Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 22, 1961 · Page 4
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1961
Page 4
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4 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, Mar oh 22, 1961 Remember When-? FIFTY YEARS AGO Interesting Items From the Files or "The Volksblatt" Published in March 31, Mil Miss Lepha Harvey and William Crabtree were married Saturday at Castalia. Our delightful weather of the past week caught cold Monday and it's been quite disagreeable. But 'spring must come." Leighton Smith and Carrie Swenson have secured a marriage 'i- cense at Waukon. IV. Duwel has bought the 80 acre farm of Mrs. Mary Sickmeier in Ludlow township. , Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolter of near Luana celebrated their tin wedding anniversary Thursday. The Luana Co-Operative Creamery Company has declared a 15 per cent dividend, payable to its stockholders. Fred Eberling suffered severe injuries Saturday when he fell through the hay chute in his barn Henry Schuette was awarded the contract to build the new residence DO YOU HAVE HARD TO HEAT ROOMS? If so, switch to GREEN COLONIAL home heating! Why freeze in one room and roast in another. 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With the proper size tank, you are assured a plentiful supply of Philgas—get the wonderful convenience of Philgas for your home, and more efficient and economical operation around your farm. Come in and let 's discuss bow you can benefit with Philgas and Philgas Bulk Service. MARIANNA PROPANE CO. Phone 86 4-7451 Postville, Iowa Two-Way Radio on Trucks for faster, more efficient service. 'rUffi b Ibt rbiOp ttlakm Gxnpoay Tr«)«erk fugsUgb foatty If-Gos. Fred Thoma will build this summer. W. G. Bulman and family have rented the Charles Kohrs house and the F. L. Eaton family has leased the W. S. Webster house. Mrs. Kamin, the mother of Mrs. Paul Topel, passed away Tuesday morning and funeral services were l held Thursday. Christ Ruckdaschel has bought the small house on the lots east of the Gregg Lumber yard and has had it moved to his vacant lots. The Eastern Star lodge sponsored a private mask ball at its hall Monday night which was attended by 60 masked persons and all had a delightful time. The census report for Postville indicates that we have suffered a loss of 32 people since the census of 1900. There are 952 residents here now as compared to 984 ten years ago. The confirmation class of the Lutheran church at Luana this year is composed of the following boys and girls: Edgar Kruegc-r. Walter Meier, Harry Lenth, Edwin Bugenhagen, Roy Johanningmeier Velmar Funk, Alma Landt, Irene Brandtman, Alma Steglich, Mildred Engelhardt, Frieda Kamps, Amy Moritz, and Marie Martins. The following young people of the St. Paul's Lutheran church will be confirmed on Palm Sunday: Edmund Meyer, Verni Engel, William Koenig, Eldo Dahl, Eddie Meyer, Arno Meyer, Verni Schultz, Ella Rolfs, Luella Krogman, Lena Boeso, Caroline Sebastian, Ora Meyer, Anna Miller, Mathilda Meyer, Ella Meier, Bertha Thoma, Velma Brandt, Velma Schultz, Edna Schultz, Ella Schroeder and Elta Saueressig. A most successful concert was rendered at Turner Hall by the Postville High School Scout Band last Friday evening. Soloists were Kenneth Sanders and Harvey Cornell, while the band's mascot, the little Meiske boy, (Cloy) surprised the audience with his cornet solo. After the concert the drama, "Borderland," was presented with the following cast of characters: Harvey Cornell, F. W. Phillips, Tony Staadt, Ray Douglass, Cloy Waters, Fred Turtle, Allison Swenson, Ruth Hart, Ora Ward, Myra Angell and Nellie Sonnkalb. The Class of 1961 . . . SENIOR PERSONALITIES Interviews from P. H. S. although some cotton rugs are nearly as expensive as good wool carpeting. Rayon and acetate are the least expensive. You can also expect to pay at least $1.00 per square yard to have a carpet laid. Bargain rates for carpet laying often moans that the Pamela. Eder Kathleen Pixlcr Linda Kirkestue TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO The Club of the Hour held their regular meeting on Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Willard Schutte. At this meeting the following new officers were elected for the coming year: President, Katherine Staadt; vice president, Gertrude Sanders; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Willard