Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 16, 1933 · Page 6
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 6

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1933
Page 6
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lira DAttt Kl BS AND HtS FRIEND* COLLEGE gJBXlOR W1*«ES TO drive c*r for t ansporUtioh to California. Call 344-W between 8:30 and 7:00. . . , ,.J;..._ • ' WORLD'S FAIR: FIVfc DAY8, '' $15.96, 3 4*rs I10.9B, : dayi »7.»6. Write Tribune ««. , DANCE AT MOOSE HALL. SAT- urday the iSth. LOST : BROWN 25 or 2015. RIM i FOR SALE: TOMATOES. NO. 1, T5o 4 bushel. N6. 2, 50c. Cuoun- b«rs, all sises chtap. Also potatoes, cabbage, dnlon», carrots, beets, peppers, sweet and hot, Parslty, pickling onions, spinaca. Jensen's Garden. Phone 1770. POTATOES,. TOMATOES, AP- pl«, beets, carrots, Cucumbers. 62F4. P. 0. Stone. CUCUMBBRS AWD POTATOES. Phone Z3FJ. «*—F«M USED CARS _, Chevrolet Sedan. 19SJ Ford Coupe 1929 Nash coach. 192$ Chevrolet Truck with stock racfe. 1929 Ford Truck. Allen Motor CD. Chevrolet Dtiftra Phone 3lf 5th arid Douflss WANTED^ USED CARS Our stock is exhausted and we are' temporarily in a position to offer exceptional allowances in trade for HEW mMOtfTHBrDODQM AND OLDBMOBILES It will pay yog to SEE US AT ONCE W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth . Dotf|c - OldsrrtobU* LINCOLN SEDAN Very good, ch«ap '31 Bulck coupe, like new. '2K Durant 75 sedan. re»iotAble. IniHiiailunal pickup truck." uew. b'g discount MAX DUITCH AUTO EXOH Phent 1000 , S23 9th FOR SALE: SPRAYED picked wealthy apples, $l.t5 per j bu. Windfalls. 50 and 75c p«r bu. Jensen's Gardens, Phone 1770. FOR SALE: WEALTHY APPLES, $1.00 bnlhel. 5 miles south and U mile efcat of Ames. Huxley pnone Itll. Andrew Tesdftll. RJPE GRAPES, 3c POUND. PH. | 1033-J. _ eV-r'UoMMbold Goods 15 Good Used Refrigerators 25 to 100 Ib. Capacity $2.50 and up 40 good used tables, ail sizes $1.00 and up Walsh Furn. & Hdwe, Phone 615 *M*a. IOWA, W1DMMDAT, ATOUfT li, ll». Girl Sty \ ) WHY, WHCT /F90M THAT KtKt AU. Yl!>O J 6Mt TACKED ABOUT wo HiAvt TO Cfc OP Hffit THE TtMfc Wt SHUCKS!? V' MN. POP VCAI«..,AN < MCfT A WOfcO AWXfT OUT*tt WHO VJ»NTTO TO Cornered! By Cowan StW> TUtM IN. I MKJMT W5 Vrfrtwli. v^ rr ON THE 6M ANO < IT O/Ett WITH 76—For BAU? CAKKIAGE: J Ko»y Kar. SWrm front, innerspring mattress. Xew 18 k 3<J crib mattress. Phone SSO. ALLEY OOP Q(Jt%Tl6l>*« KND NO MONKEY-B09INCSS Gettiiig a Lift! ByHamlin for '31 Chevrolet Coupe $285 Rumble seat. McGee Motor Co. Nash, D* Soto, Plymouth $21 Uneetnwiy Phone 294 READ THE WANTS See These Used Cars Before You Buy! Dodge Sedan '...•*..i..$1W 29 Furd Pickup - $63 Mathifon Motor Co. HUULTKY—DKEBSfiD CHICKENS Springs — .. ..17c per Jb. Young fat hens ...12c " " No..charge for dressing and delivery. Woodland Farms. Phone 436. WHITE RUCK KWJS. MILK FEU 2^ to 4 pounds. No charge for dressing and delivery. Phone X71-J CHfeAP, KICK MILK FE0" FRIES. 54F5 Room* Without 'ROOMS nett. FOR RENT: 605 BUR- ttoonu PLYMOUTH LooK at and drive all three. Cct "our Jtioney's worth. Glif £ Roberson Garage Phone 34 412 Burnett FOR SALE: MODEL T FORD coupe. Excnlknt condition... Call* ZOSl-j. 4 t—Auto Repair* WE FIX THEM OK They Cari't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage 2 FURNISHED LIGHT HOUSE- keepinjj rooms, also room and kitchenette., 93S-W. S-ROOM MODERN FURNISHED home. Near high seh«61. Fife- place, fruit trees, owner to retain 2 bedrooms. Very reasonably priced to responsible party, feie- phone 705. SMALL HOUSE NEAR Completely refinish^d, heated HOUSE. MAIN FLOOR apartment, iar^e living room wit fireplace, bedroom, dining room kitchen and bath. Other apartmen ha* solarium, living room, dinin room and ^itehen with 3 sleepln; rooms, bath and sewing room. Both apartments remodeled lik new. Heated garages. Wate$ an* heat furnished. Basement equipped with laundry, drying room and elei trie vasher. Call at 217 East Sixth. Look at the property, they are cellent. I CALL 486-J Apartments 123 Uncci-riway and houses, close to college, clean Phone 5iO neat - convenient, priced rtiht J2—Be*utjr FREDRICA CROQUIGNOLE OR combination permanents. — Allene's Beauty Shop. Phone 427. -Buslmn Serric* Offered Miller. 