Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1933
Page 7
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I0LA ^^ANSAS2. tHE.IOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 26. im PAGE SEVF.y:' OF COLONY THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) vmrnrnmr GUESTS i By Cowan A. e. Wallar ; Buys Francis' Drug: Store Stock in Ida and Moves It to 'His Colony Stores BUT TH^Y EXPECT TO STAY, HEBC;! HEl-S BEEN ASK\NG A^OOT A BEDROOM • VS/HAT CAN WE DO ? . TCOLONY, Jan. 25.— Mr. and Mrs. S.. c; Wallar drove to Ottawa Saturday and brought their son Richard home for a, short visit. They took him back to Emporia Sunday afternoon to resume his studies at the teachers' college. ' Miss, Catherine Tonkin left Sunday for Emiioria. ^ R. S. Wciilery, Kincaid. ' visited friends in cjolony Sunday. Cecil BroY."n and Albert Jackson ; were visitors in lola Sunday eve. nipg. ' "Ray Johnston and R. S. Woolery were Neashd Falls, visitors Sunday. • A. C. Wallar has purchased the fofnplete line of drugs and prescriptions of the old Evans drug store in lola. and has moved them to the Colony .store. . Miss Lois. Barron visited friends; in lola over the week-end. ' Ed Lane. Lone Elm, was a Colony visitor Sunday. Tile C. M. Christian family were \ dinner guests at the F. E. Wilmoth . home Sunday noon. Mr. and Mrs. John Mosing and : family spent Sunday in Plcasanton ; with Mr. and Mrs. John Thatcher, i—and family. i Lawrence Nolan returned Monday ' morning from Kansas City where he had been foi* a few days on busi: hess. « Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Wilmoth and j 3 daughters entertained Mr." and Mrs. j fr-.i Ressel iind family at dinner \ fcunday evening. | i ./ Tile large ensines at the gas com- ' i pressor havc^ been recently over- ; ' haulc^i. ' ; i • .; \ A number I of Colony people nt-j tended the funeral of Mrs. Knowl- ' '•- ton in Genevja Sunday. • Roy McCaughey made a husines.s i • trip::o lola Monday. * Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Bell and family. Tong.inoxic, .siitnt the week- j end with rciitives. ! Guy Crammer made a trip to Kan.sAs City the first of the "week. , • Mr., and Mrs. Jake Crlpe and j' 'daughters. Carnett, were Colony! •visitors Sundiy. ' ! -.7 Mrs. Georue Ewen and Joanne | '^returned Satjurday from a visit in ' :Tongano.xio at the home of ; her; •mother. Mrs. Hervey Biell. j j i Earl Hunt. Gamett. wa.s a visitor ; .here Sunday i \ ' , Mr. Stevenson, the banker from • -Westphalia, visited at the E. B. -Reynolds hortie Sunday. I _ -John Heii^ilein purchased some hor.sos at Emporia . Saturday | and i MAKES WOMEN trucked a load to the "^^Beu'la^MooYe was a dinner 'First Published in The Iol« Daily eu£t at the J. W. Moore home Register; January 26. 1933.) Sunday. State Highway Copunissioaoi Kansas J. M. Lantz has decided to take NOTICE XO. CONTRACTOJEIS . possession of the farm south of I Notice is hiereby given that sealed. Colony when the resident, o. W.} Proposals for the construction o| Ramey and famUy move to Missouri road and bridge work in Allen in the near future. 1 County, State of Kansas, said work- Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Porter. Bluell^nown as Project No. 54-36-E 3670 Mound, visited their daughter, Miss i Emergency Construction Highway Lucille Porter, Simday. i Project, will; be received at the of-; Mr. and Mrs. EUis Golden and ' f'ce of the County Clerk at lola. .son. Carl Ellis, spent Sunday in Kansas, until nine o'clock A. I4, Lone Etai with her parents, .Mr. and February 14. 