Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Page 11
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* 'Iriie story TJins Far i , The Storjr ThH» Far ! j When JEFF HARRISOX. 'gambler, J$ killeiKin a poker game in CalAwell, Kas.. |iis IS-year-old son. TjpNV.'is taken to the Bar K ranch;;In ti»e Indian territory iy .lOE' GRAIO, who appoints him- .self the boy's suardiah. . There Tony in welcomed by TITUS :kI06RE. owner of i the BarJIC- brand, aud .bia Httle with 1>i (t«rueKit and , reKenlinei^t, and Tony !<aw the »nicrf' gleam in hi« eyea.-' | .-"But it'll have to com^ some da^. Joe.f tlie' boy Kaid'. ".'yiaybe not soon, but they'll open the territory Cor seitlement some tim^. And why shouldn't they?" /Craig regarded him "Who's been tailiing; to ••Xo ouer-lately'-Hbut ;n surprise, you? rile been reading somethiog abojit ;it. The cattlemen haveit'i any •I 'awnoe was Just a ment. Thero Were a i .a cMmniunity boardin hiK govcinnifnt ix^hool and the I'liitPd .Sidles agi 'nt's offlio. They one of the Pawnee resjervalions on mill llu' oth the way. :iboUt. Craig dinniountoil in] Indian' aKeni's offic-(» In here any fornuMl by minute" . i|augb^er. RITA. Another who has befriended Tony is GORDON W. LILLiE.. who Ibter . becomes < known Ms PA*WXEE BIU. wben - he teaches schoiol at the Indian reservation ii^ Pawnee. ; In. fhe months that follow,.<re- pprta -come to thie Bar K of,the activities ofUhe now notorious - ' Jienton gang. TO.M BE.VTOX being the mnrderer of JefC Harri- 8on. Craig and Tony depart for- Pawnee to visit Pawnee Bill. • * ' » CHA,PTER XIX Crisp autumn was on the Indian territory and the man and hoy who Tode toward Pawnee passed through a veritahle hunter's piaradise. They ilusheS innumerable flocks of uild lurkpj 's "fiuo gobbler fell vk-tttn To -Tony Harrison's rifle. .^*hey ••poked this for llieir Bild -day meal.; • jTlie Ijoy also got liii' ch jnce at a rte«;r,: bill with liis rifle raised r tilK shoulder and his iingcr IKilllUK on the trlgRiT he suddetjly put (he gun down, r'l <-<iul<ln't do - I'it. Jjie." he fuiid. smiling wistfully. ^j -n» Just seemed too piett.v to kill —and" I got u look of thoHc big eyes Of tJ»." d'aig patted the boyls sluiuhlcr. ' "Von're right. Tonv; they are too •pretty and b»'lj«l. s.s loukint <o kllP. 1 Ve htncr- -hot :i deer cxcrpt when was; downriifhl iiuncry arid ~ (ouliliyi fiiiil aiiytliiiiE vl.-^c. " 1 They maiii- tlieit; ium{i (ox >he night on tiip .soiitli slioic.of the Sail l -"brk,'in :i little grove of pecan Ifees. Jusi heforn sundown tirey lieardtbc Crashing of a heavy an i- in the underbrush and Craig [ r signaled to Tonv li. srab his riflp I'',""'' -o'"*^- •itn.l follow. . I the boaniin? liou .sc." .••fl 's a be .ir." ho .•^aid in a low tone. . "Be careful. n0w. and I 'll lot .von bring him down." .The-bear evidenily was curious. ^ for pre.'ienily thoy lieard hini again and then KjHitted him. not twenty yards'jiway from their camp, a fine looitirti: black fellow. He rai-sed his l»?art and sniffed curiously.. Crag Mftefl his own rtili-. "Right lictWei^n the shoulders. Tony." he whlspiifred. aoft Ihf ho.v fired. Tlic. bear emitted a loud t;rupl. ipse i<) his hind f<Mt wnd furloii .sly ai tht- wound ih hi.s I'leasi. "Anothfr one, Tony, right ill theuhesi." This; f info i^e iwar droj»p<-d. jiml Craig ran. up to finisli him w-ith .•Ihot throngh the hi-;id. But ii upt neces .sarj. .\ bullet liaU peue-, tirated the animul '.s h»Mrf. •'Tljat 's prt'liy fuiv shooting," • idolimini-eil Crai;:. "We'll, skin liini riglii after supjier, and vou'll have .1 first I lass robe to'cr;i«l nnili-r! • this w;inter." - The next foreijoon they iiassed a • / nnmber of jbuffalo waljows, and Vfralg paused Jo dwell on the pas/* 1 ills ofthe tsrea.l lierdr?. ••Tiicri' was j millions of-'em at one time. Tony. hut they 've tliinncd hut considerable, tno.stly due to t !ii- i '<>\niMg of Ilia riiilroads. I'vi- M-IMI :I litM-d so X'\s it took ball u\li\ lor it to .pass;.and Pawnee Hill !i ;is seen Mrecr one.s .tha ^i tliiii. H<- was on a trapping expeditiou with Tom Kvaiw sorhe years arjo.