Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 25, 1955 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1955
Page 20
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TWENTY EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD., TUESDAY, OCTOBER Court To Rule On Mental Capacity Of Accused PW FT. MEADE, Md. Mv-A ruling was due today on whether Maj.! Ronald E. Alley, artillery officer accused of misconduct while a prisoner of the Communists in Korea, has "the mental capacities to participate in his defense." Three psychiatrists yesterday: maintained the 34-year-old Alley was sane. Called by tin which is trying Alley on he collaborated with his captors, they contradicted testimony of Dr. Bernard Glueck, a Washington psychiatrist. Glueck said last week that Alley is a paranoid schizophrenic. The court martial law officer's decision will determine if the two- month-old trial will continue. Alley was described as mentally competent and able to cooperate in his own defense by Maj.Ralph H. Potter of the Presidio, San Francisco, Calif.; Col. Albert .1. Glass, deputy director of neuropsychiatry at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Dr. Henry A. Segal of Bclhesda, Md. One of them said he-thought Alley showed some evidence of impulsiveness, but had no significant Iracc of psychosis — in lay terms, insanity. Their testimony .was in sharp contrast to that of Dr. Glueck, who said he thought Alley was not accountable for his actions in Korea. Dr. Glueck, who was re-examined yesterday, said he had heard nothing from Ihe other psychiatrists to justify changing his opinion. "1 can't understand this splitting of hairs among my colleagues," said Dr. Glueck. Of one opinion, Maj. Potter's, he said, "He stops al. the point of jump between sanity and insanity. 1 disagree that we are justified here in stopping at that lino of demarcation " An Eye For Justice MAD1LL, Okla. Wi — Justice of the Peace C. S. G rider fined a speeder 530. said it was all right with him if the fellow left his glass eye for security until pay day. The man did. v County Tests Pension Cost Requirement IIAGERSTOWN in - The Wash- nglon County commissioners have iskcd County Attorney John M. Colton to tell them if (hey arc lc- [ally required to pay a bill for 1,300 submitted by the State Em- iloycs Retirement System. The bill was sent lo cover re> iremeht payments for a.member of (he .House of Delegates, John i. Iluyelt, who served four years as Washington County sheriff. An act of the 1055 General sembly requires counties and cities 0 ante up toward retirement pay it State employes who spent time n county or city jobs. Frederick is similarly protesting 1 bill for nearly $13,000 covering 'ormcr municipal service by El- ncr F. Munshower, superintendent ol State Police, who was once nayor of Frederick, and Russell 1. -McCain, chairman of the Stale loads Commission, who was once town alderman. OJ the 2 great Canadian whiskies—this is tlie 1 .. .for lightness, for elegance SCBSKUY oismuis to., lira ram cur. mnurED.cAiuDUH WHISKY, A mm. i mis OLD. n.i HOOF Session Of'Big 4'Will Test'Spirit Of Geneva' Customer's Right When He's Right SAN DIEGO, Calif.-(INS)—R. . Catlin of London, 2ng., believes that some Americans have the wrong approach to their customers. In America, he said, the customer is always right. But in England, Catlin coalin ucd, the customer is only righl when he is right. Catlin, a London merchant who vacationed recently in San Diego said: "I suggest that this is the besl way to retain the customer's re spect — and his continued btisi ness." Big Blowup Feared As Dynamite Stolen JERSEYVILLE, lll.