Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Page 8
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OFF TO PLAY GARNEHFIVE -Ten Men Are Carried on Squad to Anderson County Town ^ TO GO Tq NEODESHA High Schobl Team Has Encounitei* There Tomorrow Tonight Coach Smith of the senior ,hlgh schoo'l will take part of -:hJ« basketeeir* and inrade Garnett. Tomorrow night the team will go ~~to Ncbdesha where it will meet the Neodftsha high school team in anotiier: Bon-conCerence game. Coach Smith been drilling his men'Very hard on the fundamentals .or bitekeiiball and aUo been •working in scninmage to get them 'into condition for the games. When 'the high>ihooi tpam gets to work' Ing together : reat fighting coni- - blnation is e rpccted. The large i;(]uad Ktill k^pt out by Coaih Smith mipaiis that there in a con- linuat tontcfti for ••ach position on the "team which i;iv<^s liim a good choice of mon. j : ' 'Doc" Kunk and Oonaldson, let^ lermen,of last year, tiecm in a good jMJsjtion to hold down the forward poKltlonK. ?dcGuire, who last season as a uophomore woriied at forward, is out for the center position this iseason and may develop into _a iietter playpr there than at-for- wardl The guard positions: seem to beia pretty even tossup between "four tnen. llnhbard, Wagner, Round fiJid Breekenridg*'. Kound was a fl^st "string reserve last year while ' HiiliTjard und Wagner held down -.fairly permanent positions on the . BPconds. Breckenridge was star of ,-tlie Bartist (.hurch team last year. All tlfrsc TOen will niake the trip Wichita U. Quintet Opens Y^r With Win Wii-hita. KanBJ; Dec. 20. ](AI')-i- WfcUlta.Unirers^y opened Us bus- k«lball season i^ere last night by djefeattng • Northwestern teachers' College of Alva, Okla.. 46 Ito sr,. Buddy Reynolds. Wlchiti veteran, had to tie carried from the court a few -minutes after, he wis put in the gaime because of an old in- | Jury to his knee. ! REAL ESTATES TRIMKERSEYS PLAYOTTAWA Ten Men Are Carried to Clash With Strong Aggregation- FRONK IS CARRIED I But Former High School Joe Grother Leads All in! Star] Will Not Be Total Score for the ^ First Roiind Started The Iota junior coi;€Ke basfcot- .V . . i''-'" 'P"m left at :::15 this after- The Ileal E.states defeated Ker- - - •. • . • .i..„...» s^s in rhV.te straight gdmes/last^ """" >nvaH!ou of Ottawa night ai the Kwr^atinn I'arlor in «1icre it wUl play th-j Jlrsit Hfrlns their -firHt match of llie setoiKl:. l):iKk<tliaII team of Ottawa nniver- round/ John Ucutlier waa Iiighl;si,j. toniglit. Coach .Slo. kobranj . :<i»k tt-a nii -n on the trip. Till- Ottawa teaji roteniiy defeated Kansas City university 71 to man with 51S pins. The scores: Krai Kstales. Goes I.itwiu l^S Cauaist-y I'ji Ilenilier, U. Jtt4ither. J.\ 'li>» Totals -.7'.'I Sparr ---i --; l^S Gozdak -.1 - - i :W TolH-y 1^'^ llrlKtcr . . -- 1'" Kirs'ey TotalH 75U 16!t >11T 1..7 14" 21.i IL'S i:.7 . lUt! 7'iw 171 lo7 142 ItJS 7'12 S. showing, a j>oW«rful dtfensc and a. brilliant tiffeuse that let ovcry I'.itaWH man who played fcore at i )faM -one ficfld goal. .'Ac ccrd'.ng'to ; thej-chool paper ifut out at the unl-1 \er«<Uy.'th** t<(am worke;! very ma- chiiK'-llkcand juKt couldn't be' ,.j-;f''"PP<'d. }:;,' = i'!)oiit n Joe tlroliior. owner of tlvf tops the liht in the l<,ague o pins tor the fir. t l.'i ranie.i. lowing arc liie high leu league. Joe Grother ^ -— ."Vl. H Denning Louis Duggan W. il. Root .John rteuther . Russel Urisicr , John Kersey 4. — O.le Anderson -; --Geo. Reynolds _ . Richard Tobey - . It started its storing on the first play after the tip-1 " (ff and then cuirtinuod until the I panu- ^\•a^ a regular track meet, .'