Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Page 6
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I'M ; (r «nllnniNl,fr«ni ,"l 'a »fr Oiif) •'hoTjie oil IiiutrucUoiih- froui tlie kiil- iiaper. takiitK HS'M in ^26 bills. A mysterious fiiitomobllo anhroaL -Iicd ; -ihp, banker and ,a niaslcea man leaned .out and ihijiiirfd nbout the •man^y. Park<"r ;<'il to .st >e lif.s. little.girl. "She's Asleep." .The niapTted man pojuted to a wmpped fom in tlip .seat beside bim. "'She's aslepp." he waid. and 'tih*n ordered tlie banker to hand Vivcr the moujly. miying be wbuld K'k've the girl a sliint distance • ahead. • The siranger drove! away with ih& hioney. A few | feet ahoad of Ttjrkor'!: • car lie thrust the wrap- pe;l form of Marian from his ear. With n riy I'arker Rtithered it in Ills amw. iThe little girl had been "killed and Icut to pleees. - The motive, ('line K -.iys. was reveal Be. . . •;. cuter harini^ c-Iias-ed-i thousands of fali-e /lews. r|ie iiolice satisfied .thenij^'Ives tlii, morninB that Hlokrann was the man ' warned. F*iOger prints lafcen from the random POKES 'and from the iVheel of th(! killer'.^' abandoned amomob".p (Contlnneil from I 'liKe: <>nr) ployil iia all usher in :i[theaier. He had hud .siniilaV >voi "k hi-re. , She said thre" otbf r'" tons lived here iind gave the officeiK thei.- aildreHses. ; , • • The detectives then withdrew in join officers assiitned to watch iiit coming, trains and busses. WIHre th-,> vigil was ordered oontinued-from dawn tnduv imtil th»i youth is foun.1. authorities had little hope he ivonjd return before tonight at the t-aili'.st. 'Officers iKiinted out that the kid- napei- was h <jenyn l .^s Angeles, Saturday and if lie left there by train, could not possibly reach here' in leHs than '>2 liours. Alfred Hickman. br<tt1ier of Kd- ward. ,is now at.' heme on his ('!iri>-tn'un vacalicm from the I'ni- voroil.v of Kaii.-a-'. where he is a sophomore. THE SHIP THAT SUNK THE S-4 TfESlXVY EVKNLNC;. DKCKMli Magruder Is*_Accused ; On Floor of: Congress •\Vashinslon, Dec. I'O. (AP)~Rear -Vlmiial Thomas 1'. .Xfngruder. dP- pf!.:;rd commahder of;tlie Phi'.adel- Vere"'found """to 'ToVresiTonfr'^ J Phia navy . VHTII . was nccn<!ed toda.r thx>He taken bv the police two 'V Rcpiesentaiive Milittpn. Repiib- years ago whf^ he was "ninffPed" "7"- Hhnoio. of beiliK unable to for the forgerv charges. , : ' •^'P'i^iantiale with spi .tfic ligures - 'his charges nf wi-sie m naval ad- AcOOinplice .»inlHr„,.,,„. _ . _ _, Attempts Escape ^ ^ Train Wreck Fatal ', i' I-os Angeles. Dec. 2<i. *.\Pi—The • Uniinmed suspected accoiiiplice of i "WiHiam E. Jlicknian. aiciisotl in' the: .MaiIan Parker mur<ler. toc1:jy To One Trainnian V.'arfcn. Pa.. Dec (,\P)—One , . . irniniiian was kille<l in<;taittly nnd made a desperair. bi.l for ireedom another; was iiijuled %robahlv: fain tlie city Jail. .. ,.,ljy at tlic west cily limits of This youni; man. powerliil In W .Trren tod :iy when; :j local Penn- liuild, 'iiyaped on the guard who jiylvayia iKisse 'ii^er" train .iutupeil opened Ills <«'I1 d (i(ii. sliit,'jre\l !ilnitih<' tracks aii<l llie^.'hoiler of the .and was atleinpting to olnain lit-'ii>n)iiioiiv«- explodtd. .