The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 28, 1939 · Page 10
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 10

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1939
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THE DAILY NEW&-LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN. THURSDAY, SEPT. 28, 1939. Post-Nuptial Shower Fetes Mrs. A. Bennett 1949 MODEL FREESOIL. — A delightful post-nuptial shower and party was given at Parkdale Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 26, by the Free- soil Junior Extension club, honoring Mrs. Arthur Bennett at her home. The afternoon of recreation and visiting closed with a potluck luncheon. Mrs. Bennett was presented with a collective gift. Present were Mrs. Gerheart Storm and 'baby, Mrs. Voigt Haufstatter. Mrs. Vance Rosenow and daughter, Mrs. Ross Bennett, Mrs. Monroe Stanley and two children, Mrs. Charles Gumbus, Mrs. J. J. Bennett and daughter, Jane; Mrs. Earl Edwards and daughter, Mrs. Robert Bennett, Mrs. Harry Rasmussen and daughter, all of Freesoil and vicinity and Mrs. Arthur Bennett of Parkdale, honoree. RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key station of each network Is listed in the programs. The Networks: WEAF—WTAM, WTMJ, WQY, WLW, W8M. WMAQ, WOOD, WW.T. W.TZ — WLS, WTMJ. WMAQ WXYZ. WLW, WOOD. WABC—WJB WHAS, WBBM. Program Planned for Freesoil PT-A FREESOIL. — The following program has been arranged by Mrs. George Rayle for the first Freesoil Parent-Teacher association meeting which will be held at the school auditorium Monday evening, Oct. 2: Musical selections—Tyler orchestra. Reading—Mrs. Clifford Tubbs. Vocal duet—Mrs. Frank Hunt and Mrs. E. M. Stephens. Piano selections—Mrs. Laurence Hill. Vocal duet—Harry Rasmussen and George Rayle. Vocal solo—Mrs. Dorothy Fox. Address of welcome—J. E. Bennett. Response—Superintendent Orville Bailey and introduction of teachers. •inree officers will be elected and some committees may be appointed. A project may also be decided upon. GIRL SCOUT With traffic safety as the theme of a Fall Value Carnival sale now in progress at Kroger stores. Miss Jayne Cooper, Cincinnati beauty, demonstrates what she thinks the traffic policeman of the future will look like. HOMEMAKEE'S COLUMN By G. PEARL DARR (Publicity Chairman of Mason County Extension Clubs) W.VUVVVVV".W.W.W.V%V.VWUWWW.W WWVWWWWJVWWAWVUWVVWbW JV* Among the pests which infest the human race and one of which we are apt to speak of in About New York a whisper are three species ofi for sentencinu lice. b ' The Girl Scout national exhibit in the Children's World, at the New York World's Fair is a reproduction of "Our Chalet", at Adel- bodcn, Switzerland, international meeting place for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all parts of the world. Registrations in the guest book at the World's Fair Chalet represent every state in the nation as well as many foreign countries. It is on the "must" list of every member of the Girl Scout organization who visits the Fair. live with him as his house- ! of Manistee visited Mr. and Mrs. keeper, at a salary of $5 a Dufon and family in Freesoil week, after his wife had gone Sunday, to live with June. The two men were held in the county jail, while the women were released on their own recognizance to appear later CALL LETTERS rtND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 640, KDKA 980, KFAB 770. KFI 640, KMOX 1090, KOA 830, KYW 1020, WBBM 770. WCFL 870, WBAt, 1060, toOCO $10, WABC 860, WKAB 850. WDAF 610. WEAF 