The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 25, 1894 · Page 3
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1894
Page 3
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•PROFESSIONAL CARDS, '•'* ' ' C, E. REYNOLDS, A TTORNEt and COUNSELOR At . iractics ih Ml itftte and t«der«l court*. Commercial jtMVO a Office over Pint Nntlonnl Bank, Carrot), low*. W. R, LEE, A TTOBNEt, will practice In all state and fed ernt courts. Collections nncl nil other business will reoelre prompt And careful attention, Office in first Nfiiiormlbnnk block, enroll. Town. F. M. POWBBS, A TTORNEY.. Practices In alt the court* Mid makes collections prompt!?. Office oto Fifth ftreet, over Shoemaker's grocer/ store, Carroll la GsoRok W. BOWEW, A TTORNEY At LAW. Makes collections and tratiancts other legal business promptly. Of•os In Hrlflith Block, Fifth St., Carroll, A. U. QUINT, A TTORNEY AT LAW, will practice In nil the Courts. Collections In all parti of Carroll onntf will have closest attention. Office with Northwestern Building and Loan Assentation, south aide Fifth street, Carrol, Iowa. A. KESSLER, A. M. M. D. OHYSICUN AND 9UROKON. Carroll, tows. •~ Office In the Berger building, south side nsln street. Residence corner Carroll and Sixth streets. W. HUMPHREY/, D ENIAL SUHttEON. Teetb M traded without pain — "•- f. 'A of ultroug oxide KM. «. u ^ over First National Bank, corner room, Cnrroll, Iowa. G. L. SHEBMAW, Uas administered. AH work is guaranteed. Office on Fifth St., over poswrace, curroll, Iowa. WM. ARTS, JOHN NOCKtLS, .. J. P. HESS, President . Vice. President Oaahior DOSS A &ENS&A.L BANKING BUSINESS. Loans Mcmej at Lowest Itatee. Accords to Its depositors every accommod*. tlo» consistent with sound banking. Or Buy? and Setts Borne and Foreign Exchange. w. L. COLBKRTBON Pren. R. 'E. CoBmuc, Cathlfir TBANriAOTIMe H6 WAS ALL RIGHT. Be Wouldn't Die For Her, For Be Hml» Better thing, A young lady who was the recipient of attention from two young men equally eligible in point of good looks, social po- iition and financial solidity t and entertained similar feelings for both, was in a quandary as to which to choose should they propose. A friend to whom she confided her difficulty suggested that she should put both to some test to prove the strength of their affection. She took the advice, and to the first who avowed his affection said: "You tell ine that you love me. How do I know that yon are sincere? What would you do to show your love?" "Anything," replied the ardent lover, who had a spice of romance in hia disposition. "Anything. I would go to the world's end for yon. I would endure any suffering for you. I would die for you if necessary." • Such ardent protestations brought the blushes to her cheeks and a thrill of happiness to her, and she thought that certainly no one could love her more fondly than he did. She asked, however, for a little delay before giving him an answer to his suit. Meanwhile the other proposed, and she questioned him in like manner. "We'll," said he, "I'll tell yon what I would do to show you my love. If you marry me, you shall' have good clothes to wear. I will see that you are always the owner of a handsome sealskin jacket, and that'your hats or bonnets are always in fashion, and I will' be a faithful and loving husband to you." "But wouldn't yon go to the world's end for me or any of that sort of thing, you know?" she asked as she toyed with his coat buttons. "I don'twanttogototheworld'send," he replied. ' 'I've got a nice paying business here, and as for dying for you, I'd rather live with you." ."Well," said she as visionsof the sealskin jacket and fashionable bonnets flashed before her mind, "I think you can speak to pa." The practical wooer is the man for the times.