The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 29, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1939
Page 2
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f»AGETWO THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. FRIDAY, SEPT. 29, 1939. SOCIETY Manistee associates of the J. C. Penney company were entertained Tuesday evening at a dinner, given by the Ludington associates, losers of a shoe sale contest between the two stores. A delicious dinner was served at Hobby Crest resort to 45 persons. 16 of whom were associates of the Manistee store. During the evening, the guests were entertained, frith a program of ac- cordibn musife, played by Albert Meny. After the dinner Maurice Wilson, employe of the Ludington store, sang the solos "Over the Rainbow" and "My Last Goodbye," accompanied by Mr. Meny. In token of their victory in the recent sale, the Manistee associates were presented with a pair of gold slippers as a trophy. It was decided that the competition will be an annual event and that the Manistee store will hold the trophy until its title is disputed. As a feature of the evening, Roscoe C. Ely, manager of the local store, was presented with a large birthday cake topped with 21 candles, from his employes in horior of his recent birthday anniversary. Manistee associates, said Mr. Ely, are still speculating on the possibility there might have been an omission in the number. After the supper, community singing wals enjoyed and pinochle, with prizes for ladies and men, was played. First prize for the ladies was won by Mrs. Ludlow of Manistee, second by Mrs. Trosper of Manistee and third by Mrs. R. c. Ely of Ludington; while first prize for the men was won by Mr. Adams of the local store, second by Mr. Trosper of Manistee and third by Mr. Gregones of the Ludington division The event, which is the first function of its kind, was highly successful and did much in increasing friendliness between the Ludington and Manistee associates, said Mr. Ely. It is believed that it will be anticipated as a yearly event. Local Amusements Mrs. B. S. Bailey Is Hostess to Circle Members trict business meeting will be held at 2 p. m., to be followed by addresses of various officers of the council and by a program planned especially for the occasion. All members of the council are LYRIC THEATER— Presents Richard Greene in "Here I Am A Stranger" with Richard Dix and Brenda Joyce. OSSAWALD CRUMB TAPROOM Dancing. OLD HICKORY INN— Dancing. HAMELL'S LAKE SHORE INN— Dancing. TODD-L-INN—~~ Dancing. RAINBOW GARDENS— Roller skating. Mrs. B. S. Bailey, 605 North James street, was hostess Wednesday afternoon to the members of the Women's Foreign Missionary society of First Methodist church, at the regular meeting of the organization. The meeting was opened with | a devotional service/, led by Mrs. I Catherine Ogren. During the I business session which followed,; annual reports for the year j were given and plans werei , made to entertain the Manistee i occaslot )A SO C 111 I Studrbakcr 8',i Unrirrwood El 40',i| Union Curbldc 90 Union Pnclfic 102^4 United Corp 3 U S Steel 74 r :a Yellow T&C 19','a n'Tn'n'V P?£«I urged to be present at this meet- BrlBBS M r B ...'.. ...... ...... 24% ing. Earl Lexaw Feted at Surprise Party CHAMBER SCHOOL.—E a r 1 Lexaw was pleasantly surprised Tuesday evening, Sept 26, when a group of friends came in to remind him of his birthday anniversary and help celebrate the League Members Enjoy Meeting Twenty-six persons enjoyed a devotional service, held by the Epworth League of Bethany Methodist church on Thursday evening in the church parlors. After the delicious supper, community singing was enjoyed and the devotional service was lead by Carlton Benson. Speaking on the topic "Voices." Mr. Benson illustrated a number of the demands made on modern young people, contrasting the voices of these demands with the voice of Christ. It was announced that the next meeting, tp be held on Friday, Oct. 