1933, and then pub- Mrs. Will Snodgrass. \ HclV opened.; The following spent Sunday at! The net length of road to be con-r the A. V..Scott home: Mr. and Mrs. structed or improved is 0.833 miles, John H.' Kent and children. Em- ' ""d briefly described as follows: poria; Mr. and Mrs. C. E.Lineback ; Io>a west, and family. Garnett; Mr. and Mrs. ; A. V. Alexander and, family. Tola: i Mr. and Mrs. George Scott and ! family. Pleasanton; and Olin Jor-' dan, lola. • Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Paine attended a show in lola Sunday. Bill Cook.sey. Tola, was a Colony visitor Monday. Check 1 Required Earthwork Culverts S300.00 8-30; Deck Girder Spans Sta. 89 - 08 500.00 2-10'x8' .Mult. Box, Spans Sta. 110-:-86 75.00 Bids will be received for the following dlvisioas of the work: Earth- A. E. DePoe. Lone Elm. was a ! work and Culverts only; Bridge^ visitor in Colony Monday. I only: Bids will also be received for Mrs. Clara Holzapfcl. Mr. and 1 any-combination of the above. . Mrs. Ray GarrLson. and Charles j Minimum wage paid to unskilled labor shall be 35 cents per hour. Ballard visited relatives in Madi.son Tuesday. Minimum wage paid to skilled la- LOSE FAT Miss • Madge Owens. Topeka. is | bor shall be 50 cents per hour, here visiting at the home of her | No individual employed (except in parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Owens, j executive, administrative and super- Clifford Brooks. Tola, is visiting ; visory positions) shall be permitted relatives and friends in Colony. I to work more than thirty hours in Lloyd Nickels. A. F. Huskey. and ; any one week. Fred Schainost attended the hear- [ Maximum employment of local ing of the interstate commerce com- ; labor, consistent with reasonable mission concerning the Yates Cen- ! economy of construction, will be re- ter-Colony branch, held at the quired. Woodson hotel Monday. j In the emplovTnent of labor pref- Mrs. Charles Leonard was a busl- ' erence shall: be given, - where they visitor in Tola Tuesday. | are Qualified, to ex-service men with Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Peterson and ; dependents, family. Ottawa 1 have moved into the \ Proposals must be accompanied Mrs. A.'A. McDowell home. i by a certified or cashier's check as Earl Monfort. Ibla.Was a business ; .shown. above, made payable to the vi.sitor in Colony Tuesday. i State Highway Commission of Kan- Earl Behrend. assistant scout ex-.| sas, as a guarantee that if awarded Kansas City Hay. Kansas! City, Jan. 26. lAPi-S-No hay; recdipts too light. The 1933 CHRYSLER Line NOW HAS —VVhat automobile buyers MAY GET ill some othei- make of car NEXT. YEAR or the year follow-; ing. INIr. Chry.sler reft^r.s. . to the 19.3.3. line a .s "Thul finest car.s ever to bear: mj' name." ' See Us For Demonstration. ROSS ARBDCEE GARAGE CHRYSLEB-PLYMGUTH Sales—Service—Parts LIVE STOCK !21 Horses, CatUe, Vehicles HOBiaO|iXAI< use the Koran a» tl»9ir, scriptures.? 12 Member of a college of priests^ 13 Qud; pT. a, • r^iminant.. Is Oki^ soup. 16Ta v(ake from sleep. 17 To lift up. 19 Pittsburgh, U. S. A., is a center? 21 Unkind. 22 Thing. 25 Feminine pronotin. 27 Cereal grass used for black 45 Sheltered bread. place. 28 To undermine. 46 Native. 29 Inhabitants 48 Fabac'eous oX an asylum. 31 Measure. 32 Prophet who trained Samuel. 33 Distinctive theory. SCDeiler in . staple goods. Answer to Previous Puzzle M • 40 Every. 42 Beer. 43 Ozone. 44 Defi;iite arUcle. 11 Of what religion vyas. Jesus the founder? 