660, WBNB 870, WON 720, WGY 780, WHAM 1150. WHAS I Ji20, WHO 1000, WIBO 570, WJJD 1130, I WSM 650. WJR 750. WJZ 760. I WLS 870, WLW 700. WMBI 1080, WKZO i 580. WMAQ 670. WOOD 1270, WOW 590, WOWO 1100, WSB 740, WTAM 1070, WTIC 1060. WKBZ 1500. WTMJ 620. j The beginning of school is i the signal for mothers to be iever vigilant in caring for children's heads. It is" easier to i destroy the first one a child By GEORGE TUCKER j P j c ks up, than the first one NEW YORK—I would like to i and all its progeny which come use names in this story. The! so soon. The head louse is names should be given. But | the >-sC. most commonly found while I know the story is true, j in schools. I can't prove it. We will have to \ It usually may be noticed leave all the principals j when the child begins to anonymous. | scratch the back of liis head Sometime ago a woman from or behind his ears although uuiyS r-junjuo j. d-L v^iutuxng Program Is Failure LANSING, Sept, 28.—(,T)Auditor General Vernon J. Brown asserted today the campaign cf the state administrative board's purchasing committee to place stale buying policies on a scientific basis' has encountered failure. Brown, leader of the cam- i Jones (Amber) Schoo 7 Jones .school will have a day of ; vacation Friday, Sept. 29, so the •teacher und pupils car. attend the Harvest Hume iestival at j Scottville. Silo filling is the order of the clay in this district. Mr. und Mr.s. Nels Knudscn and family vi.sited Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thompson Friday evening, Sept. 22. William Kcvsslcr has been ill i he past week, but i.s bi'tu-r at this lime. Loreit-,1 Hay ward was absent irom high school several days due to illness. Mr.s. Antoine LaPointc i.s un- (Time Is Eastern Standard) NEW YORK, Sept. 28.—The week-end schedule for the radio debate on neutrality has been increased to more than three hours. The additions for Saturday — On CBS at 8 p. m., 30-minute round-table in which Senators Sherman Minton of Indiana and Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota join with six others—Rep. James E. Van Zandt of Pennsylvania, and five newspapermen; CBS at 10:30, Sen. Edward R. Burke of Nebraska. SUNDAY: MBS at 8, American forum hour with Senators Key Pitman of Nevada, Warren R. Austin of Vermont, Tom Connolly of Texas, Robert M. LaFollette of Wisconsin, Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota and Bennett Champ Clark of Missouri; WJZ-NBC at 9:45, Sen. Clyde Reed of Kansas. Meanwhile, Sen. Lewis B. Schwellenbach speaks on WEAF-NBC at 10:45 p. m. Friday. TONIGHT: European sched- ule—WEAF-NBC 7:15; WABC- OBS 8:55; WJZ-NBC 12 Mid., MBS 9. WEAF-NBC—8 Rudy Vallee's Finale; 9 Good News variety; 10 Return of Bing Crosby; 11:15 Dance music. WABC-CBS — 7:30 Joe E. Brown finale; 8 Jim McWilliams quiz; 9 Major Bowes' amateurs; 10 Workshop drama, "Fall of the City"; 10:30 Americans at Work. . WJZ-NBC — 7:45 American Legion convention; 8:15 America's Town meeting preview; 8:30 It's Up to You; 9. NBC Symphony All-Sibelius concert, 2 hours; 10:30 W.C.T.U. convention. MBS-Chain—8 Green Hornet; 9:30 Wallenstein's Sinfoinetta. FRIDAY: European sched- ule—WEAF-MBC 8 a. m, 12:45 p. m.; WABC-CBS 8 a. m., 6:30 p. m. WEAF-NBC—1:15 ' .Let's Talk It Overi 3:15 Ma Perkins; 6:15 Malcolm Clair stories. CBS- chain—3 Music Hour; 5:30 It Happened in Hollywood; 6:15 Uncle Jonathan. WJZ-NBC — 12:30 Farm and Home hour; 2:30 Rhythm school; 6:05 Alma Kitchell Brief Case. MBS-Chain —2 Pacific Southwest tennis interviews. FRIDAY SHQRT WAVES: DJD Berlin 7 