^aiul t |ie party they w«Te in killeii 1-i'U in .me day out of u herd iliai tooU y whole r day to pass." He-pointed Willi lilt- finger. "Buf- faio hones, Ton.\. .Somehow they makfe^me right mournful. J . . It's a • shame to sec tin- old davf passing. ir Payne ami his Boomlrs have their wa.v. It uon'r be loi g before all the game will be. g< ne; with four fasiiilics to eveiy square mile, there won 't UP any p ace even for cattle." His voice w ^s tinged rdal legal ri.;bt to hold la^d in Oktabomaor in the Strip. Not that I blame tbepi for doing it-^^mi coulWt find « tlBier man; anywhere than Colond Moore. But some day t'will have to come, and r ,1 he cowmen will have to gel out," Craig appeared :to be shocked b>- this, . "Tony I'm real i liwtppolnted to hear you tali tha • way. bo you mean to, say you'i e a sympa- thieer with the Boomers 7" The boy shook his head. "Aly sympathies are with Colonel Moore, and you know it; I one iiim and .vou more than I'll eve • 9e able to Day„ if I, had my owi way about QUEBECVO«Pi^NiGRl?yH^ CHILDREN LOST HVES It," I 'd let things go on ps they are ' to have lost rtieir lives whein lire swept through the ceiitury -ord building. .Vote how the walls are coated now, but It.would be because I waRJ ^.jtlj ice. formed when the firemen played streaiha ofwnler on the building in freezing jveaih !r. .Many of Here is the hollow shell of the St. Charles orphahage at Qaeb««. where at least 50 children with Vraig selfish about it and n6i becauae I thought the other, side was wrong." "Dave Payne," said Gralg crlmly. j • |*'win never live to a^ Okbhoma i would be hard parting opened. Hell.: It makes me alck ] imd Colonel M'.>oie. , to think about It even. . ; . There's i "I'll ever," heitold Paw- Black Bear Creek,. Tory: we'iyp ul- nee Bill. ".Wiout !luiffalo Bill—do most tlicre." .von know him?" He rode the remaining disiauce; 'Tve only seen hliii on(o. Way Into Pawnee in uioros^ »ilence. i liack when I was^ kid. 1 guess 1 little settle-;)*"'*,/,- '^^I '^.O'- 'hereabouts, rader's store '"'oomluglon. j,„,„,; ' I was walking along the street one Ithe casualtleii occhrred when children who were not reached by the flames.were suffocateld by I WHS remember mother. ,,„„„„ when I saw a large croNfil in front luZV.l Nicholas hotel.! I thought ' • lit first it wiis a fire or Homeihing. .hut the'people weie all withered around three men withlloug hair and buffalo loho coal.s. Handsome -for intilaiisl''">•' °" *''•'•"»'' ^""^ had rs lay clot-i fioni -.f th. oo. They were Buffalo Bill, kud! inquired wild Bill Hlckok an«l Texas Jack for I'awnee Bil>. "I ekpecl he'll he Qmohundro. They were piaying at 1 he was in-i,|,e. opera-house that night in a -Major Bovifman. "If he mailed The Scout.s of the hiiii over at i>|aiiis.' I' VIT lun >n mofe or less of Ian .idniirfr of Uuifalo Bill ever They saw him cam ng down tii*^ since. It was one of those lioyhooil street towaid them presently.'iniplessions that stuck." swingins; along with his free and | "1 jiuess he's a greaj man," Tony easy stride. He was as b .-own as niused. "How ilid he j;et his leather and looked h: rd as a rock, j start ."• 1 • "Vou can •.ret a royin right ueM j "Tlicn -'s quite a few versions, to mine at the Iroardtng house," he .esonie say he was a great Indian {old Craig and Tony afUT he Jiaii | killer, hut 1 don 't know-that that's greeted them. "Ton.v. you and riltVue. He ilsed to work for a man ride over and shaki* hands with a named Bill .Mathewson years yi&o. Chief or two. Wan to eomf Craig?" , , "Some other time, lazily. 