14 Unpityingly. • 18 Wing part of j a- seed. , 2* Organ of sight. .'23Hal{ a«. em. 1- 24 A daub. 25 Pole to raise the foot above ground in walkiii!-'. 2C Masculine pronoun: .".0 Very hiirh VERTICAL mountain. 1 CJelatinous \ -4 To bang, preparation 35 Iron. used by arsists 36 Mouth secre- as a veliiirle tion. for colors, 37 Seventh note. 2 Set of musical 3S K.xclamatiou c'ompo.sitions. ot inquiry. 3. Arm bones. 39 To revise and trees. 50 To conjecture. 53 Erudite persona. Starting bar. .le To a.scend. 5" \ secondary , body in the solar pvsteni. w 4 Full-length vestment. 5 To low. 6 To make a mistake. 7 Duet. ..S Diverts.. 9 Bird's home. lOJeer.s. republish. ; 4ii Solitary. . 41 List. 47 Epotlis. ; _ 49 Vile. \ 51 Mesh of lace. 52 Before. i 53 Chum. ' 54 Siltworni. Mi.';s Reu M. Hair.ts of Dnyton. O . Iglu'd 1«0 .so .started to, n.'I iK .'Vc 'r wii.s .SO: sur- i 11 I \'.'i 'i«hod myself the last 7 pounrl.i. T jii.sf •d .|;ir imd ;i!ii down to 1 takij'.u them i:ind never | my hft.'.". ijiiiie 17. j ^.vrito.s: "I w • liikc Kru.seh prised a.s wh we.4:-^I IwiJKhl mv 3 K5—am .siill felt bt'lterllr - 19321. ; "To take off fat—tnke one-ha'.f leiispoonful (if Kruscheii Salts in n ^tess of hot water in the morning bclorp break/:ist—one bottle that! lasts.4 weeks cost.s but a few cents—! cct it at any] drue.siore in America. ' ; If this first :ottlp fails to convince | you this is t le S.^FE and harmless 1 way to lose fat—your money gladly j returned. Don't accept anything but Krus- chpn becaiise you must reduce safely. ecutive of the Kaw council, was in Colony Tuesday on matters pertain- mt; to Scouting. David Gray, of the live-stock sani- laiy cornmi.s.sloner's office in Topeka. was a bu.sincss visitor in Monday. the contract, the bidder will enter into a contract and give bond as required. Detailed information of the work t to be done may be had by an exam- ' Colony Ination' of the plans and speclflca-. ; tiom on file in the offices of the M IS. Emma Richardson. Garnett, County Clrik of the county in which wns in Colonv on busln(>.s.s Tue.sdav. the work Is located, or at the offices J. M. WllkiiLson. Welda. was a "f thi' Sl^ate HlRhway Commls.slon. Colony visitor Monday. Plan-s and, .specifications may be Carl Harrl.son was-abu.sine.sK secured from the State Highway tor in Topeka 'Wednc.^ay. I Commission at Topeka for $10 f)er C. N. Tonkin' has been rather ill. set. A large number of Colonv people, j The State ".High way Commission attended the Ray Snyder sale south reserves the right to reject any and of Colony Tue.sday. 1 all proposals and to waive technl- . The Younger Set club met with calitles. New York, Jan. 26. (AP)—The stock market tried to rally under leadership of the rails today, but was eventually pulled down by the tobaccos and steels, and closed ir- I regularly lower, with a heavy tone. I The turnover approximated 800.000 •shares. datfis of fractions to more than a point were fairly numerous during [ the middle of the day, but a decline j of hearly three points in American 1 Tobacco proved imsettUng. The ad- i vances were virtuallj- cancelled in i the last hour. Selling of American \ Tobacco was hi re.