Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 25, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, May 25, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IKONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, MAY 25, 1965. Stock Market Makes a Good Recovery Today Funerals Teen-Age Dance Slated Senior Women Here Friday Evening The final in a series of t e e n ; KOU//I flrt dances sponsored by the I r o n-! •'Wfrfffiy Funeral services for Clarence wood Chamber of Commer c e Dalbec, 58, of 206 Coppei St., and Youth For A Better I r o n- CLARENCE DALBEC Holds Banquet Hurley, will be held on Wednes- ; ™°° Q will be held Friday, Mayj „-„„„.._,„ -T 1 «»„„ , „ r day at 9 a.m at the St Mary 1 28 > at the Ironwood Memorial BESSEMER — The Senior Catholic Church in Hurley with ' Buildi "g- SP^ nn S" B h ^\ ClOM ? the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael A. . Music 'or dancing will be fur-|HJ! 8 !? s ? n _ wl *f!._ a . bana - uet meet NEW YORK (AP) — The Prock officiating. Burial will be nished by a local band, starting j stock market made a substan- at the St. Mary Cemetery in I at 8:3 ° .P- m - Chaperoning the tlal recovery today with trading Hurley. s subs an d soon Mrs> RU ' Mrs E *' Nvstrom Mrs" 5tartlne Wall Streeters who hope for ,,.„„,. . higher prices were encouraged HAKK » A by the Tact that today's advance Funeral services for Harry A. was accompanied by consider- Nygard, 65, of 621 Sutherla n d ably heavier trading than the, St., who died Thursday, were previous declines. held Monday afternoon at Wes- Gains of fraction to a point ley Methodist Church. The Rev. or so among key stocks were Frank Leineke officiated and in- scored on a broad front. terment was at Riverside Ccme- Higher-priced or more vola- tery. tile issues ran up 2 or more Pallbearers were Ike Watson points. Garfield Moon, Walter Olson, finance the Hiawatha statue and l teen center. 5 Men Trapped By Mine Blast alii, proprietors of the Bessemer Bowling Lanes. Incl u d e cl were flowers from Hawaii, sent to the Varallis by her sister, Mrs. Gertrude Durante. Place cards in the shape of bowli n g GETS DEGREE—Francis W. Pentti, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- balls, and pins, designed by the | Ham Pentti of Kenton, received decorating committee headed by a bachelor of arts degree in Mrs. Nancy Jacobson, marked economics during commence- Knowles Praises Montreal Plans A meeting of interested Mon- Hospitol Notes GRAND VIEW. Ad m i 11 e d Monday: Mrs. Lempi Mattson, Route 1, Mrs. Hannah Elison, 224 E Aurora St., Stephen R. Fisher, Lake Road, medical. Discharged Monday: Scott Sandquist, Ramsay; Char 1 e ne treal citizens held at the Mon- i Lindberg, Patricia Bjork, John treal City Hall, concerned with ! Ande r *' on >, Hurley: Tammy highlighted Monday by a visit from Wisconsin Governor Warren P. Knowles. DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. Admitted Monday: Mrs C 1 e m- «».- SSeT to a brie, ad- SJ?"|™L.^'"X^ ,5?. v Good Neighbor Day Proclaimed By Governor Gov. Warren P. Knowles of concern in the capital and that „"" ^"""'" ni , Wa f taja .' ,. M it was evident that a stimulation ( Jg™ d Slbley ' Wakefie l d was necessary in the economy r v of the "city. Discharged Monday: Mrs. El- By JOHN VAN MOL ROBBINS, Tenn. <APi— 'J each place. ment exercises at the University The program featured voc a 11 of Michigan. During his four He commended the citiz e n s i ™ er Kauranen, Ewen; Robert for their actions and stated that j Ber eer. Bruce Crossing, through the efforts of the city's! population, Montreal was becoming the "gem of Northern Wisconsin." Despite the financial setb a c k brought about through the clos- MUIIII.O. • — —»-. ~.