The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 11, 1933 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1933
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Stf •*•* - .-. J'l *-r -,•*,•*"'*! ^i'ft* T -*•«' .y-'&'i - iJ --r:-.'\f m ~?ffi"t''' l iff t v-.-n. V,, ••.-»: f/ • '. .*')!)// V/>^ J<-r^{'V'(-7^ i*B?L rWi©W -. ' h^ •",'I'.;' • ',, -- U -i- ,''--lV* ',',J *-V (, 1 'kft-'t.'i'l't'itifLflf •;-•• •^••••>'=v;y^p k-£^$wra» •-. . . •- .?. ,•>* .^;.V: . ^i^VuWMwis! IX/J - ' 4 - r - H •- J 1 ,v>* ,j#; t 'r" -^^ . ^^W^VA;^?^-^?^jMSl : --, ;-^' r 'V;^^^^ •.* - -" a - " !" - <!*,-. .-v n - - j -* ^^j-.r'-f-' j *' i* 'va•• nit^Bwl - •• '*'*• • • - - ' V -• 1 .i^;'f i'+-V^ J-= -, '<.Vv£^*>'-W*£«&™ i-:..; .- .* r M * * ,* ^-v^iC^jvSy/.V fcjSfEiMH ; ' L ?V ~ V - .. •; V"' : ? ^'-->lyv*- : ^^^%'ffi^ii .'•' V' <?;. " v' ''' L ''"^; : ^ 1 V L '-'v'^ CT^WTOESSPi J &%n /§#, v*V iwwfiraa i7.-;-'i?<*-;^ l '*-'.r-.':-~-'./I">K*,.rffl*S iS%^^t%i$ fclst^t^JBpi*^ .; •-: tec3?a^»s01 ITION '-V'^^W".;^ ^ - v - - . 8AN J N VALLKY PULL AND CXOLUSlC UNITCO PttCU KIPORT 11,1933 TWO SECTIONS * :- -V'K/ .'.! '.;^M - • v v «w* /'^•y$E * ><• - > COMMENT BY WILL ROGERS 30,000,000 IN WORLD IDLE ' - - PERATi J- I r f — - J n Senator Norbeck Alleges * w Good Collateral Was * T Withdrawn BEVERLY HILLS, Jan. 11.—(To the Editor of The Bakersfleld Cat- Ifornlani) Bernard Sr^aw stopped over Just long enough to make,one speech In Bombay, India. Started a war and 100 Indians killed each other. That's what I 'call good •peechmaklng. The: onTy enthusiasm any of our speakers can rouse Is a 'demand to kill the speaker. Shaw Is headed for Hollywood. We will buy one of his scenarios and he will Just love us. They got the beer thing to muddled up In this session of Con. gress that It looks like the people will get to vote on It again in the next campaign. Yours, WILL ROGERS. \ * r- " .f ^talin's Statement That Russia Preparing for War Stirs Tokio STOCK EXCHANGE •APPROVED, AVERS > f r n ' rokerage Firm Makes $563,000 Profit on Flotation NONAGGRESSION COMPACT DYING i QtNEVA, Jan. 11.—Reduction of working hour* must be reaMttd without reduction of wad«i r Leon ^Jouhaux, general eeoretary of the French. Confederation of Labor, to* dajr.told the international confer*. ence on unemployment. It wae understood" he epoke for all workers' delegates attending, who had agreed in advance to maintain this policy Jn defense of wages. It wae recalled that the American Federation of Labor supports the same policy. .Thirty million men and women,' one-sixth of all the workers in the world, are jobless, M. Jouhaux said; and even revival of Industry would not ramedy this . situation, for technological unemployment would remain a tremendous factor. Unless there Is some .relief fur the world unemployment situation, he said, civilization may Ve destroyed. '4 -f- Tanks, Arhiored Trains, ' ' ' * : • , ^ Airplanes, Cavalry, * •' A * •ll " T* • 1 Artillery Ready ' PROVINCE CAPITAL (Associated Press T OS ANGELES, Jan. 11.—A sailor was drowned and 11 other naval •" seamen disappeared today In the teeth of a gale which swept land and sea alike, sometimes reaching a Velocity of 80 miles an hour as it wrought destruction in a dozen southern California cities. The sailor was blown from a gangplank of the cruiser Raleigh, Into the storm tossed harbor at San Pedro. Two other seamen disappeared from the cruiser Chicago and six more from the cruiser Pensacola, as they ^attempted to lash fast shore boats which the wind had whipped from moorings. .......... . The mipslng men were in small naval boats and when they failed to ^ A A -_--._ A . V >. 