Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENIN.G, JANUARY 26.1933. IOT,A. KANSAS • • • WHERE TO MARKET /.Recipes Selected By Ruth Lynn.) • • • NEWS OF LAHARPE Betty 'Jean Pierce Suffers ; Broken Arm While at Play on School j Grounds Monday. ^ LAHARPE, Jan. 25.-^Mrs. Will pristenand .son. Russell, and Charles ^Logan,!loin, called on Jim and Harry Bri4tc.'- Tuesday afternoon. Betty Jjiiii Pierce-fell while playing at; scli^ol Monday arid broke her left arm just above the elbow. Friendij hn ))G that she will Improve rapldljf: ai'cl be able to return to school soon. Ted Fowler. Miss Katherlne Men- spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Heber Ransom and Richard. Mr. Graves, Wichita, spent the week-end with Mrs. Graves and daughter, and Mrs. Betty Hart. Mrs. W. R. Dougherty, who has been ill the past two weeks with influenza. Is improving. Miss Sarah Green reanains quite ill. Mrs. Gene Smith visited Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Statler near Xenia. . Dick Kohler is cutting wood in the Golden Valley district. Eddie Ewing, Cherryvale, was in town calling on business friends Tuesday afternoon. Arthur Mendal, Moran, was in dnl, David Conderman, Miss Vlr- i LaHarjje on business Tuesday alter- Rinla Taylor, Royal Cox, and John;noon. Paul were in LaHarpc Tuesday evening. ' Prank Stevenson made a business trip .Monday evening to Kansas City. - j Mrs. Elnier Dickerson and Jerry, and Harry and Lois Marie Lacy A pie supper will be held at the Cozy theater January 31, Saturday evening, with a program. This is for the benefit of Ira Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Blcinell, Mrs. Bickneli's sister, Mrs. Wright, and Delbert Sisson, northeast of Moran, called on Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Gregory Sunday afternoon. H. V. Troxell drove to Kansas City Tuesday evening on business. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Banta, north of town, visited Tuesday evening with E. O. Sprague and family. Miss Dora Slate spent Saturday afternoon as a guest of Miss Esther Moore. Work has been completed for an Indefinite time on the road work on the LaHarpe streets. The Rev. J. W. Howerton, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Knepp and Alvin, and Mrs. Qrin Johnson went to the county farm north of lola Sunday afternoon to hold services. A large crowd of lola people attended ;the'Christian church'serv­ ices conducted by Russell Clrouch Tuesday evening. To correct a^ item in last week's Register: There will not be ordaining services at the Christian church Sunday. The First Baptist church will meet in an ordination sei-vice on Sunday for the purpose of ordain­ ing C. B. Limes as deacon of the church. Special all day meeting has been arranged for Sunday. Special music from visiting churches will be part of the program. Onion Soup. Slice fine and fry in two tablespoons of , butter four onions. Be careful that the onions do not become too dty or brown. Pour over the onions one and one-half pints o.f water apd add two bouillon cubes. Cook gently for about three- quarters of ^n hour. Serve in shallow soup pates over a tlilck slice of buttered toast and top with a tablespoon cft mild grated cheese. Baked Eggs and Cream. 