The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1952
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ~^^°^. SS^i^aneT^^ AND SOUTHEAST MI™ T ? ^ Strikers Enjoined From Halting Work OnCounty Hospital ' work . sites in Blytheville and Osceola, aeco in t ' t " Bc tions union officials brought no results. Six men were working at the Blythev.lte site this morning—none of them carpenters. Job Superintendent P. K. Ruckle said, "We're fust breaking the ice We;re not going to do anything exciting." ! Onion District Counselor ant Business Agent H. T. Bryant ccmlc not be reached for comment tin morning. The strike began a week ago today and just one week after ground had been broken for the project. Carpenters are asking a wage scale of $2.20 an hour and Baldwin Construction Company officials saj <x the Department of La'bor will allow f them to pay only $2 an hour. Construction company nnd union officials met Saturday and Monday but could not make a settlement. Yesterday, the Baldwin company filed suit against H. T. Bryant,"B S. Shelton. who are union officials and all members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiner's and the International Hod Carriers Building-Common Laborers unions in Northeast Arkansas. Damages Asked The temporary restraining order forbids the unions to picket or interfere hi any way with work on the hospital. In the construction company's complaint In equity, judgment against the union officials for actual damages suffered is asked. Date for a hearing has not been ret. There has been no vialence nor has there been any picketing or work stoppage at the Osceola site, but company officials feel there is a threat of violence, It was stated In the complaint. Mississippi County Hospital is being built in two units, one here and one in BiyiheviUe. Counts taxes and federal funds are bein? used for construction of the units Russell Over Kefauver MIAMI, Ma. I/PI— Senator Richard B. Russell of Oeqrgia appeared today to have clinched a 19-to-5 Tictory over Senator Estes Kefauver ot Tennessee in their bitter contest for Florida's 24 votes in the Democratic nominating convemion. (Hc- feted story on Page 10.) With three-fourths nl the state's 186J precincts counted, the pattern of voting In yesterday's primary looked like it was fixed and could be changed only by an unusual shift in the trend. Slow returns pointed to an apparent certainty that Russell backers had swept 14 of the 16 congressional district delegate seats and had captured five of the eight del- egate-at-Iarge posts. Starr Inside Today's Courier News ... Osceola News . . . Oazh.g . . . I'age 1. . . . Blood donations v t f a i crises nolirllhslaiulinr . . ecil torials . . . Vxgc g. • • . lilylheville Midget League teams assigned to spunsurs . . . sports . . . J'ajje !). • • . Slate labor group to take more active part In politics Arkansas News Briefs . . . Page . Suciiely , Markets I'age ^. • rage 5. Pemiscof lo Send 8 to Boys' State Missouri's Legion Event to Be Held at Booneville June 14-21 CAHUTHERSVILLE _ A record 'umber of ei E ht boys hts teen named to represent. Pemiscot Coun" ty at the annual American Legion Missouri Boys' Stale to be held P" Baruch Says inflation Takes $20 Billion Away From Arms Effort Senators Are Totd ' Defense Program Is Hurt by Waste WASHINGTON ^-Bernard M Baruch told senators today tha more than 20 billion dollar, * being wasted on the- defense pro gram because of what he called needless inflation. <-auea He urged a broad overhauling 0 the muui-billioi, dollar defer."