6, will be led by Rev. Erling Edwardsen. Hosts, of the occasion were Misses Dorothy Abrahamson, Dorothy Dues, Sylvia Benson, Mrs. Carlton Benson and Stanley Benson. evening was enjoyed and a nice supper served in which a pretty birthday cake featured. A vase of pretty au ( umn flowers graced the table. Present were: Earl Lexaw, honored guest; Mr. and Mrs. branch of Worn- Pichiird Sado.sty of Ludington, Missionary soc P Mrs - Ncls ^nscn. Mrs. Minnie Missionary socie- Anderspn Mr nnd Mrs Paul Timpy and daughter, Bernicc; Victor Jensen. Ferd Mc.Clellan, Ruth MnCellan and hostess, Mrs. B. Peterson. and Bear Lake divisions of the Women's Foreign Missionary society at Hudson -parlors on Oct. 10. Plans were also made to send a delegation to Grand Rapids to attend the conference of the Northwestern en's Foreign ties, to be held in that "city on Oct. 4, 5 and 6. At the conclusion of the business meeting, Mrs. Estella M. Faulkerson gave an interesting 'brief talk to introduce the society's new study book, "Women and the Way." Mrs. Bailey then read an article entitled "The Social Creed of the Church." following which, Mrs. G. A. Swanson addressed the group on the topic of goals for the coming year. At the close of the meeting, the appointment of Mrs. W. E. Eddy to the office of corresponding secretary of the society and of Mrs. Paul Clough to the office of secretary of literature was made. The afternoon was concluded MARKETS AND FINANCE NEW YORK STOCKS 1 :3n P. M. K.D.T. Prices) Adams Express 9.1 Am Tan jj2 Am Smelt. ,^- Ror s r >i Am Trl & Trl .. inn'''" -Am wm Wks '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 135" Anaconda 33'i Armour nf in 6'.. Aviation Corporation 57^ Bcrrtrn 21'. Caliiiiu t ft Hrcln B'C Chop & Ohio ".', 431., Chrypler Cohini O with a delightful and refreshments to the 15 members social hour were served El .. Com'with South .Curtis Wright 'Eire P ,t T Cienrrnl 13'rc Grn Foods Ornr ral Mot -* # *•_ L. Mrs. H. Schmock Entertains Circle The regular meeting of Circle 4 of St. John's Lutheran church was held Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Herman ^Schmock, 401 Sixth street. Airplane bunco formed the afternoon's entertainment with first prize being won by Mrs. Herman Keitzmann and second by Mrs. Joseph Gorzynski. During the afternoon a grab-box sale, for which each member had brought a package, was enjoyed. Mrs. Schmock was presented with a lovely bouquet from her 'big sister" in the organization. At the close of the afternoon, delicious refreshments were served by the hostess. Members present were Mrs. Frank Steingraber, Mrs. David McCarthy, Mrs. Leo Lorenz, Mrs. Fred Struck, Mrs. I. Fulker, Mrs. Keitzmann, Mrs. John Hansen, Mrs. Emil Born and the hostess Mrs. Schmock. Guests of the occasion were Mrs. K. W. Schmock and Mrs. Gorzynski. Knights to Engage a Famous Speaker for Address Nov. 10 The regular business and social meeting of Pere Marquette council No. 1492, Knights of Columbus, was held Thursday evening at James Golden hall. During the business meeting •presided over by the officers of the council, it was decided to bring Father Hubbard, well- known lecturer called "The Glacier Priest," to Ludington to give a talk and show illustrative motion pictures. The date for the talk has been set as Nov. 10. At the conclusion of the business meeting, pinochle was played and later a luncheon was served. . - # * * -ANNOUNCE EVENTS A meeting of the Ways and Means committee of Bethany Methodist church was held recently at the home of Mrs. Martin Abrahamson, 720 East Loomis street. The annual supper Trill be held on Oct. 25 and the rummage sale on Oct. 12, it was announced today by Mrs. Abrahamson. the hostess, Mrs. Bailey. ~. •%. .£. Mrs. F. Steingraber Entertains Society Mrs. Frank Steingraber was hostess Wednesday to the members of the Ladies' Arbeiter society, at the regular meeting of the group held at her home at 606 North Harrison street. After a short business meeting, five tables of pinochle were played. First prize was won by Mrs. John Elias and second by Mrs. otto Peterson. At the close of the afternoon refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted " by her daughter, Mrs. David McCarthy. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 11. at the home of Mrs. Frank Lindenau 304 East Filer street. TO HOLD FIRST MEETING OCT. 1 Members of the recently organized National Council' of Catholic Women from Mason. Lake and Manistee counties arc reminded of the first meeting of the organization, to be held at Onekama high school in Manistee county on Sunday, Oct 1 Election of officers and a clis- present by i Hudson Mot * I'i 9'" 41 40 >' B 54 j Tn( . JTnt Tri ft Tri • .;;;;; ~5'C K"nnrcot t Corn 40- 1 4 LiRiT & Mv-rs B ••••• ^ Marshall Field 16 Masnnlte Corp 34'i, MonUTomTy Ward 53'a Nri h-Krlvimtor <7 National Bi«ruit 22 Na'l Power fc Licht 8 5 H Nr\v York Contra! 21' 4 Nv?rth Amrrirnn 22^ H Parknrd 4 Penney (J C) 86 3 i 43'^ 45=;, 38" 2 Philips Prtc Pullman .... Radio Radio Krith-Orp TJ,,,, VT.-in- Republic SfH'l u t. T -Pun Fran Prar^-Ro^hiirk South C:U Edi= r 'n "tnnr'arrt Rrands Stnndarrl Ois A- El Standard Oi! Cal Ptandar'l Oil Ind . Oil N .1 . . . I'-.' I' 8 2G' , 25:' „ 6 27 ' . 49'i Consumers Steel Prod Dt troll & Cleveland Nav 3 ,4 Detroit Gray Iron Fdy IT'a Detroit Mich Stove 1 5 ,» Detroit Taper Trod l r !a Graham-Paige Motors 92c Hall Lamp 3 3 ,i Houdaille-Hershey B 14 : !s Kingston Produts 2 : )R Michigan Supar 1U Mlcromntlc Hone- Corp •! Midwest Abrasive l'/< Motor Products 10 Murray Corp G r !8 New York Central 21 Packard Motors 4 Parker Bust Proof 19^4 Parker Wolverine 9U Peninsular Metal Prod l r !n Rro Motors 1T« Standard Tube B 2'/ B Ttmkcn-Detrott A 17U Union Investment 2',-j Universal Cooler B 2 Warner Alrcralt Corp 1 3 ,» Wayne Screw Prod I'ja Slock Averages. Sent. 2!) (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 IS 60 Indust Rails Util Stocks Net change ... D.7 D.5 D.2 D.5 Today 7-!il G2.6 , 38.5 i 52.5 Previous day .. 74.9 23.1 38.7 52.7 Month ago G5.9 16.8 36.5 46.1 Year ago 71.5 18.7 32.2 48.2 15139 High 77.0 23.8 40.6 53.5 1939 Low 58.8 15.7 33.7 41.G 1938 High 79.5 23.5 37.8 54.7 93t, Low 49.2 12.1 24.9 33.7 Movement in Recent Years 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 16.9 1929 High 146.9 153.9 184.3 157.7 1927 Low 51.6 95.3 til.8 61.8 THE MARKETS LOCAL, m/iKR€TS Light red kidney beans |2.75 Dark red kidney beans $3.00 : Dark cranberry beans $2.50' iiiKiii criiiibfiTy bean.". $2.50 | White pea beans ..... $2.00 , Ycllowcye beans $2.75 | Poultry Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up lie j Heavy hens 14c . Plymouth Hock springers, I under 4 Ibs 17c Plymouth Rock springers. i C<ilort"J sprlnccrs 15c I 4 Ibs. and up 170 Grain Shellc.l com, cwt $1.05 | Rye. cwt 85c I Oats, cwt $1.00' Wheat, cwt $1.00 i Produce ] Eggs 19c| Bides ! Beef Vim" 4e ' Greenville Potatoes GREENVILLE. Mich.. Sept. 29. -</l>. Potatoes--Market steady; deliveries light. Shippers paying growers 70-80c cwt. for U. S. No. 1. .40-.60; Wolf Rivers, .35-.50. Celery—Mich, bune.hes dozens medium size, .20; large, .23',i-.25; very largo, .35. Onions—50 Ib. sacks U. S. No. J: Mich yellows medium size, .5S-.65; IOTEC 80.85; whites, .60-.65 ' Pears—Bu. baskets U. S. No. 1 Mich Bartletts, 1.40-1.50. Potatoes—100 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1- Ida. Russets, 1.90-2.10; ,-mall size, 1.65; Mich. Round Whites, 1.25-1.40; Chlp- . pewas, 1.40-1.50; Triumphs, 1.50? Maine jChlppewns. 1.75-1.80; Ind. Bliss Trl- [imiphs, 2;,N. J. Cobblers, few, 1.75-180; N. D., no sales repotted. I Detroit Poultry ] (Quotations in Cents) j DETROIT, Sept. 29.— (IP)— Poultry- Market weak and unsettled. Hens, 5 Ibs. I up. 17; under 5 Ibs., 16; leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. up. 13; cocks, 10; leghorn cocks, 8; Rock springers, 17; leghorn springers, 14; young hen turkeys, 10 Ibs. up, 20; young torn turkeys, 15 Ibs. up. 20; ducks white, 5 Ibs. up. 12; rabbits, 9. Detroit Dairy i (Quotations In Cents) i DETROIT, Sept. 29.