-im-Shcrif Herman C. Kirchner said the lock 0." the dynamite storage shed -was pried away by a thief at a quarry Sixty slicks of the explosive and a quantity of dynamite caps wer taken. The sheriff isn't so concerns with "the theft itself. What doe the thief intend to do with the the big. question. No down payment with an LB charge account TABLE OPENS TO SEAT EIGHT COMFORTABLY! HERE'S REAL SAVINGS pc. Mahogany Dining Room HERE'S WHAT YOU GET Regency Host Armchair 5 Regency Side Choirs Regency Two-Pedestal Table on casters — with drop leaves that open to a full 66" — close to 36"x26"! Each piece beautifully finished in rich, lustrous mahogany! Start vour Christmas Start your Law-away at L, Bernstein wjr^jrjiWjK^^ Career, Bong'Types; By JAMES MAftLOW . Associated Press News-Analyst WASHINGTON Mi-^When the Big our foreign ministers 'open their irce-wcok meeting in Geneva hursday, .they will be. making an> her test or the so-called "spirit ' Geneva." But it will not be the final lest, will be just one more lest. And probably will not be vt-ry suc- essful although at the end of it ic diplomats can be expected to sue some pleasant bulletins about rogress of some kind. If they make any progress it will e an achievement since the three nain problems they will discuss at leneva have been big problems a ing time and are not likely of set- emcnt this soon.. The air .of optimism could be reathed in easily for a short time ftcr President Eisenhower met at eneva last July witlrPrcmier Bul- anin of Russia and the heads of ic British and French govcrn- lents. World Astonished The world was astonished that ussia and the West at Geneva ould not only get along so .pleas- ntiy but that they could get along all. At Geneva all sides ox- ressed pious hopes and peaceful ntentions. But, when it was boiled down, 1 that happened at Geneva was alk. Any concrete results of the neeting there had to be shown by eeds later. The 'Eisenhower ad- ninislration, as it.faced tests of lie Geneva spirit, began to put a amper on optimism. ' The first test came early in the all at the United Nations when he United States and Russia had heir first chance, since Geneva o discuss publicly the President's :ensational aerial inspection pro rosal made at Geneva. In the U. N. the United States and Russia got nowhere.. Nov comes the second test when Secre ary of State Dulles meets 'this week at Geneva with Russia's For eign Minister Molotov and the for eign ministers of Britain and Trance. Eisenhower and the other three nembers of the Big. Four had agreed llicir foreign ministers vould meet at this time lo discuss hese three main problems: (J) German unification and Eu ropean security; (2) disarmament .1) improving relations between he West and Russia in trade and exchange of visitors. Almost since-the end of World War II the West and Russia have not been able to agree on the uni- ication of Germany. Russia is expected again lo balk at Western mification- proposals, for various •easons. No Reason To Hurry From Ihe Russian viewpoint .here seems no reason to hurry on his one. On the contrary, by hold- ng out the bait of a united Germany if the Germans agree to ireak loose from the West, the Russians can hope at least to damage, if not break up, the Western Allies now united in the North At- antic Treaty Organization. It seems impossible thai the AVest and Russia in the short time since Ihe Big Four meeting in Geneva could agree on a European security organization that would satisfy the Russians, if they want' to, be satisfied. At Geneva, Eisenhower suggested this country and Russia exchange blueprints on their military establishments and permit each other to'check on those establishments from the air. As for improving relations 'be- ween the-West and Russia, per laps some minor agreements can >e made if the foreign ministers :vcr have time to discuss this .iroblem. The other two problems nay take all their time. J. S. Fanners Save Taxpayers Money ELLSWORTH, Iowa HI.