\1. T. Kern- iofi'cers keys wli<='n the iiplse of; the i, k. rlieinan. of Krie. was killed. stniKule •ilirousht other polii«in< ii Kdward .\lel/;;.ir. <'iigiiieer. of War- running. • ; ' jren. was inji'ircd seriously. It required the efforts of four j •iffii/ers to subdue the prisoner, •who., was locked in another i- sc'reamlng threats again.^.t the jio lice ;and crying that be would lako ' ftis iimn life; Two guards wore •:R 20. 11)27. 1 Numbers «'i)n!i»iieil I'mni I'<IBV One) j .M i!! lu.liisinn .Mr. liess 'sj i:tddn--s hi- il '.vited <ine.>i«io !i.s. liii! j •on!v i \vi. three were e .-skwl.• sho Wilis that the spcakrr made ;hlmseli ili > and that iw> one wa.'^ ,'lls -posed to take issne with him.; i ' It was annoiini-ed that the f'liS NviiiiliI take a vai -atioii over the '.'loliiluv xeason. wiiri t!!.':f the next :meet >nK would be' held .laiiSiary ' r». TO PHILIPPINES AIRPLANE CARRIER ; • EXPLOSION FATAL San Diepo,Calif.. Hv.-. p;. lixIM : iCliief .Maihinlst S. l>. Tiiornton was i ; killed and four men .seriously in- 1 I jureil. and three more slightly burr in an explo.«;ion abo.irii trie I'nited ./•States n.-iva: iiirciaft carrier llung- '; ley hrvi today. '. However, it was rei>oile<l tlia: j ' two or thi -t <• -ither men hSd. ;>e<-n '. • blown ove:i;;iavd liy thv lone of: i the bUisI although this was I noi . • verified. I [No Action Is Taken ; Favorable Report Is Ordered for Denton "W.-Vshiueton. Dee. i.VP; 4.\ . favorable report on the !ioniin:ition of-'.Albert II. Denton of .'Cansas. .o , he a ine'n'>er of iliv sh!::p'iiu lioord i wa.- tinanimnii 'slv .j.nierei! today tiy the senate commerce conirhittee. Denton, who r.^ named To suiceeil , iW. S. Hill, of SoM:h Dakota, was I (!nrsl!i>ne(f h- S'-natov Fietclu i rtem 'K :r:!t. ot f-'ioiitla. a '.M .ni hi- views on \h>- admi.ii^^'ir.'ilio>i i»iiiiy (Contiiiuod fnim I'lijre One)?? ; ly yijrnats lli.-^re wa.s appar.'ntly n"- ':!ti''mp ::t iiWe. »' .Mes.-^iices iiieked nil vesterd.ny ; on till oscil'aior of lln-S S suid tile oxyiren .<upp!y of l!ie inipris- [iui>-d men WHiil .I .:;iv> out at -•j;.^ ioflerk' la.<! niriti. Th»- liiange in the 111' the si;;na;s v.'as ;iaken i.< niiaiiini; lh;it the imil'ai.r ': IiinI alr> u'y whi-it Till! el' the ' sire ;snrvivor.~ in "trenKth. a,".d iierh:n>s ; in lit • as well. I Gets 3kssasf e Froiti His Mother Ifehry K. Stimson of XewlYork. |ormer| secretary of war. §ie- ^l!.^tf.l•'in .Nicaragua andjcljise friend of the' late Major-Cifn- eral Leonard \Vood. has hj'en appointed KOvernor 5. of liie J'.'iilippines by Presiifeiii Cooltilce. Fair and Warmer Is?; Prediction in Slate New I.ondjin. <'t >nn.. Iieci 2 'i. !, t A('' I.