Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Page 9
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w^f^^-s^w^f^'^^S' ^^^mfm^9^e^?w^p fhw«^:^^T^-M*^ir^''^-'C SECTI0I4 TWP rOLA. KAN.. TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 20. 1927. Louisiana Pair Used Mur- dier as Mode^-T|ied to -^"Do If Better" —Face Gallows. • liomer. La.. Dec. 20.—Wheu a lyong Island housewife named Ruth Snyder'plotted with her torset- *i(le9man lover,'Judd Grar> to club her bu^tand to death, the echoe.s of tlie affair were heard in the re- tnote! confines of the - Louisiana : town of Haji-nesTille, La., near ttere. - They ^ut an idea in the beads ot Elisha Swift, ne'er-do-weH soft drink salesman, and Mr?. Kffle ' Jowijrs, wife of a small-town'store­ keeper. \ JVS a result, J. P. Jokers, the husband, Is dead, and Mrs. Jowerp and Swia have confessed to his mur- , d<r and are facing trial ior -their • lives in a crime that is almost xbiy fxa-ot counterpart of the Snyder• t; ray murder—except that it vcan. if; poflptble, even more sordid and re- jxllant. i • Copied Biith »iid Jndd.' X The two prisoners admit that tht> Muyder-Gray c^rJtae was their model; , i ^ -Vlrs. Jowers, a thin. UiscouraReU- loolcing wbinan who looks even les:* A Murder That Was CopiedfAfter Ldng Island's Famous Slaying LCT^IN THE riOUSE and father aiid SOB dragged like ;a prlncipak in a flaming ro- j body down stairs, across the llvine mance than Mrs. Snyder, says: ' • awiil and i read alJout llie Siiy- rooui flcJbr and loaded it into drrrC5ray murder. I Kvery dwiaii tjfito a bridge over a lonely bdyim. It Swift thought lie could improve , wh^ro Swift tiod lii -:ivy weighij.s tu oo it by hidlug the body «o it coulil the b(«l>- jiid iliiHii «<J it Into n»ver be found. - \Vf thouBht ; water. (Jray.and lluth Snydi-r had iiiadi; ; Ti ,e iitvt d;iy Mis: .lowci> a inistakc lu leaving 'b.- I'oUy „„uu,.,.,i lur Uu»-bmi 'l hii <l where it wa-i." ht-r. Her jifory was ijeiicnilly ".>nift and .Mrs. .lowers bad beeu Ifepted; IJUI Sheriff .lohn t'ol«iian. auto. Then drove for riille.s niaititainlng a rouiauce tor a year i suspicious, went to bi-r horn - a l-omaux-e that everyone in town 'quiv^tion her. knew about but jAvcrs. Swift vis- ,j Sunday i and uliv Van ii n- i.a PAGES 9 to 12J SWffr $OUqaf TO HIDE THEIE. VICTIMS" 8PDY <o It.^ Mrs. JowerK every day: when wishing her living room floor. Wis JowcM would come l.oua. before he u .e sheriff more ^uspiclou«: loft, hw.ft would hide in the nUtc^ ,ater>when she wu.. BUtjl .loners had fallen aslei-i.. ..^^.^^ p.^„„,i„^„ This might have j;oue on in- i jj^j^^;. definitely had not the Long Island . , . . murder given the lovjrs an idea.«'J«^; vann -sh was 6o,-one night. Swift waited in the;''*'"^ »" wver blocd.stalns. tlark attic with more than hi.-?'. -Mr.s. Jowers and Swift were ar- usuai trafu His son. Paul. age <r rested. After a brief questlonini: 3 1>. was with . hini. Jowers wu.t a 'hey confessed, implicating the Iwy. big man, and Swift, who had plan-; Paul. Deputies found Paul at a blows jind thrediK a.n(i compelling h.lm (o take parr in it tragedy that rflibed tin- lad of for /layrt j afterward." When th<r two Avpnt to Jowerf' boiiMf •.ogethcr I'aiif knew that Jowers wa -H to be killed. "I wouldn't do that. Pop," sai<l the boy. "1 won't h ?lr you do it." "You'll ilo just a«' I tay or I'll thra..ih von." snarW^il Swift. Tlieii. later, on the rickety bridge over the lonely bayou while father and \ son poised tUe^ lifeJ'esa body on the rail. Paul pleaded aj^ain. •'I toM Pop that wasn't any way to do." he says. "I told him ^hat ..^ , , , if he was solnp to do'that he.ought ued things better than Judd' Crav niovie, and rbrousrht him to the jail, to burv him richt. 1 told him he had- planned. wa.s taking no i T''^ -boy ."eemed relieved at being jihonl.l be buried. I a.sked htm how ihaiice .s. !arre.