Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Page 10
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'P/GETEN ' - )LA DAILY REGISTER. TfepAY EVENING; pjc M 1927. lOLA DAILY REGISTER CHAS. F. SCOTT ; >) Entered at the Ida tFoMofOc* u . SecrniS, CUun Mntter. Tdaphona .... ....v.-..- 1' ^Private Brunch IBschange ConneetlBK AU Departmenm). SUBSCRIPTION RATES < By. Carrier m Tola. Gas City. LaH&rpe and Bassptt. On» We*fc 15 OwtB On* itfonth 70 qantj. XiM year tTM BY WAIL. Outtlde Allen County One Y«ir g .W Six Mfviiihs iffO ' Tnreo Monihn i H.60 In Allen County . OneTTi^r^ y. M-M 81x MV..nlh» VLM Three Months Il;*8 OM M^nth ••• »0c ways and it is lookinK forward-to ,'even ftreater activity , and ^mjHfrtant accompUBbzjieDt year thai { B cpmine. 1 Th(| •more |in the best invoHlment any city makes 1^ In Its Chamjbcr of Commerce. Member of— National Edltorl^ AMMlatlon. KaniaaiPreu AacaetatlM. rhe Kansaa Dally LMOIM. Audit'Bureau of .Clreufat («ii., Preaa Oengreta oft the World, inland Dally Preta Aaeoelatlon. Official Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Basiett. Official Paper Allen County. MEMBER A680CIAT«D PRBSS. The Register carrtt* th»j AaeodaXcd pi-eRn' rpp<irt J )y ^^|M >cliiI leiised _ wire. I.NCRKASlNfi TRAWK, We have heard a sreat deal of propacBJUIn lately ,to the I effect that Uncle Snni in-Hteadfly loain^ ca«ie in Latin-Americs^ because of onr alleged "ImperlallHtli"; attitude toward our nelKhhofH lo the Houth of UH. We have been told that our policy would seirloutly affect not only our dlplomaticj rela- llona but our trade with America. •, , But it aenniH that this >>f>rt l^bunk, llkf u Kreat deal ntore of tliat liunded oui by HOitie of our HO- jcalli'd llbf-ralH, will liol ni«afliire with the facts. AccordijiB to O. K.. l>avlH, Secreiai^- of the Xa- tlonal ForelKU Trade C'ouncl|I. who Sotitli of The AMOciftted i is exduslvfjy en- t»i ;dTo ~ih ;-u«Vlor -~repubricnll6n of^^ « '-arpful fitu^y [>f the all D«ws Utepatohes crwJlted to It or'trade situation, the trade brtween rd ^&'^Mo .ir^e ^PuV &'h^': the United States and the wen.; iui a"'° auo °f I^tin-Ainerlca hlis not •erved. ; only held it^s own since th • war , , . • '. • but is actually lncreasInBl:.% r. Da- BihU Thought for Today vis points oiit tiiat five wiiijons oi: ! American money are now ir vested Hitherto Have ye asked nothing;in Latin-America.-that new^ steam- in my same: ask. and ye sh^ll jcceive, that your joy niay be full. —John 16':24. ship and cable, linetB are bringing the United States ind South Am' erica closer together, with the "re- 1 suit that'our trade is increasing rather than diminishing. \\ In every single country ill South | America except Paraguay we are the principal supplier of goods. In "PAKAT.tTI- rUORBAMS. The C!. j;;ile' " of i ouinicrce of • Ihe city 01" Ki. t^i-ott luis ;igreed upon, the rollowiug ten things "Which! it proposes to work for <lur- 1 ing the next five years: ; j 1. Good roads and trade e^ten- •" , , • [and Peru, .\ow li 1« true with 2. n »lry development. JTespect to Argentina. Brazil,; Chile. : 3. Water improvement. ; ITruguay and Bolivia as well, and 4. CHy manager fortA of govern- j „,,.re is only one. per cent dSffer- >nent. 5. New Industries.,-' C. School [improvement'. 7;^ Airplane landing field. 8.'BrlnRlngr conventions to town 9. City planning. 