1 Voted Upon by People in Two Years " L ' I Press Leased Wire) 'W/'AIBtHINGTON; Jan. 11;-^-The ™ charge that poor securities substituted as collateral pjv Kreuger A Toll securing gold in-the United States, with the approval of the New York stock exchange, was made by Chairman Nbrbeck today at the reopening of the - Senate stock market investigation. The" in- Prosperity -Held Dependent f Upon Pu^ehasirijg Power of Agrarians ' ^ ^**^~ ^ (Associated Press Leased Wire) L Nippon Holds Moscow's Dealings With China as Disingenuous \ ' By MILES W. VAUGHN : :( United-PresTs Leased Wire) ); Ja^;'ll^-Jbseit '\lB\fal recen^statement that gbvdi^meH'f'* removed the GOAL.OF JAPANESE reappVar'lo'Tourr'after" they'"aet^ forth, fear was expressed that they rr> i • TT ij- rtii « /ni • i had capsized or were blown far lOKlO ilOldS 1 hat Lllllia I from shore. The names of the dead and missing were not contained in naval reports; at Shanhaikwan POWERFUL SUPPORT DECLARED ASSURED i i. to Blame for Battle , *• •'. * *• JLATE BULLETIN PEIPINO, China, Jan. 11. (A.'P.) put th« Chi- fllohtand.are Iw '•* - . . T>i * '- fj%*'T Plea ,df J. r*^- tt*r ' ' Taylor qulry by the banking committee . . _. . .. . _, _, „, tl other measures are undertaken into, flotation of, Kreuifer & Toll ao- (prosperity Is to return. California and war tlnie secretary of TP act wltl ? Russia, a ; government the treasury, today said .farm relief | 8 P9 k esman intimated, today. ' Tho must be 1 given by Congress before | Soviet government; demonstrated for Veterans "ft It A • It A*M J -*^tff 4ha* • fl™ 'DA W^ ''SVT VTI v if* • i»i'pri7B«»» ^ w through theXireat Wall into Jehol, the Japanese legation -announced this evening. . '• . , V .-, •* A government If I that while it was asking Tokio to (Associated Press Leased Wire) •VVJASHINGTON, : ; Jan.- /•; 11.— of the mysterious opera- of .the late Ivar Kreuger, Swedish match king who killed himself. Before calling witnesses, Senator Norbeck said he had been informed that "bonds of Kreuger & Toll were Hi * •» *- legislation In t an Interview before fitartfng a three-day series of conferences with Democratic congressional leaders, after which McAdoo will go to'Hyde Park, N, Y.,-for a talk with President-elect Roosevelt. He arrived pare for war, the spokesman said, • » i The demand of the Japanese military for huge approprlatlone In the current budget waa due to the By HERBERT R. EKINS (United Press'Leaned Wire) Jan. v 'll/—Japanese committee of the ,-; f _ rtrtT ._ American Legion,- today opened before > iro °P fl » a joint congressional committee -on a * r P^ ttn ?6» 'artillery and cavalry veterans' legislation the drive of vet- "were prepared today for-an inva- eran organizations aguinat, reductions flion of Jehol • province, with the * _ ^_ * • . • - ^ ^ i |k __. I • L. t ' Damage which ran into unknown thousands of dollars wan caused by the terrific, dust laden winds, which began to blow late last'night and continued weU\after dawn. KstlinuteB of * tho 1 damage ran Into the millions, but the widespread loas made'It nm impossibility to *pro<Jict an accurate figure. '.". ". In the harbor at San Pedro the wind reached a -velocity of 60 mll'oa f$n hour-fit 4 a, :m. and was .measured at 80 m Hep an hdur near.pntario; to tho Inland,: overturning foiir automobiles rear Were. ' 130 OH Derricks' Razed In the Valencia' orange district S. P. and U. P. Rys. Paid Big Dividend by Fruit Express Crittenden and Chatters Sponsor; Wagy, Turner Also on List . -i [J.