Light entertainment; TPA4 Paris 8:30 Variety; YV5RC Caracas 9:30 Amateurs; OSD, GSB, GSC London 11:15 Food for Thought. British Say Sinking Ship Is 'Poppycock' (Continued from Page 1) of a German-Soviet military alliance. They said such a move would demand British-French acceptance of the "liquidation" of their ally, Poland. Britain and France have said repeatedly such terms would be inacceptable. For a clue to the future diplomats looked to Moscow, where the foreign ministers of Germany, Turkey and Estonia were conferring with ihe Soviet government. . Joachim Von Ribbentrop, the German, foreign minister" had a four and a half hour conference with Premier-Poreign Commissar Molotoff in the presence of Joseph Stalin. M many as 500 men served to sortie ancient Qreek Juries. " ites was found guilty by 7 Of 5QJ men, and Mhen- , -rials sometimes had as tty Aft 2^600 Jurymen. « the west came to New York. She the pest multiplies so rapidly ! paign. declared he saw no im- proving irom her rt'L-ent illness was the wife of a page-one cele-| it soon is ciuite at home any- ; provemcnt in purchasing j:jli- brity. He was a business ty-1 where on the scalp. j cies, and no prospect that one and able iu take may kill a rabbit -•- «•» i/».v, UUW.A^. \^i^u, it 11 it ji«j |ji L.'O iyvv. <j t iiu, <j wi it rT'i i • »T v \ Each female louse lays from ! was imminent despite a rc-or- Ihe law in New^ork: 50 to 150 eggs or nits, glueing ! sanitation of the purch.a-::n" each one to a hair. Within j department that deposed Grant a week they will hateh and j N. Hudson as director of pur- these complete their lives in i chases and supplanted him wilh coon. He had been married before. When this woman came to New York she accepted the apartment of a friend in an ex- , - ------ , ~. ~ ^ ...*,. elusive neighborhood. It was f, rom 12 to 24 days and what | Robert J. Riley. one of those expensive placesI 4 }} 6 ? can do in th at. time! If 1 which house only the families of I™ 6 ,jj ce ar . e numerous, the poor the rich | child's hair next to the scalp To this house one day went a may be stiff with nits wnlle newspaperman. He called there frequently. The doorman knew him well. So did the elevator boy and the maids. One afternoon this newspaperman dropped by the apartment Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Raxmussen j — *- ««•*» TI » fj.i 1.1*10 r»4iin_,| . . . . * v •.• --JV i i the itching and bites are un- ! and daughter visited Mr. bearable. If neglected, a fungus may srow under the scabs on which lice may collect and feed. The lice may go from one a scrubwoman, on her knees, scrubbing the marble floor. She looked up, caught at his trousers leg as he passed by. "Oh, wait a moment, Sir," she said, "I have something that I must tell you." * * * The reporter believed her. near an infested or one or by sitting on a seat on which one has dropped. Absolute cleanliness is the first step in getting rid of them. A warm water and soap bath and a complete change of clothing. Kerosene . .,-—,;•-- wil1 kil1 either body or head He looked around. "Come with|lice. Or you can 'mix equal me,' he bade her. Then they parts of kerosene and soft soap went upstairs and into the or kerosene and olive oil The apartment of his friend. "Now Hatter does not irritate so much what have you got on your,Shampoo the head with the mind?" mixture and then wrap a towel The. woman looked at him for about it. After an hour re- a_ moment and then blurted outl mov e the towel and shampoo the name of this newly arrived i with soap and