8 eggs, beaten 1 bottle cream Pinch of salt Bake in muffin tins in a slow, oven for about one hour. Serve with cheese or mushroom sauce. Tills recipe sen-es six people. AND MARKET GROCERY GASH SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SQUARE CASH $1.00 GROCERY AND $a.00 MEAT ORDERS DELIVERED!! The Methodist Ladies will sell SENSATION COFFEE for us. Saturday Pound 33c 48 lb. bag Daisy ,....85c 48 lb. bag Jersey Cream .. .65c Camay ; Medium Ivory Cocoa Hardwater 5 BARS 25c IVORY FUKES Large Packages 19c dipso Flakes or Granules ige. Pfcgs. 17c MKING POWDER itr";^K'?^':::;i WHOLE WHEAT or GRAHAM Hour 5 D). Bag 14c Tomato Soup, 2 cans ... .1.5c Kraut, No. 2 '/2 cans 10c Tomato Juice, 3 cans.., 25c CRACKERS f^fu'ndlt^.""''^'" l^c ^ Makes all water rain \ ter, for washing, ren WATER SOFTENER wa- remov- ini? spots, shaving or oily preasy hands. 3 Cans 25c We Again Have This Product 5 Pound Bags J i The Wonderful Whole Wheat Cereal MAGIC WASHER Makes work delightful—A modern Soap Powder Large 27 Oz. Package, Special 19c BEANS C«Vf ^ AH 10 lb. Cloth B^g, special 44c 9 W VAK 2Y2 lbs. Powdered .... 17c dAI^ BULK 10 lb. Bag i9c MACARONI "'lrbl !ik^'p?unr^^ Small Navies <i 5 Lb. Bag «^ VJFIKV ' ^^'^"''^ Grain—Exceptional Quality ^ KlCISf 5 Pound Bag ISC roKR&BEANS^""7 ^~25c SAL. DRESSING Eatwell Brand, .)uarls 25c f , i i 3 lb. bag Best Peaberry 55c Morning Smile, pound 22c A BETTER COFFEE COCOA 2 ib. Can First Prize 22e Medium can 45c GRAPEFRUIT secies. ™„ sum iNANAS Nice Yellow Fruit 5 lbs. 25c APPI JONATHANS—Bushel basket . 99c iir I LEiO 8 pounds for . 25c ORANGES, ^""^d"^™ 29c SWL POTATOES 10 lbs. Nancy HaOs 13c HALF or WHQLE PER POUND I0€ FANCY CORN FED BABY BEEF BOILS, Rib or Brisket, pound R0.4STS ktender chuck) pound ..... .. 6c 121/jc STEIAKS Lbi 2Sc -Round or Sirloin 2 for 45c OLEO Regular Price lb. .9c CREAMERY BUTTER Special lb. 19c HEAVY BEEF RIB BOILS—Per lb. .5c ROASTS—Per lb. _ __8c SIRLOIN STEAKS—Special per lb. _-_____10c ROUND STEAK—lb. 15c; 2 for 25c CORNED BEEF Extra Fine lb. 12y2C Corned from choice cuts of beef—no waste. Wisconsin Longhorn, No. 1, lb. -•- — _-—16c I^UTTER-i-lb. 10c; 3 for -25c UTTER—Pickwick, lb. 15c; 2 for __ 25c CHEESE-4 PEANUT PEANUT I LAMB— GENUINE SPRING SPECIALLY PRICED Stew, Rib or Brisket, pound ..:. .5c Shoulder, Whole, lb. 10c; Small Roast I2V2C Leg.Whoje, lb. 12 i/zc; Small Roast 17c CORN FED PORK—HOME KILLED Shoulder Roasts lb. 7c Ham Roasts 10c HALF OR WHOLE HEADS Pound 2c FRESH SIDE HAliF OR WHOLE lb. 6c Pork Liver Pound 5^ Pig Hams Whole SHOULI)ERS Whole Trimmed lb. 5y2C le Cured Bacon Special Pricfes for Half or Whole Slab. I^er Pound lOo SLICED, )er lb. 15c; 2 lbs. for .25c Fine Hickory Smoke Flavor. STODDARD McFADDEN MENZIE IT