- Ralph Olsen of Ellsworth, a member of he Iowa farm .delegation that vis- led Russia during the summer ells how delegation members used Russian gift to save American axpayers some money. Tlje Russians gave each member if the delegation a suitcase full of champagne, but/ the. cost of ship- >ing it home would have been pro- libitive,.Olscn says.. • . So the Americans gave it away —to the Unnted States. Embassy in Moscow. Tiie Elsenhower administration ays this is a plan that should be preliminary lo any agreements on isormamcnl. The Russians want o talk about general disarmament, 'his whole business is up" in the ilr, unlikely icneva. to be solved Many, camels are used • for trans 1 port on the-Canary Islands. More Women Have Ulcers, Doctor Says CHICAGO—(INS)—The so-called nodcrh career wonian and wives who aspire to "wear the pants, in .he family" are ; special candidates for stomach ulcers. So says Dr. John E. Cox-of Memphis who is attending the second annuarconvention of the American College of Gaslroenterology in Chicago this week. The physician reported that ulcers have increased more than 30 per cent, iri the last 10 years among the. two groups of women. He explained that no one knows the exact.cause o: stomach or duodenal ulcers but that such abnor- malties are known to result'from mental and emotional stress leading to increased gastric acidity. Dr. Cox said that .as women move into areas of business and other activities once dominated by men who have. had ulcers for years, they inherit the ulcers along with the jobs. He warned: . "If woman' want such .opportunities, they'jl have to take the consequences that go with them." The physician added. that wives •ho control the family exchequer and want to "keep up with the Jonses" also are developing more ulcers. Goucher Prof esspr Dies mond, Ky., and received hl^bach- vcrsily. The 63-year-old educator' was seated at a desk when licjiuddenly slumped over. " Briar College in Virginia. . Although Lake Chad,. in north Africa, covers about 7000.square ,!£ M Cf aUeS Smfeils-deplh is only five to » feel. LOANS - UP TO $1500 •* f i i \ Coih You $.100.00 200.00 30J5.00 20 Monrtily $ 6.7J 13.44 50.16 C«ik Y.u $ 501.00 740.3J 1032.00 M M.nlMy $25.00 36.00 50.00 I«. Chergil en lowil th« Indvltrtol Flnonci I '• I Phone PA 4-3600 for your money today ILY FINANCf CORPORATION 40 North Mechanic Street - Telephone: PA 4-3600 GIVE HER THE NEW BULOVA World's Tiniest : 23J DIAMOND SE WATCH i ABtAZE WITH DIAMONDS i SIX PRECISION ADJUSTMENTS I • LIFETIME UNBREAKABLE MAINSPRING , -• JEWELED OUTSIDE FOR 6IAZING | BEAUTY • JEWELED INSIDE FOR PRECISION ACCURACY Pay as little as •*! weekly la Pelitt "A'\ a JiwllJ, 2 din • W° TCH «IMTLY INUMI* TO IMOW CKTAU Other Buhva"La PetitifWatches from $59.10 to $150.00 HAUGER'S JEWELRY 16 N. Centre St. PA 4-5665 It's Vintitt tmlit) Bur ...enjoy It! Western Maryland Dittributinf Co. JAMES F, BBOWNINO ' Riot 26.30 Norlli 0*org« SlfMI • »«n«,Md. Mi<ni PArkvkw J-W50 ANNOUNCING THE NEW 1956 THE HEW FORWARD LOOK Push-Button Driving Is Here.,. Blazing New 255 Horsepower! The most exciting automotive news in a decade! Touch the '' button'and you Go! No levers to get in your way. Push-button ; control is safely located on the left hand side of the instrument panel. A light, easy touch automatically selects the driving ranges;'" l ~ you want. It's as effortless as tapping your finger tip. You'll have to try it to believe it ... at your De Soto Dealers now. ;.. the brilliant new 1956 De Soto with push-button driving.' ' •' .. - v ' .' You've never driven' a car .the equal of. the 1956 De Soto. Beneath that Flight-Sweep styling is blazing new V-8 horsepower . . . (up to 255 hp) .. /horsepower that gets you out front fnsi.' ; Sizzling M 'high torque take-offs" . ...lightning fast emergency "step down" power for quicker, safer passing ... instantaneous any speed range. Here is a modern automobile ; designed for the super-highway age. Now more than ever before be sure that you ... Drive A De Soto Before You Decide. ' • i. YODHAVETOSEEITTOBELIEVEIT...ATYOURDESOTODEALERSNOW! YOU. W«OTO MALM MtniNTt dBOUCHO MARX IN"YOU wrf ,»OU« LlW IVtHV.WKKON »OTH HADIO AND Tn.evitlON . .., NSC NCTWHtrfl. t)

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