The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 25, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVIII. NO. 6. CARROLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, MAY 2fc, 189*. WHOLE NO. 895. GUILD'S Next Door west of postofflce. *r=|i» BOUGHT GUILD'S »v FOR SPOT Cf\SH <0' <L-> One car load of the finest Dry Goods ever brought to Carroll. These goods were bought for a mere fraction of their value and will h fi snlrt t of low prices. We would advise every one in this county to avail themselves of this opportunity to get the best bargains ever presented i Bemember these are all seasonable goods and bought to supply the fine city trade, such as Payal Crepes, Empress Duck Suitraes French and Javanai&e Lissis. But in order to appreciate these goods you will have to see them, and if you don't you will miss the biggest bargains of vonr lifp w« i™™ n « latest novelties in Laces, in Black, White, Cream, Ecru and Butter Color, in Point Guipures, Point VenSjL32^d OliSSli! "I "" The following are a few of our bargains ia warm weather dress goods: +.1—41- Good Printed Challies, 2VJust half price for them. Fine new designs in Lawns, - 2^c., worth 7^c Best Renfrew Ginghans, dr. styles 5c., " lOc Fine Checked Nainsooks, - gc., " Good Tennis Flannels, Imported Dotted Swiss, Imported French Organdies, Imported Javanaise Lissis, ., worth lOc 15c., 15c., 25c In this lot there was one case of Children's and Infant's lace caps, which we will close out at a great bargain. And remember you will always save money by trading at Next door to postofflce. JOHN GUILD'S NEW DRY GOODS STORE. ELECTED PRESIDENT. DB. DOWNING, OF CHICAGO, RLKOTKO PBEfl IDENX OF JtB* AlfBBIOAN ABaoOIATIO OF8PBOIAL1BTS—A WKM. FbAOBDBONOB (From the Inter Ocean.) At a recent meeting ot the American aaeooiation of tbe epeoialieta held in thia city, Dr. Downing wat elected pretiden ot tbat body and preaented with a gold and jeweled medal aa a teatimonal from tbe aatooiation for hit valuable dieooveriea and oootribntioni to medical eoienoe and Iba advancement of practical medical knowledge. Tbe eminent Dr. Blake in behalf ot the association preaented t medal and referred to Dr. Downing aa akillful pbyaioian and apenaliat, than whom no one in tbia country bad dona more to encourage tbe tpecial atudy o •paoial dieeaaee. It ia beoanaa apeoiallata have given their attention to epeoia foraM of diaeate tbat medical eoienoe bae advanced more in the laat ten yeere tban in three thousand yeara before. Beoauae ot tbia apeoial ttudy by edooated, reput ab|* pbyeloiaut, medicine hat become an •laot toienoe and many diaeaaea wbiob • (ewyeareago wei||/ytedaponaa in obrable are now ouderetood and reaponc to proper treatment baaed upon natiooa prinoiplee. The apeaker referred to Dr Downing aa one ol the flrat reputable educated pbyeioiaoa to devote bimeell to tbe etudy and treatment ot that oeg beted and unfortunate olaaa ot nervoua 4iaeaaee whieh oaoee mote ot tbe mental, pbyeioal, and eooial ilia of mankind than all other oapeeeoombiMd. Attention wae •ailed to tbe (tot tbat Dr, Downing wat UM flrat pbyaioian to oall tbe protection a| Attention to nervoue debility aa • oaote ol many onmmon dlteaeee. By reducing the vitality below the normal atandan) iflPtit dieaaaae art invited. Beoauae ol MamMon own aut/er from aymptome ojalmoct any dieaaaa known i frequently oojBplaio ot dytpept ia, iodlgaitiou, dU- •injp, heart and lung dietaaet, kidney, Uvarand bow«l trouble*, mental diaiurb- UDOM, beadsohM, dlsulwti, oonfuaion ot ideat, loat or failing memory, lack of Mtwoularor mental control, wprioiou* appelite, weak buck, eexual inability or v*aku*Mi languor depression of apiritc etc. Th* diitmiiug oauje ot the** »ympto«H (• often iiui uapwted by the tufferer him* i nil or bii family puyeiol»n. Tba latter, ' kwief dOTot»d hioMflf to the