132 -Haywood Av& TWO FURNISHED APTS. WITH garages. 939-W. FOR RENT- "APARTMENT. FIVE room duplex, newly decorated, heat and water furnished. Glassed in front porch. 621 Fifth.. . Upholstering Refinishing Repairing Little Furniture Shop Phcnt 114—231H Main Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy NEW FURNACES Jen. furnace repair work. Furnaces •acuuin cleaned Eve trough work F. A. Gould ' APARTMENTS AND MODERN bungalow for rent. Little Broth ers. 322 Main. Phone 196. 'hcrte 527-J 312 Main St. C. E. SUCHER Paints and Papers Contracting »ht>ne 1*82-J 726 Carroll kAIES GARBAGE CO. LEW COLE Phone 2061. 27—Work Wanted. Female FIRST enth. FLOOR APT. 309 SEV FOR RENT: APARTMENT. 715 Fifth. ATTRACTIVE APARTMENT. Reasonably priced. Near campus. 117 Stanton. DESIRABLE APARTMENT, EV- erything, furnished. Outside ea tranfie. 310. Lincoln way. FIVE ROOM MODERN APT. ALL in one floor. Separate furnace and meters. Phone 2129. ONE TWO ROOM AND ONE three room apartment 412 Main. Call 560-W. FURNISHED DOWNSTAIRS APT. Private porch. 95S-W. FOR RENT. DUPLEX IN FOURTH ward. DESIRABLE TWO ROOM FURN- ished apt. Phone 733-W. FOR RENT: APARTMENT. Sixth street 317 '.'ANTED: GENERAL H oVsE 5 work of all kinds. Good, clean , work guaranteed. Both uptown and ! 'ourth ward, 2£c per hour Call 1034. SMALL FURNISHED APART- ment, also bedroom. Call 161S-J 36—Wanted, Rwins or Buard -10'JSEVVORK WANTED BY EX- pcrienced woman. 411-J. 61—Garden Produce SMALL UNFURNISHED APART- ment. Near fampus. State price. Write 2666 Tribune. Places for R«H Open evenings. South side of i FOR RENT: SMALL BTORE ..tneoln way anil Franklin. Frank building on campus. Call 490. lavls. _ :ntSP. GREEN CUCUMBERS. 200 for 65c. Sweet corn, 10 dot, 7*c. lOMATOKS AND CUCUMBERS at 910 Lincoln way. 989-W. J»—Hous«i for Sale FOU AI.K OK RKNT; NEW COT- »t C»n)|iUK in state Ave. READ THE WANTS garage; resofteaed water; garden 1290-W. « FOR RENT: MODERN 5-ROOM bungalow. Heated garage. Kear college. Redecorated. Rent $85 Phone CIJ1CCAGO <Ul>—Lf re stock: HOGS: 80,000, including 8,-OOt directs. Uneven, spots strong on imderweilihts,.steady on lights aAJ lowtf da heitiei. 140 to 300 Ibs. $4.0P@$4.*0, top $4.60. Pigs $3.00® 14,00. Packing, sows $S.OO@$3.40 Light light, 140 to ISO Ibs., g<fcw3 and choice, $4.60@|4.80; light wt 160 t« 200 FOR RENT: SIX ROOM >iODBR?, f house. Reasonable. Good location. Phone 1444-J. FIVE ROOM 'MODERN FURNIgH, ed bijngaldw. Hot water heat Garage. Write 2661 Tribune. SIX ROOM HOUSE, PARTLY g««d ind chain lttm weifht, 200 to 250 ifes., good and choice. $4.40 @$4.«0; heavy weight, 210 le 350 lb*., too* ana choice, $3.60@$4.50; packing Sows, 275 to 550 ifcs., mt- aad good, $2.78<j|$l50; slanthtef pigp, J»0 to 180 Ibs., good ted choice, $3.0d@$4.0e. CATTLE: 12 ( 6oo, calves 2.0W. FOR RENT: :5 ROOM MODERN bungalow furnished. Call 571-W. FOR RENT: HOUSE, FURNISH- ed or umfunilBhed. Call 4S6-J. modem. GirSge. Call 13S4, dty- Strictly gbofl stnd choice fed steers time. and long ,yea.rlii--s about steady. Most fed offerings selling at $650 UP. Early top $7.00. Inbetween grades unevenly steady to 25c lower. Light heifers and mixed yearlings weak. She stock under pressure. Bulls and vealers steady. Me- dittm to good light weights and medium weight fed steers pr*dom> ihatifig In run. Supply good light ^eights and medium weight fed steers predominating in fiin. Supply gnus cowS and light fed heifers liberal. Slaughter cattle and realerg: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs., good aad choice, $5.50(g | $7.J5; 900 to 1100 16s.. good and choice, $5. FURNISHED HOME: DAY TELE- phone 309. 