—Boston Home Journal. EDITOR YATES IS DEAD. He Was Editor arid Proprietor of the London World. A. GENERAL BANKING Busnrasa Land* Bought and Sold, Title* Examined and Abstract* ftirnltbed. nnu STRICT, CARROLL, IOWA. Going One Farther. , A land owner in Ireland named Conei- dine, who took great pride in the condition of his estate, bad at one time one of his farms to let. A man from the county of Kerry, where the land is very poor, came to see it with a view of becoming a tenant! "My good man," said Considine, "I don't think you are the man to take a farm like this. It is hot like your miserable Kerry land, where a mountain sheep can hardly get enough to eat. You don't know ho w the. grass grows here I It grows go fast and so high that if yon left a heifer out in that field there at night you would scarcely find her in the morning." "Bedad, yer honor," replied the Kerry man, •"there's many a part of uiy own county where, if you left a heifer oat at night, the devil a bit of her you'd ever aee again!'V-New York Mercury. HIS DEATH WAS QtTITE StTDDBH, In 1S73 He M«cl« a Lecturing Tour In the United States—Imprisoned for Libeling the ,E»rt of Lonidnle—Wllllntn to He ft Client of the Czar—Annrohlit Emlle Henry Guillotined at Parti. LONDON, May ai.—Edmund Hodgeson Yates, editor and proprietor of The World, is dead. Mr. Yates was the son of the well known actor and was fot some years chief of the missing letter department tu the postofflce. He was a theatrical Jritic on The Daily News foi six years and was himself the author of several dramas. In May, 187i», Mr. Yates retired from the postoffice in prder to devote his time exclusively to literature. In the course of that year he went on a lecturing tour in the United States, and in May, 1878, he was appointed London representative of the New York Herald, which post he resigned in 'July. 1874, when he established The World. Mr. Yates was, in 1884. indicted for having published in his paper a libel on the Earl of Lonsdale, for which, as editor, he was responsible. He was sentenced to four months' imprisonment, but was released before two months had expired. He was the author of many novels. Mr. Yates' death was quite sudden. He attended the Garrick theater Saturday evening, that being his first appearance at a place of public amusement since his prolonged illness. While in the theater he had a fit and was removed as speedily as possible to his residence. The physicians who were summoned to attend him held out little hope of recovery, and at 4 o'clock Sunday morning the end came. THREE HOG THIEVES CAPTURED. • abitantlat Frontlet- Cottittr Furmcrs taken In the Act of dtenltaf. CURTIS, Neb., May HI.—For several' years past complaint* have been made by stock raisers concerning the lose of stock sustained on account of maraud' tag thieves. Saturday night Sherifl Lynch received a tip from an interested party named Will Anderton that a lot of pork would be stolen from I. Powers & son, well known hog shippers. The sheriff and hia deputies, Hill and Heaton, soon after dark repaired to a point near where the proposed raid was' to be made and Waited for results. About midnight about 50 head of fine fat porlcera wore driven out of the corral and started down the canon. When about a hnlf mile away from the pen the officers appeared and commanded a halt. The order was not obeyed and a lively foot race ensued, Hnlf a hundred shots j fired after the rustlers only seemed to increase thoir speed. They were' finally captured, and proved to be John Richman, J. W. Davis and Henry Johns, three substantial farmers living near, who had never been suspected of being anything but straightforward citizens. -AT- WHILM OttB STOCK LASTS — WW WIM< SBlit — 6 ft. Ash Extended tables. $3,80 8ft " " » 5.00 Hard wood Chamber Safe, 12.6P 4 Spindle wood Chairs, per sefc.... 2.6t ISP'We must reduce oar etook and Ihese prices surely ought to do it. Wm. LYNCH, JUSTICELQF THE PEAOE. Pierrott No, 10517 (8041> SEASON OP 1894. Llntened to Their Death Sentence!. BARCELONA, May at.