Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 26, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1955
Page 2
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EVKN1NG TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MO., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1&D5 Dial. t'A-2-IGOO for a WANT AD Tiktr : Celler Cites Civil Rights Bills Lacking BALT1MORK .*l - Hep. teller (D-NV), speaking "in a nonparti- sail spirit," last night criticized the Republican admimsl ration and the Democratic Congress for failure to advance the cause of civil rights. Celicr, noting that no civil rights bills have been passed since 1875, said he doubted that the 53 hills now before his House Committee on the Judiciary would reach the House floor. He said governmental depart ments invited to testify before the Judiciary Committee, of which he is chairman, have either declined or have not replied. These include Defense, Labor. Health, Education and Welfare, the Interstate Commerce Commission, General Services Administration and Civil Service Commission, Cetler said. Only the courts,'he said, "have advanced the frontier of civil rights." Celler said they were obliged to proceed case by case "because of the failure of Congress to provide co-ordinated legislative policy." The New York congressman spoke at the seventh annual Monorail Simcha, a dinner at which about 800 members' of B'nai B'rith's Menorah Lodge paid tribute to Judge Herman M. Moser of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore City. : Wild Oil Well Blaze In Texas Town Checked HAWKINS, TCT. Of—A wild oil well continued to send a plume of mud, salt water and oil over this east Texas oil town today. But the whooshing column was no longer on fire. Wild-well experts who extinguished the blaze yesler : day hoped to tame the well corn^ pletely by nightfall. Store Headquarter! for Over 50 Yeari Gas-Coal-Oil OPERA STAB "STRUTS STUFF^-Marguerite Piazza.'star of the Met, proves .she'has" other talents in act at tas Vegas night club. "In interview with newsmen) she commented:^."Hollywood is'the only place I-know where the men- dress better than the women. ... . . . . (AP Photofax) Furniture Store REINHAftT'I 17 Baltimore Street Rtcognixed Leading Houa . futnishtrs in Wtsttrn Mrf. Tree Planting Set In Israel JERUSALEM,','isfaeli Sector Ifl — Twenty-five: million •,Irees wil' be planted in the barren hills ol Ihe Holy Land, asi part of Israel's 'war . against the desert." Keren Kayemeth,' the Jewisl; nationaTIand fund which an nounced the'.new live-year plan, estimated -Israel's desert areas tola! 287,500 acres. The over-all program, of which the five-year plan is only a part, envisages 56,250.acres turned to forest, 106,250 acres into grazing land and 125,000 acres into a'gricul tural settlement areas. A' separate 75,000 acres of ulcultivated lane are planned for new seltlements: The uses for glass fibre already extends from insulation to auto bodies and are expanding rapidly, says the National Geographic Society. My ' master likes MELROSE You'll like the Washington Reporter Says r? • • .:.. •.' • 1 .-'•.-.'• .• • J Eisenhower Looks Healthy flarnelt D. Homer, White House correspondent of the Washington Star, w*i a pool observer for all White House reporters when newa cameramen vere admitted to the eighth floor of Fitzdmmons Army Hospital in Denver yesterday to make close-up pictures ol President Eisenhower for the first time rince he suffered a heart attack Sept. 24. Here is his eye" witness story. By GARNETT D. HOR.NER LOW PRICE! would guess from just the way President Eisenhower looks no\\ that he has had a heart attack. His cheeks are ruddy, their flesh firm. His eyes sparkle. His voice is strong. The famous Eisen- liower grin is working nearly ful time. His shouLders. do not sag. !!is manner is relaxed, but sp_ry and chipper. These are among the things that mpressed me when I saw the ?resident and heard him chat with lis doctors and news photographers as he sat in a wheel chair-on an eighth-floor sun deck at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital yesterday. Looking closely for any sign of weakness, .1 thought his hands appeared a lillle thinner Ihan when .liey were swinging #dlf clubs .or lasting "a trout rod nearly every day. That is the only difference hat four and .a half weeks in the hospital have made in his appearance, so for as f'could detect. He seemed to welcome having lis picture made for the newspa- icrs, television, and newsreels and tept up a flow of sprightly com- nent on such things as the weath- photographic. equipment and "sixlh slar" for good behavior is a patient. This was the first time that