water, then rinse woman from the coast. "She isi with water and vinegar The 's wife," she said. i latter loosens the nits. After "Of course," replied the re- dr ving use a fine tooth comb and Mrs. Brico Kirkp:itrick at Lucl- ington recently. Mrs. Marian Seitz of Freesoi! and Mrs. Marshall Scitz of Fountain left Monday on a vacation trip to visit relatives in Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knizacky have returned from a visit with relatives in Chicago. William Stewarf and Miss Nom Porter of Bachelor spent last week-end in Freesoil. Mr. and Mrs. E, T. Ludrman of Fountain were Free.soi! caller.-, Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Buell Shelley was a Sunday guest of Mrs. Alice Cole and Mrs. Celia Hagstrom. Mr. and Mr.s. Peter! TEMPERATURE TODAY AT 11:00 Weather 66 l.cnvi r : slicmns hr- iiMini; tonight or I'liel.iv. Not cotil in Mnith iMirlion loiu^ht. ioli-r ITid.iy, imirh cooh-r at SPECIAL MILLING— When you have special milling work to he done— we arc able to get this work done for you. We mijchl be able to offer helpful siiifscslions. THE LUD1NGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Tinie Phone 99 porter, "I know that." Where one does not find it "But," said the woman, "I'm in desirable to shampoo, -either a horrible position. I don't derns or Pyrethrum powder know what to do. She is com- i may be used drv - ing to this building—and I am j y, T , f , yo " " se Py ret hrum. mix her husband's first wife!" jhair and half with bran or The news must have' gotten i ? at *? eal P r talcum. Cover the out somehow. For n P vt Aav! tr S? ted . head for 3 « minutes next dav Mrs. -- returned to the coast- Wlt and she has not^been back since, If you look like a starving neat poet or painter you can ^ f rePe food at a little, a towel then brush thor- out-of-the-way night club in Greenwich Village. Yes you'll be actually rewarded loafing! This club depends - ong hair - R epeat treatments m a r Wee , k v, °/ 10 days to catch '' "^ " m tr6at ' atmosphere" for its in artist5 upon success, to and ments. To free clothing of lice, boil it. To prevent shrinkage in woolen clothing soak the clothes solution one-half hour, then wash carefully as you would any wool clothing. Pressing seams with hot irons is effective. kind that inhabited, by the score some'; FOUR MIDSHIPMEN ™,,,. Q ^ The 8 en eral public, of' couise. doesn't know most pre- spnt^n,. wnters and artist ^ Qf KILLEDJN ACCIDENT MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 28.— the Village arc the practical kind -ne wspaWr and magazine S : ' /r VJ Four U ' S ' Naval academy crs, and gag-sketch artist Tand l m . ldsrhl Pmen enroute to Annap-1 ' NO CHARGE FOR DANCING ORCHESTRA FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY NIGHTS Everyone Welcome! LIQUOR — HEER — WINE — MIXED DRINKS. Wever's Inn *< Walfaalla TONK;HT 6:45 30c und lOc and The oils for classes were killed about \ :30 a. m. today in a magazine The long-haired'Vccenrric'attT' r f 30 a " m " today in ' dwellers are quite rare i of their automobile and an ap- But, anyway, the proprietor of P L e truck at Bradcn . Tenn.. his night-spot needs the 0^ l ^° Ut v?