—The sentences of death passed upon the Anarchists Qodina, Cerezuela, Sogas, Bernate, Vil- larabia and Mir for complicity in the attempt of Pallas to assassinate General Campos were read to the condemned men in the Mont Juch citadal Sunday morning, preparatory to the execution. All the prisoners with the exception of Cerezuela appeard in no wise affected by the hard fatal words. He, however, appeared to fully realize the doom that is staring him in the face. Preparation! For the Naval Banquet. LONDON, May 21.—The menu of the .banquet which will be tendered to Admiral Erben and the officers of the Unit«d States cruiser Chicago, May 24, will be an artistic 16-page brochure, illustrating prominent event* in the naval history of England and the United States. It will also contain .portraits of the ad' miral and Captain Mahan. ChrUtlnn Emloi»voror» at Grand Island. GRAND ISLAND, Neb., May 21.— The third semi-annual convention of the Seventh district of the Yotmg People's Society of Christian Endeavor is being held at St. Paul's English Lutheran church. State President Rev. Harry Omar Scott addressed the delegates at the opening session. Picked up a Mammoth's Tooth. M'CooL JUNCTION, Neb., May 21.— A mammoth tooth in good state of preservation, weighing about nine pounds, was found by workmen hi a land pit on the Org farm near here. 0. C. Norquest of this place owns the tooth. ABSTRACT, LOAN AM, V '.' LAND OFFICE •J h8TO ?, « 0m . plete Mt Of BDBUBCtSOj CMTOll Countjr. AH business will be attended to prompt- PUBLISHER OK " Dailv Report of Transfers." Office, three doors gotitb of post office, apgtalr* WM. LYNCH. Carroll, lows. PI ERROTT Is « dark grny Percheron stallion, seven fears old and weighs 1700 pounds, H« Is registered ln;Vol. 5, P, a B. A. Was Imported by Slimmer & Lucas, Clnrk9vlllo,,Iowi\. PIERROTf will make the season of 1R)I nn. follows: Mondnye at Maple River Junction Tuesdays at Alt. Cnrniel. Wednesdays nt Barney Westllng's, VTheatlanff township. Thursdays aad Fridays at home. Saturdays at Arcadia. TSMIS AND CoNDtrlTioNS.-Ten dollars to Insure a colt to stand up and suck. Persons selling, trading or removing their mares from the county win be held for full In • surance and the money becomes due at the time of doing as above mentioned. Care will be taken to prevent accidents but will not be responsible should any occur. Thanking the public for past patronage and; hoping to receive a liberal share In the future,. I remain Yours truly, J. B. BOLKE. NEW HARNESS SHOP THEO. O8TEN. Prop. . An entire new «nd complete stock of +.H*rneae, Saddles, Whips,* Robes, Fly Nets And everything usually contained in a flr*t class Mtabllihmeut of tbli klad. AH work warnnted to be flrit clils ' In every particular. BUMlrlof Neatly ana Cheaply IHuM. — GI?K MB A TRIAL. — OppotltoBarke'shotel. Carroll, low*. AIIIOUK the Frealu. "Step in, ladies and gentlemen," shrieked the manager of ' the sideshow. "and see the wonderful collection of living curiosities unrivaled of its kind, one of the most remarkable exhibitions on earth. Ten cents, one dime, admits you to the whole show. Step in and see the pink eyed albino people — see the wonderful Bengal tiger. Fifty of the most marvelous of nature's works, including a bearded lady, the fat woman and the man who can read F. Mariqn Crawford's novels as fust as they are published."— Chicago Record. 8KBA8TIAJ9 WALK Boots and Shoes. IkM* • had a Ml «M «M»MSUM* UWE8'AUOG£KT«'SHO£I •». Mate » fB«rth. fURItOLL, THE OLD BBLIABL* Real Estate Owner— How much will you charge me for painting up that fence? Painter— Thirteen dollars, sir. Real Estate Owner— Isn't that pretty •teep? Painter— No, sir, not at all. Tea dollars for painting the fence three coats, and $8 more for going over it afterward and touching up the spots where people put their fingers on to see if the paint was fresh.