Schutte. Frank Reinhardt, Fred Miene, Arbie Rose, Dan McNeil and Lawrence Welzel, all farmers along the Postville-Gunder graveled road, turned out the latter part of last week and helped to fix the soft spots that had developed. They used field drags and a King drag to accomplish their purpose. During the month of February the Postville creamery received 43,679 pounds of butterfat which was manufactured into 54,379 pounds of butter. Patrons were paid 41 cents per pound for the butterfat and approximately fifty farmers received checks of over $100; several checks were over $300. The annual meeting of the Monday Club was held at the home of Mrs. J. T. Humphrey, March 23. The following officers were elected for the coming year: President, Bernice Walter; vice president, Pauline Staadt; secretary and treasurer, Mildred Koevenig. Donald Lamborn of route 2, 'Luana, who has been a patient at the Postville Community hospital, while recovering from an opera- Interesting Items From the Files of the Postville Herald of March 26, 1936 HARD OF HEARING! the world's first H/GHRDEUTY Hearing Aid ike ZENITH EXTEN DED RANGE HEARING AID mtt '/i wldar frequency rang* bring* In sound* navar bafora reproduced through present conventional hearing aids. • Vastly Improved the hearing ol • out of 10 wearers tested—in actual test among people who wear hearing aids. That's all that Is required to convince most anyone with a hearing loss that here is the closest thing to normal hearing—next to normal hearing itself. Pamela Eder How many times have you entered the Western Auto Store and been approached by a friendly young miss with a "May I help you?" Did you know who she was? Well, if not, let me tell you just a little about this senior girl. Her name is Pamela Eder and she works part time in her father's store. Nobody calls her Pamela because it's easier to say Pam—and shorter, too. In Pam's high school days she has participated in band, one act play, junior class play, mixed clarinet quartet, Thespians, clarinet quartet, preparation for speech contest and G. R. A. One thing Pam will never be without a book, because she loves to read. Further evidence of this is the fact that she belongs to three book clubs. As far as cars go, Pam likes anything that doesn't rattle. Pam plans to enter I. S. T. C. after graduation and to major in library science and become a librarian. ***** Kathleen Pixler I am sure most of you know Kathleen Pixler. But not so many of you know that Kathleen was born on St. Pat's day and is the youngest member of the Postville Senior Class. Eligibility to drive the family Ford has given Kathleen the opportunity to run errands on Saturday drive to her waitress job at the Dairy Bar, and transport herself and brother Danny to various destinations. Kathleen attended Baily Country job will not be y ^i Welch explains. o Ml , be seams which are unj rectly and which ^3 short wear. In suck \ entire carpet must ke tdj order to re-sew the iujjl School from kindergarten through sixth grade when she transferred to Postville High School. Since seventh grade. Kathleen has had a part in many extra curricular activities such as F. B. L. A., Cadet Teachers, and Mixed Chorus. At the beginning of her high school years Kathleen began her career. As a sophomore she enrolled in shorthand and has. since then, progressed to secretarial practice, bookkeeping, and business law. Kathleen is now secretary to Mrs. Hoven (Department of 3usiness Education). This experience will be valuable when she steps into a position as secretary to a leading business executive — preferably in Cedar Rapids. Best of Luck to n determined graduate. Linda Kirkestue Linda Kirkestue. a shy girl in; the senior class, is afraid of chickens. This fear stems back to her childhood days when an old mother hen gave her a good peck while she was looking at her baby chicks. Cadet teaching and annual staff are the activities she has participated in during her four years jn high school. Linda's favorite subject is English. She took it this year because it included speech and she enjoys giving speeches and listening 'to others. Her hobby is collecting napkins which have the names of places she has been on them or those with clever designs on them. After graduation she plans to be come an elementary teacher or else do secretarial work. tion for appendicitis, left the first of the week for the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Lamborn. Contractor