«~.., . ri , — On the upbeat were steels. Fred Lyon. William Tonkin and P° dv of p °"f of flve men trapped Little Robln/ , wnich nas become scholarship. He is a graduate motors, rails, building ma- Richard Robins. ^ v . ^explosion inside a moun- tradit , ona , at i ea gue gatherings of Ewen High School. List sum* Car Mows Down 1 Monday for the city's Paint-up Day event, issued a proclamation designating the day as Good Neighbor Day in Hurley. In the proclamation the governor stated: "It is a very satisfying thing to witness the spirit of good will in which citizens from all parts of Wisconsin are assisting a community in need. "The Hurley area has b e e n hard hit economically by t h e closing of mining operations in the Wisconsin-Michigan bo r d e r area. But the people of that region are not sitting back—waiting for their communities to dry | up. Instead, with the coopera- of a Wisconsin SOUTHFIELD (AP)—A skid- ,, , , . , . . „ • t " ding car today mowed down a -facturer and hundr eds o f civ i c- 10 _, _,.:i-,.. ..._....... ,_ minded individuals in the State, selections by Mrs. Margar e t; years at Michigan, he was the j n "g of "the mines, continued the Constantino including "Lo n ely ! recipient of a Regents—Alumni | governor, the re-building of the a is well on its way and the „„,..„.-„ taimirip rnai minp noar how* "»«•"«"«« •** >v;« B u.- B <«">CI.MIBO «» ^«i.n n» 6 n u ^i UU i. ^ao., oum-. people of northern Wisconsin terials, aerospace issues, cop- Out of town persons attending "•'" sf °f inricoai "line ncai heie Al the business SCSS i 0 n Mrs mer. Pentti was the student re- have shown a great desire pers and farm implements. the services were Mr. and Mrs. ^ 5Ioun ° ea ; i y loaav - rescue Mary Lou p e ii SS ero was elected' presentative from the University overcome the economic disaster" g rou P ° f children waiting for a . _. _ „ . ,, f „_ The Associated Press average Albert Nygard and family of, °*"> cials reported. president: Mrs. Ann Glatcz a kJ to the U.S. Department of Labor i sta S that SrSis rfch/n scn ° o1 bus in thi « Detroit sub- a massive Clean-up, Paint-up, of 60 stocks at noon was up 1.2 Virginia, Minn., and Mr. a n d • J: eai / ies cue woncers still vice pres ident: Mrs. Phyl 1 i s in Washington, D.C. This past' min i n o- historical and recreation- urb - None was reported seri- ; * lx ' upt , wee * 1S ""„,„„,;: at 336.8 with industrials up 2.4, Mrs. Earl Warren of Racine, had seveial hundred feet of Corullo, secretary; Miss Rather-. year, he was in charge of the I"] £ "I'pS injured. .Three thousand gallons of paint rails up .4 and utilities up .3. Wis. ^"LH^V?, 1 !, 1 a w^ a _ n . d ^ in e Trappa, treasurer, and Mrs. j University of Michigan Washing-; % B tvlll cooMrate in anv wav Southfield police said t h r e » ' nave been d °nated to paint 519 The Dow Jones industrial av- srage at noon was 6.48 at 920.69. i HENRY E. POIKONEN Monday's loss was 7.80. WAKEFIELD - Funeral ser- Analysts saw the rise as a vices for Henry E. Poikonen. 61. bris ahead of them before the Betty ^\ is se rgeant-at-arm> | ton Summer Intern Program — of the four other miners climaxing the activity was the ; the university's program to find j be known. However, presentation of awards as f o 1-! summer employment for stu-, way i horn" rf ''" 6 hope they would lows: tound alive. League championship dents in Washington, D.C. He : chev- ^ accepted employment with . , ~ j amhiiirmrps WPVP nppHori fr> r.n^ : nomes ana ~M churches and will wnrlr whnl P - 1 <*lllUUleUlLcS WCIC neeueQ tO C3T- , ,. , » T i .,.