? effort with emphasis on fa, er production of aircraft, lanks guns ind other weapons of war Baruch, 81-year-old financier and ex-adviser to ..presidents. IcslifleU at an open liearin.; of the Senate Preparedness Subcommittee In a, prepared statement, Baruc-h omed forces with member of Congress who have been urging greater air power, to match and outstrip Soviet Russia's. Through a series of questions, Saruch took pot shots at President Irumnn, the State Department and thers on diplomatic, defense and domestic issues. SIAY 28p Su Tie Bids on Missco Road Job Opened M. nnd L. Construction Co of Little Rock was apparent tow bidder today on a project involving 54 miles of grading, drainage and flexible base course on State Himi- way 150 in the Huffman-Number Nine area. The firm's bid was $05.940 Bids on this and 24 other road ZJ bridge jobs were opened torlav bv ^.^"^."^'"vay Commission m Liltic Rock. Annarrnt low bids totaled more than 53,383.030. He June M-21. Boys' state is sponsored by the Missouri Department of the Ameri- Legion to familiarize and acquaint young Americans witlrgov- and how it functions. The .. ' rereno a t> r f ef ,™]T_ landed <.ur*e in government from .at^Me^.^S^iontS various offices and t\ creadonal program Is carried out with the governmental acti- < Hutchison, chairman i cof Coum.y p 05 t, 8B , B . btate committee, and Geor-e w thTlh POSt ndjlltllnt ' a »nounced ;~ »"^,,r rs ^-*£srzfsz£r%- ruthersville, American Legion- v'Z, i V chards ™. Camthersville' Rotary; James Rlggs. Braggadocio forty arid Eight; David McClana han Kayti. Lions; Murray Sullivan Hayti, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Mifc e Bates, steclc, Klwanis- and Jimrme Hastings, feteele, City ol stecle. The Ladies' Auxiliary of Pcmi*cot County Post 88 sponsor a Girls' State at William Woods College at Pulton, and their entrant, wilmn Pease of Caruthersville, will be sent the latter part ol June. Air Force Delay I'roli-stcd Without mentioning Truman bv ame Baruch protested Hie White louse decision to delay or stretch- lit the program for a 143-wina ir force. b And he opposed bringing Western -.ermany into the North Atlantic reaty Organization until Western "rope is armed and able "to orcstali any Soviet coup." "To slow the rearming of West- rn Europe and at Ihe same time Bin negotiations over Germany to put not one foot but both feet ito a Soviet trap," Baruch said He also questioned the adiuini- •ation decision to build up produc- ve capacity of aircraft, gun, am- umtion and other defense plants ither than speed production of ctual weapons. "We Need Ihe Kdge" "No decisive victory in the cold war is possible as long as the Soviets hold as terrifying an edge in military readiness over the We"st as they do today," he said. Baruch said the waste of defense billions resulted from failure to put into operation the vast system ~ — . » m. r 4 j Vi^ll IjQ Air Base Here Okayed By House Committee Funds Appropriation Now Remaining Step RciicUviUJon of niythcville's air field came one nearer yesterday afternoon when the Ho,,4 Arn^d S Committee npproved the project um Congressman K. C. (Took) Gath- mgs said from Washington yesterday the Armed Services Com.ntttec approved the $10,203,000 project He said the approximate break-down of figures was: Pavements and storage, S8 inll- 1011; communications and opera- ions, $1 million; maintenance community and administration fa- ilities, $2.5 million; housing, mess md land acquisition. $4 million- imi medical facilities and shop's' ;50fi,ooo. Air Force and Defense Deparl- nent approval were gained curlier his year and they asked Congress o appropriate funds for the pro- ect. H Actually, Congress must pass on ADENAUER SIGNS mSTOKIC PACT-Wc,t German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer signs the Allied-West German peace contract in the upper house of the West German parliament at Bom,. Germany in background is Hans von Hcnvarth. chief of protoco,. r-^ mi s'te of the United Stale*. Great Britain and prance signed the lints West Germany with the Free WorW . \ Ap n ,™ p1lo " 0} Red Po/ice Are Told ' .. L Injigktening of Berlin Squeeze the project twice—once to again to provide approval and mo.iey lor it. An approving bin must precede an appropriations bill, Mr Ontli- ings said. Itmilc