\ iiiesy.'iLe frcni IIK - iiioiher • :and thf wife of I.ieni. r.iaham X. . Titch. one of the six men in the' torpedo ciiliipaii nuni (>( the. S-l. • Wi'.< kliowl. d4.'.i|- :a tl'J'l liiis mo-.-nirni.' at 'ti -i ii hr-<-ri sent vei"'aledly f(>r .<i Vfii jioitr.j by ihi- •nbniarine S-S. T!ie ni»'.-sai:e «:iid; "Voiir wif • and iiioilK -r cimsfant- ly prayin .K for yon." The iiiiliirc nf the reply frofii the trappetl officer w:is mit made puli- iii- by ^officials al ilie snbmiriiie l >ii~e h «fre who nc- •iveil the jiews hv rarl 'O. Judge Branson Wants! Impeachment Taken Back (iklaiio.ani Cjiy. Dei-. :.'. P. «.M»( Kxpiinrtlon froin 'hr s nate i-o •: -.: riroriN i,( ;.n inipc:ic hnient chri f»-!-. I'll. i.\r>)- ("(^tin- voted a!;;ilii.~! iiini liv ili<' insnrst«r and sent the liiibmarinb to the bottom. the coast guanr dcstroyerl Paulding, whicli struck the'S-l! The I'aultling. badly damaged, by thc! co.Uision. was birely able to reach shallow watei- close to shore, and is now resting <tn the bottom. In the background at t 'le left can In- jiccn the 1'. S. ^. Tucker, stamling by.. GENEVA I.Mrs. DPlla Leavittt [The'cold Weather lessened the'at-| Chiistnias leuiiance but those iireseiil iMijoy^ i .Misiji's Di^eain." .Ijhursday niih>. il the evening. We will look for- ' Dcci'mher De<-. H.— Airs. Kalh and daugh' n, another plav before ihe; |,L.,.,„|,., ler Knima Carolltie were Mm.i.r./| vear is over. ' willWreii' miesis at the <;osh:i home. {• jj^p ,.^1,,^ „„,, „.,„, Yowoll,,.,, ((./.ndle" Tlni I'unkin Colege nei;:Iihors last Friday. There, were not nniny | j,onie. M Iliad a good-bye party for the Mar-, present bur we tied a comfort aind ' .... <.:...lil. II., 1., .1 ....'.•... _ I.I. „ :i. II...1 • proi:rati. -Ii nf disimsing oi gfnernment .ship-- weather with risiiiK fr'm- "klahoina Imiis, (,( i-.-rn-'-scniatives which is opposed by Fletcher. Vii.tiares was fiuiecast this laorii- is the piirpo.-^e ;•,)>• which ("hie( . '^_' in;; '••v >Ui- weallur bnrtan S!Sii<-' Krcil !'.- I'.iar.sim of thf 'y.ei.i •.ve.-ilhev ha-: lii.-at)])'!:!! e 1 state supr.-me i -njiri ^nl)poenae(l. Senate Slush Committee f ."ni. thf mM-iliw.-.t." ..laii; n. moi-.- ihar. fHiy iion .•. .TiujmlieiJs to C'^]]nA Hoa»-' n-in ^''"'^' ••"•'•^'•"'••"Kist. 'anil jwitli |-tph'rir in disiiic! conn niday :.nil V.-<UICU lO .near IJlIC cie.-u- -kie^ ov:-r iirac tic.-.Ilv i hi civ.- iho!:sl!!on-. he i-\i.'.:nn.-ii .it RtatiVmert over hit^, to. plevent any M .''"I''''' H'- "'T' ' .'"r ''•?*," ^'^ ^'V .,, ....:,.i.i,. 