anyone outside a small circle of medical personnel, family members, government officials and close personal friends had seen the President since he suffered a "moderate" coronary thrombosis four weeks ago last Saturday. For more than two weeks, sorters at Ihc Denver .While House Dress room have been hearing Vom one official visitor after another how well Mr. Eisenhower ooked. . To prove to the world that such remarks were not mere wishful thinking. White House press secretary James C. Haggerty arranged for a limited number of news photographers to make pictures of the President for all to ;ee. As Hie lucky reporter permitted o ' observe the picture-making session on a basis of "pooling" my i notes with other White House cor- 'espondents here. I now must jrcc with the official visitors j lat the President does look and i ct surprisingly well. Actually, he looks better than'!; <pcctcd. despite all t had heard. is many.recent wheel-chair out- igs on the sun deck have taken are of any sickroom pallor there •ight once have been, so that his ice appeared lo have lost little Ihe Ian acquired golfing and shing during Ihe first six weeks his .Colorado vacation. Princess Advised Against Wedding By London Times LONDON -Ifl — The influential London Godfrey Fires' Three, Reason Not Revealed NEW YORK M—A coproducer, an orchestra leader and an announcer have been fired from Arthur Godfrey's radio-television staff without forewarning or any reason given by their boss. They were the latest of 12 firings by Godfrey in a little over six months. The dismissals were announced by ' CBS yesterday while Godfrey was at Harrisburg, Pa., for the Pennsylvania National Horse Show. CBS simply said Godfrey gave no reasons for the firings. When qucs- ioncd about this at Harrisburg, Godfrey.replied: ' •. "Do I have to give reasons 1 ;' I'm running this job and if I can't i 'ire and hire people to suit myself,; I'm going to quit myself. "It is my show and when I see t is time lo make changes, f make them." ' • The three dismissed were Larry Puck, a Godfrey coprodncer for 'ive years; Jerry Bresler, musical conductor' on the "Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts program for two y'ears: and George. Bryan, an- louncer ' on the same program since it slarled 10 years ago. All three said they had lasl seen .heir boss facc-lo-face a week'be- fore when' the Talent Scouts program was broadcast. He seemed lappy (hen, they said, and gave no indication of wanting to fire anyone. . • . '. Puck had at one 'time-been producer of Arthur Godfrey and his Friends; but lost this job last De ceinber afler his engagement. lo Marion Marlowe, a singer on God frey's staff, was announced. He continued as coproducer of the talent .scouts show. Miss Marlowe, 20, and Fuck, 58, PayTaxCuts Held Possible BAl/riMpHE Ml — An across(he-board income tax reduction could bo made-now without harm, ing tlic United States' economy, a former president of the National Assn. of Manufacturers said here . yesterday. , • * ' ; William J. Credo, a Midwestern industrialist,' told the Baltimore Assn. of Commerce a sliding scale ; of reduction in rates, based • on America's expanding economy, could be effected over'the'next five years lo bring the, maximum Inx of all taxpayers down to 35 per cent. , '. • This figure he recommended 'as a maximum for both corporations and individuals. The top f rate—for individual incomes in the highest (brackets—is now 91 per cent; that ' on corporate earnings 47 per cent. Grede said progressive taxation, which lie called the "soak the -• rich" plan, serves to "harass, jblock and penalize those whose' I work and investments mean "the 'most for the nation's future—the [economic builders and job mak- icrs." • • • GUNMAN' SUIiKUNDKR,S—State Police officer at Salem, Ore., removes handcuffs from Harin Reyes, 23,. after being brought ta headquarters on a charge of'killing.a Corvalis man. Reyes and a companion were fle.eing after jail break. (AP Plotofa>) Dcwcy Siiys Eisenhower Illness Causes Concern Fii*lll Hikes Slock Market Declines Newsprint Price' ivere married last June 5, nearly two nionliis after she, • five other singers and three writers were fired from the Godfrey team April Retired General DENVER— (INS) —You never ing today 1 that a'-ma'rr.iage betweei Princess ,M a r g a r el and Peter Townsend "would cause acute division among loyal subjects everywhere." The Times counseled the princess lo remember that "happiness in a full sense is a spiritual state and its most precious element may be the sense of duly done." The powerful publication thus entered for the first lime the stormy public debate over the romance between Princess Margaret and the divorced Royal Air Force hero. The editorial policy of the Times is kept under close scrutiny by a board of trustees which includes the Archbishop of Canterbury, ranking prelate of the Church of England.' The church hierarchy strongly opposes remarriage of di- •orccd persons. Times thundered a' warn-iff. T . .