Louis W. Thoma and his crew have completed the Elmer Hoth garage on the home premises, and Elmer surely ought to be able to get into it without much trouble, as the door is 16 feet wide and .seven feet high and is of the "push 'em up Tony" variety. It is a two-car garage. BEWARE OF "BARGAINS" IN CARPET BUYING Iowa City—Carpeting is changing so rapidly, especially in fiber content, that many people are "lost in the rush" when it comes to buying wisely, says Jeannine Welch, instructor in home economics at The State University of Iowa. Many so-called bargains are not really bargains at all. she continues. The cardinal rule is to buy from a reputable dealer or decorator who will stand behind his product. Try to get acquainted with the brand names — and buy carpeting bearing brandname labels, she advises. The fiber you choose will depend upon your budget and the use you wish to make of the carpet. Generally, it is a good idea to buy a good quality of whatever fiber you chose. For example, if you cannot afford a good nylon carpet, it would be better to buy a cotton carpet of good quality than to buy poor-quality nylon. Carpet fibers fall into six classifications: wool, acetate, acrylics and modacrylics, cotton, nylon and rayon. According to a textiles law passed last spring, the fiber content of all carpeting must be marked on labels with the manufacturer's name. If a label has been removed by the dealer, ask to see it, Mrs. Welch cautions. In heavily traveled areas of your home, you will want a carpet which will stand up under hard wear. The density of the carpet's pile is important • here. Before buying carpets, bend back a corner of each carpet to see whether the pile is dense. If it is thin, you will prob ably be happier if you don't buy. Best-wearing fibers are cotton and nylon, with wool and the acrylics (acrilan, creslan, orlon. dynelj and verel) almost as good. Smooth,) special-processed carpet rayon wears better than regular rayon. Acetate is usually poor, but when 20 per cent or more nylon is added, wear is somewhat improved. Nylon is not a magic word, however; there are two kinds of nylon carpeting. Mrs. Welch explains. Filament nylon is that made from) one continuous fiber, while staple; nylon is made of short lengths of fibers, sometimes lengths that have broken off in the weaving of a filament carpet. After short wear, fibers in staple carpeting will "ball up" and come off. Staple nylon may be identified in the store by twisting the fibers. If they come off. the carpeting is staple. Unreliable carpet dealers have sold "bargain" nylon—usually staple—expecting consumers to buy the carpet simply because it is nylon, Mrs. Welch continues. Generally, good nylon carpeting will cost at least $10 per square yard, though you can sometimes get real bargains for slightly under this price. There are also two kinds of wool carpeting—virgin or new and reprocessed. Reprocessed wool is made from used or left-over pieces of wool, and if made correctly is just as good as virgin wool. However, reprocessed carpeting often is of poor quality, Mrs. Welch says. Again, pick at the fibers. If they pull out, the carpeting is not a good buy. Wool carpeting is the most crush- resistant, with the acrylics and nylon following very close behind. Rayon and acetate are somewhat less crush-resistant, with short-pile, dense constructions showing less crushing than high, loose constructions. Cotton is the least crush-resistant, but dense constructions made with twist yarns give a better performance. Most expensive carpets generally are of wool, the acrylics and nylon, 1 "LIVING SOUND 1 Hearing Aids RITCHIE'S JEWELRY Between the Banks Prairie du Chien, Wise. HIGH TEST AGRICULTURAL LIME ROCK FOR CONCRETE CHIP AND CRUSHED ROCK AVAILABLE NOW CHECK OUR PRICES—the most reasonable in the Postville Vicinity. Leave Orders With .... FRANK TEHEL, Postville Or Call Your Orders To ... . Dial 56 8-3515, 56 8-3532,56 8-2456 Or Stop at the Quarry on Highway 51 R. J. Cooney Construction Co. WAUKON, IOWA SB***-"--* Buy From Us..'. 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THEY BECOME DELINQUENl| ON APRIL FIRST. SO YOU HAVE JUST A SHORT TIME LEFT TO PAY THEM! Penalty of three-fourth of one per ^J is added April 1, and the same air™ each month thereafter as long a* remain unpaid. * * * Arthur ALLAMAKEE COUNTY TREASl Wendj

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