Orange Raisin Cake. One cup sugar, one-half cup butter and lard mixed. Two eggs, one cup sour-milk, one cup ratslns,'one- half orange (large), two cups flour, one teaspoon soda, one teaspoon baking power, one-fourth teaspoon salt, nuts if desired. Cream fat and add sugar and beaten eggs. Put raisins and orange through food chopper using all of the orange peel. Mix together flour, soda, baking powder and salt. Add alternately dry ingredients and sour milk i to the egg and sugar mixture. Add ground raisins, orange peel and orange juice. Bake at 350 degrees. Use caramel icing. ofFlavfifL. . Just Suffer The fine June-butter flavor and pleasing aroma of Fairmont 'Sj Better Butter is repeated every day in every pound; there's a meadow fresh- ness.too. You will like it. Made in lola. . / Ham Hash' on Toast. Chop fine equal parts of cold boiled ham and cold potatoes. Put Into a skiUet and cover with milk. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Better go easy on the salt. Cook slowly until aix>ut the consistency of a rarebit. Add a good piece of butter. Beat one egg, add one- half cup milk and season with salt and pepper. Dip into tliis slices of bread and fry. Serve the ham hash on the toast. Braised heg of Lamb. Leg of lamb 1 onion, diced 1 carrot, diced 1 turnip, diced 1 sprig parsley 1 sprig thyme 1 baj leaf 4 tablespoons drippings 3 cups hot water 12 peppercorns 1':;: teaspoons salt Cracker crumb stuffing Have the lamb bcjned. Stuff with cracker crumb stuffing, sew and place in a deep pan. Cook the onion, carrot, turnip, bay leaf, parsley and thyme In the j drippings for a few minutes. Add the hot. water, salt and peppercorns and pour the mixture over the meat. Cook, covered in a: (350-F) oven for two houi-s. Make a brown grayy of the .strained broth In, which the me:ri was cookqd. Cpm a la Southern. ^ 2 cups corn 1 cup cracker crumbs • • 3 tablespoons chopped green pep- ^ pers ; 1 cup milk '-i teaspoon salt U teaspoon paprika 1 tablespoon chopped parslej- 2 tablespoons butter, melted Mix ingredients. Pour Into buttered baking dish. Bake twjiiry minutes in a moderate oven. f ^^^^^ 1119 East St. CALL FOSTER'S Phone 436 DRIED FRUITS Apricots 4 lbs. 25f Peaches 3 lbs. 25c Prunes ..... 5 lbs. 25c Raisins 4 lbs. 25c COFFEE Six-0 3 lbs. 53c Hills Bros. .... Lb. 33c Maxwell House . Lb. 29c Rio 2 lbs. 25c PORK Shid. Roast .... Lb. 7c Steak . : 2 lbs. 15c Lean Chops, lb. ... 10c Sides Lb. 6c BEANS PURE LARD ONIONS : KETcffijP 10 lbs. ..i. . 25c 10 lbs. ... . 45c 10 lbs 19c 14 dz. for ... 10c 10 lbs. ..i. . 25c 14 dz. for ... 10c NECK BONES Fresh, 5 pounds for 15c GRAPE-FRUIT Medium Size 7 for 25c COOKIES Ginger Snaps . 3 lbs. 25c FigBars . ., 2 lbs. 19c Fancy Mix .... Lb. 15c BABYBEEF Steaks 2 lbs. 45c Roasts Lb. 12 '/zc Boils Lb. 8c Pink Salmon, 2 cans 19c I , • Can Tomatoes (No. 2) .4 for 25c HEAVY BEEF Steaks .\... . 2 lbs. 25c Roasts .'. . Lb. 8c Boils ......... Lb. 6c Green Beans (No. 2) 3 for... .25c Mother Oats, large pkg. 25c PIONEER BACON 5 lbs. sliced HAMBURGER j SAUSAGE 39ci Fresh 4 lbs. 25c|I*ure Pork ... 