• ninils lutcgraliou ELKR1DGE, Md. Ml — A retired Marine general and candidate last year for ,lhe Republican gubernatorial . nomination told an anti- school integralion group lasl night that school integraUon is a viola- lion of slate's rights. Pedro A. Del Valle addressed a group of'about 45 members of the Howard Counly {chapter of the .Maryland Petition Commiltce. "The federal government ha been given no aulhorily to inter fere-with schools in the stales, Del Valle declared. Dean Resigns His Post In Fund For Republic NEW YORK Ml—Arthur H. Dean, former U. S. ambassador lo Korea, said today he has resigned as a director of the Fund for the Republic for "policy reasons." Asked if this meant he was quit- ling because of the organization's policies, Dean said, "Ves." He declined to go into details. Guests Flee Hole! Fire ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. (INS) A general alarm fire routed 15 today from Hotel persons early New Yorker. MONTREAL M) — The Canadian International Papqr Co.-'has-joined two othei^ firms in.increasing the.- price of newsprint ' •. The $4-a-lon boost announced last' night by. CIP through ils 'subsidi-; ary, International'Papcr Sales Co.i Inc., .is ?!• a ton below the-. in-i crease announced earlier 'by, St.'; Lawrence. Corp. anH Abitihi -Power; and Paper Co. .'•• ... .• The CIP increase, brings the de-' livered price in New York to $130 a ton, SI below the "other two; firms. All increases go into effect Nov."'!.' . ''. . . "-.-' . " ' NEW YORK—(INS)—Thomas E. Dcwcy, arriving in New York today from a 33-day trip to Asia and the Middle Easl, said in all tho i\E\y YORK W-The slock mar- icountrics hc visi ( ed tncrc was an kct'declined today with losses ri'm- la itj(ude of "personal concern" ning to around 2 points al'thc oul-jaliout President Eisenhower's ill- sitlc. . • .' Iness. . Doctors' Mollicr Dies BALTIMORE !&,—'.Mrs'.. Adolph Guttmacher, mother 6f two nationally prominent doctors arid,.widely known herself or he'r'welfare and social work,.died at her home yesterday. ' The ancients attributed .'to thei Devil' tho power that tin has. to :iordcn copper. SALVATION HEALING MEETING For ALL People of ALL Churches WEDNESDAY NIGHT iOO HEALS TODAY • ^ . • See! Hear! America's Leading Youth Evangelist FRED JENSEN SIGNS • WONDERS • MIRACLES REVIVAL CENTER 125 N. Mechanic St. Pastor Raymond Janet Suspended Policeman Shouts Self In Auto MARION, Ala. UK— William <D Bailey, 32-year-old suspended Sel ma policeman charged with seltin; fire lo a Negro's house at Seinii last week, shot himself lo deal!) ii an automobile yesterday, Pcrr; County Coroner Walter Andersoi ruled. Former Builder Dies BALTIMORE Wi — Milton \\ [•"ord, former .Annapolis buildin, contractor and a Baltimore bulk ing inspector since . J936, died University Hospital .yesterday of heart ailment which had trouble him for almost five years. Only V7.96 per cent of Arizon is privately owned, the rest hein, federal, slate 1 and Indian 'reserva lion lands. 1956 "GF." H CONSOLE $299,95 NOW FUNERAL FLOWERS fSSie]r.re7-yeir.«ld*H«W« —" ...delicately blended with finest grain neutral spirits. fivlore] whisVics.. .older and finer L - whiskies than in any other leading; Blend. BLENDED WHISKEY. 405» STRAIGHT WHISKIES 7 YEARS OLD, 60» GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS, 86.8 PROOF. MELROSE 'DISTILLERS CO., N, V, , SAVES 40 .00 If y»u nud cuk f*r Fall pint** eur ttrvlct'it prtmpt, fritndty and privalt Loapi up to $300 INDUSTRIAL LOAN SOCIETY, INC. No. 301 Liberty fruit lld|. PHONi PA 4-3100 $10 Down Delivers Only Goodyear Gires You Picture Tube Guarantee 12 Months Entire Set . ; : .',•' Guarantee 12 Months * Backed By Factory Authoriied Service 3.95 Weekly Paymenti * FREE Parking Drive-in GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 133 So. Mechanic St. Dial PA 4-0550 You Can't Beat A LOW COST . . \ • • • . ' • ":-'-;< .-••'- .'•'-" First National LOAN Select the.Car That Suits Your Needs And Let Us Arrange A Loan For The Balance After Minimum Down Paymerit! TYPICAL REPAYMENT SCHEDULE AMOUNT of LOAN ,-.v $1250.00 1500.00 1750.00 2000.00 2500.00 18 Monthly PC $ 73.5 88.1 102.8 117.5 146.9 FIRST NATIONAL BANK CORNER BALTIMORE & N. GEORGE STS. ' DIAL PA 2-0600 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 0 \

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