^ihu'ssler .and TucKer. Ottawa «iiar.!s-. lisvi; easily prpyi d theni-j ."t'lvfs to be outstandinij players maUi.njt the .""coring for Ottawa op- l)opcnts very hard. Coach Oavh; of ,. ^'jtiitnwa sei^iiiej to l-e V(:ry well; ^"J. Hiiitid at that t'me with his start-' ir.7 ir.s -,— 7.".S allevH CONGRESS TO HANDS br his pre(|ccessor. Captain Hewitt, i-• Hf advocates a rale permitting seiTice. men to play only : ibur years; including college -and military careers, if the Army cannot accept thie three-year, rule'in effect at Annai>oli!f and many larg* Jcol- legea. IforWIle (lull Enltrfainert; Pursuing their i)rosr,im of ^Mer- Resolutions Wduld Bring i^''*""^ '''"''-^ the .ojinty Action to ^Settle Grid Fight MATTER DISCU^ED -Mr. K.'.Vanllyning. of the Kplley Theatre, and .Mr. George Wiiiiinis. Jot-the Regi.ster. had a.^ their on Saturday afternoon the twenty- three members of the Horville Club. Member.'; of the Club were Representative.Objects toll^Z ^ The Army Attitude On Pla)^ers re where Mipy witnessed kand j.ircatly enjoyed "Thn Chiiese Parrot." one of the b.sst picttires I shown here this y(>ar. and:f,hen I wer", shown through the Regfeter ; Washington. Dec. 20. (.^P)—Con- office, vp stairs'and ilown. Thjji is gress may thrust its many-finger- ione of the most active and smc^ss- ed hand nto the Army-Navy fool- ' '"l Jl ^e -l-H Clubs in the coNUty ..' as weH as one of tlie Icrgest. /and ball dispute and attempt to draw members of it oxprewed out a solution. i their most cordial, thanks to ;^Ir. Two rtjsolutions that would di-, Yanllyning anil Mr. Williaiha'for secretaries of war and the hospitabie which tliey llo all possible to settle =;had been.tntertained. The lollvw- ^I'ersy over the three-year I Ing are the names-of 'those vr\\n gel the Army mule aiid . wfift? present at the party: l>tw- •>6'»G main ihe squad of eleven i' 'ZTT-., jKaine lie made onq ficij goal. jdertaken bv any athletic "">r - t'oach Stockebrand has i.ol as | J Asked to aid in the dedication of Washington's ne* 600,000 athletic s basketball team will make a 5,000- (Inring the Christmas holidays to play ptain Everett "Swede" Olsen will head vers who will make the trip, the longest ever un- athlflic team at Illinois. rect the navy to the contn rule and _ . ^ ...(,-, «t ^iiv i^w- Navy goat gack on the gridiron j fence Kunkel. Ix)rn E.Kunkel. J^vr- j arc" before the "iiouse. They came |rill Baker. Guy Baker. Wil'ct (ft-if• from Representative FLsh, Repub-fin. Charh.s Valdwell. I.pslie CuM- • lican, who'represents Wesi Point, well. Grace E.- Caldwell. Rusej r. ' >{. Y.. district, and Representative Drclier. Ruth Ilamion. .Murray *;v Britten; Republican, who helped venid. Lois Dreher. Harold I^n- land the 192S service classic for !nlng. Margaret Monlort. Freda-!Vfon- his honie town, Chicago, v jfort. Helen Monfort. Gertrude Pfu- Fish decried the griming of nlngton.Orpha-.Monfort. J. R. R|(o. West Point apiwlhtment.s to lOl- Roy Monf.rrt. AVllIiani Drthcr. lege footd^all stars and then per- Mr. Dreher is the leader of" the mitting them to play three more chib and has attained a Stale vepu- years in army uniforms. He point- tafion for his. good work in tiSs ed out that Captain Harry Wilson liuc. J of this years Army team has been ' : playing for ceVen consecutlvoyears i —Telephone your Classified J^it and that a similar record was held • to 18. * -2 .1(17 -24SK --.2»S5 -24G2 UF will Malone and Trombold. for-: r'lrCDO'V rTtrwrii' wards, aud Hall, center. : Hall, saw I UXiriiKKI ViKUVEi sprvi«j<» as a reserw on the firsts; (.Mrs. Lewis Hartrtian) during, the early part of last season ' D<'<-. IW. -Mei-Ty Christjmas: liut later fell back to the seconds.! Sunday dinner guests playing forward all .'the time. AjAdam.