4 lbs. 25c ' • j : ' .1- V E D I F" f^E REIN G E PHONES 401-402-403 WE DELIVER Prunes, small, 3 Ibsf 16c; 5 lbs 25c Raisins, 3 lbs. 16c; i5 lbs. 25c Peanut Butter, 2 pounds l^c P &G, large, 6 bars .. .21c Heinz Ketchup, 14 oz. bottle 18c; 3 for 50c Selox, Powdered Soap, per pkg. 5c Peaches, All Gold, No. 2 '/z can .15c (Mammoth Halves—Heavy Syrup.) Apples, Ben Davis, per basket 65c Hawkeye Crackers, 2 lb. box .16c Sweet Potatoes, 10 poundsj. i2c Turnips, 10 pounds 12c Baking Powder, 5 lb. can. 53c THIS COUPON IS WORTH 15c ON THE PURCHASE OF Best Yet Flour 48 Lb. Bag 95c Money Can Buy No Better Flour. Star Flour, satisfaction guaranteed, 48 lb. bag 63c Cake Flour, Monarch orlRobb Ross, per box. .15c Pop Corn, Shelled, 3 Ib. lOc; 9 lbs 25c Red Cherries, 2 No. 2 cans 22c; No. 10 cans. .44c Macaroni, 2 pounds 13c Sorghum, 10 pounds .33c Green Beans, 2 No. 2 cans 15c; 4 No. 2 cans...25c Grape-Fruit, Marsh Seedless..........6 for 19c HEAVY BEEF—FANCY STEERS Rib or Brisket, per pound 6c Rib Roast, per pound .9c Shoulder Roast, per pound 8c Loin Steak, 2 pounds ... 25c Short Cuts, per pound 10c BABY BEEF OR VEAL . Stew, per pound . ................. Oci Roast, per pound 12c and 10c Loin or Chops, per pound 17c A SHORTCAKE FREE O R Friday and Saturday we will give a 4-cup Shortcake Frge with each purchase of ; Fairmont's Frozen Strawberries or Raspberries. PORK FROM HEAVY HOGS Shoulder Roast or Steak, pound 5c Fresh Side, per pound 5c Chops, per pound ...... 5c Lard, per Ib. 5c; 10 lbs. .... .45c Shanks, per pound — .. .2c Sausage, per pound ... 4c Ham, Roast or Steak, per pound 7V^c These are LowPrices Even for Thrift Week! "A penny saved is a penny earned," said Benjamin Franklin. We agree. Tljiis week thrifty housewives can "earn" eyen more than pennies by the savings these outstanding values offer. I BORbEN% WILSON, PET or CARNATIpN Evaporated Milk TALL CANS C Whitehouse Milk 4 ^ 21c Del Monte Corn • IOWA CORN, No. 2 call 5c Tomatoes No. i CAN DEL MONTE N9.:i CAN loe 15c (lONA TOMATOES 4 No. S CANS J5e) Daisy Cheese . • Bloek Salt Matehes • • • « ->c -1 grandmother's Fresh Baked diANT WHITE BREAD 84 OZ. LOAVES GRAPE-FRUIT Medium Size.... .6 for 25c ' CABBAGE Solid Heads Lb. 2c ^ Flour SUNNYFIELP 48 Pound Bag 98 Lb. Bag . I;....: .$1.29 65c COFFEE Del Monte. Maxwell House Lb. 32c COFFEE folsor's. Hills Bros.. Chase & Sanborn's Lb. .35C Campbell's Beans, tall can 5c K. C. Baking Powder .25-oz. can 19c Calumet Baking Powder..... .1-lb. can 25c [. Sugar—C & H Cane 10 lbs. 49c , Morton's Sugar Curing Smoked Salt, can 79c , DOZEN 10c: 2 1^ 25c WHIP! ECONOMY RUIES UNEEDA BAKER'S OATMEAL Cookies . . :. BROKEN SLICED Pineapple . . ,, FANCY BLUE ROSE Rice or Pea Beans 10 LBS . 29 C Karo Syrup L'A '^^. 5 C'A'N 29 C ^ Growing Mash O^^^H l^. 1.75; A^'PFood Stores THE GBEAT ATXJlNTIC t rACOTC TEA CO., MIDDI.B WE8TBBN DITUIO^

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