Reginald Waters, Delmar ITauRh and Ernest Roberts. McFARLAND, Jan. 11.—Mrs. Christine Rhodes is spending several days at Delano as tho guest of her son-in- linv and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ingram. Edgar Garrett and Carl Froelich spent Monday in Bakersfleld. Mrs. R. Murdock and her son Robert, who have been vi«Llting the former's parents, Mr. nnd' Mrs. E. E. Damon, have returned Mo their home nt Palo Alto. Don Burroughs and Everett Holloway spent Saturday and Sunday nc Davis. S. S. Cencibaugh, assfctant at tho I, A. Burroughs store, is ill at his hOma with the flu. Mr. and Mrs, Albert Sheltlln have been entertaining for the past week for Mrs. Scheltlln's father and brother, O. P. Ritter and Carl Rltter, both of Los An gelt) a. R. M. Miller returned to his home at Long Beach Friday, after spending two days in the McFarland district attending to land interests. Mrs. M. Miller of Los Angeles was i a recent visitor at the home of her brother. Henry Perry. Mesdames Tod Garrett and Elmer E, Lobre were shopping in Bakersfield Monday. While there they en- Joyed luncheon with Miss Bernlce Lobre. Fred Evert, local truck owner, Is spending several days in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dickinson were visitors In Bakei'Hfield Sunday, where they were dinner guests of frlpnds. Colonel nnd Mrs. O. S. Grant entertained Monday and Tuesday for their nephew. Kaye Whitney of South Dakota, who is spending the wlntef at Waaco as the guest of his grandmother, Mr.s. Mary Grant. Mr, and Mrs. Ivan Bays entertained at dinner Sunday for their friends, Mr. and Mrs. John Printz and their daughter Irene. Mrs. M. B. McFarland attended a meeting of the Eastern Star at Wasco Monday night, and Tuesday night accompanied thg WHHCO and Hhafter Eastern Star members to Maricopa where they were entertained. Ernest Anderson of Wasco spent Sunday here visiting with friends. Leo Gallnher of San Francisco spent Monday and Tuesday as the guest of his nunt. Mrs. Tennle Gobel, Mrs. W. H. Holland spent Tuesday morning shopping in Bnkersfleld. Mr. and Mrs. TT. J. Hodson and their children attended the Delano theater, Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. .T. K. Regan are entertaining for the former's brother, R. F. Regan of Atlanta, Ga. L. S. McQueen spent the week-end at his home here. He Is an employe of the Standard OH Company and working four days a week at Dos Palos. Mr. and Mrs. McQueen nnd their daughter Vernlce and son Vermin were Sunday dinner guests nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Hylton at Delano. Some watch screws made are only one thirty-four thousandths of an Inch In length; the diameter of the head being one twelve-thousandth of nn inch. Such a screw has 360 threads to an Inch. MOJAVK, Jan. 11.—Rehearsals are under way for the three one-act plays to be presented the first week In February, under the auspices of the parent teacher association. The public will no doubt remember the play.s put on by this organization last year and will watch for future announcements that will be given each week. Old favorites who did so well hist year are among members of the cast, as well as clever new members, whose histrionic ability will be featured for the first time. Mrs. W. O. Davis Is diretting. Mojave Railroader Weds at Tia Juana MOJAVE, Jan. 11.—Of interest to the many friends of the groom, Percy Hamilton. Southern Pacific yard and ticket clerk, will be the announcement of his marriage to Miss Ella Marie Stussy, of Taft, on Tuesday, December 27, by a Justice of th<3 Pence in Tin Juana. Mrs. Hamilton has lived in Taft for r-iiiny yenrs, where her parents make their 'home and her father Is employed by the Standard Oil Company. Mrs. Hamilton has been employed by the K. Aaher Companj* there and will continue in their employ, coming to live in Mojave later. Legion Auxiliary WiUjGive Party TAFT, Jan. 11. — Stanley, H. 'Little unit No. 70, American Legion Auxiliary, met Monday evening in Legion hall. Plans tvere made for a card party to be given Thursday' evening, January If), nt the home of Mrfl. Winifred Kltchak by Mesdames Kitchak, Cecllle Hlgglna and Dorothy Arndt. A penny fair will bR held In March, and a party will be given In February to raise funds for rehabilitation -work. The* resignations of Mrs. Ada Skiver as membership chairman and Mre, Elizabeth^ Montgomery as Americanism chairman were read. Mrs. Ruby Bodenhamer wns named membership chairman und Mrs, Dorothy Arndt Americanism chairman, POTATO! HEAR STATE LEADERS • ^^^^^*i^^^«^**^fc*i^"» . SHAFTER. January U.