— Somervillo Journal. 8U« Hlmlutl. lira. Plankiujftou— 1'vo brought back your little girl, and I hope she has had a nice time with mo, Mrs. Twickenham— I know she did, I hope, Dolly, you said nothing to displease Mrs. Plaukington. Dolly— No, indeed, mamma. You told we to praiseeverytning.— Brooklyn Life. Kvlavut Iu>|>rovouMul. ' Aunt— Is your sister improving in her Boy»l Arthur Mute » Record. VIOTORU, B. C., May 21.— The flagship Royal Arthur made a record on the way from Callao to Quimbo, making/an average speed of !»)£ knots for the entire passage under ordinary draft. Under forced draft a speed of 32 knots was developed. The officers of the Royal Arthur report everything quiet in Ecuador and Peru. _ _ KmlU Henry Guillotined. PABIS, May ai.— Emil Henry, the author of the explosion in the Hotel Terminus was guillotined at 4:15 Sunday morning. As Henry emerged from the prison gates, he shouted: "Vivi Van- archie," which he repeated just before he was seized and thrown on 'the guillotine. There was no disorder. Two Youthful Hurdervn. BCDA-PEST, May 81.— A boy of 18 years and his sister, two years younger, have been arrested in fiorkut for murdering their father. They killed him while he slept and hid his body in the woods near the house. American Ywiht In DUtrM*. PADILLAO, May 91— The American yacht EtrurJa, with her machinery deranged, is lying at the mouth of the Qironda, an estuary on the west coast oi France. A tog has been sent to her assistance. Continued to the Next Term. GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Mav ai.—The two criminal cases on the district court docket against Edward Hackenberger, defaulting county treasurer and secretary of the board of education, were continued to the nest term. Ro.a Was a toward Printer. SEWARD, Neb., May a 1.—George Boss, who shot and killed the deputy postmaster of Cotton wood Falls, Kan., and was afterward hung to a bridge by a mob, worked at one time .on The Blade of Seward. Lincoln Dally Call Sold. LINCOLN, May 21.'—The Lincoln Daily Call has been sold by its former owners, Bushell & Cox, aud will be turned over to the new proprietors, Professor Austin and W. Morton Smith, on June I. Omnlin Man Qeta the Contract. OLBNWOOD, la., May 5S1.—Dodge & Smith' of Omaha have secured the contract for the now building for epileptics at this place. Their bid was f31,«6<i. Nebraaku National Onardi Impacted. MILFORD, Neb., May ai.—Adjutant General Q-age and Inspector General Hotchkiss inspected troop A of the Nebraska National Guards. Page Woven Wire Fence The Page Fence being made from coiled spring wire, readily adapts itself to all changes of temperature and still retains its tension. It is a smooth fence that will turn «fli Jj^ S styles adop ° aie _ _ _ *!! injury. It is manufactured in to all kinds of fence for city and country I 1 *** 1 Combination Force Pump and Spraying thechea <> esfc - For further C. M. MOHLER, Carroll, Iowa. "Bow to Cure All Skin Diseases." Simply apply Swame'i ointment. No internal medicine required. Cure* tetter, eczeinn, itch, all eruptloni on the face, hands, now, etc. Leaving the fkui clear, white and healthy. IU great healing and curative powers are possessed bjr no other remedj. A*k four drugglit for Swam's ointment. a 1.99 Kansas millers are working up « commercial union to boom Kansas hard wheat flour in the east. . Two widows claim the body of Walter Lilly, au electric lineman killed by a live wire at Burlington. la. Green Bay Lumber Company, Lumber and Coal, AND AIL KINDS OF BUILOIHC MATERIAL. \ Neui yards north of Carroll mills. Carroll. Iowa. DO YOU KEEP IT IN THE HOUSE 7 wrulni lb» baudi, Yu* 1 u*h ilia buuoi), •v^NA Vi*fr t""k''i"M'h''*.u«MB* i f. Oh«p, Will Cure Cramps, Colic, Cholera- Morbus and all Bowel Complaints. PRICE, Sio H MoH«ad $1.00 A BOTTLE. * , Small Nephew— I gueaso. The people ne«' door ua» decided not to wove,— Good News. PIONBBK" MKAT MAJlilT #. *iir*R, an« tell Maato, UM «atl ft» *»ir«ftt», *•, ,.