« win WOIK wnoie- ininrpri fn wiiiiam RPOII public buildings in Hurley and XcTSZT V W ™« HoptaV.nS?RoS; : "™ «'° rt »» Wn B made to ' M " '<»• ««— -" «•»*« « '^IfS^TSuve on to uu to prompt an advance just as;held Thursday at 2 p.m. at the the declines were not attribut-'; First Lutheran Church with the weeds ed to any bad news. Rev. Rudolph Kemppainen offi- IBM recouped 7 points of re- elating. Burial will be at Lake- __„ min . cent heavy losses. Xerox gained side Cemetery. : 3, U.S Smelting and Eastern Lakeside Memorial Chapel will Air Lines 2 each. DuPont's re- open for visitation Wednesday covery also approached the 2- ; night at 7 and the remains will point level. ; be taken to the church at 11 The apparent averting of a a.m. Thursday, proxy fight at Paramount Pic- j Mr. Poikonen was born here tures brought selling to that;March 19, 1904 and had resided technical rebound. There was of East US-2, who died Monday "" T hV M»*I" ,„-,!„•, , i™ i ^a&ue cnainpionsnip cnev- ; ••"- «—-K— ^^J^H, """ i present i nothing particular in the news; morning at his home, will be; th ^f CTh [^shaf *MondayTas %?£? Swas^S S^ De^enT T SSSSSci" ] ? ™ ^ it leveled grass and 79 points ; Members are Phyllis i Washington, and will attend the Several feet OUtside rnrnlln Nanr>v Tannhcnn a n n i Graduate School Of Georgetown .. ".." ' ".", —r" , I ao-p fvnm 1^; t-n \i onrf „„„ ooruno, isancy jacooson, Ann TT ,_. , t .. t _ _,_ ,_ t _.°_ uj _ ]j arn Atkins, resident planners age Ilom 1 o to 17, and one -=ss3S ssrs^-LSsr.^-^^ -*- - consin." of the east Tennes- Marie Turkal, Katherine Trappa _ , and Margaret Ann Boline. Pockets of gas, which appar- other team standings are: Jie explosion, rein the and another blast. University to do work toward a master of arts degree in economics. stock. Paramount sank 4. here all his life. He attended the M a e's Style Shoppe, 75V> Pia- points: Blue Ribbon, 73; threat of Brown's Cafe, 70Vu: General In- ! surance, 68V'2; Fireball Inn, 67; were i Bennetts Mileage, 49; Free Lan- Monday night C ers, 29'/a points, were taken to a hospital at i T e a m awards—high si n g 1 e » v *>. -. u . U *.*WMA*V uuiui, ^. iitit an 1110 int. a.J.t airt^iiucu t»ic /-\ Mrt !_i_ nr\ «-,:t«« *^. 4.1. f i, i — -...—-.,- •'» D - > "• •• o - *Prices moved generally high- Wakefield schools and was a |Oneida, 20 miles noith of here, game, Rolling Five with 822; 2nd er in moderate trading on the i member of the First Luth e r a n . f ele P none . wire Wfl s strung p i ac e, General Insurance, 808: Church, the First Luth e r a n "} slde ^ e mi " e ^ set U P , c ? m - 3rd, Brown's Cafe, 784. Men's Club and the Wakefi e 1 d '. """"cations. Timber was taken High game series-General In- Rock and Mineral Club He was! J" ^ , bl0 ^ tof r ° OI " s tnat nad surance, 2,325; Browns Cafe, employed as heavy equipment ^^.^^"^J™? 1 *?;! 2.274; Rolling Fi ve 2,240. High individual average — American Stock Exchange. Corporate bonds were mixed. U.S. Treasury bonds were mostly unchanged in quiet trading. Stock Market NOUN QUOTATION! JS7to^^&^?h£f- ;th ?, Higmand Telephone Co, ^ranees'BeisselT'lib-S^'Tather- today he was "very pleased f, 1W% ^^ • t kU J| I \| 11*111011 OT NMI JUUUV/I I Ul I1I T IU • • Lauded by Mack and was under the direc- Terry Rhodes and Wil-| to the scene. Seven youngsters, ranging in for the Wisconsin Departm e n t of Resource Development. The department had prepared woman were treated at Beaumont, the hospital said. One of the youngsters, James Man- plans to make the entire city of j cine ' 17 - was released immedi- Montreal an historical site, with i a tely. such things as all white houses, i Officers identified the driver 2 Ask Permits For Pipeline WASHINGTON <AP> — Two LANSING Sate Sen a t o r Joseph S. Mack of Ironw o o d, vice chairman of the senate ap- improved recreational faciliti e s and a village shopping cen t e r built around the buildings vaca- of the auto as Mrs. Helene Dyar U.S. natural gas pipeline firms 48, of Wixom. She reportedly lost control of her car while are seeking authority to construct a