91— Farm, ft* B«qt FOR RENT: SO ACRES E. Ames, joins Ne_lson. — Geo. Stultz, Winterset, la. 98—Farma A lands for Sale FOR SALE :. OR TRADE: TEN acrtr fruit and truck land located in Maricn coanty, Fla», close to good town. Will sell reasonable or will consider tfade.~QlJfef F. Kellogg, 913 Dnlf Ave.. Ames. PRODUCE 1 _ . __ r .^ _ ^ _ - t1i |. ^^ __ ___ ^ t _ - _._ A EGGS: JIarkot steady, prices unchanged to 1,300 cases; higher; receipts extra firsts 3%; firsts 12@12%; current re- :eipts 10%@11»4; dirties S%. BUTTER: Market steady, prices unchanged; receipts 11.304 tw&s; pecials 19%@19%; extras xtra firsts 17 ^4 @ IS; firtts 7; seconds lov^ig; standards %. POULTRY: T-iarket unsettled; eceipts 44 trucks: fowls : springers 9Vi; leghorns 8; ucks 7@9H: geese S@9H; tur- eys 10 % 11; roosters 7: leghorn rollers 11% ©13^4CHEESE: Twins, 11%@12; jonghorns, 12^4 ({I12&. POTATOES: On track 150; ar- vals 28; shipments 382; market weak. British to Build 100 Fighting Planes If Geneva Fails $7.40; 1100 to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, $5.75@$7.50; 1300 to 1500 Ibs., gaod and choice, $5.50 @ $7.50; 560 to 13000 Ibs., common and medium. $3.00 @ $5.75. Hfifers, 550 to 750 Ibs.. jrood and choice $5,OQCP $6.50; common ind medium 72.80 ©$5.00. CoWs, good $3.50@$4.1o; common and medium $2.25 @ $3.50; low cutter and cutter $1.25@$2.2o. Bulls Cyearlings excluded) goqd (beef) $3.15@?4.00; cutter, common and medium, $2.25® $3.35. Vealers, rood and choice, $8.50® $T.75; medium $6.00 @ $6.50; cull and cornmon $4.00@$6.00. Stocker and fccucr Cattic: Steers, 500 to 1050 Ibs., good and choice, $4.50® S5.50; common and medium $2.75 SHEEP: 17,000. Fat lambs 25c amd more lower, early top SS.OO for choice natives to City butchers. Prospective bulk below $7.55. Yearling! scarce, nothing done on CHICAGO (OE)--Grti6 range: opea High tew close WHEAT: May Dec. 90% CORN: May . 5« ft Sept 45% .'. ,. 50% OATS: M4y 41^ Sept. 33% Dec t RYE: May 75 Dec, Sept. n BARLEY: May Sept Dec, 94% 87^4 90% 50% 57)4 75 4S 52% 63 57^4 4S Today's Market* f rieea Bid by leeAt 1 N6. "2 corn com Oats .32c .SOc TRIBUNE-TIMES FARM NEWS Wheat Payments Over Million II All lowans Sign With a state alldtment of 4, OTS.200 biisBels as set by the Cream, sweet Iream, »our . . , No. 1 .13 SO !ggs, No. 2 ., ..... ... ..... .7 C Je&yy hens, 4% Ibs. ana up --"c Heavy hens under 4% Iks, and iegHdrns .......... 5c Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. over _____ Heavy b^eed springs, under 4 Ibs. ..... . .. ...... ..§c springs ...... , ---- ____ 7c cox .. ............. g c as federal wheat adjustment traction, tewa farmers might collect a total of .more than $1,200,000 in bsneflt payments if every wheat farmer Joined the wheat adjustment program, R. K. Bliss director of the extension service at Iowa Stat* college, said in an interview. The- benefit payment will be either 28 or 30 cents. Secretary Wallace has decided. At 30 cents a. bushel, the total benefit payments f6r which lawa farmers are eligible .this year is $1,223,760". If 28 e«nts a bushel were allowed the total benefit fee would he 11,142,17*. The first benefit payment of 20 qents which will be made after Sept. 15 would amount to $813,840, the rest being paid next spring. Iowa, however, will flot collect this full amount, explained Director Bliss. Assuming that 80 per cent of the farmers Join the wheat adjustment program and that they planted their usual acre* age in the fall of 1932. these farmers would be eligible for total benefit payment of $979,000. This figure is on the Basis of a benefit payment of 80 cents per AJl roosters number two , two cents' l«s. •4^_— ' New York Stocks Close Today NEW YORK (UP) — Following re Wednesday's closing bids oft le New York stock exchange: meriean Can .. 