10. National avenue \Maduct. Those are all fine things for any | won- only on«--tei5th of. the toial fity i(j work for, audit is rather' f*'"-' rweived. arfd had only grown how closely!'" orje-slxth before the war.'; .Now i 19i:t this was true only in tl^e case jof ColoniMa.: Venezuela. Ecuador ence between ourselves and Bng- lund even in the cast- of Paraguay.J This represents ^ii exiraonlinary growth twinsideriiig the fact tliul In l.S!Mi our exports, to South Ami-rlca .InterejiiBg; to note thepiogram parallels i|i!ii wHlcli tlieyiare almost one-third. and Jola his done and is doiiiK or plan-MW 'T «i I-* no sign anywhere that this, |UDg to do. isiea(ly growth Is Iwing or isj going ! Already lola has improved itsj'o be arrested. f - ; <t»:hi ^lH until they an- now the! All this Is good news andi iM'ars jirlde of the town. .^In-ady lola out tht' theory the Kegisler i began .jbas an airplane landing fifid wlifcli I "'J^'^'atlng. years ;igo. tlikii the best it doubtless • will retain unci im-' f'<''d inilif world for IIK ' dctvclop- 1 prove, i Already Jola has water lin-j ""'n' "' Tnlt.-il .Si.iics foiflyn -jirovement under way. at least to jflie f'Xient of having a survey ^ loado to determine method and i «)Bf. Of course the National Ave-1 Calves Grow Well Oh Skim Mtfk Too liberal quantiitjes tan befed wttftoul injury to Calves. The greater the quantity fikl the greater the^in, but-Paik and Utensils must be kept clean and sanitary. • -T V —!— ' T~r r- 'GROUP , I 'iTJ^k^'^ 1 Fed skim rfnntdlrateofv^oPbodywei^t 4 Fedall they would take, twicedaily- 13.5 17.0 21.0 V 24.2 V 0-95^ I N .09 >-l.26 J 1 I null- Is .Soiiili Ann 'rlc :i ly Tin: IIAV.S NKWS. hue viaduct at Ft. Scott is a purely^ f""' aocil enterprise.. Already lola ,„.«'«"ares In the Nobel Peac. Bono a lot of work In dairy devel-i^""' ''^ " t^Bhty- who Prize seven who has s |>eiit I he whole of bis life as ji sVhool teacher. Ticjs not a new chnyert to the movement for Internitlonal peace, indeed It is over sixty ppment and good roads, But it js precisely along these Jines .upon whldi it already b;is ftccomplished'much that the energies ol lola may well be continued VQtil tnore is accomplished. Allen . county without doubt lias more jnlles of ^65-day roads than any jpther county of equal population . fa the State. But a great many inore miles are needed. The Ueg- . Ister would like to .see roads m,. , .v<^ar.. .president of the League of proved until not a farmer in ,i ,e »«fi>'<'' °'' has Ijeen Aounty was iarther than from his |professor of philoM.hy -^t the Jiiiuse to his front gate away from ^orbonne. a rmeraber of the Chama bard roafl. It will be-a long i >\Tft^ niteral (inantltiefi of aklm hilkiuid grain inntead of whole milk io calves after tbey ai^ alx weelu old Md they will xro'f qolckly, dtivelop HU -ly and mature into Htrong oiiefal (irodiKera, saya the HI tie Valley Ureamery Inatltnte.. A newly bom ealf should remain With Itii mother iiracklcallv f**^ three days. Then it matt be ' ' .1 taoebt to drink froA a pall. A bnn- cry calf learns ta(yW most iapidljrj For the first month and a half a nOfj iboold be fed whole milk; three tintea B day. Itsidaily ration, in iu thr««' nteals. sbobld total aboAt 1 lb. of year.-*' ago. under the Secon^ Em-, for every 10"to J2 pounds of ' body weight per day. During the fifth week skim milk ean be gradually snbstitnted for whole milk. On the first day snbstl- tntc 1 pint (1 lb.) pf sUm miU for tke same amoont o^ whole mil: at pile, whin be first particlpalted In the Pacifist Congress iu S^k-itzer- land. at which Garbaldi. kin Italian liberator, and Victoii Hugo were present. He was for many ^Ime, of course, before that can be; her of Deputies', and author of a !number of books on philosophy,! "One by one I have followei^ hearses of my dreams to graves," said 2,=>-year-old Otis ers in liis court room speech Accomplished. But lime soins 1 '^''"'•'''"'"' i'pMt'''^-1 '•""'«•<•>•• " ''^ ^ vi''''"^ name and character pf M.'"'