'her action was taken today,by the atteniK ut ;n.icide. „^ „,„„,„„,„,„„i ;„ j,, l?rK„ner from Kiiii-iis ( ity. ^nnnounced action to remove Col The unnqmed prisoner, said b.v- Saiiiiiel- fl. Clarke, supetnntendent iletectives ito form a connecting of the state boys' industilal school link' between the accused slayer who has announced he woitl dre- anri Ithe Parker family, came here fuse to resign. The iMiafd yester- 1-ecently from Kansas City. day announced that Col. Clarke's To Oust Col iCIflrko ''"'"".y la-"<t Friday night.; wo; ked qitile a bit on a i|nlli. I ' - 'the Smiths are moving about two a ^ovelv dinner and a nil. visit Hiilis oiii of lola oil the Chanuie Cebrge Sherwitirt helped l.ewi« road. We are sorry to lose them i.envilt .Monday making- a bin for' from our vicinity-hut are glad th.y kaffir corn. are not moving so far Init ihev- Leslie Smith is threshing kaffir! may visit us often. ,„„.n today. ! j Tpday IS the Smith'sale. Ilowajd Leavitt was in our town! .Mrs. Kalh entertained the teach- Tnesilay in the inter -sis of the! ;e .-;i -kit'^ over prac tic-iIly i hi »-'iv>- <l"l «:si !!on-, he (-Tpl .-iin.-ii lit. wi ->-ieni halt of the i -onntr>i .lie Hu- op iiiii-.; ol ili- ii -aiiiiL-. V.:-Iilii:.'.(.-!. ii :i-. I'll. i .Vl 'i .A • outlook is for siiapi>.v iv |htei-, ; , nie. tine i .r :h^ SIM -. >( iiii.- .-i.iii-! w -.-Mt !ii -r. w :tli ri<iiii. Ieiiiper;.;iif;. :;.'• ; Th- Kyyptiaiis b .-tnwe ,l great -I llij- hiuh >'rli«!n'i niii'c'- i:ivi ^M i -jraiiiiu <-!i ;ir:i.nV ji.A luvv mark of .s v.a« r.ported'.this ; la'ioi on :hrir lomlis au i litl'e on all who place a lig|;tt-; 'i;].:;i.-,.lMiii .-J .-rir. inm! /.>r UMV morniug liy Dodge City, ('oncijrdia • their homes.: The.v resardcl' the e iU;tlie window of tlieJr I fjiin-d Stafisen:;ri>;.-. ,va- .-i :-ir and Topr -kii: Coodland leporte* l-.i^J'l'-'r as m-'re temporary ahode-^. bitten for the Christmas I denly eaili-d t<-.d.-iy in !;'-.;ii- ^ur- .\ Leagii" of Nations wireless ' iitit the fonier they look.-d on as I 1 pri-,e w :ines.*.v. siatiiui is to be erected at fieig-va.,eternal habitations. 22. at the .hall. high :idi A heavy guard was thrown almut • resignation hud been .requested, ef- Th ^sda^^ig iV ^ li. WMS • The'sZ.^ w l%h^ ers at dinner .Monday evening at new Ford. We understand «>ur the Irw'in home. mail cariie'r is to be the first (|nO j The high school play given last here to purchase a now Ford. • • reita nil m tin ity respons!;':)le for the move. The man in-cHstpily i-anie here fro'm- Kansas City.' .Mo., several ^yeeks a.?o and is. known to have, 'lif'-n. a friend iif botli Ihe Parker* family and Hickman, former em- plOyi*' who was discharged I'joiii t!u b .T !:k at «lii<-h Matiai'is fatlier •xviis fier.sounel officer. Me is said to he an aviation 'ii- I' Detectives )>ointed-to the slaver's iise of the aviation t.-riii ".*olo" in the ransom notes as the hjt oi* proof that the arrested man niighf have acted at leasf in an aijvi.sory capacily in the peniiiiii; Of thif death missivi^. IMantz Can't Heritify Hickman ,kajii:as City, Dec. 20. LAP)—Dr. Herbert L. .Mantz. whose autonio- "l)i1o was usoil by tlie kidnaper of C\ilria'ti Parker, tq^y was unable to idvniify photographs of Kd-w.nrd Hickinan as the young bandit wh<i rorccil him to abandon the car.liere 1:!