- taaKs. .armored trains, Inenr• Annholm, conslriernble damage reported to fruit .trees, 130 oil were mowed down, one of them crashing on the home of H. P. Frnncls, near Richfield. The family (VnitedPre** Leaned Wire) NE>V YORK,.- Jan. 11. — The Union. Pacific Railroad and the Sputherri Raolfjc, .Cotnpany each T««lv«d-$4,800,000 In regular divi- denda, from the Pacific Fruit Ex- preia Company In. 1fl32, 4 O aln of $1,200,000 from < the $3 t eoo,000 received In *1f31. .*• • :'.'.'; ; • • The ,g«ln^ wa« the reeult? of : an Increave 'bv <thVexpreaa company •In Itt • dividend rate on Ita $24,. 000,000 of itook from 30 to 40 per cent. The expreea company la Jointly owned by the two rallroada. on collateral, witlv a written from the west by air last night. agreement providing for substitution." "Tho usual -phrase, 'substitution of securities of like value,v wus-not used,, but the substitution of par value was I chasing power," Restore Farmers' Purchaalng "The return of prosperity rests with the .restoration of the farmers' pur- nowledgc of the change fn Soviet program, according to spokesman. speech, the the i. 'j.a.1 • u ««4 -M «-* .« j . , ritiyuiw, iiciii niuui icm, a iiv iniiiiij ta^italrCheng Te-Fu, as their goal. K U d fJod from the residence when the used," he continued. * Bond* Worthless men , of the service org;anfiatlons to h^^^^nS£ ^r ffi^ I P"-M: -Janabe^e j military actlvlt, In tho began to sway and escaped In- • I be brought about through -wtoe legis- latlon because the farmers' prosperity The value of the bonds has gone has been largely destroyed , through down to almoat .nothing. unwise legislation. tual "This substitution was approved by I "As, part of the farm problem it is the stock exchange and brokerage of- imperative too, .to amend the farm flees involved." ' Donald Durant, partner of Leo HlK- I credit for farmers at very low rates ajinson & Company, investment bank- of' Interest and an /amortization terin «rs who handled the Kreuger & Tobias long as 100 years." securities, was tlje first, witness. McAdoo said he was thinking of a Before he began his testimony, John | measure to give the fanner mortgage of the Soviets. Stalin's Statement tions- of roughly yearly veterans! bill. These suggestions Economy, League, the vlr- I Comnierce of the United States, the National Committee for Economy In Government, .an organization Sooiig Hun'g-Chun, chief,of the Je hoi telegraph /admlnistratiou, re- [ Jury. Tho gale whort circuited power lines at Buona Park, causing a warehouse -Fu, leading, to Cheng .that Japanoae and group of bu|l$llngs to burn down, YOUNGER IN Al KfHELM other points, and. the i Je.hql cHp|taK Stalin told the committee that the I sored by the National Manufacturers' mortgage tact to provide mortgage I far eastern crisis and the failure of | Association, and oth^r organization**; •• - - ^ '"certain neighbors" to sign nonag- spon- | Chlumunkou, i u,,straleg - lo-gate in the Great Wall, .waa? the*"«6ene yqntordav of the latest Jupunese^ offensive In the Replying directly to them in his 1 Mnnohurian^truirgl^^J^hting lasted ^ A. —* -m.m — — A *•» *.' •• . A 1 n 11 *m n »* *»#• 4-1* " *1V* I ** tr^r*.^ •*jm'B»a* 1 *» •*. • fkn fiftO gresslon pacts forced the Soviets to statement, Taylor said members ot ftli dny > devote nn unexpected portion of tho the committee "have listened for sev- r ne • tnts five-year plan to tho production of erul weeks .to men, backed by large cludcd Infantry, artnie/yr cavalry: and * 'rv^r\j~t ^wtm I »^ ft *• ••«« *^A f* *-« ^ « +±S ^J f * &+*++..