«;'s wero: .Mr. and new position seems to have been' Efowen aiu\ children. Mr found- at which he can do .sonic [George Pettit and Mr.s. mighty good Work. , Maltine was .i "Markley of Atlanta, jisis. at Glenn Mrs.-Fred and; .Mrd. Hubert vet liit upon/a .winning combination fur basketball but i-; boplifgj to find .«u'--li a jiroup i" *'iuighf!?; battle. I The addition of Fronk to ] <he squaM. though hi> will not get; to start the game, may prove ja' Vf-r.v helpful fact(ir in Hvcniilg. things u;> for lola. Kro'ik vrov j :l ' himself I-) be a stellar player two yoars ago (By the .Associated I'rcsj?.) Chicago—Otto ton Porat. .N'or- _^ . MV Coach Joiin'Scotfs hi?h school t<>am and last s<>ason' way. knockejl out Ted Sandwina. made a -.'ood record w:ith the local Germany (2t. IVjuik-e. Rock junior colbgo sqwud.i This wlir Island, defeated Ray MllUr. Chi.\Ir. and'irive Co-.ich Stockelirarid three men cago (SL Benny (Kid) I 'arler, shaded Toiiv Mandell. •good floor man and a good shot for; Mrs. Ly.e Hack aud Gladys Called of last year's si|uad~. Coach Stocke-; Phoenix, shaded Tonv Mandell. "the seconds last vear. while Trom- in the afternoon. i brand di'I not know wiui would Bo.«ton. (SI, Harry Forbes. Golum- hold did much toward contributing .Mrs. .Carrey called on Mrs. Oran" start tonights game. - bus. O.. outboxed (ieorge Rivers, to tile city ehiiEeli league <hainpion- .Adams Sunday 'Hfieriioon. • 'I'he n-.en who made:the trip are Angeles. tSi. fhip gained 'by 'the Presbyterians. -Mr. and Mr.s. .McHeiiry rpcnt ;Sun- I>p Burger. Hubbard. Clopine. Lee. Toronto. Ont.—Frenchy Belaiiger Out of these inen Coach Smith day at thi- Chas. Bair liome. |,Isaac. Iba. Moolery, Schlick. Fronk Toronto, won .V. B. A. fl.vweight BELANGER IS NOW KING OF. FLYWEIGHTS Frenchy Takes National Boxing Association Title in Fray ANOTHER^UT SOON New York Champion Has Offered flo Clash With Bilanger Toronto. OnL, Dec. Jii. (Xi') Freiichy Belanger of Toronto had th*- riywei.eht clianipionship of the National Boxing .As^sociation ticked aviay tfitfeiy .ifter a fierce 12-" round battle with Ernie Jarvi;. of I.<ondou. England. In the opening round. Belaiger fioort-d Jarvis with a right to .the heart and a left to the jaw. The bell rang as the count rea(he<l two. The Englishman nt-arly met his Waterloo in the third sesf ion. They rushejl into a clinch am, as Jarvis backeiL away'. , Belanger caught him with a wild left iiook to rhe head. Jarvis was ttown , while nine was tolled over him. Hclanger was sliaky when he came out !"i)r tiic last round biit . Drefier. i he fou.ghl furioii-^iy. I'orponil lZ7.y .Schwartz, winner of the-.New York Static Athletil v Commission's championship, ia %Jf hour with NewsiK)y Drown, las!^ week, has offered to me<>c Belaii- ger in a bout'to'clear up the flyweight ni«ddle. •TTTTTTTTTTTT^ should be able, to pick a strong .Mr.