>-| November. (Trude Oil Production Takes Drop Last Week If - . ', Tulsa,- Okla;.. ,Dcc. 2'i. (AP)-, IVoduction of" crude oil declined 2.1s:! iiarrels during the, past week. ' the Oil and Gas Journal says to- ' da.v. .Toti^l, production for the. I'niiid States was givi'ii as 2.171,-; 8Ss biti'rels., for the ' seveji days* pifiliiig "December 17.' ;is conipaied • w-ilih.;j.-)77.li71 barrels for 1 lie week Mldiirg December in. ; Bodies of Two Men Found Slain in Woods As a Beautiful Enduring Gift a Fine Piece of Jewelry or Watcli Knows No Peer. 12-.<;i'('e'l0-.iowel afijii .stcfl Wallham movc-iiK'nt wilii raisffl {^"1(1 i'ifiTiirctl (iia!. liiled inl.r fine jrnaratueed iiaiiii onKi'avi'il wliite MK lillt'd ca .so. ni:i(ie hy Winh- worth, i'l-icp - if!:{S..">0 IJ-.'ii-A' Kiifiti iti«»v,-iin'in. uii.h faiK-.v .silvoi' dial, litiod iiiDi wliile UK hand (^iiofi'avc.I .-solid ;,'o!d case. Price Jj?n6.50 .Same nirivf-i-tipijil in liiu- litmd ctiiTiivt 'd Wiiilc U'ad - Stan* CIG . & ShoelCo. l.ilwin Chain Stores Easjl Side Square I STORK OI'KN EVERY XIGHTrXTII, 9:00 (r(f.Oi:'K : i Chri.simas i.s upt»n yofj—only 1, shnpxr.inu davs: Itfl—Il'.s casv :uid fncx|»ens ; ive 16 buy your arifts aJ the Star—Evervthint; for men or bnv.-; to Wear at usua : Star iovv. pt^ices. 'lYy the Star first I STYLE— QUALITY-l- l.OW l>RIC E— wortli ()!' Siar S?2«.50 i -Oalena. 111.. Dec. 2<i. (API —Hay -MetlraUj; S.l.- and Claude TSber- glii4{n. S4. hoth of Duhunue Iowa. : wire found dead from' bullet i 'wi^iinds in a wood near here today. Identification, which officer? at first Vk -ere unable to ej;tablish.. Wits made by Sheriff Frank Ken- nejly of Dnhnque. , Highway Commission | . Plans Road Building; ~ ; I Topelia. Dec. 20. fAPl—Pi'om-' Jsiiig that practically every, county, •wmild .fee taken care of. .Fohn Gardner, state, highway director, nhnouiiced in^y tentative v 'ans of, lh»v-siate highway commission to ('ofliplete one east and west iind 1«'o liorth anil south all-weather siirfa(-ed highwa.vs across the .state under its 192S program.. j Oldest Resident of | California Is .Dead •jOelano.lCal.. Dec. 20. (AP)—[ Biirn in ..Nlcxii-o i:!i; years ago and a'ctivo up to three days before her d«ath, Mrs. Jlary _l..omas. believed tip: have heen the olilest person in f'dlifornia. died yesterday at a c<fllon camp near here.; Her Irlrth eeiiificaie. signed by Dr. J. A. Cf'ipeland of Delano, quoted the ihfle of llei^ .birth as 1791. when ^texico was still a province of Sp'alui Woman Hurls Child. Then Self, Out Window .-.N 'eiw'york. D6c..2n; (API—A four ycfir|old girl olitpinp a doll in her arms was^^JiroWn otit of a sixth m^yry \yln(low ii| a nrnoklyii apartment' lidiise lodtiy l>y an nnldentl- fiijjl woman who then filing her.self rrism tlie same window, nmh wom- ani and cliUd were killed; "Men's Strap Watch. 