The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 18, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1894
Page 12
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. iighest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report, Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE BKNTIKBL Is the only newspaper In Car Mil county that Is printed all at home and It con sins more local and county news tban any otber two papers ID this county. POWKBS ft COLOLO, Props. FRIDAY, MAT 18, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore's shoe store. Onion sets at the green bouee. Winter wheat flour at Eempker & Coolidge's. Call at Martin & Gloria 1 for Olidden barbed wire. Mrs. H. A. Junod is enjoying a visit from her mother. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hfttton's. Tested garden seeds in bulk at the green house East Fifth street. J. J. Russell, of Jefferson, was in the city Wednesday on business. • For Sale—140 acre farm, |28 per acre C. E. Reynolds, Carroll, Iowa. Case & Hnber threshers and engines at Woodward, Dickey & Co.'e. Dieeases of the eye, ear, throat and nose. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Qarroll. Transplanted plants, cabbages, toma toes etc.. at the Carroll Green House. Diseases of women and children e specialty. PR. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. Miss Garrett. of Manning, was in the city over night returning home Saturday. Eclipse and Grain wind mills, pumps and tacks at Woodward, Dickey & Co.'e. J. C. Delaney came down from Omaha Sunday evening on a short business trip C. A. Mast was at Marshalltown a couple of davs the forepart of the week. Disc barrows and Disc cultivators at bottom prices at Woodward, Dickey & Co.'e. Frank Parsons, of Oiebolt, was in the city over Sunday visiting with Geo. Par- eons. Champion and Standard mowers, and Champion binders at Woodward, Dickey & Oo.'s. Mrs. W. R. Lee left Monday for DeWitt for a visit of several weeks with relatives. Choice new maple sugar. Freeh made, guaranteed pare, MoLAQAU & Soav- MAOHEB. Messrs. Wm. and Jacob Roth, of Tern- pleton, were pleaiant callers at this office Tuesday. James Laugblin and wife drove across the country Sunday to visit relatives at Tew pleton. J. R. Whitney was inCbicago tbisjweek in the interest of the Carroll Boot and Shoe factory. Try our canned Roods, the prices and quality will enit you. MotiAflAs & BonCMAOOBB. Mayor Parsons was on tbo sick list Saturday and Sunday but is able to be uound again. Mr. and Mrs. Herring, of Belle Plaine, was in the eity over Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Burwell. Quite a number from this city accompanied the Stars to Manning to witness the ball game. For good bargains in groceries and fruits and decorated ware, go to Kempker A Coolidge's. Mrs. 0. 0, Colclo left for Des Moinei Tuesday afternoon for a couple of weeks' visit with relatives. Dave Shirk, proprietor of the Ihirk beueo at Sac Oity, spent Sunday in this locality visiting relatives. Ltrge etoak ot carriages, surreys, phaetons, buggies and spring wagons at Woodward, Dickey & Co.'e. Dr. A. L. Wright WM at Des Molnes, attending tbe State Medical association which wu IP session in that city, Mayor Lee, of Sac City and editor of the Sao County Democrat, WM in the city Monday visiting bis, many friends. Our Stars shine again M brightly M they did before they were obscured by that pesky little goose egg at Denisop. Oajr priest on flour are right, suite everybody, fin it • trial and you will cone bapi to tbe Yellow front for more. F. F. Fliei of Wllley. WM doing business in our city Wednesday and dropped iuto T«» BBHTHWIJ office for a few moments. Hose company No. 1 will meet at the engine Louie Friday evening at 8 o'cloc k. Business of importance. Aug. Miuno • ttttiin, captain. Mayor Parsons is filing up his new office in fine stylo, tbe walls are beautifully decorated and the ttoors covered w|tU Brujaelt carpet. U is reported that tue may or bat employed a type writer to look after his correspondence. Tbe boys say from the style the mayor is putting on that there ie no doubt but what the costs will come « little higher in the future. John Schroeder and wife, of Arcadia were present at the marriage of their sister Wednesday at 88. Peter and Paul's church. Hon. Frank Danforth was one of th visiting members of the Chapter from Lake Oity who attended the meeting Saturday evening. Moses Simon left for Chicago Monday evening to be absent in the city for a few days purchasinc a large stock of summer goods for bis clothing'house. Chase & Sanborn teas and coffees were need exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Bold only by Merchant. P. E. C. .Lally, of Denison, was present at tbe teachers' meeting Friday evening and amused and instructed tbe teacbers with a short talk on practical arithmetic. E. N. Merchant was called to southern Kansas Tuesday by a telegram announcing the serious illness -of his aged mother who has passed her ninety-fifth milestone. - Farmers' Mutual Hail Insurance for Iowa. The safest, surest and cheapest insurance known. For particulars address the county agent J. 0. Sohwaller, Halbnr, Iowa. Theo. Schoeppner of Templeton, was in the city Wedneday and favored us with a pleasant call. He took home with him a new farm wagon which be purchased while in the city. Merchant wants yon to call at his store and see how few goods yon can buy for five dollars. Leave your sacks and baskets at home, but put a double box on your sled or wagon. Dr. Gockley was called to examine the injury Jno. Nestle sustained in falling from his porch and informs us that Mr. Nestle had two ribs broken and they were proving to be very painful. M. Miller and Wm. Folken returned from South Dakota Saturday where they bad been looking up real estate, tfr. Folken was so well pleased that be invested in South Dakota soil. M. W. Beach appeared ia Judge Paine's court Wednesday at counsel (or Mrs. Matilda Wagner asking for a divorce _rom her husband Wm. Wagner. The court granted tbe decree as prayed for. Jno. Selzer left Tuesday for Nebraska City, Neb., where it is reported that he las gone to take unto himself a helpmeet. 'The happy event will occur this evening aV tbe home of the bride in that city. Barney Brown purchased tbe seventy- two acres of land lying a mile and a half west of the town which was sold by tbe sheriff to satisfy a mortgage in favor of the Aetna Life Insurance company, forj >1,070. Mrs. Johnson, who hai been visiting with her sister-in-law, Mrs. W. L. Cut- bertson, for some time past, left Tuesday for Nebraska, where she will visit a short time before returning to her home in California. A game of baseball will be played m Booue on tbe 84th inst. by tbe Carroll and the Boone nines. On Decoration day the home team will play a game in this city with tbe Des Moinei team.— Dooue News. B. 1C. Nance, of Jefferson, was in tbe :lty Thursday in tbe interest of D. M.JN. _t W. R'y. He was advertising the advantages offered to the traveling public by his road to parties going to Dea Moines From this point. It will soon be spring weather and you will need good footwear, as this is a liute when money should not be wasted in worthless goods, yon will and it best to take a little time and look at Moore's line before you buy. Dr. G, L. Sherman was called to Coldwater, Michigan, Wednesday by a telegram announcing the sad news tbat bis father WM in a dying oonditlen, Ai result of hi* absence bis office will be closed for a few days. A bouneing little postal clerk arrived at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Bangers Wednesday morning. Tbe happy father WM around setting up the cigars the ne&t day. Both mother and child are prospering nicely, W. M. Funk came to the oily Monday evening being called here on legal business, lie Is looking M if tbe Monitor was in a prosperous condition, for be is much fleshier and wea» better clothes than he did while he was a resident of our city. Mi. J. C. Sohwaller, of Ualbur, was a caller Tuesday. He report* the buiineai of tue Farmer*' Mutual Hail Insurance company for Iowa in a prosperous condition, this company having taken in over 1,000 new members tuls spring There is no question of the desirability if this class of insurance and its value to tbe farming community. Any one wishing any further Information concerning this class of insurance will do well to write Mr. Schwaller at Halbur, Iowa, nnd he will be glad to furnish details of the plan and the cost of carrying the BUSH rnnce. His company expects to reach $6,000,000 of insurance this year. Write him for particulars. Henry Flenker, of Washington township, was In the citv Saturday visiting bif> friends and talking local politics. 