-' fending bis wile upon the chprge a ter ihins lot- a man lo say. But .Bnisson is universally respected, tunatel.v at 2,'> there is yet Ko last a long while, and i. • kownshtp wolild start riglit m, , , Imlld permanent roads,iil it onlv '^"^'^ disagree with [ for inany more dreams lo be hini on various points, an(i Jiullt halt a mile a year: il would- ^""V"" P""""- i ii't be so very many vears until, "'^ ^"^''^ P"^^ t° «very .township road would be a veteran of a thousand permanent road. f"'' P:H-ifi,sni is warmly ap- Allen county has accomplished f^'^"'"- I and livi- and come true. The chances are that the y uitb who has had. to take to his ] ara- ! chute four times to escape frc ni a j wrecked machine.'"who flew at ross the Atlaritic, and* who knows all the lieir log- de- ible for- ime torn much .along thejine of dairy tievel- ^^:tiXm u:'Z:'X -^^^ ¥'^^ ^»'j.he .ncks .here are, niund aSr^^n "2 :Z ma.;! TI :;;'-^'^^^""'""' showmg^^at the last^w t.iri.l. in a Mexican bull fight, are perhaps 10,000 dairy cow's in ' Log the county. There is easily roomijjjj^j' i^or .'lO.bod. That is to say there is ,„i,J,|,prx' piractJcaUy no limit.'" the ili-velop- niHcl'- in this slature; had f <W lemploN'es or] — uiorl- to each member land Sfcnator, * of these employes were j of uieml>ers' families, j . ili:it all of tiieni were given double earb feed. Repeat on the second dajr. Oil tho^ third day substitute 2 pints (2ilbti.)-of Hkim milk for the Kaine amount of whole milk at enrfa feed and no on luUl at the end of 10 days the calf hi getting skim lullk straight; Liberal ^mounta of skim milk can be fed. At the Virginia station Iff calves divided Into 4 groups 't^f 4 calveti each were put on skim mOk at 15 days of age. The pen No. 1 calves fed-skim milk at the rate of 1/7 of tbe; bodjT Weight of the indl- Tidnal tralf gained '.9r> of a pound each day. Those, fed at the rate of 1/6 of body wel ;ait gained 1.09 Ibc. per day. While the third group fed 1/5 of body weight in skim milk per day gained 1.28 lbs. per day. And; tha fCMUth groDp. fed all tbesUm milk tliey coaM conroBe twice daily gained 1.48 lbs. apiece, every day. Noting that the Haldeman-.lul- ' itise's are thinking of moving ilii'in- selves and their business lo Frci-- port.j ill., rhe ' Clianute Tribune wonders if the fa<;i tjial Freeporl i.s the place where .loscph Smith, tile .Muruion ju-ophel. got his vision authorizing a multiplicity of wives bad anything to do with the choice. IMPEACHED Harry Cordell. pVesIdent tif the Oklahoma State Board of iVgri- culiure. is one of three men impeached by Ihe self-convened House of Hepresenttitives • of that .state. Chief Justice F'rcd Branson of the state su- preiiif court Uiiid Governor .lohnsion also we^re impeached. The charges against Cordell and Branson were corruption. The Australian government has appropriated $1,000,000 towards the development of civil aviation, iu.additlbn to the IfiTS.OOO a year now spent. The aim is to l)ring the most;distant places in tlie Commonwealth within four days Sydney;and Melbourne. ' MODERN ETIQUETTE By Roberta Lee ; tj. What is the jninimuih number ofc-ourses permitted at! an informal dinner'/ | A.. Four. j , Q. Is it correct for a man to sit with one !e'g crossed over the other? A. .