«. Sheais and ibaby and ;Mrs. f/oBildnation for .tonight t. pamo Meadows visited a* Arthur .M.vertrs through at present he has made no'Friday. definite •eclsion as to the starters. - For- tomorrow night's game at Xeodesha Coacl.r Smith will probably take some ijf his other men as well as some (jf the meu taking the trip tonight.. Mrs: Glenn Adams spejit Thursday with .Mrs. Alva Cation. Mr. Winnvr and .Mrs. - Davis of lola called at J. W. .Adams'.s Sunday evening. '.Mr. and Mrs. Fred .Muntzert aiiil ; children visited Mr. and' .Mrs.j Ar- Tlndirr f{rnthi>r« fn ' ibiir Mvers tind family Sunday. x^vuKW vitfiucia .iu ^ J Miss .Mae Oxeiider call .-d '01 Mr:.. 1 ry 15rOaacaSling l Or,in Adams, Friday afternoonj '• f Sunday Avenliig visitors at J. T,. Will- •Roger-,, Freil Stone. Paul lllat-k's were: Josephine and Dor- Whlttman and .\l JolhOii In four ctby Bfack. Jim Thoriibane land and. Kemp. • •:• •:• •:• • •:• <• • •:• • •> • IOL.\ DAILY .\BSTRACT Issued from office of lola Abstract Company , title defeating Ernie Jarvis. Loudon. (12). Phil Rivers. Toronto, (lefeatedjJean Blau. I'aris. France. (6). isohhy PKXjrh. Toronto, *] ton. Out;. (2). Detroit — Bobby Garcia. Baltl- . . ..... I more, won ibv tcciiiiical knockout «. <. • • • • » <• • * •> * ,rom Johnny Hill. Fiilpino, (S). Fg„ , ,„ naclo Fernadez. Filipino, defeated De<-ember IK. I'J... Charles, France (1..). D.TW L!=-yd M. C.,!lw..., sin^'lj- > • er-; V^nama. won by technlcaJ iba AuderKon and ISimald ; .^dcr-• I knocked'out .lacky Jones. Hamil- ion. lot 6. block 23.. Rlioade.s ;.\dd. io liila, *l.uu. I , . The .Methodist EpI.wopal ('liurch ' , * "'"mbus. knockout from Mickey Goldberg, ! New York (li). •. O. -.MirK.y Forklii.M. York, kuocked out Ray .Mitchell. Philadelpbia (3), I-«ndon. Eng.—Joiinny Hill, flyweight chamition of England, won from Emlle Pladner. Fi'ench flyweight champloii (15). Phlladelpbfa—jack Zlvlc, Pitis- burgh. won from! Tommy Herman, Philadelphia (lOl Harry Blltman. Philadelphia, kiiocked out J6se Limbardfl. Panania, (2). Milwaukee—Dick Watzl. SL Paul won from Howard Bentz, Milwaukee (10). Buffalo—FYeddie .Mueller, Buf-.! falo. won from Spug Myers. Poca- I tel'.o (10>. : i - • ' Atlantic ' City—Tiger Thoma.s. i: Phlladeli'hia. defeated Rockv | Smith. Battle Cri;ek. Mich.. (SL . Trenton. .V. J. ]-Jess Stringham. Salt Lake City, knocked out Jack Scott, Newark (l|(. Dorsett Produce Co. UQS Eii8t Street, lola Phone 701 Caab for Poultir and Eggt Call ma any Una. vr« wlU^eooe after pooltrf. (ToIujnb 'uH, dcffJit'-d Walrott Latig- riitfereiit coriHTv of America will ; Mi. Turner of lola. Vjlas J,alhiotn. i.V' CImrlotta Lag-rgreu, lot r„i,...,„ M", 'broudt;ii!<t to th- eniln. I'nii.'d (Jeorge Hamilton • and itukscll jblo.k 1. .Nvinan s Addition to , ti-) tJUiten bv Dodg.. nrotberH-for one Thornhlll. I I Savonburg. also lot 4. block 1. .V- I'ltlKbtirgh- Red Chnpinan. Bos- Jipur, 10::!ii to ll::!n; Janudry 4, In 1 .Sam l^)wi.r and l"<)Hter Porter,man's .S.cond Addition to Savon- I ton. knocked out Toinm> Crowley, what is the'griHii-,t mechanical .culled ui Lewis's Suildt.y i burg, $l.r,W). , i'lltHburgh. (1). mhUveineiit In radio telephony aftornoon. . | - •'• <:i''nuoii and Henry • Boston—Hllaria .Martinez. Spain eyi-r attcnipLid and probably the; .Mr. sind Mrs. Glenn Adams s" C'wilfeRi nidifi 'ilio prugrain |i- gram vet given' Thursday evoiiing at utilizing the facill-i tlt's,^ Willis t.i»«H of thu .Vutionat Brondca'tlcg' bimpauy and American Telephone and Telegraph i-etnp.iny will be the Ijiltlal sK'p'.by IKMIHO Brothers in | an ext«iu.slv»' advertlyliig program,] heralding the Vii;tor,v. a hew Six cyllndei* motor