-, >* ml* I ,, I ^^-h*»4«i«« f*** «••!_ „ *- .—.- _ _. , t •• •• . I n 1 t*i^ln »t Ao * .';:••". i V In- of fortunes, who contnually at- ,* - Marrlnan, committee investigator, said I credit with interest rates possibly as change In the progrrnm \yas responsU I tacked federal expenditures on ac- . Tne Ift**>llfrAt* linrl Via^/\tV^A lr*m^itvh na "n I IA*» «% H A «. A. _•* _»** ' . I 1^1 rfi ^/\V* * \\ A fl' nn** AA*** v**^*!^** ^«*1Alt1 t firklint- ftf IVA^AHnHr* ft I wVll^Vl Kreuger had become known as great swindler/' are beginning to realize that 1 per cent*. allow as 2 per cent and with an annual amortization charge of a fraction of ble for the 6' per cent under- fu'lfill- tioiiht of veterans/' around Ing party was believed greatly. Heavy Losses Scores of merchants, principally In San Pedro, miffered losses when show windows were shattered and stock blown into the street or harmed by W. Aldricli, C. S. McCain, "*'.!-,• ' . ™ Chairman and President of Chase National he Wfts also a great gambler," he added. "Wo ar6 finding evidences of .Scores Home-Loan Bill. He described the home-loan ment of the first five-year plan, Stalin said.' Maintain ReUtlona bin I -The Japanese spokesman did not In- ' I 4 • . i m . ^ _ _^ " _ > 41 Scouts Arguments which the Japanese seized last week, remained quiet Except for the \troop They have presented no'arguments movements. < The* fighting occurred to down. tho swlrlinp dust and sand clouds. In fiectionB, small buildings were reducod to kindling ns the wind whipped them about llko toys and countless trees, telephone poles, signboards and similar objects Wore blown to show that federal expenditures un- exlsting laws are wrong or 1m- northifrest of th6 city i'.. 1 . ' H- - gnmbling that ought to have been under which 1 the home loan bank ays- dlcate that Japan intended severing Proper," Taylor .said. ^ _ m _ —^ ^- ^ J ^f j_ A A i • ^A dMA^AA^A I* ' ^f • ^ A^*>« ^^ hlfll ^^^^ ^ ^ ttmnifest to some of the institutions I tern was established lost year, as liwoltfed, had they " '" " diugent." a $26,500,000 lesue diplomatic relations due to the new been reasonably | hoax" and urged prompt enactment of I developments. It was Indicated that I obvious fact that disabled "and "help legislation for relief of home owners 1 the Tokio government vould agree to I Iefi 8 men must be cared for. JAPAN ASSERTS THAT "They have ignon-d completely the | CHINA IS RESPONSIBLE 'TOKIO, Jrtn/lir (A. P.)- ' Communication between hero and Kan TMogo was paralyzed for several hours. ' Ships Damaged •The, Jupu- A num.her- of small Heacrnft and a other than farmers. Also he said there tne nomination of Constantlne Yure- ... . . , J( .- , government .today replied tp n|Jux«riquB yacht were benched. The Ana In pleading with you to cur- I Chinese protest .against the occupa-1 craft included the 110-foot yacht, V-v**--~*,i ^*Ji^.t ' _ A. M Itt --. — -.-»r.« *4*v« w i . — i - « » — — -— — — - i xj^sAiiwfjv . if* »* vvnv L ^vacfLtiiDV iliu OUUUIIU* i^-- -,-,^^_- r ^ ~ -- ^Durant told of the arrangements for is Immediate need for a measure "to neVas Soviet ambassador to Tokio to «"1 federal .expenditures on behalf .jOf tlon of Shanhalkwan with tho state-"! Talayaha, owned by Twizard Lippman Belling »26,500,000 of Kreuffer and Toll make banks -safe for depositors and succeed Ambassador . Troyanowaky, these veterans, they have neglected to ment that Japuti' "exnresHly reserves rhJ"tfkno I t-t t>l\la **t^t in4**«* 1*« 1 flOO " ^ I *++ **.