—(/T 1 )—Butter— I Best creamery In tubs, 26'/4-27"4. i Eggs—Current receipts, 16',i; dirties 13U-: checks, 12^. Saginaw Beans (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) SAGINAW, Mich., Sept. 29.—W) — Michigan Bean Shippers' Association Friday prices: Handplcked pea beans, per cwt., 2.90; hnndplckcd red kidneys, light, 3.r>0; dark, 3.50; handplckcd yel- lowryes, 3; handplcked choice rccleancd cranberries, light, 2.50; dark. 2. Chicago Potatoes (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO, 111.. Sept. 29.— (IP}— (Unit- .".%%%".VVVWWV--VVWWV NO HUNTING ed States Department of Agriculture.) —Potatoes—Receipts 91, on track 356. total U. S. shipments 582; market, best quality nil sections steady, demand moderate, fair quality dull and weak, demand slow; supplies liberal; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. few sales washed, 1.771!,; unwashed, 1.75; small to medium showing spotted sacks, 1.40-1.45; Colorado Red McClurcs U. S. No. 1, washed good color, 1.85-2; fair color, 1.65; unwashed good color. 1.80; fair color, 1.62'/2; Minnesota Hollandale section Cobblers tT. S. No. 1, 1.20; Red River Valley section Cobblers 90 percent U. S. No. 1. 1.20; Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, washed cotton sncks, 1.50; North Dakota Cobblers 90 percent U. S. No. 1. 1.20-.25; 85 percent U. S. No. 1, 1.10-115; Bliss Triumphs 90 percent or better U S. No. 1. unwashed, 1.25-.:iO; washed, 1.50; 85 percent U. 3. No. 1. 1.17','a: Early Olilos 90 percent U. S. No. 1. 1.25; Wisconsin Cobblers nnd Round Whites U. S. No. 1, few sales, 1.20-.25; U. S. Commercials. 1-1.10. Chicago Poultry (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO, Sent. 23.— (/Tl—Poultry— Receipts live, 1 car. 47 trucks; market easier: lo-ihorn hens, 10U-; leghorn springs. IZ'.i: springs. 4 Ibs. up colored, 12V-; White Rock. 14: under 4 Ibs. colored. 13; Plymouth Rock. 15'-,; White Rock. 14; bareback chickens. 11; i;mall colored ducks, 9: small white. 10; other prices unchanged. Clilr.tRo Dairy (Quotations In Cents) CHICAGO. Sept. 29.—(/P>— Butter—Re- ceipts 709,168; market unsettled; creamery-89 score, 25; 88, 24 ',4; 90 centralized carlots, 26 3 ,4; other prices unchanged. Kggs—Receipts 7,269; market steady, prices unchanged. HOMOGENIZED Soft Curd Milk Will Not Form Top Scum When Heated. Cream in Every Drop The Park Dairy Phone 55 We Deliver $ FOR BARGA4NS— WE HAVE THEM HERE. BUTTER, Ib. 2Sc Detroit. Produce (Quotations .n Dollars and Cents) DLIP.OIT. Sept. ^9.— ,.•!'! --(United States Department of Agriculture.>-- Gnipr? - Mich. 12 qt. baskets Concords. .33; 4 qt. baskets, .16. Apples Mich, bushel baskets and enstiTti crates 17. S. No. 1. 2'j In. mill. Delicious, 1-1.25: Jonathans. .60-.85; Greenings, .50-.75; Snows. .65; Wealthy*. LARD, home rcn- -f Q*» dcred, 2 Ibs. AtF \s MOTHER'S BEST FLOUR, 24'•- Ib. bag GOOCHE'S BEST FLOUR, 50 Ib. bas KRAFT CHEESE, 2 Ib. box CORNED A BEEF, . . •* cans \VHEATIES, Of Course You arc a careful driver, but how about the man behind the wheel of the OTHER car?. You never can tell. Better play, safe be securing dependable Automobile Insurance. It's the only kind we sell. VVWWVW.W Meny-Washatka AGENCY Phone 58 110 E. Ludington PENTWATER THEATRE FRIDAY and SATURDAY, Sept. 29-30 BASIL RATHBONE NIGEL BRUCE IDA LUPINO ALAN MARSHALL in "THE ADVENTURE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES" —Also— CHARLES STARRETT in "RIO GRANDE" SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY, Oct. 1. 2, 3 Two Sunday Matinees, 3 and 5 lOc lOc FANCY MIXED NUTS Just Arrived (With Peanuts) pound (Without peanuts) pound MORRIS 5c, lOc to $1 STORE # * There actually are white blackberries. ANNOUNCING The Opening of Our Grocery Store 504 NORTH RATH AVENUE SATURDAY MORNING COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES AND COLD MEATS Your patronage will be most welcome. EMIL LESSARD i*»*«*^. tt .