'W^ understand that he is contemplating entering the race fof the office of county supervisor. Jas. H. Post, a former foreman of the Hen.ld office, is now employed at TUB SENTINEL office. Mr. Post in a skillful rapid workman, and we hope In the future to satisfy our patrons and get out on time the large amount of work we have on hand. Work has begun on the excavation for Germaniahall. Wm. Smith was given tbe contract for the excavation and is to do the work free and pay $20 besides for the dirt. This is as good an offer as they could loek for and it w promptly accepted. You must see the best to buy it. It is a wrong plan to buy first and look afterwards and kick vourself when you find that you could have done better if vou had seen L. T. Anderson's sewing machines, harness, saddles, trunks and other goods. l-4t Complaint has been made of young men and boys bathing near Maple Park ice house so close to the road as to be plainly seem by people passing. Sheriff Jeffrey informs us that if they wish to batbe there they must wear bathing suits or be prepared to suffer the consequences Thos. W. Russell, of Hartford, Conn, president and founder of the Connecticut General Life Insurance company, arrived Thursday to look after business interests and visit his brother. Hon. J. J. Russell. The two went to Carroll Friday to spend Sunday with their brother Henry at tbat place.—Jefferson Souvenir.' Our etook is complete, goods first quality,'popular prices. The tariff or silver bill outs no fignre with us. Don't think because we dou't button hole yon on tbe street and beg yon to trade with us, we don't want your trade. We di.tat think yon are wise enough to choose the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MERCHANT. Last Tuesday and Wednesday Rev. Geo. Mayer, sister and nephew, of Fryburg. Pa., visited with John H. Hoebing ef Breda. Rev. Mayer was a fellow traveler with Mr. Hoebing in his pilgrimage through the Orient. The party consisted of 103 members and is widely scattered and it is seldom they meet to talk over the many amusing and .interest ing incident, of the journey. Uucle John Nestle fell from tbe porch of his residence Monday and severely sprained his back and is compelled to remain in bed. He has not so good con trol ofjhis lower limbs as be once had, made a misstep and injattempting to save himself by catching hold of one of the posts, fell on his side spraining h is back. Auburn has sensation. A widow of our sister city has been receiving attentions from a married man of a neighboring Sac county townjandlast Saturday evening the indignation of the citizens culminated in a shower of eggs directed against the house where the couple Wai ensconced. Excitement ran high for a while, but has since quieted down somewhat. We learn that N. M. Letts, for a number of years manager of tbe Letts, Fletcher grocery house iu tnis city, has associated himself with a Mr. Riddle, of the Riddle grocery company of South Bend, Ind., and gone into the wholesale business at Decatur, 111. Mr. Letts is a splendid busiLCSB man and one of tbe best fellows in tbe world, and we are glad to hear that be is dc ing well la his now field. The county teachers' meeting wal held at tbe court room Friday evening and Saturday forenoon. The meeting WM one of the largest educational meetings ever held in tbe county. There were between seventy-five and a hundred teachers present and the discussions were full of in. terest. Even an outsider could enjoy tbe spirited discussion. Superintendent McMabon may well feel satisfied with the interest manifested at tbe second meeting of the kind he has held since be has been in charge of the schools. Geo, W. Slater, an uncle of Mrs. Albert Brigbam, of this city, died at hie home at Pattsville, Pa., the 4th of this month. The Journal of that city of the Btb gives the following notice: ' 'George W. Slater t one of the early settlor! of this locality, died yesterday morning from tbe effects of a paralytic stroke, aged 77 years. He was a native of Union county and settled here in 1840, engaging in store business at BcLaal's meat market. Be invested large ly in real estate and became the owner ol the old Town Hall, which was destroyed by fire in 1870 sod rebuilt. The bullulni is now known ai Centennial Hall. Deceased managed the hall until about three years ago when he was .succeeded by tils son Henry. Mr. Slater was (in artist in penmanship and drew life size portraits ol Andrew Jackson nnrt Abraham Lincoln the latter picture beiuR awarded first prize tn an exhibition at Philadelphia, He is survived by his wife and son Harry. Mr. Sinter led an industrious;life and was one of Pottsville's best known and most val ueed citizens." J. B. Hnngerford is at Ames this week attending a meeting of tbe trustees of the State Agricultural college. He Is there in the interest of the -Carroll Muzzle company, as this it the meeting of the board when official action is to be taken on tbe kind to be used for the season and will exert his influence as a member of the board for the home industry. Should he be successful our city will begin to realize