*+^ •*^... vh ^.. -_!*.._i_*» , + . • _ _ 1 _..L — — _ A._ A _ »*•__. * M • _' Icj^ufr^^+tm^- t« ••«••!*'•**«* 1 _._. ..-._.-.«.• i_^_ u ._ _ 1 . * . * . . ' ,' * * . •' " - * . H bonds in this country in 1029. / I more responsjve to the credit needs of I wh( > returns to, Moscow. !n February. The .bonds were part of a total issue the country." — ' - -..•-••• ^ of 150,000,000, he sojid. of which the "The banks are not functioning to- ^balunce was sold abroad. A Associated with; Lee Hlgglnson In I said. murketlng- the bonds; Durant said, McAdoo later had 'Were; the National City Company and Senator Hiram Johnson. California's 1 Izatlon, plan to concentrate on the pro- Gufmtnty Company, Brown Brothers, "\Vhlle Japan declined to comment on the offer of a pact with the-Soviet's, day BO fur aa credit is concerned," he |and in fact did not t even notify Moscow that the offer had been received, luncheon with I the Soviets revamped their Industrlal- tlmt such action would Increase county and state expenditures." Answers Attacks Taylor said the organizations op-, I tlonalist government pOBlnir veterans' benefitH sought "to earlier today, remove the veteran from ihe position Angeles sportsman, the Mnrln. a ^10,000 racing cruiser which was dam- Hfft'd exteriHlvely and the Elaine, an 18-foot sloop In which Fred Resell, received 1 Auptriilfan adventurer, recently completed a long voyage alone from his The'Japanese, reply held the Chi-[homeland to this, country. It was the right to. make aeman'ds" in connection-with, any. settlement. t The'protest'from r tho Chinese was Clark Podge, • Dillon-Reed und Compo/iy, and Union Trust Company of I presidency. Pittsburg. •Marrlnan interjected that three ,of these f »HIgglnson, Brown Brothers'and Clark Dodge, were members of the atock Exchange. . • ^Directors, of these firms, ho said,, included Charles K. Mitchell, chairman of Natlpnal City; Percy Rockefeller, "and others." Broker Makes $360,000 Tl>e Usue was bought at "98 less Republican independent, who sup-Iduction'of heavy machinery, and reported Franklin. D/Roosevelt for the I sumed diplomatic.relations with China. Manchukuo Avowal Observers here had. believed that Japan woijld agree to^the Russian pact If the Soviets would reeogntzo the new Manchurtan state of Manchukuo, set up by the Japanese. It was indicated that Moscow was, at one time,' ready of honor he hns held In American I nese garrison entirely* responsible for | damaged considerably. Heavy shipping was. delayed slightly. (Con Hnucd on Page Two) (Continued on Page Two) BELIEVED JAPAN WILL \ gross," "How much did make?" Marrlnan "We made $130,000 gross on the_un- derwritlng and about $220,000 hi coin- • ;', (Continued on Pago Two) THE WEATHER ^•' Sap Francisco bay region: Fair tonight >an<l Thursday; moderate tempera tyre; moderate north and northeast wind. Northern California: Fair tonight and Thursday:*,local frosts Thursday morning; little change in temperature; gentle to moderate north and-northeast winds offHhore. . Stem, Nevada: Pair tonight and ^Thursday; little change In temper- a.ture; mpderate fresh winds, mostly northeast; v.papramonto,' Santa Clara and Sim Joaquln valleys: Fair tonight and ;Tfcursday; local frosts Thursday morning; tflttle change |n tempera- -turej -gentle to moderate changeable, winds. -Southern California: Fair tonight d-Thursday; slightly colder \n rtheast' portion tonight! moder- e to v fresh northeast winds off ,ore».' .'/.'••., .'. ; - ,, ••'•;,:•'• (United Press Leased Wire) GENEVA, Jan. 11.