joint pipeline project to ted by the mining company. i trying to pass a truck and skid-! transport Canadian natural gas Development of a long range i ded sideways into the group of " plan was also presented which i children. included such things as future | Mi ; s - D y ar was treated at the land use, transportation, utilities, parks, schools, and public propriations committee, s a i d I service. ' TT»irl«» J /4 NEW YORK (AP)—Following is a selected list of stock tran-: sactions on the New York Stock Exchange at midday with net change from previous close. Allied Ch 53 D V 4 Am Can 46% D Vi Am Mot 12 '/B Am Tel & Tel 69 Va Armour 42% U % Beth Steel 37% U Briggs Mf 4 5 /s D Calum H 23 Ches & Ohio 69V2 U Chrysler 51V 2 U Cities Service 78'/a Consumers Pw 60 l /s U Cont Can Copper Rng 40V4 D Det Edison 37 Va Dow Chem 73','s U du Pont Ford Mot Gen Motors Gerber Gillette 36 U Goodrich 64Vi Goodyear 55'/4 Hamm Pap 43% D Inland Stl 42% U Inter Chem 37 D Int Bus Mch 466 1 / 2 Int Nick 90 U Johns Man 62Vi U Kimb Clk 527-g U LOF Glass 56% D Ligg & My 81% D Mont Ward 37 NY Central 56% U Penney, JC 73 U REUB Stl 42V 8 D Sears Roeb 70 U Std Oil Ind 42% Std Oil N J Wn Un Tel U—Up. D—Down. j*ii*t^,u «^*\/>jv.v4 *j\-r»v/».jiv-v*Avyi.aiti*i .. j — — — .— -., _.».>/».^,. self as a sawyer at his own mill; said a seven-man rescue squad i ne Trappa, 145.63; June McDer- then he worked for Miljev i c h I was standing by equipped withjmott, 144.59. Brothers until their sawm i 11' a new type brea thmg apparatus, i individual high three game ser- burned and after that for thei mme ms P ect o rs and vet-;i es (over 500)—June McDer- Ahonen Company until March 1, f, ran miners all but abandoned mott, 603: Myrtle Strahs, 575; when he retired because of ill n °P e of findln e an i' ° ( ^ e men Frances Beissel, 537; Margaret health . alive. They said the violence of Boline, 519; Beverly Adams. On Aug 11 1928 he married: tne ex P lo sion left little doubt i 504; Delores Jacisin, 502. Anna Mustapaa of Wakefield at i tnat tne men died instantly. | individual high single ga m e RpBBPi-npr "I don't think there is a (o v e r 200)—June McDermott chance for the men to get out ,242; Frances Beissel, 216; Leone alive," said Victor Voiles, a Byrns, 209; Myrtle Strahs and Bessemer. Surviving, besides his wife, are one son, Donald of Peru, South America; one granddaugh- storekeeper. ; Margaret Bolin (tied), 208; ter- two sisters Mrs Linda Voiles and others who entered• Leone LeClaire, 201; Kathryn Wakefield of Seattle and Mrs i tne mine said most of [ts tim-l Rundell, 200. Oscar Danielson of Wakefield, bers had been knocked loose by Oddity awards—Agnes Gustaf- and one brother George of Min- tne explosion. Debris littered son, Marcella Rutiman, Be 11 y neapolis. Ithe floor of the pit. All said they ran into a wall of Boline. Sabol, Marilyn Corullo and M. jdust and gas. Achievement award—De 1 ores with the support received from committee members in behalf of Northern Michigan University " Senator Mack said sen ate recommendations providing more than $6,101,000 for NMU operations and building c o n- struction next year serve a twofold purpose: educational and economic. The senate has recommended an appropriation of approximately $4,000,000 for operations and $2,101,000 for capital out 1 a y projects at Northern. The capital outlay funds are designated for continued construction of the science building and for completion of the heating plant and santiary sewers. CARL LUOMA Funprai sprvirp* fnv M™ Part Tne trapped men were identi- Bracket, a new bowler who prog- In addition, the senate has rec- rimeidi services 101 mib. «^du fied by officers as Russe n res sed from 84.2-92.37 average, ommended preliminary planning i,. Luoma, 57, of / S ' Webb, 55; Arthur Norris, 45; , high series award to %.