15-je\vel KlKin. in fine Iiand eiiKiaved white jruarantoed trold filled case, timet! :ind c-a.sed in the P:ii^cin iactory. Price i 536.50 Other Strap iVatcJie.s. .«518.50 and .$22.50. I.adie.s' Wrist Watch. Eljrin movement, fitted into ;,'u^rant^ed Ja.s Bo .s.s ca.-^i*. 14 K White with liand on- ;ri'aved bir/.el. Price ^18.50 AU Wnfrhr.s (bli>•)•)•(d j)i hntiitifnl hathrr and i-fli-rt (lift bnyc.<. '• . . Diamond Rinjr. beaiiiirul ' Riue White We.>^se!ton Diamond ni(nintc|d in 18K hand carvetl mountin.ij, each rinjr in fine leather or velvet Kift $35.00 Other Diamond \V\\\<A^. SiJS.oO,:? lo. SoO. JjTAR YALIES BRING CLSTOMERS BACK— MP:N'S SHIRTS I :\ bin seleciiun—vory prettv de.sipns—and : j -.Shiri I'ree ffifiijf fadt^i. Star prices are Ipwi'r. ti I n:»v. tOO-:- • Hand Tooled Bill Fold.s Hand Tooled Bag.s Cigarette Lighter.^ Compact.^ ... Militar>' Set.s •. Toilet Sets $s.75 .! $5.00 $G.50 .$10.00 Beautiful .New Patterns in Silverware 2«-Piece Sets .$12.50 to $50 The fael that it crimes from this .<tore assure.-^ lasting .satisfaction. Open Evenings Until Cliri .stmas. Harry B. Parrott JEWELER I WEST SIDE SQUARE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Star Overcoats are better than you .would e.v- pect \ at the price. The new ;pattcrns are pretty —<iiuali(y is guaranteed. Be Judicious—buy at the Staf ial these low prices. ^10 to $22.50 None Higher .S1.25 to $2.98 HOUSE SHOES An appropriate irifi. |Buv at the Star and>ave— 98c to'$2.98 • MEN'S PAJAMAS Outing Flannel nit h silk frog.'*. A real S2 Pa jama— It the Star— iMen's Fleeced UNDERWEAR Heavy weight fleece lined. A $1.2.5 value ; • 98c JERSEY GLOVES For IMen or Boys, good weight brown gloves with' fleeced inside i 15c {Two-Thumb GLOVES—MITTS For Corn Shucking, well made. Star price is I 15c • SVV^EATERS Bov.s' or Men's Heavy Gray Cotton Coat Sweaters. Star Price' 98c * DIitESS GLOVES Men .-Vppreciate Gloves'. Many kinds to .select from at ^he Stai4- ^ . 59c to $2.98 Vat -Men PRETTY TIES nnd Bovs'. In (hristmas iicxe.';—and all Beautiful DcsignsI 59c to 98c BOYS' LUMBERJACKS In hea'«'y .lersey or all wooi^—a .most use-, ful gift for a boy— : * .S1.49 to $3.45 These liew suil.s in the latest patterns are all %vool and correctly styWd Here are suits that are really dependable. By buying at the Star you buv for less— $19.50 and $24.50 other Suits S12.50 and $16.50 I HI-TOP BOOTS -Men's Gu/iranteed 16-in. hoots with paracord soles, long wearing, ;: $5.95 \fOR:K SHOES I Solid leather, for men oi* boys, in ,scout .stvie $1.98 WORK PANTS Black and white stripe! moleskin. Exfa heavy i weight for cold weather and long wear $2.79: WORK CAPS Corduroy or black Mel- tork with ear-flaps 69c .MIGHTY ^rJLUES—LOW PRICES—AL WAYS AT THE STAR

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