- 5 miles north east of timers—or reasonable facsimUPs ! M ^P hls - —m his business So he'serves 1 T^ 16 dead were identified by free plates of excellent fnnri t« i Gllla m S. Jones, undertaker at attract the .stand-in?w£^ in stanton ' Tenn - as: Britton C. turn, attract the cash customer? I Cole of Bryan ' Tex - ; philli P L Maybe it's unethical to f^i' Seewald of Amarillo, Tex.; Max the public in such fash on h?,t I E ' McConnell of ClovLs, N. M., ! U works. i«">nion, but,, and T B O|T Jf Qf Ardmorej -x- # ^. Okla. All were around 18 to 22 iml R TL Hu ^? n lsn>t her rea1 - yeai ' S ° ld - THE GIRL AND THE / ^ c r;" yDovv ^7 0 "'""«Moor <e £ -*e *** FRIDAY AND SATURDAY INSPIRING tOMAfiCI S'FrERY^MOTIdN! Ina Ray was her wa,s Barbara Hutton front pages i n a venture. Fish Joe E. in a Wife-Swapping Pair Convicted at Lapeer LAPEER, Sept. 28. — (IP) — George Davis and Mrs. Edith June, the second pair of de, fendents in Lapeer county's ad- "wife-swapping", were convicted Wednesday by a circuit court jury on charges of ,lewd and lascivious cohabita- togetherition. cause the publlcitV''aS' be " ,, c i ar l nc£ : J " n e and Mrs. Mil- them is their monrh^fv °u" ^ cd Davis ? ere cm ™%* «" just the way Dietri i t '• >1\ same charges Tuesday by a »^i her . le g s> exploitation nnH Davis, a Flint factory worker, was the only one of the four defendents to testify. He denied the prosecution's c'han*- es that the two men had made a deal to swap wives and arrange an equal distribution of children between the revamped families. . He said Mrs. June came to sarong stuff.) Monte Caro th Carlo the European gambling Place, is "The Society of the Sea Baths and toe Strangers' Club of » Monaco," RICHARD 6REENE HERE I AM A STRANGER" .... . '••;•:<: •• »tth •:•:•-• ,.- •- -••'. RICHARD DIX RREWJ5A JOYCE^.> •.•'.'• • ' 20th:. CiriturWFoW,',, ~ ~£** . U/ SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY Myrna Tyrone POWER George BRENT LOT "The RAINS CAME" GROCERS BUYING TOGETHER MEANS/1 PROTECTION ' Shurfine Coffee 15 Dressing Shurfine, "Velvet Whipped", quart Shurfine, I'd or Carnation, tall cans NOODLES ' 2 Mb. p kgs- 25c JELL-0, 6 Delicious Flavors 3 pkgs, 14c PENN MAID APPLE SAUCE No- 2 can lOc APPLE BUTTER, Fancy Quality 38 oz. jar 19c HERMAN'S CRACKERS, pound package DEL MONTE PEACHES No. li'2 can 17c DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE No. 2 can Sliced, 18c DEL MONTE RED SALMON No. 1 tall can 25c DEL MONTE Vacuum Tack COFFEE Ib. tin 25c Tomatoes 3 NO. 2 cans CATSUP, 14 oz. Bottle 2 for 19c CRACKERS, Johnston's Salted . . . 2 Ita. box 15c DROMEDARY DATES, Pitted 7*4 oz. pkg. 15c RITZ CRACKERS large pkg. 23c Tuna f'liickcnof tlic Sea, (irccii Label, can CLAPP'S BABY FOOD ......................... 3 cans 23c CLAPP'S CHOPPED FOOD ...................... 2 cans 25c STALEY'S STARCH, Cream or Cube ............ 2 pkgs. 17c VIKING BROOMS, 4 Sewn ...................... each 59c Dog Food UOXEY 5 cans —MEATS— POKK HO AST, lean hulls, SIDE PORK, POKK SHANKS, PORK STEAK, lean, PORK SAUSAGE, bulk PICNICS, BACON, BEEF STEW, u 15c ,„ lOc „,. 20c i k 15c ,„ 17C 14r Ib. M.v\s CHICKENS, 3 to 3'A Ib. average, .... Ib. 19C VEGETABLES BANANAS, 4 , b . 25C IIEA»LETTUCE, hard heads . . . CELERY, larRc stalks . . . SQUASH, 2-15C 5c APPLES, CAULIFLOWER, ............ head PEPPERS, ....... Ib. 10 lbs 15c to per doz. ONIONS, RUTABAGAS, | A J.V Ib. bug pound Woodbury's Old Dutch Rex Lye FACIAL SOAP cakes & I <\ i 1 1 CLEANSER, Goes further, doesn't scratch A *?Qp II'« rn;wli> with Siniumftf tilt T^rJin^J U*J\J It's made with Scismotite of them all" cans I 3 SCOTT 1 Roll and TOWELS 1 Holder AFFILIATED GROCERS- A. E. SCHEOEDEE & SON Washington and Dowland — Phoae Z9» FAEMEES' EXCHANGE Dowland A J»mw ~- Phon« MI HOLLICK & CARLSON S. Washington Ave. — Phone 200 FARMERS' EXCHANGE E. Lujdlngton Ave. — Phone 94 and 95 I !•

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