of mil, The approving bill, Jsut passed by the Armed Services Committee of the House, must, now go to lhc lull House, then the Senate Armed facrvlces Committee, then the full Senate, then thc President Then the appropriations bill mint follow the same procedure Money will be provided by a Bl.p- plemetltal appropriation, according to Rep. Gathings. Actual work on the base here Sec AIR HASH on Page & onu caught, without uiiu ciiugni. without a proner rws«i i» Mm l ,• t-" 7"-" ,'" '""" >' u ' lcc to shoot to kill ;tny- along_ti, e West Gorman border < "''tarn's new three-mile no-man's laud •+ The shooling order was the latest in a series of revenge moves against thc Bonn government's alliance vyith the V/est. It all but sealed off Ihe Communist-girt former capital, which trembled in fear of a resumption of the 194B-19 siege. Uussia Continues Tlie Russians continued their ban Double Korean Strength — ' V y - • Chkchili Terms Truce Situation as Very Grave' 22 to Receive Diplomas from Holland School soured, all savings were cheapened and the real purcha.sing power of every defense dollar was slashed by one-fifth," he said, adding: "This needless inflation alreadv lias cost us 12 billion dollars in higher costs of defense and is likely lo exact another 10 billion dollars in needless tribute over the next fiscal year. . . . (Rat'tteh did not explain his u.s? of the word "tribute.") Looking ahead, Baruch urged Congress to trim out all possible "unnecessary and postponable expenditures." But he added: "When you live under the shadow of war, as we do today, all actions must be valued in terms ol time." Soviet Threat Cited Baruch said Ihe nation's top I Lord Alexander. Britain's defense minister, sairf Communist forces are not far short of a million men compared with just over 500000 last July. He spoke to the House of Lords and a similar statement was read in the House of Commons by Churchill. ..iP.', e Prime Mmisl « r declared: With regard to the general situation it is very grave. "This Is the view taken by the military authorities of the United States who furnish nine-tenths of the troops engaged by the enemy "The United Nations commanders. American generals on the spot believe they are capable of holding a violent offensive which may ue made against them on the breakdown on the peace negotiations. --. "They are responsible for taking the necessary measures, but what .measures would be I cannot military experts estimate'that Soviet atomic and air power will be at a peak during the next two years. 'Yet \ve deliberately are doing less than we can to achieve readiness by that date," h said. ' Baruch urgd the Scnale, as has' President Truman, to restore cutsi made by the House in the big! WASHINGTON l defense money bill and lo r<" ; toch.v rejecteeI bv I move a 46 billion dollar spending i a further 5 \ limit. Whole Year Lust He said a whole year was lost. even after Russia exploded an atomic bomb, in building up Western European defense forces, until Senate Foreign Aid Cut presume to forecast nl, ,i}| " Churchill added that In the past 0 months "we have been engaged In truce making In extraordinary conditions, in which I do not think' there has ever been any will to peace on Ihn side of the enemy er an on Allied military patrols travel- ------ -•-ling (he UO-mile Berll Autobahn, sole twecn th« isolated 'Penny-Per-llem' Food Cost Hike Expected for U.S. OPS Guesses Boost- To Add $100 Million On Nation's 'Bill' WASHINGTON c.r_Thc govern "lent is expected to announce tonight ceiling price boosts of about " penny each for a wide range of Jotl Ucnis. pP" C '* holv Imlrtl "'a Office of Price Stabilization estimated _„. .