-/o ~ '= i „,]._ -iip-i TTrirtnv TI/PVP liplrl H/Tnn *»cuu, u j, niuiui nuuia, tj, . opt^iai iiign aciiea awai 531/4 U V4 'Si^a¥erSSa^thlzion^ Davis ' 55; Lawrence Grif- June McDermott with 603. 40V4 D 3 -iiSVhS ^?Rev ThSm Ss ;mn - 45 ' and Cla y ton Grlfflth - 2oJ Perfect attendance-Betty Elan t-nurcn, tne KCV. i n o m a s . -,„,«=,..,„ „„_ i,^ fVl _^,. i; c T ^,,^« *.<.„> _n T^«I '' _ _ A Schultz officiating, assist e d by the Rev. Oliver A. Hallberg. Cemetery. i The Griffiths are brothers. i lis. Joyce Aspinwall, Del ores The older men are veteran Jacisin, Katherine Trappa. Nan- ail d are said to have cy Carpenedo, Sharon Ricka r d, money for the learning resources center, a men's physical education facility, an instructional facility, and an administration building. Mack said "I look forward to Under the plan, stated Atkins the federal government would assist the local government by paying three-quarters of the total cost for a planning program hospital and released. Kathleen Allen, 16; Linda Baldwin, 15; Nancy Gray, 15; across the northern United States. The Power Commission said the two related proposals by Midwestern Gas Transmission Co., Houston, and Michigan Wis- Christene Nordbye, 16; Keneth i consin Pipe Line Co., Detroit, Bowers, 16; and Patricia Davis, compete with a pending applica- 15. All the youngsters were Southfield residents. Ambulance driver tion by Great Lakes Gas Transmission Co. William Great Lakes is a subsidiary of and the local taxpayers would i Hurley, 24, of Highland Park, Trans-Canada Pipe Lines Ltd. be liable for the remaining one- quarter. The city council was asked to vote as to whether a resolution should be adopted to make it mandatory in the city that every home be painted white. It was then proposed to attempt to acquire a bill in the state legislature stating that the city would first be declared an historical site. The council will act on the measure at a future date, it was reported. • t/4 ! i Tni-m Tnnma i lar S e families. Clayton Griffith Frances Syrjala, Betty Martell, i seeing Northern grow and ex- vala Konstui is unmarried. ! Anne Marie Turkal, Phy llis'pand at a rate which will meet Hill Tauno Piinrjo and Reino Families and next of kin of Corullo and Betty Ann Johnson.! the needs of the people of the w ! the trapped men kept vigil near Plans for the ensuinng year j Upper Peninsula and the state of in«ri' n T r-auueaieit> weie juni J-JUUH a, ; . " , . S S /i^Uno Kivi, Ame Latvala, Konstu, 1S unmarried *H°/& u '/a ; „.„ _.. — . „_,__• Families a and attendant Donald Novak, 21, of Birmingham, were treated and seeks authority to build a line through Minnesota, Wiscon- upon arrival at the hospital for j sin and Michigan to transport minor injuries suffered in the j natural gas from western Can- ambulance mishap. Tax Allocation Unit to Meet BESSEMER — The Gogebic County Tax Allocation Board, at a meeting Friday, set prelim- „._,-- inary allocations under the 15 * ne cisco cnain and other lakes mill tax limitation law, a n d' in the Watersmeet area. Marine Ruling In Force Now BESSEMER—Sheriff Axel E. Tenlen reported today, that the Marine Enforcement program has been in force in Gogeb i c County since May 1. Three deputies recently c o m- pleted five days training course at a marine school in southern Michigan. The department has two boats which are plain 1 y j marked "sheriff's water pa-j trol." One will be operating on! Lake Ggogebic and the other in ada to Trans-Canada's markets in eastern Canada. Cost of the Midwestern-Michigan Wisconsin project is estimated at $157 million. The companies contend they could give the same transportation service to Trans-Canada as Great Lakes with a project estimated to cost $192 million. THE WEATHER TEMPERATURKS IN IRONWOOD Tursdny. May •;.), IIMin. For 24 hr. period ending at 12 noon. 2 p.m. 72 10 p.m. 67 6 a.m (iS 4 p.m. 74 Midnight 85:8 a.m. 70 6 p.m. 74 2 a.m. 6010 a.m. 74 8 p.m. 70! 