common (oroM of dk j "^ f«Ut to recognise the QojupUoatejL^ Border* au4 appliaj roen- •41*0 to refovBtheeymptewi, penult. im tbui dijMMMCl QQudilioiUi to ^v^ beoautaof improper treatment. Thn many are treated for the wrong otbera are treated by ignorant pretendera who know little or nothing of the delicate diaordere which they undertake to treat Thie latter elate often oall tbemaalvea "Speoialiate." In view ot the daplorabl mralte of improper treatment peraoo Buttering from any of theae condition ehouldoonenltonly reliable,well known epeoialiata who have bad apodal advent agea to atudy tbe complicated diaeatee Dr. Downing bae bad a larger ruooeetfn experience tban any other epeoialitt in thia country and baa won the reputation of curing after othere fail. Dr. Downing will be at Burke'e hotel Carroll, Friday, June 1. Oontoltatiou free and oocfldential. RBADINO OIBOU. The teachers residing in tbe city and teaching in tbe neigbboriiig eohoola have organised a reading circle and meet every Saturday evening at the county anparint eodent'e office. Mite Ore Quint ia at the bead of organization and' baa prepared tbe following program for l&urday evening: Modem tead«noiea of oohool boarda wbiob require oorwtioii: W. A. Dem ing, leader. Proper aeata and proper deaka: Katie Ztrwaa, leader, Window ventilation and ita danger MM Wolfe, leader. Pbyeioal culture: Rota Marke, leader Lighting tbteohool room: Miaa Mae Wvlfe, leader. Judgment in teating pnpila: Obrial- na Wal>, leader. The above eabjeote will be rtnr (be leader bee preaaated MM aub- «-t. Tba following ia a liat of thoae now belonging: Obriatina Waiderboldt, Anna Yegge, Ora Quint, Neoo Bowler, Ma* Wolfe, M*ggia Wolf*, Katie Zerwat, Maude Tref loan, Anna Morgan, ROM Mark, Ohriatiua Wall, Joo. Bohaohtutr, D. 0 Mvrdook, F. J, Retteuuuler, Nettit Ada Supple*, Belle Bupple*, Mary BANK. W, T. Minohen, A, U. Quint and J. P, iiuuheu hava purchased tbe B«ok of inritutou, aud ou tha thirtieth of thia mouth will take charge. At that time be bank will be organised aa a atate auk with a capital of 180,000. Tha Illuertof tha bank are Robert Eaton r«aid«ttt, A. U. Quint vioa prMideul, , I 1 , Miuoben oithier, Tfee loan* of the bfuk wlU h* pUoed i« olnrga of A, fl, Quint, and bit ability to manage tb part ot the boahieee baa been well demon etrated by the encotee with which be baa met in tbe Building and Loan association The new organization will be baoke by plenty of capital and ability to mak it one of tbe anooeasf nl banking inatiln tiona of Qreene county. Whatever W T. Minohen andertakea will not faU to the want of financial consideration and hia ability aa a financier ia well know, in tbia county. Jno. Minohen will mak hie home at Scrantoo, we are informed and will enter at once upon the dutiee o oaehier of tbe bank. Y. M.O.A. Friday evening from 8 to 10 o'clock tbe rooms of tbe Y. M. 0. A. will be opened to the public, when a vitation ie extended to all to be preaen and especially to those who contributed to tbe aaaooiation. Tbe following pro gram will be given: Ohorne by Y. M. 0. A. Qlte olub. Invocation by Rev. Nelaon. Addreaa by the Preaident. Mutio by Egermayer Broa. Beading by Miaa Lulu Long. Solo by Miaa N. Kail. Mala Quartette. Hesitation by Min Qraoe Kail. Ohorue by Y. M. 0. A. Qlea olub, Mutio by Egermayer Broa. Wiui LBAVM OABROLL. Aa etated in THB BBMTIMIL latt week 3. 