the advantage it is to gain by having a representative of this board re siding in our midst. Little Johnnie told a lie and when he found no one would believe him he got mad and sulked and cried, "well, I will tell it again and then if you don't believe me I will tell my big brother Joe and be will "nV 1 you." Well Johnnie we do not think they will believe you this time any .better than the first and as Joe will be back next week we will look for the "fixing" process to begin. P. S. Keep that list of claims standing it helps fill up and you will save 25 or 80 cents each week in plates, • C. H. Hoaft, president of the school board, agrees with us in our proposition that the existing conditions of affairs in our schools is^not for the best interests of the schools. We have reason to hope however that the hot blood will cool down and tbat the "supreme officers" will draw their personal grievance in the common interest of our public schools. They Are too dear to the people to allow their interests to be jeopardized to satisfy the personal ambition of any man, no difference what may be the color of his hair. Saturday afternoon the trustees of tbe county fair association met at the office of Secretary Junod and examined the bids for printing the premium list for the fair this fall. As a natural result tbe contract was awarded tn THE SENTINEL office. Two other bids were on file, but they were both higher than ours and tbe board gave . this office tbe fob. Work bas commenced and in three weeks the lists will be ready to mail. This office has with one single exception done this work for thu association and we feel gratified that it has always proven satisfactory, as it surely will this year. If we felt as badly about signing the petition granting consent, to sell liquor in this county, as some hypocrites are pretending that they do we would go to the court house and have our signatures erased from the petition as we w ould nave a right to do. And we would keep our mouth shut about morality and unredeemed pledges if our history war as badly blotted with these short comings s are those of these hypocrites who are prating about their signatures being on ihe petition. Our advice to them is to take them off, for the fate of the nation does not depend upon whether you sign the petition or not. By all means take them off. Henry Baumhover sent a steam engine to bis farm near Mt. Carmel Monday. This engine is to be used to run a threshing machine and also to furnish tbe motor power for plowing. It is a twelve Horsepower engine and will pull four plows at a faster speed than could be done by horses. Mr. Baumbover says he has been wanting one of these portable engines for some time but he could not persuade bis neighbors to go In with him and now be has a farm large enough so that he did not want any one to go partnership wjth him. This will be tbe first engine ever used in tbe fields in this county to furnish power to be used for plowing purposes. It will undoubtedly look like business to see one of these engines steaming around tbe field dragging four large plows after it turning over about five feet of soil. Mr, Baumhover is one of tbe largest farmers in tbe county and Is taking advantage of all tbe latest machinery to make it profitable. Saturday nigbt WM a red Utter one in the history of Copestone Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of this city. Lake Oity lodge sent a delegation of twenty over to do tbe work and it is reported tbat they are M fine a working lodge M can be found any where. A team of three, constating of Wm, Bailey, B. T, Jeffrey and W. 0. PbUlipps, WM put through the third degree by tbe visiting brethren. After this WM completed tbe lodge repaired to tbe banquet hall in PerrUe & Neatle's Mitenrant where an elegant spread WM greatly enjoyed by all. The visiting brethren then conferred the three Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. ^PRICE'S taking _ __^ 'ovvder: The only Fu» Cmuu otfMw P«w4«.