—— -— - Monopoly. ROME, May «I—Details of the English syndicate contract for the alcohol monopoly have been received. The syndicate has (50,000,000 lyre capital and will pay the government 4d.000,<>00 lyre annually. Wllllum to ite • GIIMI at MM Osar. ST. PBTEKSBUBO, May »!.—Ths Moscow Gazette says that Emperor William will probably ba the osar's guest at the northern army maneuvers, which will to held around Smolensk. Ds Oawa Will «•(• iar«*loM, NBwYowt, May •l.-Tht Herald's Buenos Ayres dispatch says Ei-Adtuiral da (Jama will go to Barcelona, Spain, on Uwstearaer Victoria. „ W** IM KM* PABIS, May »>,—Henry Whesl«r, tht Aiuerloan bicyclist, won th» scratch mm of 10,«00 inettrs for the Pri* Ruifec. RECEIVERS' LAND SALE, OVER 2000 CHOICE FARMS, To be wld at less than one-half of actual value. These lands are placed on the "market oy tMlfMetvtrs oftM Lombard Investment company and other loan companies, under an order ft-om U.S. supreme court. The entire list to be closed out by May 1. Fully one-half tho list located m the great corn belt aud are close to towns and schools aud churches. TERMS: Not less than one-fourth cash, balance 3, 8 and 5 yean at 7 per cent interest optional payment plan. Examine this list and make offers. No reawnableoffer refused. . CK104UO, May»l.-Marc» M. Towb of Hawmobd, Ind,, has bsgu* »oit U wist Friafl FaM tot Aunt Mm-iit— O«r«ie, don't you thluk you ure a little forward with Mr. Butor? Oarriu-Wuy, uuutl What have I ,, jarly part o| ihU Moutk, Yowlt'i fri*n4, LaudU, was • aaudilato for oonm«s and onartawd a special train on In* Kris to carry Itiut au4 his d*l««stM to tiu» oongrawloual coitventioa. To* MMalM Mouginy to JohnMB, the rival •( Laudis, oapt«r«dtlu train aad thsLsudis ine« were uusbl* to waoh the convention, tbo Jonuiwu io«u uapturiuy tiu Auut Mur(n— You toolf off yourgliwse* 1)U progouoi), Oarrit>, lust evwiiug, uu4 you Itayu kuovva him hwaiy » month.— . Mioh., May Ul—Tht pro- jwJIor Loretta of Day City sprang a wak and in endeavoring to wake this port I an aground in vigbt foot or water. The wow were all Mvod. w»»»»r iM U»l«»bu», , lib., May «i.~Omral lauie* II. Weaver of Iowa addressed an hero. Ho dooJwwd fur ISO quarter sections in Antelope county, NebroHlco, at from 91000 to $3300 each. 108 quarter sections in Knox county, Neb., at from $800 to »3200 each. 45 quarter sections in Pieroe county, Neb., at from $1000 to $2400 each. 980 quarter sections in Holt county, Neb., at from $600 to $3000 each. 810 quarter sections in Keya Palm county, Neb., at from $500 to $1500 each. 340 quarter sections in Ouster county, Nob., at from $600 to $1800 eaoli. 90 quarter sections in Perkins county, Neb., at from $800 to $2000 each. Also considerable amounts in 99 other counties in Nebraska aud South Dakota and a few tarow in southern Minnesota. As a rule quarter sections of $1000 and up, except lu the older counties, have good improvements in the way of cultivated land, buildings, wells, etu, and «re desirably located. Thia is u rare opportunity for idle dollars. For further information call ou or address me at Carroll, Jowa. I have examined several of tho above farms and can give you particulars. «MUW «uu A. W. SWENDER, » Sales Agent for Receivers. <U quarter sections in Brown county, South- Dakota, at from $«00 to $1500 each, 45 quarter sections in Edmunds county, South Dakota, ut from $800 to $1200 each. „ 'B 9J«M*» sections in Aurora county, South Dakota, at from $800 to $3000 each. 315 quarter sections inHandoouuty, South Dakota, at $500 to $1300 each. 43 quarter sections in Beadle county, South Dakota, at $000 to $1600 each. 80 quarter sections in Brule county, South Dakota, at $50l> to $1400 each.

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