^.,,,,,, nvjn taiimni(H Wucreases would bring to the ^^^M^u^l^' Regular cH-i.ian traffic continues "cw'cei,^" * *""' und « ** connues to lloiv normally, but a new formula for transit visas adopted by the Reds yesterday could choke oil tr.ilfic between West Berlin a n cl the Bonn republic at any time. Three Trucks Passer! The Russians also let a Jcc-p- cscorted three-truck U. S. Army convoy Ihe highway and an e enemy —••••'.. •<» me ni who was suffering so heavily when i American officer sn the In. "" " ..... "'""" ' - ".-tut, -.-m jjr.iviiy WtiCn the Inice was begun nnd who have certainly improved their position in the meanwhile." Doctors fo Meet Here Tomorrow District Medical Group fo Hold 99fh Semi-Annual Session Physicians from seven Northeast \i-knnsas counties wul meet in — The Senate i semi-nnnu -11 to 33 vote, I DiMrict M million dollar cut in I 'n\i. nnr side the sharp con- i grain had been .sine i: how the vote would go. After rejecting the 5 Arkansas fnrrr^st- M's'lv and cooler will, scattered" clcv.idy =howers j He said only a few v f aye Durks. daughter of' lllc Korcan outbreak. Mrs rinfin r7.,_i._ . were fold "p e a c e See UARUC1I on "eeks betui-o the people was never ' proposed by advance- 0 million Wetkcr tli- dollnr ro Sen. Long ci.oxrnv . . ••••.-, llvtjilooll and tonight To-nnrfn cloudy and mild. ^ Missouri forecast: Generally fair West and North, partly cloud v Southcwt toniel,', and tomorrow with occasional showers extreme Southeast tonight *nd tomorrow morning; cooler south and Central tonight. HOLLAND _ Twenty two hi-h school seniors and 24 ei'ghth-erad- crs wil receive diplomas at com- mrrcemcnt exercises to be held here at o ti.m. tomorrow. Audrey Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Burta] has Wit named valedictorian and San- "ra Lou Hcathcock. daughter of Mr and Mrs. Claude Heathcock saluta.onan. Lavern Walk In W "ikm, r w "» "H" lVrS ' °' dent. " tl'ird-rankmg stu- l l*M^lira i £"rHKfc!;»-Hr i =^aiE Olir mfn la S n. n |j oa . insult d- pri.sontrs were killed and ?.t of war but "(.here was nevr-i 'a°"h]- ' ''""^.lltf, • inslancc of a prisoner bein- Hi r-, mr ,. ' hi,,, Jif .?"" d . ,.. into or through Soviet zone. ^i Former Koje Officer Says POW st " \lnsults Were Hard to Swallow hip and attr _ )rrt,son. daughter of Charles Robertson.'! gle rlical .Society. 'llw one-day meeting will e,i:l under way at the Hrrtrl Noble with reKistratlon at 1 p tn . Business .ses- Dr. Charles D. Tibbc-ls of Black Hock, president of thc district group, will preside. Or. Don Blodgett of Liisora. pro.sidrnt nf the Mississippi County Medical s^cir-ly will give the ntMrr.v ot welrorric' and tlie Rev. p.oy linglcy pa.tor c f First Mvthodist Church here, w ill j ^ ' „ give the Invocation, j '-tE'on Addresses will be delivered bv Dr '"" "" vVillls Brown of Little Rock."pro- Little Rock, n.vsl.stant flinir,,/ ',, rn . lessor of mpdirinc-. Mniver.-ity of Arkansas School of Medicine-" and Dr. Randolph Ellis of Malvnrn. sl.vtc s«c-rrt;irv ot tlir Arncrican "Apparent- y tlicy don't mind through travel but for some reason object lo our patrols going up and down '(heir' road." In Paris the Big Three Western powers said they would regard aggression against Berlin as a threat to their own security. Agreement Torn Up The new visa formula tears up an agreement between tlie Western Powers and Russia which had allowed West Berlin and West German authorities to issue interzonal passes for transit travel through thc Russian zone in cither direction. The move had the following- significance: 1. Every truck drivnr, railroad employe or canal barge operator traveling through thc area is at •rmany's morny. These figures were challenged bv four foi,d distribution groups which saw the ndjiistmeiUs would have httle effect on prices. They Raid competition, not ceilings, decides TIM '' rctnil =« I""! gotten all the price relief they have sought and could reflect this In their prices, they said. Increases of food prices to consumers would bt> only '°nn« V ? C ™ tS " w<!ck I'" " crs ™ "I h Is using si-a.'