<ited. !he would like to hp done that way.'' j At last Jowers" high-pitched | "I'n; glad you've got me."' he' IJut th.- boVs protests were use dc^ith iMivaltv.-; Tbi- trial w(U I.e-' shalj'iy. a ti ifle shoddied'all ground, gin sof.n. • ' I*'" " parallel. aK .Mr*. Jow- And In the «.nil'yard of the jail ,er.s rather proudly ;'ays. where they are confine<l. right HII-'_ Trjinir M< K«ra|)e. dur Swift'.'< window, tarneiiters are ! ^j^.^ Jo.vers./like Riitli.'snvder. hullding a scaffold.^ The .sheriff thou-^ht her Iiu4an <l too contented believes iu being prepared. vrith the rut in which life ha-.i .\nd there you have I-onislana'. > placed him. She told. In jail, how^ counterpart of thO Snyder-fJtay once, years aso, she had Inducetl murder. : The principals are a lit- hint to quit being a roving preacher tie lower In the .«cale. to be sure: I anil become a store-keeper. this'to become known." she sail, in her drawling voice, "but Mistah Jow.uhs was not siich a very good preachuh. He wasn't; educated .-^u Very good. You know, a preachuh hais to be pretty educated these days; tp get any nioiiey. So we de- ,j elded he was to (jiiit bejn" a preach- Uh.'* J And then—aloiit; came Swift. Avlth a promise of relief ir«m the life of a village sjorekeeper'.s wife. And then came the ac (i )unts of the Snyder-Oray murder. rCopyright, 19:!7, .N'KA Service. Inc.! The^ jfirst real atlenipt at flight across 1910 bl can nel the Atlantic wa.' made in Walter Wellmaii. .\meri- [vspaper man. in a non- rigid -nlirigible l)alluon. When l.OOrt mile.s off Cape Hatteras the . .balloon was brought down by a jthe whole affiiir Is a litt'e bit more! "Sow. of course. I wouldii't like {.storm and the crew rescifed.. USEFUL FOR MOTHER We.should alway.s encfeaior to lighten her load wher^ • ever we can, and thi.s season we arei offering such itetns as listed below with mother in mind. • ; ; VACUUM CLEANERS ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS ELECTRIC TOASTERS ELECTRIC BATH ROOM HEATERS JONES ELBJCTRIC WORKS S East Jackson ; Phone 192 I- !J snores announced thata he was - esleep. Mrs. Jowers called Sw"itt. He came into the bedroom, Mrs, Jowers held a light, and Swift fwupg' a four.-pound sleds,e ham- flier. It wa .i sbon over. . " Jpwcrs"was too heavy for Swift to carpy down to his auto. .So Paul >vas pressed into unwilling service. [said. "I couldn't" sleepi ever s that night.' Lots of times 1 going to tell about it, hut wouldn't let me." Then the hoy revealed a stra^ige, shadowy drama—the drama of semf^lUterste-itiofr drink salesinah forcing his son to help with a inur- was Pop nee {less. Swift made Wiii, help put .towers' boiiyin th" VrJ-ek. Later, It was Paul who .showed the officers where the body was;' Mrs. Jowers and Swift offered to plead guilty and accept life sentences. But the prosecutor refused, aanounclQ!; that he would der, stifling the boy's protests A .ith^tput them on trial and demand tljc SKeep-lined Coats Specially Piliced at $7.50 Hell Wear! . And N^OT the kind, iie'U • give away! Figui*es, dots • and stripes in mogadores, ^' moires, repps, poplins and silk knits. Priced to fit every purse. 75c to $2.00 Boxed for you in dainty gift packets,. SHIRTS IMain white, broad- clot h.s, a!.«o fancy .^liii'ting.s in the designs men like most. $1.95 .{ for $3.50 Pajan^as r^Iiddy and collar-on styles in inadras, broadcloth ^nd silk. $2.50 ™ $7.50 Amoskeag Flannel Pajamas' S2.50 Values $1.95 v. Ladies-^ Here's a gift that saves your liu^pping time, 'and never fa^ to please. P. A. is sold everywhere in tidy red tins, ^pojmd and half<pound tia hu^nidors, and potiadcrystdl* gla^ humidors with ^ponge- mdstener top. a man • .cm the national joy smdke • t-

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