4 a.m. GO 12 noon . 76 Relative humidity 81 per cent. Barometer: 6 a.m. 30.04; 12 noon 29.69. Herlevi. .jt^^a-sBs snai'VS-«-"?-. .«•, ot * meai " e - 4 myt,-c noviri Ain «f oho-ioc-fo^ mine owner, sat with her ne- ; were initiated at the close of the j Michigan. '/4 Mrs. David Aili of Charleston, . ., , , . JS.C.; Mrs. John Davison Sr. and ; P new on a P«le of boards near John Davison Jr. of Elmhurst,! th ° mme shaft. Her husband; 1111.. and Mrs. Jennie Aili ofi nad . entered the mine earlier; l Milwaukee. EDWARD OLSON Funeral services for Edw a r d Olson, 67, of Erwin Towns hip, who died Sunday, will be held Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at the Ketola Funeral Home, the Rev. i and was almost overcome gas. ff\ Plan Goes Into Effect Today A plea to the parents of Hurley juvenile car operators has been issued by the Iron County sheriff's office. Parents are asked to take an "That Northern has provid e d ! educational leadership and ex! cellence is highly visible. I am I also cognizant of the great contributions the University has made, and will make, to the economy of the Marquette area, the Upper Peninsula, and the state." He said "a university such as scheduled Friday, May 28, at 1 i p.m. as the time of the meeting to set final allocation of tax rates. The clerk was directed to inform taxing units of the cou n t y of the preliminary allocat i o n and notify them that they may appear at the final meeting to register objection to the allocation if there by any. Preliminary allocation, based Oliver A. Hallberg official i n g . i WASHINGTON (AP) — Presi- with the family auto when the Interment will be at Riverside den t Johnson's plan to reorgan- child takes it from the home. 77'/» D -Ys i Cemetery. i ize the Customs Service and Sheriff's officers report that 44 u I The funeral home will be open eliminate 53 top jobs from politi- an extreme rise in the number • : for visitation beginning at 4 this: cal patronage went into effect of juvenile drivers who are in! afternoon. today after Congress failed to volved in dangerous activ i t i e s CHICAGO PRODUCE !' ! block it. i such as drag racing and sudden A Senate move Monday to stopping has been observed. interest in what their children do i B. reater educational opportu n i - Northern is a definite part of i on the state equalized valuation the lives of people who seek CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago i Mercantile Exchange — Butter: steady; wholesale buying prices 1 unchanged; 93 score AA 58Vi;i 92 A 58V'a; 90 B 56%; 89 C 56Vi; l cars 90 B 57M>; 89 C *7U ! a Briefly Told Luther L. Wright High of i veto the plan failed 65 to 17. No ; The department reminded par- vote was taken in the House, ents that they are liable for any Under the plan, the Customs damages or injury caused by a ties and a brighter future economically." Planes Continued from Page One night, a spokesman said, and are: Gogebic County, 9.8601 mills. Intermediate School District of the county, .1399 mills. Cities of Ironwood and Bessemer, 1-1000 of a mill; and school districts of Ironwood and Bessemer, 4.999 mills. City of Wakefield, l-l,000ths of a mill; township of Wakefield two government soldiers were Township school distrct, four wounded. mills. Heavy fire echoed on the out-| Townships of Bessemer, Erwin, Servce vUbe reorgailwto drivei- under the age of 18 but skirts of Sai e°» du ™B the night Ironwood, Marenisco and establishment of a series of re- most important is tIL safety ha- - ° <* ™ ™ steady"-' wholesale buv tivity room of the high school gional offices. Johnson said an- zard caused