83% jaerican Locomotive 29 •snerlcan T. and T 114 •Jiierican Tobacco B. .baconda lambs. Slaughter sheep and fiethlehein Steel iiw, lambs: Lambs. 90 Ibs. down, good'" - - -- - " ?!* and choice, $6.75@$S.OO; common and medium $3.75@I7.00. Ewes. 90 to 150 Ibs.. good and choice. Jl-25 @$3.00; all wts., common and medium', SI.00^ $2.00. Illinois Wants to Prosecute Capone on Another Charge CHICAGO O>— The state of Illinois asked the federal gov- j eminent Tuesday to release Al- LONDON. (UJ!)-Great Britain will. Phonse Capone from the peniten- uild 100 f5ghtin 6 airplanes, the | Uarv at Atlanta so he can be astest and roost efficient in th« returned here for additional world, and a new force of seaplan- prosecution. s. if the disarmament conference ails, the Daily Herald a»ert«d UMday. The Daily Herald forecast that pre- iaarmamem failure would ipltate a race fo. atrial nents. The ni>w airplanes, th? newspa- r si»i»1. would cost $2,230.000 nd would be equipped with late Capone, with a score of others, was Indicted on charges of racketeering by a grand Jury recently. model machine gun* and motors such as those with which Britain has w«n rf«j«nt Sehn*lrt»r cup sp-ed rncss, capable of mor« than I5o mlk* an hour. C. & N. W- Com. Chrysler 58% Cora Products ..S3 DaPoat 7i% General Electric 2J% General Motors 2f% International Harvester 33% Montgomery Ward 23 New York Central 41% Pennsylvania R. R 34 Sears-Roebuck StndebaSer .. Standard Oil of N. J 38% U. E. Rubber 17% t. S. Stwl 50 westtnghouse Electric .... ....40 Standard OH of lad. Cities Service was DRUNK IS FIXED Vern Phillips, Polk City. .._ fined $20 and coats, in municipal court, Tuesday afternoon, as a result of his arrest at South Second street and K«U-*ltg Monday »|fht. Th« «<mrt that OB payment ^f |S.*& c«V.i, thi j;^« Trsiild »t«i' bushel. Iowa has about 19,300 wheat farmers, said Director Bliss. The benefit payment per farm this year will range from a few dollars up to $300 or more depending on the amount the farmer has been producing. "Such an addition to the purchasing power of Iowa agriculture is the direct goal of the wheat adjustment program," said Director BHss, "and will materially aid not only the farmers themselves but business conditions in general. | White Leghorns and White mm PROFITS IN JIM Storage Eggs Blamed for Situation AltHo prices of eggs averaged about a, cent more per dozen during July than June, feed costs rose and the profit per heri decreased, according to the monthly report of state poultry record flocks of the Iowa State college extension service. The report stated that the slight gain in price for July over June had been -bffset during August, had been offset during the first days of August. Since prices ordinarily fise during August, this drop has been interpreted as an Indication that poultry prices will as good this fall as last fall Larger holdings of ttorage eggs have been the main 1 cause of the present drop in prices, the report states. The margin of gross profits over current expenses f&r the last month was 12 cents per hen as compared to 19 cents for last year and 21 cents for July, 1931 Flock owaefs reporting sold a large amount of poultry daring July aod are stfll selling large amounts. Idwa State college ppul- :ry extension men state that flocks should be cut down since it Quite likely that the price situation will be bad this fall and no owner can afford to keep any but his most productive birds. Forty-two flockf reported dur- >g July, representing 7541 hens and pullets. The average market price for eggs was iljj cents. The average expense per bird was 11.9 ents and the average receipts jer bird were 24. 5 cents. 1 Total' average production p«r iSrd from Nov. 1 to Aug. 1 de- reased this year as compared to ast year, from 110.1 eggs to 105.2 — ~ W rf — —» • *. v«< *» W.