-jponse to discon- ; tiiiuance of the extra dividend late i yesterday. Final prices In most of 1 the leaders were imchanged to more than 2 points lower. In addition to American Tobacco B. U.' S. Industrial Alcohol reacted ! more than 2 points. ; Liggett & My- j ers B and RejTiolds IB lost about a I point. An advance of nearly a point j in Union Pacific w-as converted in- i to a loss of Uke e'xtent. Gains of a iPoint or so in New York Central, ; Santa Pe. American. Telephone and j Case were lost. Pennsylvania was I under light pressure virtually all I day. evidently reflecting profit tak- I ing on the announcement of its 50- i cent dividend order. It closed oft a I major fraction. Other issues off I major fractions to a point included tr. S. Steel common and preferred j and Bethlehem common. High Low . 2-.'> . 21 . 61-; . 1C6?; . 64", . Kansas City Grain. Kansas! City. Jan. 26. <AP1— •Wheat: 81 cars; unchanged to '1 higher. jNo. 2, dark, hard. nom.. 43 "4 -52; No. 3, nom., 42'^-50'-.; No. 2, hard Vl-u-W-: No. 3. 42',: No. 2. red. 44 'i.; No. 3. 43. Close: May 41's; July 42; Sept. 42-i.^ Corn: 13 cars; imchanged to lower. No. 2. vv-hite, noni.. 22'•.•-23; No. 3, nom., 22-22':;; No. 2 yellow. 23; No. 3 .1 nom.. 22-22'-; No. 2. mixed, nom., .22-22'•:•; No. 3. nom., 21':;22. Close; May 23'-.;: July 24"^. Oats: 21 cars: unchanged. No. 2. v.'hite nom.. 17'--18; No. 3. nom.. 16'::-17'-:;. ' : Milo maize., nom.. 48-52. Kafir, nom.. 39-44. .Rye, nom., 34-35. Barley, nom.. 21'i-24. IFOR SALE—2 good young male ! hogs, one spotted, one red. H. W. ; Chaney, Gas. ' FOR SALE—3 teams of mare mul*>s, ! 4 to 5 years old, weighinR 2500 30 1 2700 a pau:; 20 head of mares and I horses, good matched teams;: 2 I good yearling mare mules: 20 fresh i cows, giving 3 to 6 gallons mUk i per day; 3 bulls; 5 sets of harr.eis^; I 4 wagons; alli kinds of fannihg : machinery. Will sell on time. J.C I Biitcher. ' , • ! YOUNG PERCHERON HOKSESr- 1 Benj. H. Bacon, 4 miles .south and I of Moran. Pho. Elsmoi-c 511.2. i 22 Ponltry and Sapplies -t ; — I BABY CHICKS—All leading breeds. 1. Custom Hatching. l'-:;c per J egg. Taylor's Hatchery, 201 South Jefferson, lola. Cities Serv . SO of Ind . Amn Can .. Amn T&T . Amn Tob B Anaconda .. I Atchison ... I Auburn iBeth Steel . Case J I 7% 44'49 15\ 47 "i. i Chrysler 14'l Mrs. Vernon Chatterton 'Wednesday. Tlie guests were Mrs. Glen Brooks and Miss Marguerite Markley. Tu-elvc members were present. Tlie : ne.xt meeting will be with Mrs. Ted CurtLs on February 1. By Order of the State Highway Commission. GUY T. HEL-VERING. 'Director. January 16. 1933. claiming thru or imder you of all; right, title and interest' therein, and | in. the equity of redemption of said j premises. I In 'Witness 'Whereof. I have here- j j unto signed my name and affixed' Con Gas icon Oil ... Drue Inc .. i DiiPont ... i Gen Elec .. Gen Motors Inl Hnrv .. ' Mont 'Ward Packard ... ; Penney J C j Phillips Petr, ; Radio ' Std Brands ; SO of NJ . ; Union Pac I Tex Corp . , U S Steel . ; Westingh E 59' 36'-i' 40 15 \ 14 23 ,14"'; 2' •' 27--^ 5-; 4-, 15 30'; 76-'; i3--i 29'.2 30'; 2'i: 20 ^1 • 60 »-j. 105 ^8 62U 43'.'. 46-s 15 46-!-; 14 58--1 • 5'; 36 39'j 14-i 13 22'. 13-; 2N 27 5'-v 4-', 14', 30'75 13 ^i 28'!; 29'; Close 2 '-i 20 '^i 60-.s 105"; 62 U K. G. Livestock Close. Kansas City. Mo.. Jan. 26. (AP). Hogs: Closed fairly active to packers; steady to strong oit 230 lbs. down. Strong to 10c higher on the heavier weights. Late .sales 220-250 lbs. $255Ti3.10; Cattle: Choice 1070 lb. long year- Ungs $6.25. Choice 1204 lb. steers at $.5.50. Sheep: Lambs around 25c lower. Choice 85 lb. Colorado fed offerings to shippers $5.60. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 600; hogs 5.00D; sheep 1,000. • Kansas City Livestoclc j Kansas City. Jan. 26. (APi—(U. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs: 5,000; 28') direct: verj', .slow, early trade around steady with 'Wednesday's average; early top' S3.10 on choice 170-210 • 7'ri lbs.; good- and choice, 140-160 lbs.. 43 'i I $2.80-3.05; 160-180 lbs.. . $2.90-3.18; 46''.; i 180-220 lb .s., $2.95-3.10; 220-250 lbs.. 15 ; $2 .85 -3.05: 25C-290 lbs., $2.70-95; 29046 N 350 l,bs., $2.50-75; packing sows. 27514 550 lbs., $1 .85^2.35; .stock pigs, good 58". and choice. 70-130 lbs.. $2..50-75. 5U Cattle: 1 ,800; calves: 300; i killliie 36 classes opening slow; steady to 39'-; weak; • stockers and feeders little 15'; chang(>d; choice ycarling.s steers' 13 '-i held around $6.25; steers, good aiid 22'; : choice. .550-900 lbs., $4,75-0.75; 90014'1'1100 lbs., $4.15-6.75: 1100-1300 Ib«., 2-'s : $3,.50 -e .25; 1300-1500 lbs.. $3.50-5.25; 27 ',H I common and medium. 550 lbs. up. 5'''-, $2.7 .1 -4.50; heifers, good and choic". 4''; 550 -noo lbs.. $4r6: cows. good. $2.2514-'i 50; cutter $1 .25-2.00; vealers. (milk- 30'j !fe(ii. mediijm to choice. $3.00-6.53: 75 -'i istockcr and feeder steers, good and 13'i , choice. $4.00-5.75. 28 '.j ' Sheep: 6 .000; market not estab- 29';! ; lished; a few sales native lambs ' ^ lullv 25 lower at $5.00-25; SL-NFLOWER CHICKS. — Hatches weekly.. See us before you get chicks ;or hatching. Sunflower • Hatchery. Bronson. , TEN PUREBRED Barred Ro^k : cockerels, blood teaied. $1.U0 r-acn. : Mrs. R, P. Sprague. Phone LoUe Elm. Kas. ^ MERCHANDISE 24 Articleit Far Sale BATTERIES — Guaranteed, $4.95 Ideal Oarage. CLOSING OUT Miscellaneous Hard- 'ware, garage door sets, bain door track and hay track very cheap, i Geo. J. Marr, Fuller Bldg.. NE ! corner square. ' i MOTOR OIL—50c gaL; 5 galT ^li" ! Ideal Gairage. Phone 174. • NE'W DE LAVAL and Domo creafa i 'separators; De Laval repair piirtii; good used De Laval and Melot^ separators. Geo. J. Marr, Fulh'r j Bldg., NE comer squ.^re. • OFFICE EQUIPMENT—Desks, safs. filing cabinets, chairs. Baie.s jiuiV",- i bcrlng machine, desks lamixs. etc. Geo. J. Marr, Fuller buildinfi. Nt: ! corner .square. ^ ': STORE FIXTURES—Counters, shdjv ca.sfs, counter drawer.;, :;helvl;i\;. ladders, etc. Geo. J. Marr. F U IK T I P'dg.:--.?l?.-<!g?"L'SIL1^1R''!'''- ^: \ 78 Bouaehold Ooodi iNEW SHIPMENT of felt iMip (.s Jiist in. Lowest prices in .towji. W. H. Wood Fine Funiituie. ; THE NEW KARR~coal and woS • range for beauty, quality and'lew 1 I price. Curtis' Pumiiure. USED STOVES and Furniture. Stofo ; packed. Hennlnger's Furn. Stor^e. 29 Machinery and Tools LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts ,. I Eggs, seconds .lie .. .Gc SWAPPER'S COLUMN At ' last Saturday's meeting an- j.ggg thirds 7c I^ERVOUS WORIEH Taie Lydii E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound "I am 10 nerroiu It eeenu as thoutb I should fly" . . . i "My nenres are all on edfte" . . . "I wish I were ^ead" . . . ban; often hare jwe heard these espresr . sionii from somje Jiromaa nho has become ~ ao tired and ruq-dowa that her nerres can .00 longer stand the strain. Nq. wbtnan should allow herself to ' drifc. Into this condition U she can help herself. She should 0va Lydla E. Pluk- hamTs Veaetable \ Compound a trial. Vot " nearly sixty years women have taken this wonderful conic 3 to glfe' them renewed •treo^th and vigor. 98 out of'erery 100 women who report to uysay that they are benefited by thla medicine. Buy ai bottle from your drug> gist today . .'.land, watch Cta« letultt. By my love and hope. I conjure thee, cast not away the hero in thy .soul '—Nietzsche. I Thrseaf orsald 'crrt"thTl9^h dav i other one of the three bicycles be- ; Eiis. ungraded 8c (Finst Published in The lola -D^^r^l !