by such reckless ac- steaay, wnoiesaie DUJ * .; ing prices unchanged; 70 peri cent or better Grade A Whites! nua , savings would be S9 mil .;tion. All units of the Blue Knights lion 27>/ 2 ; mixed 27V4; mediums 23; iDrum an d Bugle Corps will; — standards 25; dirties unquoted; i meet tonight at the American, Brush Fire Nearly checks 21%. Legion at 6:30. Attendance by p n . , 7 jail members is mandatory. KQgeS \JU\ OT A brush fire in the city Another increasing problem in ed suspected Viet targets near Nha Be south of the capital. On the political front, Premier school districts, each four mills. The Lake States Stampede Ro- Montreal Monday at about 2:45 from tne house in order to drive e will meet at the p.m. brought both the Montreal a >'ound the school blc [ion Wednesd a y, : and Hurley fire departments to department suggests CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA)— Hogs 6,000; butchers fully 25 lower, instances 50 off; 1-2 190220 Ib 21.75-22.00, 21 22.25; mixed 1-3 190-240 Ibs 21.00-21.75; 2-3 240-270 Ibs 20.50-1 li'Sj l^Jralbs Ys.K.?^ 5 ?-" at a meetin s to be neld at «i men re P° rted - i the city according to the officers iis the "useless driving" of cars,, around the high school building : ^ng-awaited reshuffle of his | during the noon recess. Many c . abineTl at a meeting of the Na-; of students take the family ca r s 1 tlonal Legislative Council. Bridge Club Will Have on Wednesday The purpose of this patrol is j TIIE WEATHER ELSEWHERE to promote safety on water and'By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS to see that all boats are proper- i High Low Pr. ly equipped, said Sheriff Tenlen.' Albany, clear . 71 45 Deputies will assist boats in Albuquerque, clear Atlanta, cloudy trouble and see that the laws of this state are obeyed in our waters, he said. Although the program has been in force for several years in this country, he said, this is the third year under the present regulations. This is a matching fund program in which the township of Watersmeet, the road commission and the county take part with the state supplying two-to- one financing. Sheriff Ten 1 e n points out that as boating increases all over, it has become necessary to have water patrols; he asks all boat users to ......_, be careful and keep their boats Juneau, rain and equipment in good shape; I Kansas City, clear 75 44 88 67 Bismarck, rain 68 53 Boise, clear 65 42 Boston, cloudy 73 53 Buffalo, cloudy 75 55 Chicago, cloudy ... 78 70 Cincinnati, cloudy .85 62 Cleveland, cloudy .75 61 Denver, clear 65 40 Des Moines, clear 84 67 Detroit, cloudy 72 58 Fairbanks, cloudy M M Fort Worth, cloudy 85 72 Helena, rain 58 44 Honolulu, clear .. 84 76 sooner or later, he said, one of the patrol will be checking your boat and equipment. LBJ Asks for $101 Million Indianapolis, cloudy 90 71 Jacksonville, clear 87 68 53 42 86 71 65 51 86 64 89 73 81 76 66 55 82 62 Los Angeles, clear Louisville, cloudy Memphis, cloudy Miami, cloudy Milwaukee, clear Mpls.-St.P., cloudy .17 .17 .48 .08 .29 .02 .01 .03 .02 New Orleans, cloudy 86 M New York, cloudy 70 55 Okla. City, cloudy 1 " e \ K ^fSZZ^c^SZ ?S?^,, CIM> ' 80 79 72 Wednesday night "<j»"iouu ^uugi order to drive Earlfer 0 reports TahHhe last! at 7 ; 30 in th , e *™™°°« Amerl- ; SLrew^reaSrS? 