oar embodying en- flrei.y hew principles of motor co.n- Mmctlon, it was announced tod-ay "br Dodge Brothers. Inc., of Dc- . troit. •. ! Will Rogers, as master of cere- ' Bionie^. will broadcast from Holly- v:'ood.: California. Fred Stone from Chicairo. Paul Whlteman and his band from -New-York and .Al .lolson from-New Orleans in a linkup of' 3it broadcasting stations made pos-'j b.v intricate engineer- . lilg' wfth special teleiihonic .cir-' cults land the uf=« of over 12,000 ! utiles joif t^j>h6ne -wlrt. M'li'. Tihiii III .Aug. J. Scliwertiikr. lot 1 1 won from Bllliu Algers. Phoenix I- III Smiili's Sirburhaij Adcktiim to (Ko. rill, t'ity of Humboldt. $1.00. | New York—I{uby Goldstein, .New GRENNAN'S MARKET^ Comer fMl Monroe rtnd Elm Stit. lOLA. KANi^AS We W^nt Your iPo \iUry, Eggs and Hides. ' A>D Ol'R PHO.Mi >UMBKK IS 870 loInN Produce Ifenwe Since 1911. C. 0. COGHILL, Xaniffer. HERFS RADIO PERFECTION I RCA Kadiola 16 ahd the new RCA 100A Loudspeaker Of all ii> improved featnre*. the - £iidiful tone reception; of tliif oofflpact inMniment i« the moM aaminK.WithtuperRCALoud' tpeaker lOOA its pcHornunce b unpanlleled. Equally Impof^' ant, tomodctt price will please your ptirve. Liberal terrii« too. Come in and let us demonstrate today, Ross Arbuckl^'s Garage •, 222 South St. ' F>Iionc 5« A A A A A A A A A A A A Year by year—-since the beginning, of the automotive industry—^Firestone has been laying the foundation in resources, facilities, me'thods and man-power whitfh today is .saving motorists millions of dollars annually. The far-reaching Firestone .program demands vast quantities of the highest- grade materials. To safeguard the sup-" ply are resources almost beyond imagination. In the Far I '.i .st Fir-stone maintains ten offices for uring crude rubber on Ihr !no.s^• f'onf 'Mcnl b.nsis. In Liberia, •Africa, i.^ the \asl million acre Firestone plantation. 1 Firestone has recently added to its great nianufacturinjr plants the large-st cprd fabric plant in the wpiM E-vtra mifidl'impn's profits are elimiiic. atfic) and uniform tiuality a.ssured under Firestone m'jthdds of opei*ation. Every Firestone dealer is an expert, having .special conservation and repairing methods lower upkeep, for your car. You are sure of better service to go with FIRESTONE The tire de lux^for mo-st miles per dollar. Built of cords dripped in rubber. Our finest product. OLDFIELD A rugged, full dzed cord tire ^uilt and warranted by I^irestone. Lowest priced .standard ;tire. : learned in Firestone Training Schools to give longer wear to your tires and these better tires. COURIER A Firestone built cord tire- extremely 1 o w- priced with many of Firestone's special mileage advantages. Bollinger Service Station JunioriFloor Lanips Special Sale ^iontinued, $9.50 Value Silk Shades S4.$8 ™ $6.50 Hoiiutiful tile' Hortie. Everything Electrical Stewart -Warnt?r—Atwater Kent K. C. Plumbiig & Eleb. Co. "The! Radio Store'- Phone 6.> Sweaters Lumber jacks Caps >. Longies — I Sheep-lined Cjoats Ties Handkerchiefs ... Shirts J... Suits .......i..:. Overcoats .. | Munsingweap Gloves i. Bath Robes |..... Hose Belt Sets ..i..:. .$2.9.5 to .$1.00 to .|1.30 $2.95 to $4.95 ...$.7.95, $8.95 ... .35c to| 50c 15c . $1.00 to $1.95 ... $6.95 to $19.75 ...$6.95 to $22.50 ... .$1.25 to g2..50 50c to $1.50 $1.50 20c to .50c ...$1.00 "DRIVE IN SERVICE" 112-11 IE. Jackson SALES Phone 15Q SERVICE OI»EN EVENINGS .CO.

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