\o. Q. Who chooses the styltj of engagement' ring? A. The bride-to-be. ' Advancement of aeronautics [in Western Canada is the object'of the .Aviation League of Manitoba, which has just been or^nized by of j a group of public-spirited Citizens of ivinnipeg. ' ihe pay allowed by law uni|er the Kulsc of •'iKinuses.'' and thajf'each incinliei- and Senafor douldt^d his own pay hy voting $150 for "exr lienses" during thf- session, may acidnni lor ilif fact that iio mem- licr iof eithi'r house has ;i» yet announced Iiis c.'indidacy for Cpv- ernor. , ' j m*Ut that may In field. ,Tlie Cliumljer ol 0)mnii"i(' lia*; .HiU'cei-dc: ••> l.lnt!!'..- ::• iiiinilicr Of <'onVi'i;.ioii MI lr.|;i, ailil that - KOod •u.orli .-iMiiild l)r aii<i will lie lilllowi (I; up ' One of: the Uei^l jobs Ihe Chamber- of 'l^uiuierci- has done has been'to encourage and ^u'onioie tlu? "•4-11 Clubs, and that good work al- ' -.. _ • ' so; will be followed up. In this The British House of Copimons | line another good job our Cham-. rejected, by rather, a! dose; ber has done has been to offer j ProPOHal «o revise the I .:,, ... , .. ., • , prayer'book of the English church ' .worth while prizes lor - the best'j,„ accommodate it to the spiritual | five acres of corn grown in the:, impoverishment' of a horse and coiinty tills year. The coni.mittee •'log-racing people. — Flort Scott of': award is checking up on the | '•"'"^l)'^^forty .or more entrants Into this coinpetition right now. and when - if ^reports it will have soiiie figures of%yield to publish that will sur- lirise everybody.- • , ' iOf colirse the lola Chamber of Goninier-e, is always on the lookout for inew industries. But it is not BO l|^isy doing this| that it fof- |or ;look out for the industries reaiy have. In J .very way it caii'tie lola Chamber tif Commerce i.saielping to. expand ind develop By the way, what has the British House of^ommons to do with j revising or not revising the Eng­ lish.Book of Common Prayer? Are chnrcb and ^tate so , intimately joined in' England that a ' church caitnot change its prayiers without jthe advice and consent of the Legislature? • ge^ •we ;,ji In the Hearst report of the bribes the Mexican government was supposed to have ordered dis- tljtjse' industries already located tribuled among four United States lere which have proven themselves Btatble, well-managed and promising During th<> year justdrawing to ja .close the .lola Chamber of Commerce bia done fine many, Senators It was said that Senator Borah was to receive. half a million. Senator Xorris $3.50,000, Senator Heflln $.300,000. aiid Senator LaFolJette IL^-LOOO. ,\'O woniler La- Ffillette sot*mad aliout it! j ' Mn>GulI«tt^ Items. A;Uttle Boys*'prayer for liteh Officials: 'rOb-'God'^e us Capjji^ for president, or Coolidge. Capper Is so goo^pto the crippel cbil- drne. and Coblldge is so good to tile pets. I bad my pet dog Barney poi8end.-if Coolidge gets the office again Ibe ibay -pass a law a man tiut- killed a boys oi|ly pfet to T>e flBcd <ire put In l«ii.