1 and W satd' Pittsburgh, cloudy El i;B --•« *» - -• p- -<^SL _ SZZSS* & a —" « = Xn^r»riafS::=» ™»&^*~ 3 500-600 Ibs 17.25-18.00. Cattle 2,000; calves 15, slaughter steers 25 to 50 higher; several loads high choice and prime 1,100-1,350 Ibs 28.7529.00; choice 1,000-1,350 Ibs 26.75-28.50; mixed good and choice 950-1,250 ibs 26.oo-26.5o; 1 2 Are Fined Jailed few lots average to high choice r e . •• ' c - i 850-1,100 Ib heifers 27.00-27.25; j rOr Mealing MSh The fire occurred near 130 tnis Problem. The Hurley American Legion Minnesota Ave. and was started fire - Licenses to Wed Wednesday night in the cl u b-! A threat was presented when Applications for marriage li- rooms. Tom DeCarlo. command-! the flames got out of control .mo cen ses have been made at the placed as information minister by Dinh Trinh Chinnh, a Saigon f lawyer. ! . , and tne wmners were as : Howard Willson and Rose Ers- uie Rapid City, cloudy tv,o ,-,-,^,^,, f Richmond, cloudy the money for st ^ , o.mnriv on water of St. Louis, cloudy 82 48 77 63 74 46 64 46 60 44 71 61 87 70 .34 .67 .Oft .01 .88 .03 er of the Ironwood Legion Post, high winds made it nearly im- • ° the Gogeb.c Co u n t y , °" net ' JQuady and Frank Barbera and i " Bjrf . lut UTOC , '", UJC liacai year Seattle, ^uuuy • Michael Shawbtz, second and !startmB July L Tne request Tam pa cloudy •*.i_« iij « .- .__ __ i nrnYir^a vne «Tifh o»-» oo*-i w* nf^i-i ft *"-«v»j will be the installing officer possible to contain the blaze, clerl < by the following: A social hour will follow meeting. the - however, no serious damage was Francis J. Stephney and Jud-j reported 11 h C a r o 1 Thompson, Minnea; polls. ; David G. Denziel and J a n et Raye Hansen. Minncap o 1 i s uecl as deputy premier and de: fense choice 800-1,100 Ibs 25.75-26.75; mixed good and choice 25.0095.50. Crucial Issue in U.S. WASHINGTON (APi—A committee Apprehended Inert Or LOTS third, tied; Mr. and Mrs. Harry J° m . par . e .?. 60 91 an estimated Washington, cloudy 74 ' (M—Missing* , . . .... , Sutter and Rosa Pape and Joe if 75 ' 3 milllon bein S s P ent for wa ' Winnipeg, cloudy Krznarich, fourth and fifth ter resources research this fis- --"-?.'- u > tied; Donald and Delores Lud-i cal year> low, sixth. — Also in the top 50 per cent 71 54 44 74 59 60 04 - u * WEATHER FROM "RINGS" By studying the width of individual rings in the trunk of a tree, we learn the degree of .raininess or dryness of the year. A thick ring shows the year was rainy, a thin ring that it was j Fish Hatchery here and carr l ln « lne fisn off in a pillow case RANGE SKIES WLLEJIN Sunset today 8:39. Sunrise to- were Stanley Varner and Angle morrow 5:15. Moonrise tomor- MARQUETTE (AP)—Unorth- Monday odox — and illegal — fishing i sion SFiSfSnf. ^H^H M °f W ln i !n lHhefh Unlted statcs ' Thev Thomas Henry King and Mar-' near Ramsay^ on,'usVsund a V i !!?L? n .f- s _ ai l d -J 0 ^ a X.J l . a - 11 . s . en '! ur ? e<i tne government to take lene Ann Johnson, Menominee. ! morning for thefts of cars, au- 1 uou L,it|uii» Carrier, 22; John The scientists called for ap- Kurt Sendek. Milwaukee andj 18, and Stan Doug-1pointment of a high-level admin- Theresa Wierzbicki, Ironwood. las, 22, were charged with steal- jistrator to push public and pri- was i-epor d. The " cars, which were stolen in Wis- captive chacmas extremely consin. have been recovered, thirsty with salty food and, re- Sonny Liston 215'.1 today for planet, Mars, win appear near their 15-round title fight tonight. Spica; in September much be seen near State vate programs Their views The wolf spider can capt u re one of them at ¥anitowlsh WB- ' leaded, t chacma instin cUvery nSf PeS*? 1 "!!!! any- were in a report to the Nation- minnows by diving below the ters by Iron County Sheriff Nil-i proceeds to a stream o water 8 Fe ' 3 ' 25 ' 1964 ' caie.,al Academy of Sciences. 4 water's surface for them. |lo Macnpaa, officers said. ,4hole. 1 USE DAiLv UUOH Youth Center, was almost rou- — _. tine compared to the wild | PROTECTIVE TAKIFK scenes created by Clay at thei ,The second Act of Congress weight ceremony for the first I was enactment of the first '•••'•"' ' tive tariff. ~ — by President Washington on July i USB DA.U-V GLOBi, WANT-ADS 4 4, 1789. • '

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