—No.tuuaeBl*; No Aluu. Uwd in Million* of. Home*—40 Yean the SttudaiA DON'T ACCEPT IMITATIONS. I P-CC-7T & GAMBLE CO.. OIN'Tt. dfgreut iu the council upon nlaven of the members of the obapter. This waa long BUI) tedious task and i( v/us about 4 o'clock when the visiting lodge had completed ite labors. The members of Oopestone chapter speak in the highest prase of the excellent manner in which the La** City lodge did the work. .MABBIBD. Wednesday at „ 88. Peter and Paul's oharoh Rev. Father Nacke officiating, Miss Mary Oohroeder and Jno. Pilmaier were united in marriage. Quite a number of friends of the contracting parties were present. The bride was one of the successful teachers of this county, with her home at Aoradia, and the groom is one ot the men of Dubuqne. After the wedding ceremony was ov the bridal party returned to Arcadia to remain for a few days with the relatives of the bride, after which they will go to Dubnque, where they will make their tome. BOABD MBETINO. The eohool board held a very quiet and business like session Tuesday evening. Aftei disposing of a number of bills the application of Miss Lulu Long at $50 per month for the position of primary eaoher in the high school building was taad. Miss Long bad been hired for this position at the time the other teachers were at a salary of $40 per month. But as she bad been hired for a similar position at Shelby at 950 per month she did not think that in justice to herself she could accept the position in our schools for another year which she has filled so satisfactorily for the past year unless the board could see its way clear in inoreae- ng her salary. After a thorough die onssion of the merits] of the applicant and the important position she was to 111 the board wisely concluded to increase ter salary to ISO per month. This we bink was right and a wise action for it is a fact that primary teachers are demanding higher salaries than other lower trade teachers, for It requires a special adaptability on the part of the teacher as well M special training for the work. And as Miss Long possesses both of heae it waa the part of wisdom to retain wr in our schools. Pimples on The Face cured. Sulphur Bitters will core the wont cage of akin disease ; from a commop liniple on tbo face to that awful dlioaio ecro- ula, It IB the beet medicine to use In all cases ot snob stubborn and deep-Boated disease. Do not delay; use Sulphur Bitters and drive the mmorfrom your blood. 4 BIDS FOB QBBMANIA HALL. Sealed bids, for the construction of Oermania ball, according to plane and specifications now in 8. P. Hart's office, will be received at N. Better's meat market, Carroll, Iowa, np to May 24, 1804. Builder to furnish all material. The committee reserves the right to reed any and nil bids, and requires a sufficient bond and contract for build- ng of the party whose bid will be accepted. Signed this May 10, 1894. By order of Qermania Building Com- Wittee. ' Pigeons Wanted. I want 600 good live plgeoni during the month of May at ten ceuti each. B. M. Parsons, 2-4t WAMTSD, To buy some potatoes at IfoLagaa 4 Bobomaober's. WANTED. An active agent in each county in the United States, to solicit subicripUooi for the TwIce-a-Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to hustler*. Ad> dreii, superintendent circulation, The Uepubllo, St. Louis. Mo. For Bale. I offer my farm situated to section .9, Washington township, for sale, For further particulars sddrsM 88-601 BIWKM DftiHWM, Aroadia, Carroll County, low*. Notice. My land ottos is uow ovti the flrtt door loath of the posloflbSf P. M. QVTHHll, suits ate a surprise to even its friends. No mutual association ever sprang Into favor among the farmers with such eur- prl&iuglrapldlty as has this youngorganlza. tlou. Farmers have time and again or* gun I zed for some specific purpcme, and., without exception, good has grown out of their efforts. But in no way have they saved themselves more money or annoyance than by the organization of the various mutaals over the state to Insure themselves against loss by fire, lightning,, tornado, cyclone or hall. Almost every county In the state has its home mutual, and the cyclone association has Insurance in all portions, but until one year ago there- was no attempt made by the farmers them-, selves to protect their crops against the most destructive of all storms—the hall. On th» 4th day of last March some of the lending farmers and mutual insurance- men met InDes Molnes and organized , Mutual Hall Insurance association and sued their first policy pn May 17th. July the 6th they had over $1,000,000 at risk and suffered loss to the amount of over 85,000. During the year 31,869,000 was written in risk, and $7,000 was paid In losses. The assessment made waa less than 8 cents per acre, and was paid promptly and gladly by the members. The association expects to write 95,000,000 In risks this season andtodo business In nearly every county iu Iowa. The annual meet- Ing of the members \v«s held In the parlors of the Abbrn house, this city, on the 10th Inst., and the same officers were reelected, thus endorsing the past season's work. Over2,600 farmers last year protected themselvesln this way and letters of praise and commendation have flowed In upon the