—Bobby." t'Ai boy went out in the country tol work and said when he came babk they had two suppers in one nii^t on the farm as they got vrt at rive o'clock every mourning and eat breakfast at 6. supper, at '9. Tiiat aint: nMhing like when the Jlolt boya busked corn for J. T. Wood and-JL T. taiight school, we couM'hear ibem throwing- corn before we were up and wages wer not hlffh and orerv bnsshell coiint- ;ted. ^ • I Many tba'nks -to .'VIr and Mrs. Paul of Fort r>odge for an order tor Indian Earb medison a Friday, they are true and Itoyal friends of the writer and are ail, ways willing to lielp in the hour' of sorrow for we saw that tested when sickness and death came to Will Warren's tiome. Frank Arnold and daughter came overdo see his mother and Grannie—as the littel .Miss called her grandma—they live in lola and enjoy tbecbmine a Suiiday. "Walter Baker was up to the par- artalliome a Sunday. "WUl Pronk was In town a Saturday with chickens and eggs, and a tKXild npBe. It Itioks nice to see liim drive^bis ponies. . The -chlidren enjpy.ed the sleet. 'lira Jbhn Walton; entertained her sister and family, Mrs Sallce. Mrs Hearld and Mrs Jerrle Baker called ron 'Mrs Swartzman and Mr and rSitrs Joe Paul' at<. Fort Dodge h Wednesday, they ai-e all old friends from La Harpe. Georse-^Uee and wife and William -wer the gust .of Mr and .Mrs John Walton a Sunday. Charley Harris hired a young ladle cle^rk and in a few weeks she married a yoiuBg. travling man. Charley said he had 2i applyca- tlons for the po.«ision in twenty four hours—that is wliat Charley is telling. "i'ears lare only, a mother of mindej Though you have left luauy behind. And all hopes seam dead Just get together and go ahead: You are not old. When you mefet a friend of old Just clsfsp thear hand and dont be cold! For if you do yon/will, seem olil. Jnst go ahead, time will be Called ti)-you and me ^ Bnt.dont give up until called iodic. All "though rou may be old-^yoit an 1. - Hattle tiullett. %(&A<CTlt 'MEASURER'S STATEMENT -Forliie Qa«Her Endfingf Deeember 15, 19*7. Cea^lFui . CR. Sept. 15—Balance .tv '„! Received from (^ty Clerk — .HeceiVed from tSonn'ty Treasurer ... Receired IroB .I'olice Judge 1 Warrants paid i $ T^' Dec. rlSr-Baiance . . STG.SS Iff. U4.< ; 91.50 • Water Vforkii FoHd Sept. liV—Balanile .Reeelved from <Miy Clerk Warrants paid -- — Dec. 13—Balance . Klectrie Fond Sept. 15—Balance ^.^ ReCeiycd-from (?Ity Clerk —— Warrants paid .J —— Dec. 15-^Balance „. $ 7.727.7fi $ 7. 18 ... ,4.473.10- 7.$41. $ $13.25»,95 $26,004.3.'i '<{,4.530.7.5 .:-$23,396.44 — 270^47,06 $.JO ..';44.10 $-.0,544,10 V / : Gas Fnni Sept. I^r-Dia'lance — Received from City Clerk „„„ .Warrants paid ^. —_ $21,549.97 I Dec. lo-rBalaniJe >. : —. 2,-627.77 % 7.925.74 18.252.00 . • $24,177.74 $24.17ri;74 <i<rerl and AIICT Fand I Sept. i:;-rtaltJic*. -.-.J $ 4.30<^8:! Uecelved fr6m Ci.ty Clerk -.—, SSftfiG Received trwn Ciiunty Trea.surer 5561 Warrants paid . Ii -S :{.49 .-i .44 Dec. 15—Balance . ....... 2.25U.45 .40 = . :$ 5.7:;i.S9 $5.75li|B9 IatenulImproT»eBt Bend Fund Sept. 15-:-BalianCe ... ' ..... > .•^,.»,7t;.«l» Received from County Treasurer $ 3.494 Ueiriitted Fiscal j\gency C.385.11 Dec. 15—Balance 1 . ^ - 8,2«7|f7 : i $11,7C1.72 $ll.76l ]t3 . . Piu-k Fund \.Jf Sept. 15-^Balance ....L $ Received from Coiinty Treasurer • 44.^1 • Warrants paid . $ 603.27- Dec. 15—Balance .... 583,93 0 ^ • $ 1.1S7.20 $ 1.187.: KiilHVdlDK JiMid Sinking; Fand .Sept. 15—Balance . — $15,43JI.; Rec,«jved frolh County Treasurer 178.1 Dcci 15—Balance ^....-$15,609.31 : . $15,609.31 $r5 ,fi09. librajT FBHJ Sept- 15—Balance ..^^ -. — J '02.17 Received from County Treasurer S9.M2 Warrants paid $ eo.l.gJ Dec.: 15-Balance ^ . 187.35 444jSO ' • ' . , $ 791.19 $ 79 ^19 . femefenr FiiBd , Sept. 15—Ilalance , i..