0. Oonkliug waa oalled auddeoly to teokok. The wherefore will appear in tbe following from tbe Keokuk Gate Oily. lu the •ucoewor of the late A. M. Riddle, manager of the Standard OH com- Dtnvtbuiiueu at thia point, Keokuk people will have a ipeoitl interest. The gentleman wleutod by L. J. Drake, general manager, It B. 0. Ooukllng now managlug the company's builnee* at Oar. oil, la, t|r. Ooukliog hat been with Ueurral Manager Drake for uftteo yeari, r i T. ^** '. •*"•»*• •*" *ei»w7^V * «<•*«! eutoring lilt employ wh«u Mr. Uiake wat ocatt-d here. Mr. Coqkllujj't wife wtt Illu Mloa Pollock, formerly of tbit city. Be U a iplendld builneiimin and genial Kenlleman, iwrtontlly, and will i>e warmly welcomed to bit old home. ie will probably arrive and take oharte oday. Tbe newt of the temoval ot Mr. and Mre. Ooukllog from tbia dty will be aad ewa to their many warm frieuda, but 'bile all regret the ueoewlty that oalli htm away, ttlll, «a it UM in Ihf line ot romoliou, TUII'.SIMTJNKX, voioag bat the uuivertal with wbenitbiajtblae«Um»bla oouple QoOipaed «nd withet then the of good fortune la their new-old Mr. Oakling tteadfatt efforta in the oompany'e in- tereete at thia point, earned tbe promotion he has received by hie transfer to tbe Keoknk etation and TUB SBMTINBL j glad to note that thie to-called gratpin corporation reoognizee this fact and baa given him an opportunity to prove bit worth in a wider field of netful Nor AT Ai*. According to the Sentinel, then, It It , , question as to whether Alderman Trow bridge stands by his friends or the (olio ws ou the 1 Iconse question. shall sce.-lJerald. otbe We) I , w No tbie ie not a fair deduction, for in tbe flrat place Wm. Trowbridge waa i favor of a 8600 liotnaa fee and to left written proxy. Now the qneelion ie, wil be nttud by hia boneet oonviotione o nhnt in right or will he allow a few de men who have no intereet or re- apoutibility in tbe reeult to bulldoze him into doing what they dictate to him? I we are not greatly mistaken in the rigidity ot hia epical column he wil ttacd where hie own judgment M ^ waa right. We will ate. The Herald would have the opinion go out tbat i believe that a public official "thoold eland by hie friende" in the dieobarge o bit duliee, unmindful of all the net ot the world. Thia ia jutt what Bro. Drete advooatee and to which the Herald takte euob a decided objection. Tbe theory tbat a public offie* ie a public trntt ia good one and an official in the dlaoherge of bie dotieeebould only have the inter- eet of the public in view and the men who would adviee him otberwiaa are not bia frienda, but bie eotmite. Mna. JBNTOU la VMBY OHATWDI. AMOADIA, IOWA, May 31,18(M. H. 8. Halbert, Seo'y Bonthweetero Mat aal Life Aaaooiation, MerehaUtowo, Ia. D«A«8w: I reotived today through 'our genera) agent, K. Brown, two thona. ad dollar* being tha full amount of i policy held by my late boeband, Obaa Tautob. Periait me to thank you for tb* j>romptu*ia in the payment of tbia claim aa I received the money within two day* rorn the time the proofs of lota were to you. liiug you and your company aao> oftsi. I remain vary truly. Jwcrsou. LOW RATBB DECORATION DAY, Ou Afuy gOtb aud 80th Tlio North- IKtwt- ru LIuu will tt)|| uxourvlou tlokoU froui tatlous iu illluola auU Iowa at roJuocU tttos; gooil tor return j)a«ba«o uuVII May Ut, WWi Uwluulve. Furtlofeettaud full UfOVUiatiOD ippjy to Agouta OhloagQ BIDS WANTED. Sealed hills will be received by the county and i'or op to noon of the 6th day of Jum-,1894, for tbe painting of the county jail. The right to reject any o all bide reserved. W. P. HOMBAOB, County Auditor A HEAVY FROST. Not often as late in the year at the 18th of May is tbit section of the country visited with a killing frott like it was Fri day evening. The small fruit and garden vegetables are all billed and the corn which wat up is cut to the ground. I is thought that a great damape has been done to all kinds of growing crops. Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at tbe postoffice, Afay 81, 1894 Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, D. 0.: Kluier Boble Bojr DanKhenburgh W. W. Ealcman W. A. Magnet Dean A. Fatlon John Redmond Gun. Turner Hans Andtrion The law provides that one cent shall be paid for all letturs advertised. When calling for same please state date of ad- vertlsement. JNO. L. roweita. p. OHBAP BXUUR8ION8. On if ay 20th the North- Western Line will sell Homo-Suckers' Exeurtlon tickets to points lu northwestern Iowa, western Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho aud Montana at exceedingly low rates lor the round trip. These tlckeu willbe good for return paa- sage within thirty days from date of sale and will allow atop-over privileges on going trip in territory to which tlokett ato tola. For tickets and full information apply to agorlt Chicago & Northwestern Hallway. _ The New York World never walls to be Urlvou along the path of progress by tharp competition, but keeps to far lu tho lead that uoiupulltlun U an Impossibility, Tho reputation of The Weekly irorld as toe iruatttttUeuioorailo paper published U ful- y established It laUamooratiulu principle Jouiooratlo iu uolloy. Uemovratlo lu IU yiuuathlu*. Ills «ol blindly or dUliouwt- y partUau. U will not tuuori bad meuor wwarfa^fSffls.^!! not lor any olast or faction. It will be ouud atalltlmtts ujihtluu for the great ardiual prluolplw of tTw DuwooVntlo party, but uover for Iho sulfith wucls of any lug er luaivUlual. Its mlsoollauuous articles are friuh, well aolocted and lu- eruallug. lu pagus dovvtwU to Homo, r a«hlou and Aarhmlturo are reploto with arllolus of valuable aud luter««tlug In- orumtlmi tu all. Tho "Turlir .Uulo'"arti- les uow ruuiiliiK lu Tho Weekly IKorlU ave Iwooum owlubrutoU ou aooouut of tho lain, pruoHcal way in vvhluh tho turltt , -, •coluuin pau«r forouly 81.00 u ywtr. Wo av«i suooeedwd lu inuklug special arraugo- iout» by which wo eau furnish T"IK BNTINKI, aua Tuo Weekly ear both for enly U.QO. Aif Earthquake In Mloourl. CAPE- GIRARDEAU, Mo., May 84.— Quite a severe earthquake shock lasting nearly a miunte waa felt here Wedpea- day afternoon. Doors, windows and crockery responded noisily. The shock came from the southwest and was preceded by a low rumbling noise. At Cairo, 111., an earthquake shock of five seconds duration wat felt. IlaptUU Elected Officer*. SARATOGA, N. Y., May 34.—The American Baptist Educational society elected the following officers: President, W. J. Northern of Georgia; vice presidents, Sauiuol Rothwell and A. C. Leiah of Illinois; treasurer, J. of Baltimore. Ohio the lliumer Slate. SPIUNQKIKLD, O., May x'4.—The Grand Lodgo of Ohio, Knights of Pythias, met in this city. Reports showed a membership of nn.OOO iu Ohio, thus waking thw the banner stato.of the union. tolj the Scars Remato, "Among tbe many teitimonlalt which C tee in regard to cettaln inedlclnet pertorav lug curei, cleauslug U\e blood, etc.," writea UKNKV HUDSON, ot ilia James Smith Woolen Machinery Co* rmiadelphlt, Pt., "ooae liiiproM me mow Uuui my OWUIUIM. Twenty yetn ago, at Uio age of n yeare, 2 had swelling* oome •• my legi, wlilvh broke oittf beoaiuv rimuluc tnrea. Our luniily pliyiicUu oouM do we uo good, aud U waa I (oared tlmt the bonea woulUbeuBecUiil. AtlMt, my good old mother urg*4 me to try Aycr'e SaruiwrllU. I took Hire* bottlet, the tore* healed, and I have not btev troubled tlnoe. Owlytbe etert reiutla, and UM Memory ol the |uul, !• Miulud uit of lh« vou4 Ayw't 8»rM|Mtrlllit Imt dune in*. 1 now weigh two hwulruU aud twenty |wuuU». uu4 wi In the bett ol health. I Iwvo bv«n on the road (or Ilia |xut twelve years, imvo nolle** Ajrur'* Bursuimrlllu mlvertln'il In ull iHtna Ol Iho United Htaliii, niul ulwiiys lake t>low- uro lu Ivlllug what gooil U iiui (or me." For the cure ol ell OUoiuos orlgUiaUui Ie, Un|iure blood, the lw»t rvweUy U 8ar»aparlll» Ourot others, will euro you DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SPBOULATION? lioid . i(uiuryMd«rtooUie«hov« «ud wi u»i»u»ow»iUo¥av ? u9t the Hint thvlr until lutBiv»t« ttiebouedi ol ou "•*' lT »»' M uu to look

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