^^^xS^ nzi^^^ presented by Fryer Brothers i Hens. No. 1 .., .9c Register January 19. 1933.) . • .T. „ PUBLICATION NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF i ALLEN COUNTY. KANSAS. : The Union Central Life Insurance i Company, a corporation. Plamtiff, I . vs. : 'Walter A. Chne. Hazel Cline, The Peoples State Bank, a corpora- (Seal) GREETING: You are hereby notified that you DEAD - ( Skin Troubles If anyone has the itch now, says a ; famous doctor, it's because he would rather have it than bother to end it. ' For nothing could be more simple than the modem home treatment — with ^erald: Oil. that acts Instantly to 'give relief. Soothing, healing, antiseptic, Emernld Oil Is magic for ;in Itchingsskin. Just;. loUow directions, says Cook's J)rug Store, and'you are sure to be helped. Money back unless you are. 666 LfQUrD-TABLETS-SALVE Ihsuraitee If yoii will take 666 Liquid or Tablets and place 666 Salve in nosirils every inomlng nritil March 1, 1933, and you get i sick during the time, your Druggist will return your mon- cl. Send us your Testimonial. THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. C.^O. COOHILL. Manager i . POyUTRY AND EGGS Egg Ca.«;e.^ and Supplies Old and Reliable—Establish^ ^1911 Comer Monroe and Ehn (Just West of the Water Tower). End Serious Coughs With Creomuision Don't let them get a strangle hold. 1 Figia germs quickly. Creomuision com- \ bines the 7 best helps known to modem science. Powerful but haimless. Pleasant : to take. No narcotics. Your druggist vrill : refund your money if any oough or cold j notiuea mai you ; no matter how ion.!! standing is not re- , h^ve been sued in the Districfl Court i Ueved by Creomuision. (adv.) | ^Uen County. Kansas, in knac- | ' tion wherein Tlie Union Central I Life Insurance Company, a cbrpora- ' tion, is plaintiff, and Walter 'A. Cline, et at. are defendants,! being cause No. 17255 on. the docket ot said court, and that you miist answer the petition filed in saldl cause on or before the 4th day of March, 1933; or the allegations thereof will be taken as true and a judgment rendered against you to the effect that there is due said plain iff on certain promissory notes and mortgage, as.«et out in said petition, the .sum of $1..569.32 with Interest thereon at the rate of lorc per ^nnum from March 1, 1930. until paid; the sum of $1569.32 with interest I thereon at the rate of IC^r per annum from March 1. 1931. until paid; the isum of tl .569.32 with interest there; on at the rate of 10^ per annum from March i; 1932. until paid; ; the sum of S307.82 with interest r , thoronn at the rate of IC^ per an_ ^ ' • 1 :num from October 10. 1931, until Fnf COUErnS Pai^J: ^^e sum of J296.12 with Inter- I v» WWM^IB^ Hiiu ^gg^ thereon at the rate of lO ^^i per Colds 2 BUildSr ^^'^^^^ ^^^^ November 16, 1932, until Attest: N. C. KERR, Clerk of District Court. C. J. Sloop, Attorney for Plaintiff. (1) 19-26 (2) 2. grocery. City Oil company and the ; 1^°-. 2 6c Z , .„. . , No. 1 Springs. I'i lbs. up 6c lola millUig company was given g Springs . 4c away to John Bergman Jr., who had Capons, ovel- 9 lbs. ............ Ale a total of 438,600 contest votes. The \ Capons, over 8 lbs .... 9c .7c . 6c . 4c .I4c . 4e last bicycle will be given away Feb- ; Capons, over 7 lbs i-uary 11. i Capons, under 7 lbs •- -— } On the screen next Saturday the ; Slips Chestertown. Md.