*a".W.*» a ^'.%V,W M »,«,^» )t i- t ,» ll »,» ll » t ' ~K" WHY NOT BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOME WITH FLOWERS AND PLANTS During these gloomy fall days? There is nothing like a blooming plant or the vivid beauty of cut flowers to take away the usual drabness of dull fall months. Wm. Gregory & Son PHONE 91 5//'/7['e up the Band RUGBY Sweaters are on Parade Man, O Man. you've never seen such a march of smart style as you'll find in these modern Sweaters. College men wear them with a nonchalance that strikes harmony with Slacks and Sport Coats. Come in to see them; you won't leave without one. $2.95 THE TOGGEERY KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES, pkg. LIBBY'S MILK, case, S2.90; 4 cans CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES, Ib. box MIRACLE WHIP, Salad Dressing, qt. KARO SYRUP, 5 Ib. 10 Ib. .•.•.•.vw.%»^.w.".-.-.v.v^.wv.v.-.-.v«-.v.v.- %£/ ,fi Winners This Fall FELS'NAPTHA SOAP 10 bars SWEET POT A- 1Qr» TOES, 6 Ibs. JLt/V BANANAS, IIUBBARD SQUASH Ib. TABLE QUEEN SQUASH, . .. each CRANBERRIES, Ib. GREEN and O Cf* RET) PEPPERS, O for O\^ ONIONS, <• Kg* 10 Ib. bag J.«*l/ POTATOES, 9^lf* PBAC1IKS, gQ c The Orioles OTHER WINNERS THIS SCHRINK PRODUCTS You can always be sure of a quality product when you buy from a SCHRINK DEALER. peck Gold Drops, . . bu. Lund's Grocery 310 S. Washington Ave. Phone 111 I, AGAIN Hosiery and Dress Special LaFrange triple service 3-thrcad, beautifully sheer, rum-prditfigarter^ tops, extra elasticity. Just what you need for all-around service. This hose, O regular price 65c, Saturday only ' & pa irs DRESS SPECIAL Just when you need extra dresses for afternoon, school JC or office . . . many sport and tailored styles in flannel, 3 rayon challies, checks, plaids, stripes and plain colors. '<f t Sizes 124o 44. rt»-| /\r £ FOB SATURDAY ON'LY , ^LUt) £ Jamc« Street Ludin ff ton J •: •VVVWUVVWWVWWWVWUV •J'.VAV.V.-.V.V.V r^V%V%%%».VW-.%V.".- 0 -.-.-.-.".-.-.V%V.%-, Just Received a New Shipment of Circular and Pleated Skirts, Sweaters and Snow Suits. The Mode I Breath Purest Air All the Year Round There has been a fallacy in the past that Air-Conditioning was for the summer months only. This is untrue. The necessity of pure air ... in the prevention of sickness and colds ... has been proved by hundreds of experiments to be extremely beneficial especially during the winter months. SEE US FOR PLANS AND ESTIMATES Holland Furnace Co. Phone 950 Office at 607 W. Ludington Ave. HERM ATMAN, Local Manager. K. L. Ashbacker & Sons. Sale! I 59 I LEADS Dresses I Buy two and save 52 C / You'll feet like Fall-look ready for any occasion! These spun rayons have color, luster, interesting textures I They're tested for washability and wear. Ring- waisted, full skirted styles. Sizes range from 12-20; 38-44. with the new 7940 MONTGOMERY WARD Catalog Order Service saves you money on thousands of other Items! Use Wards Monthly Payment Plan on any purchases of $10 or morel 103-109 E, Ludington Are, Telephone 158 FASTEMP OIL BURNING HOME HEATER SK THIS NEW BEAUTIFUL TABLE HHGHTCONSOLE FASTEMP HOME HEATER AT OUR STORE With the obvious beauty of thit new console heater Norge engineers introduce? throe exclusive operating features. ' Down-Draft Whirlator— New exclusive Fastcmp feature feeds oxygen ladcncd air to the center of flame .. . assures complete burning of all fuel used ... more intensive heat from cleaner burning flame. "L" Typ« Heat Drum—With 50" more heat delivering surface, this new type heat drum assures maximum heat delivery into the home with a minimum of heat loss out the chimney. Triple-Action Synchro-Control —The single dial control is scientifically synchronized to control oil flow, air flow and , flue draft assuring perfect fuel combustion . . . increasing efficiency. . . increasing economy. 100 GALLONS OF OIL FREE WALLACE KURAS 210 West Ludington Avenue Phone 604

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