—Local potato growers will hold a meeting Thursday evening nt 8 o'clock at the Htchlnnd auditorium. The meeting will be 1 -held to hear A. C. tHeury, chief of state quarantine department; • ij% **•-«»•** I 1 -*' B * Mnck *e, chief of state entomo- I|P Ijl ilin logical department, nnd S. S. Rogers, Illl f I AT 1 ° hlef ° f 8tnt ' e stnndfu ' dizatl011 depart- 4 Huddlestons Give Anniversary Dinner WELFARE COM SET FOR FR Rehearsals Well Under"Wuy "Charity Wedding' 1 at Delano 9 ' TEHACHAPI 3HACHAPI, Jan. 11.—Billy Down.s drove to Arvln Sunday to bring home his mother, Mrs. Carrie Downs, who has been visiting there the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hoge and baby son of Bakersfleld came here Sunday to bring home Mrs. Anna Capdevllle, who has been visiting them. Mrs. J. C. Hoge accompanied them home on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Brlte of Bakersfield were week-end guests of Mrs. Brlte's mother, Mrs. Callte Brlte. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Button of Lancaster visited Mr. and Mrs. Orrey Ralney Sunday evening. A lecture on India, accompanying colored stereopticon slides, was given Sunday night in the Community Church by the Rev. T. C. Williams. Since the Reverend Mr. Williams' pastorate no longer Includes Mojave, 8im- ilar lectures or services will likely be given here on other Sunday evenings. The matter will be discussed at the business meeting to be held this evening in the church basement. A potluck dinner will be given at 6:30 o'clock. The Tehachapi post, American Legion, met Thursday night and passed a resolution. "Buy American." They are sponsoring a dance to be given Saturday night In Legion hall, the proceeds to be given to the community chest. McFARLAND, an. 11.—Mr. and Mrs. A 7 . X Huddlestoii entertained at a delightful dinner party at their country home Saturday night. The affair marked their nineteenth wedding anniversary. The table WHS marked by a lovely centerpiece and the .hours after dinner were spent socially. Places were marked 'for Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hocl- son, Mr. and .Mrs. L..V. Arnold,' and daughter LaVonne, Mr. nnd Sirs. Andy Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Arledge, Mrs. Huddleston.'s father, J. P. Anderson, and Mr. Huddleston's father. P. E. Huddleston, the host and'hostess and their son and daughter, Laurence and Lucille Huddleston. Kin of Fruitvale Family Is Called ^* % ^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FRUITVAL-E. Jan. 11.—Fruitvale friends were shocked to learn of the death of Mrs, Florence Vedere, who died in a hospital at Alhambra after an illness of five months. Mrs. Vedere was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Simpson of this community, and was formerly a resident of* Fruitvale. Fu- -neral services were held at an East Bakersfleld funeral home Tuesday afternoon, and interment was in Union cemetery. Mrs. Vedere's husband preceded her in death several years ago. DELANO. Jan. 11.—Rehearsal* for the '.'Charity Wedding," benefit fare* which will be presented by the Delano- Chamber of Commerce to swell j the welfare fund, are now under* way. The farce will be given Friday night*, January 13, in the high school auditorium, beginning at 8 o'clock. / . b O. A. Clasen, secretary of^ the chamber, Is directing the cast, It !js to bo a pantomime performance, with t Dr. "William -B. Smith announcing, Lawrence E. Abbey will be the "voice off Htage." Frank A. Sinks . Ift -the "bUiHhlng bride," and A. Brorfstcln. the groom. Supervisor W. R. Wool- lomes will Impersonate the "most Important woman in town," and William C. Eddy will be the "town mg.yor," The boys' and girls' glee clubs of the high school will make up tho choir. Music for the performance will Include a trio. Miss Dorothy Brur.ncr will preside at the piano; William Hallock, violin; and Gus Forsblnd, trombone. Miss Catherine Couzcns of the high school physical education department Is directing the performance, and City Attroney Oran Palmer is man after. There will be 64 members In the cast, all male. . THI RIO BRAVO i RIO BRAVO, Jan. 11.— Dr. Rafe C. Chnffin of Los Angeles and Stewart Peterson of South Dakota were overnight guests Saturday at the home of Doctor Chuff tn's sister, Mrs. T. M. Martin an,d family. Mr. Peterson, Doctor Chnffin and Mrs. Martin motored to Corcoran on business Saturday afternoon. A. E. Stageman and the Misses Effie and Ella Russell of Bakersfleld called at the Walter E. Haag home Sunday afternoon. Visitors nt the R. P. KIrkham home Saturday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Haag and family and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jackson. Guests at the John B. Lewis home Saturday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Halbert Heath and son Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Heath and John Bornett, all of Rosedale. Mrs. Carl Miller entertained at a. birthday dinner for her husband Sunday. Places were laid for Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Sehterlmann and daughter, Elnor Frances, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller and daughter Elinor and Ralph Peterson of Madera. Mlii M. Kttnir ef Brftiklyn. N. Y. vrHet: "Hive UMd Kruwhtit ftr th« put 4 manthi in* hiva not tnly Uit 35 pMindi but fttl M much better In ivtry wiy. Cvtn fir pst»la wh» dtn't ear* 1* reduce. Kruiehen ft wefiderfuf t« fce«p the system healthy. I belni • nurse sheuld knew for I've tried se many thlnn but enly Kruichen answered all purp«t«." (May 12. 