(. tactics In 'in effort to pcrpc-luate controls" said a statement by the National Association of Retail Oronors the Co-operative Foot! Distributor's of America, the National Association Reds Again Hint Armies to Drive South in Korea UN Officiols Dismiss if as 'Propaganda;' No Progress Mode MUNSAN. Korea f.«_For the scc-ond straight day Communist truce negotiators today hinted that Hod armies in Korea would march because of Allied handling oTcap ued Reels. The u.N. Command delegation dismissed the threat as propaganda. North Korean Cen. Nam 11 rented Red charges that captured eels had been mistreated. Then he orided: "The Korean Peoples Armv and the Chinese Peoples Volunteers absolutely shall not sit Idle while then- fellow combatants are belli- wantonly murdered by your side " He said almost Identically tha same thinj; yesterday MaJ. Gen. William K. Harrison Jr., senior Allied delegate, told Nam n his statement "is indicative ol yoi.r obvious intentions not to use these conference to arrive at •n agreement, but merely to gen- ii'atc your propaganda." There was no progress on the explosive issue of what to do about lOQ.orjo captured Red soldiers and civilian internees who say they will Ight repatriation to. Communist soil. The netls demand them back the U.N. Command says not a imglc person will be forced to re- urn against his will. At Communist insistence ths truce delegations will meet again tomorrow at t'amnunjom at 11 a.m. (0 p.m. Wednesday EST). Harrison read a detailed explanation of how the Allies screened prKongis of viar, T j,^ process, ho would not. All prisoners wero listed to go back, unless their opposition "to Completion Is Cllcrt "The public should understand that competition is the factor today which | S keeping food prices down." (he statement said. "OPS has little or nothing to do wllh it More than 50 per cent of all thc foods ^sold today in grocery stores i- ow cciliriff.*). Most of thc ftmti -d l>y consumers in the low »ii<lfiln income groups " ' .s-inl<>ineiu sjild controls jm> and Ti tlie surrounding USAF Reserves To Meet Here A meeting of Air Forct? reservists ill be held at 8 p.m. Thuritlav al " ' tE'on Hut to orgnnizt- a Voli here. return was so strong that they would attempt (o destroy themselves rather than return to yoOK control," he explained. . Harrison read to the Reds for the first time the list of questions put (o POWs. He said the actual screening was preceded by several slops designed to acquaint prisoners with the nature of the quiz. S Reds Thrown Off 3 Hills by UN Soldiers SEOUL. Korea tip, — Tank-supported United Nations assault croups threw the Communists off three hills today in a foray into Red lines near Korangpo on ths Korean Western Front. A U j S " Eis:hth Armv 5ta(r officer to their lines. An incornpVle "eTrly report fair! one of the groups killed ! or wounded at Iran 30 Reds. The raiders attacked in predawn : diirkrif^.s itnr! into hi'avv Red •'artillery fire. But. thc staff officer l said. U. N. limit f, 1P aMc[i tht , m | In knocking the Rc-ds from (heir pornrily short. I'rire Hikes May Vary However. OPS officials made''"" ""'"'V clear to reporters mat the higher , , Ccn'ral Front. Allied ccilms.s would ,,,,t nrcc-is-ii-ilv <l.-"n.i--cd 81 blinker.-.-. 12 corn- mean thai prices of all lhc"itcms' ™!' n " r: 'V"" lr '' lirlles anti six weap. affected would i;o tip. Thcv wi " vary with .stores ami public dr mand, they said. Tlie Ol'S order will authoru higher margins lor all retail too, -stores—both chains and imJcUL'/if] ' " non-commissioned officer ' of the squadron, will conduct thc meeting. 8-36 Explodes on Runway Minimum this morm'ne—65 Maximum yesterday—89 Sunset today—7:04." Sunrise tomorrow 4 -50 Precipitation 24 hours to 1 am —none. Total precipitation since Jan. 1 —20.31, Mean temperature .midway between high and low)—73 Normal temperature for May—ol. This O.ite l,a s t year Minimum this mornmp-L54 Maximum yesterday—85 ry 1 to date) "-""•• n,-i n.