—There's noth- j feattye picture will be "Border Butterfat, lb. .. tion'. and W. H. Shultz, Defendants > in& new for Mrs. Evelyn Harris, a | Devils," starring Harry Carey; ; stags, lb No. 17255 ;Kent county widow, in this talk ;Chapter 8of Jungle Mystery; Scrap- Cocks THE STATE OP KANSAS TO i about barter. . ' ; py in "The Battle of the Bam"; Geese, lb. DEFENDANT. W. H. SHULTZ, 1 For ten ye^rs, ever since her'hus-i and another M-G-M short entitled Guineas, each BINDER^Cow or sow wanted in exchange for baled hay. J. W. Young. 1002 North Sycaniore. lola. Kansas. GANG PLOWS—Two good iisad horse drawn gang plows, priced to sei;. Allen Counf,y Implement Co. CREAM SEPARATORS—Used, to ' trade for cattle,-hogs or horses. Brownie's. Cream, Poultrj-. Eggs. Feeds, and Seeds. GARAGE SUPPLIES—Work benches, bolt racks, bench grinder. ele<«- tric drill post stand, trucks, guns, vises, lots of looLs. etc. Ge*. J. Marr, Fuller Bldg.. NE corht<r of sa.uare. 30 aiBlsical, Badlo How sad! Sallow complexion, coated. tongue, poor appetite, bad breath, pimply skin and always tTred. What's wrong? Cltances are you're poisoned by clogged bowels and inactive liver. Take this famous prescription used constantly in place of calomel by men and women for 20 years—Dr. Edwards Oliye Tablets, f hey are harmless yet very effective. A compound of vegetable injfTedientj. They act easily upo :i the bowels, help free the system of poison caused by faulty elimination and tone up liver. Rosy cheeks, clear eyes and youthful energy make a success of life. Take Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets, nightly. Know them by their olive color. 15c, 30c and 60c. All druggists. 3c 3c 10c 40 3c Ic : 15c 16c tatoes for the barber's labor. Logs j theater. Here are the nimibers: 12. • Wheat, bu. 28c band died, she has supported her "An Old Spanish Custom." ; White Ducks, lb. . ! family by swapping products from This week we will have five nuhi- \ Colored Ducks, lb. \ her farms for other necessities. bers here In this co'umn and will • Hides, per lb. .... When the cWldren needed hair- also have three posted on the Mickey \ Muted Com. bu. .. cuts, ihe swapped a basket of po- | Mouse club poster in front of the Yellow Com. bu. HORSES; MULES—WUl trade for cattle or hogs or what have you? Will buy horses and mules. H. D. Smock, 302 South Walnut. ONE 110-ACRE FARM and one 80- acre farm to trade for town property, suburban, good hotel or cafe. Address Box 78, care Register. SE'VERAL good used radios. Torm^. Hennlnger's Fiirniturc Store. ROOMS FOR RENT 134 Apartments and Flats from her walnut forest were exchanged for fertilizer. She once had a serious operation performed in Balthnore In exchange foriS^ two weeks' vacation on her farm for the surgeon.. 417, 389. 528, and 784. r Kafir Corn 13c U-NTIL FEBRUARY 1 we will oil one set of harness Casing Eureka Harness OiI> in exchange for either 2i bu. wheat, 4 bu. corn..4 '2 bu. kafu-, or 6 bu. oats. Grange Produce, 208 N. Wash. Phone 1137. I APARTMENT—Nicely furnished. \ \ rooms, modem, garage, close ii^. ; reasonable. 210 East Jaeksoiy. i Real Estate For Rent^ You probably have something you want to .sell and the best way to let the people know about it Is through Register Classified Ads. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Jan. 26. (AP)—Eggs lOo; hens 7-.9c. Other producfj unchanged. •rartridgc. Kans.— j j paid; the sum of $10.75 with interest thereon at the rate of lO'^r per an\s Tl "'"f^' r"'!r,-. inuf" ^roro November 17, 1932. untU Xlotl th:: k> aurc ; p^.^. ftnlher sum of 1, ..otn. IS "^•V i;'^- I $9,745.20 with interest thereon at the -'fn-^^"l"'.'',^K.; irate of 6-. per annum from March , icahDs^covcrv. 