1932). TO lose fat SAFELY and HARMLESSLY, take a half teaspoonful of Kruschen in a glass of hot water in the morningf before breakfast—don't miss a mornlns—a bottle that lasts 4 weeks costs but a trifle—but don't take chances—be sure it's Kruschen— your health comes first—ffet it at Hughes Drug S€ore, Nineteenth and Chester, Kimball & Stone, East or it Drug- Co., Service Drug Co., or any drugstore in America. If not joyfully satisfied after the first bottle—money back.—Adv. Whm You Take Thi* Com plete Cold Rt •, Don't use makeshift measures to relieve a cold. Take a COLD remedy and one that does the Tour necessary things. That is Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine. It stops a cold quickly because—it opens the bowels—kills the cold germs and fever in the system—relieves the headache—tones the entire system. Get it today and be on the side of safety. Be sure to ask for Grove's Laxative BROMO QUININE. Now two sizes—30c and 50c at all druggists.—Adv. I ^b ^b .^ ^p » w f ^ ^r ^ p -r — n McCloRky'R of Durnngo, Colo., spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Fry. PALM I and -men Tablets— 15c, 30c PALM, Jan. 11.—Mr. and Mrn. Harold Heath have moved to Green Acres. The 4-H Agriculture Club held a meeting In the schoolhouse Frldav evening. It was decided to give a play In the near future. Mrs. W. P. Lewis and son Harmand and Mrs. Halhert Heath were visitors »t the Jewell Hose home at Lerdo Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Heath were repent guests at the George Michael >m*» in Rosedalo. Mr. and Mrs, Orvllle Hlemforth and Mrs. Perkins,- all of Bnkorsfleld, were Sunday visitors nt the O. W. Hlem- forth ranch. Mr. arid Mra. Dalo Heath and daughter of Bakersfleld were Sunday visitors at tho Milton Heath home, O. W. Hlemforth and Guy Oroen- Inaf of Bakersftold spent Sunday at Keriivillo on buislnoss. Mr. and Mrn. Quincy Miles and daughter Patricia of RoHadule were Sunday guests at the Peter Krauso « Sunday Paulino Lillian Lewis spent ith Misses Dorothy and Hlemfurth. q It's a Wonderful Way to Relieve Ugly Eczema Kor 20 years now. soothing, cooling Xemo lias seldom failed to relieve Itching tn r\ve seconds, and clear tip stubborn cases of Ecxeinu. This wonderful remedy gets such amazing re- sijjts because of Us rare ingredients not used in other remedies. Get Zeino loday—If you want lo olear up Raahes, Pimples, Ringworm, and Eczemu. It's worth the prico because you get relief. All druggists', S5u, 60c. $1.—Adv. SHAFTER N. Y. WOMAN TELLS HOW TO MAKE CHILD EAT New York.—Mrs. II. Wolffs little t jllrl would not eat. and was thin and pale, Aflor Divine her Vlnol (iron ionic) she estb hearty, gained weight and roby cheeks. Kern Drug Co. —Adv. SHAFTER, Jan. 11.—H. L. Hetz Is ill at II!H homo with la grippe. Mr, und Airs. Kd Peters, formerly ol Shafter and now of Taft, were Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. Peters' father, Isaac Peters. Mr. and Mra. Sain McISlroy of San Luis Oblspo were Sunday evening callers at t$ie home of Jack Wilson. Mrs. J. G. Seally of Bakersfleld spent Friday afternoon at the homo of Mr». J. wilaon. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Sly and family were dinner guests of Mr. und Mra, Pate Isaac of Hhafter lust Sunday. Mr. and Mm. Munuol Claudlno and Mr. and Mrs. Don Clarke of Olldale were Sunday guesta of Mr, and Mrs. C. V. Hitchcock. France*) MIdgley. daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Mldgley, was one of three bridesmaids at tho wedding of MlfiB Grace Allen and Hay Green, Saturday evening. The ceremony took place In the Bakersflold Christian Church. A reception wan later held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Allen for a small group of friends and relatives. I in IKE a flame, li t wind. She danced aci j audience h manding e tit for Sh PP e a flower a Shayne tage. The ded, de- en pblaus t little. She was think' tter that had Almost a week i u> and no word "Spotlight 1 y H. W. Co / Sheila Sha wseria h e> ct" daughter of story per" •oup* ers "Sp It's a th Begins Saturday, January 14 in '-a r -- t -. . " - -'i. -"

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