* 1 r £ i £ :t U * V A VW«i« . . . ggs. This production is, however, 'bowing sheep abont average, the report states. Story Gmnty to Be Represented at State's Fair Story county \t to he,ir*pre»ent- ed iii the National LiTestwyt show which opens at the Iowa State fair in D6s Moiaes on . Auf. 23 according to .final entries Just made public by state fair official* Over a million dollars worth. oJ fine stock from. 20 states hai been entered for this one, show, state fair officials report. - Taer« wili be nearly 6 r OOO animals. or display, including 1,500 in the Junior Livestock sbx»w, .entered 63 farm boys and girls of Iowa. Tn« boys and girls' baby beef sho* aJone will comprise over 550 head selected from over* 4,000 fed anc fitted by farm yonngsters of th* state during 1933. The livestock show wfll be but one of the 300 acres of features headlining this year's state fair Other events include the Iowa corn and small grain show; the boys and giris 4-H club congress the national farm machinery show th«."Back to Fundamentals" farm show, the state women's exposition, Iowa wild life exhibit, statf public schools exposition, auto, radio show, and acres of other exhibits and features. The state Fair opens Aug. 23, continuing thru Sept. 1. Among the livestock entries from Ames, just announced, are: Dixon Harper, R. F. D. 2, show- Ing Duroc and Hampshire swine; N. A. Nelson and Sons, sbowifi| Chester White swine; C. P. Car- Use, showing Berkshifes; Jo« Duea, R. F. D. 1, showing Short- born cattle; Vincent and Helen Beck. Jennings and Theodore Charlson, Kenneth Cooper, Jewett Bros., and Merrill Randao, each This benefit payment is in addition to the market price the fann- er gets for his wheat and is in r tended tb give him 'parity price' —or purchasing power for wheat equal to that of the pre-war period, 1910 to 1914." Rocks are becoming the most popular breeds in the record poultry Answers to Test Questions 6«low *r« the answers to th« test qu«$tl*n« printed en pag* on*. 1. Famous Roman highway ia Great Britain. 2. Grieg. 3. Reconstruction pfriod, 18«S- 1S76. 4. 189«. 6. From the cowl-like blaek spot «n the head, giving It a resemblance to a Franciscan friar. 6, Rutgers 7. Thomas E. U'atron of 1 Goddess of the hunt 3. A ' - ^iffd beverage made rw'e milk. These local breeders will compete with breeders from all parti of the United States for the upwards of {50.000 in caafi priz«t associations, and the large type ! beia * offered in the national lite- White Leghorn is rapidly replac-! stock contest at^thls year's stati icg tjfe small type, according to ifalr report Dramatizing the life of the world's great unsung hero, the doctor who gives his very life to the service of mankind. Fox Film's "Humanity,"' a romantic drama with an unusual plot, is the bargain Thursday offering at th* Capitol theater. Boots Mallory. Wampas baby star of 1932, enacts the leading feminine rote, and, with Ralph Morgan, fights for the suecaes of Alexander Klrkland, who appears as the youthful and wayward doctor. TU'.ph Mor;i> ;'.2y: the role ot \tho idealistic doctor-father, who sets his heart on his son following In his footsteps, but toe boy. dominated by the rich divore««, d«3«rt« his father and hit aw*e(- Telegraph Briefs jp«a<Je<l eiuriug good heurf bringi aster. fol!»w * that of 'I ....... ' ........ ' LA ROCHELLE, France, Eigttteen convicts escaped Iron-. the Devil's island penal settlement In Gtal&aa Aug. 10, it »'M revealed Wednesday. Two were sentenced to b« b«head«d. There hare been more taan 1(X escapes in the lut 11 naonfhi. It Jun« the gov«ramenr, M an economy measure, reduced the gendar merle on (he p*n»l islands. CAYENNE, French Gaiaaa, Cfc — E»ghty-««v«in escaped convleti have re«una«d h«re affw tj tradition from Ven«iu«la aad O» lombu, and ar* *sp««t*d to r* *•?<• term* of solitary cor.f.n* men* far from six months ta tbrw • *«irs after trial by a spec!*] nxm

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