— Received;from Coujity Clerk .... Received from Couijly TreasiniM- 6?..b' Warrants paid .... .- -4 * 760.20 n.c. Ll-Balrtnce 2.517.2? K . • • $ 3.277.49 $ 3.27 HiiMikl PaTlBgXo. S Sept. is -r-'Ikdaace - IlJir. I'l—Batauc* . - — ~ * 6.66 •'SuooeKs ^to the young man ji-bo came to boss the Preston borne in Cbaaute wh{>ol teaching and mnsic teaching will stir]) ID that' home for a while. His father was one of the" Register: carrier boys in La Harpe : when a school boy. Hov\ about the kid? Well tlte cWd wave came, .so did the low pressuer of ga«s—but we bad coal. A man in, Dajrton, Ohio, owed u debt of |9«. he cep the money for 18 years, the man he owotl it to died (but had left children. His widdow died, tiie man saw he was about to die with old age and remembered owe no man au>-thinfr and hunted the children^ up and rent it to thein when he had years of conclous funds. , Mrs Beckey Arnolds sister. Mrs Talbot,, expects to be operated on at the Chanute hospital today, the 15. John E Garvle. has been, in the hay-day of life hear lately helping Mrs De LAcey move a few of the "breakabel articles with his Wagon. .Mrs Salltes daughter has gon to the hospital for ireatiaeat and 0. C. Js up hear with his Gratid >la Sallee wbo ba^ moy4d btn-k to La Harpe. Dr Cook got ditched twice when he was coming up from Clianute during the toggle spell. ' $ 6.66 $ qefi KefsB^fiiir iBonJ Inlereot , , Sept. 1.5-IJaUnce * 6,9J. K«P«lv<-d from County Treasurer- i.-.J-Balance -. — * 768.19 .49 CLGI; i $ 76R.19 $ 768.19 /stores Fnnd Sept. 15—Balance it«<feived *<»m City Clerk Warrant* paid -—v ^^^^^J 'Si $ 2,926J;2 8.202.03 Dec. 15—Balance Sept. 15—Baloncrt .. Dec. 15—Bsllatice ... 573.98 JiUgmcttt Fund $12,m.55l$12.t28.5K $ 235.36' i'Band Fund Sept. l.'i—Balance , Received from Cboiiiiy Treasurer • . Warrants paid ..- --Deci 15—Balance ... 235.36 $ 235.36 ? 37.26 66.76 $ 50.00 54.0: J $ 104.02 $ 104.02 Coqi^ Stopped Almost lAstantly A Xew, Safe PreNslptloii —famous physician's prescription called Tboxine relieves the most stubborn coughs that otherwise might liang on fgr weeks. Acts on new theory, relieves the Intlamotation and irritation wBich j is almost ahrays the cause of. the cough,—stops it like magic. Thox- Ine is eqnaUy good for sore throat, [ for which purpose K is far superior to gargles, dontains no dope, cblorofbrm or other barmfnl drugs. Once used yon will never be without it. Pleasant tasUng. easy to: take and safe for the whole f^-! ily. nemteber one swallow stops \ night cooglia or sore tliroat -within 15 minutes or money back. 35c, «0c, and fLW.—Sold by The Evans Store. General Fund J^^..^..:....:. -• $ W.ater Works Fund:! ...... Electric Fund -— Gas Fund -..I 1....:— Street and Alley Furiil ' interaal Improvement Puiid — S.2C7.27*^- Park; Fund „.^._.ii— "^fH? Refunding ?ond Sifigli^ rjmd — i^caosi Refunding Bond int^Mst Fund Library Fund — Cemetery Fund -Special Paving No. 2 ......— Stores Fund Judgment Fund ^ I.M Band Fund -C»sh on band 49,150.68 \ • \ \ •• - • — I— '. • ' $57,417.95 $57,417.95 $ 376.88 4,473il0 27,i47.66. . . 2,627.77 2.256.4S 15;609.31 768.19 187.35 2,517.29 6.66. •Overdrawn r-THOS. H. BOWLUS. City Treasurer. B«r Lacafloii, 108 £. Madison. First _ DMr .Efttft «r nfFLSMfiMi lOLA -k ^NJ'AX Jlncetsofry Just One of thciNew Patterns We Are 8h6iWi|g for ^ Sacak ,^tm ^d Patent .$495$7^ $1.00;Value MtSiifa Silk \ and Wool Sa ^lMBr J--^. 69c 59<^ ^ (Mi Slee Store TE.TE .Ham8on

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