—Military'mem- Le^p Hlgginson | bers of the Japanese delegation to the .League : of Nations were understood today, to haye their baggage packed ready for Immediate departure) believing Japan's; withdrawal from -the league imminent. • . Yusoke Matsuoka, head of the Japanese delegation, returns • ;; tonight from. Milan to prepare for resumption of the league's conciliator y 'efforts. The committee of 19 meets' Monday. Barring a radical change in the attitude of the committee, Japan's early withdrawal waa'generally anticipated. to agree to this solution. The Soviet protected Japanese Interests • Jn parts l l l i * ri . l.. • 11 qi i ,.^ ,* . p i ,. ,. . i, i , . — _, .^^. i i ii i , H^^^ (Continued on Pago Two) '• STATE'S LEASE OF S, F, BUILDING AROUSES SUSPICION OF SEN. INMAN ~ ' *, 1 Early in the afternoon the, sun remained blotted out In Los Angeles by tho (txiHt cloud, which enveloped the city like a heavy fog. Harold Wuhlberg, Orange county farm adviser, described the wind as (Continued on Page Tvoo) ATTEMPT TO MU Fresno Grand Jury Mum on Criticism •. i • ' •' f ' ' • • » ^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^•••i^ • (United Prees Leaned Wire) FRESNO, Jan. 11.—Members of the Fresno County Grand 'Jury today de- cllned to comment on .reports' thtit tho trlcounty council of the, American Legion wpuld demqijd that the Jury apologize for "indecency false ments,.about ex-»ervIce;inen; M . The Legion cbiihoil adopted a resolution demanding the apology on the ground the Grand Jury> proposal to the $>000 ;veWr»ns' tax ex- was a sjander to : wx-raervico men us woll as other cltlzons. . I *'! , (ABBociated*Pre,s8 Leased Wire) ; PARIS, jr^n. li.-^The council of ministers today gave its unanimous approval to the .financial program sponsored by Finance Minister Cheron, thus bringing to an end the possibility of. dissension within the .cabinet. . , ' It wab an important first victory for M. Chejron, but he still must hurdle the finance committee of the Chambor of Deputies, which will conside'r--his prop offal H next -week. He proposes to cover an estimated budget' deficit of 10,541,000,000 franco by economies, and new taxes which would transform < the deficit In^o an estimated surplus of 238,000,000 franc*. • S ACRAMENTO, Jan. 11.—Deolar- Ino the state of CaMfor'nia would loss approximately $1,000,000 if the lease r of a state building annex at San Francisco is carried through the entire term of 25 years, Senator J. M. Inman today declared- his Senate investigation committee .Would aMampt to discover .the "reaj , owner" ,of the property. . The lease was signed by Holland A. Vandegrlft, at ate director of finance, on July 27, 1931, Inman said, and obligated the state to pay a rental of more than $60,000 a By HOMER L. ROBERTS , (United Pros* Leased. Wire) Louis M. Mlller, x Harry Mages, and Harry S. Burks, .fhess men' have .. "Testimony will be introduced to show that reasonable rental 20 WOUNDED Jan. 11. (U. P.) Twenty persons were wounded today when police and- Nazis fought ;a • revolver battle In a public park in the'north- east, labor, guartor of-.tho -city. . were arrested, would not exceed $27,500 a year/' he ndded. "This would 'mean -a yearly loss of approximately 536,000 to the state, "I believe the evidence will reveal that Burke, the, lasses, was merely a dummy, having received $50'for the use of his name.. It will remain for the committee to discover the sr«al ownership. '.'I have bssn Informed that the facts about this lease can^be pro* cured from Walter R^'Varney, * _ ^ n* ' • f — been mailed letters asking them appear before the committee testify. If they refuse, U/'wIII be neceasary. to subpoena" thsn)." The lease contains an option under which tlje state Is' t^titl*d to 1 buy the property, a> thf Beginning of the lease, I rim an; explained, He declared It U his' belief that-"the land and,building' ItBSIf would not have, a gwnter value at a .m'axlriiufn than $260,000, which would mean a loss to the state of $30p,000," Two suits are now-pending as a result of tht If••».'" The flfat, Inman said, .was filed by certain 5an Francltco eltUens '.through a tax. payer, and aaktd caricelatlon of the leaae btouust of unconttltutlonallty and fraud* '" * "State Controller Ray L. Rlley refused /to- isiuf ^h* warrants ordered by VandioHft covering the payments due under ths least," he said, "and Vandegrlft petitioned the Supreme Court, for a writ of mandamus to com pa j »ych paymsnt. Th'e court ordered this writ, b|it lator granted a "rehearing." . Press Leased Wire) PASADENA, Jan. 11.— Tho unwillingness of Kalph H. Chapman, 07- year-old Inventinent broker, to aid police In solving the attempted sf nation -last night of hlmwelf and is spinster aunt, Miss Ettle U Alford, 84, served today to deepen the mystery of-'the vicious attack. "If, I -knew I was going to die, I would' tell something." Chnpman told Investigating officers while being treated for gunshot wounds. Informed that his wounds would not be fata}, Chapman, H former 1'iiHudeniv city qouncllman, declined to make any additional statement. Chapman and Minn Alford were the targets of a hull of lead, from Hawed off shotguns and possibly revolvers as they drove their car Into the driveway of Chapman's Altadena home. The utt- sallnnt, or assailants, had hidden in the shrubbery bordering the driveway. JflHH Alford was wounded In the body and face, a load of buckshot lodging In tho buck of her head. She was fdven an even change tp recover by physicians. Chapman was shot in the face fseveral times. HJs cundittun, Uowovor, wuo uiild tg ,je not By ?RANK'H. l McCONNEtt- P.ress.Leased Wire) r TOUK,. Jan. Jl.—The helm of the $1,856,000,000 Chaae National -Bank was turned oyer today from tho hands of Albert* H, .WUwrln to tho«e of two younger executives. The new naviga- „ tors are. -Wljithrop W. Aldrich. 47 *' Va ? y>BakeSeI; . . . * yen™ old, nnd new. chairman of the r ' (United Press Leased Wire) C ACRAMENTO, Jan. 11,-^ V of powerful legislative .support. the Btate--wide ^wttter^program was placed before^Iflfijf California State Legislature today. Culminating studies lasting 12 years, and upou which the ' state -ha« spent, more than |1,000,000, two measures were introduced simultaneously in both Houses of the Legislature. • Ono Proposal One proposal embodied the constitutional ameiidtnent recommended by the legislative commttteo authorized by the 1931 Leglsluturo. This bill laid the foundation -for state, participation in, future development and distribution of the waters of Us rlvera. Other Propoaal The other proposal followed closely one prepared by the ao-callod "governor's committee*' authorized two years ago, and outlining a 9160,000,000 project which Joins flood control and flow regulation of the Sacramento river with the Irrigation requirements of tho parched San Joaquln valley; ' Both measures would be voted upon by the people two years hence before becoming effective. . Senate 'Sponsors Senator Bradford S. Crittenden of the list of the others Schottky, Merced; J. W. Mix- • i • i • - •.ll *'- *- • '••_i Ir t- '. •-* =.