«yi;i is valedictorian of the eighth grade class and Doris Steward is siluL (orian. ' °"' u ^- Othc, .seniors include James Aus, born. Austin Biggs, Betty Carper, East • nmK Cope. Thurman Cope Martha I Cohoon. Pauline Chism, Mary Ann treated inhumanely." Copt. Jack McGtilrc, New York state prison a v-ctrr-n ' ,, " ' * ' bull •lachi s from an American : gun and a Russian /-- ., r j » .— ~'.'.,ui, iviary Ann I Crawford. Johnny Duff. p. B Grjcc Jerry -Harrlfon. .Sammy Kenlcy' Jostph Little. Bobble McCrary Rotbie Patterson. Barbara Swindle' Jamce Via. Shirley Whitener and ncm.i Wilson. Other eighth graders ari> MnrT.- Car;. Arvel cuip. Ruby Jo David- Ion. Carol ,s lt( . Harris Ue Kov Henry, Richard Jackson H,-f>h Jamrs, Patsv Majors ~ World War II. is in an Army hospital rccupcralinc from Mounds suffered April 10 in a riot of Red prisoners. McGuirc said American soldiers have been taunted, devilled ai-.d menaced for mouths by vicious snecrma Communist captives. ", Jhrlr Jobs. Vrt. during all the time I was on Koic—from Jan. 1 tr>S2 o May R thorp ,, n ., ,if. V cv , si,,,'lr instajice or 3 prisom-r bc-lna iicitrd inbiiniftnely." '" doctors from Missis ''"art. Crittcnrlrn. f.rp sippi. Crais- ijoMiber e.v[ilw!f-<1 and bi...., Matiics. as it bit a runway at well Air Force Base shortly noon lorlav. i after Ol S officials s. a j,j Die action is grocers hnve declined. Affoclcd by tho higher mar-ins and ceilings will be some of the items in this wide ramie of [nod, Dry cereals, canned vegclublr-i and soup'<, pickle:;, vmeaai 1 . olivcV "'I-., fro/cn foods. >nmi's nnd • 1 (101) COSIS cm 1-aeo j city for the North Korr Pyoncryaiig. c:.;:U:il, le!l b.u-k from attp.cking prisoners The April 10 violence broke out when McC.nirc led 100 South Korean -ii.-n-d.s. aimed only with clulx- n,1o Pn.-on Cn.lipoillid »s to remove a wound-d nrisrmc-r. Ondcl Sent Him In Mi-Gmre said he was ordered Into tne__ compound^ by then Koje com- The ernyinvr. 'Ifl of IJie to, the Rcds'urimp'cd an"d held'him ^ has Ihl'i-^b^'rori! 11 ' 5 '"°" ( '' l«-.nianoni lank '", .'.Vcmr'!!' '° h ' S MrOinro dosrr.h,,, ,„,, „,,„„,,._ it' r.;' nit Koje 3rd U.S. General 'Fired' Over Koje KOJE ISLAND, Korea ',!', — ,\ third American general Is ]* his conunind because of the kui- napinp nf nil-:, cv-ii. r Dnrld 1)> CininnniM pn-orMs nf war. it uas irarr.rd tod.iv HP is nrie r>.. p.^ilF. v,,u m . lommander of li.f PMSIII Armv " S ": . Ml " «•'•' f'priin.,nrl,,,i ;„ 3 Judges Named for 'Road-E-O' Teen-Age Driving Contest Here Quake Shakes Naples ,. , N ,'i i ! >l 'i' 3 ' f t;i1 ?' :'"'' A " uld ^''i'. f iu.i;<c :sr,oor: t r•< X'.i:lr- ar:-a ""'•'_"'".'>' There wc.-p no reports Bakers Strike Ends MKMP1IIS ,-,', About 300 AfL bar'-rs ,i! t hi-,-.' bakeries hore have .icceptcd -i indent ho-n-lv p., v i." c ;>iul endid thetr 23-d iv-ol-1 sfrir;.: first trou h , t . makcrs . gave "df'fiant. fl al for the "Road-c-o" tecn- ase driving contest to be held at the air base here Friday were announced today by thc Junior flnmhcr of Commerce. •'•]>uiv-,o. s ..£ ihr- event. The.v wiil bf Mayor Dan Blod- gelt. Chic l of Police Ccrll Graves nnd ,S!:ilo 'I'rooper Tom Smalley. The C.JI,K-:-I, whiih wil! Include both 'vti'ion and driving leMs. %v.ll <lct(.nnnio ilm teen-age driver who will represent Blythevllte been sclrrlrrl yet. | Entrants in the pvpr.t hpre will mtPt a- the Jayrce club house on North Koconcl Street at 1 p m. P>i. : day and transportation lo the con- < lest silo will br furnished them ! J.iyccr oIf:ciaK said. Thc contest will be open to tlie public-. Winners ot slate conic sis i will bp cihiible to c-onnvu- m .i ll.llioiiul rv.-nt ill Wrtsliinr.f,,,, „ . Alii;, wx. Tlii-so contr..lx being sponsored throughout t h n nation by the U. s. Junior Cliam- Oer ol Commerce and the Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. I _^^^**V. A Icvkiry} g'oss shows your <Jc- fects to yoorsclf--a wine gloss re* veals rhem to evcrvbody else.

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