secretary, giving him much en» couragement and satisfaction. Over twenty destructive hail storms visited Iowa the past season, and some of them in places where the people said there had not been any hail In thirty years. Like the tornado.the hail storms are no respecters of persons, and there Is no part of Iowa but may be visited any year by them. In one county in central Iowa a sir els hail storm last year destroyed over $20,000 worth of crops, and In Lee county, In the very south easf corner or the Htatp. there was heavy loss, while at the same timelnLyon county, the niost northwest county, another storm, just as destructive, mowed down the ripening craln. Decatur county, on the south, had a heavy hall storm, as did also Emmet county, on the north. So thus it may be easily understood that there is danger of hall In any part. JudRinn from the record of the past year we should say no farmer could afford to be without a policy In the Farmers' Mutual Hall Association of Iowa. Our space forbids us k<> give all the details of its management, but anyone wishing to more thoroughly Investigate Its merits can write the county agent, whose address Is J. C. SCHWALT.EB, Balbur, Iowa. The New York World never waits to be driven along the path of progress by sharp competition, but keeps so far iu the lead that competition is an impossibility. The reputation of The Weekly World as the. ' iruatestDeuiocratlc paper published is ful-i ly established It IH Democratic in principle Democratic in policy, Democratic In Its< i policy, isaiuuci amu iu inn sympathies. It is not blindly or dishonestly partisan. It will notsunort bad men or »ad measures. ITS WORK IS FOB THE PEOPLE, Tilt WUOLtt i'KOPLK, and not (or any class or faction. It will be found at all times fighting for the great cardinal principles of the Democratic party, but never for the selfish ends of any ring or Individual. Its miscellaneous articles are fresh, well selected and Interesting. Its pages devoted • to Home, fashion and Agriculture are replete with articles of valuable and Interesting Information to all. The "Tariff 3f ule' r artl- cles now running In Tho Weekly World liave become celebrated on account of the plain, practical way in which the tariff question is presented. It is a large 12-psne, {-column paper for only 91.00 a year. We have succeeded In making special arrangements by which we can furnish THB WEEKLY SENTINEL and The Weekly World one year'both for only 82.00. -Address THE SENTiNELiCarrolliIowa. German Baptist Annual Moating The Annual .Mooting of tbe German Baptist Brethren will be held at Movers- dale, Pa., on thePlttshurg Division of tbs Baltimore A Ohio Railroad, commencing: May Mill,-18M. . , ' For this occasion the H, & O. K. B. Co., will sell exourlson tickets to Meyersdale and return from all stations on Its system of lines at rite of one first class fare for tbe round trip. From points east of and Including Pittsburgand Wheeling'betlekeU will be sold from Afar 22d to 88th In- elusive, and will be valid for return passage within thirty days from date of sale. Prom points west of Pl«sburg and Wheel- lug the tickets will be sold from May 1st toj»th Inclusive, and will be valid (or return passage within thirty day* from data* Fortune of trains, etc., •alress nesrr" ' Agent of tbe B. & 0. ft. »• Co. O. McOarty, Qen'l Pus. Agent. B. * IF. O B'v, «t. Louis, MO.J S. Allen, Ass't Qen'l.. Pass._ Wf ml ^? Soull, Qen'l PMS. Agent, Baltimore. Md. All pirtles owing menilit call and *et- tie eitltor by cash or not* WM. 'Pou SAL*. A woll Impr jved farm clly llmlU of Urodu. A good burp a two story uouwiWxttO, «ood uranarles aOsttO and other good out building*. THOMAS OVUM, ttrodtt. la. [From the Iowa Homsitead.] The Farmers' Mutual Hall insurance Association of Iowa, which we recouj. ueuded to the farmers oueyesr aiw,ha< > J u«t completed it* yew's biwluwn, and the re- motto*. To whom It may concern: . 1. Qeo, Belzer, hereby that 1 SB engag> ed In manufacturing, bottling and selling soda water, mineral waters, ginger ale,, older, birch beer and wine cream at Carroll, in Carroll county, Iowa. In bettli eases, bottle holders aud ilpbon*, bavi my mark of ownership thereon s*f-"~ The half pint bottles used for — and mineral waters are mark: Bros.," or'»Geo. Sel*er, r> »aiiM» I In (be MUM; 71* quart Uott, older, ginger »)•, birch beer cream, are marked >'flei>. Ml Intheliottlei, eiter, or either burned In the with stencil plate. The ed"Geo, Belwr," engrav A use fl|A§tt U persons are forbidden to buy sell, or destroy any of suehdeeorbM Notlo*.'

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