1 had ..j ^^^^ ^^^^ pl^. 1 ^''L '-M - ^'.V 'tiff's petition and 10% per annum ' a buildc. im^^^ thereafter until paid, and, T \rr R,.nn i that Said mortgags wUl be adjudged I Km^ •••a ^dTMt declared, to be the first lien on ' ,h,. I t -^rwb'.mvi^u inithe certain real estate situated in mcup^o that I tclt like mj.df aga. 1 ^,1^^ County. Kansas, described as. and nd mc ot that aggravating cough : f„„-„_ J\i. and cold. 'Golden Medical Discovery' iif-^^l'. _ .- 'ery improves the appetite and one has more strength and energy after using it.'' If 70U want free medical adrice wciic toi Dr. Pierce'. Clinle in BoClalp, N. Y. They've Stood the Test of Time Established il9<^ Williams Monument Works 301 So. Wash. loU, ^as. The East Half (H) of Section One (l> except Right of Way of M. K. & T. Railroad over and across said land, in Town^p Twentj--five .f25) South, of Range Twenty *20) East of the Sixth P. M.. containing in all less said exception. 311.71 acres,; more or less. ' • and said real estate will be sold according to law to satisfy said Judgment, interest, taxes then impald, and costs, and jiidgment rendered, forever barring you or any persons', WILL' TRADE 1 good metal 150- egg capacity incubator for dozen White Wyandotte hens. Mrs. Sam Gerdsen, 5 miles north of Payard. ^ • 36 Farms and Land For Kent ^ IMPROVED 80 north of Colonv. good farm. Richard Grow. Morail Kansas. I9C-ACRE FARM—Bottom land, ftfi' rent. J. R. CUnc. ^ j ^uT(mgTivE Antomobiles For Sale i37 Hooacs For Hent SALES Dependable Used Care and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. P h o n e 3 0 1 Cash—Trade—Terms FOR RENT—Houses, good location. ; See G'. E. Pee«. : ^' 1 MODERN 8-liOOM HOUSE— Sffli East street, with garage and with or without .some furnlturi?. Phon*387. a-ROOM MODERN ut 809 E. Jack)^ son. Ibla Land Co.. .south of lolii State Bank. i . > 38 Wanted—To Rent HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Service. Bud White Motor, Co., 209 South street. Phone 60. PONXIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80, I WANTED TO RENT—Wheel chaii'. j , Fred Duffey. Phone 950F14. loli.i j _^Route 2. • -j , • I WANTED TO RENT-^mall unfurl nished or partly fumished downv stairs apartment, by mother and ; daughter. Phone 962F2. Real Estate For Salej : 39 Business Property For Sale • Auto Accessories, Tires, Farts SPECIAL PRICES on Batteries. We repair all makes of batteries. Geo. R. Hiser, 224 N. Jeff. Phone 63. Kepairins—Garaces BATTERY Recharging, 50c. Garage. Ideal i GROCERY-Doing cash business aJ j Devon,: Kas.. brick building. S j rooms. Uve in one, building 50x50', • Rent. $20.00. Can handle feed, i chickens, cream and gas at curlk ! Good community, crops, and dairy•« i Uig.. Ca^ only. SelUng oh account of health. Big bargain. O. P. Wilch. Devon, Kas. BUSEVESS SERVICE Business Service Offered j 1933 PRICES—Harness, collars, strap ' work, etc. We have a sewing ma- I chine and can take care of tepair work. Shannon Hardware. Pho. 29. FINANCUL Bosiness Onwrtmltles BOWLING ALLEY— 3 alleys, for sale. See owner at 421 So. Walnut. 40 Farlhs and Land For Sale i FOR ^ALE OR RENT—Good 80-^: acre dalrj- farm. 3 miles .south of- lola on State street road, Robert. Bates, Route 3, Chanutc, Kas. 41 Bouses For Sale HOUSE— 7 rooms modem, garage,outbuildings, good condition. See' it at 812 North Jefferson. V 43 To Exchange— Real Estate EQUITY IN 40 ACRES— 2 mi. town.' to trade, 'What have you? Address Box 77, care Register. i

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