'I'm plumli tutxious to sit dowp in one ot .M'Jjor Bowman's <~hairs and smoke a "Vou keep right don 't yon?" Pawnctj as tbev rod' l -'i, areii "Thai's right." •:.\iid yon look 1 yon made up yoitr ir the I'ow business?" •;Xo; r '-.xpect in a year or VKII I'll he looking around .Maybe I 'll go eaht -I don'f kiuw. "Sort of getting rsstjess?" "Weli. it is kind <f hard staying in one place, espedi lly after Iwiug ii-ed li> travellUK ar >niid the way I ,Iid,wtth nVv father.' 'Til tell yon; Tony. I'm Joining Buffalo Bill next spHng, amj I may go in the show huF ||tu >j >i> myself If it lobka good to ttle. If 1 do, I-cnn find something foir you It'll be a change, anywrt>-." The boy was sileit for a minute or two. He was t|linkiug that it Bill had a contract with the UnIon>'.ea»i Pacific Rallrlad to furnlBh <mcat to Us track layers, and the contract didn't stipulate what kluil of meat, so he provided nothing but buffalo medi. They got to calling hint Buffalo 3MI1. "Will Cody, who was working for hlin. iiscil to shout buffalo for him,, ."iiid others got to calling him Buffalo Bill; so yu ?<ce there were two of them. Finally .Ned Bunltine. the are.believed snioke. PACT* You mark, my words Ton) ii won 't be many years until yov see th <losV:oii'f<lest stamiH >de A t hniaaal being^ on record .^when t liey'«s«n her u)) for settlement id( wn .Jwrii. j PeopI* all j over the try JUkyJil' got the notion that $iae: 11 .atiihe their forlnries over .nlgji;-ft ihej^ ever get in: a lot ipf t.-Sili fa«il discouraged and move oBt; but oth--| [ers will come in when tb sy-leave." Tony frowiied ami feline ileut oaeef more. It was t^e laat wo'd spokenJ on that subject daring hi Ttait. A week latecf he and Joe' Qralg arrived bacA at the Bar. K^l bny. bearing a gift for Rita, ifi at it of-soft doeskin, fringed t and trin «ied with bright beads. 'It bad b een ^ven liinvby a Pawnee chief. They heard no moc^fro m ftiwnee Bill that Dall-or wiWcr. Tbetol- I'ojwing spring they got i rord' from him tliat he was back ii WeBing- ton and pr«parine: to eave for Pawnee in some covered wagons to fetch a number at iaHsna. (TO BE CONTlNTiED) . , IMn iMdy at ^enkch witk. ; oi^jl 'Kfta^ aiid Tony maids * MW Appty Cnmr in Noatiih^ To Op^n (7p Air PausfM. and put liini iiija show. Jt •''^lade old man Mathewsoii right juad: he claimed Will Cody stole Ills nickname, uiid that he was the buly orl^nal Bnffalti BUI. He's ptill living, au<l still kicking, near as 1 can gatlier^. Now Buffalo Bill Cody's got his own S I MW aud mak- inc nioney." i . "What do vou think; of the cattle business?" the boy a.s.ked abruptly. "For a young man?: Well, I'd ad- wrltor and show producer, went [vise looking around a bit. Things west and encountered ' Will Cody are kind of unsettled. I can see and was struck with the nickname I the handwriting on the wall and of Buffalo Bill andAhe man's hand- | it'ft only a:aH»stion o^' time till all! some appearance. So he took him^he cattlemeWI have; to move out. : Ah! What relief\^r ckcpd nostrilt open rigiitiup. the air passages of your head are clear and. yoa OOB brcatlie freel.i:. So morc^iMwicing, snuflling, muoons;di4charKe, headaeh^, drynen —no struggling for brfath at nifrht, yoar cold or catarrh is gone Don't Slav rtulTccI up! Get a aniidl bottieof Ely's Cream. Balm from your druggist now. .'Vpply a little of this fn^apt. iiDtiaeptie cream in .your ndg- trils, let it penetrate lliroiigh every air j {Mtaageof the head: sootlie and: heal the •\vol|pn. inflamed mucous mem.' i hraM» giving you instant relief. Kly's ; Cream Balin is just-what every cold { and catarrh au/Terer has been seeking. It's just splendid. 214 Sforth Jefferson ^ OPEI ALL JSlGflT NIGHT MECHANIC-SERVICE ANY CAR PLENiry OF STORAGE ONE 720 TOR SALES CO. » j Tony was ' see—vou 'rt' Craig replieil (Iga r." on growiiij;. j Hill- said t.j along. 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