-> V;-'- ' i ' - -.•:i >. ' m Will R. SharUey, Mar- ,•* . :••*..•" . u governing board, and ChurlcH S. Mr- V nez; „*,?' MtCo11 ' Redding; and Cain, «, new, president. . Wlggln. who Jamea M ' AUen ' IB retiring, as chairman of tho governing board, is nearlng 65.. Aldrich and Assembly Sponsors On tho Assembly side the bill wa» McCain have been his chief Heuten- proposed by ^.saemblymun Ford A. ants ' 1 I Chatters, Lindsay; Clifford S. Anglim, ... . . , .. . . ,. . ^ lUchmund; Uodney L. Turner, ODelano; Aldrifth, a brother-in-law of John D. Albert P. Rods, Redding; Charles Rockefeller, Jr., entered the Chase or r Dempster, Los Angoles; F. C. Clowds- ganizatlon an .its president in 1930. ley, Stockton; Melvyn I. Cronin, San in.that year. Hftccessfully con- Francisco; Thomas A. Maloney. Sau the former Equitable Trust Company Into' the Chase National •. - T.,r -. -' and JSdwnrd Craig, Brea. m . ... 4I . Certain fundamental requirements The'consolidation gave Chane were laid down by the constitutional 12.000,000,000 In re. | amendment for all projects receiving state support. These were: They must be self-sustulnlnff and self-liquidating. And contracts' must •. ,--, Bank. approximately sources and brought into tho bank the active participation and interest of Rockefeller. .A A Id rich wa» president of the Eqult- | be signed to insure this before any able Trust Company. A lawyer by training, rather reserved in his speech, Aldrich pursued htn course quietly, but none the less effectively its 'Wiggln's I cannot be deprived of any.water re- principal assistant during the pu«t two Quired for complete future develop- i • bonds »cun be sold or construction started. Areas in which water originates *- • . -- act bond n;cnt. Salient Features Tho Pfiltent features of the measure Include: 1. An $8-1,000,000 dam at Kejmett to store 2,000,000 acre feet of water McCain lias'been with C!)iuse longer I for navigation, flood control, und unit than Aldrich. When Wiggln acquired | water control on the Sucramento tho old National Park Bank for consolidation with Chase, he told ul« In- tlnuite friends t hut one of the Park years. Ho personally directed ChuHO policy with regard to Its interest in the Fox Film Corporation's activities and has had un active rolo to play In Chase's foreign Interests. cCaln Long. In Service . - A -*- ' - r n - — T- •- — — — ^^ ^ ^ ^^ • ^ ^^^ •- r ^f^ ^*r f i river delta, and provide fresh • • --I (Continued on Page Two) I- - -I. bunk's prissed additions' would be McCain, who then headed the Institution which ranked as,one of New York's oldest and most respected bunks. A Sizable part of Uie Astor fortune was left tfj the custodianship of'Park bunk officials. /McCain wu,8<promptly moved into an executive position. ( The two'principal C%ase ext-cuttven, who are young In terms of banking age, will now-steer the Chane ship. But they will have, near ut hand the experience of Wigkin, who' will continue as a director Of Chase. • • * Senate Committee Agrees to Embargo Press Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON;'Jan. ll.—The ate foreign re In U one committee today reported- favorably u resolution giving the, PreNJ0ent' full authority to co- operato w(th other imtiona In on- foroemenC' of an, emburgo of unnu aliij>i)ieutB to' troubled areua of tho world. '.:••' •* i ; • *• - I - - - * * ' i L .1 . j V* ,; , r b - " _~ -.t U* i • • 1. * -. i' m t V I I *. >i 1 t-l -» E - ADVERTISERS CALIFOR '•I EATER MPANY

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